Fundamentals of Asana (Project Management)

Nikki Parsons, Freelance Writer & Project Manager

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17 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Understanding the interface

    • 3. Deciding between a shared workspace or organization

    • 4. How to set up a workspace & organization

    • 5. First impressions: Homepage, My Tasks & Inbox

    • 6. How to quick-add a task

    • 7. Task ownership & due dates

    • 8. Adding comments & followers to tasks

    • 9. Task options: Attachments & Sub-tasks

    • 10. Task options: Add tasks to a project & Tags

    • 11. How to create a project

    • 12. Add team members to projects

    • 13. Using the project calendar view

    • 14. Project progress, conversations & files

    • 15. Use sections to keep projects organized

    • 16. Your project

    • 17. Conclusions & Next steps

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About This Class

Asana is an awesome and very popular tool for project management. 

In this class, I'll take you through all the basic features of Asana step-by-step so you finish with a great overview of the features available to you.

I've used Asana extensively over the past few years, both when working full-time at an events company and remote for a consultancy, as well as now working several different freelance roles where I have clients using this tool. 

What will this course cover?

We'll review:

  • the five key areas of the Asana interface
  • how to create tasks
  • how to create projects
  • the difference between a workspace and an organization
  • how to add due dates to tasks and projects
  • how to assign ownership to tasks and projects

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at complete beginners to Asana. I want to help you get your first taste of this tool so that you feel very comfortable using it for personal, freelance, or full-time work projects right after watching the lectures.

This course is also useful for people who are already using Asana but have a feeling like they could be getting more from the tool, maybe they haven't had time to fully review all the features on offer. If this sounds like you, I'm sure you can pick up one or two tips from this course to share with your team.