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GUMBO - Authentic, Delicious. Freezable. Make Meals for Today, Next Week & Beyond!

teacher avatar Dan Harville, Life is Good!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. INTRODUCTION: The Best Homemade Cajun Flavor, Southern Family Secret Comfort Food.

    • 2. INGREDIENTS: What You’re Going to Need; You Have Options.

    • 3. ROUX for YOUX: (pronounced ‘Roo’) Choosing Your Roux: Get Your Gumbo Base Flavor Right.

    • 4. A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT: The Right Amount of Chicken Per The Size of Your Pot.

    • 5. GARLIC: Makes Your Gumbo So Good That Vampires Want Some.

    • 6. DE-BONE: Why to De-Bone & How to De-Bone.

    • 7. FAMILY SECRET: You're Part of the Family Now!

    • 8. ONIONS: Like Emotions Are Many Layered. (Only One Makes Your Gumbo Yummy.)

    • 9. SUASAGE: Picking the Right Sausage: Hot, Spicy, Pork or Beef?

    • 10. OKRA: No Need to Run Away in Fear. Let's Kill the Slime.

    • 11. HOW TO EAT GUMBO: Yes, There Is a Right Way. It Makes a Difference.

    • 12. CLOSING REMARKS: Let's Re-Cap, Con-Fab & Debrief.

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About This Class

This is a secret family recipe. 

It is a phenomenal dish and it freezes extremely well!  Make enough for many meals, even a year in advance!  

I figured the best way to honor my French-speaking Cajun grandmother was to make her secret recipe public, once she passed on, so that you can have the same blessings in your home. 

The blessings she had in her home were centered around family.  If you make a gumbo for someone, they know you love them.  People who felt loved ate gumbo at my grandmother's table.

People who eat gumbo at my table feel the same type of love.  

You will have the same experience, I wish that for you.

This recipe makes lots and lots of satisfying servings. 

Gumbo freezes well, my wife and I just had a yummy meal we froze 2 years ago!

You can prepare lots of meals in advance.  We have saved gumbo in zipper-top bags and quart jars.  Just leave a little room for expansion.

This dish is always a hit and better than any gumbo served in any restaurant anywhere.  I guarantee it.

Dan Harville  

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Dan Harville

Life is Good!


