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Fundraising with Photographers

teacher avatar Monique Rodriguez, Furtographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (2h 59m)
    • 1. Fundraising Course Commercial

    • 2. Fundraising course intro

    • 3. Fine art sale

    • 4. Fine art extra materials

    • 5. Billboards

    • 6. Billboard extra materials

    • 7. Calendar

    • 8. Calendar extra materials

    • 9. Gift certificates

    • 10. Gift certificates extra materials

    • 11. Greeting Cards

    • 12. Greeting cards extra materials

    • 13. Mini sessions part 1

    • 14. Mini sessions part 2

    • 15. Mini sessions extra materials

    • 16. Photobooth

    • 17. Photobooth extra materials

    • 18. Socks

    • 19. Socks extra materials

    • 20. Tshirts

    • 21. Tshirts extra materials

    • 22. Vehicle Wrap

    • 23. Vehicle wrap extra materials

    • 24. Closing

    • 25. Bidding apps extra materials

    • 26. Emailmeform extra materials

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About This Class

Fundraising with Photographers is a resource for photographers AND causes. If you are photographer wanting to raise fund for your favorite cause this is for you. If you are a cause wanting to team up with a photographer for a fundraiser this is for you.

This course will give you 10 ideas for fundraisers from easy to advanced. Each section will be broken down into 10 elements.

Timeline, Cost, People Needed, Collaborations, Apps & Programs, Revenue Possible, Space Needed for Inventory, Space Needed for an Event, Marketing & Advertising, and One Time vs Annual.

Download the .pdf file to follow along with the videos under the "Your Projects" tab.

Taught by Monique Renee of

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Meet Your Teacher

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Monique Rodriguez



Hello, I'm Monique. Pet & People Furtographer at Silver Paw Studio based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 

