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Fun and easy Watercolor Landscape : Learn to paint this serene Green landscape with watercolors

teacher avatar Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Supplies Required

    • 3. 3. Let's learn some Techniques

    • 4. 4. CLASS PROJECT- PART 1

    • 5. 5. CLASS PROJECT- PART 2

    • 6. 6. Adding birds and Final touches

    • 7. 7. Thank you For Watching

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About This Class

Are you a beginner, Don't worry here you will learn every bit separately  and can paint this beautiful piece.

This class is targeted for beginners and intermediates as well.

Here,we will learn different techniques in the class like wet on dry and smudging paint into background . how to draw the birds how to use colors , how to use masking fluid.

and after learning all the techniques and things we will head on to the final class project..

Join me for the class and lets enjoy playing with colors.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suhasini Badam

Watercolor Artist


Hello, I'm Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist from India currently staying in California.

I did my bachelors in computer science but destiny has its own decision , Picked a brush inspired by some Instagram painting posts and from then it became my full time job .I started working with watercolors from 2018 and i paint  different subjects but Landscapes stole my soul .

Now I paint mostly landscapes as i am attracted towards Nature .Nature has my heart .

i do paint Florals and Acrylics sometimes . but majorly i concentrate on painting landscapes in watercolors. you can find all my works in my Instagram profile .


