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Fun & Festive Christmas Ball Card

Daisy, Greeting Card Designer & Illustrator

Fun & Festive Christmas Ball Card

Daisy, Greeting Card Designer & Illustrator

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9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Fun & Festive Christmas Card

    • 2. Your Christmas Supplies

    • 3. Christmas Checkers

    • 4. PomPom Tassel

    • 5. Yes! Christmas Balls

    • 6. Baker's Twines love Christmas

    • 7. Let's Glitter

    • 8. Finishing Touches and Orange Slices

    • 9. Thank you & Happy Holidays

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About This Class

Holidays are always fun and festive....(without putting pressure on yourself) the real fun is being with family and friends who truly care about each other. 

In a year that's taken so much lives in this worldwide pandemic....showing people we care about them has become so important.

Join me this season in creating a red checkered paper christmas card with shiny and decorative Christmas balls!   If you don't have all the supplies don't worry because this class will give you different options to try out.

An easy Christmas card making class that you can create in less than an hour....

Don't ever feel daunted seeing all the supplies you need because you really don't need much!

Join me this holiday season in creating not just one but a couple of cards with Christmas balls on it and there are two different ways of doing it..... And you don't want to miss out on creating a Christmas ball card with an orange slice!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Greeting Card Designer & Illustrator


Hello, I'm Daisy.  I'm a Greeting Card Designer & Illustrator living in Vancouver, Canada.


Join me here on SkillShare to create Handmade Greeting Cards.

Together we will be creating simple hand created greeting cards and graduate into some complex designs.

Discover with me beautiful papers, embellishments, unique tools, glue gun techniques, the use of colours, designs and lettering that brings a greeting card to life!  Whether it's a birthday card or a simple, "I love You" have "Creative Powers" in your fingers and Imagination To Create!


By the time you finish this class you'll be able to "Whip together" a handmade greeting card!

And apply the ideas and techniques to any greeting card for any&nb... See full profile

