Funny Piggy with Donut. Art Project for Kids. Step-by-step Lesson for Young Beginners. | Natalia Crucian | Skillshare

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Funny Piggy with Donut. Art Project for Kids. Step-by-step Lesson for Young Beginners.

teacher avatar Natalia Crucian

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Class overview

    • 2. Step 1: Prepare materials

    • 3. Step 2: Painted paper

    • 4. Step 3: Cut and glue

    • 5. Step 4: Draw details

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About This Class

In this class we'll create this funny artwork using different techniques: we will paint, cut, glue and draw!


This class was created specifically for beginner artists. The lesson is divided into short videos, so your child can take a break at any time and then continue working.

Take note: Young artists aged 4 to 6 years need the assistance of an adult (especially when working with scissors).

In this class your kid will learn:

  • basics of collage technique: how to make painted paper, work with templates, cut and paste
  • how to blend white and red to get pink
  • how to add hand-drawn details using oil pastels
  • how to create objects from simple shapes

Dear parents, please read the “Note for parents” before the lesson. You can download it in “Resources” section on “Projects & Resources” page.

For this class you will need:

  • printouts that you can find in “Project and Resources” section: a sketch that can be used as a sample and a sheet with templates that can be very useful for beginner artists
  • pack of white thick paper A4
  • creamy consistency and good coverage tempera, gouache or acrylic paints: white, red and yellow colors
  • oil pastels or crayons, brown, red and blue colors (in this lesson I use FILA Giotto Oil Pastels by Lyra Set of 12)
  • large flat or round brush for paints (in this lesson I use MÅLA brushes by IKEA) and a small flat brush for glue
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • liquid school glue or glue stick
  • palette
  • paper tape (optional)
  • cup of water
  • desk pad and wet cloth to protect the tabletop from stains and marks

Let's start creating!


Music used in the course from
"Wholesome" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

Meet Your Teacher


I'm Natalia. I love creating step-by-step art projects for kids.

In my experience I know that young artists need short and simple lessons. At the same time they want to create a great and bright picture. That's why my classes are short in time and easy to make.

I am convinced that every child loves to create and we just need to find the right way.

I wish your child fun and great success on the creative path!