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1. INTRODUCTION: The Best Homemade Cajun Flavor, Southern Family Secret Comfort Food.: you're about to learn how to make authentic homemade Cajun gumbo. Now, you may have had gumbo in restaurants and such. Nothing to tell you that even if you thought that was good, which I have never thought that restaurant gumbo has been any good at all. I've been disappointed every single time I've had any, even in yawns. I'm to tell you, this homemade gumbo is going to make you very popular. Friends and family will find reasons to drop in on you when they know that you're making gumbo. This will be the go to signature dish that you make whenever you're having Ah, holiday or some festivity or celebrating something is just It's just that good. Be sure and look down in the course materials will have the recipe there in some other information, and you will be able to download that at your leisure. The other thing is, I'd like for you to a class project and this is it. When you've learned how to make this gumbo, please make it and share it with your family and friends and take pictures and get their responses and post those responses on those pictures of your gumbo on your family and friends in the class section. It'll be great. I'm so excited to have you along. You, you lucky you. That's all I can say. This is fabulous, Gumbo. You're absolutely gonna love it. 2. INGREDIENTS: What You’re Going to Need; You Have Options.: Well, what we have here is my four gallons. I like making four gallons of gumbo at a time. It freezes. Well, I'll put it in court jars left over and put it in the freezer. And then, well, you know, we have gumbo that happen to make it every single time. But you're throwing a gallon. Gallon. Half doesn't really matter. What we're gonna do is we're going to start cooking the chicken at first, and we'll see that in just a little bit. My sister just Baucus. Awesome new gasto for me. She's been living at the farm house while my wife and I have been off living in town for a couple of years. So thanks and appreciate that to start this water boiling and while it's boiling, let's take a look at you. See, there's almost nothing in the pot just again. The's the items that I use, and they are room garlic, onions, chicken, okra and then, like I like on DUI sausage, which is really spicy stuff. If you can't find on DUI where you are, you can always use smoked beef. I suppose you can use whatever you want is gumbo, and there are really very few rules and gumbo. But this one rule I would encourage you to follow. Ready less is more. You will find people step just stacking ingredients into gumbo because they can get away with it. I've had I've had alligator and crawfish and oysters and shrimp and chicken and sausage, and I probably liver and just anything that they could find it just dumped into the gumbo and, you know, Yeah, I guess that kind of fits the description of what gumbo can be. But I'm telling if you want fabulous, wonderful, delicious gumbo follow this recipe and again less is more so I just throw in chicken and I throw in on Do we That's it. Along with the garlic and the onions in the okra. But just to meets its what I like 3. ROUX for YOUX: (pronounced ‘Roo’) Choosing Your Roux: Get Your Gumbo Base Flavor Right.: so your water's boiling and now you've got your rule and you gonna pour your ruin. Now I like dark. This is sad voices, Ruit. Any rule will do is I like this one, but they're all just about the same. The only difference really is between light and dark room. And I like I really like the dark room. A lot of a lot of purest will insist on making their own ruin. What you do is you put a little oil in a skillet and you start Ah, putting in flour and mixing it and cooking it. But mannitol, it can burn an instant. And once you burn your room, you might as well just throw it out. Now you can burn this Rua's well. So what you want to do is, once you put this in the pot, I got I added more water. So it's like a gallon and 1/2 in here, and this is 32 ounces of ruin putting in, and I'm going to stand here for another 20 minutes or so, and I'm going toe. I'm going to stir that with a little wooden paddle or a spatula or something until all that roux is dissolved, and when you're cooking, you're gumbo. The secret is to stir it, especially when you've just got the route cooking cause you you got any chunks of roof stuck to the bottom of your, uh, pot. Here they'll burn. It'll it'll just ruin your gumbo, so you want to make sure it's all dissolved. So put it down in there and let it boil and just keep stern and keep started checking for little flecks and one all the flexor. Gone are all the pieces were gone then. Then it's dissolved. And then that's when I add my. That's when I add my chicken in a in garlic right away once the roof is dissolved, OK, but I don't think there's that much difference between, ah, homemade root in store bought roof. It's all pretty during good, but if you have your choice between light ruin dark room, I always go dark 4. A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT: The Right Amount of Chicken Per The Size of Your Pot.: all right, here I am just getting back from the 44 mile round trip to the nearest grocery store from the farmhouse. And what was I get a look at the bag here. It does indeed. So £5 of drumsticks, but I was really disappointed there were only 15 drumsticks instead of the customary 21 that I was getting in the bag that I used to get. So you know, we'll have to adjust the weights here. Maybe maybe I was putting in £8 of chicken before, but like we're doing four gallons, you can put in a lot of meat. Okay. Now, after I've dissolved all the ruin the boiling water, the next thing I'm gonna do is add this chicken and I'm gonna let this chicken boil and boil and boil until that it just starts falling off the bones. All right. Now, once it starts falling off the bones, I'm going to pull all the chicken back out of this pot, and I'm going to de bone it because I don't like I don't like bones. I don't like those Cartlidge knuckles. I don't like chicken skin in my gumbo. I like it to be a fun fast eat 5. GARLIC: Makes Your Gumbo So Good That Vampires Want Some.: as soon as you have the route dissolved in the boiling water. I like to add garlic, and that's a court jar of garlic. You're looking at output in 1/3 of the garlic right up front, 1/3 of a court for four gallon pot, and then as the as the process goes on over the hours, I'll add more and more. By the end, I'll put in half to 2/3 of a quart of garlic. It's really hard to put in too much in gumbo. This is a good, strong dish, and at the end it gets diluted with rice, so it's not really overpowering, so it's not too much garlic to put in 2/3 of a court for four gallons. 