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1. Fundraising Course Commercial: Are you a photographer wanting to raise funds for a cause? Do you think your only option ists photography? Many sessions? Are you having a tough time brainstorming other ways that your photography skills and abilities and talents can be used to help raise funds for your favorite cause? Are you a cause who collaborates with photographers or wants to team up with a photographer for a fundraiser? Are you not sure how photographer can help your cause? Monique Renee here, a photographer at Silver Pause Studio, and in this course I'm going to give you 10 ideas for fundraising with a photographer. 2. Fundraising course intro: Monique Renee here, a photographer at Silver Pau Studio. And in this course I'm going to give you 10 ideas for fundraising with a photographer. My experience has been primarily with animal shelters, rescues and causes. But all of these fundraising ideas can be used for any type of cause that you want to support. These ideas are from the perspective of a photographer helping the cause. I don't work day to day a nonprofit or cause, so if you're a cause, you may have access to tools and information that would work better than some that I list here. So keep that in mind. I've volunteered at animal shelters nearly every week for the last five years. Well, most of my time is spent photographing animals for their adoption portrait's. I am constantly brainstorming other ways to contribute. Often the shelter or cause will email me with an idea that they want to collaborate on, and sometimes I come up with ideas on my own. In this course will look at 10 ways to raise funds for a cause, collaborating with a photographer, and for each type of fundraiser I will break down whether they are more involved or very simple. All 10 are evenly spread between projects that will take several months and several different people to a really simple type that could use materials. And resource is you already have. Each project will be broken down into the three levels for both the cause to consider and the photographer. A simple level could use existing photographs, have very little effort for the cause or be a short event. Moderate level will require some pre planning, minimal collaboration and minimal staff ever for the cause. It will potentially have some income for the photographer and an opportunity to collaborate and have more creative license. Advanced level could be profitable overall for the cause and the photographer, and be able to work with the community on larger projects. Keep in mind that the photographer could choose to donate 100% of proceeds for any of these causes and types. But I want to be detailed and transparent that it is possible, and it's totally okay for a photographer to make some money from additional sales or services stemming from a fundraiser. This is an important consideration to discuss between the photographer and the cause. The last thing you want is any type of bad feelings or cross information about money. These are definitely first and foremost fundraisers. But if you lay out the terms together, then everyone can be profitable beyond money. If you are a beginning photographer, this could be an excellent way to add to an interesting portfolio of images and projects that you have worked on. Something else to keep in mind for any of these types of projects is no matter how much planning and advertising and marketing you might find that each kind needs to build up steam, meaning you might have to do them for one or two or three years before your community and your supporters start to realize, Oh, this is a project I've heard of, and they only do once year. I definitely want to participate. It's difficult sometimes for people to try something new. So if it's a projects that the cause and the photographer really like, it's worth trying again. Another time, Perhaps weather wasn't on your side or you weren't able to find enough volunteers or you didn't give yourself enough time. And there's so many factors to consider. So trying to give up on some of these ideas too quickly and obviously take creative liberties. If ah fundraiser seems to fulfill 80% of what you're looking for in this project, but you want to change 20% go for it. Whatever works best for your fundraiser, I want to preface all of these projects with saying you need to confer with attacks and legal professional for advice for your particular area. Laws, rules and tax considerations are all different in all areas. The country stay cities and world. It is up to you for either the cause or photographer to find out how you can legally implement each of these types of fundraisers. Beyond researching the physically local laws, rules and tax implications, you also need to consider online and social media rules. Each platform has their own rules and guidelines for drawings, contests, fundraisers and promotions. For each project, there will be a breakdown of 10 fast fax in each project will talk about the following points, the timeline the timeline needed. This is the time that it will take for the entire project start to finish. I consider the starting point of a project to be when all the parties commit to making it happen. For most projects that I've worked on, it's been when we have agreed via email or in person that, yes, we want to collaborate and work together on this fundraiser, and we decide on the date that we want Teoh go live as you'll see in some of these projects . You need quite a long time line, and some you could probably do within just a few weeks. Definitely. Keep in mind, though, any fundraiser worth putting some work into is worth putting just as much work into the marketing and advertising. The point of all this is to raise funds for the cause, and you want to let people know well in advance all the details but timelines what's involved and get all of the excitement rubbed up. Two is cost. Of course, cost needs to be a big consideration. Some projects there needs to be an initial outlay of cash to make the project happen, So this definitely needs to be a conversation between the cause and the photographer. One party or the other could potentially take on costs of the project. For example, in the mini session idea. If you're having it, be a theme, the photographer may already have props that fit or be willing to buy them. If it's something that will work for the rest of what they already buttery or it could be, the case of the cause could purchase supplies as a non profit at a lower cost. We will talk about individuals and businesses potentially sponsoring projects as well. Third is people needed. So the third consideration is what people need to be involved. Now this is the people on the staff of the cause or the photography studio. So it may be the marketing director at the cause. Or it could be the manager. Or it could be a volunteer, very enthusiastic and committed about the project. Or it could be several people needed at the cause for the photography studio. You will, of course, need the photographer, and sometimes the photographer needs to hire an assistant or two or is collaborations needed. Some of these projects will need collaborations with maybe a graphic designer or a vendor of that type of product, or even a venue or location. Making sure you have all of your collaborations on board for every step of the fundraiser is critical five is ABS or programs. Another aspect is the Alps are programs that are generally needed. This is a very common question and something that takes quite a bit of research in this section. For each type, I'm going to give you real world examples of amps and programs used by photographers and causes to help streamline all pieces of each project. Six is revenue. Of course, it's nice to know what is the potential revenue possible for each type of fundraiser and we're available. I'll give you some real world examples of how much money has been raised, but how you run the fundraiser can make quite a bit of difference in actual revenue. For example, if you choose to do a one of these fundraisers, but modify it for maybe in your timing or the staff available, you can have mawr or less potential revenue generated. Or, if you decide to take what some causes have is, ah, once a year fundraiser and make it on going fundraiser. That could change quite a bit, but I want to give you some idea of what the potential costs and revenue generating possibilities are for each type of fundraiser of course, there's always a disclaimer of your results will vary. Seven Is space needed for inventory, and for most causes, you have limited space available to store inventory, so I added this segment as an aspect to consider for each type of fundraiser. If you really just don't have any space to store inventory, you might want to consider either finding someone who can store inventory or skipping to a different type of fundraiser. Eight Is space needed for the event? Now? Some of these ideas are event based. You may need to find a business or venue to reserve for an actual event. This could be in conjunction with a fundraiser or gala you already have planned. Or it could be in a location of one of your current sponsors or supporters. There will be details of space needed for events in any of the fundraiser types. That it should be considered in nine is marketing and advertising. To make any fundraiser a success, you need to put effort into the marketing and advertising. So when you're looking at the timeline needed, that will include marketing and advertising time. I have found that sometimes I get so excited about a fundraiser opportunity and have implemented within a month. And I am disappointed with the results. And every time I look back, I realized hence because I didn't give enough time for the supporters a chance to participate. So every time I give people a little more time to participate or purchase or pass on the word of the event, it's much more of a success. You will hear me emphasize marketing and advertising over and over over In this course, it's extremely important. The 10th is whether you choose to this as a one off or every year. Typically, once you have the systems in place and you've done it once or twice, it can be fairly simple to make fundraisers annual or even on going. But other times is either a very special type event or it's tied to a holiday or a fad at the time. So you may only want to do this one time. With all of these points in place and thinking about what photographers and causes need to be responsible for and prepared for. I think you're ready to start getting into each individual fundraiser. Ah, little deeper 3. Fine art sale: an art sale as a fundraising idea can come. In many forms, art sales can be a one time event or they can be on going. The nice thing for a cause with an art sale is they really don't need to do much beyond saying Sure, you can donate money to us. For the photographer, this is a nice way to create some fine art pieces to donate to the cause and potentially raise revenue for your own studio. In my experience, I paired up the mini session fundraising event with my art sale. I took images from the spring me from the shelter, flower collar and crown portrait sessions with the adoptable dogs and created a few fine art pieces from them. So I would consider this a simple to moderate level fundraiser. The timeline commitment for an art sale really depends on whether you already have some fine art pieces created, and if you're choosing to sell them at a specific event that's already scheduled for the cause, there really is no commitment Now. The cost for running and art sale type fundraiser can be a little bit higher than for some others for the photographer. If you set up the agreement between the cause and the photographer, there should really be no cost for the cause. The photographer will print the images in the finish and material that they want to use, and all the cost could be paid for by the photographer. For my example. The 16 by 16 frame prints We printed those on our professional level printer in our office studio, and then I purchased some simple black gallery style frames from a local art supply store. So my cost for Prince is a little less than $20 each. People are staff needed for this type of fundraiser are really just the photographer. Of course, if you're a photographer, you should let the cause know that you're planning to this type of fund raiser. They may wanna have a say in the final images or design to be sure that it's in alignment. Was there mission collaborations needed for this type of fundraiser are also very minimal, essentially just the person in charge at the cause and the photographer. If you have a personal relationship with a print lab or a framing shop, you may be able to collaborate with them to have the printing or framing done at a lower cost. You can also collaborate with a local business or gallery toe host and our show. Some businesses and restaurants haven't Artist of the Month program. Keep an eye open everywhere you go in town for potential places to host and our show. One of the great things about this type of fundraiser is it. There is no special abs or programs needed as a professional photographer. I just use my normal programs, like Adobe Photo Shop for Payment. APS. I use what I normally use in my studio, which would be QuickBooks go mobile AB or Pay Power. Or I could even meet people in person if they'd rather pay, say, by check. So ABS and programs for this type of fundraiser are extremely minimal. The revenue possible with an art sale type fundraiser can very quite a bit. That's 16 by 16 frame prints that I offer. I have marked at $300 each. I'll be donating half of that to the shelter because these air somewhat larger prints, some spaces can only fit three, and some conf it more. For instance, I displayed three of the Prince at a local restaurant for one month as their artist of the month. I include the little sign about each dog and about me. I also, of course, included rat cards and business cards for my studio. This fall, I'll be showing these images again for one month at another local shop. But you can rent a tent or space at a local event one day event like an art show, a music weekend or even a home show. Alternatively, anyplace that you're going to have a booth anyway like up had Expo five K or maker's market would be great venues. You do need some space for inventory. If the photographer is running this completely, it would be space needed in their facility, depending on how many and how big that you print. Be sure to carve out space in your storage area to keep the inventory. Generally, art pieces aren't stored at the cause, but you could arrange to have them hung at the cause offices for sale there. So that's something you would need to work out together. This type of event doesn't need a space to actually take the photos, but you, as a photographer, may want to invest in, ah, booth or space at a local event. The restaurants and shops that have offered to have me as the artist of the month charged nothing. Actually, it's very generous of these local businesses to showcase the art for sale two. For my favorite causes, marketing and advertising again should be done in a timely manner. If it's for an event that's already set for a specific date, obviously follow what they're already doing to advertise the event. Once you see that they have posted on maybe Facebook or their website, be sure it's a photographer to share it out the urban as well. I also like to make sure that I mentioned for a few weeks in my newsletter and post on all of my social media platforms. Once the event starts, if it's a a one night or one weekend event, even a one month event, I do at least one livestream, whether that be on Facebook or Instagram. And then I worked with the cause to share out the advertising that you're doing as the photographer. If the pieces that don't sell that particular weekend or event, you can also offer to sell them from your website as a photographer or just have them for sale in your studio. Make sure you mentioned that you have these art pieces for sale on ongoing basis, so people remember this is generally a one time type of fundraiser. The photographer may have a specific Siri's or type of art pieces that they have created as a one time creation. So as a photographer, be thinking about the booth that you've maybe already secured for, say, a Pet Expo wine tasting music festival. Anything else that we've listed now that you'll already be up and incorporate the art sale at that event, Ah, bonus tip would be to sell art pieces in the silent auction of the causes Annual or our annual gala. I suggest having a touching story, a company, the pieces, many people attending the Gala Mary member or relate to the story. So using an art sale as a fundraiser for your favorite cause is really nice for the cause, because there's really nothing they have to dio most of our causes. They have so many things already on their plate that they need to dio. So organizing ah art sale type fundraiser could be really a nice bonus to their existing marketing plan for the year 4. Fine art extra materials: for the Fine Art Sale Fundraiser. I wanted to give you a really quick look inside photo shop Teoh, the simple artwork that I created for a recent sale. This is from my spring me many sessions. You've seen another part of the course I have already edited out gleision. Anything distracting in the background. And I got this graphic from a site that I belong to called Squeeze You. And it's just a water color. I want, like the watercolor look with all the flowers and pastel colors. And so I use that on one layer and in here in this screen recording, I'm looking for clipping mask. You've probably seen me use this another part of this course, and you simply right click and go to clipping mask. And whatever's underneath of that image will become almost a frame or a mask for that photo to be with in. And so you could see there's all kinds of ways. Photo shop is endless that you can edit these fine art pieces. Here. You can see where I've messed around with the mask a little bit taken, some of it in and out, and it bleeds off into the corners a little bit. So there you go. That's one of my art pieces. And then, of course, I can't do a tutorial without can va. It seems so. Camba dot com Ah, place that I live. I wanted pieces to go with each one of the fine art pieces explanation. So here is just about the artist that you'll see it a lot of fine art shows. So I have all of my different elements in here. My head shot about me, my logo, where people can contact me things like that, because these are art pieces for sale and people will contact my studio. Ah, And in camp, I also created little placards for each individual fine art piece. These were all of adoptable dogs, and I wanted to tell their story. I really feel like the story is as important as the photograph. So the photograph is, ah, lower transparency in the background with the words over the top, the organization that the dog waas available through or still is available through and how much each of the images cost. So the idea is they can take this placard home with them when they buy this fine art piece , so I simply download these as pdf's and printed them on card stock at my home printer to mount with the fine art display. If you want an idea of what this looks like, hung in a space, hop on over to the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel. The accompanying video to go with this portion of the course is there, and I have some footage here of, Ah, place that I did hang these fine art pieces for sale. So a little idea of how you can use this in the real world over on YouTube. So I invite you to head on over to the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel and consider this bonus section of this course. 