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Fun and Easy Illustrations in Procreate - Creating Colorful Houses

teacher avatar Floortje Visser, Digital art tutorials for Procreate

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Inspiration, brushes and colors

    • 3. Warming up: Windows

    • 4. Warming up: Doors

    • 5. The Project: 3 Houses

    • 6. Sketching

    • 7. Adding Windows

    • 8. Adding Doors

    • 9. House Decorations

    • 10. Extra Touches

    • 11. Share Your Project

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About This Class

Learn how to make colorful and fun Procreate illustrations in this easy to follow Art with Flo class. During this Procreate class you'll learn about the basic techniques in Procreate so you'll be creating colorful houses in no time! This Procreate class comes with color swatches, working files and a brushset for easy brush picking.


During this Procreate class I will show you how you can create colorful illustrations on your iPad. For the class project we'll be creating colorful houses using the brushes that are already available in Procreate.

The tools I use in this video:

  • 2017 iPad Pro 12.9
  • Apple Pencil
  • Procreate 5
  • Procreate Brushes: 6B pencil, Dry Ink & Charcoal Block

After following this Procreate Painting class, you can get started creating your own colorful house illustrations in Procreate using the free Procreate brushes that are already in the app.

Your Procreate Teacher

I'm Flo and I create Procreate video tutorials for all skill levels. You might know me from my easy to follow You Can Draw This video tutorials on my YouTube channel: Art with Flo But I also share in depth video tutorials with the biggest Procreate community on Patreon. You can find all of my resources on my website:

Be sure to also check my other classes here at Skillshare:


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Floortje Visser

Digital art tutorials for Procreate



I'm Flo! And I love creating art in the app Procreate! But what I love even more is sharing everything I know about drawing and painting in Procreate. In my classes I will take your hand and guide you through my process. I'm sure we'll make some lovely things together!

Perhaps you already know me from YouTube or Instagram, where I share my Procreate artwork and tutorials. Here at Skillshare I publish longer and more in depth video tutorials. Easy to follow and step by step, just like my YouTube tutorials for beginners.

Have you checked my brand new class Procreate for Beginners: Putting Alpha Lock and Clipping Mask to use yet? During this class we'll be creating this illustration with summer vibes!

