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Fun with Kids - Create an Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

teacher avatar Paula Guilfoyle, CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 getting started

    • 3. 4 plan and design

    • 4. 3 howitworks

    • 5. 5 googleforms

    • 6. 6 Aurasma

    • 7. 7 recycle

    • 8. 8_Sharing Auras and following channels

    • 9. 9 wrap up

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About This Class


Class Title

Fun with Kids - Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

Class Description

Summer months can be long with kids about, in fact finding activities to keep kids busy during any holiday period can be difficult. 

Kids love their pads right and I know my kids love getting their hands on my this Easter I created an Egg Hunt using quiz based Augmented reality, and the kids just loved much so that I am creating more for summer fun and I thought I would show you too.....

Augmented Reality Scavenger hunts can be used at home, in parks, in Youth Clubs, as Fundraising Events, in Schools and even as a Marketing Campaign 

Now you can Create Your Own Pokemon Go Style Treasure hunt where you get to create safe outside games choosing known safe locations...using Google Forms for education quiz and Aurasma Augmented reality App

So if your kids love technology and you wanna be the coolest parent on the block then jump right in and learn now to create a quiz based Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt using Aurasma Studio and google forms. No software or app purchase is necessary.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Paula Guilfoyle

CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner


Paula is a qualified CPA with over 15 years' experience in the fields of Accountancy, Business Management, Process improvement, Internal Audit, Group accountant, Operations Management and Training. All across a broad range of industries and sectors. Paula has been Key Speaker at many Accounting Events where her talks on Excel are received very positively. Taken from her experiences in Accounting and business fields, Paula also has courses for those wishing to upskill, especially in the area of Spreadsheets, Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Paula is also the owner and author at  The Excel Club is the only Excel blog in the world where you can earn while you learn.  To read more about our Excel Learn and Earn Activities take a read of this