5. Billboards: billboards are a larger than life fundraiser. People love to see their images huge on display in their own town. The best way to run on Billboard fundraiser is to pair it with someone winning at an auction or a drawing for the chance for a photo session. So while you can use existing images, it can raise even more money. If you have people vying over the chance to have a custom photo session specifically for the billboard, I'll consider this a moderate level type fundraiser. One of the keys to having a billboard being a fundraiser is to team up with the company that manages the billboards in your town and see if they would be willing to donate the space income for a photographer is a potential for this type of fundraisers as well. Photographers can donate the session and any other studio credit or products that they would like Teoh and and then potentially have ability to sell their images to the client as well beyond what they need for the billboard, for example, at the dog rescue, the cause may want an image of just the dog, but when you scheduled a purchase session, you can include the entire family in the images as well. You'll create an image for the cause and their billboard, but you'll also create photographs for the client winter that they can have the option to purchase be on just the one image of their dog. Of course, as a photographer, you can choose to donate a portion of these proceeds as well. The timeline for a billboard can actually breathe pretty short, but with most of these fundraising ideas, a timeline mostly consists of the marketing and advertising time. Of course, you need to consider the timing of the photographer and time of day ham and the design process so it can take just a few weeks or up to two or more months. But be sure to factor in the final design time back and forth between whoever is designing it and the committee or individual. Approving the final design and another element of timing for a Billboard type fundraiser is to potentially time it in a time of year where the weather is good. If the portrait sessions were going to be outside, and you might also consider the billboard being posted at a time that a slower time for your cause. For instance, it the Animal House shelter that I worked with. They have fewer adoptions during the springtime, so it was important for them to have the billboards go up during the spring to draw people into the shelter. If you have a cause that centered around a certain time of year or event, even a holiday definitely backtrack that time. So when the billboard is posted, they'll have plenty of time to advertise. For that event. The cost of running a billboard fenders or can vary wildly. The best way to try is to work out a deal or donation of the billboard space. Billboards can run from several $100 full retail, up to 1 to $2000. That cause that I spoke with about how they ran their billboard had different experiences for one of the causes. The billboard company donated one of the signs for a specific amount of time around 2 to 4 weeks, and for another cause. They offered them a two for one so they could have two different billboards for the price of one in different areas of town. This is definitely the type of fundraising That would be good to know somebody who runs the local billboards in your town and have a designer on staff. This leads us right into the people needed for this type of fund raiser. Of course, you'll need a contact person at the cause and a photographer and potentially a graphic designer. Now collaborations are really key. With this kind of fundraiser, you'll be working with the cause and the photographer and the billboard company. And, as I said, potentially an outside graphic designer ABS needed for this type of fund raiser are pretty simple. An app to track how you're going to collect the donations for the fundraising piece. The up email me form dot com is a great way for people to pay to have the opportunity to be chosen for the custom portrait session. You could run this like an auction, and the person who donate the most at a certain amount of time wins the session. The other app, you'll mean, is some kind of a design program. Whether it be, it'll be Photoshopped or in design, because this is a fairly straightforward rectangle design that you don't need anything to elaborate, and one of the big questions that has asked about billboard fundraisers by photographers is how big mega pixel or resolution image you need, and you really don't need that big oven image. These are seen at such a great distance that the fine tune level of adjustment is unnecessary, and one company I researched Onley required 400 by 1400 pixel at 72 d p. I. One thing to keep in mind with the design is keep it large and simple people. Obviously you have a millisecond to see your message. Having a striking photograph, your logo and a simple 3 to 5 word call action or tagline is perfect. The revenue possible is highly dependent on whether the billboard is donated in the scenario where that it's donated. It depends on how you choose the aunt to offer the custom portrait session. If you choose auction style, you can have an opening bid of however much you would like, and whatever ends up whoever ends up at the end of your bidding time. Winning is how much you generate. Keep in mind that your people, your supporters of your cause, this is especially a good friend razor. If you have a few high end supporters willing to say arm wrestle over the chance to have their pet or image on a billboard in town. And with that scenario, you can start with a higher opening auction amount. If you have a supporter base, it has many, many people. You could always offer it at a flat per entry fee and then randomly choose a winner. Either way, you can make several $100 on this type of fundraiser has he will not be storing the actual billboard? There's no need for any inventory space with this type of fundraiser now the space needed for the actual event. There is no event associated with this, so you don't even need to worry about renting Are securing a space. But because it's paired up with a pork custom portrait session with your photographer, that photographer needs to choose a space for the sessions. Of course, for my studio, I just treat these like my normal sessions. So I meet with the winner client and we choose our location just like we would with any of my other portrait sessions. But if you would like to have a look that it's more of a studio look or say you like to have it in front of the cause building or in a particular area, be thinking of that for the portrait sessions. The marketing and advertising needed for a billboard fundraiser is pretty much the same. Has many of these fundraising options give yourself plenty of time to market the actual auction or drawing? Be sure to make this a limited time, so there's urgency to this type of auction or raffle fundraiser can be perfect to send out to your regular email newsletter. It's also a great fundraiser to advertise on social media wherever your normal followers hang out, whether it's Facebook or instagram, any of those platforms, not only can you make a regular post, but you can always boost or pay a small amount toe. Advertise it and you can add it to a story or make a video. These are all great ways to market a billboard fundraiser, and one of the great things about using a billboard as a fundraiser is that it is actually a marketing piece in and of itself, the time of the actual fundraising. This is an amazing way to just spread the news about your cause. Billboard fundraisers typically aren't done on an annual basis, as you need to do some of the negotiating with the billboard manager and owner. It's fund have these as a one off for one time type of event. Being such a special event will bring even more attention to this fundraiser. So having a billboard as a fundraiser, even if it's a one time event, can be really thrilling for your cause for your community and as the photographer eso I definitely consider this, especially if you know someone in town who manages our own some billboard space. 6. Billboard extra materials: for the billboards as a fundraiser idea. I wanted to pop over to my favorite app. Can va dot com and show you how easy it would be to design a billboard here. If you remember from the course details, you don't need a big image. All you need is 400 by 1400 at 72 d. P. I for a billboard graphic. Isn't that amazing? Now most of you will have a graphic designer that can design this for you pretty nicely and work closely with your billboard company. But I want to show you could at least do a mock up in Canada. Now, while I get this going, I want to say that in the course, we also talked about using the email me form AP. And there is a separate video about that since we use it in a few different modules. So look for that. If you're looking for the email, me form information so you could see in here. I just put in the 400 by 1400 dimensions and grabbed a photo that I have and added just some really simple big text. If someone is driving or even if they're parked, they don't have a lot of time to look at a billboard. Honestly, like really just have a few words up there that someone could very, very quickly glance and read the text that you have on a billboard and this could be Elektronik. It could be a printed billboard, but I I definitely recommend short and sweet because people just they can't see it and then choose a font this readable. This one's cute, but can you imagine seeing that from, you know, quarter of a block away? So really, consider the font style in your design of a billboard. That one's better and that one's OK, but a little bit a little bit busy so you could see here on this screen recording. I messed around with all the different Free Fonds Center in camba dot com until I found one I thought would work. So do that for your billboard mock up as well. And then in here I just wanted Teoh put in some little pop prints. Sometimes a billboard is mounted very close to the cause, or something that the cause wants to direct people to. For instance, at the Fort Collins cat rescue. They had a billboard put up near one of the places that they would have adoption days at a local pet supply store. They would have adoption days every weekend about a block away from the billboard s O. They put actual driving directions on there, which I thought was supercute. So that's kind of the idea I was going with Here s o the pop Prince to lead you over down the road to that place. Ah, I think after this, I decided those pop prints were just too busy and I tried some different pa prints. But you get the idea This would be a great place to just even put your logo the cause logo and, like a number ah, website or something very easy to remember. It could even be your logo and say next. Right, and that's it. I think that would be kind of intriguing, especially if you had a really eye catching image, which your photographer will make sure that you get through the contest with this type of a fundraiser. Eso, as you can see, really kind of mess around with this for quite a while. I go a little crazy and canvas sometimes. But there you go. That's pretty much all you need for a billboard. And so I definitely recommend checking out Can Va. As I've said, honestly, I am not sponsored by Can va. I just think what they have out there for us is so easy and wonderful. Although I have the full adobe sweet, I find myself in Camba constantly because they have all the different assets that I need for almost any project. But if you have a graphic designer on staff or volunteer, uh, use them as well they could. They have a wealth of, uh, APS at their fingertips to And, of course, I want to remind you to hop on over to the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel. Each one of the modules in this course has a corresponding video posted over on YouTube, so it's a little bit different content. It has some examples, as you can see here of some of the projects that I've worked on in these different types of fundraisers, and it's just a little bit more entertaining. You might see an area of the country, or you might see my little dog. Anyway, I definitely recommend you go check out the Silver Pas Studio YouTube channel and what I consider bonus extra content for this course. 7. Calendar: using calendars as a fundraiser is very popular. You can make this as simple or complex as you want in this section. We're going to dive into the complex style, but feel free to pick and choose how you want to implement these ideas. Keep in mind a calendar fundraiser done right. We'll take most of the year. You do not want to decide to create a counter near the end of the third quarter, or even especially into the fourth quarter. For these reasons, I'm gonna mark this type of fundraiser as advanced. Well, there's quite a bit of work involved once you have your systems in place and the staff and volunteers on board, this can be a lucrative fundraiser for the cause. And depending on how you run the fundraiser, the photographer can create some revenue for their studio as well. Calendar involves the entire community and your supporters, so it could be an exciting event that everyone looks forward. Teoh, the complex version has three phases of fundraising. One opportunity tohave an image on the calendar cover to his opportunity to have an image featured on a month and three is opportunity to have an image on a specific date inside the calendar for the cover phase for the counter I have found, featuring supporters pets as the photo on the cover is a coveted honor. As a photographer, I donate the session, plus a studio credit at the huge spring fundraising gala. The counter cover is one of the few items in the live auction. The auctioneer starts the bidding fairly low, and usually there are two people in the audience vying to win by raising their paddles. For the past four years, this alone has raised an average of $1200. After the event, the rescue emails me, the winners contact information, and I just take over from there and start my normal portrait session workflow. We usually have a deadline of July to have the session complete and the cover image chosen . All of the cause only needs one image of one pet. I always provide a full session with the family and any other pets. When we meet for their appointment to choose the calendar cover, they have the option of ordering from my full product menu. They have the studio credit that came with winning the auction, but they can order. Beyond that as well as the photographer, you can choose to donate a portion of these sales as well. For the month. Phase to be featured on a month is a separate contest. The cat Rescue I work with includes one month of the calendar cover prize winner as well, so the other 11 months are run as a photo contest. In August, there's a call for all the supporters to submit their own images. There's an entry fee for each photo, submitted the cause and arrows down the entries to about 30 and then opens the voting to the public. There can also be a small fee, like a dollar to vote on your favorite if you want to add that also for the date phase. Having AH, small image featured on specific calendar date is also open for a small fee. Obviously, there is a chance to sell 365 of these spots, and even with the small speed of, say, $10 you can raise up to $3650. Counter fund raisers require work over most of the year. If you're involving a volunteer in the process, be sure to make it clear the commitment is long term. The cost of print counters can be a stumbling block for this type of fundraiser. However, there are a few options to cover the cost. Keep in mind that fees for running the contest and fees for printing the calendar are separate and need to be factored into the overall cost of the counter fundraiser. Find a calendar sponsor or business for the animal rescue cause there is a local chain of pet supply stores. They sponsor the printing of the entire counter, and in exchange they print a coupon for their store on every page. Their logo is printed on the counter cover, and they're listed prominently in the spring gala program. Another option is to team up with a local printer. If they're willing to donate a significant portion of the cost. They can also be lasted somewhere in the calendar. They can also receive a shower on social media, in your newsletters and at the gala. Another option is to use an all in one calendar fundraising company like go go photo contest dot com. They don't have upfront costs, but they do take a percentage of each entry. 1/4 option is presales. Even before the calendars printed, you could offer a pre sell discount for a limited time. For instance, anyone who pre orders and pays, of course before, say, September 1st will only pay $20. Sales after September 1st will be full price. If you have enough preorders even go to press with the initial printing fee completely paid . And all of these ideas can be combined as well. You could potentially come out ahead financially before you even print one calendar. You will need to have 2 to 4 staff or volunteers of the cause helping with the calendar fundraiser. If you choose to do all three levels of fundraising, perhaps a sign a different person to each phase. Or you can have one very organized and committed volunteer our staff member work solely on this fundraiser with 1 to 2 P other people supporting them to check in throughout the project. You may also need a graphic designer, and many causes have a marketing staff member who is very skilled at graphic design. So that could be your staff member to design collaborations needed for a calendar for maximum fundraising can be numerous. We have the photographer, the printer, a graphic designer, sponsors and volunteers. The first year or two of coordinating will have the steepest learning curve. But once he's settled into a workflow that works for everyone, uh, the later years, while still being labor intensive, should run smoothly. Another area that could be a stumbling block to launching a calendar fundraiser are the ABS and programs that are needed. There are two main areas you will need an app or program. Number one is for the entries. If you are having a live auction for the cover, the program you have in place for the fundraiser at the gala is why you'll use individual entries can use email me form dot com, especially for phase two and three. This form will gather data payment information, photo submissions, and it integrates with many other APS like Google, Sweet Pay Pal Drell Oh, and Fresh books. There are tears to their pricing if you plan on hosting several online fundraisers like calendars are photo contests throughout the year and you want to track the data yourself. This could be a way to go. The second type of Apple beat calendar design. If you want to design from scratch, you can use an adobe program like in design. This is a good option. If you have a knowledgeable graphic designer working with you, you can also purchase simple calendar templates, and one place to find templates is on etc. And this is a good option if you want to fundraise only the cover, and the 12 months Canada dot com has a template section with several styles of calendar as well. Ah, third option is to use the calendar designer of your Printer Printing centre. Use a dot com you printing dot com got print dot com and Printing Center USA slash calendar fundraising are some options revenue possible for calendar fundraisers can be thousands of dollars. Some research showed organizations listing up to $40,000 raised. And a bonus idea for raising funds with calendars is to find a local business interested in gift encounters to all of their clients. This could be a big boost to your pre sale sales. Spacing it for inventory. You'll need some shelf space to store boxes off calendars. If you team up with a local business, they may be willing to sell calendars in their stores as well. For the Cat Rescue counter, the pet supply store chain agreed to pay to display and sell 10 colors at each of their stores. The storage, of course, needs to be inside in a dry climate, as you may be, storing them for a few weeks or months in the winter. There is generally no event associated with a calendar fundraiser. If you team up with a photographer to offer special photo sessions for the cover or even for the months of the calendar, this might be a fun event. Toe hold a mini session type day, and you can see the mini session portion of this course. This kind of fundraiser needs lots and lots of marketing and advertising. I know I say this with each type of fundraiser, but as this has several phases and last throughout the year, it will take an extra effort to market and advertise. It's a good idea to plan the timeline in phases you want implement at the beginning of the year, then you can plan your marketing from there. For instance, if you do all three phases, you will need to market the gala in the spring to win the calendar cover in early summer, started advertising for the individual months contest and at the end of the summer, run the opportunity to purchase a specific counter date at the end of the summer, offer counter pre settles and then, in early fall, start marketing to purchase the calendar before the next year begins. Make a big push at the holidays and then offer the