I'm looking forw... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm flow am might know me from my easy to follow procreate editorials on YouTube. Or perhaps you have followed some of my other classes here at skill share. In this class, I will show you how you can create colorful, cheerful houses in procreate. I will guide you through every single step off the process so you can start creating your own colorful houses. We'll start off with some warm up exercises before we could start it. With the real deal, I will provide you with brushes, a color palette and a special working file to give you a jumpstart for your colorful house project. For our class project, we will be creating three different colorful houses. First, we'll make the basic shape that will add windows. Different doors for each house will start adding decorations to the houses and finally will add a little extra touches. Thes colorful houses air based on the canal houses in Amsterdam. But of course, you can use any type of house as a base of inspiration for your colorful houses. I'm looking forward to welcoming you as a student in this class, and also I'm looking forward to seeing your colorful houses. And if you ever have any questions, you can just drop your question in discussion session. And to be sure, if you don't want to miss any of my future classes to give me a follow, so are you ready to get started? 2. Inspiration, brushes and colors: to get started drawing colorful houses, you will need a couple of things, first of all, inspiration. Of course, you can just follow the class project, follow all of my steps and create these houses. But you can also just scroll the Internet, browse through Pinterest and look at all all kinds of types of houses. Pinterest makes it super easy to create your own board with all of your inspiration for your houses, you can pick win those from one kind of house, and you can pick doors from another and build up your own colorful house. I was really inspired by the canal houses in Amsterdam, so I looked up a lot of photos of those houses. But you can use just about any type of house as a source of inspiration. Besides inspiration, you'll need brushes. I have created a special fuller off brushes, which I will share with you in the resource section, but these air brushes that are already in procreate I have made a fuller with the six B pencil, which you can find our sketching the dry ink brush which you confined under thinking, and a charcoal block, which is part off the char coals, but putting them to get her in one folder just makes working on this tutorial lots easier, so you can either create your own folder. Oregon doll. Oh, these brushes through the resource section do Be sure to use a browser, though, because she can't download any resource is fruit skills for AP. Unfortunately, I will also provide you with a color palette the colorful houses color palette in case you want to use the exact same colors I'm using and this tutorial. But of course, you can also create your own color palettes, and the color harmony tool is a great tool to do that. In procreate, you can use complementary colors, which will kind of like empower each other. Or you can click this and go to analogous so you can pick colors that are close together. I'd advise you to combine both complementary colors and colors that are close together in the color wheel. So once you have your inspiration, your brushes and your colors, you're ready to get started with this class 3. Warming up: Windows: Let's get started with a little warm up exercise. This will get our creative juices flowing before we get started with the big project. Grab all your inspirational images and try to come up with a couple of different windows for your house is I was inspired by the Amsterdam Canal houses, and you can just follow my steps and create these windows as well, or come up with your own variations. I have created a canvas that is 3000 by 2000 pixels. At first, before I get started, wrong these windows, I will set up a drawing guide. That way I could make sure that my windows are straight. So just go to the wrench and turn on drawing guide and then go to edits drawing guide. And I would like to make the grid a bit smaller. You can click this number and I will fill in 50 pixels a man just click done to get your grit and can also change the color of your grid. I would like to set it to white, and here you can also turn down the opacity. I wanted to be a bit more transparent and then turn on assisted drawing that way on our layer, we will only be able to follow the grit and make horizontal and vertical lines. Click thumb and we go to the layer. Apology will see that layer one is set to assisted, so we're ready to get started. I have set the background color to a colorful pink, but you can set it to whatever color you like. I just thought that this would be nice and cheerful for our windows. I will pick a very light color, this one and the color palette, which is of course, provided in the resource area. And for the brush, I will use the dry ink brush. The size is set to 5%. And for our first window, let me start here and I will go and make a horizontal line that is 12 blocks. That's 468 10 12 like that. And then I'll go down 16 blocks 2468 10 12 14 60. And I'll close the rectangle like this. How I would like to make these lines a bit thicker so you can press a bit harder, making these strokes thicker and use the side of your pen and you don't have to do this all tidy. I like a bit of a rough look. We'll make this side even thicker. You can just rotate your canvas If that's easier for you. He can even make this a little bit broader, just like that rough look. And also, we're just doing this to get some inspiration for the houses that we will be drawing later . I would like to make a line just about here that would be a bit thicker as well, and I would like to draw little small window. So first I'll make horizontal lines, which will be a bit thinner and try to keep this pacing a bit equal. Now go from the top to the bottom, creating these little squares not to get it. So look more like a window. I would like to fill in the background of the window, and we'll have to make a new layer for that. So just click the plus and tract this layer underneath our window layer, and I will go to the selection tool that's that s shaped ribbon, a used a rectangle selection. Now just make a selection that covers that entire window almost all the way till the edges and how we will grab our sharp, cool block charcoal block brush and pick a dark blue. This one, for instance, and the brush is set to 25%. And while the selection is active, you can Onley paint inside of the selection so we can just go over here and fill that selection. And if you click the S shaped ribbon again, you will turn off the selection. Now we can give it even a bit more interest by making another selection. So we'll go to the S shaped ribbon again and we will make a sort of able a window cover. Let's go to about here. We'll make like a curtain. That's the word I was looking for and we'll pick another color. Let's pick this blue right here. We're still using the charcoal block and let's fill this selection and how we have something off a window. Cover a curtain that's covering part of the window. Let's come up with another window. I'll go to the layer with the white lines on it again. I'll use a drying rush again, and I'll pick that light color. Or perhaps well, we can use this yellowish color here. That's also a nice one, and I'll make the height of the window the same. So let's go for 16 and for the with I will go a little bit less broad. I will go for 11 blocks, 2468 10 11 and then I'll just close the rectangle there. We have a base for our window, and again, I want to make that lower part of bit thicker. So I'll just fill that here and also decides I want those to be a bit thicker, and this brush gives a nice texture. And let's make a horizontal line here and right in the middle will make a vertical line, and then I'd like to add a little bit of a arch at the top. But to do that well, we have drawn assist on, so we are only able to make straight lines right now. So to make an arch, we will have to turn that off. It's go to your layer pallet, click the layer and turn off drawn assists, and now we can make a little arch. If you hold your pen in place, you will create an arch and he use edit shape to move it around a bit. And then you can go back to your brush, and you can just fill in that arch at the same time, giving it that nice texture and just turn around your canvas as you please. Again, let's add a little bit of the texture too well that inside of the windows, so we'll go to layer to again. That's the one below our window and again will use the selection tool to make a selection off the window like that. And we'll use a charcoal block again and a dark color, this one right here, and just fill that shape, still leaving a bit of that texture on What I've seen and the inspirational images off the canal houses is that sometimes there are these decorations above the windows and the bricks , and I'd like to add that here so I'll go to the window layer again, used to dry ink brush, and we can still use that like yellow color here. Now let's get started with a brick right here at the center, and this one will also have a bit of an arch and just fill it like this. We want a nice texturizing style and then another on on this side. Just fill it in. If you want to have the exact same brick on the other side, you could just go to the selection tool, used a free hand selection and then select this little brick. Then, if you swipe down with three fingers, you can use copy and paste. Now we have a second brick. If you click flip horizontal, it'll flip and can just move it to the other side to get the exact same brick there. And then you can go to your layer. Pallet emerged the layers so that everything is back on one layer. We have two interesting windows already. Let's make another one again. We will work on the layer with the windows and I'll go back to well, I still have to drying brush. I'll be using that, and we'll be using that light color again, and I'm going to use the same height again. Well, throng assist stirred off so we don't have a straight line. Also, go to your layer pilot. Click the layer and turn on drawing assist so you won't get wobbly lines. Let's just make the height. Same at this time. I will go for 10 blocks in with 2468 10 and there we have our square again and again. I will make it thicker here. At the bottom part, we'll make it stick out a little bit. I'll make thes sides thinker as well, and this time I would also like to work with a dark color. Let's pick this one, and I will make lines on the inside. Just follow the shape. Of course, there are lots of variations possible for windows, so just check out your own inspiration. Create your own window styles. I'll make a line exactly through the middle. That's about here and then one line here and one here, and we don't want anyone to fall out of the windows who will go back to that light color and add some lines right here that'll keep the people inside safe. Finally, we will need some glass so we'll go back to Layer two and again we'll make a selection. Be sure to pick rectangle again, and let's make a selection covering that entire window. We'll go back to the charcoal block ever the color We will pick a nice bright blue this time and just go over to get a nice light blue window. And there we have a variety of windows. Let me turn off the drawing guide so you can see them and there are windows. 4. Warming up: Doors: for next warm up. Let's create some different type of doors. I've been looking at different photos of canal houses in Amsterdam, trying to get inspiration for different types of doors. Can I fill the background of the canvas with a nice pink? And it's still a 3000 by 2000 pixels. Canvas Again, Let's make a drawing guide So we'll go to the wrench, turn on drawing guide and go to edits drawing guide again. I'll go for a 50 pixels, grit size, click dumb and let me just turn into white again and lower the opacity and then just click done, and I Let's make some different doors for our brush. Let's pick the dry ink brush again. The size is still sent to 5% and let's go draw a door First. I'll pick this star of color here in the color palette. Oh, and let's not forget to turn on drawing Assist on our layer. Click the layer and turn on drawing assist. If you haven't done it already in the grid menu and with a dry ink brush, let's make a door That's 10 blocks and with 2468 10 and let's make it 21 blocks in height. 2468 10 12 14 16 18 2021. That's a nice height for our door. Let's make a line on the other side as well, and let's close our door above the door. There's a little window, so let's add that to our door. Just make a rectangle above our door like that, and I Let's first fill it with a color, just like with the windows. I will make a new layer that will be below our line work, and I will use the selection tool again. Now let me select the door first like that and again I will go to the charcoal block and let's pick a color for our door. I will pick this one right here and with the charcoal block. We will fill that door and we'll do the same for that little window above. So make a new selection like that, and let's pick this bright blue this time and how we can continue decorating our door. So let's go back to layer one and we'll go back to the dry ink brush and we'll pick this'll dark color again. First, I'll make a oil cross in our window here, and I'll turn off drawing. Assist on this later. So go to the layer pallet, click the layer and turn off drawing assist because I would like to make on oval here. Make an oval. Hold your pen in place to make it snapped to a perfect oval ache and go to edit shape to adjust your ellipse a bit. Don't want to touch the sides Exactly. I wanted to be a bit like this. I'll go back to my brush and at little circles here. Little thoughts. Now let's add some decorations to the door itself. An easy way to get a symmetrical results here is to go back to the drawing, guide you to edit, drawing, guide and use symmetry. I can drag this line to the center of your door, and now you have a nice symmetry guide. Quick done and make sure that your layer is set to assist it, and I would ever yet pain or draw on. The left side will also show up on the right side, so be sure to use your dry ink brush and I can make squares, for instance, And if you hold your pen in place, it'll snap to a nice and perfect rectangle or square, and I don't want them to be perfect. I like it to be a bit playful, so it's okay if some lines are obits cud. I like that playful look. I can see that my symmetry line wasn't exactly centered right here, but that's no problem. You can just go to the selection tool, used a rectangle selection and select those shapes that you just created. Then if you go to the move tool, that's that arrow. You can just move these around until they are nice and centered, and I will have to turn off drawing assist again. So go to the layer pilot, Click the layer, turn off drawing assist because I want to add a dorn up. Let's use this nice blue for that. Let's just make a round Dorn off here. I think that looks like a nice, playful door. Let's go to the next one. Let's turn the drawing guy back on. Go to the drawing guy and click to D Grid. Now we don't want that symmetry tool anymore. Click Thumb and let's pick a color for our lines. I'll pick this one right now and we'll make a door that's the same size. Make sure you're on the right layer and make sure that you have drawn Asus turned on Let's make this door same height and we'll make it 10 blocks for 68 10 and close the door and I'd like to make a different type off window above our door. This time I'd like it to have a little arch and to make an arch, we will need to turn off the drawing guide again. So we'll go to the layer and turn off drawing assist. And now we can make an arch again. You don't have to do it perfectly. You can just hold your pen in place and then go to edit shape and adjust your arch a bit until you got something like this. Now let's fill these shapes again on layer to so we'll go to the S shaped ribbon again and make a rectangle selection. First, our door. Let's pick the charcoal block for a brush again, and this time I'd like to make a nice and dark door will pick this color right here. Now let's fill it and now for our window. Let's first make a rectangular selection like this, and they can move to the free hand selection tool. Thank you. Just follow this line two at that arch to your selection and will use the charcoal block again. Allen's picked this blue right here for a little window above the door like that, and I was continue to decorate our door. Let's get started with that window. Let me turn on drawing assist again, Al. It's picked a dry ink brush, and we'll pick this color right here. First. Let's make a line in the middle, then one in the middle here, well here. And let's divide it like this and for our door. We can use the same trick again. Or you can just use the drawing guy like this and make some squares by hand. Well, not exactly by hand, because we're using a drawing guide, of course, but you can do it without the symmetry tool or with. But it's nice to get some playfulness in these doors so you don't have to make everything super tidy. It's nice if it has some character and we'll make a rectangle here at the bottom with a rectangle inside of it. And to make a door knob, we will need to turn off drawing assists again. And let's pick this bright orange for our door. Not this time. Let's place it here. And perhaps this person would also like to receive some mail. So let's create a rectangle here and just call it a bit like this, creating this nice, catchy look for the third door. I would like to incorporate an arch again, but this time in the door itself, Let's grab historic color right here and let's start drawing a door. First of all, I need to turn back drawing assists. I keep forgetting. Collect the layer, turn on drawing assist so you you will be able to make these perfectly straight lines. I'll go up to about almost same height 2468 10. We'll use the same with I'll go up to here and I'll