Fun With Colour: 5 Exercises for Picking Unique Colour Palettes staff pick badge

Charly Clements, Greeting Card Designer and Illustrator

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10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Download Your File

    • 3. Create a Layered Illustration

    • 4. Exercise 1: Monochromatic

    • 5. Exercise 2: Create a Moodboard

    • 6. Exercise 3: Primary Colours

    • 7. Exercise 4: Complementary Colours

    • 8. Exercise 5: Colour Thumbnails

    • 9. Bonus: 5 Tips On Colouring

    • 10. Thanks For Watching!

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About This Class


This class is packed full of fun exercises to help build your confidence when picking colours. I didn’t want this to be a boring class on colour theory so I’ve put together fun and actionable exercises that you can apply to your own work.

Throughout the class we’ll be building up our library of colour, so by the end of the class you should have lots of colour palettes to work with. We’ll talk about saturation and brightness, how to create mood boards using Pinterest, and fun ways to explore and experiment with colour combinations.

I’ll walk you through my process on how I create colour thumbnails for more complex illustrations, like scenes and share lots of useful tips a long the way.

This class is for anyone who struggles with colour. I’ll be working in Procreate for this class but feel free to use any other drawing software! 

Resources: A great website for color palette inspiration created by the awesome Gal shir

Color Collective (Online colour resource for designers)

Color Theory (Great blog post on Colour Theory)


Colour Thumbnail brush: Tara Oval Sketch 2

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