GBCI Bootcamp: LEED, WELL, ARC, SITES, PEER, Parksmart and TRUE - LEED 1.50 CE Hours | Karim Elnabawy | Skillshare

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GBCI Bootcamp: LEED, WELL, ARC, SITES, PEER, Parksmart and TRUE - LEED 1.50 CE Hours

teacher avatar Karim Elnabawy, Sustainability Consultant |USGBC Faculty

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 57m)
    • 1. Ch1 | 01 Introduction and Overview

    • 2. Ch2 | 01 LEED Rating System

    • 3. Ch2 | 02 ARC

    • 4. Ch2 | 03 Beyond LEED

    • 5. Ch2 | 04 Well Building Standard

    • 6. CH02 | 05 The Sustainable Sites Initiatives | SITES

    • 7. Ch02 | 06 Parksmart

    • 8. CH02 | 07 TRUE Zero Waste Program

    • 9. CO GBCI CH2 08

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About This Class

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Course name: GBCI Bootcamp: Overview of Green Business Certifications and Programs

GBCI Course ID: 920016721

Course level: Intermediate

GBCI CE (Continuing Education) hours:  1.5 hours

This workshop provide LEED practitioners, project teams, service providers, and developers an overview of the expanding suite of tools offered by the Green Business Certification Inc.  Learn about the tools for market transformation: LEED, Arc, WELL, Sustainable Sites Initiative, PEER, Parksmart, TRUE, GRESB, and LEED for Cities. Receive an overview on each of the green building offerings that builds upon your knowledge of LEED. Discover how to tools and resources for advancing green buildings, communities and cities as part of your green business strategy. No matter the type, size, scope, or life-cycle phase of your project, GBCI has a system than can work for you.

Course certificate might be needed if there is an audit from GBCI.

Course Objectives

• Review the value of LEED.

• Identify ways that new GBCI tools, resources and offerings address the components necessary for healthy buildings, cities, and communities.

• Recognize the Arc platform as a value add to LEED v4 projects and your green services of validated building performance.

• Compare LEED v4 credits and synergies with other green building systems.

General notes:

  • The course is provided by karim elnabawy - GBERA "Green Building Education and Research Academy" and it took a huge amount of time and effort to be developed in a way that will allow students benefit from them. The course is not allowed to be distributed outside

  • Screenshots and downloading videos is not allowed.

  • GBERA is not affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council®  or Green Business Certification Inc.™ and does not administer the LEED AP® /LEED®  Green Associate™ program. USGBC and GBCI do not endorse or recommend the products or services offered by GBERA. 

  • LEED AP® and the LEED AP logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are used with permission.

  • LEED® Green Associate™ and the LEED Green Associate logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are used with permission.

  • Copyright © 2018 U.S. Green Building Council   

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karim Elnabawy

Sustainability Consultant |USGBC Faculty


Karim Elnabawy, Award-Winning Principal Architect registered as Intl. Assoc. AIA, Sustainability Consultant, USGBC Faculty, and Professional Instructor - Founder of GBERA green building initiative, Co-Founder and director of Mekano Studio for architecture and design, and Co-founder of Architects' Life Initiative.

With over 10 years of experience, he has wide field experience in sustainable design and construction where he has led sustainable development in many projects including Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. He has received many awards for architecture and sustainable design excellence from USA, Italy, Greece, Emirates, India, and Egypt. In 2017, he was shortlisted for the rising star of the year in the ... See full profile

