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Fundamental concept: Generation of Electricity

teacher avatar Dr. Jignesh Makwana, Professor | Consultant | Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Part 1: Energy & Its Form

    • 3. Part 2: Faraday's Law & AC Generation

    • 4. Part 3: Energy Conversion, Losses & Efficiency

    • 5. Part 4: Lenz's Law and Its Importance in Energy Conversion

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About This Class

Understand "how energy is generated" in easiest conceptual way without any mathematics or definition. It covers conceptual explanation of  of Faraday's law, Lenz's law, energy and it's form, generation of electricity, losses & efficiency. Second section is separate course titled  "Mathematical Representation: Generation of Electricity".

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Dr. Jignesh Makwana

Professor | Consultant | Entrepreneur


Hello, I'm Jignesh.

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1. Introduction: Hello. I am dignity. Welcome to the course. Understand traditional electric. It is about fundamental concept. Our electricity is produced with the help of terrorists. Look, and let's in section one with the help of simulation. Very basic fundamental concepts explain. Electricity is get in second section mathematical representation and strong concept your family utilize to explain how we can produce. Um, if off their magnitude and frequency and at the end Practical generator. Now what? We discuss the case case Then conduct movies writing with magnetic. Yes, get the magnetic recording with locating, starting from any principle as proof. And yeah, one electric second conductor moved from a country that case off. 2. Part 1: Energy & Its Form: Hello. I am dignity. We're going to the last lecture off section one. Fundamental concept. Condition off electricity. Five. Very going to cover law, energy conservation and energy. And it's fall. It is particularly what is law energy conservation. It's steak energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Redder transformed from one form to another. It is important to understand that electricity is actually not produced, but it transform from any other form of energy to electricity or say electrical. And his process is called traditional electricity because conventional electricity is involved. The transformation or condors in love, one form of energy to another. We need to understand, please the basic form of energy. Be generally realised, Kanwar into electricity or electrical, and you look at the different form of energy. All went about the different form of energy. We're going. Yes, I already saved in Internets, and we're not going to discuss any mathematical beauty or units off different forms. In particular section will discuss next. It's being look at the mechanical energy that can be converted into electrical energy, worked off the basic course and what we are going to discuss it for the sex and is our mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy, mechanical energy. They're different from planete energies and like when we also need to know formal energy, which is also called again. So how energy can be converted into electrical energy directly. All that energy can be converted. Different energy sources. He really is important to understand who understand how electricity is produced and how different forms of energy can you. There are several any other form of energy, like chemical energy here. Energy like energy, energy and many more. Former can also be converted electrical energy for former before going to discuss in picking. Let's we see the simple example off thermal energy. How it's converted from the form and have SAS form for transport the form off term immunity . That's a lot. Look at this in relation. We're very thankful to be entity Colorado, for providing after the research, they are providing the simulation for education for Buster can more easily understand in relation and became then I take them and all are we believe it can measure the temperature of water be all are it seems temperature the same way off energy. We can also look at that you represent the single off thermal energy in round the thermal energy. It is expert as the temperature of different objects temperature off all objects or part of the same name. Now look at the process when it produced what central just observed for two seconds and then after what could find so ready for the discussing what we observe, Let's as you. The goal is used at the substance for producing the heat in the form of flame so that whole has the chemical energy. The chemical energy is gonna work it in thermal energy in the plane. The thermal energy is plus fall from claim to the water and temperature of water. Get Capital Quarterly's because water is a natural contact off and the nature of putting weapons and you can actually pulling the thermal energy off water is gang transport. So if we again look at the steps, the chemical energy of corn is converting. How will endear blame Yankees protected water again? Temporary India Walker is transported radium off, and this is how the one form of energy can be dressed 40 from one more than object, one of them millions and how energy is converted from one form to another. Your chemical energies can. We're getting through Hamon Energy and then after look at this current energy. He's get