calendars again just after New Year's most causes. I see that offer counters do so every year. Their supporters know to anticipate each face. Some even keep in mind photos they have taken to submit during the summer. For the calendar months. It may take a couple of years to really see the hype build. Ah, bonus tip. Here is an alternate option for the calendar. Cover is to open it as a photo contest instead, this is a good option if you don't have a photographer you work with or if you want a calendar or say of local scenery, wildlife or specific topics. For instance, if your fundraisers for a Children's outdoor program you can solicit for beautiful images of local hikes and vistas if you can't find a sponsor for the entire counter, find 12 or 13 smaller sponsors, one for the cover and one for each Munch month. They can each have a coupon, logo or information at the bottom of the calendar page of the sponsor. Another option is to offer each month photo as an opportunity to win a custom session as well. With your photographer, the photographer can offer a lesser donation than the cover but still provide a full portrait session. The option for winners to purchase products be on the donated amount could help compensate the photographer and raise even more money for the cause. You absolutely need weeks, if not months, fourth photographer to complete all the sessions in time for the design phase. So as you can see, running a counter fundraiser can be pretty complex and involve quite a few people. But it is very, very popular in some areas, so definitely consider it. If you have enough supporters and staff and volunteers 8. Calendar extra materials: Let's take a look at some of the apse I mentioned in the calendar fundraising module. The 1st 1 is Go go Photo contest website Here is ah, screen capture I did of their website. This is made specifically for photo contest with calendars being ah, big focus. It's really kind of cool the way they have it all set up and automated. It looks like there's just a few steps to get you all started and to get all of your supporters informed. But from there it's looks pretty simple now and this go go photo contest. They don't create the calendars for you or doing either layout. This is specifically for the contest portion, and I believe you can use this for beyond photo calendars to just plain old photo contest. So the different ways that you can raise funds with photo contests be bring storming those options and they have a bunch of examples for you here on their website as well. Eso I did hear about the go go photo contest and I have seen other nonprofits to use it as well, so that might be a good one to check out. Now let's move on to some print on demand type sites. This 1st 1 is printing Centre US a dot com, and if you peruse through their website, you can see that calendar printing is a large portion of what they dio. They have templates and grids. They conduce short runs, different sizes, different papers, quite a few options. It will take a while to go through their website. Ah, but this one is one that pulled up pretty often, and they can help with designing and printing and shipping. So lots of options to look for here at printing center U. S. A. You printing dot com is another custom printing site. It has primarily different types of products that corporations would use. But if you scroll down the sidebar, you'll see that they do offer calendars as well. And you can see it's pretty clean, clean looking basic calendar even have again different types of paper, different types of stitching, different quantities. They have a few simple options. Eso you printing dot com is an option to check out as well. Got print dot com is next. Up and again, they have quite a few different products that they can print on Ah, but since we're looking at calendars specifically in this part of the course, we're going to look through until we can find the calendars here on their website on the screen recording, I did. And here we go. Ah, you can see again. They have a few different options with paper sizes and pages, and you could just upload your pages here, all kinds of different weights and options here for you. A swell so got print dot com is another option that you can look into if you want to spend some time designing your own calendar, etc. Dot com actually has quite a few calendar templates. If you want a simple 11 by 14 whatever size you want, you can goto, etc. And search for the year that you're creating, of course, and they'll have all that data input for you. And there's different types of layouts. Here's a standard type calendar, with the binding at the top that you hang on the wall in the picture at the top calendar on the bottom. Eso that's kind of a standard type on. They have several other sizes. Different makers dio. Here's one where it's all on one page. Just drop a photo in there that looks very easy to create, and this way is fairly affordable as well. If you're thinking about designing your own, but you don't want to look into something like a in design or Canada that we'll talk about next. This is a kind of inexpensive dragon drop type set up look at. Here's another one that's really cool. If you want a smaller size calendar. Ah, this would be you. Just download the template, put it in your design program, add the photos and send it to the printers. So maybe looking toe, etc. For some of your calendar templates, or at least two, gather some ideas for a layout. And, of course, I need to talk about canvas dot com. I feel like I live on camera. They have calendar templates as well. So this is the little dusk style, and they have many, many, many different templates. Of course, you can see all the different things that they have here. This is monthly calendar templates. You can also type in what you're looking for. Eso Here we go. There's even different themes, of course. Were looking for one that will input. Just a photo. So let's look through this section here. Quite a few options to choose from and you can kind of previewing before you open them to every month is in each design, which is kind of nice. You don't have to open January and then separately, open February. That kind of thing. It's all within one kind of document that you're working on. So let's choose this one. It's got quite a bit of room for calendar photos, so little calendars just over laid on them, which I think is fun. You can see this says 2017 so you only to change that up. Just Google. The year that you're working on, you can see all the different types of fonts. Everything that you'd normally have within Canada is available here on the calendar template as well. Um, that you can see how they already have it laid out where you just drag and drop in photos. This just like any text box. You would change each one of these little lines of dates you left on group close eyes movable and edit suitable just like a text box. So all you have to do is look up the dates and type them in here real quick and line it back up. And you can group these together again if you so choose. Ah, these are kind of nice because they're not year specific. So whatever year you're working on, you can go in and customize with your particular dates. So let's see you what it looks like with one of my photos added in here. Here's a little popper with a scarf. Armless. See if he'll work. Ah, let's see. I'd like him to go the other way so you can flip it. That's pretty cool. I like it. You could actually move the entire calendar template right there, too, if you want to. Of course, you can change colors and fonts, and you can see how quickly you can make this little calendar in Canada if you already have your 12 horizontal photos ready to go. So canvass definitely worth working into as well, especially if you're already in it as much as I am. And lastly, of course, be sure to check out the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel. Each one of the modules in this course has a corresponding video over on YouTube as well, and it's just a little bit different. It might have extra ideas or bonus topics or actual footage of different, different ideas that I've done or behind the scenes of different shoots. So anyway, I would just suggest going over to the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel and consider this a bonus to your course. 9. Gift certificates: gift certificates as a fundraiser are simple level option for both the cause and the photographer. Be sure to consult with an attorney or a task consultant, or somebody with knowledge of how gift certificates need to be awarded for your area. In some places, if you decide you want to raffle against certificate, you need a special permit. Be sure that you are aware of all the laws and restrictions on offering gift certificates as a fundraiser. What I want to talk about in this section is a way to use gift certificates during another event. For my example, I will talk about using get certificates at a gala or big fundraising dinner. Be sure to clarify with your cause what happens once a client uses the gift certificate. Oftentimes, photographers can make money off of a gift certificate session, depending on the terms. For instance, you could, as the photographer donate the session and potentially a print or digital credit, and anything that the client buys beyond could go towards the photographer so the photographer could potentially make a little bit of money off of post fundraising get certificate offering sales. I trade thes sessions like any other of my regular portrait sessions, and I follow all of my standard timelines and procedures. I will attach examples of fundraiser certificates I have created and donated offering gift certificates during an already planned gala or event. Went follows. ING Timeline and Commitment, as Thea Venter Della I have found generally causes start working on their gala at least six months in advance and some even know details up to a year in advance. So if you're a photographer looking to team up with a cause, you may notice that they have the gala at about the same time every year, and you can contact them to work of them for the following event. If you are a cause, adding gift certificates to your workflow and timeline is just like adding any other auction item. So while the overall event takes quite a bit of time and commitment, this small piece of gift certificate takes very little that cost involved in a guest certificate fundraiser is zero for the cops. The cost for the photographer with a gift certificate fundraiser is up to the terms that you determine with the cause. As a photographer, I generally choose to Onley, donate to big packages to causes per year for Gallas and make them very desirable. I offer my session fee and a substantial studio credit to the person who wins that certificate. Depending on my pricing structure, cost can be high or low for me. I have the option of selling more products to the client above and beyond what's included in their guest certificate. Also, I always create, design and print the gift certificate for the cause so they don't need to even worry about the cost involved in that piece of paper. People need for this type of fundraiser are also minimal. Generally, a cause will have one person or a team already assigned for the overall event gala, and there will be one person who will reach out to the photographer and coordinate with the photographer. Photographers often don't even need to attend the gala or event, so no extra people assistance over anyone is generally needed. Get certificate fundraisers, A low collaboration is a low collaboration type of fundraiser, generally just between the cause and the photographer programs needed for this couldn't be minimal as well. The cause should have their absent programs in place already for the gift certificate item and any other items that they plan on auctioning off or selling at their gala or event. One of the causes I spoke with has two programs that they have used for the actual auctioning. One is give smart and one is bidding l for the photographer. You just need some kind of a design program like Photo Shop or Canada dot com to design the actual gift certificate. And then from there, it's whatever studio software you usually use to track your clients and your workflow. I in my studio use a program called 17 Hats. The revenue possible for a fundraiser gift certificate is pretty substantial, considering the low amount of work that needs to be put into creating and guest certificate that causes I work with to donate the two per year. Both run them differently. One cost has the gift certificate and one of my sample prints in studio information, like rat cards at the event, along with other silent auction items on tables set up within the gala. It's a good idea to have a minimum bid, depending on how much you plan on donating. So if you have a big session feet, plus a substantial studio credit that you are donating. I suggest that you request the cause. Start the bidding at a napro pre it amount now for the other cause that I don't need to. They have the studio gift certificate bundled and auction in a live auction segment of the gala event for the live auction. The photo session is part of having the picture of your animal on the cover of their calendar. We'll talk about calendar fundraisers in a separate segment of this course. Also, this is a very desirable option I've done for several years and row at this particular cause. Many people are excited to have a photo other animal on the cover off the upcoming calendar , So this is among the 7 to 10 live auction items at the gala. The difference between the silent and the live auctions are that the silent auction items are all the items like themed baskets, piece of art or jewelry, and a variety of other items that people can peruse through a room of tables as a gala unfolds and attendees can either right there bit amount on a bidding sheet in front of each of the items or use a phone app to bid with now. Silent auction items are generally offered for an hour. So just before, and maybe a little during the actual gala dinner, they're usually quite a few items in this type of event, so it will raise some funds, but potentially not as much as using them in a live auction setting. Now the live auction is the part that you would think of at a gala where there is an auctioneer at the front of the room with a microphone asking everyone in attendance to bid with a paddle or a number off for big ticket auction items. Often included in these live auction offerings are elaborate trips, special event tickets or limited edition items like a jersey from everyone's favorite sports team that even is autographed for the cause. I'm included in the live auction. Everyone loves the idea of having our animal on the cover off the calendar, so we've included that as a live auction item. Instead of a silent auction item, I often attendees Gallus, and it's super exciting when people start a bidding war on a photo session, we've been able to raise between 12 and $1800 on auctioning off the calendar cover photo session at this live auction event for this particular animal cause this is an incredible amount of money for the cause, with them not having to spend anything out of pocket. There is a potential for the photographer to create additional income for themselves at the sales meeting after the entire session is over. As a photographer, I would offer a full portrait session for these clients, not just one pet for the calendar cover. And I am clear with the cause and the people who win that this will be a full session and will be able to choose their image for the calendar as well as anything else they would like to purchase for themselves. Because I'm very generous in the auction package. I often don't generate much income beyond what is included in the gift certificate, but I usually make a couple of $100 at least. But for some photographers, if you're just starting out and trying to get your name out, don't in a gift certificate to several auctions, a year is an incredible way to give back to your community. Get your name out there and raise funds for your favorite causes. You can negotiate how much you're willing to donate with each cause. In the past, I've donated a gift certificate that covered just the portrait session and no prints or donated the session, plus a particular print size like eight by 10 or 16 by 20. Or there's times where I donate the session, plus a dollar amount credit towards whatever they want order work out these details with your cause and see how it fits with their supporters and their mission. Space needed for inventory is essentially no. There's usually no inventory needed for this type of fund raiser. The cause should have a person or committee in charge of organizing all of their donated items, which would include a folder for any of the gift certificates donated. It is a photographer's responsibility to provide and track any sample pieces they would like to have on exhibit at the event. If you were in a silent auction setting, you should have room to display at least an 11 by 14 print of some kind. The bigger the better to try to grab people's attention. Photographers should also have a rack, our business card or some type of information for people to find out more about them. Often times you will need to arrange a time the day of the gala set up with the cause to bring your sample pieces and then also picked them up afterwards. So be sure that you schedule these times as well. And don't put the responsibility on the cause to track your sample pieces. I guess Certificate Fundraiser doesn't need a physical space. If you are teaming up with a gala type fundraiser, they will have an event that is above and beyond what you need for the gift certificate with any fundraiser. Marketing and advertising are critical. Has a photographer. You should be writing about this in your social media, your e mails and letting people know in person, especially if you are one of the key donors during the live auction event. You want to really get people psyched up to attend the gala and to have their paddles ready to bid on your item. Be sure to get all of your marketing material to the cause in plenty of time for them to also post your offering in their social media and newsletter blasts. They may even list you on their website many times. They're also creating posters and printed pieces to distribute around town physically. Of course, if you are teaming up with a gala, they will have these dates and times scheduled out in their processes. So I just stay in touch with them on when they need particular pieces from the photographer Gift certificate. Fundraisers with a gala are generally every year that causes I work with. This could be their main fundraising effort for the entire year, so they make sure they have this event scheduled at pretty much the same time every single year. Here are a couple more ways that you could use gift certificates as a fundraiser for your cause. You could choose to pair up with a photographer and offer a block of gift certificates. Maybe 10 at a special one time low price Thes could be available only at limited time. So say the photographer and the cause team up to offer get certificates at the price of half of a session would normally cost, but you only have one or two weeks to purchase thes gift certificates. This could be super simple and potentially lucrative if the photographer is well known in the area and the price point is good for your supporters. As a photographer, you could offer gift certificates also during a limited time and price just on your own and choose an amount you would like to donate to your favorite cause. I would let the cause know that you're doing this and give their thumbs up. But this could be a really simple way for the cause to get a benefit from a photographer. So, as you can see, this is definitely the more complex version offering gift certificates as a fundraiser to your favorite cause. But I wanted to make sure that you knew this unique style. 