Fun with Mom: Make Stamps for your toddler | Zana Moraes | Skillshare

Fun with Mom: Make Stamps for your toddler

Zana Moraes, Zana Moraes

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Material required

    • 3. Draw and Carve

    • 4. Lets play


About This Class

Hi there! I've just begun my October Teaching Challenge!

I'm a portuguese illustrator and graphic artist, now based in Switzerland. I'm also a mother...and that's the real challenge.

Being a mother of two small kids ( the girl is 2,5 years-old and the boy is 1 month old) is a wonderfull tough job. I spend my time taking care of them and struggling with keeping my freelancer career.

So I thought it would be awesome if you could see us grow and follow our little art projects.

These classes are about learning to have fun playing with your children.

I'll be showing you some art activities you can share with your 2 year-old child (or adapt to your children's age)

Grow and play with us! Follow Fun with Mom!

(Sorry for my english. I just hope not to make many mistakes during the classes!)