Fundamentals of Digital Illustration in Photoshop | Shawn Schmidt | Skillshare

Fundamentals of Digital Illustration in Photoshop

Shawn Schmidt, Designer, Illustrator, Photographer

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8 Videos (49m)
    • Lesson 1 Introduction

    • Lesson2 Mixing Exercise

    • Lesson 3 Foreground

    • Lesson 4 Shapes

    • Lesson 5 Form

    • Lesson 6 Shadow

    • Lesson 7 Color and Texture

    • Lesson 8 Final Thoughts


About This Class


In this lesson, we will then create a tonal value drawing using the photoshop tools, marquise, shape, brush, color picker, and clipping mask. We will also look at the layers palette, and practice blending paint. The outcome of this lesson, the student will understand a few basics of photoshop tools used in digital painting and will have created a still life drawing. It is important to note that this is by no means a comprehensive guide. There are many ways to approach creation in digital platforms such as Photoshop. These lessons have the purpose of giving a few approaches, and offering some practice in a few basic techniques. If you have another approach, by all means, please share it with the group. Our shared experience is a great way to learn and come up with new approaches.

Below are some useful links for equipment and information.

Document Setup Class

Alternatives to Photoshop
Inkscape Link
Wacom on Amazon 
Wacom on e-bay  

>>>>Photoshop Workspace<<<<

If you are not using photoshop I have included some background textures.


Let me know of any topics you would like me to cover in future lessons.

Well deserved credit.

The music track for these videos: 

Artist: Jason Shaw 

Song: River Meditation





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Shawn Schmidt

Designer, Illustrator, Photographer

Shawn Schmidt is a designer, illustrator, and photographer living in Vancouver, Washington. With relentless perseverance, he approaches every design problem with the attitude that there is a solution. As an honors student at Clark College he demonstrated a strong desire for excellence graduating with highest honors. Shawn strives to remain a student of craft, skill, and understanding. His skill set includes the latest cutting edge design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud but he ofte...

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