GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT: Create a Custom Wine Bottle Label Using a Quatrefoil Pattern in Illustrator | Sandra Hess | Skillshare

GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT: Create a Custom Wine Bottle Label Using a Quatrefoil Pattern in Illustrator

Sandra Hess, Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

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12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1 Wine Label Template

    • 3. Step 1B Inner Safety Zone

    • 4. Step 2 Create Quatrefoil Pattern

    • 5. Step 3 Change Color

    • 6. Step 4 Text Box

    • 7. Step 5 Add Text

    • 8. Step 6 Final Additions

    • 9. Step 7 Clipping Mask

    • 10. Step 8 Add to Final Template

    • 11. STEP 9 Add Label to Wine Bottle

    • 12. Step 9 Final Project, Wrap Up


About This Class


Using Illustrator, we will create a Quatrefoil pattern and combine two different fonts for the message on a wine bottle label. A template will be provided so you can print directly on Avery labels on your own printer. Wine is a great gift to give as a hostess gift, thank you, Christmas, New Years or for your own themed party or gathering! Personalizing it with your own label will create a special custom touch to your wine gift! Even if you don't use it as a wine label, learning how to create a quatrefoil pattern will be valuable for any project! Perfect for any Illustrator user, whether novice or advanced. I use Adobe Illustrator CS6 but this works in any version. 





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Sandra Hess

Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

"Your 20 year old daughter MADE that card?" I asked my best friend. The card images and text were stamped and embellished with a well-placed rhinestone. A 3-D feel was created by layered focal points and a beautiful ribbon completed the look. She showed me several more cards that she received for her birthday and her recent wedding anniversary. I was in awe and felt so inspired as I saw card after card, each with its own unique charm! I couldn't wait to learn to hand craft my own cards!


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