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1. Fun & Festive Christmas Card: This is the first. So that's as expected. 2. Your Christmas Supplies: Welcome everyone to this fund and festive Christmas card class here. So the supplies you'll be needing, some bakers toys. So any, any bakers try that you live. One orange slice. This is optional. Palm, palm. So it can be strongly on along in a string or it can have its separate. One says is one pencil and glitter glue. For glitter glue, you can use any color you prefer, any christmas colors you can try red, gold, green, silver, any colors that's your choice. I have a few here, so you can choose whichever color you prefer. In a hole punch, I actually used a star punch because we'll be creating a crystal ball for a car. And I'm just going to be using a stamp punch for my one. So you can use whichever one you want. And you create our Christmas balls will be making a Christmas card with Christmas balls on it are used. It is good or this adhesive actually form greeter sheets. They have these backings at the back that you can peel off and they're sticking. It can create any kind of a design and you can still go into your card. And it pushes this from my calls. You can buy a whole pack. This is actually the whole pack I bought, but the one I used, I bought it from Michael's, but I use a different color and I purchased it separately. But just look at the vibrant colours, sparkling in shiny and have the Christmas fields. You can go ahead and make so many designs are the sheets and plutonium card. Next thing you need is you need some sort of a Christmas paper. So this is again, these are papers are purchased from Michael's and you can have them festive. It can have very simple colors. We can have check it, check is. And we can have some Christmas design on dimly, like these ones here. Okay. A lot of shine became less shine. It's totally up to you. And, you know, any piece of Christmas sheets you have laying around from last year in your craft, Fox take them out, use it. And I use two kinds of cod stocks here, uses small one here. I love the way it's cut out. And he's again from my goals. And this is how it looks when it's closed. So it created a couple of clouds, about three, just to show you some different designs so you can choose whichever one you want. And I use another carts took a larger one, which is this one here. The one I'll be making the conduit. And you'll need a double-sided tape. You can use Google as well, but I stayed with my Google undisturbed, resorted to do it very clean. Without too much, you're plugging things in. So I use a glue stick. So, you know, it's a very simple class. And the next thing you'll need is around ten or around glass to cut your round Christmas ball out of us to see retracing this onto your phone sheet and cutting it out. So these are the things you'll be needing for this class. So this is, like I said earlier, this is a very simple class. Go to the whole class, look through it and see what you like. Because there are a couple of designs, a couple of different ways to do to create a Christmas ball. You can either use orange slice or you can create your own Christmas ball in designing or right someone's name on it. So go to the class, picker, whatever you like, create something special for someone this Christmas. And let's get started. 3. Christmas Checkers: So here's a paper that I'll be using to cover my card stock. It's a red and black checkered paper. And I absolutely love this, reminds me so much of Christmas and reminds you of all all the warm pyjamas that you can buy at this time of the year, they're all check it in red and black. Okay, so here we are. So place your card stock on top of the paper. And any hotspot you prefer, any, any part at the, at the edge of the paper. And then what you would do is you would just run along the pencil on both sides and cut along it just to guide you. And I have a kid in other classes that you see, you can go into my other classes and check out how I've done that. So anyways here I've cut the paper up and basically will be gluing this down to all cod stock and you sort of fold to make sure we went to fold the paper first just to make sure that it's all aligned properly. And then you just want to please your paper on top of your card just to see that the load looks good. To just flip your caudate. It looks good. And it is going to take a glue stick then you just want to glue both sheets stone to the covers of the cod stock, to such a special time of the urine and to create cards for people that we care about, people who we love. This, this is just an awesome time to sort of create something to give to someone's facial safely covered the other one, I've got to just do this side as well. Just to seal the deal for both sides and just press it down. So this increases this is the best time we sort of like, you know, go through the cod and US, press everything down. Screen. Then the next step is take your scissors. In use to your advantage, the checkout line, this straight line, and cut off snip or small amount of the cover of the COD. So use it this line here as your guide. If you're using a checkered paper, if not, you can use a ruler. If you're using a ruler, You'll get it means you'll be using a different Christmas paper. So you can do that and just snip off a little bit. So your cover is a little bit less than the bottom cover. So there you are. 4. PomPom Tassel: So ladies and gentlemen, the next part of this card is your palm from tassels that you'll be putting around the card on the side. So let's get started here. So this is the pump on tassels I bought. And these are actually strong along the string. And you can use separate ones to the 1s. So the pump homes that come separately. So I'm just going to measure this to my cart here. You see how much I need? Zui placing it right along the edge just before the first cover opens up. I'm just going to snip off a little bit extra just to give me some leeway when I'm going everything down. And you can always trump off the edge, the extra edges that you cut off into the same thing for the second. For the second strand. This is exciting footprint form forms on the card. So I'm just going to cover my book, but I'm gonna put down my cover, my carbon, my scissors, and I'm going to just peel off just to keep everything steadying. Going to peel off my double sided tape. I'm just going to place it on the edge of my card. Please don't shut down your the cover of your first card, the checkered part. You want it to go you want it to open properly. And you stick a second one down is second strip down and press it down. So I hope you can see