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Wan-Ru Lin, Artist & Founder @rurubombltd

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13 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview of the Course

    • 3. Your Course Assignment

    • 4. Let's Stretch the Pixels

    • 5. How to Select Your Pictures

    • 6. How to Create Colour Sheet

    • 7. The Magic Blend

    • 8. Let's Dive into Colours

    • 9. Futuristic Imaging Part 1

    • 10. Futuristic Imaging Part 2

    • 11. Let's Stop and Think

    • 12. Let's Mock-up

    • 13. Final Thought

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About This Class

Want to learn how to create futuristic, colourful and eye-catching Abstract Artwork?


If you pass by and see those colourful abstract images then think "wow it looks so far away from my skill level." Please do not be afraid to trust yourself. In this course, I will break down every essential step to help participants learn how to use their creative mind to make futuristic and dreamy images.

Can you believe ? The image above used just one photo from my iPhone to create in Photoshop. And do you know,  you don't have to pick up a professional studio photo to make it!  What’s even more? You can use the result images everywhere. As for business, you can use on social media cover photo, profile banner, or the background image of webpage...etc. As for home art, you can print out the result as a greeting card or simply being a decoration in your home.

Do join my class to learn how to release your inner dreamy power and turn your personal photo gallery into a series of futuristic, colourful and eye-catching art show.

Skill Level : All Levels 

The skill learnt in this class suits all levels.

All you need is Adobe Photoshop, one digital image and a creative mind.