6. DE-BONE: Why to De-Bone & How to De-Bone.: if you're keeping score, you probably know that I have got £8 of sausage to throw into this mix and probably £4 of drumsticks. I could have absolutely used another £4 of boneless chicken breasts didn't throw any part of the chicken and you want, but I like boneless for an end product, but I could have definitely used four more pounds of boneless chicken breasts. Like I said, this farmhouse is 22 miles from the nearest Wal Mart. I'd already made one trip because I bought chicken wings instead of drumsticks because, you know, they changed the packaging and I was used to one packaging. I grabbed it, brought it home and went well, Dang it. And, uh so I made that drive all the way back Teoh to town and got the drumsticks and got back home and realized I didn't have chicken boneless chicken breasts. So you know what? I just went heavy on the sausage this time, but you can put in a whole lot more meat than I did, And this gumbo actually ended up being closer to three gallons because I did not have that extra chicken and I just didn't want. Ah, I didn't want to be thin on the meat. You know what I mean? Um, also, I'll let you in right now on the secret ingredient, since I didn't film myself putting it in. I like to pour in for a four gallon a gumbo I'll put in a 16 ounce cola right at the end. When I dump in the onions Nile, I can save like a last minute. I'll throw in a bunch of onions. Eso There's some texture and there's some fresh onion in it also, and I mean this. Pay attention. Slowly, slowly pour in your cola or your whatever you may have of those. It has a little bit of kick. Who's got that carbonated water in it? It adds a little bit of sweetness, and it just adds to the smoky, smoky flavor. That's Ah, that's the secret ingredient for me. Is that 16 ounce soda pop that I'll pour into my gumbo? Yeah, I know, but it's fabulous. I'm going to repeat myself a couple of times in this because I shot the video. Uh, and I can't use any of this sound because I've got a construction crew in the background, making, ah lot of noise, and they're playing music, which which I, of course, don't own the rights to. So, um, I just want toe. I just wanted to show you the footage of what I'm doing. I'm de boning the chicken here because it's really a service to the people you love. Making gumbo is an act of love and kindness and generosity to people is as fabulous brings them families together. And, ah, it's a wonderful, wonderful tradition, and you will absolutely love this dish and let me point out again. I like mixing drumsticks with boneless chicken breasts, because that way everybody gets a good chunk of chicken. I'll cut the breast like into four pieces, sometimes six, if they're really big, and then cook that in with the drumsticks. But the bones are what give it such a wonderful flavor, and I like cooking them for a long time. The longer you simmer a gumbo with the rule and the chicken. When you first start out, the more savory is going to be. It's amazing, adding. Adding an hour or two of just simmering is going to just make it absolutely delicious. 7. FAMILY SECRET: You're Part of the Family Now!: if you will indulge me for just another moment. I was thinking as I was cooking, you know, maybe you'd like to know the history of this gumbo. I'll tell it to you. Anyway, my grandmother died. It happens, right? But when she died, she took with her this cake recipe that she made for me. My holy, uh, childhood experience every every year. Who would go visit grandmother? She would make this more in French, right? She would make this chocolate cake. And I remember it had red maraschino Cherries and green Mary share maraschino Cherries and pecans in it. That's all I remember about it. And it was fab u lus. And then she died, and she took that with her to the grave. And I have missed that cake, probably for 40 plus years. And, um, I didn't want to lose this gumbo, you know? And so I asked around and I had one. And, well, my my aunt and my mother both knew how to make it, but my aunt was, you know, reputed to be the best. So I asked her if she'd come over to my house and let me film it, and I would buy all the ingredients if she would teach me how to make gumbo. She said No, why not marry? Why not? She goes, well, it's a family secret. And I said, I'm in the family. She's she thought about it. Oh, yeah, yeah, I guess you are. So she she did it. She should let me buy the ingredients. She gave me a list. I went to the store and I bought it and we picked a Saturday and she came over and I filmed the whole thing. And then I ended it and I said that to my 200 closest friends, right? Because I wanted I didn't want that recipe to be lost. Now that's been many years ago, and I figured that I would update this the gumbo recipe because, frankly, I've I've changed it a little bit and I think for the better. So that's what you have here. I just wanted you to know that there's some real history here. This is really family, real Cajun up and all the other thing about that other video is both my mother and my Aunt Mary speak French all the way through it. So unless you speak French or you don't want my really crappy translations than the then that just wouldn't do so. I think this is a better choice. So anyway, back to the recipe and back to the course. And thanks so much for indulging me for just a second. I just want you to know that history. 