it's right there, right along here. I'm just going to carefully place the edge and the top part here and pressing down right along. And it's okay if you have a little bit of extra coming out from the edge, it's fine in make sure you caught opens up, make sure you don't. Sealy don't. So the cover open, so that's good. The second part is the second strings. You wanna put the second string down. Here's a quick tip here for you guys. If you're doing this, if you choose to do this design, do this 1 first, do this. The second string for this don't first and then do the last one, the top one in the end. Because that way you don't have to struggle with the upper pump bombs getting in the way. I actually just put my camera on and I shot this card and I came up with the design as I went along. So only later I realized I should have done the first the second one I should please don't first. See anyway, so you can do this the proper way. So we'll write greater headed, press everything down. And this is how it looks. And that extra that's showing up. You can just press it down and take your scissors and snip out the extra edges. In this opening. It always use your Google will just take a little bit of extra double-sided tape in, place it there. And there you are. It's all done. So any edges you need to fix it and do it right away right now. 5. Yes! Christmas Balls: So our next move for this piece, ladies and gentleman, is o, is creating our Christmas balls. So when we're doing it in our adhesive form data sheets and these are die, like I mentioned earlier, they come with a sticky backing at the back. So I suggest taking your card cover in putting it against, against the good of forms and see which color works best for you. Because you might not have used a checkered red and black checkered paper like I did. So just put it against your color, your beautiful and see which colors pop out at each pop out at you. You can do either one Christmas ball, many Christmas balls, or your card, so you decide. So I wanted to show you that when I went to my goals, I picked up, I just saw this black glitter form and I'm like, oh my goodness, I love this so much is very authentic, is very classic, classic black. That'll work well against my card and I got this going on as well. So a Bronze II gold color. So what these separately. But the other ones that I showed you with the blue and the multicolored ones that, that when you can buy as a whole, entire pack. So next step is I'm going to cut around circle onto my black sheet, onto a blank form sheet. And I'm going to create my Christmas ball. So turn over your sheet to the white backing at the back and bring out your around ten or round glass to create your own circle. Excuse me, I have my olive oil tin here. So just make around centrally can make a larger circle or a small circle depending on how you want to create your card. Okay, so that didn't go well, was I went right off the page, the paper. So Misko redo this again one more time. And hopefully I can get a circle, a perfect circle. Okay? So just now next thing is just cut along the circle right around. This paper is really soft, so cutting uses observe, it's very easy. So once you've kind of sticky backing to it, it looks good. See, he's going to peel off this paper from the bank and see how it is really showing you. Look at that. Next. Just place it onto you. Don't take the backing off yet, but just place it before. Take the backing of place it onto your colleges to see where you went to a good placement. Wherever you like, three-quarters of the way or writing this Center. So I'm just going to take me a whole bunch. I'm gonna take my star hole punch. I wanted to keep it a little bit festive and put a hole punch. And he was a stove package that you can use a around one and it doesn't make a difference, which is needed to put your beakers Twine through it. Another quick tip here is you can punchy stars right through the whole circle in I did it for all the other symbols are made. And it looked lovely like all stars right across the whole so-called look really pretty. So you can do that as well. So here is how it looks. And we're going to be putting the beakers Twine right through inside the hole. 6. Baker's Twines love Christmas: All right, so in this one, we will be putting our beakers twine into our hole, punch into a Christmas Bono. And I have this sum. Because 20 here that you can find at my calls or add to your grocery store. And I'm going to use two kinds of, because one is this one, the red and white, traditional one. And then there's another one I use as well. I just wanted to show you the difference between the two. So I'm just gonna fold it over the two strands. Site to hero. And take the two here that's hanging on the other side. And we're gonna slip it inside. And it's going to pull it through. C, have a nice clean look coming from among the stars. And you can place your Christmas ball right here just to see how it logs. You can either just hang your your Christmas ball like this on your card. I'm going to show you how it will look at the inside party cages, put tape or you can Google that, don't if you prefer that. But I won't be doing this. This is just an option. So I'm just going to take the ends of this string. That is because Troy and I'm just going to make a bow. And usually I noticed when the camera is on, I always have trouble creating a boy. It's always been something that I've been really bad at. That when the camera is off, I'm able to really do it 93. So believe you'll do a better job than I do. So this is how it looks. I felt, but I put this red and white bakers twine anya, US felt like to me that it wasn't very strongly enough. It didn't hold its ground. So if you like it, please use that. Depending on the people use. I actually prefer to use this thicker Vacas join because I felt like it just held everything down. Hold the design down a lot more better than the thin one. But I loved the grand wide one for sure. But for this particular one, I just felt like I just wanted to have a multicolored one. Single red green in a beach. Beach was listener takes out. This is just to show you how it locks. You can choose whichever be historian you prefer. Because at the end of the day all designs are going to be looking different because you might not use exact paper or might not use the same color for the Christmas balls. So everyone would have their own unique card. So the same thing again, folded folly to strands together, put it through the hole. And from the behind, type the tool inside this front part and pull it through and poorly taught. So it looks really nice and put together. They, you're there, you