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GIS 1.1 - An introduction for beginners

teacher avatar Frida T., GIS made fun

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is GIS

    • 3. Softwares

    • 4. Get started with QGIS

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

You have probably used maping-service to find the road to a friend or the nearest restaurant. Probably have you never thought of how the map can take you from A to B, or maybe have you and that is the reason you now reading this text. No matter the reason you do so, maping-service do use GIS. Not only to show you the road to buy your favorite pizza but to make all the map around you, figure out the best location on the next mal or just to make a fun poster over your favorite city. GIS is everywhere and you have probably never even thought about it.


GIS is a way of expressing data in a geographic content. This makes you understand the world you live in but also gives you a chance to plan the world your children will live in. In this course you will learn what GIS is and how to get started. But most importantly how to have fun while doing it.


By the end of this class you will:

  • Know what GIS is
  • Learn what software’s are available
  • How to get started with GIS
  • Have made your own poster over your favorite place in GIS


To complete the class you will need a computer with enough room to store the program QGIS and the data you download from openstreetmap (aprox. 1 GB extra). The more space you got the better!


When the class is done you have learn the basics of GIS and have used your new knowledge to create a map that you can print out and have as a poster.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Frida T.

GIS made fun


Hello, I'm Frida. I'm a GIS-engineer holding two master degrees: one in Geomatics and one in Landscape Arcithecture. On this channel I will gudie you through how to use GIS in both your everyday-life and work-life but also how to adopt the new knowledge.  But most importantly, how to have fun while doing it! Welcome! 