transformed from one form to another from claim water tank water, too. The field can picture off. Water is, I think, the temperature iron. If we put the iron. Yeah, What sampling gets EUobserver. Energy term inanities off. Water is get transported into the I am and the amount of energy stealing contact of that isn't how we can observe the energy, the Georgian and energy transportation from one form of energy. Different objects, different capacity with cool and passport. The terrible energy. It's a 1,000,000. Different videos are no easily or restrict the flow off any different kinds and discuss thermal energy. How chemical energy is converted, terrible energy and how thermal energy get transported from one form to another. Because in this particular subject, we had great discussed the conversation off energy and transport is enough energy. That's right. The first step, we discuss how energies get our views, get the 40 from chemical energy, minimal energy and how family transporting from water to water. If we come for decision, then you can see we have seen the Georgian off chemical energy with femininity. Bag them. We are going to attorney generation off electricity. What? Not enough electrical. You know you can work one for energy. Electrical. We're going to story the Norden off magnetic energy in electrical energy with them. For there is no in succeeding. Thanks. 3. Part 2: Faraday's Law & AC Generation: Hello, Welcome toe section one fundamental concept generation of electricity are too. In this particular section we're going to cover better is low electromagnetic induction and producing basis and therefore in getting 30. Michael Finneran, England successfully converted frenetic energy into electricity with off magnet and cold. We can control this excrement in the statement. Changing magnetic floods induced and Yemen that's understand magnetic magnetic field and flows in brave before understanding his colors. Enough energy and Berries Blue A magnet is a material or objects that produce magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible, but it responsible for 1/4 that fools are other magnetic, such as iron and steel. And it's a direct, horrible at the magnet, depending a bunch of polarity. Different are saying A permanent magnet is an object made from material that is magnetized and create its old position. Magnetic field So permanent magnet is made to produce magnetic field and remain energized. They remain magnetized for no and riches. Made said that it is it cannot basically be magnetized. The orchids also natural magnet with magnetic poles. You're not in South geometrical, full assuring bigger in this magnetic field. Line of force is known as magnetic flux. An electromagnetic is made from a goal off while that act as a magnet when an electric current is passed through it. But it's tough being the magnetic when God stops open the Carly's bopper around the port of soft, better magnetic material. Such is which greatly enhanced the magnetic are used by the court. So let's end of then the excrement off batteries and love, electromagnetic induction look and the permanent magnet and ample and esport for more clear idea. The magnetic field is shown our yard, and yet by combat, you can see how the magnetic needle of a compass change with position off magnet, the magnetic blocks and vets or rip on the magnetic needed. Yeah, the line of force off magnetic field is gone. Magnetic, plus the magnitude of magnetic field is responsible for more attraction or less addiction for war. Force of less board imposed on adult magnetic. For Jeremy, you can see the more brightness represent more magnetic Phil and less brightness represent less dignity with more intensity here and bold and has poured in this vision less intensity as goes path so you can realize how strong the magnetic field is And how less strong The magnetic release magnet, magnetic build and dignity No, that left tens excrement off batteries. There is one magnet and one going toilet connected with the one to conflict A close circuit . So went the Emam videos get l love the floor. You can see the magnetic flubs over here is in contact with the going. So when the magnetic flux is in contact with the going his genuine magnitude the MF will it remove the magnetic Yemen and used you feel looking magnet. Then he gets up to observe the process. The first thing we can control dead whenever the flux linked with the card with changing GM a feeling this in the car and do toe the close circuit, current will flow and well, this is how very experimental with the magnet and going and electricity generated. Now the thing about that is when we're going magnet doing the kinetic energy of mechanical What This kind of pick energy It's your get contorted in electrical energy with oil. Magni the party Ben, we're moving magnetic. The floods link with the corn is changing and the edifice inducing in that the second thing we need to up there is the magnitude of the news here. That is, when we have slowly changing the magnate, the bulb will glow with very less brightness. You can also, when we are changing magnetic cuddling with going slowly then in Jersey and their respective off magnitude. But how far to be changed? The magnetic flux linked with the going is there how loaded Mongo electricity For years Now we can start the second thing we need to. Not that the rate of change of flux linked with the guy is responsible for the