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1. Class overview : Hey, guys, this lesson will create these funny PG with a doughnut. Hearst will make a painted paper. Then we're going to cut on glue. Finally, we'll make a little less with Koreans. This picture is a really easy to create hope to see in this lesson. See you later. 2. Step 1: Prepare materials : for this lesson will need a sick white paper as the basis of the picture. Several ships off white copy paper. You can also print these kitsch. This is a sample where we're going to beheaded. You can keep the sketch close to you and use it as a reference. You might also need templates, but it's optional off course. You can draw these shapes yourself, but I have a comment using templates for very young Children. If you're going to use them, please God. The shapes out before our lesson. You can find these printouts in the lesson materials. We'll also need white, yellow red pains. Temporal Gorsha acrylic paints. I use gosh well past ALS or crayons. Will need brown, blue and red colors. A pencil, some Caesar's. If your kid doesn't to use seasons yet, you can help toe cut out the shapes, glue stick or liquid. I prefer leak with glue, a pilot, large brushes for pains fled around and a small brush for liquid glue. Clean water. I will also use at paper tip to fix the paper when I paint, but it's optional. Dry tower will need it. One of the glue to keep my tabletop clean. I have a desk pad and a dem tower. That's all we need. Let's get started 3. Step 2: Painted paper: the spot is going to be very simple. If we are going to make a painted paper for the PG, his boots and a doughnut, I need my pains, brushes, ballot and white paper. I'm going to fix the paper with the tape. Don't worry. If you don't have a paper tape, it's optional. Let's start with yellow. I'll put some of my paint on the planet. I'm going to use my large flat crash. You can use any brush you have flat around. I'm going to paint over the paper with bold Greek strokes. We don't need to paint over the whole paper because we'll need just a piece of yellow. Okay, I'm done with yellow. I'm going to wash my brush a beat and wipe it with a towel. I'm going to put this paper is side and I'll take another piece of white sheet. Now we're going to make a being color for the PG guys do know how we can get pink. Of course, we need red and white. We need quite a lot of white paint and a drop of Fred. Start with a tiny drop of Fred. You can always add more. Read later, I'm going to get a little afraid I'll take my large fled, brash and bland pains. Well, I'm going to test the color on another piece of paper. I can see these teams is topo. I want to make it just a tiny little darker. So I let some more it. Well, I can see my pinkies tube right now, so I'm going to have a little white. This is how we can play with teens. I'm going to test this color. I like this pink. I'm paying to know what the paper. It's better to paint in different directions to smooth the paint. Go up and down back and fools. I just apply random pro strokes. - Okay , My painted papers ready? You can take a short break while the paint dries. You can wash your brushes and palette. In the meantime, we don't need them. If you haven't got the templates yet, you can do it now. See you later. 4. Step 3: Cut and glue: my pain doesn't try. I have my templates. I plan so Caesar's glue, Russian palette for glue and the dry toe. Okay, let's start with a body template. I need my Penick paper. Place the template and trace the shape for the pig's body. Let's got it out first. I'm going to cut along these line because I want to cut all these parts. I need my Caesar's. If you don't know how to use sees us, you can ask your mom or dad to help you. Here's the piglets body. I'm going to make the years. He has my template. You can use it the same way as we did before. You can place and trace the shape. This will be the right here. To make the left year, you need to tell the template over and trace it. I'm not going to use the template for years. I like these fancy shape of the years and I'll show you how to make them. So if you're ready to make us without tracing, follow me, then I want to cut out the rectangle like these. I need to cut it into two parts. I want to see how these years will look on the body. They're nice. We need to place the body and the years of the paper to find the right place. Put your hand on the top of the paper. I take my three fingers. You can take your four or five fingers and make a little note with a pencil. Let's place the body on this mark. Let's go the parts. Pour some glue the palate. I'm going to use my brush for glue. Apply glue around the edges, place on the paper, press the detail with your hand, all with a dry toe. Now I'm going to glue the years. I want to turn the years around and around until I like how they look. I like this option. I'm going to glue the last year and that idea. Let's make hands for the PG. I didn't prepare to him place for hands because I want you to make them yourself. I'll show you my sample. You can see these funnies, uber simple hands you could easing to make them yourself. I'm going to cut out a rectangle and then got it in half. You will probably get different shapes, and that will be great. I want to place the hands this way. I bless the left hand in the middle off the left side and the right hand in the middle of the right side. Let's glue. - Let's stay the yellow paper and boots templates. You can see their boots have different sizes. One book is a little bit bigger than the other. I did it on purpose. It makes the picture funny. His before you can trace these templates or you control boots yourself. I'm going to trace one boot and I'll cut out the second boat without tracing. So I'm tracing the first boot. Now I'm going to cut it out. You could easily cut the shape along the outer lies, but it can be a little harder. Tokat in the area of the inside corner. I'm going to show you how to make it easier for ask. Let's cut along these lines. The hardest part of card is in this corner. We're going to cut along these lines and then alone thes line toward the corner. I'll show you alone, one line to the corner and alone that are they lying to the corner? That's it. This is the first boot. It's time for the second boot. Let me remind you that you can use the template. This is a little easier or you can cut without any template like me. It's a little more challenging. Place the boots on the body and we can glow these boots, the left boot and the right boot. Now we need to make a nose. He is a space for a fantasy. You can make it around. Oh, you could make it over. My option is something between a square and rectangle I want to cut out and random shape. Well, they swan is nice. I'd like to add a little pink sport. These one is okay. It's time to make a doughnut. He has my template trays and cut out. Maybe you want to make a cookie on ice cream instead of a doughnut. Go ahead. - I'm going to blow the doughnut. All the biggest hand. We're almost done. We just need to edit tales with all pastors. Let's take a short break, clean up the workplace and throw away the scripts 5. Step 4: Draw details: Let's draw the biggest face I need my all the pastels. You can use your Koreans. I'm going to use my blue oil pastor for eyes one small dot and another small dot I like these white set eyes. They look cute now. I need my red pastoral. Two small dots on the nose. I'd like to add some red icing on the doughnut. Next, I need my brown pesto for the Mahdi Bottle. We all know that Biggs love Mahdi bottles. We can draw random lines go up and down, back and forth. You could make a little mass under the PG. Let's add some mud on the boots. Let's add funny full cheeks. I'd like to add small, dirty sports on here, maybe all hands. But please don't make too many sports on the piglets because the picture may become too dirty. That's enough. Well, we are done. I like my piggy do like yours. I really hope you do. This lesson is over. See you next time. By