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1. Ch1 | 01 Introduction and Overview: Hi everyone. Welcome toe GBC Aiport Camp Course overview of green business certifications and programs. In this course, we will investigate G B C I programs and certification programs that relates to green business and sustainability in the built environment. This workshop will provide lead practitioners, project teams, service providers and developers and overviews expanding suit off tools offered by the Green Business Certification Inc. Learn about the tools for market transformation. Lead arc Will rating system Sustainable Science initiatives Pier Park Smart True Juries be edge and lead for cities. Receive an overview on each of the green building offerings that builds upon your knowledge of fleet. Discover the tools and resource is for advancing green buildings, communities and cities as part of your green business strategy. No matter is a type size, scope or lifecycle face of your project. G B C. I has a system that can work for you. This course has been registered with G B C. I for CE hours. Any individual who takes this course can report 1.5 C hours toward their lead continuing education hours. You can use this course for lead specific, see eat words, lead Green associate to used the same information included here on this light, and you can get the G B C. I. Course I d from the main course Landing Beach. We will be investigating the following topics, and we will give you a brief about each certification program in a short length video. We will start with a small introduction overview. Then we will discuss lead rating system arc beyond lead Will building standard sites version to reading system book Smart, True zero Waste Pierre other programs and wrapping up step by step for submitting CE hours and bonus lecture, introduction and overview. Chapter one Lecture one. Learning Objectives Reviews a value of fleet. Identify ways that G B C I offerings Address the components necessary for healthy buildings , cities and communities. Recognized the Ark bathroom as a value added to leave version for products and your green services validated building performance. Comparing lead vision for credits and synergies with other green building systems. Target audience. LEED and green building professionals, Current lead users and project team members, other green building and sustainability professionals and anyone interested in green building and sustainability. The mission of use G B. C is green building for everyone within the generation. Sustainability is not a one time treatment or product. It's that green building is a process that obliged to buildings, their sights, their interiors, the reparations on the communities in which they are situated. The process of green building flows throughout the entire life cycle of the product beginning and the inception of a project idea and continue seamlessly until the broader creature the end of its life and its ports are recycled or reused. The U S E b A. Say that green building refers to both the structure and the using of processes that environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout the building's lifecycle from sitting to design, construction operations, maintenance, renovation and demolition. Green building features and benefits, energy and water efficient generates less carbon emissions in rates, less waste uses environmental friendly materials and healthier to live and work. Henderson. Worse than describe years G B. C's vision for the world touching every aspect of the built environment at all scales. It's safe, healthy, inclusive, smart, productive, efficient, equitable, sustainable, responsive and resilience. We started with leads. Your G B C now is more than just lead shifting our focus to performance and building a robust platform that will measure performance across all key performance indicators for the built environment Partnership with the new leadership, we will show you how this is happening at use GC and GC I and the next video we will talk about LEED rating system and we will give you a brief introduction to know more about it. Thank you for listening and CNN's and expiry you. 2. Ch2 | 01 LEED Rating System: Hi, everyone. Welcome to your second video in G B C. I put camp course overview of green business certifications and programs In the previous video, we gave an overview of the course in a smooth introduction. In this video, we will investigate the lead rating system LEED Rating System chapters to lecture one. Let's start with our flagship rating system Lead rating system as you like. They already know lead is a leadership standards for Green Building leads her to fight buildings. Demonstrate an exemplary low energy and environmental performance. Lead has been USG BC's primary tool for market transformation. As a result, we have seen a fundamental shift in the way the buildings are designed, built and operated around the world. Courts and standard have been upgraded to be more efficient, healthy and green Products and services have also been transformed to support green building demand. More than 92,000 total aid. Commercial projects compromising or over 19.3 billion square feet of construction space. 2.2 million square feet. Certifies to lead each day. Use GPC is a global organization and lead this global. There are more than 167 countries, was lead projects outside of the U. S. The top countries include China, Canada, India, Brazil and Germany. By 2018 Green Construction will account for more than 3.3 million years jobs more than 1/3 of the entire U. S. Construction sector and generate more than 190 billion in labor airings. The industry's direct contribution to U. S gross domestic product is also expected to reach 303.5 billion from 2015 in 2018. As we have said before, there are many benefits off lead and green buildings can make you save money, consume less energy, use less water, use fewer resources and have a better indoor environmental quality. You can imagine for every $1 saved and operating expenses, there are increases in property value by $10. The value off leaders high lead building owners report reduced creating coasts from 30 to 40%. Savings on energy and water, lower employee absenteeism and turnover. Higher resale value. Less time on the market. Faster lease of rates such as 20% above the average command rates as much as 10% above market value. Reduced risk in addition littered five buildings have also around 34% lower. Sciutto emissions consume 25% less energy, consumes 11% less water and have diverted Moore's more than 80 million tons of waste from landfills. Evolution if Leeds lead continues to Evolve In 1998 when lead visual one was released the Focus Wars on Strategy Bit rating system. When Lead Vision 2009 came out, it included analytically waited credits with the currently vision for the Focuses, outcome oriented and now, with lead version 4.1 in better, the focus is performance based. And as lead has evolved, so have basic building codes and practices, which means that we have to continue to raise bar to drive those outcomes. We have lead system goals. The version four system goals are intended to do things that we want lead projects to be good at. Instead of thinking about reducing the negative impact associated with the consumption for order or the conversion of order, we want buildings to actually think about protecting and restoring water Resource is not just doing what's bad. In addition to shifting from a duelist harm toe, a do more good mindset lead, expanded the scope off its goals to truly encompass a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit highlighted and enhances the lead vision for issues related to human health and issues related to community quality of life. These are things that some off you may not be familiar with, but if you haven't reviewed the division for, but it's very important that these are now part of our rating system. Lead years is a process to assign the highest values to credits that will have the greatest impact. Lead. Version four provides product teams with the most efficient map of environmental Good Bye Pereira tiding The credits worth off most points teams will be applying the strategies that will result in higher performing buildings. From the standpoint of how this influence is, a product team established prioritization of credits and how they actually change the way product teams act since certain credits with so many points that they are difficult, ignored and still achieve LEED platinum It's virtually impossible and likely inherently economically irrational not to get a good score in the energy efficiency category and to be elite Latin Project. What they are trying to do is to make sure that they prioritized the right things with the credit ratings on. By doing so, they're making sure that product teams focus on the right credits on right order. Toe makes my the outcomes of the gold of the lead rating system. Here are lead version four system ghouls Reduced contribution to global climate change. Enhance individual human health, Protect and restore water resource. Is protect and enhanced biodiversity and ecosystem services. Promote sustainable and regenerated material cycles. Build the green economy. Enhance community quality off life. Lead is based on credit. CAT agrees with pre rica's it's required and credits option. The six main categories are location and transportation, sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere materials and resource is indoor environmental quality At its core, the lead vision for program builds from the foundation and alignment of the previous version. Lead version 2009. It focuses on increased technical rigor and creative process and improved user experience. Lead version four has improved in terms of increased thinker rigor in the effort to better tie the rating system to improve environmental outcomes. This has manifested itself in increase performance thresholds found throughout the rating system. This also means an increased emphasis and measurement and performance that you cannot manage what you don't measure. You will never be able to truly measure your buildings performance if you aren't measuring what went into the materials and the building systems. Emphasizing and integrated process helps project to take an integrated approach toe Roddick management and get the most out of fleet by starting key processes early in the project. Planning Lead vision for rewards A more integrated approach to product management. There's even an in credit for integrative approach. It highlights the importance of starting early and making sure the whole team is working towards common goals. It's also more about improved user experience. US GVC wants to be able to apply rating system that is intended to be flexible and rigorous . At the same time, they looked at how to ensure consistent product reviews, improving the usability of the lead online forms by making a flying calculators available and streamlining the documentation by reducing the total number of forms that need to be put together and expanding the use of things like the license and professionals. They also worked on finding ways to enhance the communication between Project teams and reviewers and provide more flexibility. Green Building and lead is most successful when it include an integrative process. If we look at the definition of integrated process, you can read throughout this. There are three key words in here. If we look at it rated really defined as repeating, the next word that you see is collaborative and thats working together. It's a kind of prohibitively working together. The other thing that this definition has is it speaks to the time line. It's not just in the beginning or at the end of the construction. It actually continues toe the whole operation, and it includes operations and maintenance occupancy off the building. If you look at this integrated process, we are looking at it across the entire building process. This is both across the planet and people you'll see here. There is actually an improvement across a variety of they mentions regarding the environment site, war, energy, materials, all these times of things. You'll see improvements across various people throughout the process of the building, whether the design team or construction