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1. Introduction: the food is class. He's 1.1 An introduction for beginners. Have you ever looked at a map and figure out how dull it You maybe haven't figured out, out even, Maybe have guests. Problems may, perhaps, of computer. But how or have you have ah locked into a navigation system and wonder How did they know the disrobed I'm currently driving on. It's the shortest one to the location I'm going to is made buggies G sounds for you Graphical information system. You're graphical information system. Yes, you take so me formation That could be the roads. Ah, hold a are laid out. Or maybe could be how many the population in the area. And then you take the geographical part off it. Maybe. How? Rose? Maybe if you take length off the roads here, do you take her? Rules are going here. Uh, it would help off this. You can maybe decide where the next big mall should be placed calculated from number off citizens in that area. Or you can calculate the quickest road to best friend or you can calculate her long. You actually have been running. All this is made by keys you're using easy also needs in your calculator. You may be formally, like GPS or something in death order, but the maps itself or made with in the schools we'll go through what gives its more death . We will love different software available and which difference off resort available. We will learn something six years to get stopped with those Softwares And in the end of the class, you will have made your own poster. So as you have made your own map, your old map made being comes some sort of a art form kind off. And you have open a completely world, a completely new world off maps. So welcome to completely New World off maps. So let's get started and see you in class number. 2. What is GIS: read up in Welcome to Park Chu off this class, and he's 1.1 introduction for begins in this part work. Guess we will love what gives this what we can use our skills to, that we learned in the end off this. So keep forging, as I already have mentioned stands for you graphical information stuff. That means it's a program where you're analyzing data human. Using the data him you organize would have a views. You can reveal the dog the deeper insights in different information you can used to knowledge in order to degrees the numbers of accidents in a certain area for used for take one example. Or you Can you still the tools In order to find the best slope down here, you commit you back. The best cools. I guess it's used by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds organizations is in your country country. Creepiest New York City are using geese to perform complex analysis to share the information, to visualized information in order for other people to understand, but also just sold complex problems it used to guide fruit where the gas pipes should be. It's used to decrease the number of accidents. It's used to showed the bus lines were day should go in order to pick up the most amount of people in less amount of time. It can be used to so many different things. But what you need in order these illnesses is the location you need to know it would area we're talking about. You need to know what do you want to sold? If you have some sort of statistics or some other information, you have to your graphic apart. The system result injuries. You have different layers. Layers start with a layer, often where the locations to be. Then you put another layer on top off that layer. It could be numbers of accidents. Then you seed in numbers, accidents out, laid out on a math. If you don't take, like in this area, how many people have crushed their car in a certain location? You'll get number off that you'll also get a number off. If the person class presses all night or day, you would help of peace. You can use that information in order to solve that problem. Why do people brush? He just that place. It could be a very, very important tool for those people who acted. Take the decision. But it also could be an important tool for you. Oh, do you know where he hopes how you can use keys in order to find the best location for your home? In order for this work their state charity school? There's activities there you can use does information and put those location on the map and see exactly where you shoot lip. That's yes and everyday example of how you can use these in order to simplify your everyday life. You have no hear me talk about geese, and what gives can be used for what it is. But who used it. I could say everyone who's taken a decision, something everyone who's should take a decision where something should be located, or how to improve a complex question that is based on allegation off something. It could be medication. He's Houston indication. No, it used in health question in order to like, where should a hospital be laid out? And it's used in education, help in real estate in government questioning water. So what is keys? Yes, it's a tool that helps organize, perform and understand or throw Ting's It helps us organize the world on household. Understand why different things are working as they do. So this is a pretty important toe and you are about learning. See, you know. Thanks close guys. 3. Softwares: higher. One off Frieda, and I'm here to get for this class. Skins 1.1 introduction for beginners in this thought off the class. What keeps program should they use are guided fruit beverages programs are available in which we are supposed to use in order to create the class product in end of this class. So from watching there are not different Softwares available out there and it's coming up on you all the time. Our G's by estate being the biggest one. And if you have knowledge in that, you're pretty much always be fine. The problem with that software and why we will not use it in this class and this class products is because it's not free. It's pretty much loved my, uh, and I do not feel like that. It's the greatest options. So we go with not a program that is completely free mentioned that I would mention that soon, but I will go through. I will go through our keys in live it more in depth in a little house. You can learn a program as well. Don't be another cast. The president. We with the I want our freedom, and I'm here to get your brood is Yeah. Okay. I want, um, Frieda and I'm here to get her in his class. Tickets 1.1. Introduction for beginners in this class, you will in this class, you'll the different Softwares are available. There are a lot of them and I will get you through Teoh. Find out which option is best for you. The biggest gets a software out there are made by S A. It's called Arkin Peas. Our guest is the software that's most organizations companies and deprived buzzards are actually using. But it's not free and that reason off use it in this class with our bodies. But in this program, we will use non software that is free. It's called cuties Que G's is a free software that you download in using you says you want The only thing is that program. How's it a bit more bugs than the Archies program? He's is a pretty that's your program to have a new computer. It's a pretty heavy program to have a computer. So off course, the biggest computer that better. But my computer, the I using tickets. It's not a super advanced one in the steelworks were well, so there are some utter jeez programs out there that are available. Yorba has done one of them askew. Maybe no yoga is actually do in languages to compute like computers or different A Y six. But they have done their own gifts program. It's Cold Java open Street map editor, and it's got what they call it, is what it is called. It's used to editing open street maps. I will actually go for open street map in the next few classes, but we will also use open street in this class to get started in make or plus product. So So I will absolutely recommend you to download yogis right now. I will leave it links in the description box, then below cogs click on download the program, and so we consult experimentally. We would cure gays, and we can stop making or class perfect. So see you soon, guys. By 4. Get started with QGIS: I want our Frieda and I'm here to get you through this class is 1.1 introduction for beginners. In this class, you will learn how to get started with Kinky's and which tools to use which button to press in. I have to get stopped it so we can do our class. So how you guys, I'm here in the voiceover instead, so we can shake out cuties off the class. So dimension sick out which different tells are available and also so we can start making our own postal. Mikew Ghous is in Swedish instead off any little language. No matter which you are talking, it probably will be available in Q B's old language that the tools are still in the same location in Just Dance on Swedish is that if you go in a straight up to the left guna off, the screeners find something called product. The 1st 1 is both new and others. Would you start a new product? It didn't even came. Have a have me like different. If you make a lot off maps and they should be in the same product, you can make organization in order to make those math a little bit quicker when you're down and they will be located around here. Don't They're not. Not much more to show. Here is some opening. We can open old products, his own saves Bickmore this standard stuff in alone. Uh then we come over to reports were actually matters here you can draw things in order to make your map looks the way you want it to look. That is not something we're looking for in this product because there's probably has started program make a quick nap and then we are that next kulum is going to be We're city things more clearly if you Oh, that's too far away. Your that's too close, it might fix it. And this is tickling. Very fix. It will not go fruit as column very clearly in this a glass. But it will be. Then we go to layers under system part where really well, you will find No and in order incurious. We will have the data well noted from, or the open street map in which is a free download site. You can go in there and editing the map to where you wanted in order to always make will be updated so us. I think that here is where he killed new layers on top us thought about in the previous video. But we will not use Islam. This guy's ear cast really keep it as simple as we can. Next is some cities will not go fruit out because it's no necessary a year. That is the part where you can handle programs are available and in order to make more complicated analysis, is that that is not something in this beginning, cause that'll come a lot later. Then it's even you want to program. Cost actually, is the pressing, different programs and different bottoms in order to make in lettuce, you can actually write what you want to program to do. In some cases, that it's more convenient, and in other cases that's just it's unnecessary. But so when you come up to very complicated analysis is that would be very necessary to do that. Just it's the simplest way to do it. Or in some cases, the wound waited. Tony come into Victor and Rester and will not use anyone of data for Peter. Then his data passes and they date of us is where you collect your or layers in all your information that you put into the program in order to underneath here you're fired. New project as well. You from two openings will saves. But well, we will use this. We will download the open street map there will put it into here and just make some super simple changes in order to make your posting. But it would be the next video. So sees your guys by 5. Class Project: higher one. Um, Frieda. And I'm here to get you for these parts off the classic is 1.1 an introduction for beginners in this class. You will actually do our last Broady act, so or we start everything. Just make sure you have study que G's program. Download the data. Yes. This I have a region in the description Pakistan below, but also told you in the last episode. So let's just get started. Hi, guys. I'm back at the voice over again and we are back in the queue keys program Who? You have to look into every girl in the morning before this. They go into open street map and and I have always still taking him up from my downloads Ed drag into this program. When you have done that, you would happen in this position, and then all of this will be linked in, but issues to click the lines curious about and I just prison life. So here we got all the lines when you pressed in lines. So the first thing we could do is just look at a map and see if this is what we want. It look like. So it would look something like this and then used to go to thats part of here, which you can Brits on control clean if you got a PC. So now we're comfortably out apart. And by pressing, wouldn't you re 566 Bottom. Which his purchase? A new map. Grisly out. Is it something like this? And they say what you like math will look like to do to step. We can take a little while before you can't completely done better. It's complete normally standard processing the map So you don't get to me worrying about up . And with that we have done or poster in the step, you can do a lot more. Anything you can add some scale is my pick in it. So wolf biased this map. You came out a lot of things to development. To have it on the wall are personally prefer to have it as simple as again and this is it. So leave you over to the camera again. Now, when everything is completely done with this course we have Delon class project would have Dubler poster and we have long kiss is yes, make sure to leave the posters down below, so I can shake them out and see and leave some feedback. And you can check everyone else out as well, so make sure to leave from down below. But before we answer, I just want to say thank you for watching this class and hopefully you will see in Thanks a lot. Happy casing, guys.