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Future of Sales: Lead Generation for B2B Business

teacher avatar Matthias Kubicki, Marketing Automation Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction to the course

    • 3. Define the customer profile

    • 4. Collect leads

    • 5. Reach out

    • 6. Presentation

    • 7. CRM: Overview

    • 8. CRM: Settings

    • 9. CRM: Set up the pipeline

    • 10. CRM: Free alternative

    • 11. Bonus: LinkedIn Leads

    • 12. Bonus: Find Emails

    • 13. Wrap up

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About This Class

It is time to look at the sales in a new way!

B2B sales can be very frustrating and time consuming, so I would like to show you a method how to achieve results quicker results. 

In this course I will tell you how to build up your sales pipeline and use the newest tools. 

This course is for everyone who wants to set up and improve their B2B sales process. At the end of the course you will be able to set up your sales process and deliver results. 


Why you should enroll

  • Course includes over 1 hours of high quality content, including links to key resources and best sales tools 
  • You'll learn skills that will allow you to become a sales person of the future
  • You'll have access to the instructor to ask questions 


About the instructor:

+ Built several sales organizations

+ Constantly on a look out for the best sales tools

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Matthias Kubicki

Marketing Automation Specialist


I support businesses to maximise their growth potential by using new technologies including software and processes, infrastructure and digital marketing.

5+ years of marketing/campaign/customer analytics experience (B2B)
Advanced marketing automation experience (Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Drift, etc.)
Advanced CRM experience (Zendesk Sales)
Lead Generation & Landing Page Optimization Skills
SEO & SEM Skills (Google Ads & Facebook Ads)

Advanced Business Process Automation experience (Zapier, Integromat, Process Street)
Cloud databases & Collaboration Technology experience (Airtable, Slack, Twist)

What I can do for you:

Consult on the best way to meet business objectives

Marketing CRM & Automation
Improve & implement CRM and ... See full profile

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1. Promo: it's time to look at sales in the new way. Cold calling and mass mails up over. Nobody likes them. I will show you how to sell and how to build its sales process using the latest technology . My name is materials, and I'll be leading on through the course. In 2008 I started my first company and building my first sales process. This'll sales process is now selling toe hundreds of customers on a daily basis and training my team. How Cosell, and thinking of ways how to improve my sales processes and signed this course for everybody wants to learn to sell and wants to become the sales person off the future. At the end of the course, you'll be able to set up your sales process and deliver results going to teach you how to the Sinus sales. We'll start with the past in a profile and get to the list and then to the initial contact . I'll show you how to use and and northern CRM system and helped organize it so you can do more in less time. I'll talk about my personal experience and give relevant examples and provide practical exercise for you. This course is a must watch for everybody. Wants to set up or improve their beetle sales process. There are no requirements necessary to enroll and you don't need to have any prior experience in sales. I only ask you to come open minded and ready to try something new. Feel free to look for the courses friction. And I'm looking forward to see you in my court. 2. Introduction to the course: Hello, everybody, and thank you for joining my course. And this one is the introduction lecture for my course B two b sales and he in this lecture . I want to give you an overview and tell you why I'm actually doing it. B two b sales can be very, very frustrating because it takes quite a long time to get from the lead to the prospect to the customer and then actually to the cell. So I want to introduce you to my matter, which will deliver quicker results for you. So how is this course structured? We've We'll go for free sections and the free first section. I'll show you how to build the sales pipeline. And this section consists out off defining a customer profile, then making a list. I'll show you which that you need to collect and how to collect it. Then about the reaching out, how you should reach out to your customer, the initial contact, and then how to convert a lead into a prospect and then, from a prospect into a customer in the second section, I'll show you a CRM system. A customer relationship management program called Base. It's like an awesome tool, which will enable you to do more in less time. I will show you like settings and what you can do with this program. In the first section, I'll give you more tips and tricks how you can generate leads. One chapter will be about linked in how you can generate if it efficiently dare leads and another chapter will be about email templates. So you have a good understanding how the initial contact on the follow up email should look like so thank you very much for joining my course and see in the next lecture. 3. Define the customer profile: So hello in this electro our explained to you and how to set up the sales process. So start setting up a sales process. You need toe first, start doing customer profile. You need to do that in order to know we're actually selling toe. So you're like, no blindly targeting everybody. So how toe do the customer profile? First, you need to start with defining the industry in which your cast a Mars your future customers are, um, working. After that, you need to define the company size, are targeting small companies, medium sized companies or big companies or corporate. After that, you will need to define the geographic location off the companies. Are companies operating globally, or are they just in Asia and Europe, or just in a specific region off a country? After you have defined geographic location, you should look at the business condition off the company. Is the condition in good shape? Um, do they have money to spend on marketing on HR? It's very, very, very important. After that, you need to look for events and strategic decisions which play along with your with your business offering. I will elaborate on that later, but What it means is, basically, is the company now trying to innovate and is dead, for example, going along with your product and last but not least, who is involved in buying your product? Is it the HR department or somebody else? It's not necessary always to see which decides what to buy. So let's look now. At an example. Let's say I want to produce a smart lock What you can open with your phone Andi to create in order to create the customer profile. Now I need to start with the industry so the industry will be the door industry. They are the most likely wants to buy my product. Second, the company size. Which companies would I like? Toe target. It will be small companies, medium or big ones. I assume that it will be most likely. The big companies will buy my product because big door companies need to innovate and they need to compete against each other. Firt the geographic location and it comes to geographic location out truth, a central Eastern Europe because there are the most relevant door producers for my smart look, now, especially Eastern Europe, where there is a lot off stuff happening in the door industry. So our truth. Eastern Europe as a geographic location for my product, the business condition, if it comes to business, condition out truth companies which are expanding. And that's quite easy to find out. You look at the press releases or you look in the press, people who are hiring a lot or people who are building big production facilities. They are the ones which I want to target. Then I will look at the events which play along with my offering. So again they have looking at the press releases, and I see that this companies are like investing in smart homes and smart doors. Then I know, OK, that's the right customer. That's the people who are on a contact first because they will have, like an open year for my business offering and last but not least, who is involved in buying. Actually, my smart, smart look at the door producer, so it moved. Most likely, it won't be the CEO which decides that, but like some kind of product manager which is responsible for innovation or marketing. So with that in mind, I know I know that it will be people in the product, product department or in the marketing department There. I will look for people with the description, drop description, product manager or marketing manager, and that's the people who I want target. Good. So it's now up to you to create your customer profile, and you will start as a zweiri spoke about it. First, you need to define the industry. Second, you need to define the company size fert. You need toe set your geographic location, target location and then the business condition. Fifth events that play along with your business offering and last but not least, who is actually buying a product, that drop description of the person, so thank you and see in the next lecture. 4. Collect leads: hello again in this lecturer will make a list. In the previous lecture, You did the custom profile, and now we'll use this customer profile to make a list. We'll start off with making a list of 50 companies which correspond to the customer profile from the previous lecture. So after you have the list off 50 companies, you divide them into badgers and every batch you work off in a week. So let's assume that from you take 10 companies from the 50 and you work them off in the first week. So after you have a list of the 10 companies, you need to fill this list with more information. Very concretely. You need toe. Fill it with the profiles off the people who you defined before in the customer profile. So let's assume my smart lock idea. I have a company which is called excellent door production, and the product manager is called Mr Mike, So I put all of that in the into my new table where they have the company name. Then I have the person responsible to drop title, the email address, full number and the news, the news as well. Very important. But I will come to that later. So now you ask yourself, how do I get all these contact details from from the people you have basically two options . One of the 1st 1 is also receive the companies which specialize in finding contact addresses that will cost you around a dollar for a person. So you give them a name and they will find you the corresponding contact details off the person. The second option is a huge truth to use extensions for your chrome browser, which automatically look for the contact details off the people here. I want to highlight to particular tools, which are very, very useful. One is email hunter. It is a chrome extension, which you installed your chrome browser, and when you type in the company address, then it shows you a list of people working in the company. It is, well, extremely useful in combination with linked in If you are on somebody's linked in profile, there is a small button appearing in addition, which is called like email hunter, and when you click on this button, the contact it is automatically searched and display there straight away in the lengthen profile. The second option is clear bit clear, but is as well an extension which works very, very similar where you type in the company name and chose as well a list of people who are working there. It is especially useful with Gmail, so it's now up to you. You need to now make a list and feel this list as as we discuss an electric, you start with making a list of companies dividing them into batteries and then feeling this bedrooms with the necessary contact details. As we discussed a company name, responsible person contact details of the responsible person in particular, the email address in the phone number s well as the news, a news headline which is relevant to the company. This one is a very, very important one for initial contact with the with the person with the responsible person at the company. So and it is very, very wise to make out of this whole process a regular habit. So you constantly feel this batch with new companies. So you have constantly something to do and constantly new badges to work off. Thank you for attention and see in the next lecture 5. Reach out: hello And this lecture will talk about the reaching out to the customer. So after you did the customer profile the list? Now it's time to reach out to your customer. We'll do it for on the following way. He will start with one cold email, then a follow up and then the second for all of this. E mails will come within one week and they call the cold email. The 1st 1 which will send out will be structured like that and all the rest were based Well structured, very similar. You start first with a hook. Then comes the value proposition and then the call to action. So the first email you will be sending out is hello? And then Mr Too Good, which you found out in your customer profile. Then comes the hook. The hook is, for example, that you will refer to the news article you read about the company doing something which fits to your business offering. So in my complete case about the smart look, I'll say hello, Mr Mike. I read a very interesting article about your company investing in smart technology indoors . This one would be the hook. Um, you'll grab straightaway the person's attention. After that comes the value proposition. The value proposition is you need to give them real value in this email so he actually will contact you back. In my case, the value proposition would be that he can go ahead and be the 1st 1 to implement something very, very innovative and be better than his competition. That would be, for example, in my case, a value proposition at the end of the email. Huge, then have to call to action, depending what you want to do. I would like to give him a presentation over the phone, which lasts for 15 minutes, so I'll actually try to get him to sign up for a 15 minute presentation. So I'll state something like that. Here's my Collender with a link to my Collender, where he can check my calendar and book himself in for 15 minutes. Talk where I will call him up and explained the product to him. Good. So you send it out the first email to the potential customer it is. It depends how good your email is, and it depends at which time you reach this person, but it is quite likely that this person won't respond to this email. That's why you have to have this process in place where you straight away. A few days after that, contact him again with a full up email. The follow up email is very, very similar. Structured toe the 1st 1 but it will be more casual and saying yet I reached out to you last Monday and I haven't heard you from back from you. And I understand that microphone off the radar, but like, we have something very, very interesting which we want to present to you. And here's another link to Michael and a police. Check it out. Good. Then after that, if you didn't respond to this one, you sent him effort email. The first email will be again very similar to second email, asking him again to sign up for representation and giving a few good reasons why he should do that. Later on, you can find examples off the emails in the course outline, and, um, that's it for now. Thank you 6. Presentation: so hello again after you got your presentation appointment with your customer. Now it's up to you to deliver, like an awesome show on So the customers convinced and wants to buy your product. You have basically two options. You can deliver the presentation virtually over the Internet or in person. It depends on your product of service. Um, which one is suited better for you? If the customer needs to tax your product and see to understand it, then you have no other way than toe. Do it in person but out advice. You strongly to do it virtually because it's quicker and you can do a lot more presentations in a short time period. So let's assume you'd do the presentation over the Internet. So first you want to get the Skype contact of the person. If the person doesn't have Skype or the company doesn't allow that person of Skype, my solution for that is talk sent. It's an awesome program where you can send somebody a link and the person opens in the link and can see life presentation. So you call the person up, you send them a link by email. They opened the link and they see the same presentation. What you say, see, and you have full control over the presentation on your computer. So now that you have at the person there, it is important to have, like a really good presentation. I have over the years acquired like a quite good understanding how this presentation should be built up so you can convert this customer at the beginning. You start with the target market and the opportunity. Let's say, in my case, the smart lock outs present the target market as the smart home market and everything in this smart homes smart beside the door. And that's a opportunity. And I am telling the customer, now my door producer, that the opportunities huge deflect by implementing this lock into his door. He makes a smart door, and it's part of the smart whole market, which is like a 1,000,000,000 dollar market. After that, explained the problem. What is the problem? The problem is that door is not smart. That's the only thinking at home, which is not smart. Our lights are smarter, heating a smart, everything smart outside the door, and now with my product, this door is getting a swell smart. So now we're coming as well to the value proposition. So the problem needs the value proposition as well called USP unique selling proposition, where you basically tell the person how you intend to solve this problem and why product is awesome. Exactly. So a lot of people would then stop here. That's what I see very, very often. But what you actually need to do is after you then delivered representation, explained the problem, explained the valuable position. You need to tell these people what their road map, it's what the timeline is and what the call to action is. So after you delivered them, you need to tell them how the implementation process works. In my concrete case with the smart locks for door produces, it will be like that. I will tell them. OK, after this presentation, I'll send you an offer. Then you will get a testing device. After his testing device, you can run some tests, show it to your internally short your customers, and then you can start implementing it. When you have implemented it, you can add it to your cattle look and then you can market it so the customers are very, very clear understanding how the whole process after this presentation will look like a swell good. So let's assume you nailed the presentation and you need to send the offer. So what I am aiming usually for is that within a few minutes after the presentation, the person has the offer. This makes a really good impression. So you finish the presentation and a few minutes afterwards straightaway, the offer comes in. So you prefer to offer leave it open, make some adjustments for stuff which could discussed in the presentation, make adjustments very quickly and send the offer straightaway toe to the customer goods. So after you have done that, you need to follow up, pull up, pull up until you get a yes or no, don't take the knows personally, thank you very much for attention and see in the next lecture 7. CRM: Overview: hello And this screen cast, I want to introduce you to base bases. Ah, crm system a customer relationship management, a program. And I'm working really with them since over three years. And I'm a big fan off their software because it's awesome. Um, it is like as they stayed here at all in one sales platform and the pricing is, as well, very, very good compared to other toe other, um, similar similar platforms at the start of package start already with $25 per month per user . So let's jump into it. Um, here I can show you the how it looks like he you can is well integrated. You can completely integrate all your sales operations, your e mails as well as your phone calls. If you have an iPhone or an android phone. Um, with the app it is Well, everything connects toe to the, uh to the program. And here you can see who who called somebody how long they talked. And it's very, very easy. Toe put This will notes in after a phone call. So yeah, What I actually wanted to show you is how you now combine base with at strategy and the processes I told you in the previous lectures. So after you did your customer profile, um, you put all of this data into base your lists, you import them and have them than in base and work with them out of base. So, for example, here you have your leads. That's that's where you would, for example, say, put in all the companies and the people working for these companies which need to be contacted. You have all your contacts. You have your sales pipeline, the collender tasks, which you need to do a new communication center. So let's start with the, um, leads. As I told you before, you need to collect the company. Name the responsible person. The email address of the responsible isn't and the news 8. CRM: Settings: so let's look now. Quickly. With settings off base, you can adjust everything What you need to adjust to have your account up and running. Um, a few points. I wanna, um, at here. If you come here to customize leads Hey, you can at sources of the leads, which is then very, very interesting for track. Where to find the where actually the lead came from Here is a very, uh uh is well, interesting tap, which is called custom fields, where you can add new fields for your leads, I added, here, one which is called news, will feel that one out. Then he you have deletes status, new working, unqualified tax and smart links. Um, the same. Very similar to that. There's is well in contact where you can add this world the same thing here as well. News. And what was very, very interesting as well is here and customized the pipeline. So basically you con's will customize the pipeline to your sales process. For us, the pipeline looked like prospecting. First, we check if the person is interested in smart locks. If the interest in smart locks, then they're qualified. If they're qualified, they have to get an offer, and after they got an offer, they will. It will make a follow up call and then afterwards closing call and the closing call will lead. Then the deal is one unqualified or lost. Um, here, as I say, you can adjust that and at stages in between or delete stages eso basis Very, very flexible. In designing your sales pipeline here, I want to point out as well the integrations. You can integrate base with a lot of different other programs like hap spot mail, chimp, dropbox, Google. I have, for example, the contents criminalization and able to Google. So basically, the base contacts are automatically at synchronized with my Google contacts. And yeah, that's so far here you have the email that if you have the email synchronized that that this one, you as well need toe do so you can send out emails over base and there is well, a possibility. Do the full synchronisation so that what that means is that base will pull your e mails which come to your email address and synchronized them with your CRM system. So basically you have then, if you open a contact your automatically swell. See the emails, which are associated with the contact. A very interesting new function off basis. The voice and text service, where you can basically call from base without having a landline. You can hear, say which length and you want to have and then cold straight away, out of based the customers. Yeah, that's that's it for the settings. 9. CRM: Set up the pipeline: So now I'll show you how to connect the work you have done before with the customer profiles and the lists with based. So you import your contacts, which you found here into base, and you get a Z we discussed before here, for example, Here I will take myself Goto edit and I have here, for example, the news. I think, um, I will say Call it test news test news. Just he will be like a paragraph or like a short sentence, which you refer them to in the email. I'll show you in a moment how that works. So let's say I want to contact this free people that will stand for our first batch. Let's say that that will be our first batch off. People who wanna contact I marked all free click here on the email button. And now I create the male. How we how us explaining to you in the previous lecture. Hello, hero. Refer here. There's thick the male merger, the merged check the first name and then there will be like Hello, Matias here, As with this cast comes the hook. The hookers I recently read an article about he would use another male merch tech with the news. And I think we should work to, uh, here, uh, here you can get more creative on, right? I write it nicer. Here. After the hook comes the value proposition we offer, uh, great smart locks. And after that comes the call to action, which Ah, let's talk. Um, here's a calendar appointment and you can sentiments will a link with this function. You consent him as well, link. And it goes, as you can see here, toe 123 people. And you can see that the first name is green because, like all of them have the new stack filled out on their first name. Tech, uh, filled out, but not the news. Then use one on Lee. This one has filled out. So if you decide to send it, you click consent and your first email is a female badge is ready to go out. You can see a zero all of free Imus being processed, okay. And they're sent here. You can trick in your, uh, in your email books. Here's the email. And as you can see, it automatically filled out my first name and you can see about test news, testing, testing. It's exactly what we filled out before in the, um in the contact details off the person. And as you can see, it's like an awesome way toe customize e mails and contact people. So they think that all of these emails are very, very unique and not span emails and not, um, generic ultimatum emails, um, the same process. You'll use them as we discussed before for the follow up and the second follow up email. So the whole process looks like it could look like that on Monday. You send out the first email, the first cold email, introducing yourself and with the, um, hook value proposition and call to action. On Wednesday, you sent the next one, which was reminding the person off the mail, which you send on Monday. And if he didn't reply to this one, you send on Friday another reminder about the two e mails you sent before, and it is very, very. It's very you are very likely that you will get a response that is all for base basis. As I told you, a great tool for your customer relationship management. I really recommend it to you and thank you for your attention. See you in the next lecture by 10. CRM: Free alternative: Hello, everyone. I'm really excited about this tool as well. At this tool is called Strake. It's ah serum system for Gmail and is inside female. So you don't need to leave Gmail to use straight as all the other tools. It is very similar. It has a chrome extension which you install, and after install it, you have to functionality of straight within Gmail. So let's go ahead. Click on the button. I have already I have straight already installed. And after you install Strake, you will have here a new menu on the top, which is called Strike. He You have the settings where you can addressed everything toe how you needed toe look like And yep, here you will have the A new category which is called pipelines. And by clicking on you, you can add a new pipeline. So basically here are really existing pre existing templates for different kind of pipelines. We are interested, for example, for now, and the sales pipeline, the sales process, Hugh. But you condone you. They have, like lots of different templates, which are really, really helpful. If you feel like it, you can design your own template yourself so How does a straight work the basic idea office , that every lead or every case has its own box and all the information which you gather on this lead or on this customer, go into this one box? So all the emails go into this box as well as all the details, like the phone number and so on and so on. So if we take, take into account what we learned in our previous lectures where you made a customer list, you can, for example, upload here the first batch off your customers, which you want to contact. Healed, for example, have, like columns like the name off the company, the name off the person, the email off the person on the news. And as I explained already before, then you do a male merger. Use all this information to get a response from the person. It's quite easy toe at columns. He you can at them different columns, and there is well, magic columns, which count, for example, the emails. It's really, really awesome. Straight is really awesome. You should like look into it and play around with it because it has lots of very interesting and helpful functions. For now, I have here created two boxes and as you can see there like in elite stage if I want to change them from example from Leeds toe the contacted state because, like I sent them an email because, like, if you want to look here, you can see I send it here. An email. Here are the people who are in the email. So all the email addresses here, I can add note. Um, yeah. Exactly. And feel out this this form here. Ah, and you can as well A just a lot of stuff at additional columns and fields. What is interesting as well is that this male a male merging function as I told you before . So I, for example, at all the leads I marked them. And then I go toe, um, send more emails to boxing to e mails. And here I can add an email. So basically, here I have the people. That's both both me for now. And I can start like, writing now test email And as well as I already said, you can do the mergers where you can hear by clicking here. You can see on and take out the data from the columns which you put in before toe make like in personalized email. So hello. And then comes the first name, for example. Mm. I read and then you use, um, again the mail merging form. Um, as we discussed before you have the email, then you have the hook. After the who comes the value proposition. And after the value proposition comes, um comes to call to action. So basically, with this tool, you can as well build a whole sales process is really, really nice because it is integrated within your Gmail. You don't need to leave Gmail, and you have all the information in one place, and you can move them around your boxes. You can move them around toe the next stage by, for example, double clicking and putting them in what I really like about strike. It's the visualization where you can see at a glance where which delis and that's like, priceless. Thank you very attention. And see you in the next lecture by 11. Bonus: LinkedIn Leads: So let's start with back soup and actually really, really excited about tax soup because it's changed a lot off things in our sales process. And in autumn it ties the lead generation over linked in. So what is actually a taxi taxi is an extension for chrome pros. Um, and linked in profiles are viewed by a browser as if you were viewing the professed manually at packs of confused over 7000 professed per week in the paid plan. But we'll start with the free plan, where you can view up to 100 customers elites at linked in. And when you visit this profiles, Lincoln tells, tell us your customers. You viewed their profiles and the prospects become aware of you and started viewing your profile. They check out your side, connect with you Link review, and that might lead to business. So let's get started. First, you need to get the chrome extension you click on Get started. The chrome Web store opens. You added to chrome. I haven't already added, It's this I can hear, and after you have that, you visit your linked in profile before you start, you need to optimize your linked in profile. So it is attractive and attracts potential customers to visit your profile and to check you out. So the first thing we'll do is we'll go and edit our profile. I hear already edited the headline Eso Here's no people's regular position but like interesting headland, which will make my potential customers check out my profile and, um, connect with me. Additionally, after you have that here, you can as well put in a summary here as well created a small fragment which meets the smart lock thing here at that. So I have here a good headline and, uh, summary. And now we need to look at the privacy setting so people actually see when I visit their side. So the first thing what you want to do is check here on the privacy profile viewing option , and you want that people see, actually that here my name. And then here's a headline from where I am that is perfect. After you have that you want us well to check out that people, um, and actually see your profile and your profile pictures if they're not connected with U. S. So if you go to your profile here, then Goto manage public profile settings. That's how people see my profile at the present moment. I want them to see my picture. I want to them to see my headline, which we decided, and I want them to see my summary. The skills and everything else is you can as well at, um, but this profile needs to be good enough so people will actually get interested and click on your profile and check you out. So after we changed the privacy settings on now, weaken, try the visit companies, which we defined before in our customer profile, and check them out here. So let's same. I will look here for companies, uh, which are in the door industry, and you're already people which are showing up and here on the side, I can check out the locations our like now truth. For example, here Poland is location, and you can choose stand this will the industry, for example, building materials or construction. You can hear filter very well in the paid plan off linked in you can It's world, then filter by functions that, for example, you want the engineers, the marketing department and so on and so on. But as you can see here, I have ready the first batch of people which are from the industry. And here duck soup turned green. What I now do is I click here on visit profiles and what will now happen is that tax soup will now start opening each profile off every person which was found here in the search and automatically visit them. So this people will then get notified that I visited their profile and they will most likely check me out. So after you used your 100 free profile visits, you can count on an average look back. Great off about 10% and 20 to 30% will then continue to view your website. And then approximately 10% of those people will link with you and they might start start to cooperate with you. This one is like a really, really nice solution. Toe automatically generate elites with very little work. Okay, thank you very much for your attention and seeing the next lecture by 12. Bonus: Find Emails: Hello again and not awesome tool for finding people's email addresses. It's clear bit for clear, but you'll need two things you will need Gmail and the Chrome browser. After you have Gmail, your Gmail account open you then go to connect dot clear but dot com And here you have already the button in still chrome extension. When you click on it, he you can then install it. I already have installed um, the chrome extension. Hugh will then ask you a few questions and link on to link your chrome bit extension with your Gmail, you will need to give them a few permissions toe Do so. So I would hear quickly demonstrate you how awesome the extension is after you have installed it. You have here on the top and new, um, new option, which just here to clear bit connect. You click on it, uh, find an email and then you just type the company off. Who you want to find? Somebody's contact details. So let's say I want to find for key to office the contact details the company's called key toe office and here click on them and I see here I found myself and I found all the people away, the other people in all the other email addresses which are registered with this company. So if I, for example, see the email address off the booking side, hear a click on them and it loads me, then the here you can see them, the the address of it. And then you can use this address to contact the person directly. This a clear business as well has a free plan and the pay plan. And in the free plan, you can visit quite a lot off. Um, search quite a lot of email addresses off potential customers. So thank you for you. Attention. I hope you like clear bid and you can make the most all of it by 13. Wrap up: so hello again. Thank you very much for watching my course. Thank you for choosing my course. I hope you found something valuable. And I hope you will implement the sales pipeline into your company. This one is like a quick wrap up off what you hurt in this lecture. In the beginning, we talked about the customer profile, how to make the customer profile, and then how to make the lists and feel the list with relevant data. How to collect this data. Then we talked about how to reach out to your leads, to convert them into prospecting into customers. We talked about the males, how they should be structured, initial contact full up, one full up to within the week. After that, we talked in the second section about base the CRM system, the customer relationship management program, where I showed you how you can use it to scale your operation and how you can do more with in less time. And in the first section we talked about linked in and how you can use LinkedIn for generating more leads. So if you like the course, please leave me a positive review out. Really appreciate that This was the first course in a serious off the future of sales courses. So please stay tuned and look for updates for new courses. Thank you and see you in the next course by