Here are some of my works 


See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction : Hi, guys. Welcome to my first venture class. Into this class, we learn to paint this beautiful, divine green landscape. My name is Hosni, artists from India currently residing in California. I love nature, and most off my findings are inspired from nature. You can find me with the propellant, are virtuous and instagram, and you can see all my books there. Nature. It is the world otherness who doesn't love this beautiful, lush green feels. They look so calming and peaceful. Way first learned all the techniques, like using masking fluid, blending like drawing birds. Impending. Fontaine's will see all these techniques required for their final project, and then we'll paint this saving green landscape. It's snowy mountains using watercolors way. So without wasting any time, let's dive into the best class first, really start the glass with all this up Listrik. And then we learned techniques. And then we look the final class project. So let's begin this 2. 2. Supplies Required: let us start with all the materials required. I'm using here prime about the color bad, 80% 8 inches for the final project, and I'm going to use this artisan or to color pad for practice and techniques. You can use any sample purpose that you have at your home. It shop and deli reopens for highlights and some pencils in areas of sketching these other bridges that I'm going to use their from celebration, limited black velvet pressures and then Princeton named June British from size four. You can use any other brand British in the pains that I'm going to use for today's class are prime a classics in an tropicals on one plaster for securing the edges and two jars of clean water, a mask in the areas I'm using War and remember one thing. You can use any media that you want. This make sure that it is 100% Cornyn and the energies of the Bible. It's a great lesson and wishes they work for depending started 3. 3. Let's learn some Techniques: if we see off that last project, there are so many elements like this so well. First learn each elements already and then we come to the final class. Elements like the Fontaine's birds find trees over more Danes, grass and flowers. Learn it off them separately and then we come. I know. Listen to our project. Let's start with the first government. Find trees. The pine trees, we know, are very Hughes triangular shape everything this correct. But in today's landscape, our fine trees or in very distant so they look very tiny, so we don't need much details for the pine trees. All just all that we have to do is just draw a straight line and rose some random lines for is entirely awesome strike line and that's it. This is the simplest way for the pine trees. You can observe closely destroy stride line and pain. Some random lines horizontally across that and the next payment, we're going to learn his birds. As we have seen my bindings. I use birds mostly for all paintings. For this I use a pen, the shop you could also use. You can also use a fine Leonard British, but I love to use a sharp weapon for this to we don't need much details about the bird. If we see outside the birds way see, we'll find we'll see the things we see the face and cynicism body Klum there that's sick If we see this bird is flying down, world were connected Mind the direction, the birdies flying by seeing its wings. If you want to draw a bird that is flying up this chain servings face in the party and you're done So here, up into the booth that is flying up world this in building drop doings and some had any somebody and you're done. - And the next technique that we're going to talk about is wet on dry. But dont right means pain on the drive paper. So the paper here is very dry. I mean, I didn't apply any water on their feet. I'm loading my brush, defamed and simply up playing on the words of under dry surface. Sorry, and I'm washing my branch and loading my brush with clean water and kinda knew the spread. We look weak exercise. No, your brush with paint. Watch your brush loaded with clean water and dragged it, That's it. And the next one we're going to learn is how repainted the dress. Part grass. Real part in the painting. I'm taking one green chairs from the tropical palette. We're doing the same as the but don't try technique. I'm applying paint onto the words under dry surface, but in the before case way, wash the brush and ordered it with clean water. But in this case, we're washing her brush and loading it with the pain. Another color. That's it. Next, how I painted the grass discipline Random strokes. It pained one pain color one. And now I'm washing my brush and loading with second color and this bait. See, that's it, they say. Some Grady and colors. If if he feels from Houston raising some lines for the feels, the aid of the remind the high difference in the foreground and background feel. So we paint some random lines like this. They'll give a beautiful effect, and the next technique that they're going to learn his blending paint into background for this less. Let's paint some fine please. And what we do know is Siskel in your branch Lord with some water clean water and this drag practice much, much thank gifts. It's a lot of Michaela blend into the background. This goose is more transition affecting to the paper with no hard edges, no Lexus, no more attain how we painted that for this mountain we used to colors. First color is violet from glass. Expel it and the next funnies blue from the classic Spell it we mix. Vote this colors with the cement color that is available in the classics palette. If you don't have this amend color, you conduct your black with water, and you can mix that with the blue and violet and you'll get the perfect shade for the cloud. Moondance. I mixed my violet with this amend collect on my beautiful Monday missed color and doing the same with blue mixing cement with blue and sick record that nice, snowy blue color. These are the two shares that we're going to use for the mountain. They're strong on Sample Mountain. We'll see how I have painted, mounted on a pine flats I'm mixing bowls of So I loaded my brush, the first color in painting along the edges. Mondale. And then I'm washing my brush and lording it the second color. Destroy, make a transition the color. And don't forget to remember to leave the white spaces in between that if the they're the sunlit parts off the snow, and the remaining part is a charred Oh, the mountain as the mountain is no iman