10. Gift certificates extra materials: Let's look at the two programs that I used to create the guest certificates I use in my studio thes air. Some screen recordings I captured this one is from Canada dot com. I love to use a desktop version. They have all different sizes and templates. I just chose whatever they had. Forget certificates. Think about the print size you'll want. They have all of these different graphics. I change that into my studio colors. I really love doing that. If you're searching for graphics or photos that and you don't want to pay, I think it's maybe a dollar per just makes you a little free button is on when you search. I like making different text boxes. Obviously, put a good size title on this gift certificate gift voucher. However you want to do that. I like using my studio logo on these gift certificates as well. As people peruse through different items they can see right away. It's from me, of course. I use one of my cute dog pictures. You're welcome to use all kinds of different graphics and photos in Canada. I would say if you're a photographer, try to use one of your cute photos on here. Obviously, you will have some type of display at this event as well. But it's nice to have something eye catching on the actual gift certificate from there. I want to say what the value of this guest certificate is. Obviously you right in your own value. And this is another reason to have the separate text boxes I can control much easier the individual sizes and colors. But you can see how amazingly easy it is to do all of this in Canberra. The next section I would write what all is included with this guest certificate. I'm just writing some examples of what I might put in my gift certificate offerings. Issel change, depending on, of course, what you want offer and what your studio normally does. I also like to include often a studio credit, so I would put in there how much the studio credit ISS. So this is super super, super easy. And in here I'm just going to resize. I just grabbed one little handles and change the font size. You can change the color, however you want to do that very easy. You'll also, of course, want Teoh, include your studio informations. That's what I'm gonna type next, My contact information. You should get this from the cause as well. Ah, but it's nice for whoever takes home this guest certificate that they have it right there at their fingertips also. So make sure you put that in there. You'll notice what I don't have on thes guest certificates is an expiration date. There are so many differ rules and regulations and laws on different guest certificates. And I know they vary depending on whether you win one or buy one. I just don't even want to mess with that. So I never put expiration dates on my guest certificates. You can see when you're down, he just can downloaded as a PdF and print it yourself. Or you could email this to the cause. If it's something that you won't get to personally, you could do all kinds of fun. Backdrops to some of these are pretty funky of Ah, it goes along with whatever your theme and your style is just feel free to kind of play around in Canada. It's a great program. You can say I made that all in less than three minutes. Super easy now. Next, we're going to look at what I create In Photoshopped. This looks a little daunting with all the different layers. But essentially, I use this as a template every time I make a gift certificate, so I'll open up this document. I'll change a couple of things. I'll do a save as and then all the layers save. Ah, you could see I just change out who its to and how much the amount is what's included things like that. And then I can change the photos. If this is going to be primarily safer, a cat rescue. Maybe I want all cat pictures or for dogs. If I wanted to be people and their animals or all studio things like that. I like to change out all these pictures, especially. It's nice to have last year's winner on there like I have on this gift certificate that's always eye catching as well. And then, for the individual photos I just used was called a clipping mask. So I create a graphic just using a rectangle, or you could use whatever shape you want. There it ISS, and then you put a photo as a next layer above it and I'll show you here in the screen recording. But you're going to right click and say, Create clipping mask and that will make that rectangle B the space at the pictures in. And so then every time here we go so you can see it's not attached, and then we're gonna say, Create clipping, mask Bam! It's right into that rectangle is not awesome. And so that every time I want to change the image, all I do is replace that layer and then create clipping mask again pretty easy. So that's kind of all there is to it. As always with Photoshopped, there's many layers of information that you could change all the different font styles. It's the same information as I put in Canada, but it's just a different way to do it. I like this also, sometimes just because it can be a little bit higher resolution. If I have a lot of photos on here, I wanted to be maybe a little bit higher quality that I'm going to get in. Can va eso Sometimes it's nice to have the photo shop document that layered, and I have quite a few of these in my database here in my studio because I've given to so many different causes over the years. I do like the save as just because then I can go back in time and look at say what I gave them last year or what I what photos? I use things like that. So pretty nice to have all this information here on my hard drive. If you're not super adept at photo shop, using canvas completely fine and you could see Oh, yes, you can change all the backgrounds you could see also again. I don't have any kind of expiration date on this. I just don't even want to mess around with it. But it's completely branded to my studio. Those that's my studio, blue and white, orange. Not so much. But it was a nice compliment to the blue, and I have my logo on there and my contact information is right there in the middle of all the photos. So while it looks complicated, it's just layers of photos and text, just like you would make for any other design. So that's what my photo shop document looks like, and you can download the pdf of that in that course, too. Here is a little clip of the YouTube video that goes along with the gift certificate fundraiser module here in the paid course. I have some short fun videos over on YouTube as well, which is some different different content, maybe some extra ideas. Some other examples. So you want to be sure to go over and check out the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel as well with any other ideas? Think of it as a nice little bonus to this course. All right, thanks for watching the gift certificate segment of this course, and we'll see you in the next module. 11. Greeting Cards: greeting cards as a fundraiser or is, um, very simple concept. As with a lot of fundraisers, there are several ways you can go about using greeting cards as a fundraiser for your cause . I would consider this definitely a simple level style a fundraiser. The cause can use existing images taken by a photographer with their permission. Of course, the beauty of using greeting cards as a fundraiser as either the cause can spearhead the greeting card sales or the photographer or both. If the cause has a designer on staff, they can very quickly and simply design a greeting card. Of course, most photographers also know a little about designing cars and could potentially spearhead this greeting card fundraiser. Well, greeting cards won't maybe raise lots of funds. It's a nice way to keep the cause in front of people, as many people will display a card on their desk or on their refrigerator or somewhere prominent. You could pair greeting cards with a drawing or a prize for a portrait session, but I wanted to keep this as a simple level style fundraiser. As a photographer, you may not earn much or any revenue for your studio But as this is a low income type of fundraiser, it is nice to be able to donate all of the funds to the cause. Timeline in commitment for offering green cards is mostly tied to whether you want the greeting cards to be holiday related. If you have many of your supporters that need, say, Christmas cards, be sure that you have the design and the cards printed and ready for sale by the first week of December at the latest. If you're making blank note cards or thank you cards, you can plan on selling thes throughout the year or events, or even in the lobby of the cause or the photographer studio or both. If you choose to have a greeting card fundraiser, that is for a specific time, be sure to consider the printing and shipping time needed. For instance, if you are considering Valentine's cards, you want to be sure that you have designed and off to the printer by the beginning of January at the latest. Then you can have them in plenty of time to sell them. Some people can use them for Valentine's. The cost to run a greeting card fundraiser can be as low as a few cents a card and up. There are many ways to print greeting cards. A professional photographer will have, ah, laboratory that they already have cards printed through. In my studio, we have a pro level printer that I can print cards that for a very low price for cause. If you have a printing house that you generally do most of your printing through, they may be willing to give you a price break to print greeting cards to so to your supporters. One of the causes I interviewed were able to have 10% off their order through a local printer. You can also use cards from Kathy Press type of online store. People that are needed to run a greeting card front razor are very minimal. If you already have images prepared that you would like to use, all you need from ah, photographer is permission to use them on the cards. You may need to use a staff designer or have someone willing to learn to design a simple card through an online print and, of course, someone in charge that can approve the final design collaborations for a greeting card friend Razor are also very simple and minimal. An agreement between the photographer and the cause. If you're using images already created, graphic designer is always a plus, and it would be extremely beneficial to have collaboration with a printing company. ABS and programs needed for greeting card fundraisers can also be very minimal. Cards have designed very simply at camba dot com. You want to be sure that you download your final design from Canada in the highest resolution possible. You can also use photo shop or in design. Or, if you're using an online printer, they may have templates or online design tools that you can use simply and for free for online printing, you can look into got prints dot com or you print dot com. Another active consider is how you would like people to pay for the results of guards as a photographer of your selling the cars. Whatever payment types you currently accept will be fine, and the same principle applies for the cause. Whatever forms of payment you currently take will work for a greeting card fundraiser as well. A greeting card fundraiser may not raise a lot of funds, but it might be a nice trickling in or augment to the fundraising you're already currently doing. If you're able tohave the design work donated and work out a deal with a printing shop, of course the higher revenue you can earn, I would suggest selling a smaller set of cars, maybe five, and having larger sets available A swell. This will also be an amazing fundraiser to pair up with a local business. If you know of a business that normally sends greeting cards to all of their clients, this could be a wonderful partnership. They can let you know how many cars they would like and buy a bulk of them. This could help with the costs associated as well as usually. The more you order, the less it costs. You'll need to have some space set aside for inventory. If you plan on selling greeting cards like no cards or thank you cards throughout the year , you'll need space. Luckily, they don't take much space, so but be sure you have ah, dry inside. Storage place, as they are made of paper, so like a is covered within your office would be perfect. If you're a photographer. Of course, you only this space about the same greetings. The greeting cards are also a nice type of fundraisers to spread throughout town. If you're considering offering greeting cards as a fundraiser on an ongoing basis, you can have partnerships with local businesses and boutiques. If they have a small space available in their shop that they could sell your cards. That gets the word out even more. There's no event associate with a greeting card fundraiser. Some you don't have to worry about renting a space. If you did want a pair this up with doing a specialty mini session, a type of event, then I would suggest looking at the mini session fundraiser idea. For all of the details in this course, marketing, advertising up a greeting card fundraiser depends on timing. If these are four holiday than be sure to give yourself a few weeks to market. For instance, if you wanted to sell the Valentine's cards, make sure that you start your marketing in early to mid January. If you plan on having greeting cards as a fundraiser throughout the year, just be sure that you're in a prominent location of your facility or at events or other businesses selling them and be sure to mention them. And you're marking occasionally, Let's say once a month or so. The great thing about greeting card fundraisers are that they are marking pieces in of themselves. Be sure to include the cause logo and contact information on the backside of every single greeting card. Even consider putting the cause information on the tag and the box and packaging for the cards. If you have someone on staff that's great at design, and you have a good deal on the printing, you couldn't make this an annual type of fundraiser. For instance, if you wanted to sell Valentine's cards every year than this could become a tradition, keep in mind anything that you do on an annual basis will take a couple of years to really gain momentum. Most places I talked to consider greeting cards as a one off for one time type of fundraiser. You may have a certain set of images, theme or holiday associate ID, so greeting cards as a fundraiser are fairly simple, but could potentially bring in a little bit of income throughout the year. 12. Greeting cards extra materials: for the greeting card fund raiser I use. You guessed it can va dot com As a designer for greeting cards, I mentioned Camba and quite a few of the segments here on this course I can't live without can va. I use it nearly every day, and they have templates for greeting cards as well. You can stir it off with a blank card and just enter in your dimensions. Or you can start with one of the templates they already have. It is just chock full of resource is I do have the paid version because I use it in my business so much. But pretty much everything is available in the free version to just have to look a little bit harder. And most things are free when you're searching for an element. Just make sure you have that for you. Button turned on. Let's design a quick card here. I did a little screen capture of me designing a super fast ah greeting card design, and I just used one of their pre done Valentine's templates and a photo that I took this year of a dog with a love sign above it. How is that and then you can go in and just change up. Whatever you want to change is a pretty simple dragon drop. I like the little stamp looking frame because I think Valentine's I think of sending the guards right s. So I chose the stamp frame and I'm just gonna move that around a little bet and put it right over the heart balloon element and take out some of the writing that I didn't want. And you could just really customize this at minute detail, which is a credible for a free design program. Eso Once you get further into this course, you'll know that I am on canvas all the time. It can do almost anything you need for all of your print needs and any of your social media or online needs here. I just duplicated that entire page and I can go create the back of the card. If you want the back or the inside of the card, you can completely customize that. This is where you might want to put the contact information for the cause. Ah, you can put whatever you want in here. Um oh, you could put a message to the people that are purchasing these cards, like proceeds from this fundraiser go to which ever cause that you want and put their content information. You can put your studio information here. Obviously, whatever you want to put on the cards, there's there's room for it. So I'm just putting in pretend cause. And here, of course, fill it in with whatever text and information you want to share, and then you can see, like here. Here's the 22 pages together pretty cute, and how is extremely fast. I would definitely put more effort into this as a finished piece and then download this as a printable. PdF. I think if you have the higher paid programs, you can get a little bit higher resolution to print as well. So there you go for Camba if you want to use an online printer. If you don't have a local printer that you're going with, there are a couple of sites we talked about thes inthe e calendar section. To so many of these online printing shops have several products, but got print is one of them, and they have a greeting card offering with quite a few different paper types and they even have design your own greeting card for free, and you can look through all their different questions. It's laid out pretty, pretty cleanly. Let's click over into a design your own greeting card here, and you can see that you could upload your own design. Or you could design one with their with their app. Another print on demand site is you printing dot com. I believe we talked about this in the calendar section, too, but they also offer greeting cards. And what's great about some of these sites is you can design them and have them printed all at once. Eso it's if you don't have a lot of time. This might be a good way to go. Ah, the other cool thing about like this one is you don't have to order thousands of cards. You can just do a few, and there's all kinds of paper types I and envelope types, things like that that you can you can purchase here, see how you can do any quantity pretty much and then how quickly you want to get them. So ah, you printing dot com could be an option for this fundraiser as well, and be sure to jump over to the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel for an additional video to go along with this module. So I have individual videos for each one of these fundraiser types over on YouTube as well . And it's just some extra content, with some examples and some bonus ideas. Kind of fun. You got to see my little pup Bailey, who visited me for that video. Eso a little bit different format, but a bunch of extra information. So consider this of bonus to this course and go check out the Silver PAS studio YouTube channel. 