8. ONIONS: Like Emotions Are Many Layered. (Only One Makes Your Gumbo Yummy.): All right, now we're gonna chop up the onions. I like cutting them into medium and medium small pieces. So, uh, on a few large things as well, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut all these onions up, and then at some point, I'm only gonna put half of them in and let them cook for a long, long time. So I like to throw some onions in early on and then right at the end, the last five or six minutes or even less, I'll throw in a batch of fresh chopped onions. There's some texture and some onion flavor, but I like the yellow onions. I'll also throwing a white onion once in a while to it adds a little more heat. And I like the heat to come from the on duty and the red pepper flakes that I throw in. But that's that's what I'm going to do with the onions. Very important part. And you almost can't put too many onions in a gumbo. So I've got a four gallon gumbo going. I've got four huge for huge onions here, and they actually turned out just about right. I could have actually even put in. I could probably win five. You'll also see I've got some green onions on the table. I throw those in right at the very justus. I start to serve it. I'll chop those up and throw those into so I don't I don't want those cooked. I want those in their fresh. 9. SUASAGE: Picking the Right Sausage: Hot, Spicy, Pork or Beef?: Okay. The sausages. See that? I'm just now throwing into the bull is made by a local ranch. A couple of farmers. Shady Grove Ranch out by Jefferson, Texas. They grow their own animals. They do their own slaughtering. They do their own processing. It's all organic. It's all grass fed, cage free, non GMO. It set toe, etcetera. Fabulous stuff. And this is the first time I actually bought on do we from them. And so I cut this batch into what I call nickels right there about twice, three times the thickness of a nickel. But the same basic shape. And I'm going to cut the other sausage that I bought at the store that just says Cajun on Do we with no real name brand that I could locate. I'm gonna cut that at a 45 degree angle so that when we're eating the gumbo, we can say, Oh, man, this sausage is better than the other sausage or whatever. And know which one is which. Okay, Now, you, uh maybe if you had a chance to look around at the place, the kitchen I'm cooking in This is our farm house, built in 1928 and I don't think it's been updated since 1948 and we've been working on it. My wife nice with for the last 15 years or so, and we've just not gone to the kitchen. So I I'm making excuses here. The linoleum, the linoleum is awful. The walls were cracked, the pain needs to be redone. The only thing that's really cool in this kitchen is the stove that my sister Sam bought for us because she's been living in the house for the past couple of years while Cupcake and I have been off, you know, living in the city, doing some other stuff. But now we're coming back. We're coming back to the farmhouse. We'll be in there in just a week or two living there. And that's why I've got some of the audio off here, because I've got construction guys out there banging away. They're replacing all the windows this day, and we've got out sheet rock coming out and painting and all that stuff happening to anyway . But we've got family coming into town, and I always make a gumbo. When somebody makes the effort, Teoh drive across a couple of states and come to Louisiana. And so, um, that's what I'm doing. It's a festive dish. I'll make four gallons at a time. I'd actually like to have a bigger pot because gumbo freezes well anyway. You see, I'm cutting this now on on an angle so that we know what we're eating. Some people will just put too much stuff in their gumbo. They'll throw in everything, and I don't know why. They think that's great, but they'll throw in oysters and shrimp and crawfish and alligator and turtle. Anything else they catch all in one big, messy pot in It's awful less is more. I just put in sausage and I put in chicken along with the vegetables I used to throw in some shrimp. But my dad's girlfriend is allergic to shrimp shellfish, so I don't do that any longer when I know she's gonna be in town occasionally, fill in a few trip if she's not gonna be in town. But I really like cooking with the drumsticks because the bones give the gumbo such wonderful flavor. And here's a secret. The longer you cook the gumbo, the better it's gonna be. It will take me 4 to 6 hours to make a gumbo easily. Anyway, so you can see here the difference between the two sausages I've cooked. And I'm gonna tell you they were both fabulous. And I really think that the one from Shady Grove Farm outside of Jefferson, Texas, was actually the best. It was just great. I turned. I turned to the gumbo off the fire off underneath the gunboat so it wouldn't burn while I was de boning the chicken. You see, I've got the chicken in there. Now, once the chicken is de boned and I throw the chicken meat back in, I'm going to start throwing in about half of the sausage, and I'm going to throw in half of the onion. And this is early on in the process, you know, an hour or two in because what I want to have happen is I want different texture. Different different Grady INTs of gumbo infused into my sausage. Some of them I want you to taste the sausage more than some of the gumbo is just a personal preference. My sister Tracy, who makes fabulous gumbo almost as good as mine. We'll throw all of her, um, through all of her sausage in at this point after she has de boned her chicken. Now I've done this. I'm like I said, I'm early on in the process. I've just turning off half the sausage, all of my chicken, and ah, all that garlic was in there. And, you know, now is a good time to add some more garlic. Like I said, I'll put in 2/3 of a quart of garlic and and you could even puttinme or if you wish so, uh, I know it looks like a mess there. I'm adding in probably two or three tablespoons of red pepper here, and I'll