and with the shadow, it will look darker, and the white parts are areas where there is a sunlight. I have taken some flu without mixing, and the star played it at the borders to give some random to the effect. And I'm doing the same with Second Mondaini are playing board the colors randomly living bites places between. I want to play the pain. You can wash your brush and load your brush with water completely and just much. The remaining pain normal off, taking more paint as thes or distant mountains and snowy mountains. They don't look brighter. - Let's watch a painting off another Monday. There's no complexity in these disinvite basis, and those who shares off Carlos and the remaining all is done. Enough course and water. No, easy how I painted the full grown morning. I'm just drawing 11 day I'm taking this green chair from the capital's pilot. You can use any green chair no particular t about the color. I'm mixing with pain in a played nice port. - No , I am taking some random blue color on a plane. Dogs, tiny dogs. This is just to give some abstract nous. I don't want to leave the mountain to be plain, so I need some loot drops and I washed my bridge and some plain water droplets. Excuse is beautiful Levitt. Okay, let's do this one more time. Bring the whole radio, Take some running a little choice, which goes back down change and should not dominate The green screen is our primary colors name and let's bring in some droplets that's hard to use. I'm using. Here you are asking too takes a mask. Include into the palate. You cannot play directly from the body I diluted before because I don't want fish to be spoiled. Diluting it with water also works. So some masking fluid and I have some more to droplet into it. Take the breast that you don't use regularly for applying mask include because it didn't point the fresh If you see my brush movements, I'm not like painting. It is some shapes. I'm just being randomly, sometimes some of wells. I'm just tapping the brush into the paper. And don't play these dorms or circles evenly. If you see in the garden, the lovers not even leaving flowers will not be Even so we should wait for the masking fluid to drink after drink. Gonna play a layer off paint over it. Green paint booth ideas with the masking fluid are not observing water there, blocked by the liquid. Really wait for the paint to dry. Often the pain drives. You can just scratch the base. Scratch the masking fluid, using your finger using it is it? It will go off and you can paint any other collect over it or you can leave it like that. So this is how we use the mask. Include. So we have learned all the techniques that are required for our final grass project, and next we'll pay in the class project, so we are ready to paint our class project. You see it in a mix shop 4. 4. CLASS PROJECT- PART 1: So let's get started. So I have tape. Don't all my borders with Scotch tape. It is available in any in any local stores? No. Well, first, do the sketching part. Have you ever seen some snowy mountains? Yes, I have seen it in the recent times. I really have to say they look magical and whose, Thanks to my husband. And now we'll try to draw the borders drug or uneven if you draw them, it's right lens. They look so artificial. If we observe a mountain, they look rocky, broken and have someone even surface wear just trying to project that under pepper. And here I'm just drawing more dance randomly that came into my mind. No need to copy the exact same mornings in your class project. You can paint any monte in any shape of the mundane that came to your mind. Sure, off some, trying the shapes the way, way. So you have done with the father of history? Moaned in Baden. No, well, just divide our paper in through parts one part green feels and flavors and the other part with sky in London's I just Want More part of the paper. The painting to be the sky and mountains, so I devoted depending in tow, like and know we'll draw some ground. Moondance, that is these mountains on mirror than this newly mown pains. So they come in the foreground. Yes, there, sketching. But wait here. We get some flowers here will paint flowers with ambushes and we'll burn. It will pain some birds here way before starting painting. Let's secure the parts Well. I want to do other flowers with masking fluid. As we have learned earlier practice sessions. I'm taking masking fluid into the pilot mix in some water for diluting it. I was up late 80 s way. Want a large Toby? The reason why our plate masking fluid for the areas where I want to paint flowers is flowers so colorful and plenty if I don't secure the area with my fluid as we're working with the colors in the bright colors with Lord Coe booth background color this march into the background chair and create some Marty color, So I want to secure it with some white spaces so we can paint it later. I'm just stabbing my brush under the paper way. Have seen this in the practice session toe to some random naps under the paper with random shapes and sizes. Way do the same on the other side of the way. In this well, let must include for trying, So we really must employed for trying some time. Dylan will paint the sky here. I'm taking black color from the classics palate by mixing it with cement color. Decree, color. I'm this coupling an ice. Cool the sky. There is no complexity in this district. Nice court here we a painting. I don't read technique. I didn't play any water before. On the surface, I just pull my brush with pain with that color and started painting. Do with the sky part dry ice. We can't read amount Danes if you paint the monitors they were blend into the sky fillets painted full, grown mundane. I'm taking green from the classics palette and mixing it some black to get a dark green chair. I don't want to mix this former mountains with the fields, making some color different shape. Just mix in some black into the cream and remember as this in the foreground mountains, they look brighter than the Far Mountains Way have learned this technique practice session . I don't write anything, have painted first with the doctrine change and the night Bush English and you're ready with lotion and continue from there. And then I'm disciplining and I'm just sprinkling some droplets off Blue Wade with this and this guy is trying so well, candy needed the morning. But so I'm mixing my two cools off paints, as we have seen in the practice session on is by late with degree. Another one is blue degree. I'm getting these two once ready. - Do you can see