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teacher avatar Chinonso Charles, Keep on learning

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)

    • 2. EASY MODE PART 1

    • 3. EASY MODE PART 2


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About This Class

This class tend to help individuals to know and make use of a perfect video editing software known as Filmora

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Chinonso Charles

Keep on learning



I'm Charles. I've been an enterprenuer and i love to discover skills that help peoples live and also to help pass on my knowledge to peeople who might need them.

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1. INTRODUCTION TO FILMORA A VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE: Hello and welcome to the clients on how to use tomorrow. Summarize The Windows software helps in its in your teams. It allows it. It's off your video on your audio. On off course. It adds stakes to your teams, and it also has in some futures. That's how simplifying your videos to carry shorts is gives beat video the best quality you can think off. We know in this class we are green suit. Look at the contents off piece software on how we can use it in our video. Don't forget completing reports into gets the date in this class. Thank you. 2. EASY MODE PART 1: Hello. I would like to welcome you back to the class on how to use tomorrow for you video, etc. So, you know, I last class. We talked about some of the futures off the software. So in this class, we're going to recut the contents of the software, how it's gonna be used for your video, anything. So I told you to sit back on land, completing our lounge. With this off to it, It's actually sweet share, and it's going to help you, then One of two things. So here we have the mood on the through future mood Easy More actually helps in making your teams in a very quick why do? For future Moody has all the necessary equipments for making you feelings. So we're going to look at the easy moved so you can see Daisy mode. There are a few options that they thought So Here's the ad media, which allows you to import a movie in which you want to eat eat. It's used to bring in your movie into you should. So after the edition of the fire up the Asian off, your movie gonna select the image movie once. So here we have some varieties off teams see Jellicle from the Internet, but that means it's the simple one here inputs that's actually defied our figure into four segments. 3. EASY MODE PART 2: So after selecting your team, you have to select music which were in the background of the fembots. Dizzy. So that's a variety off music's. Yeah, but I prefer this one, but we can also your music from your PC by clicking the ad My music linked. Do you think it's your piece we can your room music? So after that's we re fut previewed the already made Did Did did you? So here it's gonna bring together all the modifications have done to you video and can you ? So it's actually takes a retention, but so fast it'll after Daddy movie has been previewed place. I'm option here, which is the opening tight. So so you can't change your mutates, who from here that is attentive that come before the movie starts. And also you can also Ginger Cruz in 10 60. That's what we call after the end off your movie. So let's see how movies. So this is what's going to wait for the end of the movie going to seem so by city. You bring in your meditate movie to your PC other city. You can see a variety off for markets in which you can see if your feed you, but there's living that's in people that you export its Let's put it to you documents. So thank you, Fortune. Today's episode off one can tweets if you more our software saying on this class, we're going to look at the future mood, how we can use it in it seemed. How often do is think? 4. FULL FEATURE MODE 1: welcome back to the class on how to use him are for your video is easy. In our last class, we talked about thes e mood and how it's going to be used for recreation off movie quickly . So in this class, we're going to talk about food. Future mood, which is the model, contains all the necessary and the complete option for getting your videos on the foofie. Jim would also has a complicated screen turned out of the simple more. Yeah, it's the full freedom or screen. Here we have the imports, which is to import if I directly from your PC and also from Internet because you can see Facebook on instagram, they also. So here is the recording option. According option. It means that you come record your screen where you can record your voice, and you can also record for Webcam. So here is not super. That's is the please the contents Genesis reap options for for my senior video. Yes, the media, which is the option that allows you to at your video to the sheets that is the way to work . So we do everything. So let's do this. Got options here. That's become opiates, so the 1st 1 is still on, which is to make previews you have already done before. Two big bucket modification. That's maybe something I want to take dealing. So by clicking this person to think that puts hear clicking in the school it's has bean I can do is do what's in again bringing the video back, which means so this is Adoptions Bar. That's also contains the option that I'm not in the super you can see. This is for from arsenic video. You can see the contrast the price nous on other options if he threat to G in music, you also see or almost related to music. So, yes, these pleats both thing, which means to courts if you do institute, so to do that, you have to place your handler, Uran Loach's This have to please the unload to the point in which you want to court, and then by clicking this plate 14 you can see the we do has known being caught into de now behave like separate entities, so the delete protein also allows you to delete a pushem off. If you do that, you don't want to get so I d leads one parts of the video. You have to select the portion in which you want to delete. So let's delete this one. He selected you click deletes, and if you do, we'll go likely can be on do. But in its comes back. So that's it from the Leeds, then this one is known as the crop. Forcing the chrome puts in is the 14 that allows you to take outs a part off. You feed you that you're the only ones game you can either group. You can cold facts. Connie. You can grow up centrally. That's his groping in from both at the same time. So does his form Corp in your you then or don't want years miners the flush and who which flushes last moments, read the unlaced tweeted. It flushes points as a picture, but this is also known as the power suit. This is called Depart. It also contains a variety off options, which also content indeed, super so that's it for parts. So from ad my music from here, you can add your music from your PC. You can also download from the nets which options are there, so yeah, in case I didn't. It takes what is up with fight takes, which you can download directly from the Internet. And this is not a state over lease, which also us fight it. Days beautifies. Do you do? I hope he Selves are less less. We're going to cut the remaining options here. Don't forget to leave your refuse. Thank you very much.