Fundamentals of Lightroom II: Editing and Post Processing

Lotus Carroll, Photographer. Poet. Dreamer.

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18 Videos (1h 37m)
    • Trailer

    • Software Overview

    • Personalize

    • Manipulate Images in Library Mode

    • Crop and Straighten Tool

    • White Balance / Temperature & Tint

    • Tonal Scale / Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites & Blacks

    • Presence / Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation

    • Bring It Together

    • Tone Curve

    • HSL / Color / B&W / Split Toning / Camera Calibration

    • Detail

    • Lens Corrections and Effects

    • Spot Correct and Red Eye

    • Local Adjustments: Graduated Filter, Radial Filter & Adjustment Brushes

    • Working with Develop Presets

    • Bring It All Together

    • Export & Share


About This Class

Professional photographers and enthusiasts alike will love this class in the basics and behind-the-scenes secrets of transforming your photos in Adobe Lightroom! It’s the favorite editing tool of Lotus Carroll, and she’s eager to show you how to get started.

Adobe Lightroom is more affordable than Photoshop, offers a database-driven organization system for streamlining your workflow, and, most importantly, has the significant photo editing capabilities to transform your photographs into images that fully realize your creative vision.


In this class, you’ll learn how to navigate and customize view modes, master the core functionality that’s driving the program’s popularity, and learn the secrets of all the develop panels and tools that transform Lightroom into a processing powerhouse.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to the Lightroom Workspace. Look around the software setup, focusing mostly on the Develop Mode, where processing is done.
  • Use the Library to View and Manipulate Photos. Survey large image collections, compare image view modes, and manipulate images with shortcuts.
  • Explore Image Editing Essentials. Learn how to use Lightroom to adjust the basics: crop, alignment, tone, tint, exposure, contrast, brightness, clarity, vibrance, and saturation of your photos. Play with extremes to enhance your understanding of the program’s full capabilities.
  • Experiment with Advanced Editing Techniques. Go beyond basics and learn to fully develop and transform your RAW images in Lightroom. We’ll cover key adjustments (white balance correction, noise reduction, sharpening, etc.), working with presets, sophisticated filters, useful brushes, split toning, lens corrections, and more.
  • Export, Publish, and Share Your Work. Export your work to Photoshop (or elsewhere) for further editing, and share your photos using the power of social media.


What You'll Do

  • Deliverable. A series of processed images from Lightroom.
  • Brief. Explore about how to integrate Lightroom into your own workflow and creative process.
  • Collaboration. As you go through the class, update your project to share your progress with your fellow students.
  • Specs. Be sure to share full width images and screenshots with the class in your project.

By the end of the course, students will have the skills to successfully post process their images to suit their individual style, delivering a final product they are proud of.

Whether you already have a large photo collection or are just getting started, this class is the ultimate guide for using Lightroom to transform your photos into compelling images with impact.

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I have been with Skillshare for quite some time right now and watched lots of great classes. However this is one of my first reviews I am going to write. Just wanted to express how helpful this course has been. Extremely well structured, easy to follow and literally every detail explained! Clearly recommend this course to everyone who's new to Lightroom! Thanks for this!
Thank you so much for this informative class. The flow of your teaching is easy to follow and understand. Thank you Kevin
Easy to follow, good explanations, funny!





Lotus Carroll

Photographer. Poet. Dreamer.


I'm a photographer, writer, and artist who is a flexible, think-outside-the-box social media "power user" and absent minded dreamer extraordinaire. I am based in Austin, TX, but greatly enjoy traveling. Ask me anything about Lightroom or photography in general! If I don't know the answer, I'm happy to figure it out or help you find it.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+! Also, if you'd like to view more of my work, check out my website or view my portfolio of fine art photography.