<... See full profile

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1. 1 Intro: are you looking forward to the holiday period with the kids to have plenty of cool activities lined up to keep them busy? Hi, my name is Paula and I'm Mama, too. And it could be really, really hard work keeping the kids busy. Sometimes. I'm sure you know how it goes, he stirred. This year I tried something different. I tried and I meant it reality Easter icon and went down a treat. Kids love technology, so to be able to integrate it, a family phone was just awesome. So for the summer months, I'm going to set up a number of quizzed based, augmented reality scavenger hunts for the kids to play on. I thought you might like to see how it's done. Everything I use this free. I use Google forms for the quizzes on our asthma as theology. Mente Shin. These sort of scavenger homes can be played anywhere with your own kids at a party, in a school or even in a youth. So if you want to be the coolest hip parent on the block up into the class and by the end of it you would have created a quiz based, augmented reality scavenger hunt that you can recycle and reuse 2. 2 getting started: before you can continue, you need to download the app, and you need to install it on the device that you're going to be using to scans whatever the kids are going to be using, whether it's their pads, whether it's your phone, it's my phone. In my case, you need to download the APP onto your pad or your phone on the up can be found in both the iTune store and also on Android devices in the play store. Now you'll also then need to go to the Erasmo website, and you'll need to do this in a brother. So on your PC or a nerd October and the browser on your phone. When you go to the or asthma website, you need to set yourself up with Kent now, once you set yourself up one account. Then when you install it on your phone, you can link the up to your accounts that you have sat up on the browser. So once you have this done, if you pause the video now if you download the app. If you go to the computer and you set yourself up within a Kent and I will show you how to actually scan using the arr asthma up on. Then you can have a quick look at the sample scavenger hunt that I have available for use in the project. When you set up your account with your asthma, you will be greeted with a screen like this on. This is all the featured on the public or asthma channels that are available, and I'll show you later around have to create a link to your channel. So people that confuse your aura that when it wasn't created on your room, became too. What you need to do is you need to actually connect to a channel before you can view a public. Or so let's just select this one here. And if we click this little icon, we can lunch the or and if we try to view this now, we wouldn't be able to view it. So what you need to select is campaign on. Then you need to follow or on following the particular case. Now, just to show you for late around when you have your channel to create a share link, it's also in here you would link to subscribe, so once you have followed somebody you can view their auras now in the class projects, I have a link to my channel. You will need to click on the link and you'll get a screen like this and you need to follow now. Once you have followed, you will be able to view my sample augmented reality scavenger hunt. But if you don't follow me, you won't actually be able to view it. You need to go in and you need to follow me. Once you have followed me. If you scroll down in your featured or your popular your newest, you'll find following on, you'll find me. Now I'm following on. If you view my oars, you can quite simply see my A or scavenger hunts on. You can scan each one of them with your viewfinder, and I'm gonna show you how to do that night. Okay, so we'd select, are up. And when we select our upper apple turn itself on on, our viewfinder will come up straight away. Now, if we point our viewfinder at one off the images because we're now connected and don't forget, you need to be connected and you'll see that it brings us into our scavenger hunt Quiz on. Then the student can answer the scavenger hunt quiz and get the next clue. Let if you press except Prince that I would. Let's have a look at another one. This time it's brought up the butterfly, and it's brought up the first scavenger hunt on. We can then play the video in this on answer. The question on that's had this particular scavenger hunt works just to show you in the up . This is your viewfinder. If you press information, we can see that we have a menu. We have a viewfinder or user guide, and if you need a torch, we also have a torch now inner menu. We confined all the channels that were connected, Teoh and anything that is featured. He could explore all their auras once you're sat up, but to watch the Orio actually have to follow the channel. So I clicked on this one, and you can select follow on once you select follow. We can actually watch the orders now you concert as well by clicking down here on the Concert for People's Auras and minors under the Learning educators. So if the link wasn't working, somebody could search for learning educators on they could follow my channel on. They confuse my or is that way 3. 4 plan and design: the design and planning phase is really important. I can't emphasize enough how important it is my first documented scavenger hunt with a disaster. I couldn't remember which clue was attached, which quiz on which image was attached to which total nightmare. So my second attempt was much better. I planned out each stage mapping images with quizzes and clues with locations, two images and it worked a hell of a lot better. So now it's time to look at a plan on the plan that I used for the sample scavenger hunt that we have here in the class. And you can grab a copy of this if you want to, or you can create your own. I prepared my plan using a spreadsheet. I'm gonna go through my spreadsheet, which in now. So in the first row appear the columns that I have while I just have first columnist just numbered the second column for Trigger Image. Third for the quiz Question. Fourth wears a hidden. The fifth is the clue on benefits tested, unaffected. In and ready. I updated here. So what do I put into each section? Well, the trigger image I have named my image in here now, you could put in the name of the image you can put in the link toe where you have it actually saved. You can put in. You can actually even insert the image into the cell if you wanted to hear and excel. But to make it quite clear and you can follow along, put your trigger image in here. The second column I have is my quiz question on honey that's needed for the quiz