Fun Floral Symmetry With Procreate - No Art Skills Needed! | Stephanie Bergeron | Skillshare

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Fun Floral Symmetry With Procreate - No Art Skills Needed!

teacher avatar Stephanie Bergeron, Art Teacher Digital & Traditional Media

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Outline

    • 3. Project Materials

    • 4. How to Draw the Super Easy Rose

    • 5. Set Up Procreate Symmetry

    • 6. Let's Make a Symmetrical Floral Wreath or Mandala

    • 7. How to Save and Export Your Project

    • 8. Recap and Closing

    • 9. Bonus Time-lapse Radial Symmetry Art

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About This Class

Join me, Stephanie, from Deliberately Creative as I share my super quick, easy and fun steps to create beautiful symmetrical floral wreaths or mandalas in less than 25 minutes. This is a beginner class and no art skill is needed! We will be using the amazing built-in tools the Procreate app and an iPad to create our artwork. I’ll be sharing a super simple Floral design that we will use in the mandala/wreath project.  Your designs will be great to use as coloring sheets on the iPad or printed out and colored traditionally!

We will go step by step through the easy setup and then the creation of our piece of art.

  • I’ll show you how to do my super simple rose design that can be done with any medium traditional or digital.
  • We will get the settings and layers ready to go!
  • Then start making beautiful pieces that you will be proud to share with your friends and family!  (They won’t be able to work out how you did it unless you tell them. :)

This class is for anyone who has:

  • The Procreate App ( it is a paid app in the Apple App Store)
  • An iPad that will run Procreate app installed.
  • An Apple Pencil or stylus is helpful but you can do this your finger as the drawing tool.

No experience is necessary. You don’t even need to know how to draw to create wonderful works of symmetrical art.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stephanie Bergeron