have to turn drawing assist back off to make that little arch. I'll just hold a pen in place to create a perfect arch. What, You can just move around a bit to adjust and now I'll turn back. I'll turn it back on drawing assist because I also want a nice little window above this door. I wanted to be a bit higher out here, so let's fill these shapes again. We'll go back to Layer two and will go to the selection tool again. First, we used a rectangle and let's just do this window. First we'll go to the charcoal block and let's pick this very dark color here and just covered at cheap back to the selection tool, we will start selecting the door itself. First, we used a rectangle and then go to the free hand selection tool to select that arch like that. And let's fill our door with a color at like a I like this bluish color. I try to not cover everything. I like to keep a little bit of texture, and for this door I would like to add something of an arch. But I want to do that on a separate layer below our door layers. Let me grab a drying brush and that light color. Now let's turn off that selection. We don't need that. Oh, and let me turn on drawing assist just to help me out of it here and make those straight lines. Let's go down here all the way to the bottom. Let me just fill it right away. Let's make a line on this side also all the way down. No, Make it extended bit here, and I'll make a line on top. Here, Let me turn off the drawing guide, or at least drawing assist because I want to create an arch on top for here to there. Let's use at its shape again to get full control air, and I'll just call or it by hand, because that gives a nice texture. Leave some caps while you color this. Let's get this a little bit of a slope. I think this adds a nice touch to our door here. I want to add some more details. Let's go back to this layer on which we made all the other details and let's work on this window first. Let's add some lines here and let's add some decorations to our door and again you could use the symmetry tool again. Or you can just draw them in by hand, creating a bit more of a sketchy effect. Let's turn off drawing assist for that. I just wanted to look very playful, creating a little bit of wobbly lines to add it up. Playfulness. Using the quick shaped tool here by holding dependent place but still keeping that playful touch. And, of course, you can also go to edit shape. I moved a cheap around a bit. Movies handles until you get to shape that you like. I like this playful look. Let's make sure that this person is getting mail as well. Let's pick that yellowish color. Let's add a meal box well, least e entrance to the mailbox and a little door knob off course. And let's let me turn off the drawing guy so you can have a clear view off are playful looking doors. 5. The Project: 3 Houses: Let's get started with our colorful house project, I have created this base to get started, from which you can also use. You can just download it into resource section. Just be sure to be using a browser, because in the appropriate app, it won't be visibly won't be able to download it so you can eat a start with this base file or create your own. Or you can take this one and change the colors. Of course not. A canvas is again 3000 by 2000 pixels and let me turn on a drawing guide again. We'll go to the wrench entered on drawing guide. And, as you can see, I've made a drawing died of 50 pixels again, and the first thing these houses need are, well, a special roof. I want to give these houses three different types of looks, and let's get started with the yellow house. Here on the left for the brush will pick the drying brush and for the color, of course, will pick the yellow. And I have made some folders. Here's house number one, the Yellow House, and let's create a new layer on top of that to expand our house. And also let's turn on drawing assists almost layer. That way, we'll be able to make straight lines. Only effort. This house. I'd like to go up in the middle. Let's keep four blocks on the side on this side and on this side and let's go up eight blocks four eight like that and let's close it. And I would like to make an arch on top, but I'll have to turn off drawn assist so I'll be able to make that arch. So click the layer and click drawing assist, and now we can make a little arch. I'd like to start here. Hey, just choose at its shape to edit that arch, and I think I like it like this. All right, now let's fill this shape. We can do that on a layer below those lines that we just created. So first click the yellow based and click the plus for a new layer and let's go to the selection tool. Let's first set it to rectangle and make a rectangular selection here and for the top part will switch to Freehand and let's select that part as well. And now we can fill it by using the charcoal block again. And of course, we'll keep it on that yellow color and concern off the selection. And we can saidi up those edges a little bit by going to the drying brush and going over that edge to fill that little gap. Next, I want to add more decoration to the stop, but I wanted to be symmetrical. So let's use the symmetry drawing guide. So we'll go to edit drawing guide and then click symmetry and let's place it right in the middle off our building. I think that's about correct. So let's click them. Let's start making a nice decoration for our color will pick this one right here. It's a big yellowish and for a brush, we will keep it at dry ink. And, of course, the brush size is still at 5%. And how we just need to make sure that we're on the right layer. We want to be on the layer with the lines. Let's turn drawn, assist on there so symmetry will be applied. And now I would like to make a nice curve here. Let's start about here and make a nice curl like that and then we'll go up from here all the way to the top, and I will just follow that shape off the top, and I Let's also follow the rest of the shape, making this nice light line. Now all we have to do is fill the shape again so we can go to the other layer with the fill color. And again, let's use the selection tool. Let's turn off drawing assist here. Let's just go and make a selection I will be using the free hand selection tool will just follow the shape that we just made You can actually take breaks were making selections. You could just stop at this point and click there for a straight line, then go down like that. So go straight lives. All you need to do is click, and I would switch to the charcoal block again and for the color will pick this light color . It's slightly lighter than the yellowish color that we just used, and let's just fill it. You can see that we have a little gap. Let's turn off the selection tool and let's just use a dry in brush to fill that gap a bit that looks better. That's it for our first house. Let's give our pink house a slightly different look. We'll go to the next. Here we have the pink house. Let's make a new layer on top so we can draw some lines again. And let's switch to the two D grit drawing guide again. So go to drawing guides and then click to D Grid to go back to that 50 pixels grit. And for a brush, we will use the drying rush, and the color will be this pink and make sure that you set your layer to drawing assist. Let's go up from the middle first. Make it just about us high, almost asshole I as the house that we just create it. Let's make this two blocks and with and now let's turn off drawing guide so quickly layer click, drawing assist. And now let's make a line from two blocks from the top 21 block from the side, and you can just hold your pen in place to make a perfectly straight line through the same thing on this side like that, and I always go fill the shape on a layer below. So first click the pink based and click the plus. And then we'll go to the selection tool and used a free hand selection tool again. You can just first quick here and then follow that shape that we just created until your selection is closed. So let's switch 22 charcoal Walk Again and Phyllis shape. And if you have any gaps, you can just switch back to the dry ink brush and fill those in a little bit. But it's nice to keep some texture there. Now let's decorate even more. Let's go back to that line layer, and I will switch to that light color right here. Let's make a block stone right here. And if you are using your own inspiration, your own house photos, references. Try to simplify what you're seeing. Don't overthink it. Don't make it too complicated. Try to find simple shapes in the building. I will also add something to the top. Let's first make a straight line here and then a nice curve on top. Just fill it in my hand like this and how? Let's add some small details using the pink again. Zoom in a little bit and let's make the brush a bit smaller. I'll go to 2%. Want to make a little curve at the top and a straight line at the bottom just to give it a little extra. And that's House number two. Let's move to the Orange House. So we'll go to the next group and we'll make a new layer on top of the orange base. Again. Let's turn on drawing assist. L Let's used to dry ink brush again, but I'll