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12 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Introduction

    • Understanding Your DSLR

    • Balancing the Exposure Triangle

    • Preparing to Shoot

    • Studio Demonstration

    • Deep Dive: Shutter Speed

    • Deep Dive: Aperture

    • Deep Dive: ISO

    • Editing Tips & Tricks

    • Final Thoughts

    • Bonus: Buying Cameras & Lenses

    • Learn More from Justin


About This Class

New to DSLR cameras? Learn fundamentals for your best photos yet!

This introductory photography class is a smart, inspiring way to get up to speed quickly. Taught by photographer Justin Bridges, you'll learn how to manually balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to achieve perfect exposure, every time — and then hit the NYC streets to see it all in action.

Easy-to-follow lessons include how to:

  • Balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO for perfect exposure (and conquer fear of "manual" mode)
  • Freeze and blur motion via shutter speed
  • Control background blur via aperture
  • Edit your photos in 5 minutes or less

Plus, you'll also learn Justin's go-to camera settings, must-have gear, and recommendations on a budget. By the end, you'll know how to master your settings, shoot in manual mode for total control, and create the pro-level photos you've always imagined.


This class is ideal for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts. Looking for more? Explore Justin's Skillshare classes for intermediate photographers: One-Light Setups and Shooting Portraits with Natural Light.

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Before taking this course I had no idea how to use the manual setting on my DSLR, which I'd had for years. After just an hour I'm now confident using manual. Creating the perfect exposure was explained so clearly and concisely. In love with this course and will be recommending to anyone who wants to use a DSLR. Must-watch and couldn't imagine a better class!
What a great class! I previously had absolutely no camera knowledge, and this was so informative and helpful!
excellent, explanation to the point.





Skillshare Photography Fundamentals

Justin Bridges | Portrait and Fashion Photographer

Justin Bridges is a fashion and portrait photographer based in New York City. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Justin began his pursuit of photography as a college student studying finance and economics. Although he opted for an early career as a finance professional at Goldman Sachs, he realized the need to align his career with his love of photography.

Justin's approach is to capture the untraveled moment and apply a feeling of art and thoughtfulness to each photograph.


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