Equipment : Photoshop & one digital image 



1. Introduction : I guys work also futuristic imaging, Photoshopping your big charges into Australia, all it monetarily and multimedia RNAs to specializing Experimental Arts we deal aren't graphic design, photography. I would say I'm the founder ope to our Sudoku bump. I've exceeded my artwork in London, Taipei, and around the world. Artwork you see now it's made from pictures taken on my iPhone with 40 shop. And you can also turn normal picture Center abstract art. The course is designed for students of bow labels. You do not need to have prior experience in Photoshop. If you are already familiar with Photoshop, the poorest would bring your Photoshop skills to learn next label. In this course, I will familiarize you with important Photoshop skills, including marquee, select towards Layers, panel, Carter, adjustments, and everything in between. The course consists of the following sessions called her in computer language and digital image. How to strengthen picture and skills, how to read image from an artistic point of view, and how to implement ideas into practice. By the end of the class, you will know how to create your own strike art or individual or business purpose. O unique soup prepared as a digital photo that could be potential, they turn into artwork in Photoshop. So this gets donated. 2. Overview of the Course: Thank you so much for enrolling would cause in this course you're going to learn how to turn your digital imaging to plenty of ops wreck artwork, just Wisdom, Photoshop. So this talk about how I came up with this idea to make the chorus. It actually came from one of my ongoing project, which is about the light. And also one of my semaphore to doing the artwork is by telling a story through different digital images. So now I'm so happy that I can being here to share this experience with you, to know how I discovered the manifolds and how I manage to turn those digital image into the art gallery. So you probably will ask me like, Is that very difficult for me? Because first data is experimental odd second that it's an abstract art and it's so far away from me. Actually this course is for all those students. So I do think you need to be afraid. Okay, so that's half a Luke to the overview. I organized the course into four sections. In the first two sections that stretch Paxos and that's dive into corridors. I will help you build up a solid knowledge about basic Photoshop skills. The first sections consists of the file new lectures, computer knowledge of Paxos and colors, how to stretch pixels, and how to select pictures. In the second section, we will focus on colors. You will learn essential skills to experiment with colors. Once we finished the first two sections. So you will be able to create a futuristic image of your own. The third section, stop and think, is the most important part of the course. I will teach you how to get your pictures than out. And now is to find out the bow section that smoke up. We will place your arthralgia indifferent contacts are in oder to test its potential oval, individual or business use. The voice data cores in nato, open your Photoshop and download the course materials. The course materials include a colossal lines to guide you through the course and some fat is and fires to help you with assignments. So are you ready for a journey? Next video we're going to talk about is diamond. And I see you in a lesson. 3. Your Course Assignment: We're going to talk about your assignment. By the end of the course, you will be able to create these kind of futuristic images from the iPhone photo which I took from the Scotland. And I need you to put them together onto a card. In this video, I'm going to tell you how to make these card. I prepare some template for you. Why this Vertigo, The audio is horizon to. You don't necessarily need to use them as you refine your assignment a result. But if you don't want to make something new, then you can directly use the template and follow my steps. I need to find a person who is very important for you. Find out or picture between you and this person, used a core skills that you just learned, practice as much as you can. And once you are confidence enough, umax cell futuristic images as the background print out or just send as a digital file. So let's open up Photoshop so it creates a new file and go to photo to style escaped 65 fo. You also can choose Baker and let's do cern and represent overs. So we choose this icon which is horizon inter band here you do 180 and ready so you can choose background color. So normally I choose transparent. They hit OK. Now you have your file and I need you to go to the picture that we chose, my ads in a futuristic image, coerce. You drag it onto the layer and resize until you're satisfied. And then you hit OK. You also can tell which part is your favorites. You can go to Scotland whiskey and drag it onto. This pattern will resize or Bates. Well, I would do is I will make us more. So this is a picture that you represented to you and the person that you are going to give, then what I will do is I will create a layer and our rendering pickup coil give the color, choose the bulkheads and change recorder that's changed something red. And that's make another one by duplicated and turn it of bed. Let's make like different color. Mistake make block. Here's a bucket truck and now have two wires, which is the corridor. And what you can do is know so can change a back order. So for example, now I don't really like to read. Then I will choose maybe it's blue. Maybe your fingers scientists to smooth. So you link the two layers and do some transform. And so you have periods, okay. You either kept pray our direct lease right