Fun art project for kids to do at home: How to draw and color a fish; using chalk pastels | Ritu Kaul | Skillshare

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Fun art project for kids to do at home: How to draw and color a fish; using chalk pastels

teacher avatar Ritu Kaul, Artist, Youthful, Optimistic

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Techniques

    • 4. Drawing the fish

    • 5. Outlining the fish

    • 6. Coloring the fish (Pt. 1)

    • 7. Coloring the fish (Pt. 2)

    • 8. Final touches

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About This Class

Unlock the door to discover the magic in you with my classes. The idea behind each and every one of them is to help children get exposed to a new and wondrous experience. I've loved art for as long as I can remember and there's no better feeling than putting pen to paper and unleashing your creativity. You can feel so many emotions at once. Art is powerful enough to extract what you are feeling and put it into a picture. It is something where you can tell a story without having to say one word. Join me on this journey of self-discovery. 

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Ritu Kaul

Artist, Youthful, Optimistic


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1. Introduction: I'd like you to meet Martin. Well, that's the name of my fish. You see me and my best. Then we came up with this idealistic future where we had all the facts we wanted in the world. I myself don't have a bed on. Well, we had a fish called Martin. And so, in his futuristic imaginative Oh, no, I named this fish. Well, I don't make this project. It was a while back when I was, I think, six years old on my mom and I had gone to the United States, and she didn't join me in this podcast. It was my first time on I was a little nervous because I was really small, but the teachers introduced me on. I remember they don't need that. They gave me this big book with a lot of different projects and they said I can choose whichever one I want on. I actually chose this fish. It wasn't exactly the same, but I was the fish. And then over time I did that painting with the health and I got a fish as the result. I know I was so proud of it. And I just can't wait to shadow with y'all. So even though I don't remember how exactly daughter to me, I managed to leave my own skills and techniques into this fish. And that's what I'm gonna teach you. It's time to live with fishy fishies. 2. Materials : Okay, So the media's gonna need to this on A. For people, this is 1 40 GSM. It doesn't really matter. A song is you have drawing people. And so people are using. This'll is optional. It's aboard. If you don't have it, you don't need it. You can just do it stayed in your drawing book. But at the end of the video, I will show you how to adopt your people Did this with the help of some asking there a bluff in this the man material we are using semi hard pastels. This is something that everyone may not have it home. And so for those who don't have this, another option could be job ourselves. If you have are even you can You can even use Marco's on crayons. So whatever works for you, and several many years you have, you can go for those I have in a nasal pencil. A white marco. This is a necessary but extinct leaves the door in the eye so you can even use white being for that on a black Marco. I'm using a shop and some tissue. Babel always Ryan, your trusted tissue people. Okay, so now in case you're using a board. What you want todo just a little bit off the page. Sit down. This'll also means that it gives you a nice clean edge once you're done and then the it also helps to keep your people. And apart from this another material that I will be singing the needed a hazel. So this actually helps if something off, any job faster. So you can use this on If you doing has this Just try using another Medea like Ben, our crayons. I will show you a coloring technique with both those men Media as well. 3. Techniques : In case you're using a different medium, I can show you how to use Ben in a good way. So that again you don't get any months. It's so take any day off people on first going with the job pastels. Basically, what you want to do is that are two ways you can use these. So if you need a couple like the background, you want to put it on it's side on its base and then move in a law. And then what you're gonna do is after that because that s still species. Use the base of your I showed he didn't so close. And then you get that. Okay. Otherwise, if you need to go into nooks and crannies like small spaces, what you want to do is you want to get this spot off the Fastow just moving like this. I point you can go like this on the edge, but on those points, you need to be really light with it. Otherwise, if you go like this, there are chances that you many marks when you blend, So it's important to make them lose by so that when you need to blend them, it's just there are no marks, and when you need to blend, you can for the small spaces. You can use either any of your fingers on the Yankees reporter for Geo Chinese boss, so just make sure you don't just down do hard on your on. Those are the techniques you use if you are using pastels for the drawing. Otherwise, this goes for both crayons and pans. If you're using a Marco, you want to go in the same direction. So let's see. I have this over the culo. You don't want to do like one and then change the directions on. Then you don't want to do that. It's gonna love Messi. The idea is, you go in one direction, follow the direction I'm going horizontal. I follow that I action complete rather than notice how it's much Maceio on. It's just you can see the lines each other, and this It's just more smooth and gives it a more presentable. So do the same with crayons is, well, go in one action, start in this direction, gunning you down there. That's about it, for the techniques 4. Drawing the fish: Okay, Now we're going to begin to draw the fish. So first todo lithe. First you're gonna mark a point that's halfway. That's whatever you and then what way? Go. And this is just the starting line. We're gonna need that in the end, doing Jordu darkly and taking a three finger space always in for oh, boy. And you go to the other side. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna make and I at this point Wake Sammy focus on do the same on the bottom. Oh, way have the outline of fish. Now for the deal, we're gonna go out, we're gonna bring it to you. It's so it's kind of like a heart, but with pointy ends. So I'm gonna take it out, and then I'm gonna go ahead and bring it and kind of like a flower battle, but I'm not gonna take it to the end. Stop it. And then you can make this one down. Then bring it. So you have now that we're just gonna make he's gonna dio one go. Fine, Then it was here, in the line of this do another one now for the other. So when this line started. We're gonna starting in from there. Okay? Benjamin? Hell, we're gonna make, like go then. One another That but you want to meet this need? There were men a little after that. Gonna make another any, I think. Thank you. Done. We can. Doesn't have any on that's important this time. Just maybe four fingers. Okay, again. Mark a point and we're gonna draw a line. Don't go through the pins. This is going to be you're just gonna start of these? You then. Maybe. So. This you can do however you like. It doesn't have to be the same as nine. 5. Outlining the fish: Now that we're done with deceive, you were gonna just go ahead and out. So you want everything except make sure that you remember to stop it. Defends. You don't want to go through them. Yeah, if you want, you can also add, I mean. 6. Coloring the fish (Pt. 1): so stop. So now, since this is a pretty dog speed, I'm going to use the death that I don't you force. Make sure to clean the flat of your like so just drop it against your tissue people. And then I didn't in one motion. Actually, I do want to go home. So I'm going to continue doing this. I know this that around the edges. I'm using this gift off it. Just go in the corner and it's doing the edges in which you can change genetic. So I'm just changing my direction from the edges, giving it out. Now what I want to do is I can either take my fist or one of my fingers and see when I need to go to the edges. I'm using this spot. The knock off my big G. Do you walk around the engine now that it's all smoothly blended? I blew off the boat, and if you notice it's going over the black kinds, that's completely fine. Don't worry about it. We will outline them again on one more thing you can do before you start. Just number is your lines. So right now I had no pencil lines in the body so I could start causing is every line except this line that's dividing the do bouches. So just trying to do that, that you get a nice even of thing. I just washed my hands because I use my phone booth body on. This is very important. You always need to have your hands. So whenever using a different color, the other Carlos doing makes on it still needs. And now that I've done that, I'm going to follow the case way again. I'm wiping it on the side that I'm gonna use edge. So since it's a smaller space, I'm again using this edge. But I'm not going on the point. I'm using people that I'm going to. Yeah, I'm going on the slab White 7. Coloring the fish (Pt. 2): so I'm not going to be called video me opening it because it But I'm just informing you that the techniques are still the same. Using the side of the brush. Make sure I mean bastard. I'll make sure you clean it. You you can change. Only change that action on the edges. Use top of the flat base. Don't ever use the point. Otherwise, you're gonna get box on in the end. Use your the first, the base of your face or your fingers do blend it all it. Okay. Oh, so don't do it again. Even if you be sure that you seem now that we're done with the background, I'm going to do the last bit of gardening, which is finishing. So I'm using do shades you can use again. But this time you want to use your example. It's that what I want to do is I won't take very edge, just slightly brushing, and that's all you need to do 8. Final touches: everything all over again so that you can see. And if you are having a hard time staying away from mortgaging the follows with your hands , always, always use the issue. They said Okay, now I finished being outlining everything again. You don't want this now for the last final, doctors were just going to use a white Ben. You can even use white band, and we're gonna make a dog daunts You go. You know you want to you and pull it out. So so that you don't care the people and it helps to give you a nice, clean image naming. Make that winds. I'm going to this guy, Joseph. So you should know. I encourage all the field after you draw this. It means nothing if you don't think so. What does it this day looks like, Joseph. And then I will sign your name. Fish