question. So my first quiz question. The player had to watch a video based on the video. They then had to answer a question. So what I've done is I've put in a link to the video because then I can cut and copy it played around, and you'll see this eight around. How convenient on how handy it is to make sure you have planned and designed in this way after this and then have the question. What country will you find? Driver and I also put the answer in here. And when I have created the quiz. I put a link quiz in here because you'll need this later on when you're attaching the quiz two year trigger images to this image here after this. Then I then put in where it's hidden. I will put in clue as well because when I'm designing it, if I have them all a day would in this format, then I can couldn't copy and paste every into my forms on into the app that's going toe. Augment this for me. Finally, when I have it all put together, if when I test out So testing it means testing the quiz and then it also means testing that the trigger image is attached to the quiz properly. On that, the quiz will give the proper clue. I might have hidden the clue. I put yes into ready And I do this for each of my questions all the way down. So for your activity, what I want you to do now is I want you to plan on. I want you to design your quiz based augmented reality treasure hunt using a spreadsheet like this 4. 3 howitworks: How does the quiz based scavenger who actually work well, it's really, really easy when you know how what we're going to do is use a number of free ups and tools , and the first thing you're going to do is you need to select what's known as a trigger image. So this is the image that's going to be augmented. This is the thing that the player is going to find, And when they find the trigger image, this is going to bring up a quiz. Now for the player to move on with the quiz, they must first get the answer. Correct. If they don't get the answer correct, they will be recycled through the quiz until they actually do get the answer. Correct. After this, when they get the answer, correct, they will be. Then given the clue. The clue will then tell them where they will go to find the next trigger image on this, then will then follow on. True, now I've done something else Here is well, I've built in a second control to the first Control is that the player most get quiz correct before they get the clue for the next trigger image, but I've also sat it up so that each trigger image must be followed in sequence of the player. Most find all the clues in the correct order. So I've built in a second control in our Google forms in our quizzes. Now, the trigger images are images that you're going to find on that you're going to use the quiz we're going to create using Google forms, which is free for everybody. So if you haven't already got a Google, it can't go on. Set yourself up with a Google account and I'll show you later how to get a Google form. And a Google account just means you need to have a Gmail address the clues. Then you will have to come up with the clues yourself, the questions for the quiz on the clues yourself and we're gonna look at the design stage next because the design is extremely important, because when you have a trigger image and when you have a quiz and then when you're hiding the man, you have loads thumb. Things can get quite complicated. Known which trigger image you've related to which overlay and which with and where it's actually so in the next lesson, we're going to quickly look at the design and planning stage off your quiz based, augmented reality scavenger. 5. 5 googleforms: Let's quickly look at how we can set up a Google form. So I'm in Google here and to use Google forms, you must have a Google account. So you just require a Gmail address once you have it. If you click this appear on Google and then go to your Google drive now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to create a new folder in my Google drive to keep all these together and you should do the same and press create, and then I'm going to go into that folder so everything saves in here on. I'm gonna go to New on. If we come down here, we will find Google forms and this brings us up eight new Google form. So the title of my form is going to be scavenger hunt one. And I'm not going to give the form a description that if we click up here scavenger hunt, one will come up here now that I want to do for my first question. So if we go into our design will see that I have a video that I want watched. I then have a question, Andi, an answer. So let's create a that quiz. So what I'm gonna do is at a video. First thing it's looking for is a video on. I have a, um lore and I have a nice and handy because I put it in here in my design so I can go straight in and copy it and paste it in here and then I can select. Now I'm just going to a line that up a little bit better, So I haven't now in the center. Now that I want to do is I want to add a question on the question that I'm going to add because I've already designed this is what country will you find? Driver ants and I can copy and I can pace that in there to on. The first answer is Africa, and the 2nd 1 is America. Now we've kept that as a multiple choice. She can do or there is, but we're keeping that as a multiple choice for the moment, we're gonna mark this question as required, and we're also going to go to section based on answer. Now I'll show you that in a second, but what we're gonna do is we're going to add a new section on this section is going to say you are not correct. Watch video again, and then I'm gonna add a nother section. You are correct. Well done. Now we want to loop this quiz. What? I mean by loop this quiz. Well, if they get the answer wrong, we want them to come down here to you're not correct on. Then we want them to go back up to the actual question. So underneath this, you'll see here it says, continue to neck, section or go to section morning. So we're gonna go back two. Section one on this is the last section. So they convince. Submit their answer if they select Africa, which is the correct answer you're gonna jump down to. You are correct. Well done on. If we select America, we're going to go down to you are not correct. Try again. So that's basically how we have set up this question. Now, when the user, when the players commits the correct answer, you want to give them the clue for their next so they can go and find their next trigger image or the next image. I'm where you do this as you do this in your settings. So in your settings you gonna remove, submit another response and you have this confirmation page on bacon type in your response here. So we're gonna go back here and we're going to get