are. So it is creating my bowl here right now. So you can see me struggle. Will it create this bot sat there may best here. You're going to press it down a little bit, so just you flatten it so it looks like it is a bow. And there you are. So this height will be looking like when you actually stick it down. So it's going to peel up the backing here. And don't worry if you've always there and just hold it and just go right around it and pull it right out. I'm just going to place my Christmas voltages for two courses way up. So you can stick it right down and press it. 7. Let's Glitter: So this is how our cut looks like right now. We've placed the Christmas ball and trying on to it and it's onto the card. Write down. The next part is exciting. This will be creating, creating something that glitter glue onto our Christmas balls are missing a goal. Get a go here. You can use any one that you want, any color you have. I have these clear ones as well. But you can use in silver ones, you can use red, orange, any color that you prefer. So I'm just going to shake this out a little bit because when you start using the glitter glue in the beginning, you need to shake it down. And you want to test it out on a piece of paper. So just so it comes out smoothly. So it's looking good. So that's height looks. Scientists. And go do something very simple. I'm just going to round circles. Let's go press it down a little bit as it comes out. Just to spread it out a little bit to give it some shape. And just not the way it comes out. It feels very magical. Sum is going to go away your own in complete this. We're doing the central as well. And you can make them, make your circles lot more larger than I have. So you can always experiment and see what you prefer. So this is how it looks like. I just love that shine on the gold. So the next thing we want to work on the central part. So this is how it looks really close up. So just wanted to fill in the central part here. So I might do maybe three more circles. Just fill it up and give enough space in between the other circles. So you can do so many designs. This is just something very simple for you to see. You can create any, any dessert you, Mike. And I actually wanted to sort of bring up the twine here in sort of encoded into the design of the goal that we have on the Christmas ball. So he's going to put a little bit like little small touches of gold onto the string. And just to, just to tie both of the designs together. It just takes on a whole new different field when you do that. So it's very simply just this spill a little bit and is pulled away slowly. And so this is how it looks. It's all done. And if you want if you prefer, we have time. Just you can do. You can go right around the edges and film filled it up with gold as well. Which actually just going to leave it very simply and very plain like this. So where does dry? It takes a couple of hours, a little bit earlier. You can just, you know, depending on how much you views, let this dry. 8. Finishing Touches and Orange Slices: So while we're waiting for this cut to dry, I'm going to show you two other ways to create this card. So the first one is, this is the one that I've created like on a smaller card stock that I showed earlier. And it's as a red Christmas ball and it has the same technique that I used earlier of trying the baker's twine and improving the golden designs on top. Instead of putting round circles or particular design on your Christmas ball, we can just write somebody's name on it very simply and very easily with the glitter glue. Like so. And when you write someone's name on a card like this, and when they receive it, they feel very special because your name is on it and it's shining. So there you are. And I hope someone doesn't have a very long name will be very hard to fit into into this Christmas ball. So here it is. I've already done, I'm done. This one is all dry. I'm gonna show you what I did inside. So here I just put just some leftover Christmas paper. I had widows Christmas trees. And I used my very special scissors. I use quite optimize my viscous scissors and gives me that Victorian cut on the edge of the paper. And I've uses this as many times in my other classes. So I've gotta hair and I pasted the paper on the left and this paper here that when we do Red Robin, I was so excited to find it at, at Michaels. And I'm like this has its subject Christmas Christmas feel to it. And so I just didn't want to have it in a I wanted I wanted it to open up upwards. So I just cut it in that way in a piece at one side. So, and then of course in the middle you can write your messaging. And there you go. It's very simply made this current as you saw. And our other card here is all dry. And I will show you what I have done inside. Now. Inside, I've gone ahead and I've used red robin paper again. Next skews the, the sparkles here accidentally shut the car. So anyways, I use the same technique as I did with the glitter foam and cut around shape. But instead of foam or use just plain paper. And I just put my goal designs with my good, ugly right around it. Which is something you can do if you don't have good are for when you want to make this code. You can just use regular paper, use regular Christmas paper, cut arounds around cheap as your Christmas ball. And you can put, put it in front of your card and you can put a twine on it just like this one. So there are many options. So you don't need to use greater form. And then inside edges used, again a useless at Christmas tree paper. And it had decides in their Victorian fiscal scissors in the Nikhil put like a white blank sheet, you know, cut out a piece of paper, but she didn't. It can write you message your Christmas message on it. And the pump arms look great. So C1 part has pumped bombs and the other doesn't. So there's different ways you can create your card and different ways you can presented inside. So these are just the two of the options to ways you can do it. In the last one is just using a dried orange slice. And it smells really good eyes just cannot even explain how also to smells. So I'll just put a whole just onto the on the top here. And then I put my Twine right through it. And I've put this down using glue dots so you can use glue dots to create this. So there are three cards for you, whichever one you want to make. Go ahead. 9. Thank you & Happy Holidays: I just wanted to say thank you so much for joining me in creating this, this fun and festive Christmas cards. And if you'd like to connect with me on Instagram, I met petals from a daisy, and I wish you all the best for the holiday season and for the new year 2021. And this is it.