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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Pinterest Introduction

    • 2. Word of mouth marketing

    • 3. Stay Active

    • 4. Follow Back

    • 5. Group boards

    • 6. Pin ads

    • 7. Final thoughts and project

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About This Class

Hello everyone. Do you need to step up your Pinterest game, but don't know how? Have you ever wanted to get more Pinterest followers, but only have 40 or maybe even 0. Well in this course I am going to teach how to gain more followers and traffic to your Pinterest page. Thank you for watching. You can check out my other courses by clicking on my profile!

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The Entrepreneur

Graphic Designer, Teacher, Entreprenuer


Hello, and welcome to my profile. Thanks for stopping by! I graduated from college in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Art. I have completed a graphic design internship, two social media internships, and have worked on various freelance projects. I am very passionate about graphic design, art, photography, pretty much anything creative-related! My goal is to teach YOU and help you grow, whether you want to be a graphic designer, a photographer, or a creative entrepreneur, I will help you along the way. 

I just started a new youtube channel (Dope Drawing Tutorials) If you like Procreate drawing videos then you should check it out!

Email: [email protected]

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1. Pinterest Introduction: Hey, everyone, have you ever wanted to get more Pinterest followers? But only have 40 or maybe even zero, unless course I'm going to do to how to gain more followers and traffic to your Pinterest page? For those who don't know, pinchers has over 322 million visitors each month. Isn't that crazy? 70% of women go on there to go shopping and find watches, accessories and more. Another 50% Pinterest users spent over $500 or more on beauty products within six months. So if you're in influencer, maybe you have an online shop or your blogger. You should be using Pinterest right now. You should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. I feel like more people should be using Pinterest. It's definitely a great social media platform. Anyways, in this course, all will be covering word of mouth marketing. Staying active on your account. Pinterest adds, following back method and joining group boards. All right, let's get into it 2. Word of mouth marketing: So before we get started, I want a note that you should be used in business counts of a personal account so that you can track all your statistics in analytics on your page. This is how you can change it. If you haven't was. Switching to a business account is easy and it's free. I gotta do is go the three dots in the upper right corner of your pinchers account and click on upgrade now so you can get to your free business account. So word of mouth marketing is a great free way to let people know about your Pinterest page . Make sure that you tell your family, friends and co workers to call you on Pinterest. This is the first great way to get your initial followers. If your Pinterest page is all about cooking, let your family and friends know that you have some great recipes on there and that they should check him out. What's great about word of mouth mark me is that one of your friends or family members might tell other people about your Pinterest account, getting more traffic and Fuller's to your page. So in the next lesson, we will be discussing the importance of stain active on your account 3. Stay Active: if you want to came more followers and get more traffic than you need to stay active on your account. Make sure you're pinning other people's pens every day, and you design your own pins as well. If you don't know how to design your own pins, I'll show you real quick using a platform called Canada. If you already know how to design your own pins and you have use Can VA before you're welcome to skip ahead. So all you gotta do is go over to Canada dot com and sign up for a free account are like using cam ago because it is pretty easy and it's free once you are signed and make sure you click on the Pinterest template. So once you have clicked on that, you can click on the templates button, and then you can just look through all the different templates they have. They have different issues like, you know, food wedding. Um, de I wise. So you just go through the different templates and click whatever style Lee that you like. So say you wanted that your penda look like that. All you got to do is click on it and you can always change the font and font size the colors. You can change the background of it if you would like. Are you gonna do if you want to identify and you just click up right here and they have a variety of different fonts. If you want more, ponsi gonna have toe upgrade to premium. But just use the free version for now can also change the color. So you wanted yellow. You just click on the yellow color. If you wanna change the background, you just click on it and hit delete on your keyboard. You can go through the background section and check out different backgrounds. You can also go through the photos and search. Say you want to search in snacks or candy or something. You can choose whatever photo you like. So once you're done, um, designing your pen you want to go in the upper right corner on your screen and go to download. Make sure the file type is PNG, so they'll be high quality. So close out of that. But so make sure it's PNG and you just click download and then the upload that to your Pinterest account pretty easy right. So I usually spend wanted two hours day on Pinterest. Just repenting, um, people's pins, you know, going through the home feed. So the more active you are, the more likely your pin is going to be seen. So now that you know the importance of being active and consistent on Pinterest, let's get in the next lesson the follow back method. 