Fun! Flow Painting Meditation | Sharon Lemay | Skillshare
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4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Fun! Flow Painting & Meditation .45 seconds.

    • 2. Welcome to going with the flow meditation 7 mi.4secs

    • 3. Fun Flow Painting 8 mi.21 sec

    • 4. Wrap Up 27 seconds.


About This Class


Fun! Flow Painting & Meditation

With Artist: Sharon Lemay* Certified Art Instructor

I am so excited to share my passion art and meditation with you.No painting or meditation experience needed. Create a one of a kind original work of art.Did I mention it's free for the first 25 students!Some examples of flow paintings.





   What will you learn in this skillshare class?

  • How to relax 5 mi. meditation.
  • How to paint a flow abstract painting.
  • Unlock your creative energy.
  • Meditation can control stress and pain
  • How to be 10% happier and think more creatively.       

Let's get started and have some fun!







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Sharon Lemay

Certified Art Instructor Follow Me☺

Sharon's passion for the Arts and Photography started at a very early age in her hometown of Montreal. In her mind's eye, she would visualize scenes, and she began to transform her talents onto canvas and through her viewer on her very first Canon.Sharon 's journey in photography has been focused on the natural beauty of nature enhanced by computer graphic manipulations. In her upbeat creative loft studio, Sharon is a continual student of the Arts composing paintings with acrylics, brush stro...

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