switch it to 5% in size again. And for our color, we will use the orange, of course. And for this house, I would like to make a typical stare like type facade, so we're going to make a little stare. Let's go from 1.5 block and then go to up on both. Sorry, it's then we'll go sideways 1.5 again and to up 1.5 to the side and to up until we're in the middle. Let's give it a little point here, and it's OK if it's not perfectly symmetrical because we want that playful look. It just looks nice, and it has thes imperfections. So the next step is again to make a layer underneath, so first click orange base, then collect the plus to make a new layer, and we will use the selection tool again to make our selection. You can just use a free hand selection tool at follow shape off these stairs. Just click every corner until you have closed your selection. Switch back to the charcoal block. Allen's filled its shape and turn off the selection. And again, if you need to fill some gaps, you can just switch back to the dry ink and fix some gaps. Now let's add some extra touches to this one. Let's go back to the layer with the lines and used that light color again. You're still using a drying brush. We'll make a line from the left side. All the way to the right and right here in the middle will make it a bit thicker. We'll do the same on the next step and again make it a bit thicker in the middle onto the next step. Just keep repeating this step on the steps at the top and a little line right here on the top and in the middle of each stair will make a little life brick. You can actually make them even sicker. Just play around with that. And now we have three different types of houses. Let's continue and add, well, all of the rest to our houses. 6. Sketching: now there's a whole lot that we want to add to our colorful houses, and it's a good idea to start out with a sketch to lay out all the elements on our houses. So let's just make a layer on top of all the others. Let me just closed these groups. Let's make a layer on top of all the others for our sketch and for a sketch will use the six B pencil. And for the color, let's just pick this one every each house. You can roughly sketch out the elements that you want all the windows, the door you can sketch in little little decorations. Just use your reference images that you have collected to get inspiration for. Nice decorations for your house. Set the brush to 35% and I just want to get a general idea of where I want the windows to be and where I want some decorations like this crest, for instance, and it really doesn't have to be tidy. Just want an idea of how many windows Where are they now? Broader day? How starts sketching out the door had add a little window on top, and these stairs over here and in case you want to copy my sketch, they could just pause the video at the end of the stage and just take a look at my sketch if you want to take over some things from my sketch. And when looking at the reference images at my inspirational images, I saw that sometimes the windows downstairs are a bit higher than the windows upstairs, for instance, just some tweaks on the door here, making it a bit higher and some decorations up here. This is really a moment to to just experiment with your house with your houses, and you don't have to stick with what, what whatever you're doing right now, it's just to get an idea. And once you're in a real drawing phase, you can always just switch things, change things for this house. I would like to make the middle window a lot broader than the ones on the side. Oh, make a window up here. I'll draw in a door again, make it a bit different than the other door. I want to move a part here. I used it Freehand Selection tool and then use the move tool to move this to the side a bit and using the selection tool, I could do the same thing for this window. Let me add some stairs for this door as well and some decorations around the door, and I just continues catching in all of the's windows, and I think it would be nice if we let some plans grow up against this house. That's a little brick decorations. Let's go to the third house and lay out the windows here. I want to add a little window here at the top as well. I'm trying to make sure that the doors will be that they will be about the same size. It would be weird if you have one house with a very small door and then another with a very big door. So keep keep an eye on that. Same goes for the windows, of course. And on this house, I'd like to add some plans here the windows and some little brick decorations, and it's nice. For example, toe have two door align with the windows and the windows with each other. Of course, just some little extra touches door here. Sometimes in Amsterdam you have a little stare going down just underneath the building so you'll see the top off a door there. All right. I think this is a great base to get started with. This will be our guide when creating all of our windows and doors and all the little extras . And if you want to copy my sketch tank and pause the video right here to take a closer look . 7. Adding Windows: So let's first get started with our windows. Let's start with the yellow House. Let's go back to that one and let me just merge the color layer. But I'll keep the line layer on a separate layer. And now let's make a layer on top of that base and let's get started on the windows. At this time, Let me just start with a rectangle selection right away, so we'll go to the selection tool, then click rectangle. Let's make a rectangle that's about as big as this catch that we just made. And let's switch to the charcoal block to fill this rectangle. Let's pick this blue right here, allergist. Fill it, then click the S Shape ribbon to get rid of that selection and how we can use the move tool and set it to free form. And we just play around with that window, move it around, see if this is the size that we like for our house, and I think it looks nice. So let's click that arrow tool again. The move tool and let's just duplicate this window. You can do that by swiping down with three fingers. I use copy and paste and how it's already set to Magnetics, and that way you can easily move it to the side and keep it aligned with that first window that you made and click the move tool again. And we can repeat this step by swiping down with three fingers and use copy and paste to make 1/3 window here not to make an exact copy off these windows. We can merge these layers by squeezing them together. So now they're all on one layer, and then we can again used a three finger swipe his copy and paste and moved these ones down. I hear at the bottom we want some longer windows. Let's just select two of these windows. We're on that bottom layer here. Well, it's at the top, but these are the bottom windows. Let's use the selection, Tool said. It's a rectangle and select thes two windows. Now he used a three finger swipe again and copy and paste thes two windows. Let's move them down to about here and now, if we set it to free form right here, we can stretch thes windows down a bit to create these longer looking windows. Let's go to the layer pallet. And let's just merge all of these windows. And let's also add that little window here at the top. Let me just create a new layer to make selection again. So we'll go to the S shape ribbon, used a rectangle and create a little window. Here. We still have to charcoal blocks selected, so let's fill it and click the s again. I think it's pretty nicely aligned, so let's just keep it there now. Let me turn down the opacity of our sketch layer bit so it won't be too distracting. Let's set it to around 34% and let's merge all these windows. Now we can just use dis layer on which we already have lines. It's already set to assist it. So that's great, because we want straight lines and let's add something with the light color and will use the dry ink fresh again. It's still sent to 5% in size and let's make these light lines on the outsides of our windows. And of course, you could have done this in the first step and then to placate the entire window. But I want each window toe look just slightly different than the other. I want that playful look I don't want it to look to copy pasted. I'll make the top part a bit thicker, and also, it's pretty relaxing to just draw these windows. Actually, just repeat the step every single window. Just make these lines on the outsides than the bottom windows. Let's go to the one here at the top. I want that. Want to have pretty thick lines, so I'll make multiple strokes giving it a sick child line. Let's make a line in the center, so it's too small. Little windows and I. Let's add some lines to the other windows. Let me make the brush a bit smaller. We were at 5%. Let's go to 3% and let's add two vertical lines and let's add two horizontal lines and you can use these lines to measure where the next one should be, so that all the windows kind of look the same. That won't go to these bottom windows. We'll make the second line here a little bit thicker, but that won't make two more lines here, and then we have our windows for our first house for our yellow