what you may be proportional to rate of change of flux. How fact we have changing the more brightness and Moriah parting. We need to understand with that off meta If you're the world meter, then we can see in which direction in polarity unities in If we are moving Magnet to work going you after that the world it inducing negative polarity Now with removed the magnet, you know, close it direction then Well, that it was positive then. Was it then? That means the magnet. The polarity of 48 is not remain constant but is changing from positive and negative, but which are also left for dead. When we are changing in this movement, the produce work, it is not signing shooting. So we need to lift our understanding of the word. Yeah, it's yours. Magnetic in court Move The magnet are we can move going toe electricity in both the case mimetic and I just get converted into the electricity instead of magnets. We can also use electromagnet which is going to the going will produce the same energy in and export like the magnetic field Like that magnate When we stopped the bleeding, the magnet ease stopped not energy So we can done running down off the magnet when we elect a make it also contained the polarity off 10 and as when really with the supply so they can use either magnet the electromagnet to produce electricity. Now question is how to pardon the Sinus. Therefore is this random woman will not forgive the same with work it it's produced of plus and minus polarity. The next have a look at the arrangement. You can see the magnet is nothing but like to start buying which is rotating. And when we hello to rotate working within using but so you can see when the magnetic gloves, I think with the card is changing in particular banner due to continues, partition off magnetic. And that's so whenever the street off the rotation is constant. 10 Only they can observe the field sensitive. If we use the media, we can see the world age is changing a direction from plus settle to minus minus. Likewise, when reviewing the sandwich with the real Paul and or question off line, the products would be a sign insurance. The conceptual explanation is that whenever there is a Boston rotation continues speed, constant speed and continuous rotation and only came for this, you cannot stop them. Brand new it. The increase the speed boat, the magnitude technical will increase with the speed and also time steak. To change. This polarity will get the juice that makes it once again. So would the magnitude and frequency is affected by speed up rotation, probably the sanest way from being need continuous tradition with the conscience be it is vying for this in this mathematical proof and graphical representation. See next section because this is also your explanation and we are not covering any mathematical that how friends will be get from during me off. Magnificent. Right now. Look at the conclusion. Off the station, we need magnetic and going to generate electricity. An epic energies can order in beginning calamity we can use permanent magnets are for Solectron. We can move either. Magnet point toe guarded like the city. The Indian woman made it obvious. Parking making correct, but not trade. The quite continues and conference tradition off either magnitude going to produce Sinus again before that. Do you work? That is. Thank you. But what this video? 4. Part 3: Energy Conversion, Losses & Efficiency: Hello, I am dignity. Welcome to the Section one fundamental concept. Congressional Electricity, Part three. In previous session, we discussed how mechanical energy gets converted into electrical energy and how the terrorist low is utilized to generate electricity in particular. Decision. We're going to cover energy colonization at each day and simply by concept. Off lost and efficiency lacks understand energy collusion. Stage again off the the energy conversion mechanism. Ran electrical energy. Get younger. Don't take it from mechanical energy. Kinetic energy Rotational magnet As we know the front affair, it is low as fluffing with the girl is changing. GM. A feeling just end up going and, well, good lighting. You want some in mechanical energy, but potential energy is get in order into Canada. Identity. So there are treated in world fourth quarters and potential energy off water is get converted into kinetic energy. For Rotich, enough magnet and due to the rotation, look link with the college change and I am a feeling is in debt, so the process we can conclude in this manner. The far potential energy is get converted into mechanical energy that it's kinetic energy and the kinetic energies can order in electric energy basically mainly to pets of energies in world be connected energy and electrical energy. We can say the chemical energy is converted, Danny Clean electric energy. Or we can also explain the potential energy is get converted into kinetic energy, and then kinetic energies get elected less for more federal of training. Let as you if we can also help symbol off different form off energy. Here, the magnet is not sure on the bill for legal simplicity. On Lee, this is electrical generator real. Name it with one word. The kinetic energy into electrical energy at this part, and well is connected in the loop. If you get the symbol off different energy and which is represented as a different color. The great white mechanical energy, blue electrical energy read thermal energy, yellow light energy