4. Follow Back: so the follow back method is where you go through different Pinterest accounts with your within your niche and follow them. This isn't the best way to get organic followers, but it's a way to get started out, for example. So I have, like, three Pinterest accounts, and I just start this account last week. So what I did was type in home decor in the search bar. So I go to people right here in the drop down menu, and you can look through all the different Pinterest accounts that are related. So, like home decor or whatever niece you have, I'm gonna go ahead and click, follow and then go to the community tab. And I'm just going to click this error here and start following a whole bunch of people within this niche so you can follow like 5200 people a day. Just don't followed too many people and then because Pinterest doesn't like that and you'll appear spammy. But just keep following. The more people you follow, the more people that will follow you back. So so let's say you have a Pinterest account that's all about like food and recipes and drinks so you can go into the search bar and click tasty or type of tasty recipes, and you can click on those pins and just go through different people's profiles and just follow them because that's him with your niche and they should like your pens to. So I just clicked on her. I'm gonna click, follow, and then you can follow her followers or whatever. But anyways, don't feel like you had to do this method. It worked for me. But that doesn't mean it'll work me for me forever. So let's move on to the next lesson, which is joining group boards. This is a great strategy. Let's get into it. 5. Group boards: so I just actually found out about group boards. So don't panic if you don't know what they are. Group boards are a great way to get your pin seen by thousands of people and followers for that specific board, so let's get into it. So here's an example. I'm gonna go to my Pensions Cup account and start typing and D I Y crafts. So to find a group board, you can go to this drop down menu right here, and you could either click on people or boards. I'm gonna click on boards for now. So you see the section right here in this profile picture, there's like three lines or three different photos. You want to click on that? So this is considered a group board. But as you can see in the rules, she's not currently accepting new contributors. So you can't get invited to that group board right now. So pretty much you just look through different boards or, ah, go to people's accounts and, you know, check to see if they have any group words you can be invited to. So so this group board is invited and open to bloggers on Lee and you would have to send a request to that girl's email address. Let's find a better example. So I'm gonna click on Ah, this lady's Pinterest account right here. And she, as you can tell, she has a lot of monthly viewers. I'm going to go into her boards. That's community click on Ah, see all boards to see all her Pinterest group words. As you can see, these top owns air. Here are group boards. So I'm gonna click on this one and make sure you read the rules in the description. So says so. This lady is currently inviting, um, bloggers to post on the Pinterest group board. So if you are a blogger, you can go ahead and, um sent her a message. And someone you're sending your message to the, um, Pinterest person. You will make sure your professional here's something you can write so you can be like, Hello, My name is blah blah. I'm a blogger and would love to join your Pinterest Group Group board. Here's my website, and then you would type your website there. I have read all of your rude rules, and I understand if I don't follow those rules I'll be taken off the Pinterest Group board . I am very passionate about my d eyeball, d i Y blogger. Whatever blood you have and will love to share it with the Pinterest community, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. So make a pretty simple yet professional. And if you keep getting rejected for some reason, just keep applying to different Pinterest group boards and you'll get accepted eventually. So one thing to know is that it can be pretty hard finding Pinterest group boards on Pinterest. I don't know why they make it so hard what they dio, but there's a website you can check out in, and it's a lot easier to find Pinterest Group boards on there, so let's check it out. So you want to head over to pin groupie dot com. There, you can submit aboard, log in or