team or even the occupants. When understanding this concept, it's important to understand the difference between integrated process and integrative process terminology is really important when we are looking at the new version off lead and just where sustainability is hit it. This terminology between integrated and integrative will be very important. Integrated implies that something has an end to, but it's past tense. But in the greatest is iterated ongoing process where you can evolve things to something that is higher level and more refined. There are a variety of ways in which lead version for more applicable across the globe. Late version for built upon the lead version to sow the nine global alternative compliance baths and focus on providing global consistency for projects throughout integrated universal language. It includes international standards and recognizing local solutions. Supporting tools and resource is address the specific issues for projects outside the US throughout the reference guides and lead online. All calculations and examples and data are are imposed International system of units and imperial system. Lead version for is a baseline upon which regionally specific solutions can be developed. In collaboration with the late international round people. Lead started with largely offices and then moved to educational buildings. Then they started to see what they call partial scale projects like the split between Karan show and interior design and construction. They also so existing buildings, operations and maintenance applying to different time of projects residential on health care. Then they also saw specific countries have their own rating systems. What you're seeing now who is switching back toe? Only one rating system that includes adaptations for things like schools, health care, retail as of bones to separate rating systems. This alignment its fundamental toe, making it more much user friendly rating system. A strong emphasis was placed on rating system alignment. Alignment means there's connections amongst all of the rating systems. Since the rating systems were originally developed a different times. Not all the requirements between them were aligned before, both within the rating system and between adaptations. The credits have been increasingly aligned, but there are differences where there will be a need for specific product times the benefit to project teams that the understanding and working on one project type can make it easier to apply lead to a different project types. You don't need to learn a new rating system home new rating system, since most of the credits are now similar across the product types. Our world is evolving. One of the whole marks plead is continuous improvement. With each new version lead raises apart to increase the impact on our built environment, U S G B C has also been working to ensure that lead not only meets different markets where they are, but also that rating system accelerates the speed with which the market moves today. Laid Vision for is the most rigorous green building rating system in the world from improving energy performance toe emphasizing human health and integrated building design well, it is encouraging project teams to operate beyond the status. Que lead version 4.1 is not a full version change, but rather an incremental date to lead rating systems. The version 4.1 will be our most inclusive and transparent platform to date. Lead version for is bigger, stronger and bolder. It's bigger because leavers and four point twenties for all its more inclusive and allows products to earn lead points throughout building performance, monitoring, scoring and athletics. Powered by arc, stronger late version 4.1 continues to drive performance. In fact, performance outcomes are fully integrated and to lead version 4.1 so that you can measure performance on going basis. It's Boulder. Lessons learned from both of the market using version 4.1 on over the last 20 years have let to take a deeper look on existing buildings, residential projects and cities to develop unique solutions that address unique markets. It's old in one lead, version 4.1 will deliver new methodologies for measuring building performance by working with and supporting projects to track energy, water, waste transportation and endure environmental quality. A symbol data driven bath to LEED certification for existing buildings. Making it accessible to more projects than any other version. Off lead rating system. Updated references, materials and performance requirements to ensure that lead remains the global leader in green building. The lead system goals have always prioritised, reversing contribution to global climate change and the way we have prioritised that in lead version 4.1. For existing buildings, it's a rating system is designed to reward energy efficiency and Green House gas emissions reductions. This is the first time lead is using a greenhouse gas Metric Toe award certification in the energy and transportation categories. Lead version 4.1 Will address market barriers and listen Learn from lead version for project teams. Simplify requirements that are confusing to project teams. Update. Requirements to produce intended goals and outcomes. Make beauty Bless. Seem more accessible to divers. Building projects. Update. Performance requirements to ensure lead. Remained the global leadership standard for green buildings by updating reference of materials and standards. Toe advance. Sustainable transformation of the built environment. Incorporating successful Pillot credit strategies into credit requirements. Expanding the marketplace for lead by aligning requirements across design and construction and existing building rating systems after initial building certification. Provide a streamlined pathway for ongoing data. Driving performance certification. Empowering teams to track and assess holistic building performance against targets established during project design. Incorporate additional international compliance baths and reference of materials. A line requirements with other G b c i rating. System like sites. Burke Smart Pierre Well, we're possible Lead Vision 4.1 for existing building operations and maintenance is first program in Better UGC is evolving lead vision for Toby, a data driven rating system that incorporates both the strategies and performance and is accessible to diverse existing building projects. With lead Vision 4.1, we are advancing these goals further than ever before. Sustainability performance is at the core of everything in late version 4.1. The Read system goals have always prioritised, reversing contribution to global climate change and the way that is reflected in lead. Version 4.1 is toe based. The energy score Rewarding energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reductions with lead version 4.1. Hopeless Um, certification is based on measurable outcomes through a performance score. Lead version 4.1 gives more weight to credit requirements that are directly measurable by a project. 90 off the 100 total points are allocated to the prerequisites that have a calculated performance score based on actual building data. The remaining 10 points were distributed across the remaining credits, with equal weight off one point each rating system of dates and a great performance. Streamline prerequisites for energy water. Enduring quality on basic policies like site for chasing and smoking, adding international standards as appropriate. Linking each strategy to the performance indicator, it improves. Adopt language to a blind oh, placenta interiors of spaces. In the next video, we will talk about Arc and we will give you a brief introduction and will make you know more about it. Thank you for listening and soon's Annex video 3. Ch2 | 02 ARC: Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new video in GPC. I put camp course overview of green business certifications and programs. In the previous video, we gave an overview off lead rating system. In this video, we will talk about Arc, our chapter to lecture to arc old buildings in ah, high performing green building is not just about implementing strategies, but also monitoring and the outcomes and earn back throughout. The actual performance data is a new natural resource. Ark is a tool that allows any building to monitor its performance. It is not a rating system. It's not a noon certification or a program. It's just on online tool that can support all off us. GVC GVC eyes programs. We live in a digital age, and we need to embrace technology to move faster. Arc uses technology to help us move forward, leveraging, acknowledging to get us a leap frog ahead. All buildings, communities, cities, old rating system standards, protocols, old data technology, people all certifications. All are in one place. Ark Ark. Is a building performance, monitoring and scoring Platt, for it can track life building performance score. It's a tool for earning LEED certification. It's a global benchmarking tool was arc. We can't be all buildings in any building can trek and improve its performance, whether it's seeking certification or not. Building owners and managers who commit toe incremental, ongoing improvements in operations will shape a more livable, resource efficient and fiscally responsible built environment for generations, Arc offers a way to make their jobs easier and more impactful. Art is a tool to bring it all together and allow us to expand our green building performance tools compare manage, bench more performance. There's a value for building owner operators perspective to benchmark their portfolio at in a Final leaders laggards. There's also a value from service provider perspective toe benchmark, the projects they have working on. Like the projects rebuilding projects cools performance right. Eight benchmarks related to their work. Our qtrax performance in five areas in energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience. There is a 0 to 100 scores for each category, which are then weighted to reflect the contribution each cat green makes toe leads ghouls. Here is a list off required data broken down by each category, energy used water use, quantity of waste generated and diverted transportation, mood and distance or Cuban satisfaction. Interior carbon dioxide levels. Interior volatile organic. About levels. Different options for project teams, depending on each data point. Generally speaking, teams can enter Salaita manually or use a building automation system and connected directly . Or they can even a blow that excel fine with data. Integrate the energy store portfolio manager with work, or they can use surveys on surveys can be embedded directly in the platter. Art is a tool that will let us manage the data for all these rating systems and programs. Lead Rating System Will rating system Pierre Jarious Be sites Edge Park Smart zero waste and I see getting it started Edward Producto Arc and start tracking your performance. All projects with a leader to fight or not can also use our platform to measure and communicate portfolio level sustainability performance Administrators off lead registered project can immediately look into arc at no cost and begin to measure the projects. Performance. Administrators of products that are not registered can look in. Pay a fee to access arc platform on, then enter your products information. Sign up by email to receive updates. Watch the videos and online education available, ARC website and education on us. GVC We came to the end of the video In the next video, we will talk about beyond lead topic. See you in the next video. 