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Fundamentals of NFTs - Learn, Setup, Create, Sell and Buy

teacher avatar Biplov Jha, Engineer || Inspire and be inspired

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 54m)
    • 1. Fundamentals of NFT - Course Preview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Fungible and Non-Fungible digital assets

    • 4. Blockchain

    • 5. Smart Contract

    • 6. Crypto Wallets

    • 7. Crypto Wallets: Features and Comparison

    • 8. Getting started with our first wallet

    • 9. Let's Create (MINT) our NFT

    • 10. Let's Sell our NFT

    • 11. Load fund into our wallet

    • 12. Let's buy our first NFT

    • 13. Congratulations ~ and Goodbye...

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About This Class


Become an NFT pro, get your hands-on, working knowledge, and earn your certificate of completion in NFTs(Non-Fungible Tokens).

Do you want to get a firm grasp on what NFTs are all about? Are you looking to create your own NFTs and make them available for sale diving into the NFT marketplaces?

  • If you are seeking some highly-effective and easy way to understand NFTs without wasting countless hours then this is the right course for you.

This effective video course will help you understand NFTs, and how to Buy, Create and Sell your own NFTs without wasting unnecessary time. This course includes all you need to know to get your heads-up and ready to play in the fast-moving NFT world.

The highlights of this course include:

  • What are NFTs?

  • A brief history of NFTs

  • What are smart contracts?

  • What's Blockchain?

  • Why you should create NFTs?

  • What are crypto wallets and how to use them? - Metamask

  • A step by step guide for buying, creating and selling an NFT

  • Video "walkthroughs" of how to buy, create and sell NFTs

  • What are the main NFT marketplaces? - Openseas, Rarible, ...

  • How to identify NFT scams? How to evaluate projects?

...and much much more!

You get lifetime access and a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee!

What are NFTs?

In brief:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographically unique tokens that are linked to digital (and sometimes physical) content, providing proof of ownership.

They have many use cases, including artwork, digital collectibles, music, and items in video games.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the crypto industry. In this guide, we explore what they are, how they work, and how they're being used. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that contain identifying information recorded in smart contracts.

Now is the time to jump in and start making things happen. This course will help you quickly master the most important ideas and topics in NFTs. So join now and get enrolled and let’s start minting NFTs today!

See you in the lessons!
Biplov Jha

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Biplov Jha

Engineer || Inspire and be inspired


Hi there,

I'm Biplov (22) an Electrical Engineering graduate and now working as a System Design Engineer at a reputed company in Japan.

I spend my free time making videos that I have interests in. I have a few startups with my friends where we provide space for design thinking and ideate upon new events where I have gained varieties of knowledge and experience. My interests follow topics related to modern disruptive technology that has the potential to become a game-changer. I create courses related to Web Development, Graphics Designing, Blockchain, and so on.

Throughout school (and even now), I have utilized SKILLSHARE to learn new skills and overall develop myself, but now I am on a mission to utilize this platform to share my skillset with th... See full profile