house. Let's move to the pink House. Let's merge the base with the top that we created and make a new layer on top. This is where we'll create the windows by again, using the selection tool set to rectangle. Let's first make a rectangle here for our first window, and let's switch to the charcoal block and we'll pick this blue color again. There we have window number one. Let's duplicate this layer by swiping down with three fingers and use copy and paste and we'll drag it down and let's switch to free form to make this one a bit taller and then click the arrow again. If you can't make the three finger swipe, they could also just go to your layer pallet. Drag your layer to the left and used to placate. Now let's go back to the top layer. Well, not the top layer. The top window, which is actually the bottom layer and let's duplicated again. Swiped out with three fingers, shoes, copy and peace and said a to free form because now we want a smaller window right there like that and will duplicate this one and move it all the way to the left. And then we can merged these two layers that we just created. The smaller windows merge D's and then duplicate thes. I moved on down and switch to free form to make them a bit taller. Now I want to duplicate this window on the left because I want another window here. So let me just select this one that's wiped out with three fingers and use copy and paste to make another window here. And I think we can make this one just a little bit taller, so we'll go to the move to switch to free form and make it slightly taller. Finally, we need a window over here, so let me just merge all of these windows and I'll select this one in the middle. Can I swipe down with three fingers? She was copy and paste. Drag it down and set it to free form to make it as tall as the one on the left, and I'll move it, make it a bit thinner, so we have so space for are pretty door and now we can emerge thes two layers and will go to the line layer to add our lines to the windows, but I'm forgetting one window here on top. Let's move back and make a new layer for another window here. Almost forgot. All right, let's make a rectangle using direct angle selection. Yeah, let's just make a selection and fill it using the truck old block. And this time let me use this dark color. But since we have thes lines on this layer, these guidelines that we created we can see these Ping Glines here. So let's just select that layer with the lines as swipe with three fingers to clear the selection that we just created. I think I want this window to be a bit broader, so let's go to the layer with that window. Ls used a move tool set to free form to make it just a little bit broader. You just move it to the center. But now again, we have thes pink lines, so let's click this layer, use select and then switch to that lie layer and used a three finger swipe to get rid of those pink lines. All right, now we can switch to the lie layer and used the drying brush to at the lines to our windows . Let's switch to this life color. I will set the size to 5%. Now let's check. Well, we need to set a lie layer to drawing assists, so we're only able to make straight lines. Let's work on all these windows, adding these lighter outlines. Now let's make the brush a little bit thinner. Let's go to 3% again to add our lines inside of the windows. We'll make a horizontal line. Found the middle here, then 123 lines. You can use thes as a guide to make the lines on the bigger window and the one on the right . Here, you hear a swell one. We can make one more here. 12 three, four and here as well. And then we'll go for the vertical lines on the bigger windows. And now we already have the windows for pink house. Let's add a little bit of interest to thes. Let's go back to the layers with the with the colors, like our base windows. Let's merge these two. Let's merge the top one with the bottom few. Let's set this layer to Alfa Lock. Click the layers, set it to Al Flock and Let's add some curtains, some blinds to this windows. Let's use the selection tool. And for a couple of windows, let's add some blinds will just select the top part off these windows, and for some we can leave it open. We've made some selections. Let's switch to the charcoal block and pick this lighter blue. And let's go over these selections to add this effect, making it a bit more playful. Finally, are Orange House wants some windows as well. Let's go to that fuller. Let me close this one. Let's go to the orange layer. Let's just merge these two if they want to yet, and let's make a new layer on top to make our window shapes here. And let's go to the selection tool and make a selection for our window for something like this, and we'll still be using the charcoal block. Al. Let's use this'll. Apple chooses light blue color. That's make a different type of window here. Now again, we can use the three finger swipe he was copying pace and move this one down to about here and now I'll switch back to that 1st 1 used three finger swipe again and set this to free form to make a sinner less broad window over here. Let's go for something like this, and we'll use the three finger swipe again to duplicate it and make one on this side. I can see we are a little bit off center, so let's just select all of these windows. Go to to move to and move it to the left just a little bit like this. And I love me, merged these two smaller windows and duplicate this layer. We could also like. I sat you swept to the left click duplicate, then used to move to a move these down like that and let me just merge all of these windows . Now I want to make to win Knows here a the bottom. Let me make a new layer by clicking the plus, and let's use the selection tool again. These windows will be slightly different, but I will fill them with same color. Let's go to the move tool to move it around a bit like that, ain't he used the three fingers wife to copy and paste it at a smaller window to the right . Let's go to free form. Make it slightly thinner like that. Now we want a window here at the top as well, so let's make a layer for that one. Go to the selection tool. I made a window here. Now let's filled this one with this blue with the charcoal blogger like that. I just want to get rid of this line right here, so I'll go to the line layer, get a eraser. Let me make it a bit bigger. Around 40% lets you raised this line because we want our window here. We want to give it some space. And now, on this line, layer weaken. Start decorating our windows. Adding to those lines on, Let me just merge all of these windows. Allied. Switch to the dry ink brush again, and this time I want to add darker lines to our windows. Let's pick this color right here are brush size. Let's set that to let's keep it at 3%. Let's make these outlines for our windows. I could just make multiple lines if you want to make it a bit thicker and forties. Bottomley knows I want to go. But thinkers, I'll go to 5%. I'll make a line through the center here pretty sick, and I'll move back to 3% for my brush size to make the other lines. Just start with these bottom windows. Then let's move to top Windows. I will make a secret line about 1/3 of the window because that's actually where the window opens, where you can slide it up. Now. I would like to go ahead and make a lighter outline here, so we'll pick this light color and I'll go around the outsides of these windows. - Just go along all of the's outlines for the top windows, and let's add an outline here a swell. You must add a light line here at the bottom for thes two windows and how we have all our windows. Let's move on to our doors. 8. Adding Doors: Let's start up with the with the Yellow House again. Let's go to that holder right here, and we can start out with our door on the same layer on which we created these windows with the dark rectangular shapes. Let's make a new layer on top off this layer with our windows. And let's use the selection tool again, but this time to create our door and I'll follow the sketch of it like this and will switch to the charcoal block again. Let's pick this dark color right here. Let's fill our door. I'll make another selection on top of this for a little window like this. Let's fill this with this lighter call. It is a life blue for that window, and you can use the doors that you created during the warm up. You can use doses inspiration, or it could make totally new doors. We can merge outdoor with the window layer just to keep things organized and not get too many layers, and I'll let's go to the layer with the lines. But she was a dry ink brush and picked this dark color. Let's make a little outline around our top window first I will make a cross and I want to make an oval shape in it, so we'll have to turn off drawing assist here. Quick the layer on drawing assists. Let's draw on oval, whole trip pendant place, then go for edit shape. To edit this ellipse like that and Ellis add some decoration to the door itself. We can set it to drawing assist again, the layer you want to make perfectly straight lines. And let's use this very dark, almost black color. I think these lines might be a bit hard