Art Teacher Digital & Traditional Media


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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to deliberately creative. I'm Stephanie, and I want to welcome you to this floral cemetery being done in procreate. I have been doing videos on YouTube since 2000 and 15. I've got over 75,000 subscribers and I really love what I do over there. But sometimes I want to branch out and do some things that are a little bit different. Then what I've been doing and YouTube can be a funny place. Sometimes they really like something new, and sometimes they want to stick with what they know. So I'm over here on skill share where they give me the opportunity to create lessons in whatever I want. And the students will find the lessons. Here I am. I've learned something and I'm teaching it to you. Let me know if you like this style of lesson by filling out the review at the end, that lets skill share. Know what people think of the lesson. Is it good? Is it bad? You are the one that gets to say what you think it is. I see my class is a beginner level class. You can do this with no skills. You do not have to have a perfect penmanship. You don't have to know how to draw anything except for what you drew when you were in kindergarten spirals and loopy shapes. That's your jam. You've got this. Let's get started on this lesson. 2. Class Outline: we're going to be playing with the cemetery function of procreate. Now I have the newest version of procreate, and I'll pop that right up here right now so that you know what version I'm using if you guys want it. But this video is all about symmetry and making flowing, overlapping flowers. It's so much fun and it's so incredibly easy. I'm gonna show you how to do the most easy step by step Rose you've ever done. It only really takes two lines. And then, if you want to make it even Mawr involved, you can add one simple shape repeated around the outside of your roads to make a really detailed looking flower. Let's get started on what we need. 3. Project Materials: All right. So you're here. You want to see how to do this? Let's get started. These air, the things we're going to need. We're going to need an iPad, a stylist or an apple pencil or your finger and the procreate up. That's it. That's all we need. So let's get going. 4. How to Draw the Super Easy Rose: So now? Yep. We're going to do the most fun, simple, easy rose you've ever done in your life. We're gonna get started here with the procreate app I am clicking on procreate and up for this Rose. We're just going to open up any size, Any page. I don't care. I'm just whatever. This is a little four by six piece. It's like a scratch paper. Let's just go in and draw on that. Starting off, you need to select under the pencil or pen. We're gonna make sure we're on the technical pen with black ink and double click in the black zone and it will snap it to the black ink. Really, really nice. Now I use a line that's about that big, especially when I'm starting out with the project. And I'm not sure how detailed I want to be to make the rose three steps, Max. So first we're going to start off with a clockwise spiral and look at this. I'll go wiggly and then join back in. You could be smooth. You can have a wiggly hand. You can have a shaky hand. This is the most fun. Easy, Rose, and you can do it with anything. It doesn't have to be just drawn digitally. You can draw anyway. Crayons, colored pencils, pen and ink on piece of paper. This works every single time. I'm going to go ahead and do Step two, which is start in the center again and do my counterclockwise. And look, I'm letting my my hand kind of wobble and wander that easy. We've got a finished rose, two lines. You only drew two lines. Look at that. Now maybe you want more lines on your rose. The way to do that is to come into one of those outside edges, Not where the line crosses. Move over any spot. That is not where a Linus crossing and stop where a line isn't crossing. So you see, I start started in the middle of this pedal right here, and I finished in the middle of this pedal over here. Now, I just made an extra little line we're going to clean up. So now I can just start at that same spot that I finished before and make another pedal. Maybe I want to make another pedal. You can keep making this rose bigger and bigger. You know, have some of those old fashioned roses have pedals that just seem to go on forever. But eventually you're going to want to stop. So here I am. I'm stopping it this. Now I see a couple spots where I overshot my line. Easy to clean up. We're going to take the eraser and we're going. Teoh, just go in and clean it up. Make your screen as Bigas. You need to Maybe I really want to make sure that I get that tiny little bit right there. And maybe I don't like this little part right here. I can go and erase that line on the outside and then move it. Maybe I want a little more detail on the inside. I can do that right where this line is. You see how that Linus crossing? I could make another pedal right in here. So the same thing you did on the outside you could do to the middle. Now look at that. We have a beautiful rose. If all you wanted was a single rose with a couple leaves, you have your rose, the leaf, the leaf that I dio is basically an open ended long, pointy V So I am going to start on the edge of the rose, do my open ended long point TV and then put a line coming down the center. Maybe I want another one. Another open ended long point TV and another line. See how quick and easy that was. You probably didn't believe when I said you could do this in three lines. It works. So excited. All right, so now we've got that finished. We're going to go back out to the gallery. We want to get ready for the next step. 5. Set Up Procreate Symmetry: What we're going to do now is set up our canvas four rotational cemetery. I need a custom canvas size. I'm going to use eight inches by eight inches because that's easy. Teoh get to print on almost every home printer. So now we have an eight inch by eight inch canvas. But it doesn't have rotational or any kind of cemetery on it. Right now, we need to go to the spanner or wrench right up here and click. We need to then click on the Drawing guide and then edit the drawing guide. We will see that cemetery to D isometric perspective. All of those guides are here. We want cemetery. We want to make sure that assisted drawing is turned on. Then you want to make sure that rotational symmetry is turned on and radio. When you turn on the radial symmetry, you get eight arms. Going around your canvas makes it really nice. Now, if you happen to pick up and move this center dot you're symmetry will be off center. That might be what you want, but for now we don't want that. So I'm just going to put it back in the center just like that. But if you move the center of your rotational symmetry, it will pretend that it's doing it all over the outside. But you only get the parts that are on the inner edge of your canvas. So that way you can have that rotational symmetry feel to it without having ah, whole wreath or mendola. 