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1. Fundamentals of NFT - Course Preview: Hi, welcome to this course on fundamentals of non-fungible tokens and if these in this course, so we'll launch to create, mind, buy and sell our own and FTEs for learning, earning profits, business or phone, whatever Dr. Sue. So my name is people and I'll be your instructor for this course. I have designed this course for anyone looking to understand anything and everything about non-fungible tokens and FTEs, what they are, how they work and why they were created on the phosphorus. We will basically understand how one can buy or sell and FTEs. The ideal is to the end of this course, is somewhat who wants to quickly get involved to buying, creating, and selling NFT safely and efficiently. There are no prior requirements. It has to take this course. You do not need to understand lock, sign or cryptocurrencies to take this course. This review now what we will cover in this course. So we'll begin this course with what our FTEs or non-fungible tokens, I will explain to you what antibodies are and why they are so really when and how they became a hot topic. Then we will head towards understanding the world fungible. Once you understand this fungibility aspect of LFTs and cryptocurrencies. Once you understand this and you are clear about this, we are ready to dive deeper into the world of NFP. Like physical assets, we also need to understand what digital assets and the rule of NFT on this digital assets. This is very sincerely if you plan to create, buy, or sell your very own NFT. We will discuss some of the stories of an FTEs and it leads us very most worthy nowadays. But they had been around for some time AS important for you to understand where NFS came from to and also where the market is going to hit. Many people realize through the news and social media that NMT is a very hot topic and this is going to be the future. But they aren't able to grasp the reality that they can also be a part of this. We'll go to the section of NFT blocks and B6. There will discuss about the blocks and technologies and how blocks and enables the NFV is to actually act. This is very important to understand why and if these exist and how blocks and enables the very existence of NMT is basically the building block for NFV. Then we'll hit to us discussing about what is smart contracts are essential to safeguard ourselves from any sort of scams or fraudulent activity in the world of NFT. Further, we will dig deep into the world of crypto wallets and what they are. Why do we need them? And how awhile it can hold cryptocurrencies and entities. After all, they're essential for any sort of buying and selling activities. Digging deeper into the NFL, the values of cryptocurrency wallets, we will see different types of popular wireless where we list the top five popular and a few Alice will compare these NF2 Alice based on the fetus. And what each of these are providing an advantage is if some are open source or some are more popular. And then we'll compare and a place on critiques on their services provided. Further, we will set up our very own well-lit on comparison. We'll select the best while it and you start setting it up. We will make our well-lit ready for the NFT marketplace. And then we'll start our zoning to us creating and selling and FDI from the marketplace. They are defense side. We will explore the different market. This is like we have open see, really well, mine table and many others. So we will try to create or our video on NFT on this list. And then we will start also buying our NFT. We'll set up our wallet or we'll load our wallet in order to based on NLP. And in this way we will enjoy the world of NFT. So I have created this course so that it will be easy to be followed by beginners and at the same time, engaging for the people with a good level of knowledge. By the end of this course, you will know what entities are and how you can bite create a sale, one of your own and FTEs. To make things easier, I'll show you the step-by-step guide that you can follow along with me in order to buying, creating, or meaning and selling your own NFT. So take a look at the course description and enroll now, and I will see you in sight. 2. Introduction: So before diving into LFTs list, understand what our ad hotel and if T is a standard for non-fungible token. So what is this? Non-fungible tokens? Basically, non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are provably unique, creating digital scarcity. They can't be duplicated or divided. They have many use cases, including for digital collectibles, music, artworks, and in game tokens. Throughout this lecture will get to know them in a right manner. So you can see in this image as the fungible, fungible item, there is something like UHD and coupon and some currency dollar for the same iPhones you will, they are your close and cinematic eats. And on the non-fungible aspect, you can see there is an artwork of Mona Lisa. Some game icons is tickers or things like that and the non-fungible token. So what are these fungibility? Fungible basically means 1000. And fungible tokens are dawkins that are tradable for each other and their value old over a lumen constant. So let me give you an example. A currency is a classic example of a fungible assets. Five-dollar is always $5, no matter the serial number on this specific five-dollar bill, or whether it's $5 sitting in their bank account. The ability to replace a five-dollar bill with another five-dollar bill, or say a 515 $1 bill for that matter. So this is what makes the currency fungible. So now you can understand that fungibility refers to an assets. We with a similar acid without sacrificing his value. Fungibility defines an asset's characteristics as, as divisibility and the value. Let's see one more example. Suppose you lend your friend a $100 note and the boiler or your fin gives that a $100 note in his well, it with there are other difference note of that a 100 dollar. Now, it doesn't matter what your friend does. Maybe he went to sopping. He did. Is he already spend your money or maybe he had not. But at the end of the day that your friend has to return you back the dollar, $100. So what he returns is not important on the exact note that he has given you, but what notated Zoom. So basically the $100 has the value here, not the exec 100 or node. So this is the fungible aspect of the currency. A hundred-dollar is importing on his value, not on his unique. Further, we can realize this fungibility to be something as reality, also subjective. Let's take an example. When you compare fungibility and dumps off multiple things, then we can find fungibility to be relative. So let's see economic class of a business class and the first, last flight ticket. So each of these tickets is roughly fungible within this class. But you can't feel the swipe of phosphorus ticket for a business class ticket or Kenya. Interestingly, we can also find fungibility to be subjective. See an example. Suppose you have a real penny that might be worth a single sent to you. But distinct can be a world Muslim more to a coin collector or some antique VCE collector. Thus, interestingly, fungibility can also be subjective. Now we can start our understanding more about these non-fungible tokens. In this modern world where cryptocurrency, utility tokens, security token in privacy token and digital assets are growing. We have non-fungible tokens also. So non-fungible tokens are another example of this fast-paced genes in the industry. Basically, these non-fungible tokens are unique digital items with blocks in managed. Honestly. Some of the examples for this non-fungible tokens might include things like collectibles, game items, digital arts, event tickets, domain names, and even honest soup records were physical assets. If you had been living in the crypto world for a while, you have most likely heard of the term non-fungible token or LFTs. So a non-fungible token is a cryptocurrency token that is indivisible and unique. One NFT cannot be interchanged with another NFT and the whole cannot be broken down into smaller parts and used. And if these are four options for creating and trading digital asset, such as original artwork and blocks in integrated collectibles. Games like 0s, et cetera. Non-fungible tokens are useful for providing the scarcity and provenance of rear acids, both digital and for the real world. So in simply if we had to separate between the fungible tokens and the non-fungible, we can simply say as fungible tokens are tokens that are tradable for each other and their value remains constant. And for the non-fungible took in the digital assets that are available. So even the ownership of some physical asset in the digital form is like an aura soup record, which is a non-fungible token. Even your bitcoin is treated. So that is not a non-fungible token, while NFT is a non-fungible token, abuse ET is completely unique to his own. Any tests got all the unique characteristics to each cell. So unlike regular cryptocurrencies, 11 year-old took in scan UDP exchanged with one another. This is because to non-fungible tokens are identical, even those that exist on the same platform game or in the same colleagues and think of them as like a festival tickets. Each ticket contains our specific information including the processors name, the date of the event, and the venue. So this data makes it nearly impossible for the festival ticket to retrieve it with one another. So now let's see what we learned over this non-fungible tokens and lists summarizes characteristics. So basically non-fungible tokens are rare. So they are rare than the payload non-fungible tokens comes from their mean is scarcity. So although they all do the non-fungible token developers can create any amount of non-fungible tokens. But since they are unique to their own, so those are real. And they are indivisible. Non-fungible token cannot be divided into smaller denominations, like bitcoins are set as Cs. They exist exclusively as a whole item. These NSAIDs are indestructible because all NFP data are stored in the block same BI smart contracts is takin cannot be destroyed, remote, or replicated. Almost equal dystopian is also immutable, which means gamers and collectors actually poses their LFTs, not the companies that create them. This contrast, this contrast with buying things like music from the iTunes store, where users don't actually own what they are buying. This watches the license to listen to the music. And finally, this is unique. So this is where as the most significant characteristics of them all, all NSAIDs have a permanent information tab, records their uniqueness. So you can think as NFT is to be something like inference on as a certificate of authenticity. Thus, one of the main benefits of owning or digital versus a physical collectible. For example, a Pokemon card or a real minted coin is that is, NFP is contained distinguishing in pharmacy and that makes it worth distinct from any other FTEs and easily verifiable. This makes the creosote and circulation of fig collectibles pointless because each item can be traced, twist back to the original issuer. Thus, I hope you have understood what LFTs and what non-fungible tokens are. So that's all for this lecture. Now I'll see you on the next one. 3. Fungible and Non-Fungible digital assets: Welcome back. So KD, now that we know about these funds, evil and non-fungible items in the physical world. Basically to say it is funded items would be the one that can be easily traded. And they have hallow were not in their uniqueness and definitely they are not rare. While for the non-fungible item is the exact opposite. They are not traded, but they are bought and sold simply. And they have very little in their uniqueness. They are super to career. Now, let's see, unless focus on the digital world and the digital aspect of this fungible and non-fungible items. So in the digital world we have Ethereum Bitcoin, and you can name it any other cryptocurrencies there. So these all are fungible and they have, if they had definitely a market price, but they are not unique. A 1-bit coin is same and has the same payload as an another Bitcoin. So a cryptocurrency is a fungible token. You can send someone one Bitcoin and they can send one back. And you still have one Bitcoin. Of course, the value of the speed Wayne might change during the time of excellence. You can also send or