Cristina A., Embroiderer behind Hoops & Expectations


Cristina A., Embroiderer behind Hoops & Expectations

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8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 1. INTRODUCTION

    • 2. 2. MATERIALS


    • 4. 4. BACK STITCH

    • 5. 5. SATIN STITCH



    • 8. 8. FINISH YOUR HOOP

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About This Class

Learn everything you need to know to create your own hand embroidery Girls in Jewels. In this class you’ll learn how to embroider using metallic thread. Your project will be one of the Girls in Jewels pattern series that I designed exclusively for DMC.



Discover the beauty of embroidery. Inspired by Kendra Scott models, the Girls In Jewels Pattern Series uses DMC’s  DAZZLING thread, Diamant Grandé, to get a 3-D effect on this chic approach to minimalistic line art.



This hand embroidery class is perfect for stitchers of all levels, whether you are a beginner or an expert embroiderer, hours of fun are guaranteed. 

Let me guide you from the initial pattern download, to pattern transfer, to all necessary stitches, and how to finish your hoop.




Meet Your Teacher

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Cristina A.

Embroiderer behind Hoops & Expectations


Hello I'm Cristina! I'm the embroiderer behind Hoops & Expectations, a geek and chic Star Wars fan addicted to pistachio ice cream and crazy about embroidery.


I was born and raised in Barcelona, a city that I love, but to which I said goodbye some years ago when I decided to live abroad and look for new experiences.
I've lived in a variety of countries such as Norway, Chile, India or the United States, where I came for love, but that's another story ;)


Embroidery has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I am self-taught, I learned when I was nine years old and since then, I never stopped.

To bring embroidery to people, I decided to create DIY embroidery kits. I make embroidery workshops too and now I can also share ... See full profile

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1. 1. INTRODUCTION: discovered the beauty of from reverie with my girls in jail works in this class, you learn everything you need to know to create your own hand and brother. He hopes you'll also learn how to my brother using DMC New metallic threat The's 100 brother re class is perfect for stitches off all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an expert murderer, hours of fun are guaranteed. Your project will be one off the girls in jewels. Let me guide you from the initial butter. Don't note toe butter transfer to all necessaries teachers on how to finish your hope. Hi, I'm Christina, the embroider behind hopes and expectations. I have a full time and brother and I'm happy to say that during the last three years I've been able to turn my hobby and my passion into my own business. I run on it to show where I sell my products like Osama embroidered backpacks or embroidery bottoms, analysts and Gunston collaborations with friends on different companies. I love teaching rubbery, and I'm very happy to be on skill shirt to share my knowledge, tricks and tips with you, and also to show you how fun, creative, trendy and mother and brother reconvene. Thank you for joining me today. Let's do days 2. 2. MATERIALS: Oh, oh, oh, For this project, we're going to use the full of wind materials. Brett Needles, Caesars on brother, a hope and a piece of fabric. We will use a combination of metallic breath on the regular six running earlier threat for duels. We will use the new metallic threat from the inside. There are two types BMC Idioma MDM Stadium on grandly, which is the thicker version for this project. I will be using the ground, the rare soon. This red is ideal for embroidery, and it's suitable for stitching on all kinds of fabrics like Horton Line and sudden and sink. It is available in six colors. Take out the color number and on your own rhetoric guide with this part of your class resources. 3. 3. TRANSFER YOUR PATTERN: Oh, okay, So let's start by choosing your favorite design. Once you've decided which one is your favorite skilled butter unfriended. There are different techniques on how to transfer your Potter. If the design is simple, you can trace it using a far it Ben. Just place the fabric on top of the butter and follow the lines way. You can also use magic paper. Bring your design on it, cut it and stick it on the fabric. Now you're ready to start teaching. 4. 4. BACK STITCH: first prepare your needles and to use the threat and take two strengths. And remember to not the end of the threat starting from behind your hope. Create a single state, leave a space and come up with your needles. Go back down again in the same space of your previous stitch and repeat. Every state travels backwards. That's why we call it the back stitch. Continuous stitching. Just follow the lines. When you run out of threat, Turn over the whole wave your needle between the threat and create enough for corpse or small details. Use the small speeches this state is perfect for out like. 5. 5. SATIN STITCH: pick up any color of a regular sixth run threat. Take two strengths and not the end of the threat. Make sure stress teaches side by side one next to the other. Your needle goes up and down right next to the previous stage. This stitch is perfect for feeling shapes. Now take your metallic threat. Remember that it is made for a single strand, so you don't have to separate it to scut Andre Your needle, you said in stitch and feel all the shapes just like before. Place teaches side by side. Repeat this process with the rest of the keywords used to strands of regular current threat to finish. The rest of the details, like arouse on lashes also heard nights. I used white, but you can use any color. Just be creative. 6. 6. CABLE CHAIN STITCH: come up and down in the same place, creating a small look. You can use your finger to hold a threat, leave a space and come up again. Make sure the needle is inside. The pull the threat on ribbit. That's it. 7. 7 TURKEY RUG STITCH: for this state. You six strands come up, live a space and go down, creating a small look. Use your finger to hold a thread and come up in the middle of the pull a threat and go down again, creating a single state over the left side of the look. Come up again in the middle and repeat this time over the right side of the repeat over and over and over again. Once you've done cut the threat on, don't worry, it won't fall out. Get that's where look at in the excess threat and finally clean your hope. 8. 8. FINISH YOUR HOOP: first, clean your butter. If you use the favorite pen, use a few drops of water to arrest the outline. If you use magic paper, then wash of fabric. The paper will vanish in contact with water. It's magic To finish the back of your hook, cut a long piece of threat. Use six trends. Make long run in stitches. Create a single states. Leave a space on. Repeat, take the threatens and pull them together together. The far right, not the print. Congratulations. Your hope is ready. I can't wait to see your creations. Remember to share them in the project gallery or your social media. Please check hopes and expectations and visit me on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you.