Fundamentals of Free Writing: Opening the Floodgates to Your Creative Genius | Aubrey Gail Ferreira | Skillshare

Fundamentals of Free Writing: Opening the Floodgates to Your Creative Genius

Aubrey Gail Ferreira, lifestyle

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creative Philosophy

    • 3. Free Write Technique

    • 4. Field Trip

    • 5. Conclusion


About This Class

Beat writer's block once and for all by developing a free writing practice to unlock your creative powers. In this class, I introduce the technique of Free Write, discuss the benefits, and provide tips and tricks for an excellent Free Write practice including an invitation to write outdoors.

This course will be great for writers of poetry to writers of emails and everyone in between. Since most of us have to spend energy composing some kind of written work, this practice can benefit pretty much anyone. Plus, it is an effective way of relieving anxiety and working through emotional blocks. So even if you don't consider yourself a writer or an artist, a Free Write practice can help you too. 

What is free writing?

Free Write is a writing practice in which a person sets a time limit and challenges themselves to write without stopping, pen to page, for the specified amount of time. Developing a regular Free Write practice will...

  • provide access to creative energy
  • relieve stress and promote mental clarity
  • strengthen a writer's voice 
  • dissolve emotional blocks
  • lead to deeper more meaningful thinking and better ideas
  • promote heightened awareness and knowledge of self






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Aubrey Gail Ferreira loves old films, doodling, herbal tea and Japanese food. Professionally, she is a writer, artist, dancer and entrepreneur. She graduated from UC Berkeley and started a creative tutoring and mentorship program for young people in 2007 which she maintains to this day. She has also taught Dance and Creative Writing at an alternative high school for teens with learning differences.

Ferreira has performed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and SF MOMA. She's publish...

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