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Fun Easygoing Painting: Watercolor & Oil Pastel + Magic Tools

teacher avatar Karina Eibatova, Use a pencil as a magic wand

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Get inspired

    • 3. Kawaii: Cute! Easy! Fun!

    • 4. Introduction to the tools

    • 5. Creating a gift

    • 6. Simple Trick

    • 7. Easy Portrait

    • 8. Fun Guy, Magic Tool

    • 9. Simple Pencil

    • 10. In the previous class: Watercolour & Japanese Art

    • 11. In the next class: Asian materials

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About This Class

Learn how to use new tools and have fun with Karina Eibatova,

the illustrator and artist with several art degrees and extensive work experience

This class is perfect for all levels and for those who want to have fun!

Photography can make all the details in the world, 

ART is a personal expression, so let it out!

Let go the fear and self doubt and create in a flow, enjoying the process.

Key lessons include:

  •  Facial expressions painted in an unusual way to inspire your creativity
  •  Three magical tools for you to try
  •  Painting cute, kawaii characters 
  •  Paintings as gifts

Karina encourages you to take a moment and remember to relax and just have fun!

By the end of this class you will have learned some new tricks and will have some artwork of cute faces.

Easy, simple and fun!

Music is provided by talented Ketsu 




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karina Eibatova

Use a pencil as a magic wand

Top Teacher

I am Karina Eibatova, illustrator & artist born in St.Petersburg, Russia.

I have been fortunate enough to make a living solely from my artworks.

& I am grateful to share the creative process and reveal some of my favourite tips on Skillshare.





I specialise in:

drawing painting illustration murals video typography

My portfolio reveals colourful surrealist explorations as well as more traditional approaches. 

You are welcome to follow me on instagram & Facebook.