4. Ch2 | 03 Beyond LEED: Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new video in G B. C. I put camp cores overview of green business certifications and programs. The previous video we talked about our in this video, we will investigate the topic beyond lead beyond Leads Chapter two, Letter three Beyond Lead Our work at year's G, B, C and with lead is not just about the buildings to truly transform our built environment, we need also to focus on other aspects. We start with a building. We need to be aware of how these are designed, constructed and operated on the health and well being of the people in the building, but also need to pay attention to the land around our buildings, the building's landscape and the parks and open spaces we develop and some buildings are for barking areas and addressing our mobility network. All of these are connected to other buildings. To become a community, a town or a city, and connecting us within a city is our transit system and all our systems are interconnected toe a network supplying our energy and power. The lead rating system continues to evolve and grow to address our needs. But lead can't be and isn't the only tool we have. We need other programs, rating systems and tools to address health productivity well being and social equity address, ecosystem services, biodiversity and habitats. Also, the generation transmission and distribution off the electricity that buildings consume, the waste cultural generation is considered. We recognized that lead alone cannot address all the critical components necessary to achieve healthy cities and communities. Our industry nudes other tools to assess the performance of the other sectors as well. To meet these means, G B C I. A. News GVC have aligned with other organizations to develop rating systems and tools to complement and support our system ghouls. Let's look at what we have and their connections to lead. All of these programs are connected towards supporting our Mission. International Will building standard zero waste investor confidence Pro Project GREs be the Sustainable Sites Initiative Excellence in design for greater efficiencies. Edge lead rating system works smart and beer on our key partner. At use G B. C is G B C I. Green Business Certification Inc. Who's helping to accelerate the speeds of market transformation together? Use G, B, C and G B C I. R. Are creating honest stoppable momentum in the marketplace, covering nearly every sector off the sustainability industry. GVC I the only certification and credential body within the green business and sustainability industry to exclusively administer project certifications and professional credentials and certificates. Off lead beer will sites through Jerry's B and Park Smart G B C. I administrates 2.3 million square feet of project space from the rating systems listed above every day. Why does the third party system matters? It means the transparency and maintains accountability. Third, party verification helps guarantee that each project is reducing the overall environmental impact. It makes sure we are walking the talk and not just supporting greenwashing. In the next video, we will talk about the will building standards. See you in the next video. 5. Ch2 | 04 Well Building Standard: Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new video in G B. C. I put camp cores overview of green business certifications and programs. In this video, we will investigate the will rating system. Will building standards will rating system chapter to lecture for It is not just the building but the people in the building. We need to promote their health and well being of the people working, living, studying or playing in the buildings. GVC I administers the will building standard along with other rating systems and programs. How can the built environment support human health and well being? The World Health Organization stated that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Our built environment has a profound impact on our health well being, happiness and productivity. Our built environment can shape our habits and choices. It can also regulate our sleep wake cycle, drive us toward healthy and unhealthy choices and bassett glee, influence our health through the quality off our surroundings. There are many factors that determine the state of helps lifestyle, health behaviors, medical care and genetics are some, but the largest impact is one physical and social environment. Will is a performance based standards for measuring, certifying and monitoring features or the built environment that impact human health and well being the will building standard in the first building is standard. To focus exclusively on the health and wellness off the people in the buildings. Well takes a holistic approach to health in the built environment, addressing behavior, operations and design. The current version is well version one and we'll vision to is currently in the builds face . The will building standard is the culmination off seven years of rigorous research in collaboration with leading physicians, scientists and industry professionals. Well was developed by integrating scientific and medical research, and that Reacher on environmental health, behavioral factors, health outcomes and demographic risk factors that affect health with leading practices and building design and management will also references existing standards and best practice. Guidelines set by governmental and professional organizations were available in order to harmonize and clarify existing thresholds and requirements. Will was launched in October 2014 following the completion off a three phase comprehensive expert peer review process encompassing a scientific practitioner and medical review. The features of the will building standard can be applied across many riel state sectors. However, the will building standard version one is applicable specifically to commercial and institutional buildings. Furthermore, not all will features a blind toe all buildings, depending on the stage of construction. Well version one. It therefore further organized into product types, which takes into account a specific set of considerations that are unique to a particular building type or phase of construction. There are many project types like new and existing buildings, new and existing interiors and cool and chill. In addition to the design, construction and operations professionals and sustainability consultants. On a typical green building project, you may also have consultants and specialists in designing and testing in the areas of lighting, acoustics, saturation, fitness and wellness. Many of the project team members maybe will accredited professionals. The current built programs are multi family residential education facilities, retail restaurants, commercial kitchens on also the future pill. It's in the development our communities, exercise facilities, public assembly and health care, well sets performance requirements in seven categories or concepts relevant toe occupant health and well being in the built environment here, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and minds air promotes clean air through reducing or minimizing the sources of indoor air pollution, requiring optimal indoor air quality to support the health well being off the building occupants strategies include removal off airport contaminants prevention and purification water. Promote safe and clean water through the implementation of proper filtration techniques and regular testing in order for building occupants to receive optimal quality of water for various uses. Strategies include removal of contaminants through filtration and treatment, and strategic placement nourishment. It requires the availability of fresh wholesome foods, limits unhealthy ingredients and encourages better eating habits and food culture. It encourages healthy eating habits by providing occupants with healthier food choices, behavioral cues and knowledge about nutrient quality. Light provides elimination guidelines that aim to minimise disruption, toe the body's circadian system, enhanced productivity and provide appropriate visual acuity where needed. It also requires a specialized lighting systems designed to increase alternates, enhance occupant experience and promote sleep fitness. It removes the integration of physical activity into everyday life by providing the opportunities and support for an active lifestyle and discouraging incidentally, behaviors. Comfort establishes requirements designed to create distraction free, productive and compartment ble indoor environments. Solutions include design standards and recommendations. Thermal and, of course, the controllability and policy implementation. Covering a Costa confirming parameters that are known sources of discomfort, Discomfort, Minds requires design, technology and treatment strategies designed to provide the physical environment that optimizes cognitive and emotional health. Here are is an example of the types and credits you will find in a category. As you can see, not all are applicable toe every project type the gray boxes a plank boxes. And also there are some preconditions that are required for certifications. And there are also some optimization Zoe's but include optional technologies and strategies protocols designed that earn points towards higher level of certification. There are 105 features divided into seven concepts every and each and every feature is intended to address the specific aspects off occupant health, comfort or knowledge. Each feature is divided into parts, which are often containers to a specific building types. Features also can be performance based or pris prescriptive standards. The performance based standards allow for flexibility in how project meets acceptable quantified thresholds, but the prescriptive standards require specific technologies, design strategies or protocols to be implemented. Each well feature is designed to address issues that impact the health, comfort or knowledge off documents through design, operations and behavior. The value proposition off well for an office building is improved environment for employees and clients. A Return on investment administration off industrial leadership on corporate communication If it's Valley is on increased productivity for its occupants on improved in blue e satisfaction and retention. So what is the value fleet for a multi family residential building? It's improved environment for its residents, recognition and market differentiation for the property and increased value of the property , a positive impact on the health of the residents, and improved energy and quality of sleep for the residents. Certification Overview. Will is administered by International Will Building Institute. Ida B. I. On It's a public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve human health and well being through the built environment. I W B. I had joined forces with Green Business Certification Inc. GBC I, the same organization that administers LEED certification to provide third party certification for will helping to ensure that will and lead certification work seamlessly. I definitely I awards certification at three levels. Silver, gold and platinum. Will certification is achieved when projects demonstrate all preconditions. Higher certification levels above silver can be achieved by pursuing optimization features . Because health and wellness objectives vary from one building to the next, well provides flexibility when selecting features that best suit the projects. Owner goals Silver level certification is achieved by meeting all the well Preconditions applicable toe the topology In old concepts. However, gold level certification is achieved by meeting all of the well preconditions as well as 40% or more off the optimization features for platinum. It's achieved by meeting all of the will preconditions as well as 80% or more off The optimization features a project. Example. In the full off 2013 c p r E group incorporations new global corporate headquarters in downtown Los Angeles became the world's first office. Toby will certifying in the Bill of Program. For sure, it's designed to improve productivity, sharpened focus, increase great creativity, speed and accuracy, and reduce absenteeism. This bill project included a targeted focus on endure air quality lighting, water quality, visual equity, physical comfort, accost ICS and psychological impacts. Within the work environment, synergies with leads both lead and will are working together to optimize building performance for human health and our environment well works would lead in harmony. I w. B. I welcomes projects to pursue lead alongside will in order to promote both environmental sustainability and human health. A number of overlapping features exist between will and Lead, which are described in detail in the appendices of the will building standards. The I. W B I and use G B C share similar certification processes and feature credit sentence, particularly