Fun and Easy Watercolors: All Kinds of Chocolate | Mariya Popandopulo | Skillshare

Fun and Easy Watercolors: All Kinds of Chocolate

Mariya Popandopulo, Photographer & Illustrator

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11 Videos (56m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • Color of chocolate

    • Profitrole

    • Donut

    • Brownie

    • Cookie

    • Tiramisu

    • Cake

    • Easy highlights

    • Class project

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About This Class


Let’s draw some chocolate!

In this class we will be drawing different kinds of chocolate and practicing both wet on wet and glazing techniques. 

We will draw a few profiteroles, a donut, a brownie, chocolate cookie, tiramisu and a cake! This will be mouthwatering and fun :)

So jump in the class and lets draw something yummy!


This class goes exceptionally well with my  previous watercolor classes:

Drawing coffee - which is on wet on wet technique

Cookies and pastry class - which is on glazing technique


Pinterest boards for your inspiration:

Lots and lots of profiteroles 

Yummy brownies

Glossy chocolate and cakes


Aaaaan finally, as per usual

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Have a great day! =)

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Great teacher. I loved how she broke the process down.
she'sa great teacher! and it's a fun class!
Another delicous class, thank you Mariya!
Laetitia Phan

Creativity explorer | IG @laetitiaphanart





Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator

Hi! My name is Mariya and I am photographer and illustrator based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I never could quite decide what do I love more - photography or illustrations, so Im doing both =D

I have illustrations portfolio on Behance

My preferred social media currently is Instagram (no surprise here =D)

I also post comics and doodles under Pinks&Roses name

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