receive a smaller amount of 1-bit going. These are smaller amount of cryptocurrencies are called cytosis. So cytosis, if you don't know that. So these are basically small or you can think of it as sames of Bitcoin. Thus, these are fungible token because they are divisible. However, for the non fungible part, the non-fungible, non-fungible tokens are not individual. In the same way that you cannot send someone part of a concert ticket, part of a concert ticket, or don't be worth anything or Nissan and would not be redeemable. Those that Cypress this non fungible token with the fungible ones. These are cryptocurrency that can be traded in the marketplace. They are the fungible works. Now we can start focusing on our non-fungible items. So in this digital world, non-fungible items are special. List focus on these non-fungible item. So for the digital world, the non-fungible item is a non-fungible token. What includes in non-fungible token are basically the game items, the digital arts, the domain name, the event tickets, and some of the ownership records for Acid. So overall all of these, you can summarize them by seeing these all to be a digital asset. So non-fungible talking IS, and colleagues of digital asset, basically that's all, is non-fungible token. Do remember, non-fungible tokens are unique and rare. So even though digital aspect, they are unique and rare and definitely they are individual. So as I gave an example earlier, concert ticket do not reward if it is like giving a part of it. So it needs to be given completely. So they are not traded. But what happens in them are that can be bought and sold, their ownership given to someone next in the marketplace. So let's see. These non-fungible tokens. Definitely they are unique. So deep inside a non-fungible token, there are metadata disk which describes what makes this acid different from all the wrist. This is a pour money into an unalterable record that describes what these non-fungible token represents. Almost like a certificate of authenticity that you'd get with the 3D printing. So this uniqueness will define how like you can have an image online and you can simply copy and paste that e-mails and keeping your screen as well. But doing that, simply just have a copy of the thing and not the original one. The original one is where the uniqueness lies. It's similar with the Mona Lisa painting. So the original was made by da Vinci. But when you took the photo of it or you tried to make our simple copy of their design, you would not have the uniqueness, but you'd had a copy of it. Similarly, the non-fungible tokens are rare. So the scarcity is an important ingredient in the recipe that makes non-fungible tokens or attracted. While they've levels have the freedom to generate an infinite supply of certain assets. They also have the power to limit the number of desirable items in existence. So after this, I'm going to set a few stories of non-fungible tokens that to describe this aspect of the digital world. And how in this digital world the rareness can arrive in non-fungible tokens. And most importantly, these non-fungible tokens are indivisible for the missile reason why they cannot be treated is because they are individual. So for the most part, non-fungible tokens cannot be split into smaller denominations. They can only be bought, sold, and he'll hold. So you need to remember the rules of non fungibility. You can purchase 10 percent of all, let's say a plane ticket or colleague, 50 percent of a baseball card. Now let's see some of the non-fungible token history. So you might already know this. This is Mike Winckelmann, also known from the nickname people. So five years for five years he used to constantly do the graphic designing works and used to post in Instagram and in the, in the non-fungible token world. He marched all of these five-years of worth of work. And he named it adds, every day is the first 5000 days. Again, see the image on the right one. So he's sold this for 69.4 million on the mastoid fall of 2021. So this is recent news and you can see these non-fungible token history and this. Similarly, we have the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who saw this was to eat for roughly $2.9 million. That's a great history as well. So you can see these sort of histories are rising every now and then. So this is what describes these distributes to be unique, rare, and individual. So definitely the area because there's just one was enough. Jack Dorsey is forced to eat. And the uniqueness of peoples. So this uniqueness of this everyday painting is completely single. So there is no another painting like this one. And it's completely coated with quick humans name because he is the one who created it. And now, there's also some mystery, like the modern times in with the currency processing partner. Or you can say, visa bought Crypto punk in August 2021 for $150 thousand. So you can citizens simple art of pixelated crypto punk art, which was brought by Visa. So yes, FTEs are going hills and definitely we are going to be a part of it soon. What we need to understand, why are an FTE? So especially after all, as I said earlier, you can simply take an image and copied and pasted on your screen. You can download a genuine even with a high resolution or the original resolution. And you can claim that. Okay, I got this already know I don't need to pay for it. However, you just have the copy of it. You would not have the uniqueness of his creator. You not be buying the original one. So that's what separate, for example, this Mona Lisa painting here. You can also see in Amazon Dasa valuable as well. But that's not a unique one. This is the unit with the da Vinci and created and that's in the museum somewhere. So all these, even in the digital world, these non-fungible aspect, they are value, they have the most on their history, and they are the prestigious and therefore the society. Thus non-fungible tokens are special and they are here to stay. 2021 was used for non-fungible and as the year goes past 2022 and plus, these things are going to get bigger and bigger. So we are going to be part of it sooner. So we also need to understand how are these non-fungible tokens used. So as it has for crypto collectibles like crypto kitties and non-fungible tokens can be used for digital assets that need to be differentiated from each other in order to prove their value or scarcity. They can represent a fleeting from virtual land parcels two, artworks to ownership licenses. Non-fungible tokens are not traded on a standard cryptocurrency exchanges. Instead, they are bought or sold on a complete package level. The digital marketplaces, you can have marketplaces like open bazaar or decentralized land marketplace. So this is what we're non-fungible tokens. So special. They had this unique attributes. They are usually linked to a specific asset. They can be used to prove the ownership of digital item like game skins, right through the ownership of physical acid. So other tokens that funds you will in the same way as coins are banknotes. Fungible tokens are identical. They're the same attributes and by Lewin exist. But this non-fungible, this visceral honest on. So that's all for this non-fungible token and in this digital world. So I hope you have learned everything they were non-fungible token. And that's all for this lecture. I'll see you on the next one now. 4. Blockchain: Hey guys, welcome back. So in this lecture, we'll get a few idea on this blocks and technology to understanding to deliver our LFTs. So lipstick and experts it example. And let's say there is a client, XYZ. And let's say this is a simple bank account for that client. We have income and expense and a balance column. So basically, what happens is when you get an salary residual got an income of roughly $2 thousand in your bank account. So when you get this money, so there is a party taught body that would be your bank that would approve this. And thus, your balance in your bank account will be 2000 dollars. Once worse, so you have to buy something, let's say you had to buy a laptop or a $1 thousand or say a mobile phone. And then okay. And we knew what when you go to buy with your credit card, debit card, or when you take out your money in your ATM, then what happens is the bank foster fall has to approve that you had that balance or not. And once you have a balance of that $1000, more than $1000 in your bank account, then only you can take that money out from your bank account. So now since in this case you had 0, 0, 0. And now you'd like to take out a thousand dollars. So the bank has to approve this. So there is a taut body in between all these transaction and that is the bank. So you can see here, the band gets to see our spirits. It, the band gets to see our transacts on the bank, gets to be involved in every transaction. So previously, every system of money transfer is to be controlled by the bank. But now, a new concept has emerged with the development of technology and the Internet getting popular basically. And this technology has basically tried to replace bank. As I said earlier, for every transaction, the bank needs to approve that transaction. Basically, the bank used to be the one who used to verify. And suddenly when banks were only the 12 we verified, there used to come a lot of politics. They used two different sorts of scenarios. Now we can discuss this more on different litters. Or perhaps you can see some YouTube videos about why just having one institution or one company had been complete control of her money. And having an ion or money is not a good idea. So to replace all this hassle of dram money transaction between a one-person janitor person, or from one party to another party, the bank had to be removed. So it's not exactly removing the bank, but is bringing someone next. So for this conserved, the blocks and technology has been developed. And in this technology, what happens is that people from around the world, they utilize their computer and their power of their computer to approve this transaction. So this now let's talk in brief about the blocks in technology. So basically the blockchain technology is actually the pillar behind this existence of our non-fungible tokens. Blockchain works as a database so that the transaction can be recorded and political. I'd seen in this image, you can see like the blockchain is actually recording and validating the transaction that's taking place. So to understand the locks in and how it's worked, Let's see. Let us consider block. So this mock colleagues on group of information. And then there are data carried by these blocks. Now let us consider multiple sorts, sort of blocks. So each of these blocks have a number and they have a logic sequence. And now when these blocks are on their path of creating thin, then we get to form our blocks in thus the name blocks incomes. So each of these blocks consists, they're on the specific numbers, sort of like serial number. And in this logic sequence, each block has their own, has as a digital print. You can also consider these as sort of digital encryption. So each block not only has the same number, but also informed me some of previous blocks number. Thus, there are some mathematical and computational logic involved. And that is why it requires a lot of processing power. So when these numbers are discovered, then these numbers can basically be sold. And the renumeration for the mining of these numbers are, The selling of these numbers are available in the cryptocurrencies. So we get the idea of basically how crypto-currencies came into play. So thus they were there any medicines for discovering the blocks. Let's add those ads. We had digital currencies, like the airline points in game currency is before cryptocurrency Mars, we had some non fungible assets since the dawn of the internet. Domain names, the event tickets, in-game items, even handles on the social networks like Twitter or Facebook, are all non-fungible digital assets. This is valley in their trainability and liquidity and perhaps interoperability. So many of these Incredibly valuable. For example, let's say an epic game. We know Epic Games made 2.4 billion in revenues selling costumes in their free-to-play game, Fortnite in 2018, Elon, the market for event tickets is projected to reach 68 billion by 2025. And the market for domain names continues to see solid growth. We have tons of these telescopes that we have never really possessed