and, like three green chemical energy. If we again started very interesting. So it is very helpful to understand we can I just get covered and big flower we had producing. If you observe, the mechanical energy is get converted into electrical energy. Electrical energies get contorted in Judah light energy, and because this is filament lame, it is detain a temperature increase. It is also contorting family. If you opt out, the potential energy is also form off. Mechanical energy is get and work it into electrical energy. So your mechanical energy is actually transported from one form to another Through the media, the mechanical energy in the form of potential energy is get transformed with the magnetic energy. And they made the beginning Land transport taken off energy. It's the same for now. It is get converted into electrical energy. According to Lenz, Look at this fight. We need to understand that What is the bull and what is his desire? The bulb is intended to produce the life. Yeah, Our main aim is to get output in the form of life from the bulls. So if we defined the losses, that is bitch, fall is undeserved. Yeah, the night his waters desire from the bun. You took this Bill Eman plan. We can also up there. It also produced the heat and there's also corruption off thermal energy from the sun. So as language is producing the life of his desire, it is okay. But it is increasing the temperature surrounding the bulk and producing the thermal energy which is undesired, which may call losses. They look not the farm work of the conversion. The thermal energy will be meeting is the energy bomb with We had pencil laser losses, but not awful here because the output should be like because the world is intended to further. The Life Night is that our food, energy and electrical exacting for dinner has got struggled up. They represent, see of bulk will consider end up very less and it's very moved. The Philemon one Lynda See anything that's observe what is happening with this year? Filbert. All things them insane. But that's a feel also is intending to front the light energy is out. But if we compare with the Philemon well, the thermal energy produced at the end of, say, a pen or hate produced from the CFL is remain very blessed with compared to filament. But that's right. We can say the losses are less in the CFL with compared to filling. This is how it can be fined losses. It is nothing but the undesired form off energy generating if we take another example, is very interesting that this is electric heater. What is the main goal of electric data it contorting electrical energy into thermal energy for free, and it will hit the water. So yet it is North Temple, bizarre form of energy. But he stayed Fleming. It used to heat up the water, and this is the work output. Will it fly from this? Be like the year thermal energy is not. Consider the losses in effort, since is considered electrical energies. Get an authoritarian a little bit. Likewise, you free lets you go. Now you can see the symbol off chemical energy that we did to the Pleasant and you three would be start by with the help of cyclists, this person enrolling in the complete cycle, the chemical energy of person doing what would get converted into electrical and beginning that energy, that mechanical energy is get and that electrical energy is get in ordering that. What's happening? One small amount of thermal energy get lost, yet ran. Our fiction comes that is, darts off animal energy in form of it because it is not the Bizet energy. Now the person exacted from recycling, and we need to freely from where to get chemical energy. So gay chemical energies, the Store three and again. It is going awarded in mechanical energy beginning, and it just gets electrical energy. This is how hoping energy cycle is single and how your friend from off in resents, including or on part off the process off electricity condition and blue. At each day, there may be different form of energy that get lost in the video efficiency. You could take your example off solar panels and some light. So Baby said, we know that we cannot. The light energy can say the light energy gets converted and technical India despite again that energy when energy represented losses. Victor precise losses offensively, nothing but understand. Form off the coma energy and they process so we can conclude from the station more than one Energy Council in order to work in the profit. And it's not like the city in the rail sector. We're simply saying it is not enough mechanical energy into electrical energy, but in actual process extra. The number of Energy office anyone different off production off when these are far off, energy is considered as a losses in the process. Whenever the there for energy, that's a great losses in work days. The thermal energy but nothing that's done. Desire for more energy. That means I have the system. The house began, conclude and process the losses, inefficiency of the system and have different off energy Having one in the Office of Electricity Condition. Thank you for working for you. 5. Part 4: Lenz's Law and Its Importance in Energy Conversion: Hello and dignity. Welcome with section one. Fundamental concept condition off electricity, our food indecision very. We're going to court lands low and its importance in profit off energy collusion. The Laszlo plays very important role to understand process of energy can order. In this