as related to air quality. And they lighting because off their shared intentions, attainment off well features can help achieve certainly credits. However, due to differences in structure and small variations in content, complying with one off the standards doesn't guarantee credit for the other. When comparing well to lead rating systems, the level of fulfillment is considered either equivalent partial or aligns equivalent. It indicates that the feature credit has been evaluated and deemed satisfactory to achieve the complete well feature or elite credit indicated. The awarded feature or credit can be used as verification to achieve the equivalent feature or credit partial, it indicates the credit or feature is porch limit or may contribute towards the achievement off the Associated feature or credit, for example, a will part requirement, maybe MITT. But the additional ports note that's fight by lead will need to follow well requirements. The awarded lead credit can be used as verification for the parts that have been satisfied . This may also a cure in the reverse aligns. It indicates that the ended of the credit or feature is aligned, but the requirements do not fully over lap. This may mean that the credit or feature is a good stepping stone for meeting the requirements, but more work may be needed to confirm achievement. Here are some samples off the equivalent credits. Earning one in one rating system achieves the corresponding credit in the other rating system well, Version two is currently in a pillow face well. Version one has been in the market for three years now. Well, version two consolidates previous situations and billets in tow. One will for old product types. The new will platform guides project teams through the development of a custom scorecard. There are 10 concepts in well version two air, water, nourishment, light movement, thermal comfort, sound materials, mind and community. There are refined preconditions still mandatory for all products, but reduced the number preconditions adapted to reflect new evidence and increased applicability off prescribed interventions. You can explore the standard and attach it. Resource is the will. Building in standard is a free downloadable document and a good place to get it started. In addition, Guide Will certification describes the world certification process in policies on another guide described the will performance and verification protocol. Sign up to receive email updates from Ida B P. I check out well projects. Look for education opportunities on well website and on you is GVC website. Locate Healthy building expert to support the will certification process. You can also find the directory on the Web site. Become a well, maybe will credited professional getting involved with Will community toe allow the employees, clients and the community to feel that the health is the priority? Thank you for listening to this video And in the next video we will talk about sites rating system, its sights, version toe building standards seems and experience 6. CH02 | 05 The Sustainable Sites Initiatives | SITES: Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new video in G B. C. I put camp cores overview of green business certifications and programs. In this video, we will investigate the sites version Tow Rating System, which is known as the Sustainable Sides Initiative. The Sustainable Science Initiative chapter to Let Your Fife the Sustainable Sites Initiative. It's a comprehensive land design and development rating system that is being used by both private and public sectors all around the world side certifications given to landscapes, side infrastructure and spaces that demonstrated high level of environmental and social sustainability sites works for all types of projects, with or without a building it, including parks, university campuses, commercial headquarters for a new construction or major innovation of existing sites. The reasons for sites are clear. It was designed to help clients and project teams create more successful projects. The way sites, words is projects pick and choose from a variety of sustainable strategies and outcomes that are worth points, which are all designed to create a beautiful, functional and resilient places that strike healthy balance between people and nature. Be sure to check out numerous case studies of sites, certified projects on the sides website. Another important reason. Owners and clients decided to use rating systems like lead or science, the powerful PR and storytelling benefits associated with the certification. Both the public and private sectors know that sustainability is not merely an Adam toe. Their strategies. It's a fundamental beasts. Off their strategy sites enables clients to walk the talk and demonstrate to perspective and current employees, visitors and other site users that they care about the environment and that they value those who are living, working and using their in outdoor spaces. It has become increasingly evident that the sound sustainability strategy drives innovation and employee engagement. It attracts people to visit and benefit from a product. Whether it's a pork or corporate campus. It demonstrates compliance and leads to market differentiation as all key ingredients for long term growth and profitability. Sites was designed to be a flexible and adaptable for any project undergoing new construction or major innovation, all times of products from parks to mix it. Years developments from urban to rural contacts. Sites can apply to projects located on sites with or without buildings, including open spaces, streetscapes on glasses, commercial residential education for institutional infrastructure, government, military and industrial projects sites works for broader. It's was diverse sizes and in different climates. Site certification applies to new construction projects as well as existing sites that include major innovations. The site must have been constructed within the last two years. There is no maximum size for sites projects, but the minimum is said to be 2000 square feet. Sites can be applied worldwide. Toe a variety of projects types with or without buildings. An integrated project team would include owner or client professional knowledgable in design, landscape work picture construction and maintenance, professional knowledgable in sustainable practices, professional with expertise and vegetation, water soiled landscape, ecology, materials and human health and well being selected to meet the unique constraints and opportunities of the product and its site. To achieve the science certification projects should earn a total upto 200 points at the certified silver, gold or platinum levels. Sites version toe can be applied to just any kind of project. It's primarily designed for new construction or major innovation activities. However, projects that have completed within the last two years can apply for certification as long at they can demonstrate compliance with all prerequisites and the credits being pursued. There is no maximum size limit and GVC. I will work with your team if you have a project south smaller than 2000 square feet, which is 185 square meter sites can now be utilized anywhere in the world and G B C I will work with project teams one on one to help identify local resource is for the few US focused references. Lastly, the earlier in the process, a team engages with sides idly before design. The more successful the product will be key market sectors. Users off sites have bean open space parks around 25%. Institutional projects around 20%. Commercial projects, 15% residential projects, 13%. The other 25% of product times include streetscapes, transit corridors, gardens, government sites, makes IT use and industrial projects. The prerequisites and credits in the sights Version two rating system are organized into 10 sections. The strategies cover both pre design and construction activities and are tied together through an integrative process. There are 18 prerequisites and 48 credits totalling 200 points for measuring project sustainability. Additionally, projects that employees innovative and exemplary performance strategies can receive bonus points. Rica's Its requirements must be met if a project is to be considered for certification. All credits are considered optional. However, a certain number of credit points must be approved for a project to achieve certification. Here we have site context, which focuses on having an understanding of the features their particular site encompasses . Consider ways that careful planning and protection strategies can address the sites natural features that are sensitive, unique, important or potentially threatens in particular, considered the impact on farmlands, wetlands, floodplains and wildlife habitats. How can you restore the current site or landscape back to its original natural function, redesign, assessment and planning? It asked projects to consider the value that an integrative design process contributes toe any given project. The makeup off your key stakeholder team depends on the type of science you are addressing . It's important that this integrated team conducts a comprehensive site assessment off the existing biological and cultural conditions off the site side design water. The goal of the sites rating system is to incorporate strategies and technologies that restored or mimic the natural system. The driving force behind that side designed water section is the water cycle the natural water cycle is precipitation fools than runoff or infiltration, a cure which results in evaporation or transpiration on finally condensation side design, soil and vegetation. This section emphasizes the importance of healthy soil and vegetation with proper soil management. During design, construction and operation faces, we can mitigate damage while restoring and protecting our soil. Strategies include selection of appropriate vegetation of for your science, managing invasive species, restoring by diversity, and ways to engage and support the local economy and community side design materials. And this section particular attention is placed on the material selected to construct the site. This generally include anything from bathing toe plans to building materials. This approach looks at all aspects materials from the time a material is extracted or manufactured toe when it's no longer needed and can be this symbol and reused or recycled site design, human health and well being. It encompasses side design that promotes outdoor opportunities for site access and use restorative and pathetic experiences, physical activity, social interaction and food production. It also builds stronger communities and a sense off stewardship towards nature. By addressing social equity and creating a sense of place construction, it's essential that solid, sustainable construction practices are enforced and maintained throughout the life of the project. Best practices on the site are means to protect air quality, sending their waste into the landfill, creating healthy soil and vegetation practices and protection off any waterways from polluted runoff and sedimentation that might oak you're on side operations and maintenance . Maintaining the initial goals off a project is imperative throughout operations and maintenance. The ongoing maintenance process has a direct impact on the successful implementation of strategies such as renewables, pollution reduction, maintaining healthy soils and vegetation, energy and water reduction, and potential reuse education and performance monitoring. It's providing transparent educational opportunities throughout your projects. Toby toe all the interested parties, providing Blatter room to grow and lead by example a credit. And the section encourages the long term site monitoring and sharing offside performance data. The last point here is innovation or exemplary performance. It's a words innovation and creativity exceeding targeted thresholds in existing science version, toe credits or addresses. Strategy is not currently in the rating system. Here is an example of the times of credits that you'll see in the sights rating system. Some are prerequisites Bean, which are required and some are credits seem for it for earning additional points towards certification. There are also 18 prerequisites