Funky Letters: Turn Your Hand Lettering Into Epic GIFS! | Linda & David | Skillshare

Funky Letters: Turn Your Hand Lettering Into Epic GIFS! staff pick badge

Linda & David, A couple of creative folks

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8 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Intro to Funky Letters!

    • 2. What you'll need

    • 3. Preparing your GIF designing process

    • 4. Project n°1 / The stacking effect

    • 5. Project n°2 / The flickering effect

    • 6. Project n°3/ The word switch effect

    • 7. How to export your GIFS

    • 8. A few last technical tips!

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About This Class

Are you familiar with hand lettering and want to learn a few cool & creative ways to take it further and make some even more captivating visuals with it? We say it’s time to transform it into an awesome GIF!

Creating animated GIFS is easy and fun. By using your own lettering you will immediately manage to create some awesome and unique moving images for your blog, portfolio, instagram and all kinds of online projects.

Join us as we introduce you to our own easy creative process. This visually rich and fun class will take you through every step of 3 different lettered animation projects to inspire you to start experimenting. We’ll also teach you all the basic tips you need to know about making funky hand lettered GIFS and how to export them!

This course is open to people who are familiar with lettering and who know how to digitise it, but it can also be interesting for people who are not into lettering and want to experiment with other design elements to get a quick glimpse of how basic GIFs work. The GIF making process requires Photoshop.



Key lessons include:

  • How to visualize & compose a creative lettered GIF
  • How to pick the right format for your GIF
  • What you’ll need and what to set aside to make your animating process as quick & easy as possible
  • Ideas of how you can animate your lettering in different ways
  • Full process & step by step procedure behind x3 of our own handlettered GIF projects
  • Cool process shortcuts & tricks we use to save time
  • How to export & share your GIFS for different purposes (social media, blogging, digital projects)
  • Technical tips to make your GIFS look their best

This class is perfect for all kinds of creatives who are familiar with lettering and creating their own visual content. Knowing how to use your lettering to create a fun GIF will allow you to generate incredibly unique and captivating visuals that will feel much more engaging than a still image. If you’re ready to experiment and experience the fun that comes with the process, you’ll love this casual, fun and interactive course.

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