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GIMP - 27 Design Projects for Graphic Designers, Business Owners & Freelancers

teacher avatar Chris P., GIMP, Photoshop, Photography + Lightroom

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

62 Lessons (7h 20m)
    • 1. What you're going to learn in this GIMP class

    • 2. Project 01: Create Your Brand Identity

    • 3. What Branding is and why it's important

    • 4. Create Your Brand Identity

    • 5. Branding Guide + Tips

    • 6. Project 2: Create a Logo

    • 7. Three Logo Options

    • 8. UPDATE: How To Recolor Pre-made Graphics 2.10+

    • 9. How to Edit the 92 Pre-made Logos Included - Part 1

    • 10. How to Edit the 92 Pre-made Logos Included - Part 2

    • 11. Create a Custom Logo - Part 1

    • 12. Create a Custom Logo - Part 2

    • 13. Create a Custom Logo - Part 3

    • 14. Project 03: Editing Intro

    • 15. Project 03: Edit Like a Pro

    • 16. Project 4: How To Remove Anything in GIMP

    • 17. Project 5: How To Change Colors

    • 18. Project 6: Change Skies

    • 19. Project 7: Cut Out Anything

    • 20. Project 8: Retouch Your Profile Pic

    • 21. Projects 9 - 11: Intro to creating your stationary

    • 22. Customize Premade Cards

    • 23. Project 9: Create Business Cards

    • 24. Project 10: Create Your Letterhead

    • 25. Intro + Why You Should Use Thank You Cards

    • 26. Project 11: Create Your Own Thank You Card

    • 27. Projects 12 - 16: Intro to Traditional Marketing

    • 28. Project 12: Create a Flyer Part 1

    • 29. Project 12: Create a Flyer Part 2

    • 30. Project 12: Create a Flyer Part 3

    • 31. Project 13: Create a Brochure Part 1

    • 32. Project 13: Create a Brochure Part 2

    • 33. Project 14: Convert Your Files to PDF (and why)

    • 34. Project 15: T-shirt Design Intro

    • 35. Project 15: Create a Branded T-Shirt Design

    • 36. Project 16: Place your finished t-shirt design on a product mock-up

    • 37. Project 17 - 24: Intro to online marketing

    • 38. Project 17 Part 1: Web Design 101

    • 39. Project 17 Part 2: Anatomy of a Website

    • 40. Project 17 Part 3: Header Part 1

    • 41. Project 17 Part 4: Header Part 2

    • 42. Project 17 Part 5: Hero

    • 43. Project 17 Part 6: Body Part 1

    • 44. Project 17 Part 7: Body Part 2

    • 45. Project 17 Part 8: Body Part 3

    • 46. Project 17 Part 9: Body Part 4

    • 47. Project 17 Part 10: Body Part 5

    • 48. Project 17 Part 11: Footer

    • 49. Project 18: Banners 101

    • 50. Project 18: Create a Custom Banner

    • 51. Project 19: Create a Badge

    • 52. Project 20: Create a Custom Ribbon

    • 53. Project 21: Create Animated GIF

    • 54. Project 22: Create a Favicon For Your Website

    • 55. Project 23: Customize Pre-made Collages

    • 56. Project 23: Create a Photo Collage

    • 57. Project 24: Infographics 101

    • 58. Project 24: Create an Infographic

    • 59. Projects 25 -27: Intro to marketing on social media platforms

    • 60. Project 25: Create a Custom Facebook Cover

    • 61. Project 26: Create a Custom Youtube Channel Cover

    • 62. Project 27: Create a Custom Youtube Video Thumbnail

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About This Class

27 GIMP 2.10 Projects for Graphic Designers and Busy Entrepreneurs + 547 GIMP Templates course! 

Although this course was designed for busy Entrepreneurs, you don't have to be one to benefit from this course.

Included, you'll find 27 GIMP projects that you can use for your business... right now!  

Plus, I've included 547 pre-made templates to help you get started even faster.  You'll even learn how to edit the pre-made GIMP templates to customize them for your own use.  Like, how to change colors, text, and more.

In addition to the free templates, you'll learn how to create your own custom graphics, logo, flyers, brochures and more.  

Regardless of your GIMP experience, you'll learn step-by-step how to create 27 different design projects.

Easily get started with GIMP by learning from a professional graphic designer.... I have 30 years experience in this field and will share all my pro GIMP tips.

Here is a complete list of all the GIMP design projects included in this course and what you'll learn in each...

  • Learn how to¬†develop your Brand Identity and how your Brand is different from your logo

  • Learn pro tips¬†on creating your own¬†logo in GIMP,¬†customizing¬†1 of the 92 included pre-made logos, and additional tips about getting a logo.

  • Learn how to retouch like a pro, in GIMP.¬† You'll learn how to remove blemishes, scars, and tan lines.¬† Then, I'll show you how to enhance eyes, whiten teeth and much more.¬† And a practice photo is included too.

  • Next, I'll show you how you can¬†remove anything in GIMP!¬† Practice photos included so you can apply what you learn with the same image used during the tutorial.

  • Now it's time to take what you've learned and apply it to your own profile/bio photo.¬†¬†

  • Have an image with a bland sky?¬† No problem, you'll learn how to¬†replace a boring sky with a new¬†set of clouds!

  • Love your profile image, but not the color of your outfit?¬† No problem, I'll show you¬†how easy it is to change a green shirt to a blue shirt¬†(or any color of your choice)¬†in GIMP! Oh, practice photo included too.

  • Taking your own product shots and need to place it on a pure white (or any color) background?¬† You'll learn how to cut out your products, directly in GIMP and place on a white background.

  • Ready for some business cards?¬† In this project, you'll either use one of the 75 pre-made templates included or custom create your own...¬† all in GIMP.¬† Plus,¬†Pro tips on how to setup your document,¬†within GIMP, to avoid common errors when submitting to a printer.¬† Plus, design tips too.

  • Let's not forget about your Letterhead. New design tips included in this project.

  • Next up, your Thank You card.¬† What?¬†¬†Why do you need one of those?¬† I'll let you know during this GIMP project.¬† This is based on my 30 years experience as an Entrepreneur myself.

  • It's time to start promoting your business with some custom made flyers.¬†¬†You'll learn how to create custom shapes, add text to a curve and much more!

  • Create a modern style brochure¬†to further promote your business. More GIMP design tips and more in this¬†design project.

  • Flyers and brochures can be expensive to print.¬† I'll show you¬†how to convert your documents into PDF files, directly from your GIMP files!

  • Interested in promoting your brand or custom designs and selling on t-shirts, mugs, etc..?¬† Then, you'll learn exactly how to do that with this T-Shirt design project.

  • Oh, and do you need to promote your new t-shirt designs on your website?¬† Then, this next GIMP project is for you... I'll show you how to take your t-shirt design (or any design) and add to a product mock-up... in other words, you'll display your artwork on a photo, with a person that is wearing a t-shirt and it will look like you've already printed up your shirts.¬† And you can change the color of the t-shirt too!¬† I'll show you how.

  • Have a design in mind for your website?¬† If so, you'll¬†learn how to create web designs in GIMP!

  • Now that your website is live, it's time to drive traffic to it.¬† Learn¬†how to create ad banners¬†to promote your website.

  • How about custom badges to promote your products/services?¬† You'll learn how to¬†create custom¬†badges¬†in this GIMP design project.¬† Plus,¬†you'll have access to download 80 pre-made badges/ribbons and over 100 graphic elements to customize¬†your own.

  • Another GIMP project to show you some new tricks.¬† Learn how to create a custom¬†pennant ribbon from scratch.

  • Take your banner ads to the next level¬†by creating animated GIF's.¬† These are definite attention getters and you'll learn how to create them in this GIMP project.

  • Take your website branding up a notch by creating¬†a Favicon for your site.¬† Not sure what it is?¬† You'll learn exactly what it is and how to create it in this GIMP design project.

  • Need to showcase your products/services with multiple photos?¬† How about learning¬†how to create photo collages?¬† You'll learn exactly that in this GIMP 2.10 project.¬† Use your new custom collages on your website or any social platform.¬† I'll show you how to create 1 document that can be used on any site.

  • Everyone is telling you that you need infographics to drive traffic back to your site.¬† Learn how to create one in this GIMP design project and additional pro resources are shared too.

  • Tired of uploading single images to your Facebook timeline cover?¬† Learn how to create your own custom covers to showcase your brand, products/services and more.¬† Plus, you'll¬†learn something new, in this GIMP project, we haven't discussed yet.¬† Let's also not forget about the¬†50+ Facebook timeline cover templates included¬†for instant download!¬†¬†

  • Have a Youtube channel?¬† Confused about what size to create¬†your channel art?¬† You'll¬†learn¬†how to create one document,¬†in GIMP, that will showcase your channel art on multiple devices; tablets, smartphones, computers, t.v., etc..

  • Finally, you'll learn why and how to add your Branding to your Youtube thumbnails.¬† Then, you'll take that knowledge to complete your 27th GIMP design project.

It doesn't matter if you're brand, spanking new to GIMP or if you're an advanced user.  Both beginner and advanced GIMP tutorials to help you get started quickly.

Oh, and if you're ever stuck, I'm here to answer your GIMP project questions too!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chris P.

GIMP, Photoshop, Photography + Lightroom


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8. UPDATE: How To Recolor Pre-made Graphics 2.10+: So the script that I mentioned, an upcoming tutorials is no longer available for download. And it doesn't even work in Gimp to 10 or newer, even if you could download it. But I did provide a link to download the script if you're using Gamma 2.8 or older. And you can find that link in the previous tutorial. So we can't use that script to color our pre-made graphics. So I want to show you how to do that in GIMP 210 or newer, so that you can customize your branding colors on these pre-made graphics. So I have my logo here open that's included with this class. And I have the frame selected in the layers panel. So to add color to the frame, we're going to go up two colors. Colorize. And now we have a color applied to the frame based on the color and this color box. But you may have noticed that this color is brighter than this one. And that's because the graphic that we started with is a dark black color. And we're trying to colorize it and it ends up being darker. So what we can do is we can adjust the lightness slider here to the right to make it brighter to try and match that color right here. Now if you click on this color box, you have your color picker window here where you can choose your colors according to your own personal preference. You also have the option to type in a hexadecimal number if you know the exact code of the color you want to use. The only problem is it's not going to transfer that exact color to your graphic because of the way that it's colorizing the graphic. So you have to use the lightness slider to try and get the color to match your brand. So this is the best option that we have at this time until the GIMP developers give us a tool to colorize and apply color overlays that will be more precise versus colorizing the layer. You may also want to adjust the saturation here to try and match your color brand as well. And you can also use the hue slider here to change the color, to find the color that you want for your graphics.