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1. Intro: Hello creatures of the universe. Welcome to my class. I'm an artist and my name is Karina Eibatova. In this easygoing class, we will have a lot of fun. I will focus on the cute things. First, I will share with you my collection of different works with faces that will inspire you to create in different ways than you may have tried before. The result of the work can even become a wallpaper design. Basically, you can create a face from any shape. Being creative means doing something in a new way, not necessarily the right way. In a few simple examples, I will demonstrate to you three magical tools you might never have tried before. All you need to do in this class is to relax and have fun. Easy, simple, and fun. By the end of this class, you will have learned some new tricks and will have some artworks of funny faces. Enroll to this class and get inspired. 2. Get inspired: First, I would like to inspire you with some different drawings of facial features. You can create a face out of anything. I like to combine organic elements into a face. Just for fun, or for commercial works, such as these pencil drawings. This is a portrait of her, and that's him, and flower girls, of course. I created them in 2010 and later on, I made a whole story about the violet girl, which is soon to be printed on the wallpaper. I also love to add flowers into faces, or eyes into flowers. Here is a face made out of landscapes, and that is the hat with landscape face. A decade ago, I created a series about space. I was so very much into drawing the universe. Even the paraphrase of the self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci has the universe in his face. This is my self-portrait, flowers out of the gun. I wanted to draw stars and galaxies everywhere. Some works are symbolic, while others made just for fun. Here is Adam and Eve, with funny thoughts written on their forehead. Whatever you do in your artistic practice, you want to be happy from it. You see the happy faces here? Yes, here they are. 3. Kawaii: Cute! Easy! Fun!: Hey, I would like to share with you some magic tricks. We will work with oil pastel, you can get it anywhere in an art supply store, watercolor mixed with acrylic, this one is German made, it is quite rare, so it is difficult to find, and the most accessible thing is a white sponge. They're actually called magic sponges. I bought them in art supply store and later in a big supermarket in the cleaning products section. Let's start. As usual, we're starting with the background using the wide brush. I want to make the color darker in the edges and lighter in the middle. Now I'm making a face. First, I just apply the color and then I take this magic sponge and make the edges lighter and smoother. I want to make the effect of a shining face. The shape here should not be perfect. The process of painting is very fast and easy for a fun and spontaneous effect. Do not overdo things. Here are some cheeks for extra cuteness. I take the pastel and draw a cute smile and close the eyes. Dreamy expression. Somewhere I'm making the color not so intense by using the napkin and just removing some color while it is still wet. It is good to prepare some napkins beforehand. Here are some eye shadows. My fingers created a texture in the background, which is good, makes the work look unique with my fingerprints. The final touches, I'm doing with the magical sponge, which brings more lights and volume to the face. It actually works like magic. Sweet and [inaudible]. I wanted to create an image which brings a peaceful feeling. 4. Introduction to the tools: Here is another magical tool, a special watercolor with a critic in it. Looks like a thick ink. I'll start with a transparent layer to make the paper wet. Now I am making the first line with oil pastel and then applying watercolor. I will show you the effect of this paint. Look how intense it is. It even covers the oil pastel. Watercolor itself doesn't do it. The fun thing is that oil pastel doesn't mix with the watercolor and those two names can be applied in any order. It is actually very fun. I remember when I first discovered this trick, I was like, "Wow, why has nobody showed me that before?" In the final step, I'm using the magic sponge for the light and volume. 5. Creating a gift: Now, I would like to make something very good. Let's imagine a kid of your friend has a birthday and you want to make a present for mom and her kid. Using the same materials, very gentle colors and tones. This style is best to use pastel colors. Sometimes it is best to stop there, but I decided to over do it and create a background. It is taking quite a while to make it look magical. Some more good vibes here and there. Do you sense the magic? Remember, if you will manage to make the art fast, it will be easier to create another one and when you have a lot of paintings from the same session, you can choose the best for the present and save some for yourself. That's it. I would like to share with you this drawing, I have created it for free diving teachers, who are teaching me to deep dive. It is a spirit of a good dive day and some fun things around. So no, for dangerous jellyfishes and waves, and yes, for the sunny weather, and okay diving sign. Fun, easy and simple. If you want to give something special to someone but don't know which present to choose, when you feel like your choice of a gift might not be exactly right, or you just don't have time to run around the stores. Try creating a drawing and believe me, if it comes from the heart, they will love it and might even hang the artwork of yours on the wall. If you are sure that the artwork was to be seen in the wall, then better frame it yourself. In that case, your present won't be forgotten in the pile of other paperwork and will make someone happy every time they look at it. This masterpiece took me no longer than 30 minutes. Come on, we spend much more time wandering through stores, when some people don't even need more stuff. 6. Simple Trick : [Music] Hey, let me say it again. Do not over complicate the task. Let's just have fun. Make it fast and fearless. I will use some bright red here and start with the background using oil pastel. First, [Music] they're making a criss-cross pattern and then applying paint on top of it. [Music] I love this trick so much because I found it myself. That's the reason why you should always try new things. Explore new materials and approaches as much as you can in your creative process. [Music] The first one is done. I want to make an easy diptych. On the second one, I will make a simple smiley face. It is very important to make things just for fun. Don't expect a masterpiece from everything you do. This is about enjoying and having fun. Who knows, maybe your friends would like to have this artworks hanging in the living room or your works will become as famous as Vasquez paintings back in the eighties. 7. Easy Portrait: Now I'm going to make a simple portrait of someone I don't really know. Let's say a grandmother I never had the chance to spend time with, both of them actually. Easy soft oval, a mouth applied on wet paper. A magical acrylic watercolor as eyes, and gray hair. Of course cheeks. Now I'm adding some texture for the hair with a napkin. I'm adding brightness with the magic sponge. Something like that. I'm going to show you the qualities of the materials now. Watercolor lays on top of the oil pastel without covering it. With this magic sponge, you can try to paint as well. Now I'm applying the magical paint. The interesting thing is that oil pastel stops the watercolor from spreading. I like adding lines with oil pastel on top of the painting. 8. Fun Guy, Magic Tool: I'm starting with the oil pastel. Very simple lines. It will be a funny guy. This guy appeared to be drop. When we paint water, this magic sponge is essential for making the shading end flares. The good thing about this sponge is that you can takeaway the color anytime. With a wet napkin, it won't work that well. 9. Simple Pencil: Here, I made the drawing first. After the drawing is done I suggest to erase 80 percent of its before coloring. You will still be able to see some pencil somewhere. If you don't need the lines to be sharp, use the bride watercolor pencil. Some parts of it will mix with the water and worn these significant lines underneath the watercolor. Remember that you can't erase the pencil after the paint has been applied. Our class is close to finishing and someone wants to say bye. I'm creating a roughly shaped oval, oil pastel above the painted area. We don't even need to wait until the paint is dry, easy, simple and fun. I hope you had fun watching my class. See you soon, and I will be super happy to see your funny faces. Please share it with us. 10. In the previous class: Watercolour & Japanese Art: Do you like Japanese graphics and paintings? Yes? In my previous class, I show a lot of Japanese influence stuff, from styles and technique to materials and artworks. I lived in Japan at that time, so I wanted to share my inspiration with you guys. In the class, there are different artworks displayed from start to finish, from blank paper through to completed results. You will see the process of figurative painting with these flowers and some more abstract stuff, which will encourage you to work in the flow. I talk about [inaudible] , traditional Japanese watercolor techniques. You will also learn about the different traditional brushes and paper used in Japanese art. Recently, I have created wallpapers with this work. You also can find a company that will print your wallpaper design. Isn't it cool? Watch my other classes in order to learn how to create portraits from any drawing and painting. Picasso, for example, was exceptionally productive throughout his life that the number of artworks he produced has been estimated at around 50,000. You have to understand that in order to get success, you have to work and experiment a lot. I always encourage students to try something new. This class is dedicated to Japanese materials. You will hear me talk about the difference between Japanese and standard watercolor paints, and in the end, I will show you how I document my works, a very important part which is usually underestimated by most artists. 11. In the next class: Asian materials: In the following class, I will introduce more materials from across Asia, since I'm based here now. This is just a preview. I will get more magical tools, and paper, and share with you some even more exotic styles and techniques. I will experiment with special paper like transparent, and even silver. Again, what I want you to do is to let go and experiment.