out by yourself or for example, are were hits type tool. Onto here. It will generate the layer directly. So I will choose is here you can choose the type or Carter. I will choose something a bit lighter. And then you you can director, he hit on here. So that's a year. And say what do you want to say? And finish this one. So I think this is a horizontal. If you want to make a vertical like new. And that's go to photo 65. Rarely can you choose the vertical 1180. And sam transparent. They hits okay, create a file, is worldly co, remove their picture that we just mad and resize. It bears center. So I like to fill it. Ok. And once you've fed is we want to do something like paranoids picture. So which is easy, just dropped Scott on whiskey here onto your layer. Your size of bears. And the unlike their paranoia is you only have a certain size now you can make whatever size you want. So with our two makers motor and make its center. Okay. Created layer moves beneath the picture so that once you make the score is Gurobi under the picture. And paranoia is wide. Truck packed. Hey, and now you can make the size because nobody paranoid is like seeing onto side and bigger Barton size. But it looks like you hit OK. And deselect. Here. You can make some words type things here. I would change a typo to block. It's argued do sound, mock pan. We score Scala and science of bed. Made it that you'll want to have a real fingering of your paranoia. It's not like a strike at Taichung the car and with no dimension. So what I would do is I go to is whilst a layer and double-click and dropped a shadow. And I would drop to layer shedder. So the first layer hour to something a bit closer. And a second shows o hour do some fair bit sprite. So for example, here is a bit closest distance r max motor and the spread is not to march. And always a second air. I will make the spread a bit bigger and distances but wider. And here is a blend modes you can choose which, whichever you want. And they feel this is too much. You don't want to do any shadow frames for which this is not our main purpose to this course. Then you just go directly to world templates and downloaded. I already make the lights for you. All you need to do is change the color of the blows. Once you finished assignments, please upload sulla project Gary, so we can have a look there. I can give you some common. Next video. We're going to talk about how this strategy. 4. Let's Stretch the Pixels: We are going to stretch a Paxos with monkeys are like Tours. Before we start the course, I want you to go through course material, download a picture for me, the picture named Scollon whiskey. And so now we open a picture from Photoshop. As you can see, the picture actually is being locked. So you have to picture being logged to you actually come to anything onto the picture. Okay, so there's unlocked a picture by one click and give them up to do these with Duplicate Layer. Loved the original there. Close your eyes, keep to copy layer. So the fence I'm doing now is because I wanted to do everything on to recopy layer so that if anything wrong with a carbon layer, I can easily just delete it. And I still kept the original one. So now we do it again, duplicate, lock Coser eyes, but do everything onto this copy layer. So marquee select two or actually has three type, rectangular, elliptical and single row and column. I'm going to show you how actually photoshop doing with marquee select tool by zooming the picture until you can see the pixel box. Okay? So now when they can these single column marquee tool actually single myth, one pixel. So single column market tool means Photoshop will choose one single box with a column. Single road means for shampoo, choose one peck So with a role. So you were asked for the Photoshop will go in to do with the rectangular and market tool. It's select everything you select. Okay, so now we go back to the original size of the picture by collected Kamen 0 AM because I think for me this region still very big. So I can do Kamen minus. Now we need to learn how to stretch the pixel. To stretch a pixel, you need single role and single column. By doing this, you put the single column tours onto everywhere of your picture. And you choose Europe. Final destination to move, tool, loan, press Shift. Choose arrived there, make sure your arrow is two sides. Drag for rights and drag left. So now you've got a pixel complete to being stretched. Because I want to do other things so I can solve selection. Now let's try to think of rho the same as the single column you can choose wherever you want. Press the Move Tool, long press Shift button, make sure the arrow is two sides. Trek up, drag down. Also. I'm not going to keep lease because I'm going to show you something else. Now you were asked So what actually is the rectangular market to do? The situation is popping. You don't always want to select a whole roll. You don't always want to select the whole column. So now this is the situation rectangular markets select tool is going to do to your picture. You probably only just want Fill Barto of the area is being select. So use the rectangular marquee select tour. You select a particular area, do onto your mouth with right-click. You will see here is a layer while copy, which means when you click it, you will generate new there. And this new layer contents, the area that you select from previous layer. And as you can see, your previous layer picture has not been caught. And that also means whatever you do until this new there is totally irrelevant too. The previous layer. Ok, so now how to do the stretch pixel, single row or a single column. A single column. Here is the thing. You also need to understand. A's. You only can put your marquee select tool onto an area with the color pixel. So for example, if I puts the marquee select tour here, which is a transparent area, there's no color in the pixel. And if I try to stretch the Photoshop or would tell me could not transform that selected pigs. So because this is transparent, there's no color. So hit OK. Now we go to the area with the color. Do the move. Long press shift, makes sure the arrow is two sides, right layer, drag to the right and drag to the left. That here we are. You know how to stretch a pixel. That's go to the next course is about how to select an image. 