and 48 credits totalling 200 points for measuring project sustainability. Additionally, projects that employees in one innovative and exemplary performance of strategies can receive bonus points. Reregulate requirements must be met if a project is to be considered for certification. All credits are considered optional. However, a certain number of credit points must be approved for project to achieve certification. Of course, the people using the site everyday are truly the ones who benefit from science certification site certified products have better air quality, improve human health and well being an increased general productivity rates to make parks, schools and offices places where people feel good and perform well. A selection of strategies that promote efficiency and conservation must be palance it with those that address the needs of the site users and promote well being. Additionally, the chosen strategies do both the solutions that conserve energy, war and materials also contribute to a great outdoor experience and buoys, and visitors off a sustainable site can expect improvements to their health and well being , which increases productivity and overall satisfaction and in turn, this can lower the need for health care. For example, studies have shown that increase exposure to natural environments can help to restore the mind from the mental fatigue, alleviate stress and improve cognitive functioning. Improved air quality due to more vegetation is also inherently linked to improvements in physical hill and access and views off vegetation also translates into better performance in schools and work, as well as shortened recovery times in hospitals. In addition to reduced impact on the land sides, projects also helped to save money. Studies show that sustainably designed outdoor spaces can use less energy by utilizing energy efficient equipment and lighting by strategically placing trees and other vegetation near or on buildings, and by taking advantage off alternative energy such a solar, geothermal or wind power. These strategies not only lower utility bills, they also reduce the need for dependence on foreign fuel sources and help reduce carbon emissions. They used less water by using right plant for the right place and using captured rainwater or storm water runoff, all saving potable water and reducing water bills. Sites projects also use fewer resource is by using materials with recycled content, durable and reclaimed materials and also using regionally source it supplies and materials . The image is an example of how sites can drive dramatic transformation and generate huge values. This project means a promise without a building it. Another of the projects are defined in the build face. In addition to buildings lend. Of course, there's a critical part of the built environment by developing land sustainability. It is not on Lee cost effective, but it's also better for the land and fosters resiliency sites, alliance land development and management with innovative sustainable design. Defining what a sustainable societies on ultimately delivery elevating the Valley off landscapes in the built environment. Phase one of the project was completed in 2016 and received sites gold certification for Chicago Navin Year. It becomes the first project under version Version two of the rating system to achieve certification at the gold level. Chicago Navy Pier has been a Chicago icon and popular destination throughout much of its history, and by 2010 it had grown to be the number one tourist destination in the Midwest. In 2012 Navy Pier Inc decided to undergo a major innovation at the pier as the 100 year old site was showing signs off footage and felt increasingly disconnected from Chicago. Sustainable features in place at the product include using native and appropriately adopted plants in outdoor environments with 100% off selected plants suitable for side conditions, climate and design entin and also reserving existing trees by conserving 72.8% of the sites , existing plants and healthy soils. The project uses highly efficient drip irrigation to meet 100% off its irrigation. Damonte with harvested rainwater on also estimates 60% reduction in energy consumption through the incorporation of energy efficient lighting bumps, airy ater and transformer components. The lead rating system is the benchmark for the design, construction and operation off high performance green buildings and neighbourhoods. While the lead rating system incorporates landscape elements into some credits in the rating system, it doesn't wholly certify the science or even the landscape surrounding the building as sustainable. The sights and lead rating systems are complementary and can be used independently or in tandem. If you would like your project to benefit from certifying to both science and lead, you can take advantage of the centuries between them. In fact, if a project is pursuing both certifications, ah project that achieves sites Gold certifications will automatically achieve all the sustainable science credits in need. Vision for credits can be substituted between science and lead in several ways. Full substitution credits, which are earning these credits in either lead or sites, would automatically mean earning the corresponding credit in the other rating system. Lead Earn sites credits. Earning these lead credits will automatically mean earning the corresponding side credits. Sites earns lead credits, which mean earning these sites credits will automatically mean earning the corresponding lead credits. Currently the substitution czar only available for projects using lead version 2009 and lead version for BD Plus C and Neighborhood Development Rating system. However, this list will be updated regularly and additional substitution is requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Here are some examples off. Full substitution is between sites version, toe and lead version for Billy Blessing. Successfully achieving the credit in one rating system. Allow the product to earn points in the other rating system. Full credit substitution examples sites, site design, soil and vegetation. Credit. 4.9 Reduced urban Heat Island effects EARNS Lead version full for sustainable science credit. Heat Island Reduction sites Water Be three point to reduce water used for landscape irrigation Urns Lead version for water efficiency. Pericles at our door. Water Years Reduction option one sites side contacts. Credit 1.5 redeveloped degraded sites case, too. It earns lead vision for location and transportation. Credit. High priority sites. Option three between lead vision for and science version two. There are six full substitution credits. 12 were lead earned side credits and five were sites. Burns lead credits. These food does shows a tremendous potential of sites when used. In addition to lead the building in the food was on the left is a Leed platinum building, a commercial office building in Missouri. You can see the original landscape that was in place with hardly considered and not a special place. The owners decided to have the landscape redesign and pursue sites while it was in the bill . Traits you can see in the after food was on the right. How dramatic the transformation is the overall space is much more beautiful and ecologically sound. This created a better workplace for employees. A spoke for social gatherings and a campus that everyone is even more proud off. In addition to buildings land, of course, there is a critical part of the built environment. Yet too often the landscape is seen as an afterthought, something to be altered and shaved once elements like buildings and roads are finalized rather than be an afterthought, how can aside or place inform the design process? How can humans be connected to the nature? Particulary at the time when half of the world population lives in urban areas on that number is only expected to rise. How can we create beautiful places that are also healthy, Functional and resilience explores the standard. The rating system is a freedom low doble document and a good place to get started. The reference guide will be necessary if you are taking a project through certification. Since it outlines the substance submittal documentation and the useful strategies and references, sign up to receive regular updates by email, check out products, look for education opportunities on science website and on education at U. S. G. B. C. Locate professionals who possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to support the side certification process, become a sites. Credit professional cites a bean. The sites accredited professional establishes a common framework to define the profession off sustainable landscape design and development. It provides landscape professionals with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and commitment to the profession. One of the best ways to get to know the rating system is to study and take the sites a being exam. In the next video, we will talk about pork smart. See you in the next video. 7. Ch02 | 06 Parksmart: Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new video in G B. C. I put camp cores overview of green business certifications and programs. This video We will investigate the parks More program Park Smart Chapter two Electricity book Smart transportation in the U. S. Now emits more greenhouse gases than power plants. Parking is one of the largest land uses in the cities. Vehicles are barking about 95% of the time on the streets worldwide. The number of motorized vehicles is expected to double by 2030. Parking structure design operation will shape the fuels power in these vehicles. How alternatives to signal occupant vehicles will be embraced on the climate impact of our mobility. Proper design and construction can conserve. Water resource is energy and construction materials. However, locating parking near public transit and providing alternative modes of transportation can reduce vehicle miles travelled harmful emissions, fuel consumption and coasts. The current version of the pork small certification standard is version one. You may be aware that Burke Smart was formally known as a green garage certification. Bark smart. The Warlords Onley rating system defining and recognizing sustainable practices in parking structure, management, programming, design and technology. It's an industry driven filled Thisted Road map for high performance new one existing parking garage Park Smart recognizes forward thinking facilities, working toe day toe shape to Morris Transportation Ecosystem Park Smart creates opportunities for parking structures to lower their energy usage through lighting, ventilation controls and commissioning, reducing operational coasts up to 25% compared to national average. Some of the elements parks more focuses on unique to parking structures is pricing way. Finding traffic flow, idol reduction, tire inflation, energy storage and resiliency and cleaning barks Mort at the first entry into direct transportation. Network garages are wasted space in cities, infrastructure that is often ignored and debated. Recent and ongoing dramatic change in the mobility sector include connected cars, electric vehicle revolution, new technologies, millennials and how they use transportation. Park Smart allows projects to reduce their environmental impact and create the energy efficiency and performance manage parking spaces efficiently. Incorrigible tentative ability options strengthen community relationships. Now we have designed parks more certification to be a fit for all parking verticals, including residential airports, healthcare office, building, hospitality, municipality, university and mix. It used working structures key market sectors. Users also include commercial operators, cities venues, barking consultants and architectural firms. In addition to the design, construction and operations, professionals in the traditional Green Building project on a Park Smart project will also may have commercial operators and parking consultants. Burke Smart recognizes 48 measures in three major categories with added room for innovation management, which outlines how to construct and operate a parking facility more sustainably and encourages garage operations to maximize the use off a parking asset. While minimising waste management