Where do you keep your bike? You might find a picture of our line and we can say so. That's where we have no put the clue. Now let's have a look at this quiz. Soto. Have a look at a preview. We can play the video. We can make a full screen. We can select the wrong answer on what happens when we select the wrong answer. You are not correct. Watch the video again on if we place next to brings us back. Then when we press the correct answer and hit next well done. You were correct. Submit. Where do you keep your bike? You might find a picture off a lion, and that's the clue. Then, for the player to go wolf and find the next trigger image. You're using Google forms, so it'll automatically save so we can just close them. I'm back in our drive. We're going to add a another one, and I'm going to show you how to set up the second scavenger hunt because the second scavenger hunt has a different loop in it. So the first question we're going to ask is what is the answer to the previous question? And we had Africa on. We had America. We make this a required question and we're going to go to sections based on answered. Never going to add a section on the seconds this action is You're not correct. Revisit the previous activity and then we're going to add a Another section on this next section is going to be our cuisine. We're not going to have a title on the section. We're going to add the question we can get the question from, Ah, plan Paste in the question. We are then going to make this required. We're going tohave go to section based on Answer on. Then we're gonna have another section in the next section is you are not correct. Try, try again on another section. You are correct. Well done. Now the key here is to make sure the very last one that you have is the You are correct because if you wanted to loop, you need the not correct further hope, so they're not correct. You want to go back to section Tree, so this will bring us back up to the question here in here. If we put in an answer. The wrong answer. Linda, you are not correct. Try again. Emily. You are not correct. Try again on the correct answer. We're going to send them down to the correct answer. Well done. Now let's go up here for a second on. We need to release to the CLECs action. So Africa is the correct answer. So if they get the answer, correct their move straight on to the quiz for this particular section on. If they don't, they're going to move on to Section two. You are not correct. Now what we need to do is we need to add in our clue. So if we go to settings one click, submit another response. Onda. We can get a clue. There's some soldiers hanging around this room, and we can save. Now we can preview and make sure it's working, just tested and make sure it's working. So the quiz comes up and it says, What is the answer to the previous question? that you're gonna test the wrong answer when you're testing this all the time. So that works Fine. No, that didn't go back. So I'm going to go back in here and under here. Continue to next section. We need to bring this back to section one. And now if we preview this again so we put in the incorrect answer and then it brings us back here so we can select the correct answer on. Then let's elect a wrong answer. Not correct. Let's elect another wrong answer. Not correct. And let's select the correct answer. Well, don't you are correct. And then you can submit and then you get your your clue. There are some toys hanging around. Find a picture off a rabbit. So that is thesis unde scavenger hunt, and we can close them. And don't forget that they will automatically save in Google that the 1st 1 on the 2nd 1 differ in so far as the 1st 1 You're not asking for the point clue as it the second when you are on the reason live seconds up is so that the players actually from complete the scavenger hunt in the correct order. Now Once you have the Sacramone set up, you can actually make a copy of this. I'm when you make a copy of it, you'll see. Copy off on. If you go in here, you can rename it and you can rename it appear on. You can use this then as a base to copy and paste the rest off your quizzes into Google. Now, once you have them all set in, how do you actually find your link? Well, to find a link if you get send and then click this link button. Andi, you can get your large link here, or you can get a shortened link on what you will do. Then, as you were copied this link and you will go back to your design and you will added in here to your quiz questions because you're gonna need this later on. When we go into actually Augmentin the quizzes onto your trigger images. You have a delivery before this actual video. So you need to go off now and you need to create your quizzes using Google forms on, then come back and we'll have a look at the next step 6. 6 Aurasma: So here we are now at the you're as mad Occam's studio, and I'm just going to log in on you can do the same. Okay, so when you log in, this is the screen that you're met with Now what we're going to do is we're going to upload our assets on then we're going to link them to the quizzes. So to do this, what I want you to do is I want you to go to assets on what you have. An asset is you have triggers on you have overlays on the triggers of the images that you're going to give to the players of players have to actually find on scan on the overlay is then what actually happens with the trigger image. Now, I've gone ahead, and I've uploaded the 1st 4 from my scavenger hunt, So I'm just going to add some or so in triggers. If you select create new trigger on. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to browse for my file on. I'm going to put in this trigger image off the spider on once I've put it in its name to the file and it's named it correctly because that's I named it before on my hard drive when I was saving it, and I'm going to save that image on that trigger images now uploaded on I'm going to upload my next trigger image, so what you can do is you can go down. True, all of your trigger images on you can upload all of your trigger images at once. Now, sometimes you will get a warning. When you're uploading a trigger image that it is not an image that's, you know, particularly good. Let's just have a look at this one. So it's saying that there's an error assessing Trim it trigger image for training. Now, if there's an error, that means that when you try and scan, the chances are it's not going toe work. So if you get this problem, the best thing that you should do is to leave that image and use a new image. So if you delete it immediately, if you click on an image and then select elite to actually delete the image, then you would need to go and find new images, and you would need to update this