5. How to Select Your Pictures: We're going to talk about how to select image in this video and next video we are going to learn two things. First, you will be able to use the color bar to define a picture. You choose whether its contents in now for routing of Carter's or not. And second, you will be able to create this kind of cottage sheets to help you confirm that you have the right choice. Also, at the same time, create a database for your future creations and needs you to find file, radio fall, and open. Perfect number of folds difficult, free on guru of seven colors far from me. Once you open the file, I need you to draw this bar onto the picture. The main debates, putting sand. It's OK. And I need you to do the same phase out to the other picture. Once you finish all of these, you back to whiskey bottle. This seven College Spark is actually based on my personal experience. If I can find a least fold colored groups from this picture, then our Consider this picture is easy to use if you want to create some futuristic image. Whereas the picture like this, I only can find wise believe, then I will consider this picture is a bit difficult. I also provides some corals material which is code image for practice. Inside I separate into difficult to use and perfect to use. You can find out those image and with the color bar to do as your practice. Next video, we're going to talk about. 6. How to Create Colour Sheet: In this video, we are going to talk about how to make the college sheets. So this is the color sheets. And we are going to use to marquee, select tools to make low stripes. As you remember, in the video of three, we talk about how to use the marquee select tool to stretch a pig. So we actually used a single row on single column. Now we are going to make this sheets by open whiskey bottle. But open this whiskey image. That's duplicate two times. So as usual, we need to walk the choice. Yes. And we now have 21 for column and the other for the row. And that's turned off the row first. We, in the end, I need to make something like this. So we need to somehow. And last tool here, make sure there is right double arrow, straight edge. And you clicked the stripes. First long shift. Drag to arise, like go. Okay, let's do it again. We choose here press Move Tool, long press Shift, double arrow, right layer, drag. Sir to quickly, to some so that you will be able to see how we are going to Mac. Okay, so now we have the stripes. And for the row it will be totally the Sam. So I only do one times four you okay. We make it smaller. We put in the meadow. We choose the single role and to one role for yourself, stretch a bit and put data. Okay? So I think now you already know how to make the stripe. And then I want to show you how to read the image and your stripe. First you need to make sure the stripe that you like. So for example, I like free and five. I will say this picture is okay. And then you can go to see a row in a row i think is even better. I like a lot except for S3 I don't really like. And are also provides these row number for you, the course material you can easily to find. And also I provides the how to select your image guide for you. After this course, you can practice and check this guides to help you understand more about how to select the image in this course. Okay, let's go back. So you don't have to worry about if you cannot get both column and row. So for example, if I only can get something from the role than our say, okay, day is perfect because in a row i or we can get five. You don't need to really care about you, John have everything. Okay? So that's go to a difficult while y, which said this is so difficult. Actually, the reason why it's difficult is because no manner from a column or a row, you get something very grooming. I would like to say for this kind of gloomy strives for the beginner is very difficult to use. It doesn't mean you are not going to have the colorful one because as you can see now, this is something that our creates from this. So here is the college shades. Next video we're going to talk about. 7. The Magic Blend: We are going to do love magic blend. In this video, you are going to learn two features. First, you need to know how to use it College sheet to make pictures as your basic photo. Second, we will use these two basic photo to do the magic blend. I need you to find to file for me for this as Scollon whisky. And the Honor won in the file video six, whiskey collars sheet. So we need to use this color sheet to find two color stripes. And these two Carlos drives, each of them will turn into the basic photo. So let's go to the row first. I think 12 is my favorite so far. And this go to a column, I guess F3 and five could be. And now I need to make a decision to limits into two. I would choose maybe 12 from the row. And I were just don't choose anything from the column. It's totally fine. You don't need to all image yourself. Say, you necessarily need to choose one from row, one flip column. So now we know 12 are the stripes that we are looking for o, and both of them will turn into basic photo. I need you to go to the magnifier, placed a