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teacher avatar Ser B., Hello

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. INTRO





    • 6. RAGNAR

    • 7. RAGNAR P2

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About This Class

If you like design and geometry, you’re gonna love these classes. They will
give you knowledge of geometric drawing that will be done through the
vector graphics editor, Abobe Illustrator.
The first classes are dedicated to know mainly the software Adobe Illustrator,
and the minimum tools that we will use to develop the project.
In these classes we will carefully make two geometric drawings figures, step
by step, and understanding slowly each of the steps to perform its entire
Then We will see how to combine and use colors, geometric compositions,
painting techniques, and how to complement this with its environment,
among other things.
if you like these types of drawings and make geometric figures, join and you
will see that it is a very simple technique and with great results.
The only material that we are going to use are: Adobe Illustrator


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Ser B.



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1. INTRO: Well contrary really do UI design and the human tune quiet. I don't speak of technical drawing. So yes guide Dan Du Shu, they'll close this video yet because ensure that washing these classes, you will fascinate to use tools like Israel and get create new February current, we will see geometric painting techniques such as complementing colors, geometry, compositions. Well, an adult to left VCs to Nicholas, garbage was started. 2. GEOMETRIC LINES: Well, let's start the first class of this period in years term. First, we go to find TO create a new file in which we are going to work. You can choose the one you prefer, because for now, it's just a simple practice. So I choose this one. Now that we are inside this table, we will see the tools that we are going to use, which aren't going to be many to realize this project. We'll also use that shown, such as the core indecision called Color. And the lawyers that we lowered. The tools that we are going to use, mark of two will be the parents. We did. We will perform travels. I am you friend geometry. We always have to remember that wherever we want to call or move an element before we have to sell it. We erase these and we will make a treble Useem deep. If we breast in the sheaf, we will see that the line becomes by. Also with the help of that purple line, we can make an equilateral triangle. We present v to stop Saladin double, and we already have heat. As you see, J are very simple. Now we can assess the white arrow or directory versus a. If we sell it with it, this part of the tree humbled and we'll get to this point. We see at day apparent to paragraph two solids with what we can put the carbonyl of angle and with the author right? In another way from these Franco, we can also run each side of the triangle. We press again V01. The ones we see this. We are going to color our Tiago to DDS. We select it again. We can also select by Toshiba, it's halite. And we look at these truths queries. This is for defiling disease for the contour. Two chain color, we'll leave that as query above the freeList score on solid occur. Good that the contour is too small. I am going to integrate it. If we want to paint the fail with solid hour tangle that came tame will rate near field is core and we good, are ready salad the column we want. I want keep this blue, but the outlier isn't going to be useful to me to remove it isolated tribal and will go up. The Olin is Corey and I fix in there three is mod squares that are a little lower, differ is for coloring. The second Easton degraded, we will use the thirst, that is to delete the colour. And in this case the field. We already have our counter channel. If we want to increase the channel facility. And from this corner we come in grade is however we want. But if we want to keep the same ratio, we must keep pressing Shift. So it who bid without give. And so we shift. This is important to have clear for later make OR symmetric DO when. Now we will make a very simple drawing to better understand these program. If we are going to drought something and we just want to make a day outlined, it is better to remove the feeling. We do so we spin and we go there. I may carry tangle, meet with shift. It's super important. How wet clothes, our inventory fingers. So we, you need our left point with the first one we may. I am going to build on very simple three. Let's sell it. It tried to paint in brown. We present dream to stop 70. And we continue to do the same with the rest of the tree. And the feel. What here, if you want the trunk to be ahead, we can select our trunk. And in layer we changed it physician, taking care of the Trump hub world. I am going to leave it as it was, to explain it differently. It will be shortcuts that will help us to be faster. We sell it as a trolley and pressed contour and x. It is gone. But don't panic that if we press control and f, And we haven't adding in front, if instead of lean front, we want it behind. We select different. We press contrasts and x and damn contracts and bring you to dance time behind on the user. And we leave it as before, I let, it's better. And so far the first-class there waiting for you to the next class. 3. BUILDING SIMPLES FIGURES: We are here again. Before making a more complicated program, we are going to do something simple. So we adapt to the program. The first thing we are going to do is Hubel and major acts and we went through, in my case, would be that box. To start drawing, we are going to layers and we are going to create a new layer. In this one, we will start a web. But one layer will be to manage way or the other will be our enter away. Keep in mind that the major, when we select it, so to a body it would block the layer where it is. Pressing the button. Ok, I go. Are you ready? So we Brisbane. We'll drop the bugs. And you may wonder why in detail today are lagged. The interior is being coloring. So with these, because we have the thin box at weight in color. So we remove it and we are going to call up the lane. We continue to draw it. Remember that we must complex clothes, geometry element and we make, that's right. We match the pint. We already have two bucks. Now, if you want an even different layer, we will make this shadows. And for the schoolwork, Get Player of the box to move, we left the bar of the space and with light where we want. Now only the above-ground would be missing. So we do the procedure before. We use shift for striped lines. Let's paint the background. So we sell it what we want to paint. And now we pipe. We select the color with one front. We don't have to go here. Then we get b to the senate. We put down the background color that we don't need. Now. We do the professor again. We said, Dang, hi, I'll choose the color. We do the same practice again. And until coloring our entire box. If we have problem like the one we think, we just have to press on the harrow are on aid. And click on the point we want to change. And we give it here to my landlocked strike. If we remove the message from behind, we see how we have recreated Howard Hawks less, Go for the last day challenge to make it easier for us to block the layer that mother has. I'm focused on calorie in the shallow female