it. So it's clear that we already have tons of digital assets, but to what extent do we own these digital things? If diesel onreceive only means that an item belongs to you and not someone else, then you're really on they in some sense. But if they shall honor CPS more like honor sip in the physical world, the freedom to hold and transfer indefinitely. This doesn't always seems to be the case with digital asset. Rather, you on these assays in this specific context which may or may not making, make money it on easily. For instance, try to sell a fortnight is keen on eBay and you will discover the difficulty of moving digital asset from one person to another. This is where block sends calming blocks and provide a coordinates and layer for these assets giving users on a ship and management permissions. Sense add several unique properties to non fungible assets that tell the user and develop relationships with these assets. So I hope you got the idea what is digital assets? And and if you wanted to know more about this distal acid and you can see my previous lectures. Will people over the internet wanted to use these cryptocurrencies in order to transfer these assets. But as we all know, we coined is fungible. Fungible thing is not unique. So something non-fungible was required in order to record the transfer of ownership of these distal acid. Something unique and that will culminate on the existence of non-fungible token. This need of something non-fungible for the digital assays in the block chain with the power of blocks in gave rise to our non-fungible tokens. So this head back to history about non-fungible tokens. So right after Bitcoin was created, people try to transfer these digital assets and tried to record this ownership. What as you all know, between being fungible. So it was quite unsuccessful. So the phosphate and was doing some color-coded coins in 2012 so that the ownership of this asset we recorded in transactions using the between. This has definitely some improvised worsen work. As you all know, this was the phosphate aimed. So whether years two years later in 2014, him the second a team of doing that. So this was counterparty and it is still exists to this state. So what Bitcoin transactions in order to record the information was received to use in this counterparty. Now, coming in 2017, we have crypto kitties and crypto pumps. And these two non-fungible tokens used Italian. So instead of using Bitcoin, people started using itanium in order to do these digital assets transaction. And thus helium became the new diesel S8 medium for LFTs. So why this Italian came into excellent is because they had something which Bitcoin leg that was a smart contracts. So we'll see more and more smart contracts in our next lecture. So that's all for this lecture. And I'll see you in the next one now. 5. Smart Contract: Welcome back. So in this lecture we are going to learn more or less about the smart contract. So a contract is basically an agreement between two parties, or you can say between two people or companies or organizations. In contract. What do we know? So in contact with basically there are rules and claws defined in order to guide how things will happen and how people in the companies or the two parties cell work. So this is basically the overview of the contract. Now, what i smart contracts then, the smart contracts, these rules basically into the digital world. These are executed into the stadium. They are called smart because some of these rules can be executed without any human intervention. You can see that they are competent softwares and stored in huge amounts on different servers in the world. So that even if one of us, our fields, there are tons of other solvers to support this working adequate. These rules cannot be corrupted or changed or any fraud. Every execution remains recorded on the blockchain. So their contact models are extremely reliable. Smart contracts allow developers to place heartaches on the supply of non-fungible tokens and enforce persistent properties that cannot be modified. So for example, LET after the non fungible tokens are issued, then these smart contracts come into axon. For example, a developer can enforce, we are programming that only a specific number of specific real item can be created while keeping the supply of more common items. Infinite. Diplomas can also enforce. That is, specific properties do not change over time by encoding them on St. This is particularly interesting for art, which relies heavily on the provable is Cassidy of an original piece. So let's see these smart contracts on the world of non-fungible tokens. Smart contracts for the blocks in Italian is available for anyone. Uses need to have some knowledge is 48. So the non-fungible tokens are digital assets that content identifying information recorded in the smart contracts, non-fungible tokens, and the smart contracts, I look for the detail attributes to be added, like the identity of the honor. Some reads metadata are secure file links. Reporting of non-fungible tokens to immutably prove. Digital ownership is an important progress on for an increasingly digital world. They could see blockchains, promise of truth, Trust list, security applied to the ownership or extensive almost any acid as the salience of the block. Same to date, non-fungible tokens, their protocols and the smart contract technology is still being developed. So we also need to understand how does the smart contracts come into place. What does it takes for the development of the smart contract? So basically you just need three things. Phosphene is a term. The second one is good on the language of Piper, and the last is the re-mix to publicity is contrast and make it more accessible throughout the world. So this is all for your smart contract. Then that's all for this lecture. Now I'll see you on the next one. 6. Crypto Wallets: Welcome back. So now in order to progress to us learning more about our non-fungible tokens and how we can create one. We need to understand more about non-fungible tokens and their wallets. So basically, well as are the one where we store money and listless and moreover, this non-fungible token, a brief overview. So we all know the hybrid on the non-fungible token is real. Non-fungible tokens have proved their capabilities as exceptional tools for tokenizer of real world and digital assets with a wetter Assyrians of value. These ones you will talk in specifically referred to a unit of data on the digital laser, which are referred basically as blocks in the blocks and provides certificates and for uniqueness and non transferability of the concern digital asset. Therefore, non-fungible tokens have the value of uniqueness which lead to their higher value S. And at the same time, it is also important to take a look at the most popular non-fungible tokens dwellers. Why would you worry about this non-fungible token wireless at all? So let's do some homework on why are they important at all hostel while it is important to understand that non-fungible tokens or for a distinct improvement over the comparatively simple idea of the crypto. Many new financial system in well complicated trading and lending system Support for diverse asset categories such as artwork, real estate, and lending contracts. Non-fungible tokens are basically offering a far medieval advantages for reinventing financial services. Man is rained infrastructures all over the world. At the same time their capabilities selling digital represent this on our physical assets. Also point out the February we'll promise associated with the domain of non-fungible tokens. However, you would need the best non-fungible token valid available for helping you process, hold, sale or trade on non-fungible tokens. You would need a valid with the capabilities for holding cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens according to the currency accepted by a non onesie will look in provider the non-fungible token valid offer. The ability for processing the crypto like the etre. Even if a domain of non-fungible tokens is still growing, it has a potential for revolutionizing the traditional market for artist and collectors. On the other hand, you'd need or top non-fungible token. Well, it as a compulsory tool for ensuring participation in the emerging domain of the non-fungible tokens. However, it is also important to know the function of non-fungible token valid. And they essential traits you must look for in the best non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible token wireless are digital wallets that help you store non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies in one place. The while it help you in receiving additional assets alongside purchasing things with the assets. In your honesty, the mass observers in non-fungible token purchases in recent times has also led to the development of functionalities in non-fungible token wireless for storing the non-fungible took in art after maintain or possessing. Interestingly, and non-fungible token valid, does not actually have the asset in a digital person of a particular bank account. On the contrary, well, it only stores the information regarding the location of your assets on the blockchain. Now, you would come across and other trouble of finding a non-Han dual token well, it best suited for your needs. All non-fungible token Wireless have different features and you have to look out for the essential trips for avoiding any confusion. So some of the distinct features to look for in most popular non-dual took in wireless are the most important feature that can help you find the ideal non-fungible tokens valid according to your requirement, may include these as user-friendly. Deform a street you should look for in the best non-fungible token. Well, it is a friendly user interface. We all know that non-fungible tokens are already a complicated concept for beginners. So you wouldn't need a complicated user-interface in your non-fungible token valid. To make matters worse. Therefore, it is important to look for non-fungible token valid that offer improved ease of setup and usability. And the next one is crossing compatibility. The next crucial aspect to find in our top NF2, while it refers to Grosse sane compatibility, the popularity of Itanium alongside the massive base of developers make it the preferred platform for NFP users. Therefore, you can find the majority of the way supporting ERC you so into one standards-based Dawkins at the same time, do so note that if you have to meet purchase or sale nFET is on other networks, you need that well it having fetus of cross and compatibility. And finally also you need multiple devices and other notably aspect for answering, which while it is best for an FD is the support for multiple devices, you should be able to use the wallet as with extends on our desktop and mobile applications. What's better? And NF2 valid that runs on two devices while enabling real-time synchronization of the transaction. That would definitely be anteriorly on the top of a cake. So there are different sort of wallets. We can list as the top five. Basically, this is my least on top 50 Alice. The rapid growth of NFT space has led to the prominent rise of the most popular NFP dwellers at the same time, the phenomenon has also resulted in a lot of complexities for NF2 users. So here's a basic outline of the five of the top NF2. We have MetaMask, we have Coinbase, we have Alpha engine, and then trust. So we'll see about all of these values in the next few lectures. And in this lecture we basically understood that Tony Poulson for these valleys and impotence. And in the next lecture we'll see these values. 