magnifier between 12 and drag it. In nature gigantic. You can record a nice aware is the role coming from. Just remember the big things. You don't have to be precisely. So for example, I know one will crows a bit higher than low-stakes. And two were across the word, this red word, and above those password. Once you overly roughly know where are the rows there are needs, you go back to a scholar whiskey. Duplicate BJ layer 42 times, changed on them to see as the real 12. After you done this, remember to turn off the bg layer and locket. Go to CAS number one, choose a market to all play sound the right place above the take and stretched a pixel and hit OK. After your stretcher pixel are need to duplicate least layer and turn off the eyes. Now we go to a CSS2 and we're going to do exactly the same. Place, the market tool to right place, stretched or pixel. And hence OK, duplicate and turn off the ice. Now we need to take a little bit time to organize. Turn on CF2 copy and CS101 copy. It, drag it onto the bg there and hit Shift. Choose to layer and choose the file, group it. Changing nam to back up. Basic photo. And luck and of the eyes. The reason why I do this is a once you always have a backup. So even though after you editing our laws, you still can come back to fire your original baseQ photo. So how to blend? Go to a top layer and this is the blending mode. Drag down the sheet. Row over. Here has a lot of a fact that you can choose thats 2s, subtract. Once you are sure this is your blending mode. Now we can try some of them. For example, you can picture a bit to see what sort of a phase you will get. Or because they're Walt and duplicate and move. Or you can Maine and turn to fit this size. O or because switch CS101 on top and challenge them blending mode for it. We also can do, we can merge the layers. So now you'll hit the shift. Choose both warrior, Rome, mass colleague, Moorish layers and changed or Nam, duplicate, debate et al. K. That's to some quick bland. So there's like differentiates. You turn up BED and say was so phase will happen. So here is the magic blend. Next video, we are going to talk about colors. 8. Let's Dive into Colours: We're going to do a cola adjustment onto the picture in this video. First, I Need You go to Window and makes sure the adjustments is being take. Then we come to this panel. And as you can see, there are 16 functions in this manner. In this video, we're not going to talk all of them. Instead, we're only covers seven functions. We also can find adjustment under the Layers panel. Sir, you just need to click the icon and you will see the whole list. Now we are going to talk about what is the seven functions are. First we will cover with hue and saturation, levels and bright and contrasts. After that, we will talk a bit about solid color gradients. And in the end, we will do some black and whites and invert. I myself prefer to do the collar adjustment through clicking the icon and directory. Go to the gym. If you already familiar with Photoshop and you have your preference to do onto here, which is fine because they are the same. Let's start with the hue and saturation first. Clicked here and choose hue and saturation. Once you choose hue and saturation, that means you want to change all the Carter from current picture to something else. Let's have a look. The Pernod said preset as devote and you see Master. So master means you are going to change all of the orders from this picture to something else. Master means all of the color. By changing of your conjure, you need to scroll the hue bar to a place that you feel comfortable. So that's say I've you're comfortable with right now, then I stop. Saturation is once you stop from here, there, how much you want to put in the picture, you can decrease. Day can be a Berg and white. Uk increase there is will become very reach colorful. So it depends on what you want. So for example, I want to stay here. Lightness is how much Blake and Wilds you want to put some other picture. So if I want a bit brighter, I can put the faint is r will suggest you do just a little bit. Because if you do too much, it will become completely black and white if you only want to change a little group of cutter, for example, I want to change your Adobe blew into something. One thing you really need to make sure is the carter You are going to change is based on your original picture. So for example, I choose blue that I want to substitute to something else. Then r choose blue here and scrawled a bar on SEO. I feel comfortable with that, said, I liked the rate in state, so I stay here. But I suddenly found I also don't like to green. So that's fine. A green. But it's actually not going to change my green part. It change something else is because for the hue and saturation, it will only do onto your original picture. So you need to first close the eyes of the hue and saturation and makes sure which part is the part that you feel annoyed. So for example, you don't like here. So the original Carter is yellow, green. Then you need to turn on the hue and saturation and choose yellow. Then you will make it to something else. So that is a hue and saturation That's took about level the moment you put the labor onto your picture. You actually ask for a shop to adjust the amount of RG and B onto your picture. So let's have a look upon a. In here you can see RG and B on RGB. So if you click RGB underneath situation, you adjust the combination of RG and B. So you're just these three Carter gather. As a result, you will see it'll be brighter or you'll be darker because RG and B being adjust to gather. Whereas if you go to read, you actually is add rays onto a picture so that your preacher become reddish. Whereas if you stay here, you already added the red, but you also change are green. It does amaze. I2 will automatically become green niche. It will depends on how much red you increase to this picture. So I was saying if you pull the lever onto your picture, you're actually adjust balance of RG and B. So now this is the label and let's talk about Brighton contrast. I always broken and contrasts in the, and so for example, I'm happy with the results right now. And I have found is probably a bit too bright. So I would just these or the contrast is not strong enough. Jaws the contrast. Let's talk about solid corner and gradient. It actually work in the same way, just different types of carder. Let's start with solid cauda first. It can randomly choose any kind of Carter from this bar. So this say I like something orange red. After that, I would do the bland. We stuck gradient. You can click here and there are a lot of research from Photoshop. It can randomly choose one. So there say, I like pesto. So the black box is to warn you can change the opacity. And the box with color is to warn you can change the color or you can add corridors. And by double-click, you can choose whatever you want. So for example, I don't want so solid. I wanted to build transparent into solids. Then i clicked here and change her transparent. Then you can see it's become like war you want. Then we hit OK until they're blind. So here as the solid Carter and gradient, now we are in our finite to black and white and invert. In this video, I'll show you how it will affect to your picture. And we will talk a bit more lighter in next video. Good to black and white. Then you will see the bar here. You can adjust it from bar. It will give you different shades of gray. Here comes to our finite fraction, which is invert. So when you invert an image, the Photoshop will change the value of each pixel into the inverse value. So for example, if your original picture that say has a black, the value is 255, then when you invert your image that Yohana 55, we're changing to 0, so does our carder, it, it's, we're father, there's 256 Dave Carter values scale to do a conversion. Next video we're going to do with our futuristic image from beginning to end. 9. Futuristic Imaging Part 1: Futuristic imaging from beginning to the end. Previously, we used color shade to choose two of our favorite stripes, and we did a lot of demonstration. However, in this video we are going to do something very different. We will choose none of them. Instead, where we're used column one as our basic photo. So what I want to say in this video is even you have a striped that's you never thought about before. It's lambaste, something amazing. But the premise is, you need, you're familiar with all the skills first. Okay. That's open the file. Video as a malpractice. I already helped them is so you don't have to do any finger. Oh, now just follow me. Now place your column onto the right place and choose a layer to stretch. And as we agree, now I'm going to do black and white first. And to the bar a bit. Ideally you just make the details still can be seen not to wine, so to block C, So K and then merge it. So once you have finished merge, check your picture. Every time you do one, you fact check your picture and think what hours you can imagine from this picture. So for example, oh now I see two black stripe. So I feel like to put something in between. So what I would do is duplicate. I want to do some vertical showed as go to Add it, transform, go to rotate. You can choose one. So I choose this on, I want suppose in the in-between the two black stripes. So I've transformed it to synthesize. Puts in here too. I want to put exactly the center. So which means I want it in-between these two stripes and a fading, a bit balanced. And even. So I do a bit Free Transform to stretch. To make myself feel data is in a balance where you don't need to be precisely, but you need to feel goods. Okay. So now we do below and I will choose lights on. And that's happened. Lou Kelly fails. For me. It's fairly it's fair stock for Windows. And I want to choose one of these window to make it a bit darker and our Tsai feel a bit brighter. So I want this feeling is there is a light get into here. I stop by the painter. So that here as a bit darker, there's no, there's no lines getting outside to have this carter for light bump into buildings feeling okay. So in order to do that, I need to make corners. Instead of doing that Carter in adjustment. And so I wanted to, another way. So I wanted to create a new layer. I want to use the Obamacare to put the grows and tool. So I choose a gradient tool. And as I said, I want here with darker here a bit brighter. So I go to a preset. And as you can see, our rituals. So I go to nature and grows and, and I know inside there is one I'm really interested into. So I guess it will be this one. So it fulfill what I want is a bit darker and brighter, but I want to have a bit darker. It's about path of the picture. So of case this is not enough. And because I won't outside is lighter. So I don't think this kit. So what I can do is switch the bucket. So that's make the purple here and make orange here. When the light hits here, here should be brighter, an outsider but with darker. So our switch list buckets as wall. So I'll make that orange juice or bit out and hear that yellow is a bit, I'm a bit mole so it can, can fulfill my imagination. Ok, that's hit OK. And here the gradient, so you can choose different like this is a bit linear. That's not what I want. And this is also not, and this has devised with a very strong light also not why I want, so I will directly choose this one. This one is diamond. So a bit like what I can't imagine. But the problem is you see the darker area here is not. When you blend, you can see it. It's not what I want. I want something darker is there. So we can go back to grow. And we make the mole that's moved, the purple lines. This, this tiny phase nist diamond things you can adjust the amount. So I don't want to march on more blue fin now should be alright. And also hair. I don't want to, it's so solid, I want him to bed transparent. So let's change opacity here to let's say 75 heads. Okay? So I guess it should be alright now, so that's hit OK. And that's to the land. I would to differentiate and to see how it works. So let's see how hue and saturation can be. To hear. Yes, they don't want a car is to reach our two beds for saturation of it. Nat sewerage. So now I think is okay. And what I will do is label because I've found that blue is to march. So choose, make it a place that's a big balance. And the greenest on it lays eggs. Stood out. Nothing really happy with the blue thing to go to a brand. So I think now I'm happy. So I will choose to save. Creative file. Name is futurist, say whiskey and jetpack. Now given them as W 01, and that's safe. Okay, so we produced the first spectra righ. Now, next video we are going to produce two mole. And I see you next video. 10. Futuristic Imaging Part 2: We are going to do two more pictures and easier to do uppercase days from lost radio. And group 1A then give it a name as backup, w 0 to one and the other one, you keep the one copy. Once you finish this, I need you to turn off the ice. And we are going to merge these two layers and puts onto a top, delete the group. Ok, so now I need you to see this picture. What I'm seeing now is I really like this box. So inside this box I think there is a potential to become a pattern. So I don't want to lose this chance, but at the same time, I don't want exactly the same like this. So what I can do is I've zoom in a bit, I've turned in and I want to have a certain and go that and make it failed. Transparent part, make it fill transparent parts and head. Okay? And what I can say now is I want this one a bit tarp, so I turn it a bit. So once you get this picture, I found there's two marches outside of this firm. So use rectangular marquee tool. Square your area, and go to image crop. Now in this video, I'm going to show you two frames combined with other scales. First, our structure pixel again on second due to invert. When you want to do a storage pixel, again, you just render choose a place that you feel comfortable with. You don't need to make a college sheets. So that's Church or pixel again and hits. Okay. Once just judge our pitch. So I need you to do advocate. And as my hub, I always would turn it to say how to blending work. Fink. Color, Burn is quite cool. Right? So once I am sure I will resize a bed like this, that's half a lewd to picture. How do you feel? I feel like here has something like forced. And there is some bonfire. So I will keep my imagination from the beginning to the end. Because our rethink like this. I want to zoom in a bit to see how it can be. My aware of fainter will always change while I am doing the work. So for example, now, I don't think that is the branch anymore. So what I will do is our served or image. If I, if I need to give you any tapes, I will say save as much as you can. That is my experience. So that's 0 to choose futuristic whiskey as hit. Yes. Before we, as we do some Fourier transform, I found I can do something like they kind of have a feigning their town to duplicate this. And I want to do some flip. So somehow I see the next video. I will tell you why I keep seeing their crazy things. And I think now looks good and it made me feel something's dike there. What I'm a little bit shrug running here is I don't like here is too complicate. So what you can do is just delete eight. I want to delete the beds, but not too much. Probably gone to a hare. Here. Thing to Alito bit here. That's, it's Nava Glick. Completely dark. Okay. So now I'm Phil. Okay. Okay. And I was safe. Say, here comes to a finer. I already organized a layer abate. We are going to use this picture again of the ions and we do free transform. This tie would do a little bit crazier like this. And then hit OK. Again, we need two cards, the redundant part for all and deselect. This time we will copy. So again, I have to mention nasa and about the house. So I want to make it happen once you do the Lavon coffee Eaton of the eyes. And to advocate because I want to do fleet. So you move the duplicate one to the right. And I want you to do that. So this is my imagination. But I feel like to go to the other way around. It's a bit like the ceiling of the house. Not exactly the same BioCyc. It's like a very tall building and you're standing there. First slower. A look up. I see different window. Now willie, It's not like colorful, it's just blue sky. But rather in Photoshop. So resizes based and make it look like this. And Okay, I think that's something I quite like. So we stay like these. It's become our w 0 fault before we save as 0 for I want to do invert. So because the Carter, I want to see the potential. As you can see, once you get the invert, it immediately become not a word. It's a bit like some game. So I want you to merge these two layers. What our two now is to belabor, to see, to challenge portion of the blue. Now there's a lot of really then our two hue and saturation USE. I do a lot of the same things. I hope at demonstrate free picture, Toby easier to understand. So I want to see the potential of how the cauda can be, how those Carlo, can be told about is, is quite cool. So I guess I will leave this write bit Reacher. And right. Ok. So I think now I'm happy ways than I hit File for J peg. Touristy me. Yes. Great. From whisky Bardo to least free is an amazing. Next week we're going to talk about, I think. 