add red pepper the whole time that I'm cooking. This not to go over four or five tablespoons for for are the four gallons because it gets pretty hot. At that point, you can see the roux has been sticking to the side that looks kind of messy and awful, but that all cleans up just fine. And I'm gonna add a couple more courts here and started simmering and then later on one some, you know, an hour from the end off little in the rest of the sausage and then like just 10 or five minutes before I'm going to serve it all. Throw in the rest of those onions and maybe a little more garlic and maybe a little red. More red pepper flake. But we're gonna go more than four or five tablespoons if you're not used to really hot on the red pepper flakes and then a couple of heavy tablespoons of salt to 10. OKRA: No Need to Run Away in Fear. Let's Kill the Slime.: So what we have here is, uh, okra. Now, if you're like me, you sometimes cringe when you see okra. If I have always cringed when I've seen I mean, it's all right, but it's kind of slimy. So here's a trick to keep it from being slimy. Fryatt. Yeah, Vegetable oil. Uh, I might, Aunt says, to fry it in water. Well, that's not really frying it, but she'll knock it around just enough to start boiling some of the slime out. I think I've actually used vegetable oil, peanut oil, I think a time or two, and it works out a lot better. If you could just fry it, fry it, don't burn it, but fry it, Get some nice black on both sides, and then when you get just a little bit of scoring on each side, most of the slime is gone. And then you can dump that into the gumbo and it will be fabulous. Okay? And that's from somebody who would not eat. Gump would not eat okra before, but now it's fabulous. I just you know, it was the slime that I objected to with the okra 11. HOW TO EAT GUMBO: Yes, There Is a Right Way. It Makes a Difference.: now, the proper way to do this is you take rice and you put into a bowl and then you put the gumbo on top of it as it's cooking. I like to let it settle for a minute before I let anybody have any cause. The oil will come to the top and I'll strain off 1/2 an inch of oil off the top That comes out of the sausage and such. Also, I'll throw in a couple of tablespoons of salt. And, of course, that Dr Pepper or Coke that we talked about earlier, which you pour in slowly and the fresh onions. And, man, this thing is just killer. 12. CLOSING REMARKS: Let's Re-Cap, Con-Fab & Debrief.: Well, there you have it. The best gumbo recipe in the whole wide world. And you are just about to become a master chef with it. I'm serious about that. You will be amazed at what this does for you and for your life. It's always of the number one request that I have. And I make some other dishes pretty well too. But gumbo by by far by and large, is the is the number one request. Okay, let's recap just to make sure that you got it down. Okay, Number one, You're probably gonna want to get a 45 gallon pots. Something like that. I suggest four gallons since that's what I cooked with. And you now have all the numbers you don't have to interpret later extrapolated numbers or whatever. Ah, four gallon pot. 16 Court pot is absolutely perfect. Put your ruin route could be homemade. It could be store bought. Doesn't matter. I always suggest getting dark room instead of light route has a Richard darker, smokier flavor. Okay, put that ruin your pot. I do 32 ounces of roof, four gallons of gumbo. Stir it. Stir, stir. Stir it. You don't want to burn. Dissolve that room once this, dissolve Dumping your chicken. Okay. Now, after your chicken has cooked long enough to where it starts falling off the bones, pull it back out. Di Bohnett Put all the chicken back in. Put in. Ah, half a court, maybe 3/4 of a court of garlic. Put all that Put all that chicken in, Let it start cooking. By now, you've got maybe 45 big onions. You can put half that in, put in half a year sausage at this point to and let it simmer for a couple of hours. Also, I like putting in about five large tablespoons of red pepper flakes and two tablespoons of salt. That's not quite enough salt, but I'd rather have it less salty than too salty. Right? Okay, so then what you do is after it's been cooking for two or three hours, when you're just about ready to be done with it, maybe an hour away, maybe 40 minutes away, put in the rest of the sausage and hold off on the onions. I've got the yellow onions, white onions, whatever news you have in the green onions. Hold off on that no. When you're just about ready to be done with it and you can tell I mean, there's a point where it's just you just you can smell it. You can sample it along the way, and you'll just know when it's done. I want to go about four hours, about 23 minutes before you're done. Put in the rest of the onions because you want some of those onions to be crispy, and I throw in the green onions right when I'm about to serve it. But before that, just a couple of minutes before start pouring in a 16 ounce the doctor pepper, a Coke and RC Cola something like that. Pour it in slowly because if you just dump it in, that gumbo is going to explode right out of the top of that four gallon pot, and it's gonna be all over the stove all over the kitchen all over the floor. So just dump it and it'll start the phone really badly. Just start, start, start. The phone will go down. Just keep pouring that in, and when you get the doctor pepper in, throw your green onions and on top, turn off the fire had everybody line up. By this time, you've also made a pot of rice, let people scoop the rice out into a bowl and then scooped on. You can wait a moment. Let the let let the heat go and let the oil come up to the top. If you want to, you don't have to do that. I always like to strain off the top quarter inch to 1/2 inch of oil and then let everybody just serve themselves. It's absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. And please be sure in post those pictures in the class project of you making your gumbo and how much people loved it and then leave those responses. Thanks a lot.