here? I'm switching between these two shades and living some white spaces in between. Make sure this pain is in very light. Shared whose order? Sort of shaking effect. Make sure not be there from our next class, so it's really much data. Make sure you work faster if the paint dries. Newly schism. Pagis off pain, so make sure to work faster. Don't let the paint dry if you want. Don't forget to leave I. It's basis. Uh, you can watch it with way. It's under this process listening Newsom soothing music in the background. I'm adding some random pain. Looking for graphic for guns, - way no pain and difficult Grandma, wait. If not, it was went into the booth. Whole painting Negus. But most of the painting from the tropical palace. Amazing scream. Okay. Mixing the share black alert in it to make a demon doctor, I understand a playing A nice quote off pain planes, pain and some water droplets tracked effect way with But that is more Danes sky in the wounded spot and that is empty. So I'm painting so things way. No, no. Yes. We have done really good spot. 5. 5. CLASS PROJECT- PART 2: no realistic and but off a pending that is the Green Mountains part for this amusing to colors. First color is the parrot color from probables palette. This is the battle color battered shoes from the tropical sperlik primer. This color I'm going to use on the top part of the freedom, and the next color that I'm Windu's is green from classics. Palette primer. I'm loading my brush with color one. I'm spreading the paint. Close the area. I love this color so bright I used this clean shared in almost all make green findings. So we have come to the half part of the field spot, so I'm changing my color and loading my brush with the color. Number two. Like his part and that is green from classics, palette and the picnic, we have seen similar practice session for the bottom part, I'm just mixing some black with green to make it more brighter and darker. You can clearly see the area where we preserve for the flowers with them asking flee. So I'm thinking a smaller number fresh at his Princeton AP in fourth round brush, and I'm learning with fresh. It's, um, dark green chair and I'm just spending some random lines. They present some high difference with ease. They created some left rather than being a flat finding. So this parchment paper and this tiling here some grass presumption some stamps with lovers way. Let this for drying soft drink. We learned some highlights and then we'll do the flower spot. So this is completely drive. Invest well, rather pine trees. I'm mixing my black color palette I'm using. Can Amenia tip fish for Monti's? Oh, and we'll paint the pine trees as we have practiced in the practice. Asian small and tiny pine trees with no more details know much days. Don't just paint all the binders in the same height. Show some high difference from tree to tree. See, here I'm using Art is a miniature breast. Rome zero. I am speeding up the process a little bit. Yeah, I'm doing this pine tree spot for the other side of depending. - So this spot is dry and ready for the detailing part. I'm digging green color, sharing some lines, random lines and I'm trying to paint a grass. Don't be uniforms. Get your fresh stands because people realize that darkness. No, I'm bending from guys with doctor way going to use when they think that we have learned in the practice session that is blending a painting to the bag down Should I have? I'm washing rubbish and lording with clean water, and I'm dismounting the ideas into the background. I didn't just because I don't want the harder. Just despite to be blend into the background, - I m trying more grass. Random strolls has remained the grass. It's kind. I'm learning it into the back room systems with clothes bag, please understand You want to make some differentiation. In the collapse, we used the darker shade of green. No. First, let's peel off the mask. Speaking of these now, Tom, I'm getting some bright colors like binky from the classic Spanish. I'm going first. Just dabbing fish, right radius. Don't. But if it goes into the background and don't feel the white part, wait painting the making flythe completely fresh here and there. You know I'm right from the tropicals ballot on applying the stool the same way as we play the masking, but the same. The only difference is way, way, way be done. So I'm adding some bright shade is I love this palette. So Right shares Classics is the most ballot in my works. Like most Finisher was in the classics palette. This is sponsoring I I'm just saying my feeling So we'll do the flower spot. - No weeping The stems make it more brighter than the back. It's black with green heroes who wouldn't be Unit God is generally smooth during the same time, and their six he has done with the spot and in the next chapter really see Aisling birds and hiding some bite highlights. Way finished with last project. 6. 6. Adding birds and Final touches: Hi, guys. So we have come to the final point of a painting at this. Hiring birds and highlighting the painting depends I'm using. Here are black shop weapon and a little pen, right, with a little bunnies off size 10. So you can use them. Enemy nature, British pending the birds. But I prefer bending with the pen. It gives him a track. Miss some abstract lines I can drop. You could do with freshman aided. Okay, Waveland, drawing these birds. You know, techniques, class, this birds are flying Donner might be They're going to the home booth place where I feel empty. So in order to make the painting even I'm painting birds there some random strokes. Black men I loved art highlights in each of my painting. They give me some kind of abstract miss with end. If you don't have a vital role pen. Don't worry. You can skip this part. See, guiding light is creating some depth in the way. Do so This finish start painting 7. 7. Thank you For Watching: way Just finished this class project with building this massive data like this class and learn something new I had great from teaching. This class will come up again with more interesting stuff. Anyone wanting failures are stepping stones Upset says so. Don't stop If you don't get this tripe, keep trying more and more as a good And I would love to see all your projects. All your cast paintings, please Up Learn in the class project section If he poached in Instagram don't forget to tag me minds for families are by choice Thank you all for watching. I will definitely come up its new class with more interesting stuff Happy painting and painting by.