13. Mini sessions part 1: love him or hate him. Many sessions can be an excellent fundraising option for the cause and the photographer. I would consider the mini session fundraising option as an advanced or more complex type of fundraiser. It takes a little bit longer and involved more people. Involves a few different programs and systems for photographers. Many sessions can be income generating. You can lay out the terms off the prices and products with the cause you're pairing with. For some photographers, they don't eight Justin Session fee and some photographers donate everything and some photographers split down the middle and donate just a portion. So many sessions can be a nice can be nice for photographer to make some money as well. I found that causes really appreciate that because they want to be able to reimburse the people that helped them so much. But it can be definitely out of their budget. I volunteer quite a bit at my local animal shelters and they are always happy to collaborate on a project that could bring me a little bit of income as well. I know this could be a very touchy subject to bring up as most people want to be completely philanthropic and just give everything they can to the cause, and I totally understand that. But I also run a professional photography business, so it's nice to at least recouped the cost of my assistance. And the prince definitely have a conversation with the cause and all the key players in this type of a fundraiser. In this example, we're going to use my most recent spring me from the Shelters mini session event. We paired up fundraising sessions with sessions we were already doing of adoptable dogs, and this was a great type of fundraiser to pay Arab with something that was we were already doing on an annual basis with this rescue when we considered what time of year toe have this session, we wanted it to be between major holidays and about a month before the big annual fundraiser for this rescue and have a nice inside location as spring can be pretty snowy time in Colorado, and we also chose to hostess sessions on a Saturday for two reasons. The morning sessions were all four foster and adoptable dogs. Saturday morning, for them was a good time for all of the Fosters and the people from the rescues to attend Saturday afternoons were a good time for community members to book the fundraising sessions , and it was a weekend that the venue didn't have other events happening. We also chose toe only have the sessions during that one afternoon, primarily because it was number one our first time doing these as fundraising sessions and number two. We used fresh flower collars and crowns, and they will quickly. So we had a very short time to use them in. Because of this thes fundraising sessions ended up being a fun, exclusive event that people were super excited about is important. With this event, everyone and everything runs on a strict schedule. We made sure all the boxers and assistance and shelter staff knew exactly when and where everything was happening for the morning sessions and then me as a photographer, and my assistance that I hired and all of the clients in the afternoon knew exactly what time and where and what the procedure was for their session, but a lot of attention to detail that needs to be addressed. This type of fundraiser has ah couple of automated systems and programs in place on the photography studio side. We will review the APP some programs I use in my studio, and this is a good type of event for a cause. If the photographer takes on most of the administrative systems and scheduling and payment pieces, the cause needs to be sure that they market and advertised the event and that they're there for the actual sessions. Beyond that, if you have a photographer that can handle the rest, that really takes the pressure off of the cause. But you should really work with who will be responsible for each duty on your initial meetings. So let's go over my 10 points. Timeline for many sessions should be about three months. This gives time to coordinate with the fosters the location of the venue, put together marketing pieces and give you at least four weeks for advertising and marketing. You'll also need to consider staff needed at the day of the event. The cost of many sessions can vary greatly. These could cost anywhere from nothing. If you already have all the props, or if you choose to build an elaborate set or have lots of props, it could cost up into the hundreds the way that we ran the spring me from the shelter sessions. The main prop was donated by the Greenhouse Garden Centre, which would be the flower crowns and callers. The photographer brings our own gear and the shelter or foster brings Alicia as on any appropriate treats for the pops. The many didn't cost anything as the Greenhouse Garden Centre donated the space. I did pay my two assistants, but the cost was minimal and I bought them lunch, water and snacks. People needed for many sessions would be the photographer and 1 to 2 assistance for that photographer. You may have the photographer find their own assistance, or you could have people within your organization or cause. That would be more than willing to volunteer as an assistant to the photographer during the event. Having someone from the cause president is a good idea to they can hand out information about the cause and answer any questions. If your musicians are of people instead of pets, it's nice to have an extra person there for any Children to just keep them occupied if they have to wait at all. And of course, you need the people in charge from each business or organization. That would be the contact points. So obviously the photographer or manager of a studio, the contact person and for the cause and keep in the loop anyone from any event you or other vendors. I find that many sessions have a higher level of collaboration, which I just love. Having a fundraiser that is a collaboration can take a little more effort to coordinate everyone's schedules and what they're willing to participate in and donate Teoh. But having such a high collaborative effort also means your marketing and advertising efforts can reach a much bigger audience. So for the example here, with My Spring Me from the shelter sessions, we had four different organizations spreading the word about the event, the photography studio, the cause, the garden center and the florist. For many sessions, the absent programs that I used Number one would be a payment system. I used PayPal and created a payment button that I could in bed on the website or landing page and incorporate into e mails. The scheduling system I use is called acuity. I use acuity throughout the year in my studio, so I have chosen to pay for a subscription of about $15 per month. The acuity program links to pay PAL and then back again. So I create an event within acuity. Choose all the times that I want people to choose from right the description, the cost and the extras and a follow up email. People will click a link to the event, maybe from a Facebook page or email that they've been sent and the link goes straight to the calendar and above. The calendar is a short description of the event, and then the dates available will be highlighted on the calendar. In the spring ME example, there was only one date available, and when they clicked on that date, there would be another pull down menu that listed the individual times available. As times were taken, they would just disappear from that list. So the person who wanted to sign up for the session would click the time that they wanted and then be taken to the next page that would give them the payment page. This will then take them to pay PAL, which would round trip them back to acuity. And then I had an automated email that's sent to them, saying Thank you for scheduling and supporting this cause I had these in 10 minute increments per dog. If they have multiple dogs, they had to schedule separate sessions, preferably back to back for each doc. Now it's still photographed the dogs together within that say, 20 minutes if it was two dogs, but I also took individual images from there, I gathered everyone's email addresses separately. About a week before the event, I sent an email through my client management system 17 hats and made a template. If you want to see the exact wording from this email, there's a pdf link in this lesson. Essentially, the email said again, thanks for signing up. It confirms the date and time and location. That garden centre was open normal hours. So I let attendees no, in case their dogs had difficulty with strangers or crowds. It also had a reminder to bring any treats they like, and to definitely be on time as a photographer, fulfilling all of the print orders. I use my regular lab, but you might decide that you want to use a different lab for this type of larger volume event for the Prince. I just followed my regular studio procedures. All of my powers. I order through White House custom color W H h c dot com. You need to be a professional and have an account set up ahead of time to be able to use White House custom color. But there are many other professional grade photo labs that you could use one of the products we even printed at our studio on our professional grade large printer. So do your research photographers if you are the ones offering the prince and packages so that you know what cost you will entail and the time frame for printing and delivering. Another program to note for the sales meeting is pro select from time exposure. Many professional portrait photographers use Pro Select on a regular basis. It takes time to set up and learn, but is an invaluable tool from my studio. You can also use adobes, light room or an online gallery like pixie set 14. Mini sessions part 2: revenue possible for many sessions varies greatly. You could do very simple many sessions, maybe during an eventual already having and can charge very little. Or you couldn't bundle the mini session with digital or print options and charge more. It might take a couple of years of trying different price points to really land on something that your audience and your supporters resonates with. I find it extremely important toe offer the session, which is the time, and the photo day with one low rez, social media ready digital image. But from there you need to schedule a sales meeting that they can purchase more products and specialty packages. So in my example of the spring me from the shelter sessions, I don't need 50% as the photographer to the cause of any of the funds raised. The other 50% went towards the cost of my assistance. Any prints and products, shipping costs and my time I created a special package. That package is that we're not normally items from my regular sessions all attached a pdf of the packages I created. I also made available my entire range of products in case anyone wanted an album a memory box, canvas, rat, bamboo print or anything else that offer in my studio. Full disclosure. Most people were not interested in any further products. They just wanted something cute and simple at this lower price point and to be able to support the cause. But I have heard of other photographers doing pretty well selling other products. At this sales meeting, I did not share a sneak peek of any of the paid session images ahead of time. I made it a special event that they would be the first person to see the debut of their dog in flower collars and crowns at their sales meeting. Overall, we raised $12 from these sessions. But a pro tip is that I don't and that $1200 about a week later to the cost as they were running another fundraiser. And this fundraiser was a matching gift giving type, so any funds raised up to a certain dollar amount would be 100% matched. In the end, the $1200 donation converted to a 24 $100 donation. If you're able to schedule more sessions or multiple days, you could raise quite a bit more. There's really no space needed for inventory for this type of fundraiser. If we had chosen to use plastic or fake flowers where you would mean to store these from year to year, any orders that people place I stored and coordinated with the client to pick up at my location So the cause didn't need to have to store anything for this fundraiser. Spacing for many session events can vary. We have a very cool set up at the local garden centre that is a donated space. It's at the very back corner of the inside greenhouse, which has a nice, warm, regulated temperature as we do these in March, which can be snowy time in Colorado. And there's beautiful light throughout all of the glass windows. We do have to keep in mind that they're open during regular hours, so some people might come through our set and try to purchase a plant. But most of the time people see what's happening. This is a type event that does require more space. If your cause has even a conference room or meeting room that you can transform into a studio space that could potentially be the easiest option. Or, of course, the photographer could host the event at their studio. But you do need to brainstorm a dedicated space tohave during this event for the spring me from the shelter sessions. We only had the fundraising sessions for about 3.5 hours that afternoon, but I know some photographers like to run many sessions two or three or four afternoons in that month to accommodate MAWR schedules and to potentially bring in more donations so you can craft this forest much time as you have and Space and volunteers and staff. Marketing and advertising for many sessions is critical. I definitely suggest creating a Facebook event and potentially even paying to have it boosted. Make sure that the photographer and the cause send out notifications for at least four weeks in their weekly newsletters. I had several Facebook lives that I did from my studio Facebook page from the greenhouse and from my office, letting people know that there were how many spaces were left. As the date of the event approached. The cause made sure to link back to the event page and post on their social media and their weekly emails. This being our first year, we didn't print posters, but that would be an excellent way to get the word out to people just walking in and out of the cause or the studio or even the event location. As a collaborative effort, the florist in the Garden Centre also promoted the event. Make sure that you give yourself at least four weeks. If you try to do this in Les in less than a week or two, it just doesn't give people enough chance to arrange their schedules and have their dogs groomed or their kids ready. Sometimes we can be impatient with our fundraisers, but this isn't one that you can scrimp on time. This is an excellent type of fundraiser to repeat every year. The first year two will mostly be getting the word out and people understanding what the event is about. But over time you will get a reputation for the sessions, and they will fill up quickly. Even though this was our first year offering paid spring me sessions, we filled within two weeks left to go from the event. I have a friend who offers Santa pictures, and she has over 20 years experience and she's had to add entire weekends to her event. So if you have people that are willing to volunteer year after year for this type of event and you're seeing at least some payoff, it's really worth considering doing it as an annual event. This could also be run as a one off event. For instance, if it's the year of the Summer Olympics and you can do an Olympic steamed many session event, creativity really can go crazy with many session ideas. So really experiment. Let me know what you come up with as photographers Many of us know about many sessions as fundraisers, but I think this was a pretty unique example S o help you at least try it. 15. Mini sessions extra materials: we're gonna look at some screen recordings of some of the app that I use in my many sessions. The 1st 1 is acuity scheduling, and there is a free version, and there's a monthly paid version. I just turned mine on and off, depending on when I have many sessions planned. There is a bit of a learning curve when you try to figure out how to make thes, but once you do, it's just on autopilot. It's fantastic. You create these classes, you pick what day, what time slots and people simply follow all the instructions. So once you create the event and share out the link, people click over to this site. They click the time they get a message to make a payment. There's all the different other APs that it integrates with. I use mine with pay Pau and they get a confirmation email. It's all works out swimmingly in this acuity app, and then the that appointments taken. So when people click on your date, they can see which ones are still available in which ones were taken. Ah, once you get through, pass a learning curve, it's up. It's pretty nice now for my sales sessions after the sessions and actually in my studio, I do use pro Select. If you're searching for that online, you can see this is their website. You need to go to time exposure there. An Australian company. With this, they've updated the website, but it's a pretty well known sales program within professional photography industry. So photographers watching this, I highly recommend using pro Select through time exposure for any of your sales. But it's just so easy to use this with your mini session sales as well. I just set him up like I have with my other types of sales meetings. People come in, they see a slideshow of the images, and I can add in any extra types of packages or products as a separate price list and bilham out, it adds taxes, creates a nice looking invoices. It's ah, awesome program. And then, as far as online galleries, there is are quite a few to choose from. This is just the one that I like. I choose pixie set to deliver the images that they have ordered or paid for in this particular type of session. Luminous many sessions. So when they choose what images they want. A lot of times, I'll put him in a pixie set store. I use pixie set beyond my many sessions as well. I use this for any events that I dio you can build in for people to pay for, print on demand or download images digitally for free or paid. There's a lot of different ways you can go about. It's really pretty website as well. I really like using pixie set for a variety of reasons. So I definitely suggest looking into using it. And it's very, very easy to set up. And I think I just have the maybe $10 a month paid version, although I believe yeah, here we go. Here's some of the payment plans. There is a $0 a month also, uh, so check it out. There's, of course, lots of other types of gallery sites. This is not what I normally ah, cell in my studio. I am very print and product driven, but when they have digital delivery, this is what I use, and it's really pretty, and it's really nice. So those are some of the extra APS that I talk about in this course here. You can also see ah excerpt from the YouTube video that goes along with this mini session segment. This has a little bit of extra ideas. I have some footage of me, actually at this mini session with the dogs with the flower crowns and collars that I do every year here for the local animal, cause that I work with eso definitely recommend going to the Silver Pause Studio YouTube page and look for my playlist with all of the fundraising with photographers videos organized in there for you and I have some short videos that you can think of as a bonus Section two this course. So check it out. All right. Thanks for looking through the mini session. Fundraiser module see in the next one. 16. Photobooth: using a photo booth as a fundraiser can be a super fun event. Generally, you Perry photo booth with the event that is already happening. For instance, if you're having a booth at a pet expo, this could be one activity at your booth Photo booth are also popular open houses or grand openings. They could take a little bit of time and creativity to get together the backdrop and the props for a photo booth fundraiser. I'll consider a photo booth a moderate level type of fundraiser. Oftentimes, people don't charge for a photo booth, but many have people passing through our more than willing to pay a small fee or donation. As a photographer, you could potentially earn a little bit of money at a photo booth beyond what you donate to the cause. You can offer the image or print that you're selling at the photo booth and gather email addresses to contact them later. If they would like to order more for the cause, this could be a fundraiser. They don't need to put much effort into because the photographer will run it. For the most part, the timeline commitment for a photo booth depends on the event that you host at most events on Lee ranged from about 2 to 5 hours. You could offer printing on site, and then you wouldn't need to worry about meeting up with the clients later to deliver prints or digital images. But the timeline commitment for a photo booth fundraiser would just go hand in hand with an event that you're already at. Cost associate with a photo booth can vary widely, depending on how elaborate set you would like to build. If the event that's hosting the photo booth has a particular theme, then you can build the props and set around that it can be as simple as a plain cloth drape and a few fun things for participants to wear, like fun necklaces or masks or as a photographer. I once built a huge Witten moon with a built in bench and huge wooden clouds that people could sit on for the theme of that event. But photo booths can be very inexpensive. Oftentimes, if you're at a gala event, there were already be a pipe and drape type set up, or the photographer can bring in their background stand and a standard backdrop. People love to use those in expensive props that you can get at party stores so cost can be minimal. If you're offering a print option, be thinking of the cost associated with the prints as well as a photographer. I generally will donate the prince as they may only cost me a few cents to a few dollars, depending on whether I print them myself or send them to my lab. You may need a few extra people to run a photo booth. If you're gathering email addresses to send them their digital file later, it's nice to have an assistant there to make sure everyone signs the form. It can also be nice to have someone there to assist the photographer, especially if you're expecting large groups of people or small Children or pets. Collaborators needed are also fairly minimal, essentially an agreement between the cause and a photographer, the only app really needed for a photo booth type