GIMP | Top 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How to Do

Christopher Navarre, Let's Leverage Life in Your Favor

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About This Class

The aim of this class is to help new GIMP users quickly learn how to recreate many useful effects in a condensed 25 minute session.

We're going to cover topics in this sequence.

1. Remove Background
2. How to Create Guides
3. How to Target Zones with Color Changes
4. Make a Selection from a Path
5. How to Remove Acne
6. How to Crop an Image
7. How to Brighten Up Colors in an Image
8. How to Add Shapes and Symbols (Arrows, etc)
9. Drop Shadow
10. How to Use Perspective to Put a label on an object / screen

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Very useful. Just what I wanted to know for some interior design rendering tasks.





Christopher Navarre

Let's Leverage Life in Your Favor

My philosophy in information technology and learning in general is that video learning is the best way to learn for yourself. I can provide the videos but it's up to you as my student to absorb and practice the information to become a more educated and skilled person.

If you want to get a taste of my approach to education and tutorial series, you can find me on my YouTube tutorial channel Chris' Tutorials.

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