practices range from parking specific policies such as shared parking, which aims at reducing parking overbuilt toe operational items such as cleaning Greenport chasing recycling to construction practices that enable sustainability programs. It focuses on improving the efficiency of the barking process. To ensure effective vehicle, Inglis provide access to alternative mobility solutions and leverage the garage potential as a public space. Programming measures include place making better. Integrate the garage with the surrounding community, promoting way finding system for more efficient pray. Parking process measures that encourage the use off less impact mobility choices such as bicycle sharing and marketing. Educational programs with are designed to help with the garage community better understand the operations, social and environmental commitments, technology and structure design. It outlines the sustainable technologies and features a garage me in the store. It includes the physical attributes of a garage that can increase energy efficiency, lower waist and support customer mobility choice. These technologies range from either reduction technologies toe energy efficient systems, toe low flow fixtures and aim to lower the in going resource needs off the facility. Reducing emissions and promoting facility longer. Typical innovation category that includes one measure normative approach. This measure allows bark smart to recognize normative initiatives not yet included within the pork smart program. In addition, brush it's that have gone above and beyond the maximum requirements of any measure by 50% or more. Cannot shave recognition through with this measure. Burke Smart allows barking structures toe benchmark their success against 48 measures off achievement. These 48 initiatives or measures in four categories make a park smart certification. Here is an example of the credits and points you will find in the programming category. There aren't specific prerequisites within a category, but there are minimum points that must be earned in each of the categories in order to achieve certification for measuring example. First measure in this category is placed. Making the goals off this measure is to better integrate the garage with surrounding community. Points can be achieved within this measure by the blowing facades that blend the structure into the surrounding community, investing a portion off the parking revenues into community development program. Using the Russian space for communities activities providing in green space for the local community. Points are assigned each measure based on the environmental impact, achieve ability for new and existing structures and relevance to the economics of the asset . A total off 248 points are available and parks more. Certification is achieved by meeting minimum thresholds for existing and new parking structures. Bark Smart encourages thoughtful sitting and design, best in class facility management practices and innovative technologies. Park Smart certification helps parking structures. Got operational coasts by up to 25%. Reduce environmental impact, increase energy efficiency and performance, offer better lighting and ventilation, promote alternative modes of transportation and two great sustainable mobility services and technologies. Diversifying mobility options. Create stronger community relationships. High performing parking, smart car parks deliver more of the outcomes. Consumers and owners wounds and less off the negatives. It's more choices, more mobility options, multi mobility CO. Two emissions or less satisfaction, efficiency, profit performance and this energy used this coast less space less C two emissions, less congestion, less fractions and waste. Here is an example for a garage at post offices. Queer sits below an amazing park in Boston's financial district. It's Moto Is park above Park Balloon. The 1400 space garage has successfully eliminated the use off all cleaning chemicals. It posts an innovative ground water harvesting systems that saves over 2000 gallons of potable water every day and includes a car. Share up was around seven spaces for car share vehicles. Does your lead on em or lead beauty? Blessed project include a parking structure. If so, you may be already well on your way to achieve barks. More certification. If a park smart project falls within the boundary and was included in BD Policy Project or an all plus them project inversion for certification for lead, the Park Smart product is awarded the following points under Park Smart Measure a 14 3rd party sustainability certification based on the level of certification achieved. If it's late Latin, um, you'll get 12 points. If it's lead goal, you'll get 10 points. If it's leads over, you get eight points. And if it's Lee certified building, you get six points and you can find the document available on the bark. Smart website Barks more and lead synergies are two directional lead credits, earned Park Smart credits and now parks. More certification can post and lead score Selected Park Smart measures have been added to the innovation catalogs for Lead, Billy Policy and oh, blessing for the both off the version Version four and version 2009. In addition, if the project earns certainly beauty policy or hopeless and version for credits, it may earn the corresponding park Smart version one. With that, then the major corruption you will only need to document the credit once in lead. Project some examples off the lead. Beauty bliss See Vision four credits that earned related works. More measures. Lead location, transportation, credit, reduced parking footprint, earns Park smart, A two shared parking shared porky analysis, lead materials and resource is prerequisite storage and collection of recyclables. Burn sparks Mort Credit recycling program. Active recycling program lead Water efficiency credit our door water use reduction can earn parks more technology and structure design. See 13 indoor water efficiency. Some examples of the measures in the parks More certification program can be used as lead innovation Credits like programs be 11 bicycle parking technology and structure design. See for tire inflation Stations Program Be five traffic flow plan that can earn innovation in design. For lead. You can explore the certification standards the guy toe parks, more certification, score court and planning tools are all available for free on the website. Barks. More certification Standard is available for Port Chase. Don't load the scorecard and planning worksheet. Sign up to receive regular updates by email. Check out the Projects Directory. Look out for education opportunities on education at us GVC Locate Park Smart advisers who lead clients through the certification process by evaluating parking facilities, sustainable attributes and preparing their applications for certifications of Mission. Aaron, The Bark Smart Advisor Certificate. We came to the end of our video In the next video, we will talk about true zero waste program. See you in the next video 8. CH02 | 07 TRUE Zero Waste Program: Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new video in G B. C. I put came force overview, green business certifications and programs. In this video, we will investigate the true zero waste program. True zero Waste Chapter to lecture seven 20 Waste What about the waste that buildings are generating? We need a way that facilities can define, pursue and achieve zero waste goals. Cutting their carbon footprint and supporting public health. G B C. I administers the true zero waste rating system that aims at changing how materials flew through society, resulting in no waste. Think about it. We need to fundamentally change the way we think about the entire life cycle of resource is how they are made, how they are used on how they are disposed. The bottom line here is we need to reduce the amount of waste region rates True stands for Toyota resource use and efficiency. The true zero waste rating system helps businesses and facilities define, pursue and achieve their zero waste goals through project certification and professional credentialing. The US zero Waste Business Council created the certification in 2013 as the 1st 3rd body zero waste rating system for facilities that meets the zero waste definition off the Deer Waste International audience. GVC I assumed responsibility for the ongoing management and evolution of the certification program on November 2016. According Toe, the E P. A. The average American generates ÂŁ4.4 of trash each day. True, the whole system's approach that helps organizations understand how materials flow through their facilities and identifying redesign opportunities so that old products are reused. True certified projects meet a minimum off 90% waste diversion for 12 months off landfills , incinerators, waste to energy or the environment. True zero Waste certification. It supports the definition off. No waste to landfill incineration and environment drives, the development off new markets and new ideas towards zero waste economy. It meets zero waste businesses. Request for valid and comprehensive third party certification. It focuses on upstream policies and practices beyond their version or recycling. Emphasises a strong total participation. Training if employees zero waste relationships with vendors and customers. Benefits of businesses triple bottom line by saving them millions and showcases the responsibility and commitment to the local community and environment. Certification is available for any physical facility and their operations, including buildings own point businesses, property managers, schools, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Aspect SOF Rating System These credits are organized into 15 categories that reflect all aspects off a successful zero waste program. We will start with redesign. Redesign involves both redesigning waste streams, outgoing materials and poor tracing agreements. Incoming materials. Then we have reduce reduces to observe existing practices and make postive changes toe Eliminate waste reuse reuse category colds for replacing single use materials with durable goods and for finding suitable offside. The nation Opportunities for food or office materials composed re earth covers The strategies were composed. Thing can be done on site at the facility or off site by a service provider. Recycling this category ensures the exploration off the highest and best use off a material is explored period to recycling. This means exploring the reduction, reused and up cycling opportunities to keep in Spain. Bt recycling only as a last resort. Zero waste reporting zero waste reporting in the process of tracking and documenting data for diversion, including materials generation by commodity on by weight and financial leader. The version diversion is a process off keeping waste from landfill incineration with energy and environment air, water and land mission. Zero Waste for chasing the category encourages adoption of environmentally preferred for chasing a PPE guidelines or policy leadership. This category encourages upper management toe affirmed their commitment to zero waste and motivate action to accomplish it. Training the credits in the training category. Encourage management and h R to distribute zero waste information Office communication. Zero Waste analysis. This provides opportunities to physically inspect the trash recycle and compost bins to understand what materials continued to be wasted and identify further opportunities to eliminate waste upstream management. This category encourages the certifying facility toe work productively with their upstream vendors and suppliers to advocate for the elimination off wasting practices that send resource is downstream for disposal and the adoption off a zero waste go other Its waste prevention. This category promotes appropriate disposal off and or reduction off harmful materials to reduce risk and damage the environment. Closed loop system. This category encourages the implementation of policies and practices to close the loop or bring materials back on site. In another four innovation, the final category is a true rating system aims to make further waste reductions by exploring opportunities not previously find Not every credit will apply toe every product, but the