fundraiser in some kind of ah payment type and a way to deliver the images. As photo booths are generally on location, you need to make sure that you have some kind of plant sale. Usually your phone with a card reader decide who will be taking payments, whether it's the cause or the photographer, so that you can have that device ready to go. You can also run this as a donation jar base, so you just have, ah, physical jar there that people could put cash in. A new way to gather donations is a really cool device called a dipped Our you can find out more at dip jar dot com. It's about the size of a coffee mug, and it has a slot in the top that people had just dipped their credit card into. You can have a preset amount pre programmed into the device, or people can say how much they would like to donate. This does require a WiFi connection, and you need to purchase the dipped or in advance the causes of I've seen with these have them at events as well as always on the counter at their cause office. So Wal Mart it might be a investment to purchase a tip jar. In the beginning, it will pay for itself after just a few months use at the office and in every event they attend. This would be a very easy way for people to pay for a small fee for a photo booth, even if they're not carrying cash that day. Photographers need a portfolio type site or an email system or both. I use mail chimp to email everyone who attended the event and I came to end that came to the photo booth. In the email, I direct them to the gallery that I use a pixie set dot com on pixie set. You can set up free downloads, paid downloads or print options. I have mindset for inexpensive event price prints that are shipped directly to the client from a pro photo lab. Alternatively, I have also set up for digital downloads only. Whatever you have arranged with the cause is how I saw the gallery. I upload all the images to the gallery and people sort through to find their image to download. This is much easier than trying Teoh individually email everyone their images. Revenue possible for a photo booth depends on the size of the event that it's being hosted at. If it's a well known annual Pet Expo type fundraiser that this cause or photographer is at every single year and has a loyal following, you can raise quite a bit of funds. It also depends on how much you choose to charge each participant, whether it be $5 each or completely up to them on a donation basis. You could also consider adding this into a ticket price. For instance, if you are hosting a closed event like a gala type fundraiser, people can choose to add on a few dollars for their photo booth photo. There shouldn't be any need for space needed for inventory unless you're offering printed photos. So some of the events I've run as a photographer people will have a their photo taken, and then it will print them and put them in envelopes and deliver them all at once back to the cause. So if you're going to run it like that, make sure the cause has a space in their office to store these and let the clients know when and where they can pick them up. It's also a great way to have the participants go back to the cause or the Photographers office. For a photo booth type fundraiser, you'll need a fairly big space. Maybe 10 by 10 is. I'd say the absolute minimum I have found for having a photo booth. Often you'll have large groups of people that come through or if the photographers using a longer lens, they're going to need more space to step back. So you'll need to decide and dedicate some space to the photo booth. If you have a booth on Expo, at least half of your 10 by 10 tent should be allocated for the photography. Marketing advertising for a photo booth will go hand in hand with whatever marketing you're doing for the event or gala or expo that the photo both will be. As I'm sure you've heard me saying all through these modules of this marking off this course. Marketing and advertising are key mentioned the photo booth in the marketing advertising already going out for the event or specifically, market the photo booth. But to be sure to give people plenty of notice, you will definitely raise more money. Some more people know about it. Having a photo booth at an event may take a year or two for people to be used to as a tradition. So keep that in mind with your marketing and advertising. Also be sure that the cause and the photographer are both advertising the photo booth in their own markets. Fun of those are a great addition to event that's already happening on an annual basis. It's great fun to have a father booth at a themed event, especially so consider a photo booth as part of your annual gala or events. As you can see, photo booth can be very simple and easy thing to add to an event that you're already having and including a way for people to pay a small amount or a donation of their choice can add a little extra to that cause effort. 17. Photobooth extra materials: in this section on photo booths as fundraiser. I talk a little bit about the Elektronik donation jar called a dipped ER. So let's just take a look at the screen recording I did of their website. They have quite a few different ways. They recommend you use it, whether it be at events or actually sitting at your facilities. Has a daily collector. They will customize it for you. You can enter a set amount or you could change amounts. It's a cool little way to gather a few extra funds wherever you're at. I think this dipped. Our concept is super innovative, especially in these days, where people don't carry as much cash around. If you go to the Tip Jar website, they have several testimonials and talk a little bit mawr about what they do and how to implement this idea. Um, I believe it's a little little expensive to set up to two or $300. Don't quote me on that, but it will pay itself back in no time at all. I think it's fun just to dip my credit card in every once a while. When I'm out at one of the shelters with a dip jar just to see that the little the little thing work and the here, the dating of it, working and all that. So, uh, consider a dip char for your nonprofit. Here's one that the four counts cat rescue uses Isn't that cute? Yea, one of the other things I want to talk about briefly and I know we talked about this in the mini session segment is the website pixie set that I use for photo booth images. This is a photo gallery website, and what I like to do is after an event, say it's a five K and I'm doing photos there, or I recently did the photo contests at a Halloween five K. And so all those pictures I will upload to a pixie set gallery and email out everybody who attended the gallery link and I will set that to have free digital downloads. But I also have special event pricing for prints that they do directly through the lab that I choose on pixie set. There's quite a few different labs, professional grade labs that photographers can use for Ah, the printing, and I like that. It's once I upload everything and I send the email everything else the client can dio. So they just go into the gallery, find their image and either download or order the print that they want. I have the basic plan less than $10 a month, because I do use it quite a bit in my studio. But this would be another great way to record just a few extra dollars for your fundraiser beyond the actual event with the photo booth. So picks, he says, one of the online galleries, and it's the one that I use. So here you go and a reminder to please go check out the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel for a extra content video. Each one of the videos in this course has a corresponding video over on YouTube as well. This one for photo boosts is a particularly fun because I have several examples of photo booth pictures I've taken over the years with all the fund props and backdrops and sets that we've come up with. I have been a part of quite a few fun events, so be sure to go check out the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel and consider this an extra bonus content for this course. 18. Socks: this type of fundraiser, I would classify as simple level for both the cause and the photographer. It takes a little bit of time to strategize the best time and timing of this kind of fundraiser, but generally you can use images that you could already have access to customs socks as a fundraiser is becoming more and more popular. Every boutique store I go into has Superfund designed socks. This type of fund raiser may not raise as much funds at some. It also has very little outlay of cash for photographers. There's no monetary gain, but it is pretty cool to see your photos on socks. There are two ways to run a custom sock fundraiser. One is to order a case of socks to sell throughout the year or a certain time. Two is a print on demand one period of time shipped directly to the client. I'll tell time both in the following sections. Timeline and commitment considerations for a custom sock fundraiser are fairly minimal. As with all types of fundraisers, give yourself plenty of time for advanced marketing. Likely the most commitment and time needed will be on the design process. It may take a little more time back and forth with your manufacturer to get exactly the right style and design that you would like. As I said in the intro, there aren't two ways to run this type of a fundraiser. One is having an inventory of socks on hand at all times. The idea is to order, however many you think you'll sell and bring them to other fundraisers to events and to have some after cause location. I would also take them to batiks around town and how these has a trickle in type fundraiser throughout the year. If you decide on this type of ongoing custom sock fundraiser, then the commitment would be for someone to manage this throughout the year. The second type of timeline commitment is to have a limited time special for the rescue that I work with. This is the rap that they chose. The Sox were on sale for only two weeks. They chose to sell them in early November as a cold time of year in Colorado and as a socks would be delivered in early December, just in time for potential holiday gifts. This was run as a one and done type of fundraiser. Once all the two weeks were up with socks in, that design would not be available again. In this scenario, the time commitment needed would be just the time to design the socks and someone to put the campaign together. And that's pretty much it. That cost for this type of fundraiser varies. If you want within a row. Number one. You would, of course, have the up front costs off, stocking up on however many pairs or cases of socks you thought you would sell throughout the year. It would be fun to once a year or twice a year. Have a different design available. The second scenario where there's only a two week window off selling the socks. Then there's actually no up front cost for the cause. This fundraiser would go through 1/3 party company, which will talk about in a separate section, and then they pay for taking the payments and shipping. So with the company we will talk about there's no minimum order required, and the more socks that you sell, the more income you can generate the people need for this type of fund, rather for this type of fund raiser whether it be staffer volunteers is very minimal. Most important person would potentially be a graphic designer. While the stock company can't help with design, it's nice to have a custom in house designer, and beyond that people needed would be the normal marketing and advertising staff and anyone that may need to approve the final design. A sock fundraiser really doesn't require much collaboration. Collaboration between the cause and the photographer is pretty minimal. With my volunteer work out the shelter, they already had a huge stockpile of images I had taken over the years. But what's cool about this type of fund raiser is any type of image can be used. So if you work in a different type of cause, consider pairing up with a photographer off a different genre. You could flowers, landscapes means really anything. You simply talk with your photographer and ask permission to use their images, apse and programs in a four sock friend razor. Our design program. And this could be whatever design program that your team or your designer uses, like adobe in design or photo shop. Or you can have the third party design the Sox for you when I interviewed the Fort Collins Cat Rescue they had chosen to use tribe socks dot com. The rescue had a volunteer, a graphic designer, designer socks, and the staff approved them. And then they sent the design off to try Fort Layout approval. The revenue possible for socks, friend racers this low compared to some types off fundraisers. Because it's a simple fundraiser, you kind of expect that with the company that this cause use, they can make from a dollar $53 per pair of socks. When considering a socks fundraiser, look at your support base. Do you have lots and lots and lots of followers? Who would be more than happy to pay 17 to $20 for a pair of socks? Or do you have more supporters that have a higher budget and would prefer to be featured on a calendar or a van Like some of the other types of fundraiser options? We listen this cup, of course. Perhaps if you're just starting out with your cause, this would be a great way to raise a little bit of funds, but also have your brand walking around literally on people's feet. With option one, you'll need space to hold any pairs or cases of socks you want to sell throughout the year , so keep in mind storage space. You also to need to arrange with stores in your area to stock your socks. If you are retail space, be sure to make an area to sell the socks. If you choose Option two, there'll be no need for inventory space. You can blend the two types, though, offer the two week window for direct shipping of the socks and order several pairs to sell throughout the rest of the year. Unless you repair this fundraiser with a special photo session, there will be no event space needed. The marketing and advertising with this type of fundraiser differs whether you choose the Option one or Option two for option want. It will be ongoing marketing and advertising, and hopefully you can have the stores that you have the Sox stored at and sold at. Have them in a prominent area, and then you can just remember to market and mention it in all of your materials at least once a month or so. For Option two, where there's only a two week sale, the Sox are ordered online and shipped directly to the client. You're going to reach more people using online marketing. Be sure did add it to at least two weeks worth of direct email, newsletters or marketing materials. And I highly suggest making a Facebook event or sponsored post, and it be fun to put this on instagram. Keep in mind where most of your supporters hang out and be sure they all know that this fundraiser is coming up. And then, during the two week time frame, be sure that you're saying something about it. Often. This is where paid advertising helps, even if you can only spend, ah, few dollars because the platform that you're on will make sure that the ad is in front of the right people. The great thing about a socks fundraiser that it is a very low cost commitment for your supporters to encourage people to buy even more than one pair of socks. I'll buy them for friends or relatives or gifts, but as with all fundraisers, you'll hear me say this a lot. Throughout this course, the marketing and advertising are critical to meeting your fundraising goals. Socks as a fundraiser could be something that you decide to dio every year or just have one time. The cause I work with decided to have it just as a one time fundraiser. Their main goal for the Sox was to get the word out and really just market their cause. This particular cause wasn't as focused on raising funds as they were in raising awareness . I think socks are a super fun way to have a small fundraiser sometime in the time of year where you're not doing your big fundraisers. So I'd really love to know if you try this for your cause. 19. Socks extra materials: for the Sox fundraiser. I want to take you over to the Tribe socks website. Here's a screen recording I did. They have a pretty flashy, fun website talking about all kinds of different socks and integrations. You can make your own personal pair of socks, but they also have a whole section on using socks as a fundraiser, which is what we did in this instance. If you hop over to their F A. Q, they have a bunch of information on how they recommend that you run a socks fundraiser. Super valuable information. There's the F A Q. There at the bottom. And then there is a section that you can click on about campaigns, and so when you're ready to start your own campaign, they make it really easy. You just click on the Let's Do It button, and it'll start, uh, stepping you through what you need to do next. So here's some more information, and you just keep doing the next button and they walk you through Ha ha sock joke the entire process. So Tribe socks is a cool resource. If you want to see examples of socks with my little kitten picture of printed on them. Hop on over to the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel. Each one of the modules in this course has an accompanying video over on YouTube, and we have a examples and other tidbits of information available over there. So I invite you to head over to the Silver Post studio YouTube channel and consider this extra bonus material. 20. Tshirts: There are several of fun ways you can implement a T shirt fundraiser. You can choose to run a short term focused T shirt fundraiser or make it an annual event. I'm classifying teachers as a simple level fundraiser. T shirts are a way to include all levels of donors and supporters of your cause, just like with the billboard or fan round fund raisers. This can be an auction or a drawing, knowing your supporters will determine which approach would be best If you have a few supporters that would bid higher amounts for the exclusive image on the T shirt, you could charge a higher entry feet or choose an auction style. If you have lots of supporters that would donate a small, flat fee, they could win in a drawing the cause. We need to set up the system for entering, negotiate with a T shirt company and find a designer. The photographer would donate the portrait session and possibly a studio, credit or product. As with the other fundraisers in this course, I always provide the option for a full portrait session. Beyond just what the T shirt design is, then the client has the opportunity to purchase additional products from my regular studio menu, you can donate a portion of those sales to the cause as well. Here are a few T shirts, scenarios once a year and designer shirt for supporters of a specific program. For instance, the Cat rescue. Every year. It designs a new T shirt, for they're smitten with kittens. Monthly donors. Everyone who signs up to automatically donate $10 or more per month receives a free T shirt . The opportunity to win the photo session is open to everyone, though graphic designer creates an artistic interpretation of the chosen image, and my logo's even included on the T shirt. You can also create an event specific T shirt. If you're cause host of five K fundraiser every year, you can hope have a contest, auction or drawing for the photo session specifically seemed to that event. A cause Ambassador option is one way. For instance, once a year, a local humane society has a huge pet expo in the spring, the fall before people can enter to win their pet as the event ambassador, that pets photo will be used over the coming months to advertise the expert, the timeline commitment for a T shirt fundraiser can be just a few weeks. You need to spend set a specific amount of time people can enter to win from there, the photographer needs a due date for the photos. The designer needs time to design the shirt, and you also need to account for any pre sales and post sales and the production and shipping time of the shirts. The cost of printing T shirt should be closely considered. It is best to team up with a company you can negotiate with. You may find a local printer that will donate the first say, 100 shirts if they confront their logo on the sleeve, or they can provide a significant discount or find a company that is strictly print on demand. You will be charged a percentage or amount for each shirt but won't have excess inventory people needed are minimal. The cause needs someone to set up the entry site, find a designer and approved the final design. And of course, the photographer is needed. It is very helpful to collaborate with a printer if you are to use a local printer for flyers, post cars and other materials. They may also be able to print on shirts. You will greatly reduce your costs of goods with a solid collaboration with a printer. ABS needed for a shirt fundraiser are an online auction or entry site. Bidding out or gesture are two popular programs. You also need a way to design the final shirt. You can use the adobe products like photo shop and illustrator or an online designer like print ful dot com, or place it dot net. Or, if you're printing on demand or using an online printer, they typically have many design options. Ah, few print on demand sites would be t spring dot com, bonfire dot com and Custom inc dot com. That's potentially won't be a huge fundraiser but could bring in several $100 depending on whether the fundraiser is open for only a week or two or if it's for a specific event, or if the shirts will be available on an ongoing basis, be sure to sell preorders heavily for pre orders. There are a few options boom oring giving like stripe at boomer and giving wild apricot dot org's and networking for good. And in our area. Colorado gives dot org's. If you chose to have the shirts printed in bulk or locally, you will need quite a bit of storage space. You mean shirts, possibly in different styles. T shirts, hoodies, tank tops and a variety of sizes. And if you choose to have one more than one color choice, you need even more storage space. If you choose only print on demand, you won't need any storage space. It's a good idea to have at least a few on hand, though, to sell afterward to people who weren't able to buy online during the event. Unless the T shirt photo is part of a mini session type portrait fundraiser, you won't need an event space. If your cause is already booked for a vendor space at a local event, be sure there is room to sell extra shirts there. As with all the fundraisers, your success hinges on marketing and advertising. Even if you choose to do a limited run and timeframe, you will still need at least 2 to 4 weeks to inform all your supporters. As this is a lower donation investment for supporters, you won't you want to spread the message far and wide teachers can be used as a one and done type of fundraiser, or you can start an annual tradition. There are many people who like to collect T shirts and would love toe have one from every year. If you haven't especially generous print donor, this could be a wonderful annual opportunity. Teachers can be a staple of your typical fundraising events, but I hope I have given you some ideas to spice it up a little bit. 21. Tshirts extra materials: for T shirt fundraisers. I mentioned quite a few APS during the course, and I want to go over them briefly. Keep in mind, I haven't personally uses. I interviewed causes that did so in this first section. We're gonna look at ways that you can use APS for the giving part of it. So boomerang is one of them. These air screen recordings I did of their websites. You can see all the different features. They're all set up differently, have different fee structures, different ways to integrate with what you're already doing. So boom, Oring was one of the apse recommended. Another one that was recommended to me is called Network for Good. And here's ah, screen recording of their website fundraising made easy, is their tagline. All in one platform again. They have all kinds of features. They have different price points. Some of these can't you can use beyond. Of course, your T shirt fundraiser toe all kinds of fundraisers and you pay already have one. If you're the cause watching this, you might already have something that works for you, and you won't even need any of these types of APS. But this obviously goes Ah, well beyond just T shirts as a fundraiser to all kinds of things you can see right here on their website, So worth taking a look at here in Colorado, we have Colorado gives dot org's. I'd like this one. Although we have Colorado gives day, you can actually use us all throughout the year for different fundraising campaigns. So if you're watching this in here in the Colorado area, you can check out Colorado gives for whatever kind of nonprofit that you have. Ah, we have Colorado gives, I believe the first Tuesday of December. He every year here in Colorado is a huge campaign, and this is the website that they use. But I know they uses throughout the year with the organizations that I work with. You may have something like this in your state, so it's just another idea as giving type site. Next, we're gonna look at some print on demand sites for the T shirt, actual design and printing, and there's quite a few ah lot of this. I just did a little bit of research again. They're all set up differently. Here is one called print full, and most of them have design resource is for you to they will design them for you, not only just for T shirts, but as you can see quite a few other types of products of product sales or something you want to use as fundraisers Overall in your cause. A scene of some of these could go beyond the T shirt. Fundraising to you can see how this one integrates with all kinds of APS. Eso These go well into printing and distributing and payments and all kinds of things, and again, a different price points it's worth looking into for your cause place. It is a different type of site. This is mostly for design work. T shirts happens to be one of the options that they have on place it, um, so you can see how they've got a cool website that super interactive as you change colors. It changes the images that they have so T shirts, just one of the things that place it dot com has available as a design function for you. So all kinds of different mock ups that you could dio t spring is very popular as a T shirt selling site. Ah, you can do one of the time. Ah, but they also allow for fundraising efforts. There's all kinds of things on the T spring site, and the research that I did this came up as, ah, well rated site again. Look into the user. Four. How they design, how they distribute, how what they print on, how they can print for you and what they can do for your cause for a fundraiser. Not just selling T shirts for maybe your studio or business. Just doing this as a fundraiser I'd recommend looking into T spring. There's all kinds of great reviews of this site, and you can see it looks it looks really easy to use as well. Bonfire is very similar to T spring in the YouTube reviews that I found many of them were comparing T Spring to Bonfire. You can see it's a little different layout, but it will help you with design and printing and distribution, everything that you need. Ah, here's their fundraising for non profits made simple. So a very specific portion of their website on Bonfire is four particularly fundraisers. So 12 definitely look into lastly, is Custom Inc. I found this company during my research phase, and they're just run just a little bit different. They say Incredible service, inclusive pricing. Run with love eso There also something that set up to do fundraisers with T shirts. Eso looks like they have all kinds of perks for non profits. So Custom Inc might be another one toe look into for your T shirt fundraiser. And lastly, I want to let you know that I have a bonus section for T shirt fundraising over on my silver PAS studio YouTube channel. Simply search for Silver Pas studio on YouTube, and I have a whole playlist of all the videos that go along with this course. It has a little bit of extra ideas. It has some examples of T shirts, and it's more of a laid back recording. So be sure to head on over to YouTube and check out what I consider a bonus section of this course as well 22. Vehicle Wrap: a van or vehicle wrap type fundraiser is very unique. The best way to use this as a fundraiser is to negotiate with a van or vehicle. Rep company have all or a huge portion of it donated. Another key to a Vanora fundraiser is knowing your supporters, because the images will be on the van or vehicle for a very long time. This could be something that people are very excited to have their image on and will pay a higher price to win the opportunity. Or if you have many, many supporters, it could be something where you can offer it as a raffle. But you could charge a much higher raffle ticket price than you would for other types of fundraisers. I will consider a van or vehicle route fundraiser, a moderate level of commitment. While there are some collaborations needed, it can be basically run like a regular photo session for the photographer. Photographers could potentially earn their own revenue from this type of fundraiser. The photographer could donate the session and potentially a portion toward the studio credit, and then the client has the option to order additional products. Of course, photographers could choose what portion of the proceeds. Beyond the original donation, they would like to donate back to the cause. The timeline and commitment for a Van Wrapped type fundraiser can be fairly minimal. The most time will be in the design phase and the turnaround time of the photographer. This would be a good fundraiser to have in between other major fundraisers. So if your costs has a slower time of the year, this would be a great fundraiser to have. During that slow time. Timing might be contingent on the company providing the van or vehicle rap as well, so you may have to work around. What times of the year are there busier time as well. Having a van or vehicle rep as a fundraiser can have a very high cost. A full wrap could be hundreds of dollars full retail value. So take your time to research and negotiate with the van or vehicle rap company. One way to reduce the cost of the rap is to have the logo and contact information of the vehicle wrapped company included in the actual design, so their company will have an evergreen way to advertise on your van or vehicle as well. You may also incur costs for designer, but most Bannon vehicle rap companies include the design in the cost. A Van Review. Whole rapid type fundraiser doesn't really need too many staff involved. Off course. The causal needs someone who runs most of the fundraisers and, potentially a designer. The photographer will need themselves. And if they decide to, they need an assistant at the actual photo shoot. Collaborations are really key with a van or vehicle wrapped fundraiser again. You really need to find a company that is willing to work with you and donate a huge portion off their product and the cause and photographer need to work closely together. You want to be sure to communicate with the photographer What type of images are needed if you have a van with a large side panel that you may need a horizontal image with lots of empty space at the top and bottom. If you're putting an image on the back hatch or the back door of a van or vehicle, you might need a vertical image. So truly collaborate with the van, a vehicle rap company and the photographer. To be sure you have plenty of images to choose from for the final design. The absolute will need for this type of fundraiser is some way that people can bid on the chance to have their photo on the van or vehicle. Two types of ABS You can consider our bidding owl and gesture, which can be a monthly or annual contract. If you offer this type of fundraiser throughout the year, it might be worthwhile to look into a monthly or annual contract with these APS and programs. A design app or program is generally done through the vehicle and van. Rap company revenue possible from this type of fund raiser depends on whether you have the vehicle partially or completely donated. The rap company may negotiate further if you agree to include their logo or information somewhere on the vehicle as well. If you have a few top donors and supporters that are willing to outbid each other for the possibility of having their image on the side off the van, that you can raise quite a bit of revenue. If that's the case and you know your supporters, well, be sure to start the bidding at higher amounts and make sure that the bidding increments are high enough to drive the price up. If you have a lot of people willing to bid on the potential of being drawn for a winner of the image and photo shoot, be sure to price tickets. Accordingly. You may decide to charge a higher rate than you would at most fundraisers, as this will be such a prominent and long term reward. If the photographer takes a nice variety of images beyond what's even needed for the van or vehicle, then there is a potential to sell additional images to the client. For instance, with the cat rescue, we needed some horizontal images of their cat, but we made sure to photograph the cat in other positions close up vertical and with the family. So when me as a photographer went back to the client, they saw all the images. They had the choice of purchasing additional prints and products for themselves and gifts and family. As a photographer, I chose how much I donate from that additional sail back to cause there is no inventory generated with this type of fund raiser except, of course, the parking space needed for your van or vehicle. This event is generally brought as an online auction or bidding process, so you don't need space for an actual event. Generally, the photographer were already have space or location that they use for any other type of client sessions. If you would like to showcase the facility or something specific in the images for the rap , you need to communicate that to the photographer. And then at that point you'll need to have time to either. Gather props are being the right location for marketing advertising you again. We'll need a few weeks to let people know this is coming up, but the actual event can be fairly brief. It is suggested that you only have the bidding open for 1 to 2 week window. This keeps the excitement high and motivates people to take action if it used one of the outer programs listed before that will track the actual bids for you because they're doing an update every few days. For instance, if you open the bidding on a Monday by Wednesday, let people know where the bidding is at, so it will spur them to take action and potentially outbid those people. So be sure to build into your marketing timeline having reminders and milestones every few days. This is definitely a one off type of fundraiser. See how creative you can be in raising as much funds as you possibly can. These images will be on your banner vehicle, most likely for many years to come. That can often be incentive for the photographer, the van round company or the individual to bid or offer a higher amount. The prestige that comes along with having your image larger than life on a side of a van or a vehicle all over town is pretty enticing. This type of fundraiser is very unique, as I said before, but if you have a blank vehicle sitting there, at least consider it, especially if you have a relationship with a van or vehicle wrapped company. 23. Vehicle wrap extra materials: for vehicle and van wraps. Most of what you'll be doing will be through the actual vehicle or van ramp company. They'll do a lot of the design and the whole process with you if you need information on the bidding. APS. There is a whole separate video in this module talking about the different bidding APS you'll need throughout this fundraising course. But I did want to remind you to stop on over to Silver Pause Studios YouTube channel to watch the accompanying video for this particular fund raiser. I have some footage of the van that I worked on and some additional ideas. So I encourage you to go check out the Silver Pause Studio YouTube channel for some extra content and well, and consider it a little bit of a bonus to this course. 24. Closing: you did it, You made it through all 10 types of fundraising with photographers. I hope I inspired you and gave you tools to raise funds for your favorite cause. Each type of fundraiser could have sparked even further creative approaches. Beyond my suggestions. As I finished the course, I kept finding more and more ideas. One company even offered a photo on a wine bottle label contest. Very cool. Remember, I have resource sheets throughout the course. You can refer to be shorted, download and add to your fundraising files. If you want to share further resource is and experiences with other students, I encourage you to post in the interactive area of this platform. We all have a favorite cause or nonprofit we want to support. If using even one of these ideas helps, I'll consider the course a success. I would love to know if you try any. You can email me on this platform or directly to Monique at silver Pot studio dot com. Thanks so much 25. Bidding apps extra materials: I want to show you a few websites forbidding APS. So several of thes fundraisers we talk about being able to bid online, either for an online contest or an in person contest or gala or auction. And there are a few different websites that you can look into thes. I did some research on and did some interviews. And so here are some screen recordings of their websites. Give smart is one of them. As you can see, they have quite a ah emphasis on event fundraising. You can see it on a tablet and a phone on a dusk top. They really try to help you out with your actual events. So again, this could be an in person auction. Uh, the gallus. I go to some of them, use APS like this, and it's really fun. You could be sitting at your table having the dinner during the gala and still bidding on auction items with your phone through the app. This these types of APS will do all kinds of things for you, including texting some of your donors. Here's a donor engagement. Uh, so it might be worth looking into something like some of these abs like give smart bidding owl is another option, so this could be mobile bidding while you're there at the event. Or it could be online bidding as well. They talk about being a free service and so bidding Alice something that was recommended as an option as well. And you can go look over at some of the examples of how your layout would look in the rial world. So here's some ways to sign up to create an auction bid on an auction. So everything's laid out pretty well, and it's got that cute owl, So bidding out was recommended as a bidding platform as well. Now gesture is another app that you can look into and keep in mind. I haven't used the's personally remember, I'm the photographer, but I did interview some causes, and they recommended all of these different APs, And this one is a little bit more robust, and they can do quite a few things for you. In addition to just the bidding app portion of it, they want to help organize all of your fundraisers, so this could be a little bit more of a robust program, especially if your cause doesn't already have something in place that similar to this so gesture is another app that you can look into as well. So all of these different bidding APS. We'll take a little bit of research to figure out, but I think that is time well spent. And if you could put your effort into setting up one of thes, then you don't have to do all this by hand, either. Through a Google former, however you're doing it now. There's a lot of different services out there for causes and non profits. Different tools to help you automate and streamline all of your fundraisers, so I encourage you to go check them out. 26. Emailmeform extra materials: one of the websites I mentioned quite a few times throughout the modules of this course is email me form dot com. So let's take a look around their Web site and see what they offer. This was recommended to me by one of the local causes, and it's a way to keep track of all the different forms that you ask your followers to fill out. Let's take a look here. Under the Solutions tab, you'll see a non profit organization, and they have quite a few ways that they can support nonprofits. If you scroll down, they have different types of forms for free collecting funds, managing event registration, gathering feedback, thinking donors quite a few ways that you can gather information. And they have some examples on here, too, if you're not quite sure exactly what to gather information for, So here's a bunch of different ideas for you. They have security and privacy, of course, in these forms, and it's of either way to go. Then Google forms or Google docks. So take a look around the email me form dot com website, and you might find a way to integrate this program into your fundraising efforts as well