7. Crypto Wallets: Features and Comparison: Welcome back. So in this lecture we are going to learn a few more details about these different wireless that we discussed in the previous lecture. So I have simply Google defend why that name that had said earlier. The fast we have MetaMask and the former slaves among the contenders for the base NFT violet knees, our Meta max. And if you see a swift site, then you can definitely find more details about our MetaMask. So yeah. So basically IT started off as our browser extension for enabling direct connection between the users and decentralized application. And the founding companies. Contents is we introduced a mobile wasn't admitted mitomycin recently 2020 with different unique features. It included a simple interface to enable the colleagues and of NFT tokens while facilitating the interaction with other decentralized application. So MetaMask can help users in creating an Italian Well it for connecting directly with all Italian based platforms and for minting and trading. Also interesting limit I'm actually is one of the most popular and FDI. Well it Horace distinct benefit. First of all, you definitely offers promising ease of E-step alongside synchronize and of transactions throughout mobile and web extension. Interestingly, the morale was enough Meta mass also of course, in build browser for exploring DeFi applications and LFTs. So that was about Meta mass. If you want to know more about methemoglobin, there are some YouTube videos that will suggest different minimax opsins. And definitely you can solve the website. And in the next we have Coinbase wallet. So this one's add the CEO or the queen bee, swell it. And this quantity is valid, is actually has a very good reputation. So the reputation of Coinbase wallet as and F2 or lead comes from the fact that it is suitable for beginners. So when this helps you there in sending and receiving, NFT is with username. Instead of using public Wi-Fi that addresses the username ensures flexibility of NF2 transactions with similarities of that of a PayPal pioneer or some sort of trend exons. So therefore, we can also not have any difficulty in dealing with LFTs, with the Coinbase valid. But most importantly, when we swallow it offers support for definitely misery of multiple names in the crypto world such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, you still are lumens as well as some ERC 20 tokens as an ideal NFT. Well it, on this we did for beginners when we swirl it also boost for user-friendly app, which definitely helps in holding your own assets. As a result, you are less likely to lose rights to digital wallets. In your honesty with Coinbase valid. And we can solve the quietness valid to know more about them. You can do it extends on, you can have in Play Store or the App Store. So whatever is good for you, and the square root is valid is actually good for the Venus. As I said. The next we have Alpha. So Alpha, well, it is Sonia and it is open source, Italian, well-lit and the symbolic of how elitism. So this next notable Edison among wish for the best, I guess for the waste. And F3. Well, it, it is an open source blocks in well-lit based on itanium. And suppose the functioning of mining and FTEs and collecting them. Some of the applicants on supported directly in firewall it include scene, did arena open, see, crypto kidneys and many others. So in Edison dolphin, well at Apple, so insures compatibility with all the in-game asset based on Italian and giving some critiques on alpha. Well, it as what we can see it, it is available on your mobile. I guess. We still haven't developed the browser extension. So this is all available on mobile app. And the website presents a wide range of open source tools to definitely help businesses are creators and developers, capitalize on different various blocks in related tokenize the sun, the inbuilt web browser in alpha islet also the levels of functionality for exploring other DeFi applications similar to what we had in our MetaMask. So that was all leveled out of our lit. So you got an open source benefit through all our late. And the next we have is ending. For some reason. I guess the engine website is not working right now. But this engine website is also available, I guess on Twitter. However, let's move forward on next. We have our trust Well it, so you could also find this trust well it as another permission twice among the most popular NFT wireless. So it is a renowned Manuel well IT ops and suitable for electric collectors with more than 5 million users. And definitely uses scan. Discover a list of decentralized apps for art marketplaces on Translate for ensuring One-click as his two sides. So there's a vaccine we need to pin C and others. So even if trustworthy Donatello NFT transfer, you can help other. It can help users in his touring and messaging their asset on the Plus platform. Interestingly, trustworthy, it provides native integration for renowned public teens like Ethereum Classic and by Nancy smarten, the one-click access to NFP application in trustworthy so serves as is most promising, is trained in Edison. The compatibility with multiple blocks in network could open up additional possibilities in the long run for our trust valid. So you've got an idea, I will trust Well it so this trust Violet and Alpha, well, it is available on the mobile platform. And for some reason I guess this engine, well, it did not open, but given this is unpopular and FTEs opsin for, for ending violet on this would be an interesting blocks in waste while it was enables colleagues on in given FTEs as well as other collectibles. And you can get to know more about and in, while it through this website ends in dot io. Right now this is not painting for some reason. So doping. And users can get one-click browser to access different types of decentralized app based on Itanium like DeFi applications. The most promising factor in favor of engine is that it offers the best NFT violet with an appealing UI for NFT colleagues. And so the UI full engineers actually really good in comparison to others. Furthermore, ending also offered a facility of a customer support desk and differentiate it from other while IT providers. So that was all about engine. Well, it also if you want my sons, that if you had to choose one among these five, then I see you go for MetaMask. In the long run, I guess this would be an bitter opsin. And what I personally do is I have Anaconda on both of these MetaMask and coinbase. So in the next lecture we'll see how we can create the account and install MetaMask. And for this video, I basically explained all about these wireless defend fetus and different advantages on having all of these violet. And I hope you've gotten good idea up on that. So that's all for this lecture. I'll see you on the next one. No. 8. Getting started with our first wallet: Welcome back. So in the previous lecture, we learned about different while it absurd. We learned about when and how valid and trust valid and definitely MetaMask as well. So in this lecture now we are, what we're going to do is we're going to download our MetaMask added to our browser as an extension and then create an account, and if indicated, started with our wallet. So first of all, go to MetaMask dot IU, and then go to your download know awesome. Now what I'm going to do is install them into marks on my browser. So my groceries believe the name of the bosses brief, and it is on Chrome engine. So you can see me. Thomas's is supported on Chrome, firefox, Brave, or AES. And currently I don't think they have support for La Pira. So I hope you have one of these browser to get started. Definitely. You can start on one of these browser. And you can also download me tomato on your iOS or Android. And now for our browser and then Chrome extension. So instead of me Tomas for Bray. And then it will show you your Chrome Web Store, and it will now give you an option to install it on your brows. Browser has an extension, so simply added to a rib. And what it is going to do is now it is going to download a file. Probably that would be somewhere around two into 13 MB file. And definitely that is a large file that might slow down or extend our browser. So I guess it was 15.7 MB file. So definitely this isn't heavy extension, but this is what we are going to use for our Fd. Well, it and now Minimax is added to your browser. So in case if you want to pin it, then simply infinity in this way. Now it would open. Click on it and it will open site where we have to proceed towards creating the wallet. So the well, it is not created yet. And the phosphorus screen. And if you're like me, then you would like to play with this MetaMask will fall away. And once you are done, you can now get started. So there will be two screens to opsins basically. The one is, where do you already have some separate takeaway phrase? And then you'll simply have to interlaced separate recovery phase to get started or important previous valid. And the next option is creating a new violet and getting a fresh start. And some secret takeaway rate is something that I'll share with you quite liter in this lecture and for right now in order to flow with our beginner approach. So this crater, well it, and let's get started since honestly we're new to MetaMask. And next screen this will show you to opt for improving MetaMask and it will ask for some data. So some data that might include are like bees, few events and so my anonymized clicks. So normally I can decelerate to this, I normally agree to that. So if you trust, if you don't transmit a mass, then you can disagree to that. And now create your password. Once you have created your password, simply agree to the terms and condition and then get inside. So in the next screen, now what probably is going to be so on is some information about secret recovery rates. So the second takeaway praise in MetaMask is basically a combination of dual boards. So what is two and worse? These are actually more important than your password themselves. These are what we made a mass calls as master key. So what is master key does is it helps you log in different platform, like I showed you earlier. If you add somehow uninstalled or remote your extension, then by again in doing that secret recovery phase, you can get inside and you're well, it is different, unsecured. So this is for your securing your wallet over the Internet. So you can see these videos and work on this for that. 12 voices generated when you first set up Mehta and funds if you ever lose access. So for recovery and consecutive were both is basically used. And some important evolve the secretary who represent that 17, a password manager. So how do you save it? Save it in a password manager in a bank hold or safety budget boss or write down in history in multiple separate places. So if I had to do something, then I had to give a tip that never, never, never digitally saviors secured these 12 word phrase. So never take any screen sought. Never copy that. Paste and save it in your OneNote or Evernote, or in your notepad or something like that. What I've seen some people do is detected this recovery phase 2 L word secretory phase and the sand it as a message over the Internet. They might temporarily to themselves or they might, I think that that is the way to save them, that full them, but that actual defeats the purpose for secretory phase. So never, never seen it over the Internet to anyone or never actually bring it on the internet data. What I personally do is I write it on a paper with the help of a bin and then I write it in multiple paper and keep it secure. So if you had gaped some vacuum on bass solo, things like that in a bin with people and the skip it in that place. So as you saw this year right down in history in multiple sacred places. So write it down, would help up and been in paper, and then save it in that way. So don't save it in any digital way. That would be my suggestion. And definitely newer and newer anniversary, your sacred takeaway freeze. So moving forward, this will now reveal your secretory phase. So in this box, that's quite a lot because definitely when I saw not-so-secret recovery phase. So in this box will show you your sacred recovery phase and you'd probably have to memorize this phrase or if you have written it down, then that's good for you. So I would also suggest you to write it down, not memorize it, because you might memorize it right now and you might forget it the next day. Once you have Saudis on what your recovery phrases, it is different for everyone. Then go to your next and it will ask you to like interbank those microwave range so that it can confirm that you have memorized memorized it, or return it somewhere. So once you have done that and afterward, on the next screen, I'll see you on that is condemned. So if you have done the previous steps that I said, then it would congratulate you on creating so you pass the test, security whoever is remembering test and basically give you a deep newer searing it do be aware to keep your wallets secure. Then you can move forward and it will cod about your morale. Well it opsin, You can always see littoral zone. So that's all. And you have now created your well-lit