to see since they are so dark. So here's a little image of the end result. And finally we need a door knob, so we will have to turn off drawing assists because we want to do or not to be round still using dry ink. And let's use this lighter orange, I will add, adorn up right here and will make sure that this person can receive is for her mail There. There we have door number one. Let's go to door number two on our pink house. Let's move too full or too where we have our pink house and let's make a selection again First, we'll make a new layer. Go to the selection tool and make a selection for our door. Like that. Move to the charcoal block and let's use discolored right here. Now I also want to create an arch on top, so let's use the dry ink brush for that. Let's make an arch on top of our door and just fill it like this was Fill it by hand, and now let's add a little window top. And let's feel that using a charcoal block, let's fill it with this darker color. I want to do the same thing as we did with one of the doors during the warm up. I would like to make a layer underneath this shape so we'll go to Layer 15. Click the plus and we'll grabbed a dry English and I'll pick this light color. Let's make a nice shape around our door. Let me first set this layer to drawing assist so we will only be able to make straight lines. For now. Let's make this beautiful door post. Once you got the most important straight lines, you can turn off drawing assists. Ire layer fill in. The rest was filling it in by hand. You can make a nice arch on top. You don't work on these sides a bit. Get a slope and I was moved to the line layer right here, which also has drawn a cistern on Let's move to what we already at 3% of. So that's great. And let's add lines to the window here. Let's make two horizontal lines and some vertical lines, and then we want some decoration on our door. I want to do it without drawing us is to get that playful look. So turn it off and I'll keep using this light color. And I like a bit of a wobbly look here that will make eight rectangle here. Think bigger one at the bottom, and all we need is a door knob. Let's pick this color for that. A nice like yellowish color for a door knob and the male. Let's just cover this rectangle and there we have door number two. Let's move to Door number three, our final door so we'll go to the third Fuller. First we'll make a shape for our doors. Will make a new layer. Go to the rectangular selection. Let's make a selection for our door like this will use the charcoal block and let's make a nice, dark door and then we'll make another selection for a little window at top. I will fill that with a light blue. Let's merged its layer with the windows and go to the lines layer to add some lines. First. Loved me. Switched to this dark, our core, our little window. And of course, we do need to select it. Dry ink brush for our lines. It's still set to 3% you know. Just add some lines here in our tiny window. L Let's use. Don't use discolor for some lines on our door. Make a pretty simple door here. Let's turn off dry assists so we can make a door knob. Well, let's shoes Thetis yellow and the mailbox. We have all our doors 9. House Decorations: Now let's work on more decorations on our colorful houses first and like to do is turn off . Well, at least the visibility of our grand guide weaken still used wrong assists on our layers, but we won't be seeing the drawing guide anymore. We will keep our sketch visible. For now. Let's add some decorations to the stones off the buildings and let's add stairs. Let's get started with our yellow house again so we'll move back to the Yellow House alleges. Make a new layer on top of the yellow base to create some decorations here. For this layer, I will use layer clipping mask, so whatever we paint on here will on Lee. Well, it'll stay inside off that yellow base shape so we won't be able to paint outside of that shape. And that's pretty handy because I want to color some parts off the building. For instance, I'll make a selection off the lower part like this, and we'll grab charcoal block and let's use this light yellow to call it a bottom part off the building like that. And I would also like to add some extra lines to the building using the dry ink brush and all Hughes drawing assists. So we will only be able to make straight lines. For instance, I'll make some lines going through there. Let's make the brush a bit bigger. It's at 7%. Just make some lines, some decorations, and the brakes will make somethin relies here. Now let's also make some lives going through these windows. Well, just given extra touch to our yellow house. Let's also make a tiny door there. We use this brown for that and let me go back to 5% in size. Let's turn off drawing assist. We'll make a tiny arch here. One's a little door. We can just fill it in by hand, using a drying brush. Now he also wants some stairs here, and we can use the selection tool for that again. Let's start here and make a selection will just follow our sketch a bit like that, and that will pick the charcoal block and this color right here. Allergist fill the shape to create a simple stare. Not let's also add a little bit to the top. Here, let me grab that light yellow again. And of course, I do need to grab the drying brush. Let's make a shape here. Let's just fill it in by hand. A nice looking texture. It's all right. If there are some gaps and I will pick the start blue, make something of a shield on top of it and three crosses for Amsterdam. We can also switch back to that very light color. Just add some touches of little bricks here from tiny decorations, and now I want to add some decorations that will go outside of that shape off the house. So let me make a layer on top with this one to make a layer, but we won't be using clipping mask for this one again. I'll set it to drawing assist to make perfectly straight lines. And I'll pick this orange then, because I want to add some orange touches like here, for instance, let's create a nice touch to our building. I don't this side as well. We got some of that those lines messing it up a little bit so we can go to the lines layer , grabbed eraser and just tidied it up and back to our decorations layer. It's also add a nice line. Nice orange touch here going just outside of that building. Let's do it with a very light yellow as well. Just some time off this one. These small touches really bring your little colorful house toe life. We can also use that orange for our stairs. Let's go back to the orange. Let's at a little bit on top of the stairs. Now I want to add a little fence to our stare so that nobody will fall off. But first, let me just drag this layer on top off the others so I'll be able to draw in front of that door. We will be using a dry ink brush and this very dark color to add a little fence. Let's go to 3% for our brush. Otherwise the lines will end up behind the door and let me also turn office catch layer for now. Now, let's add a little sense kind of thing and drawing a cistern on for this layer. Let's go up here first. Now let's turn off drawing assist so that we can also make some diagonal lines so we can make sure that the people walking these stairs will be safe. Well, why here? Doug is a nice extra touch. Now let's start adding some extra touches to our pink house. We want a stair there as well. So let's go to that fuller and let me merged these layers. First, I'll make a layer on top of the pink base again and use collecting masks so nothing will get outside of the shape. First, I want to call her at the bottom part of the house, so let's make a selection of that and will switch to the charcoal block first. I'd like to crap this brown color, fill the shape, and I will make a new selection so I'll tap the double s twice. Make another selection here, and I'll fill that with this car. I would like to add a little decoration to the top. I'll switch to dry ink brush, grabbed a very light color, and let's add a little circle Here, go to 5% and brush size. You can see the little pink wine that's still on top of there, so we'll have to go to the line layer grabbed Eraser. Get rid of that little line. Now let me also add some decorations above the windows. I'll pick his bright blue. No, let me pick this one that blue. Just add some little bricks, right? Here are some extra touches. Let's make a stir. Let's create a new layer for that. I accidentally made the decorations on the lie layer. Well, that's fine. Let's well, let us now make a new layer for our stare. I will make a rectangular selection first. Why this? And let's use a charcoal block to fill that that was used in a yellowish color. What I'd like to do now is at a little bit of texture to the bottom part of this block. We'll make a fresh a little bit smaller. Let's go to 12% just at tying bit of texture to the bottom. Now we can duplicate this layer, so copying piece, we'll drag it down just a little bit. And if you use freeform, you could make it just a little bit bigger. And if you want to be sure that you drag your shape down perfectly, you can turn all Magnetics. Let's duplicate this layer as well, so swiped on with three fingers. Use copy and paste. Drag it down, go to free form, make it just a little bit bigger and can repeat copy and pace. Drag it down, use freeform, make it a tiny bit bigger like that. Now we have a nice stare, So let's move on to the next house to our Orange House ol Let's just duplicates. Stare, Go to the Orange House. Let's see if we need our Yeah, we can use our sketch. Just turn it down a little bit more and let's again. First, make a layer on top of our orange base and use the layer clipping mask. Now let's start decorating first all crap the selection tool and make a selection off the bottom part of our building. I'd like to add color there. We use a charcoal block. Let's make it big again. 40% doesn't really matter. Let's pick this light orange and go over this area and we can make new selections for the stair, for instance, does make these rectangles and we can fill that with the original orange color. And now let's make a selection for a little door over here, and we'll fill that with this dark blue. But of course, feel free to use your own colors and make your own choices. All right. Now, let's add more decorations to the top part. Let's turn on Gronk assist so we can only make straight lines. And let's use the dry ink brush. I'll pick white color. Now let's add some more lines here, make a create 61 here, Stainer. One above it. Let me do the same here. Now let me turn off drawing assist so I could make some arches, for instance. We can make some little decorations right here. Let's make some arches in between these windows. Next, I would like to add a little bit of a brick texture to that lower part of our building, and a way to do that is by using a selection tool set to rectangle. Let me also just turn off that sketch layer, go back to the selection tool and just make these little rectangles. You could make a couple at the same time, not too much, because you can't really see them very clearly. Then go to the charcoal block and pick this brown color and set the brush to, let's say, 9% and anxious a little bit of texture to decide off that selection, and you can repeat this process, making new selections, adding this have a brick texture. So just make a couple of selections a couple of these bricks. You don't have to make too much until you have a nice looking Brickey texture. And let's not forget a little fence for our staircase. Of course. Let's make that on top of the other layers. Al. I choose that very dark color again and switch back to the dry ink brush. Now I won't be using drawing assist here just to make it a little bit more playful, just making a slightly different fence from the one we just made for the other house to get that playful look. 10. Extra Touches: Our houses are already looking super cheerful and fun, but this is the point where you can go all out and at all these some little extras. So let's start doing that. Let's just get started with the Yellow House again, and we'll just make a new layer on top to create all the fun little details like we could make a little bird on top of our building. For instance, let's just use the dry ink brush. Pick this brown and make a simple looking bird. Start out with a circle at a smaller circle for its head. A little, too may be used up near black to add a little eye and a beach. Just a little lines for a very simple looking bird. And, for instance, we can add a little lamp right next to door. Really keep it very simple and playful. Just get inspiration from all the I am a choose to queue of collective. You don't have to copy one single house. You can just look at multiple houses and get inspired by them. We can add some trash bags. Jaka Ledee's in. You can just create a new layer beneath that line. Layer and grab that bluish color, for instance, and just color them in. And, of course, since I was inspired by Amsterdam, are a little house needs a bike or probably like 10 bikes, but I'll keep it with one bike. In this case, let's first make a circle for a wheel. Contact your finger on the screen to make a perfect circle, and you can track down with three fingers again to duplicate the wheel. And Alex merged these layers and draw and the rest of the bike. We'll make one lying doing diagonally up on here. A swell. You can keep it really, really simple. Make life is any shape. Close it here at the Steere and I seat. It's also add a little light in the front and the pedals. 10. These lies in the wheels. Remember, it doesn't have to look perfect. You can keep it playful, and since this bike is on a separate, layer it and just move it around. Make it bigger. It's needed there we have our bike. Now let's move to the next tiles. Let's first all merge thes layers. All together. Let's go to the Fuller with the pink House and make a new layer on top of these layers to add some extras here. First, let's add a little nameplate right next to the door. Perhaps this is an office. I think maybe of a lawyer would be probable. And like I said, I also like to add some plants growing on top of this pink house. So first I'll make a line crawling up this building. You can also make it go over these windows a little bit. Okay, like that, and then we can add some leaves will pick this lighter green. You can just Well, let's make the brush a bit bigger. 10%. Just make these little chaps adding these leaves make them in various sizes. Small caps, big dabs, giving this idea off a plant crawling up the building. Now another thing you'll see in Amsterdam aren't these typical posts. Let me make a new layer for it. I don't pick this red. Will you make a brush? Smaller will go back to 5%. Create this tiny post with a rich at the top. Well, I'm just fill it by hand and we'll add typical three crosses for Amsterdam. You know, let me duplicate this little pull right away, but duplicating the layer because I want one in front of our orange house as well. So I'll just drag the layer on top of the Orange House, and I can use the move tool and move it in front of this house and I Let's decorate this house so more. Like I said, I want to add some plans here. First, let me make a rectangle about same with asked the window here. Now let's use the charcoal block and this brown color to fill it, and we could move it a little bit. So it's in front of that window and I want to fill it with some plants will go back to the dry ink brush and grab some greens to add some plants. Again. We'll just make thes dabs, some of them smaller, some bigger selling this big pot. Well, let's also use some darker greens, and we can add some little flowers. Let's pick the red. Just keep these very simple, and we can use this one and just duplicated by swiping down with three fingers and used copy and peace to put one here as well, and we can just merge them. I will make a new layer because I want some flowers for the other windows as well. So first will make a rectangular selection again. Grab the charcoal block and fill it with that brown color and will turn off the selection. Switch to the drying brush and again first, make some green leaves just by making these dabs, and then switch to the darker green for some variation. And let's add some flowers again with this red, and we can easily duplicate this layer multiple times to get some flowers in front of the other windows like that. Let's just merge them all together. Let's add a traffic sign. Let's make a new layer for it and crap this cola right here, this bluish color. I'll keep using a dry ink brush, but make it a bit thicker. Let's just make a line like this. Make it a bit skewed because someone probably ran into it and I will make a circle using the red ultra pendant place Perfect circle, and he's at it shape to move it around a bit and then just fill it in by hand. Now let's go over with this bluish color and switch back to the red. Make a diagonal lie like this. Finally, let me add a little plant in front of this one will use a dry ink brush and let's make a nice pink part. Let's go get smaller for a brush. 4% 5%. You can have it more crisp edges. It's making I squat shape and then switch to the greens to add some leaves to the pot. Don't have to make anything complicated. Just a simple five planned and add some various colors of green to it. And let's switch to that dark red, some little flowers, and you can use that brighter red. It was a little touches on the part, and since it's on a separate layer, you can use to move to just move your pot to the place where you like to have it. 11. Share Your Project: and there we have our colorful houses. I'm so curious to see your colorful houses, so I would greatly appreciate it if you would share your work in the project section. That way, not only I can see it, but also the other students. It will be such a great source of inspiration. I really appreciate you following this class all the way till the end. And now that you've come this far, I think it would be great if you could leave a class review and let me know your thoughts on this class. And if you enjoy this class, don't forget to give me a follow so you won't miss any of my upcoming classes. I want to thank you for watching, and I'm hoping to see you next time.