6. Let's Make a Symmetrical Floral Wreath or Mandala: we're going to go in and the fastest, most fun, easy way. We're going to still use that technical pen with black ink. I think I am going to reduce the size of my pen just a little bit. And I'm going to increase the size of my screen so that you're going to see half of what we've got going on here. I am going to draw my rose, and I'm not gonna put it all the way out of the edge because then it will go off the edge. I want it to be no farther out than the middle of this quadrant, this section, So I'm gonna keep it kind of close to the center and we're going to draw our clockwise spiral. Look at that. It's kind of wobbly. The line overlapped. Don't worry about the lines overlapping When you're drawing, you're spirals. Go back in and clean it up after it's all done because you only have to clean it up on one flower. It doesn't take very much time at all. Now I'm going to do my counterclockwise spiral like that. And maybe I didn't like my spiral. I could go back and do it again. And maybe I want to have more of a wobbly line to it. And I wanted a few more turns. Look at that. That's a pretty rose. As it is, We can just go in and clean up that one little line right there and clean up this one little space right here. So now that pedal goes over the top, and maybe I want this pedal toe, actually go out over the top so you can selectively clean up a line. Now, I want to put a few more pedals on here. So I am just going to start on the edge of a completed pedal. These air long and wobbly lines. There's no specific size, shape, anything. Roses are amazing. And look at this. We're going to go in. No, I'm overlapping. You see how I skipped that edge and went over? Oh, this is this is going to be a like a big cabbage rose or an English rose. And I'm gonna have my pedal start to overlap each other even more. Wow, look at that. Wouldn't that be a beautiful bow? Okay, just as it is. But I want to Let's see, you know, what? I'm not really happy with that one pedal. Let's back up. I think I want that pedal to not be quite so leaf shape there. I like that better. Do you like that? Better. I like it better. Now we're gonna put in a couple of those leaves and I want my leaves to go to the inside like this and go ahead and get my center line going all the way to the tip. I want another leaf that's being overlapped and go ahead and get the center line going in. I'm not putting anything else in the very center of this, and as long as we make sure that all of our lines are closed and meat, we can do a little piece of magic here to make it look like that goes really deep inside. You can grab your ink spot and drag it to the center and let it fill just like that. And you know, there's a couple more spaces here, and I think I want those to be filled to drop it in one spot. It fills it in all the others, so cool. No, the outside of this is a little bit plane. I think I want a couple little flowers, so I'm going to do a circle, and these little flowers are going to have sort of flattened pedals. And there's going to be kind of like four flattened pedals just like that. Let's give it a little center line, little flower crease, maybe a couple little flower creases. And then we're gonna put three flowers on the outside and a little vine and will be done. This pretty little mandala floral wreath. Okay, Whatever you want to call it is your actual project. You're doing it with me as we go through, but then bonus project. Make up some of your own flowers or your own arrangement and share it in your my projects section and comment on other people's projects. To that way, we start developing a community and a real class like feeling. So here we are. We're gonna go back in. We're going to do another little four pedals. Look at my pedals. They are wobbly. That adds to making it feel more like a really flower and not like a rubber stamp. Now stamping is great, but that's not what we're doing here. And maybe I'm just maybe I just have a bit of a pedal showing up here and part of the center underneath. You know, you can fill in and maybe that's that's a smudges I'm going to do. Then we'll put we'll put a few little swirls here. Oh, maybe another. Maybe another flower right there. We'll do another flower right here. That's a part of a flower just to build into that. Okay, feeling just a smidge more. Maybe a part of one there. See those part of one's? They're just basically just some little lines that make you think Who there's more flour in there. See how easy you can do this? You can do this. Maybe I'm just going to put a couple more lines back here, so it feels like there's a few more pedals, maybe one more flour right there, and it's gonna be fairly big, but it's going to end up slipping behind this rose and look at that. Now we've got more pedals. We can add another spiral. Maybe I didn't like that spiral. It went a little bit wild. You can always take him away. You can do something new. Maybe I want a few more little spiral e bits. Make this your own. Give it a little bit of time. I'm making it go really fast, but you can do whatever you want in the speed you want. Now I need to go in and clean up because I told you I would do that. So now take your eraser tool and go in and just touch up in those little spaces. You want to make sure that things are in front of things and behind and the way you overlap his ho, it makes it look like that. I want to put in a couple more little lines just quick. It adds to the flow in fluidity. You can color in those lines solid. You can save it and color them in afterwards. But look at that. We have a beautiful mandala that we did in the class together that showed you step by step . How to do this easy project. I really hope that you enjoyed it. 7. How to Save and Export Your Project: all right, the final thing that you need to dio to make this so that you can share. You want to go to the spanner right here or wrench and click on the arrow that's going out . That's to share. You want to save this as a J peg and save it to your camera roll. So save it under save image right here, and it will save it. Exports successful. Now it's saved to the camera roll and you'll be able to upload your picture to the project section of this class. I hope you do, and I hope you do so many different ones and share them. Remember that you are the ruler of your symmetrical world, so go out and have fun. 8. Recap and Closing: Do you like your rose? Do you like your floral wreath, man dollar that you made? Did you see that you are capable of making this very quickly with very little fuss in an easy, fast, fun way. I hope that you enjoyed this. Remember that. I have all kinds of videos on my YouTube channel that cover painting and colored pencil and pen and ink. And I'm working on developing more projects here on skill share. So if you have an idea for something you want me to try and share on skill share, leave me a message. Direct message me here. You can email me. I've got my email address in my profile so that you can email me. Make sure that you are sharing your project and communicating with others. Leave a review at the end. There's a little banner that comes up and it says you've just watched this class. You want to leave a review, click? Sure. Leave the review and let people know what you thought of this last. Thank you for doing one. I really appreciate it. Remember to go out and do something creative. Take care of yourself so you can take care of those around you. And I hope to see you back here again really soon. But by 9. Bonus Time-lapse Radial Symmetry Art: