Fused Glass Printing With Stencil Screens and Powder

Robert Chalmers, Robert Chalmers - Author

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5 Videos (18m)
    • 1. Powder Printing - Trailer

    • 2. Powder Printing - Welcome

    • 3. Powder Printing - What You Need

    • 4. Powder Printing - Setting Up The Stencil

    • 5. Applying the Powder


About This Class

I wanted to show the details of how I set up the screens I use in my powder printing studio work, so that both beginners and those with lots of experience can get a good idea of how this process happens. This of course is only one way, but I’ve found it excellent when using the very fine powder most often used in painted enamels on fired glass. It’s can also be used when using the coarser Frit powders used in general firing. The powder stays dry, and there is no mess.


This is a course for beginners in which you will learn the basics of setting up a screen for printing onto glass, then firing the glass.

You will now find a BasicFiringSchedule pdf file attached to course in Class Info





Robert Chalmers

Robert Chalmers - Author

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