disguised. How did you see it? So this is the manage and I wonder we did simple practice is very good for health. So for the next class, where we will let an up and make a drawing only weak triangles. See you soon. 4. POLYGONAL DOG: There's a new row in disc will be more complex than the previous one, and we will do it only front channels. You can take the making DuPont. In my gaze. If optimum for this puppy, I have adjusted dimension indifferent or because I am only interested in growing the head. So the first thing we are going to do is log the image and create a new layer. Let us start growing. They're aligned with B will make triangles that complement each other and build the image as a mosaic. So what I means is to try to inform the anatomy. But intermediary bu, we must give rhythm today. When we tangled. We must not put random triangles. So for example, in the ice respect us, you got right on with our channel. With the band, we deduct five. And at first, if you like, I spider web with which we must build IQ shape. Here I see at the friend tonight. So I technique the separation of tonality will help us to shake our drawings. With the shape of the contour. You can see the layers, how it shaped the skyline. We had to take into account the different dance science. Triangles represent shapes. In this case, the shapes are wrinkles of the duck face. Thank you, tied to decide which shape of triangle. Joy kind to put. It is good to see that day dragging is having a vinyl and Armani, but each one work alone. Sometimes we can find the prime leg day one thing we see, we are ready now that these come to be solved by pressing a, we sell it the point we are going to move and we put it as new wanting. We can move forward. 5. POLYGONAL DOG P2: Was we have Dane dogs contour. We will start coloring it. Mk is, I have done it in different layers, but you can do it only in the same way if you want. What do you think of their control? Now let's go with the coolest part that is painted our joy genome with select a triangle, we press i. We have to have the field is quite turbulent. And we select the color in this triangle is not yet. Appreciate t. Let's do it. We another table with their current time. So we select the we press i and we choose our color. And doing it. It is part tend to peak the color that best represent the jumble wind salad. We may have a problem when it comes into not being able to sell it at traveled because it is below the outers to do this cylinder around. Press Control and X, then press control. And once this was done with hooked blade that YAML adaptable. And we could assess day one. We want it to be formed. Let finish it up. Counter minus Able to get away a little bit and we will reflect and current. Some dumps are era that we see. Once confer with the result, we work on the background. We are going to use this tool to adjust the signs we want. If we press Alt, we can delineate both sides of the format. If we want a larger format from any corner, we increase it and use old shift. We can keep the proportion while increasing it. For the background I have made, I score on, do you think I will address it better? There we have it. This could be the finite dissolute. Do you like it? Now? You must show me, you'd know it. Surely there will be great. Bye-bye. We will see in the next class. 6. RAGNAR: Hi guys. We are already into nucleus. Where have we will make our last and best throwing. So for this one, we are going to do something more complex like apartheid. We opened a portraits, we are going to draw in case I choose R1 now from the Vikings theories. So if we have the major English, another farmer with a get and get it to the main format where we will work. Has Chu already known shift to not Shane taper, bushes of damage. And we live here, D mage, who's in this diagonal composition that will enrich our drawing. We can set the image layer at a new layer and Jody out time. Now, let's look very carefully at the prototypes that we are going to make. They study its anatomy. Understanding contrasts that these face offer as we have to keep in mind the position of life like these, which will we, the queries, geometry, shapes of this. It took a few minutes and when you see it clear, we start we press B or we heated gear and we were there. And my guess I will start, Tanner is carried down by the ice. For throwing. In addition to triangles, we will use whole kinds of geometry shapes. So we can get more out of the facial features. I guess you are not seemed the dough outline. And does anyone know why a segue? Because we must activate this choir of our land and give it a color. So we look well at the towns 14 side of their mouth. To have a single color doesn't need to make as many tangle or geometric shapes. So goes our Mickey mentioned jelly. Let's go for the hair. Okay. Here we will make Roombas, shapes. That will be an important focus of lead for our enjoyed. When the light comes from above, they are lighter part of late in the hour enjoying should be on the forehead. For this week, we are going to use larger geometric shapes. Why? Because in the phase we are going to make more detailed and this we will get into Widmark with geometric shapes. In this way, the phase of the current at greedier, important than he's dressed. It is the same thing that we have done with his hair. My putting their larger tumbles wildly in his look, there is mother, again, greater number. Therefore, this grabbed ever more derivation of the beers tend. When we make an illustration, we met give greater importance to one of its part, to great Armani, the whole common, there's not much left to finish the contour. These waves will be dealt like guys, what do you think? Don't worry about these because any nine go out for our format today. It's one show, it. 7. RAGNAR P2: We container. Now we go to the last process TO fill our drawing we color for destroy him. We are going to make us must change. If we look at the color of damage, we acquire a quite dark time and with high contrast Tat wants help us. So we are going to press how a layer where it remains. And we are going to trust prions, which we can also find in window. We are going to put it in 19 or shunt Marlin's. So I went to my age will be more trust find. We look the layer again and now we are coloring. If we look at how it is, add i to time, that we be more aesthetically beta. From our illustration. We are looking for a k that summarize the contents. We our skeleton. If for example we have this color and we want to change it, click on the feeds current. Here we can see the color we have right now. And here we see the one we have changed. So from here, we will sell it a color we prefer to put. We play with contrast and tried to differentiate between each imagery shape. This better be darker. Okay. How do you see it? I see it almost finish. A we change some dance and really we have agility, we are ready, heavy. Finally, I advise you to add a simple background that we stick with this one time and normal green but Brown. And I've had the dislike of Django. And darker one hover here is to highlight this color, why this later it to compliment it with the color of the dress heartily, as long as we have their tongues, It is to put a lighter background may hide it if we want to highlight how our current. So the dissolved friends. I hope you enjoyed this project. I leave you my compass to show me, do Darwin's. I had to evaluate and see you soon.