register. Um, this is really easy to find Pinterest group boards here so you can enter a Nesirky word. Say, have put in food. You can look through the different titles of the Pinterest group boards on the right side. You can look who the owner is. How many followers contribute collaborators pins there are. So it's pretty nice when there's like a lot of followers. So then you have a better chance of your pen being seen. So you wanted to do like a makeup Pinterest board. Um, you can just type in makeup and look through the different titles they have, uh, that one. They have a lot of followers, but for some reason there's only one collaborator. Let's see. Here, let's click on this one all things beautiful hair care, makeup, beauty and fashion tips so you can visit the board on Pinterest will take you over to Pinterest, and you could read the rules right there. So it looks like the rules are on that website showing right there. And let's say your Pinterest account is about money. You can look for the different titles. This one says, make money from photography. They have a lot of followers can visit the board on Pinterest. Click on that, or you could just read in the description right here. And so you have your photographer. That's a great Pinterest board to use. So I would check that one out of here for talk of her so you would just give them a follow , Um, some of them a message. And so, yeah, it's pretty easy to find Pinterest group boards on ah Pinterest groupie dot com. So just make sure before you join a Pinterest group or make sure you read all the rules. Don't appear too spammy and you should be fine. Um, it's a great way to get more followers, get more views. Uh, if you don't have a blogger, I'm sure you can still find some Pinterest group boards that you don't actually need a blogger for. But now that you've learned more about joining good boards, let's go ahead on to the next lesson, which is about Pinterest ads. 6. Pin ads: in this last method, I'm going to share with you on how you can promote your pinchers, adds to get more views and followers. So Pinterest says that 67% of users discovered a new brand or product as a result of promoted pins. Also, promoted pins typically earned $2 in profit for every $1 spent in at cost. So this convey vary for different, you know Cos depending on your product or your target audience. First of all, make sure you are on your free business account instead of your personal one. So on the top left corner of your pensioners pages says add, click on that, then click create ad. Make sure make sure you add your billing information before you launch your ad campaign. So this is pretty straightforward. Ah, Pinterest takes you through all the steps, you know, Tow launcher campaign. I'm not gonna make it an ad for this Pinterest account since I just started this one. But if you wanted to drive consideration like traffic, you want to drive traffic. You what it's looked that, um, you can click in your campaign Nate or type in your campaign name. So next Once you get that all done, you could click on targeting. This is where ah, you find your you know, specific audience on the right side, it shows your potential audience size. So that says 60 million plus. But you know, you want it like niche down to whatever so say it's like something about sports or traveling. You just want to find your audience so you can choose your genders ages location. So just look through all these, make sure everything is correct. Ah, you can. Then, you know, check out your budget and schedule. You don't want your you know you don't want to be spending a lot of money on ads, especially when you're just starting now, you know, so you might be morning. Well, I have a lot of pins, but I don't know what you pin to choose. Well, looking at your, um, analytics on Pinterest can help a lot. Did you determine which pin you want to promote? So if you want to check out your Pinterest analytics, you just go to the left top corner of your account, and then you can look at your top performing pins and check out the impressions the re pens likes the clicks to figure out which Penn is best for you. But anyways, once you, um, submit your campaign for review and what's this been approved, you can being in, ah, tracking your results so you can look over your number impressions, number of clicks Click the ray, uh, number of saves in your total ad spend. And if you see that like no one's really clicking on your pens like promoted pins, you can just keep experimenting and trying different strategies. But anyways, that was pretty much like the basics of, ah, promoting pins on Pinterest. If you would like, need to go more into deaths about Pinterest promotions, I can make another course about it. Just let me know in the comments, Tom below. 7. Final thoughts and project: anyways. Thank you guys. So much for watching my course. After you have completed your course, you can upload your class project for the projects. Take these tips and tricks and apply them to your own Pinterest account. After that, you can upload your pension account below. This way, we can all give each other feedback on how we can improve our Pinterest accounts. Thanks again. Please check out my other courses I have on my profile. I'll leave links down below. See you next time.