array of credits provides multiple opportunities to achieve certification projects don't need toe. Earn a credit in each category and there is no minimum number categories in which credits must be earned. A product must earn a minimum off 31 points from these credits to achieve certification. Here is an example of the credits you will find in the reduce category. Credit example. Reduce credit one. Document Materials reduced by commodity The intent of this credit is to ensure reduction in materials are documented from an established baseline toe. Quantify the benefits off on going reduction efforts. The requirements of the credit is to identify at least one material that is being reduced and collect the documentation of the material volumes from a determined baseline period that is representative ongoing operations. Establish a methodology to appropriately calculate the reduction by weight or volume for each material. Calculate reduction and display results by commodity for potential strategies. Document material generation for a given baseline period, usually one calendar or fiscal year period to the implementation of waste reduction activities. Will that materia then calculate the current volume of the same material generated as a result, off waste reduction activities. This exercise should be carried out for each material type targeted for reduction certification overview. Zero Waste posing to be in place, 90% Overall diversion from landfill incineration. Waste to energy and environment. Meet all federal, state and local solid waste and recycling regulations. Data documents Obey Zee Year and measurements since the base here commit to submit 12 months off data to G B C I annually. Contamination is not to exceed 10% of each material stream once it leaves the company site benefits off. True zero waste certification. Save money Waste is a sign off inefficiency. The reduction of waste reduces Coast faster progress. A zero waste strategy improves upon production processes and environmental prevention strategies, which leads to taking larger, more innovative steps. Support sustainability. A zero waste strategy supports the three piece people planet and profit synergies would lead. Are you pursuing your waist for your facility? You can earn lead credits for making it happen, or if you already working Lee projects. You can explore ways to incorporate zero waste principles into the project and consider pursuing true zero waste certification as well as lead if a building earns the true is your waist certification and the scope of the project is the same as a project pursuing leap, cupolas and certification. True can be used to document select lead credits. If this corresponding true credit is burned, synergies are one direction. Projects that are true certified get a flat number of credits in lead Oh plus m existing buildings. If a building has earned True Zero waste Facility certification on the scope of the project , that is product boundary that the same as a product pursuing lead, hopeless and certification. The true certification can be used to document several lead credits in the version for operation and Maintenance rating system if the corresponding true credit is earned. If the true credit mandatory zero waste policy credit is earned than lead projects can earn materials and resource is prerequisites ongoing poor tracing and waste policy. Only the waste policy portion for earning posts. True credit one diversion and credit. Five. Other. This waste prevention elite project can earn materials and resource is credit solid waste management ongoing and an innovation credit for exemplary performance and lead is earned if at least 95% diversion is achieved for true diversion credits one and two project example. Location of the project is firm in California, and the certification level is gold. The percentage of overall diversion achieved is 97%. Facility size is 5.5 million square feet. Type of operation is manufacturing, and it's for this like company, with a team of recycling technicians servicing the factory composed pins in all office and cafe areas, as well as several sorting inspiration areas at the plant. There's less Fremont Factory consistently diverse, over 99% of waste from ending up in the landfill and 97% diversion from landfill and waste to energy combined. Most of the materials are sorted, commoditized and sold to third party recyclers. This is true for all cardboard, plastics, foams, ballots, wood chips and various times of metal. While the diversion numbers are something to be proud off, the deer waste efforts have also contributed significantly to test less bottom line In 2016 the reduction in waste holing fees, the revenue generated from recycling, as well as a coasts avoided through the product reused programs totaled over $30 million. You can explore the rating system, the True Zero waste rating system and Certification Guide are free to download. I don't know the scorecard and planning worksheets. Sign up to receive regular updates by email. Check out products. Look for education opportunities on education at years. GVC website. Locate true advisers Professionals who understand the requirements of the rating system. Hell projects achieved true certification and are committed to advancing zero waste values and policies. Or you can come a true adviser, a true zero waste trained professional. We came to the end of our video. In the next video, we will talk about peer program Si Eun's and Expedia. 9. CO GBCI CH2 08: Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new video in GPC. I put camp course overview of green business certifications and programs. In this video, we will investigate the beer rating system. Fear Reading System, Chapter two. Lecture AIDS Beer Rating system. Remember that Green building is not just the building itself, but the grid it is connected to. We need to consider the dependency we have on our power system performance and electricity infrastructure that support the buildings. How can these improve efficiency they to the reliability and overall resiliency? When it comes to severe events such as floating and hurricanes, it can be resilient and sustainable. G B C. I administers the B rating system that drives market transformation in the bower and energy sectors. Think about it. How reliable and efficient or power systems. Why is this important? What environmental impact do they have? How much power is being wasted? How can we improve the reliability, quality, operational effectiveness and efficiency of our power systems? Performance Excellence in Electricity renewal or peer is of world's first certification program that measures and improves power system performance and electricity infrastructure . Through a certification, Pierre recognizes industry leaders for improving efficiency day today reliability and over a resiliency when it comes to severe events such as floating in hurricanes. Beer is for all power systems and includes guidance for cities, utilities, campuses and trans eat. Remember, a key component of what makes a building green is a power that supplies it lead on. The address is part of the power supply system. It definitely addresses the building or facilities that use of power. It sometimes addresses distribution of power. It mostly doesn't address the transmission of power and lead definitely not certifying the generation off Power Beer is a rating system for electricity generation transmission and distribution. Here is the first rating system toe measure and improve power system performance. Beer provides energy professionals with an understanding of how to define, assess and specify sustainable power toe buildings, campuses and cities. Pierre takes a comprehensive look at power system performance by setting standards and measuring performance across four outcome categories. Reliability and resiliency. It addresses power quality, supply, availability, interruptions, restoration, redundancy on micro grid capabilities, energy efficiency and environment. Cath agree it addresses energy efficiency off power delivery, air emissions resource use, renewable energy credits on Bauer delivery impacts, operational effectiveness it addresses safety risk medication, electricity costs, asset utilization, load shaping, general operation expenses, capital spending or investment, corrective maintenance and indirect coasts. Great services category is to assess customer contribution to the great service investment and innovation. The criteria in this category addresses customer great service capabilities, meter data access tools, choice incentives and dynamic pricing. Pierre certification is available for existing projects that have been operational for at least one year. Projects will apply for certification under one of the three project times utility and city for public projects with a large variety of customers. Campus project. It's privately owned or operated projects that include distribution to two or more buildings that are individually meters and trans E projects like monorail projects, mitral rail and enter or entra rail projects that include a minimum off three adjacent stations. Traction and non traction loads are required to be included in the application. Key market sectors in users includes critical facilities, military installations, hospitals, universities, research centers, utilities like municipal and utilities with microgrids cities, industrial and distribution facilities, transportation facilities, mixed cities development, special economic zones and smaller neighborhoods. Pass spits off rating system. Pierre Version two was released in February 2018. Pierre takes a comprehensive look at power system performance by setting standards and measuring performance across four outcome categories. As we mentioned earlier, the categories are reliability and resiliency, energy efficiency and environment, operational effectiveness and great services. In addition, there are innovation, exemplary performance credits and regional priority credits similar to the structure of leads. Some examples off Pier strategies to address the goals of peer include Iceland ability, which means operating independently, completely or partially from the bulk grit protected. An infrastructure renewable generation Demand Reduction District energy load. Shifting automatic restoration as an example here are is a prerequisite and credits in the reliability and resiliency category example. For prerequisite reliability performance monitoring the entrant of this prerequisite is to ensure data collection, monitoring and reporting off power interruptions. The requirement here is to install infrastructure and or develop formal processes to continuously monitor and record interruptions for the complete project distribution network at high medium and low voltage levels. Use a standard database structure specified in the Pier Reference Guide to document interruption data for all applicable system voltage levels for at least three months. A project example. The U. T Austin might regret produces an estimated annual value off almost 15.4, meaning US deeper year beauty. Austin's Power Inlet ability was 80% higher than Austin Energy. Enabled by the ability to automatically switch to an external power supplier and easily transfer from the great toe ice landing, the campus had the ability to automatically disconnect and reconnect back to the grid. The campus has had an extremely high system. Energy efficiency off 87% Synergies would lead this tricked energy pellet credit available in lead version four for district energy system associate ID with beer getting it started, explored the rating system. The pier version two rating system and certification guide and score courts are free to download on their website. Assemble from the full reference guide is available to review as well. In addition, technical reports and case histories are available on the website. Registered. The products have access to assessment tools, improvement, talk it and application workbook. Don't load the scorecard and guides sign up to receive regular updates by email. Check out the current projects on Look up for education opportunities on education at us GBC don't work. We came to the end of the video. In the next video, we will mention some other green programs and rating systems. See you in that experience.