11. Let's Stop and Think: I think I personally have a theory which is iceberg theory. I believe, or skill is the tip of the iceberg and the rest is your true scale. O, y is true skill. So if you remember, when we do the futuristic image Vos video, I talk a lot of ambiguous words like, oh look at that is like Windows. So I think here should be in the dark and outside looks like a bonfire. So I want to choose the collar. Is tiger bid like sunshine or is obeyed like yellow, orange. Saying This reminds me a lot about the New York subway. So I guess here is the trim pass by and there's powerful. You must be think my GAR she's crazy. No, I'm not crazy. I really see it. And I won't speeds visualize. So this is the crucial part. You will ask the question, how do I implement my idea into the artwork? There is no shortcuts that I can teach you. The only way you can help yourself to implement the idea into your art work is by sea otter artist. So how are they already did into their artwork? I think this, this is not a new idea that people telling you, but this is true. So for example, you need to create one file, which is how they related to your interest. You interesting meals, AIG you interesting in film? Who interests in the panting you interesting areas being you categorize them and you know what you like. And the other file, I'm going to teach you how to do it. So inside there are artist Nam artwork and how their Medicaid, what is their definition? So you are going to create these two file I cold, this is your database. You need these data base so that you can see something. So where can I find the artwork as my database? I want to introduce this website for you. It's from TED. And they have these art in the collections thing. So you can hit this Garver odds in the collection. Here has plenty of art. So what I am going to introduce is you can type an M. So for example, today you finish the course, you know, we are to strike out. So you can type a striked art. Then you can immediately see different type of art. And you started to pick up which whichever you interested info to make your database. That is, first thing, the second fencing TED is they have a larger for this are terms and I find it very useful, sir, for example, we just type of ours. So we go to a on so you can find out art and artists that you're interested in into with the arch work. So for example, today we are doing something is really related to this type. And I will mark down the name of the work and the name of the artist. So for example, I will copy past to see what is His work is Gertrude image quickly click and view like, if you like his work, then you can do a deeper research. I hope this is useful for you and there's no show cards to build up this database things, the only way you can do is just start from today, you create. 12. Let's Mock-up : Love to talk about how to use your futuristic images. There are different ways to think about your futuristic images. You can think as a pattern, as a background. If you're wrong, insular ground-based days, saying gets a highlight logo, o simply to us appear or target home. Let's say you want to choose the four resorption to turn some parts of your artwork into futuristic image or take this asset is sample. This is my self portrait. I want to change the hair. So if I wanted to do that, I choose the magic warmed and choose the right layer, and choose the area that I want to change. Mouse-click rights and to the layer while copy. Now I got the hair being select. The second step you are going to the picture that we just mad. You can drag it onto the layer. You resize a bait. Right? Okay. And the way you can do is now your price option. Between two layers. Hit. Then my hair change the color. And while you can't do now is you can move around your picture to see how it looks like. So for example, I wanted to move like this. I feel okay. It's a bit like my hair. I'd say it's an MI hair, a challenge. So you can go to internet type MOOC up afterwards you type the product. So for example, I want to do web page. Then you will find plenty of sides. They are doing this template where you will see, once you click their websites, you're going to see this kind of template. So you can randomly choose one which is suited for you. Once you've got the file, you will see a lot of layers in the layers panel. All you need to do is bought on the place you want to change and check where is it on the Layers panel. Once you've found the location, you go to the picture that you wish to put on and jargon to the file. Normally the picture your drug ink will directly apply onto the layer you just chose. All you need to do is hit the option and collect in between the layers. Today you get your markup and you can adjust. I will also show you orders more carbon that's in detail, just that you see how it will look like. Here is the background that you can use. You also can't do a stem to insert Graham more carp. And also at home is the mockup. Next video we are going to talk about. 13. Final Thought: A thing they say it's the end of the journey. It meant it, congratulations. Say or all we cover from how to stretch our pigs. So I'm slugged your image. Then we did a lot of blends and Kotter's database, Volkov. If there is one thing that I want you to take away from this class, it definitely is seeing your produce plenty of futuristic images. So please don't forget to offload to a project, Gary. And they've reveal for me if you like the class, if you want to follow me, go to my profile and if you post outlines here, say, I think this is everything and thank you again, and I see you next time.