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Fun with Mom: Make Stamps for your toddler

teacher avatar Zana Moraes, Zana Moraes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Material required

    • 3. Draw and Carve

    • 4. Lets play

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About This Class

Hi there! I've just begun my October Teaching Challenge!

I'm a portuguese illustrator and graphic artist, now based in Switzerland. I'm also a mother...and that's the real challenge.

Being a mother of two small kids ( the girl is 2,5 years-old and the boy is 1 month old) is a wonderfull tough job. I spend my time taking care of them and struggling with keeping my freelancer career.

So I thought it would be awesome if you could see us grow and follow our little art projects.

These classes are about learning to have fun playing with your children.

I'll be showing you some art activities you can share with your 2 year-old child (or adapt to your children's age)

Grow and play with us! Follow Fun with Mom!

(Sorry for my english. I just hope not to make many mistakes during the classes!)


Meet Your Teacher

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Zana Moraes

Zana Moraes


Illustrator and Graphic Artist. Mother of two.

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1. Intro: Hi there. My name is Zana and this is my family. Me, my husband, my 2.5 year old daughter and two months old baby boy. I'm a Portuguese illustrator and graphic artist and obviously a mother for you to get us known a little bit better. Here's a sneak peek of my life before kids I've been working has a freelancer in the past few years doing all kinds of projects as painting walls. Illustration, graphic design in some shows and exhibitions. I used to travel a lot to sports and paint off course. Here are some projects that can be seen in Lisboa, my hometown painting and drawing, as always, been part of my life. The three years ago, everything changed. We left Portugal and move abroad, and I've become a month, a full time staying at home mom and illustrator in my free time. And for that reason I had to make some serious changes into my way of working. For example, uh, have my house pretty clean instead of heavy tons of paint and brushes spread all around. So I started to scale it down, pain smaller. This was when the Children's book came into life has my time for working was narrow two. In that time, I found a way to continue to work and make my creativity flow. While I took care of my daughter, I thought that I had to make her into my projects. So we started to cook together, bank together, experimenting things, do it yourself projects. Essentially, we started to play a lot together. And then we got pregnant again in our baby boy was born. So today my hands are pretty much full. I'd love to present you our family project fund with Mom, you will learn to the different art activities, and above all, you'll grow with us. So in this class will show you how to make some cool rubber stamps on Lee Need a few things semi razors, carving tools and no experience required. Since we're using carving tools, you can create them for your toddler or use their help if they're older. So, Stagen, you guys don't forget to check out my work on my Web set and followers on skill share by 2. Material required : So for this class, you will need some regular raisers, some carving tools. I bought this rocks with five line occurs and handled at the local art supplies store, a pencil, a brush, your favorite colors and the piece of paper, and that's it. 3. Draw and Carve: welcome you guys, So to start your project, you will need to choose what you want to draw and give a couple of tries in a piece of paper. I chose to make the thing that my daughter likes the most, and that is ice cream. See how it will fit into your razor and start to apply it on the river. I chose to make this time within our time so you can stand alone without background. After you will need to pick up the line of Carter's and choose which one applies the best. I chose to start to remove the background, so I picked the widest tool to remove the biggest amount of very possible. So let's start into the carving. But please don't forget that these are really cutters. It's a dangerous tool, and you need to be very careful because if you make a lot of pressure, they can sleep and cut off your beautiful finger. It's already happened to me a couple of times from, So if you're making these, read the help of Utah over. Live this part to you. It's best like this. Change nines whenever you feel the need to do it after you can pick up a brush with your favorite color and start stamping while you tested out. You can check if there's any bits here and there that you need to clean, and that's it. We have not finished our first ice cream, so let's do a couple of others. 4. Lets play: welcome to our third and less part of the class. I've made a couple of more stems, and now it's just a matter of doing different compositions and have fun with it. - Hey , thank you so much for your time. And I really, really hope that you like. See you next time. Bye.