MetaMask. And thus don't for this lecture then I will see you on the next one now. 9. Let's Create (MINT) our NFT: Let's come back. So this elsewhere we had lived. We can now see on our midterm us, we can open this extension and just simply click on it. Currently I'm already in MetaMask. So we have green tea that. So basically in this lecture we will allow us to create our first NFT. So what this u is good too really well, you can simply search in Google for retrieval, So that would be Fourier And the sweet world has been loaded. So the process with that we create an FT is called as mint, is called as meat. So MIMD deaths what the word is used when we create a non-fungible token. So we need to use different sorts of websites, or we can call them as the marketplace. So they are a variety of marketplace where we need to dive right in and in order to meet our non-fungible tokens. There are a variety of marketplace to buy, sale, and create your LFTs. So each of these marketplace not only has the specific cryptocurrencies, but they might need a different sort of way for you to create them. For example, summit here, you are say to sign-in or create. You'd probably have to link your wallet in different way. And there are other websites like that as well. So some of these website or the marketplace and submissive like bakery tokens and other kinds. So if I had to give an example, Let's see when we click on our MetaMask. So if I had to give an example, suppose you haven't well-lit where you store depend foreign currencies. Just like in the similar way we have MetaMask. So Meta mass is low digital, well-lit for our restoring non-fungible tokens. So different cryptocurrencies. So currently I just have 0 as the tedium and Lee I ignore. So if you design on multiple different cryptocurrencies, then it will simply be able to store them on your digital valid. So let's navigate on no So you can see, you can create things like you're on your poetry. And you can see there are different sorts of designs available on So you can see different sort of collections also available. So you can sail from anything like even memes, your crypto upon designs. You're even photoshops item, your graphic designs locks, your render design 3D resents also. So you can still all of these items and in this really So in order to do that, first of all, what we need to do is signing onto So this cost of assigning and to signing, you need to simply connect to your mobile or distal valid. So we can connect to your meta maps. It is the most popular option on re-label dot com. So this is the way we activate the extension or basically link our MetaMask wallet. So this might take certain time to link our well-lit. So you can see here we have successfully linked our to MetaMask wallet, or simply go next and then connect. So your label is now connected to MetaMask. And now you need to agree that you are greater than or at least 13 years old and a separate Will Thompson service, and then you can simply proceed. So signing in is not like giving him an e-mail ID on effect what for non-fungible token you need to sign in with your wallet. Your wallet is what makes you distinct in the crypto world. Let's go back now. So we have already signed in. So now the nifty, what we need to do is you might be getting some messages right here. So if you want to see that message, you can click here. If you want to see your profile, you can go through here. So right now what we can do is you can start creating our non-fungible tokens. So let's leave the notification for right now. And when you go for creating a non-fungible token, then you get some sense of timed or multiple. So if you wanted to single and in single, like you have your single collection and you multiple, you can provide your multiple colleagues. And if you want to go through single-particle and goals single bug, or you can choose multiple Edwin. Now here you have to upload some PNG GIF or video format or audio format file and then give a price for that. And then let's follow along. Let me upload an item right here. So once you have uploaded a file, so try to keep that phylo is note that to your work. So this is n. It means that I had taken back when I was traveling. So now you have an opsin. As you scroll down, you'll find this put on the marketplace. So if you want to keep it or not, if you don't want to keep it, then this would be not for sale then. And to keep it on variables marketplace, then you would have to give it a price. You'd want to give it for timed oxygen. It would, you'd want to obtain it four bits or you'd want to keep it a fixed price. If you want to open it for weird Stan, you don't have to give it any price. And you can also keep for time doctrine of minimum, I want a bidding, or you can keep some fixed price. Say you want to keep wanting stadium. So roughly, definitely that is inexpensive price for the photo. So let's see if I can keep. So I guess that's fine. Let us keep some near $200. And the solidus feed that contains 2.5%. And the content will be unlocked. So this is self-care continually unlocked after a successful transaction. And you'd have to give some digital key or quote to read him a link to a file. Or you can simply select this option as well. And then you have the Santa Tuesday collection. You can see the variable singles, four distinct. And previously in this evil website, as you will be uploading basically, are creating your non-fungible tokens where you would have to pay for some gas phase. So what our guests, these gases fees, gas fees are basically the processing fees because this is the world of blocks in and for every item you are placing duty some blocks in transaction taking place. So there is some processing fees involved in that. So which is called as basically guests fees. So you can upload your content for free using free minting of some data retrieval progress. Previously this option you use not, it was not available. Now it is. You have free meaning of Sun where you can basically you will not have to pay for the gas phase and the one who is buying this would have to pay for your grass v's. And now you'd need a title for this. You can see this, so you can see anything like. So I have named this as Mount festival. And you can leave a description that is an optional. And now you'd also probably hypercube some royalties. So what are these? So basically, if someone you have already say you have already sold your remains in the non-fungible token world through readable someone has bought, and now that person decides to resell it in the original website. So when you decide to resell this item and some transaction takes place there, then you would get a certain percentage of royalties for these item that you have listed on the non-fungible token world. So these are basically a great way that you cannot through multiple transactions that can happen in this variable website. So you might understand what royalties are from different music or deals we call exons. So this is definitely an advantageous way for you to 1. If you don't want to do any royalties, you can leave it to 0%. And if you want some royalties, you can obviously be to some fixed percentage. Let's say if you've been posting for this image and you have advanced setting often also you can give some properties and alternative texts, but these words are optional. And now you can just start creating items. So quitting item, which is definitely minting. So we have selected for freedom in doing so, framing our free creation of non-fungible token so that we have to wait. So is successfully uploaded. Now meaning, meaning is basically creating of our non-fungible token. Now we had to wait for vitamins to see some axons from MetaMask. So here it is a signatory request and you simply have to sign in. So as I said earlier previously on the 3D world of free minting of sun was not available. So in the previous days when this often was not available, you would have to pay southern gas phase, which are basically so the processing our transaction fees because you are placing your item on the block thin-walled, someone has to use up their combinatory source for that. And cranky duties, free minting of sense. So the buyer has to do all that. So you simply have to sign on this SI units or requests for minting, simply sign there. And now you're maintaining wall or creation of non-fungible token will be done. So I said yes, and when it is done, this is approved. And now it is being put on sale. While this has been put on sale, There's one more Meta mass noted Vegas and being weighted are being loaded. So let's wait for that. So here is your messages and velar bunch of zeros courts. Now you simply have to sign to accept and to in order to keep this item on sale. So we've done that. You can see your NFT successfully created moan to fishtail, it eliminated in blockchain, well possessing are transferring. So now you can simply see your NFT. And this is how we created our first non fungible decane in using So here we have placed here with the sale value of 0.222 Italian. So this is on the third currency. You had an option to select different type of guarantee as well. And that is all for your non-fungible token using this great So I hope you enjoyed this lecture. In the next lecture, we're going to learn something more about non-fungible token and how we can create some more ways. So that's all for this lecture. I'll see you in the next one. No. 10. Let's Sell our NFT: Hey guys, welcome back. So in this lecture we are going to see one more example, like we saw earlier of retrieval process. And now we are going to see one more way in which we can create and definitely sale our first NFT. So let's go to this. You can google mine devil. So it is my dual dot-dot-dot. Head over to my double-dot app and let's wait for awhile while it loads. So for the first thing that is necessary during your lab processes, you need to sign up. So yeah, this is not. First of all, before create, like logging your wallet, you need to have your own account right here. But before that, I'd like to show you what things you can creep in your as a non-fungible tokens. So you saw me earlier. I also give dollar amount in photo. And you can see this is also a mound and photocell in for their 0.392 probably tellurium. And you can see there are different sort of art. This is probably an alien crypto Banca. And there are lots of, so this is the mountane, this is different sort of. This statue must be a figure in, in background the results and the figure, so bottom-most. So this isn't photoshopped art. So you can see, you can do Photoshop, you can create on a heart. You can do blending, rendering, videos and even pixelated arts of crypto bonks against a disease of crypto punk. And so you can see there are some interesting images as well. So probably you can take some image the pseudocysts 3D rendering out. And so this gives an interesting idea. You can take an image and you can probably add multiple filters on it and you can sell it for multiple times as well. So you can see my guest rendering person is more and this is only duals. So now that we have seen, let's get started. So the first thing we need to do in the site is definitely foster full sign-up. So signing up is simple process. You simply need to have your username or password and then simply create a con. And probably you would need to confirm your country or animal. So let's do that. So once you have created your account, man, probably you'd have to go to your e-mail ID and then get some six digit number to confirm that. And if needed, do that is simple. Process happens normally. And then you'd have to connect to a well-lit. So it recognizes you have a browser extension of MetaMask, so you need to connect your wallet after that. And I said, I am going to show you the suicide because this website uses gasoline is meaning. So differently. Again, create your non-fungible token without having to pay for that. So mean to NFT for free on medieval. So definitely this is an advantage using this site. Nowadays even variable allows that were previously it was not allowed. So the way it is linked now simply you need to apply your username and password and login. So let's login and then this create our first guest list and FDI mending. So I hope you have logged into your, I mean table icon and then simply link icon. And then this would be done. And then you can get in and start meeting your first Min from this link, medieval. So it gives you an option whether you NFT is already in your wallet or you'd like to create a new item. So remember, this item will go live on blocks in so you can utilize your previous answer. That is cross-platform advantage. Or you can simply create a new item. For right now, let's create a new item. And as I said earlier, you can see here, this is an easy process where there is no transaction fee. Basically, that is the Gatsby, which means it is completely free so we can create a new item without having to be the guest suite. And if you go to Advanced and you can see in traditional method we use to include your gas. That means we had to pay for those transaction even for the present and uploading basically are meeting on an F2 platform. We'd have to pay for certain processing or transaction for blocked into this. However, this table provides some guest list, so no to index and needed. So one day it won't appear in your wallet until transport or possessed. You still own it, though. So let's go through our easy process. Start creating a new item. And now you can list title and add your items like here. So let's add something right here. So I've uploaded an image that I had taken recently. And you can select an image as art with the subcategory as photography. And I've listed the title or basically the name four distinct. You can see here, this is the name of the listing on the medieval website. So I have named it as as island in Lake. And we can also even subtitle as lakes. I gave I gave it the subtitle as licks and center lane equals to good mode. And then you can write some description. Definitely it can read your description can help you sell this. So the sarcastic and nipple. And there are small island with a single tree in the middle of the local say that this is where the snakes I've been living for many years. So I just wrote this. If you would like to transport the copyright that you know what copyright is. So definitely, you would like to transfer copyright when posted and you can select this item if you don't, do again, not select this. So if this is popping up, this is basically the triangles and that is taking place on the medieval site. You can see here this recently and this beautiful image has been bought obesity happens to 4 $739. So you can see the site is pretty popular and now you can press the price. You can give it a fixed price. This is basically utilizing ITER Itanium. You can press Apply price in US dollars or you can press list the price in anything you prefer. So let's keep it in US dollars lists. Keep this as. So. Let's give this a tardy dollar price range. And you and also like live it in four oxygens, would do allow our oxygens with minor opsin and different like that. So this imperialist keep this with oxygen. So starting with praise should be somewhere around 20. You can keep this oxygen ready for seven days. Or if you prefer three days, then you can keep it for today. They also and again list this item. So rewriting this authenticity, I'll show you some somewhat more. So since I didn't distribute and I have not seen this anywhere. However, the photo is quite coming to match with the size, however, this c. So basically this is not the exact same image, but this is some visually matching image. So you can see this is not the exactly same image, and neither this one. And this one is, this is denied. So my uploaded images quite different to this. So this analytics for whether your work is unique or not. And this item scan is determine the authenticity of this NFT item. Through the visit leed is Clips over the Internet and checks whether your item is already available. Do you actually own it or not? So I and item, so this is my work. And now next would need, what do we need to do is simply list this item. So you can see, since I've placed my item quite low, thus the $20, so your item's price is below the transaction fee of Biot need to pay in order to submit their purchase. You said increased item price or moved to LA blockchain will guess fees are what? However, you'd have to pay the gas fields. So since we don't want to do that right now, lists actually increase the price. The skip this thing at the C $50 is accepted. So I guess one is minimum. So we want this thing to be in this side. So yeah, I guess 1.66 is the minimum one. So you can see now we are able to send one to understand in the blood thin. So let us proceed. And then it will ask us to sign in on our wallet. So let's wait for a while. So it is basically uploading right now. So I'm going to show you some of these authenticity and different case scenarios. We do well for this to get completed. So here our Meta mask is going to be learning and we're just waiting for the sign to happen, so assign it and we have signed. Now let's view this item. So you can see this item is the chloride available. And this tends to be as at anhydrase won't be easily solved, but that's fine for right now and this is for our learning purpose. Now, let me show you some example. You might face different sort of tendency dealer. So you can see for this image as well, this is a fairly common remains of a mountain. And he has placed this at a very high price. Fleet close to $1800. And you can see here people are C-ring in comments of the neuron and FTEs. So this is how you normally advertise. This is a pro tip. You can make advertising something poplar. So basically when I went to maintain a website, the first thing that Bob was this amazing. So lots of people who will be seeing this image. So what you can do is you can go there and comment out your work also, you can advertise your work. So here we have our work. So let's copy this link. And if you, This is already on the website. So if you prefer, then you can simply leave a comment. So here you can advertise, you're animating this. So we can see here this has been advertised. So what I wanted to show you something quite different right now, we start printing this, create a new item. And what I wanted to add some files here. So let's add this flower. This flower is a pretty common image that's available in the Internet. See if it uploaded. Sometime it take certain time to upload. So let's see if we can upload our art lesson. So you can see normally the sooner we accept it, because i, so here, this is popped up. So this formula stress anyways that I showed you. So I have actually place this image in a different and empty blocks in wall. So you need to do is have some copyright issue and I should not be able to post it again. So that's why the site wants me in this image hasn't found on multiple different sites across the Internet. And you need to confirm whether you own this content or not. And if you have the ownership contained a license to resell it and you can use this and if you cannot, if you don't and discontent and definitely you can't cancel this for right now. And so that was one way would be copying some content of urine or provably. So that might be 43, which is definitely not allowed. No, let's try this flower's sweet awhile. I wanted to show you guys an example. I guess doing like this can upload it faster. So this flower is a pretty common events and downloaded this from Google. And probably in certain time it will saw that this is a common image. So here, here that this image was found on the internet too many times. So there is a highly extent you are not on the right to this image and you can admit it we are gaseous meeting. So if you have downloaded some popular image, basically most of the time if you are trying to utilize as memes for non-fungible token or some popular images like these or photos of some celebrities, then this might be the case scenario. So for this then you would not have an option for doing some massless transaction. And if maybe you'd have to pay for the transaction and you have to make the traditionally. So that's what I wanted to. So you flew on this illustration and a flower imagery. So I hope you have got some tentative idea of how you can create and where you can see you're non-fungible tokens. So I sold it to website retrieval and this medieval. And I think this mandible is quite easy to navigate. Even really well was easier one. And even really well both price of gasoline. So go through bottle this side and enjoy. And that's all for this lecture. Now I'll see you on the next one. 11. Load fund into our wallet: Hello everyone. So we'll come back. Now in this lecture, we're basically going to understand about how we can load our valid. So we have MetaMask as our well-lit. And then before, in order to buy any non-fungible token, we need to load our valid. So basically we need to add some font in our materials. So basically there are two ways to do. So. One is directly through MetaMask, and the next one is an indirect way. So you can click over your MetaMask. And then you can see here there are three epsilon by Cindy and slab. So if someone not Lady has some cryptocurrencies in their MetaMask and they wonder cindy to someone like your friend, then you can use the send opsin. So you can simply click here, and this will last for an address and also you can add some QR code here. So this is an option to add a QR code. So probably you need camera for that. And so that is an QR code route I also this again, then you also haven't slept opsin. So this swap opsin is basically to seeing your, IT helium or two ends one of the cryptocurrency into some other form. So for that and it will take some certain Saturdays missed on that. But right now what we are basically trying to understand is we're finding our way to basically buy some cryptocurrency using directly our MetaMask. And there are two ways you can see here. The first one is through this wire and there is transact and also directly deposit interpolated here. So let me show you this wireless. So you can continue with continued to wire. And then this will open and basically you will get some opsins like Apple Pay your debit card. So you can see here there is a credit or debit card of sons through which you can pay and you can change it to. You can see there is an Apple Pay debit card and the bank transfer route as well. So which credit or debit card is basically 3% fee. However, this is instant. And with Apple Pay, there is also 3% fee. And this is also instead what needs to be a minimum of $5 minimum. And through direct bam transfer or this ECS transfer, this might take up to five business days. However, the tarsiers are those 0.75 per cent is. So that's one thing. And normal you need to cities, our maximum limit is 1000 dollar in one transaction. So you can see here, for every, for every transaction you are or you are going to buy any Itanium or any other cryptocurrencies. So you can select here to change it to any other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, USD see, and you can see here many, there are many. So currently selected to ITER or tellurium. So what we need to understand is you can see here are some transaction and network fees. So every time you buy your Italian through this wire, you need to pay a certain transaction, any drug CFI, because you are basically going into the block chain and you are trying to buy that. So there of course, on transactional network fees would let me show you something. When you reduce this down to $10, your transaction fee and the trophy are roughly the same $5 per transaction fee. And then you have network via $50 and 37. Since. However, when you increase this to a $100, you can see this is the same range. So for $100, say you have to do at final bidders 120 dollars and thirty seven cents. So you'll be thus incrementing your with $20 in 2007 said, but if you are just buying for $10, it's roughly the same fee, but literally $20.37 regarded transaction and network fees, which is you will be paying more than double for what you are trying to buy. So keeping in mind what you are in this, but if we keep these chains to do a $100 and you can see the transaction fees increases slightly to $6.20. And as you increase this, you can see the transaction fees slightly guessing quiz again. So let's say you had a $2 thousand. Now you can see here, this is a wide range. So this is what I wanted to show you. So keep in mind what is the basically the reigns for which you will have to pay through this wire by root. So the rains so that you don't access on your transaction and network piece. And you can easily. Paid through this way using your gravity and David Card details. So also, you can be on US dollar or euro or your pound in different ways. You can go through this MetaMask Thompson duty. And that is one way how we can load our violet in MetaMask. The next is through this transact. Transact supports David Card and Ben transfer. You can see it looks like our wire which supported David Card and transact supports your this open transact. And let's see. So transact support the david cut in the similar way that we had wire earlier. So you can see here you can be using boundary sterling or your Indian rupees list US dollars for right now. And for 200 US dollar there are, there is roughly dollar transaction fee and everything included here. So let's see some price comparison as earlier. So having a hundred-dollar your total fees is this much. So again, this also has some rains. So keep in mind about those rains and then you can simply proceed with your credit card or debit card payment. We use Visa card also. That was the two way we saw on Doodle using MetaMask. And now next what we can see is less see a word, a QR code that I mentioned earlier. So when you try to buy the sea on the buy and you see this teardrops on which is the directly deposits of ITER. So remember this is just for ITER. So if you already have some ETO, the quickest way to get a terrain your new violet is where direct deposit. So you can go to your view are gone and destroy the soil you or QR code. So I don't have problems hearing this QR code because this QR code is just for receiving. So if someone, if you saw this QR code to someone else, Dan, and they can scan and send this to you. I saw due to the scanner Epson to send we have any scan opsin. So this is one way. Another way for directly sending two from MetaMask to Madame Axe to send your letter. So we learned a direct way to add our fill up our MetaMask wallet. So this was all through MetaMask and now less lung song, alternative and some popular ways through which we can directly send money to our MetaMask wallet. So the first one is finance. So you might have heard about finance and these exchanges. This is famous and probably the most used one. And you can see here in the market trend. In the market trend right now, you can see the prices of Bitcoin for in the last 24 hours, roughly down. So you can see and it's helium or one iter is roughly $2140. And in the last 24 hour this has decreased by roughly 2%. Similarly, you can see for between BNB and always remember you don't have to buy a complete deter, one full liter. You can always buy a fraction of feed. You can also buy Bitcoin, B&B, mana, CVA and those going through this. So bitcoins are definitely increasing with the market trend and you can always buy it. Using finance minus is one of the popular way. You simply would have to register your account here. And then definitely you will have to link your materials and then you can buy deity by. So basically this is an extensible platform where you trade on cryptocurrencies and with the, with the one you buy through finance, you can directly deposit it in your wallet. Mask. Similarly, next we have our coin list. So Coinbase is also used for buying of cryptocurrencies basically for trading platform is also a popular, wildly, wildly popular and used. So you can see here you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. So again, see the price is sold in Nepali rupee right now. And next we have cracking. So even cracking is popularly used for your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency buying propose you can do the low duality using cracking. Similarly, we also have the money. So you can use simulate to buy Bitcoin and crypto instantly associate it, can also buy it helium and others using this not just weight gain. So after we load all low, well it, So definitely we need to load the valid. We are going to visit some marketplace in order to bind our non-fungible tokens. Basically what made amongst DDOS so as to allow us to make this connection, we do now well aid and cryptocurrencies so that we can hit over 2. So marketplace to buy. So we saw in this lecture how we can directly load money in Madame us using the MetaMask way through directly buying in this Madame Axe. And secondly is some alternative way using finance, coinbase, cracking and Z1A. There might be some others as well. So you can serve over the Internet and find to what's best for you. And that's all for the clicks or no. So in the next lecture, I'll show you some of the marketplace where you can buy an FTEs. And I'll see you in the next lecture then. Thank you. 12. Let's buy our first NFT: Hey everyone, welcome back. So in this lecture we are going to look forward to us how we can buy our LFTs from different marketplaces. So basically, for, before you buy an FDI in any marketplace, you need to have your well it loaded up with some cryptocurrencies. And if possible, try to load a term more than others, but sometimes eta is not always the right. I'll show you why. So let's start. So definitely you need your MetaMask wallet. If you are using MetaMask wallet than load, load up your MetaMask wallet. Basically middle mouse would allow you to make connection between your wallet and the cryptocurrencies in there to the marketplace where you are going to buy. So basically, the marketplaces are the one where we can also create or mean to our and lefties. So the first one here is really well, I've already introduced you to us really well. So we can create here. We had done that already. And now you can see here you can rose through the web what sort of NF2 you would like to buy, wants to be your purpose. So you're either crypto Shuang Guan, crypto punk is always poplar on. So you can see this is a misquoting him sort of art. So things that are getting popular. And this is sort of like a logo. I guess this is also related to squid him one. This is all related. So let's see some, what one interesting one. So this is, seems to be an Elon Musk one. So let's open one of these art and see some details about this one. So this has an building upset. So 0.5 blue, it has invaded, so that is roughly $2351. And this includes all of these item as soon here. And this is from the Creator below. So before buying, like take into consideration from whom you are buying and how much you are being for that. So keep in mind, the next we have is mandible. So you have already seen when dual, I also knew earlier, this is one place where you can mean definitely create your NFT. So you can see a lot of transaction is taking place minute by minute. So some person just bought some item. So even in this slide lists some of the arrays. So you might have already seen roughly, let's see the first one, the mountain one that we had seen earlier. So this one is priced at 1877 US dollars. So before you buy, you need to remember from what sort of person or what sort of ciliary are buying from. So let's see. So the seller has listed a lot of items for sale and you can see are an active for sale, what sort of either. So this person has listed four of his items and I don't think anyone has sold. So here is an F2 value, so the views are great. So take into consideration what sort of views are there? What sort of whether desk popular or not, whether this training or not. So you saw a yearly this Curium ones who are a lot was a lot available. So I guess it's Curium is getting popular in NF2 wall as well. So let's see, in next site, which is open sea, you might have heard about open sea opens usually most popular for buying and selling your LFTs. So you can see here even the Vogue magazine also utilizing LFTs and miss platform. So you can see some of the top colleagues and as I said earlier, group coupons are a lot of acetylcholine axon. And you can see are different sites and different collections made. So definitely you can browse by category in OpenCL as well. So let's select one of the, one of them. So let's go for art. So you can go to US different art music videos. There are a lot of options. You don't have to stick to one. Eat of this size are focused on their own needs. So we can see we are different. So in fact, what we can do is let's actually go to all inequities. And you can see a different art and designs are here and price that are placed. So let's select one of them and this CLV deeply about them. You can have multiple feet are obsolete here. There are some axons of some also. Sudden you have to visit the beat your price and for a specific time. Then if you have the highest bid and you can buy sort of process. Let's see. So I guess we can select the cyber good one. Let's see what other options are available. So wide open C gives you a lot of options to see. So you can see this one is placed at roughly four to $0.$7, which is 0.01 et al on why this person, however, the views are just one gravelly slate known. So this might have been placed right now because it has no activity. So let's see salting, which has got some activity for the argon band, this one. So you can see here, this is being loaded. So can see this is unpopular. Definitely. You can see this is, this has been created with a lot of effort. You can navigate through this too, can zoom through this art. We can see different designs on them. So you can see this has got reveals, so that's definitely quite higher than previous one. And also a favorite for one person. The price is somewhat around 2 thousand MB, 300 dollars on zero-point. And you can see the price is three. So prices to use that for one single day. So just keep in mind before you buy what sort of rice r cubed? So this is the price kept by this author hoping this also. So before you buy anything, keep in mind whether that thing is streaming or if you do not want to buy, then you can resell it earns and not gain any loss. So that's basically how you trade. You can buy this and that you have to pay some royalty provably. And that's all for this opens here as well. So let's take a look and think. A lot of times, like be stickier food before buying. The next we have is an interesting site because it does not use any other cryptocurrency, but it has its own cryptocurrency does called bakery token. And you can utilize finance or Coinbase or any other platform to load bakery talking into your mask. So you can go to NFT marketplace and you can explore at here as well. Let's see some simple one. So basically you select one and then you can take them out. So this will be roughly 200 of cocaine. Cocaine. So you can see here 10 per cent sales we were to create a, so this is the royal. We isolate the royalty. So once you connect your wallet, you can definitely buy them. You can see all these trading history, bidding price. And moreover, this seller atoms, Flickr and you can see more. So that was all about big research. Next, we have superior, superior uses is on cryptocurrency as well, but it uses auto cryptography Israel, so Krenz is rare in chromosome number this. And this is somewhere where you can just buy art. So you won't find her music or dual or other pixel. They did sort of designs and other digital assets to be sold in NFT. So you can buy and sell your NF2 related to digital art in superior. So you can find different websites having different particular needs of their own. So whatever you are planning to buy and however you are planning to buy, it will depend upon what's your need. So once you have made the decision to buy them, go through the sides and take some time and then you can definitely buy them. So I hope this lecture was helpful to you in order to buy non-fungible token. So that's all for this lecture. I hope you enjoyed this lecture as well. 13. Congratulations ~ and Goodbye...: All right, So congratulations to you. You have completed this course on fundamentals of non-fungible tokens. So I hope this course was useful to you and you had enjoyed this course thoroughly. I hope this course definitely helped you in your world of blocks in a non-fungible tokens. So I'm always here if you have any questions or if you have any comments, I hope I could get some reveals to you. If you could give some reviews, then definitely that would be helpful to me as well as some other students that might be interested to take this course. So definitely the review for this course. And if you have any more questions, you can libya masses here or you can contact me in some social channels. So that's all for this course. And here I can say goodbye to you all. And I hope you all have an amazing and successful carrier. Thank you.