if it needs to update, and if you have the name of the image in your clear, you'll need to go back, and you'll also need to update your form accordingly as well. So that is our trigger images. These are the images that the players are going to find. Then what we have is our overlays, and I've already uploaded the 1st 4 overlays. I'm using the exact same images for my overlays as I did for my trigger images, and it just makes things quite simple because when you want to go to a Web page, which is where your Google form is, there is some problems on android devices if you try and link directly to the Web page. But if you grow true an image, it seems toe work much easier. So we collect an image and it's the frog. Andi, I can select save. Now. What I want to do is I want to create my orders. So if we go to my orders and in here, we can create a new or now we can click to upload our trigger image. But we've already uploaded our trigger image so we can select our trigger image, which is our spider, and then I'm going to click next, and then I'm gonna kill, select to click and overlay and I'm going to click the spider on Select this. Now, this is the trick that comes in. What we need to do over here is add in action. So when the overlay has faded in, we want to load a ul or what we need to put in here is the web address. Fourth, the quiz. So we have our Google Form quiz put in here, and you can see now how handy it is to have this template build so you can copy and paste everything as you go along and click Save on. Then we can click next, and we can name it. So this is a or scavenger hunt five. And then I'm going to preview now Weaken Scanned this now with our phone and make sure it's working on hit close and then we want to share on. Once we share it, we're making it public so people can actually find it. Now if it's not working when you go into it on you, Addison, you must own share, and then you must go back into it again. If you make any changes on your most Riesch air on. That's very important. If you make any changes now, let's create another one. So our final one create new the frog selecting existing overlay, which is also the frog at our action interaction is when the overlays top is has faded in because it's an image. So when it's finished fading in, I'm gonna load e a quiz which I have the link to. I can copy that, paste it in on hit save. Then we can preview on ones we preview you contest it, you can make sure works. Make sure it goes to the correct quiz, Andi. Then you can hit chair. And when you have all six of these set up, all you have to do then is print your trigger images on hire them where you want the players to find them. Once you have printed all your image is ready to be hidden, you can then test them in print, form on you can hide them, and then you can mark all of the's as ready on your quiz based augmented reality. Scavenger hunt is actually ready. What we're gonna do in the next lesson is on quickly going to show you how you can update using the same images so you can recycle this quiz whenever you want to. 7. 7 recycle: So I mentioned to you that this scavenger hunt could be recycled. And once you have it set up, you have a template that you can use on that you can reuse. You have trigger images. You have quizzes set up. You have the trigger images attached to the quizzes. So how can you actually recycle? Well, all you have to do is go back to your plan on delete all of this that simple. Leave your images as they are. Now, come up with your new questions. Come up with your nuclear use, come up with where it's hidden. Then you need to go back into your Google forms on in each Google form, you need to update the Google form with the correct questions on the correct answers. You don't need to update the links or anything else like that on. When you've updated the forms you can then go and hide your images. You contest them and you can go and hide them. You don't need to go back in. Andi set up new triggers. You don't actually need to set up the new forms from scratch. All you have to do is come up with your new questions. Come up with your new clues. Update the forms on because the forms are already linked to the trigger images. Once you want to update them on, hide everything in a new place, you have a new scavenger hunt ready to go. 8. 8_Sharing Auras and following channels: It's very important to understand that when you make your auras public there viewable to people in the public gallery, but for them to actually watch your or they need to follow your channel. So if you set up or is you can view them easily under the same became that you've set up. So if your Children are playing, the scavenger hunt on their app is on your phone or your path, and it's connected to your camp. They'll view them easy, but if they have their own aura upon their own pad or on their own phone or on their own device, they need to make sure that they follow your channel before they'll actually be able to see your oars. And how did you get them to follow your channel? Well, you can give them a link on. If you're setting the apple for them, you can actually follow the or yourself for them before you give them the tablet and give them the scavenger home to do on. How do you actually get a link? Let's go to discover on in discover If you scroll down, you will find your own channel under following and in here, you can view your or is in here now you can like and you can share. And I showed you this quickly, earlier around on. If you click link to subscribe, you get a link that you can give to anybody and that could bring them to your channel. And once they follow your channel, they will be able to see the yours that you have now. I've known some people to actually use a Q war code and keep the whole scavenger hunt augmented. So if you want to install the app onto your phone, you then get this link and attach it to a Q work. Hold on. Then the player can scan the Q war code, and it'll automatically bring them to the channel on bacon. Select follow straight away from what in there. So it's important that you understand for somebody to actually view your oars properly, they need to follow your channel. And if you need to help your Children, follow your channel, do it so they can actually partake in the scavenger hunt 9. 9 wrap up: we've reached the end of a little augmented reality scavenger homes journey. And I really hope that you've enjoyed what you've learned a lot. You've learned how to set up a quiz and Google forms Onda quiz that actually loops. You've also learned how to use or asthma and create a quiz based, augmented reality scavenger hunt on one that you can actually recycle. Teoh. So I hope that you had fun, and I hope that the kids have even more fun.