case we're converting Mechanical Extra Winter Violated Michael Plenary in 18 31. Lance Lloyd's formulated by any lens thing 18 30 food before turning his definition and statement. Let's understand what it is. Let's back with the panel. It's live record how energy is being connected with coil and magnet because the low energy conservation Let's look at the game the various live do we have you find neck name and electromagnet and how electricity is in use the court the rent electricity produce current is trying to them. Now look at the definition of electromagnetic What it is ran current Going through the court, he will behave like a permanent magnet and produced 10 foolin esport. When you are currently going through the coin, it it will act as a magnet and produced a handful in passport. When the parents live when they're moving. The magnate who work in fire from the coin it is producing MF and current flowing from the particular direction which also produce and full and esport Rick not shown for the simplicity. It's But if the s u if we have moving the permanent magnet who were the coin during the process? The current run to the corner it defined by the parodist look but the American off the current flow really find by the Laszlo which killed in which direction current flows. When we had warned the magnet to work the corn the magnet well then we go in the magnetic toward the oil corn will act as a magnetic and produced and Poland esports so in which Lana genital products painful and s well there are two possibilities forties when we're moving the magnet toward the coin, the magnetic they produced and full and left side and passport people inside. In this case, when we were living, the magnet were the corn. It's going magnet will cripple the magnet. So this is what exactly should happen. Other possibilities is not the case in North actors with a low energy conservation with. If we are moving that neck towards the oil and it's produced passport, then the force will be doubling in Italy and tactic banker going. No, The answer is when we're moving the magnet toward the coin going become electromagnet and it produced the and full and this side left side and s bullet ranks it so that he opposed the direction off movement. That means when we had moving the magnet to work going the goal produced magnetic which oppose the direction for movement off the magnet. He spared that. Then we're moving the magnet. You are the corn, the coil, because is the magnet. And when we're moving, magnet follow from the coin coin at tractor. Nothing about the case. Opposite force will be del of neither. This is what Leslie says and why the land is very, very important in the process. Off energy, Good allergic. This is why the input energy this is force required to bring the magnet is not only depending upon the mass off the magnet, but whenever it is contorted in collectors. It in life that collect a second night also come from this mechanical works. As long as we're moving the magnet toward the corn, we also require the extra falls which is opposed by the corn, not only the moment off, magnet for the right law, an addict collusion will not. That is this. When it was electricity's produce for nighties for produce on one with Blue really find the additional fools when we had one door are when we have doing battle from the courts in both the case really quite a distance for men. There is go coil noble and we're moving. The magnets like this require natural less food. This is only depending upon the mass off magnet, but when energies get generated while is in war. And now we're moving the magnet Very quiet. The four below the neck neck as well. It's four to produce electrical energy to put energy come from. So that law energy of the original get it is this is what is last Look will state that the current will brothers in court in such a direction with always so close the quantity which is this possible what it production. This is why Lana place so in. If we again see the generator and rotating now observe what is happening. The static energy of water is get can order into the plan indicators If we forget about the bull. Initially, we can see that the only energy is required to fulfill the militia and wait after generally that rotor. But as long as the electricity's get convicted that is getting generated, its oppose the direction of rotation and it will try always slow down the director spirit so that really, for additional import original potential energy additional magnetic energy which produce electricity. Always. We need to remember that Laszlo is very important, but can also say the opposing low, which always represent the getting sign and how the last law will take the important told process off Energy division and energy conservation. Yeah, we can control appreciation, the coin because electromagnet when current blues and an esport off electromagnets form so that it always open the moment off meddling to get more like the required more mechanical force with set. It's like low energy coloration. Have more output in any form electric electrical energy, life, very quiet morning and more if Paris lose is about how the image and current produce in corn you to let me cynical. Fourth to the magnet, Laszlo explains how oil produced proposing forced you to floor boiling floor current in the court. This is what Laszlo and fundamental explanation not lands. Thank you for watching Vittorio