Fundamentals of ISO and Shutter Speed: Create Images That Freeze or Blur Action

Alan Winslow, Photographer/Co-Founder of Restless Collective

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8 Videos (17m)
    • Welcome

    • Project Overview

    • ISO Fundamentals

    • Shutter Speed Fundamentals

    • Freezing Action

    • Blurring Action

    • Panning

    • Conclusion


About This Class

ISO and Shutter Speed are two of the fundamental components that allow you to control the exposure in your photography. In This class, we’ll study the mechanics of ISO and Shutter Speed to understand how they work in relation to each other and how you can use these tools to get the results you want. We’ll dig into the creative possibilities and the technical aspects of using ISO and Shutter Speed to ensure you have a complete understanding.  If you have a camera or phone with manual controls then this class is for you! No prior photography experience is needed. We’re going to take the camera off automatic mode and start to learn the building blocks of producing a proper exposure.  

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This Class was great, I learned valuable information about cameras. Thanks!
Kim Bellamy

Learning is the Key to Life

Demystifies shutter speed and ISO like no other and offers great examples/exercises to practice for a better grasp of the concept. Highly recommend this course to DSLR beginners!





Alan Winslow

Photographer/Co-Founder of Restless Collective

Alan Winslow is a photographer and educator based out of Brooklyn, New York. His work is regularly featured on the Leica Blog, and has appeared internationally in ELLE China, Adventure Cycling Magazine, Pro Photographer New Zealand, and PDU Edu. He has lectured at numerous Universities and taught at the Maine Media Workshops and College. Alan has spent the past six years alternating between freelance work and long-term project with Restless Collective, which have taken him halfway around the world by bicycle, and all the way around the United States twice (once by bicycle, once by camper).

Alan is a co-founder of Restless Collective. You can see some of their work at:

Follow Alan on Instagram at: