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Fun & Easy Galaxy Illustrations - An Intro to Sticker Making


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10 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Welcome to my Class

    • 2. Art supplies you'll need

    • 3. Galaxy Jar 1

    • 4. Galaxy Jar 2

    • 5. Galaxy Jar 3

    • 6. Let's make Stickers Step 1

    • 7. Let's make Stickers Step 2

    • 8. Step 2 Quick Recap

    • 9. Let's make Stickers Step 3

    • 10. Thank you for Joining :)

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About This Class

This class focus on galaxy illustrations using watercolors. There are 3 unique galaxy illustrations explained right from the pencil sketch. Along with the illustrations the class also covers all necessary information on sticker making. Its beginner level approach with easy adaptable steps - necessary photoshop tool are also covered.

You don't require any prior knowledge in watercolors, It's a super fun class anyone could join! 


1. Welcome to my Class: Hello, everyone. My Simpson Nenana pin. I'm an artist and an instructor who allows painting Galaxies Every time I painted these cute galaxy Charles, they have become the favorite off everyone on for the same reason I had an exclusive galaxy sticker collection which was one off my best seller off all time. No matter how big are small. When somebody by your artwork, cars and I love your work, it gives you immense off pleasure on motivation on the stickers have given me such a great motivation to take art forward. In this class, we will be painting three cute galaxy chars. I will be explaining each and every strip right from the pencils. Catch. I will also be explaining a little about sicko making and how you can meet them in the cheapest way on a little off photo shop which is required for the sticker making exercise will also be covered on. Also, I will be showing you how I pack my stickers. It's gonna be an E CPC fund class there. You don't require any prior knowledge in particular. If you ever enjoyed my galaxy illustrations on If you're trying to do something fun, just join me without any second thought. Let's get started 2. Art supplies you'll need: Let's have a quick look at art supplies that you'll need to follow my class. It isn't really necessary that you have to fool the same brand and the same supply that I'm using here. Try and go with something which is similar to get a similar sort of resent. Let's start with the watercolor paper. This one here is Chitra, but paper It is an Injun bran, which is a handmade 100% courting vertical paper. I love this paper. Because of the grainy texture that it has caught, you could see the NYSE grains and texture. Here I allow how these grains and talk shows gives an extra dimension to Mike Galaxies. That is the reason why I'm going with this paper. So go with 80 paper off minimum 1 40 l b but is 100% carton vertical paper of its rough and grainy Great, if not no problem. Go with any artist great people that you have. Next is the word dickler. I will be using video sheets from white nights. These are pants, watercolors. If you're going with the tube water close, you will need a mixing palette. Jaspal, I will be directly dipping my brush into this war, Tikolo pants on using them directly. From there, you will get to see the colors that I'm using as we progress. As this class is based on galaxy illustrations, you can either stick to the same clothes that I'm using here. If you have them. L school with any vibrant colors that you have. God, the colors really doesn't matter Now. Talking over the brush, you will need a bigger sized Onda medium sized from brush. These are size number 12 and six from Princeton hurt eight cities on. We will need a white opaque pain to splatter the stars. I'm going to, despite glasses by artists. Um, if you have a glass paint, you can go with that, or you can use your click paint or even your flight with Global Book. You will also need an eraser, a pencil, a wind chill, pinto Adam Little details on but most importantly, a black, water resistant pen. Go with any size, but please make sure it is water resistant. On you will leave two jars of water. One has to stay clean and the other one a servants off the pain from your brush 3. Galaxy Jar 1: All right, let's begin with our first galaxy jar. I'm going to start by drawing the pencils. Catch a very rough sketch off the chart. It's gonna be a very rough outline, and I'm going to begin by drawing and, well, kind of a shape. So this is the lid off other char. So that's a rough What is she on? Now? You have to add a lying on either side. And after you have added in the lines, connect these two points for toe arc, but should be kind off Talal's to the one about which is part of the overall. And now I'm gonna have an inclined line like those on either side than again Connect that within Arc She So all these lines should be all the art should be parlor to each other. That is what will give you ah, proper shape. Now again, connect this line also with an arc. I Lillard is taking its shape. This is what I attempted. You can actually place a lit in front off you on draw the lines and little details. Looking at the live mortar. It's always a great idea to draw from a live model, so If you have a similar, you can go ahead and look at the Lord and Draw. But now I'm going to give a rough outline. The jar part. So this is the daughter length off my char. I just put a rough line and there and now I'm gonna idle Koby lying on either side. So this should look something like a little image. If you keep your pen or pencil at the center, it should be like a mirror image. You have to get the similar kind off arc on either side. So just to be a little careful, when you draw the lines on either side, same way drew on our conduct. A proportion. And that's a basic shape off jar. Now I'm gonna take a pen. This is a water resistant pain from our hotline. Please go with the water resistant pen. Andi. Now I'm gonna convert all the Spencer lines and depend lines. Your pen lines doesn't need to be too bold. Just give a rough outline and hold the pencil lines. But you have drawn already. I'm gonna add some lines here throughout the section on. I'm just gonna finish the outline of the char on Bassett with Depends. Catch on. It's time to convertible black invite jar into a colorful Charlie. I'm using some shapes from white nights and apply the colors. I will be using this sighs. Number 12 round fresh from Princeton Hurrydate cities Let's have a quick look at the colors that I have chosen here. This man is Quinn acted on Rose. That's from white nights on the next one. I have cure us. Quinn acted on Violet again from white nights on. The next one is violent from light nights a game and after all, these red and purples I have a blue. This is azure blue on this had the full shade that have trucks and form italics. Each are go with any bold and pride. Close that have God. You don't need to stick to the same colors that I'm using here. All right, so those for the shades. Now, I'm gonna apply those over to the jar. I'm going, but I don't try technique. Take enough of paint on your brush on. Just apply that over the outline, which we have already drawn. Make some ideas docker on. Then use a little water on drink. The color down to a lighter tone so you can play with one color or to color three? Carlos asked. Many close has devotional. I'm going. But this quinacrine on tools and I'm gonna apply that next to this blue, you could see these two colors are planting together and creating a nice purple. We got a purple in the middle. I wanted a nice, bright and bold rules at the bottom. So I'm just adding that in while you progress, make sure you give a clean our client your child. Maybe you can switch to a smaller brush if you're afraid to paint. But topical brush. So no matter which colors you're going inward applied them in the brightest and boldest portion of the color in between more late, the color into a light or two. On some places, you can make that more brighter. So play with different values off the same sheet are multiple shape. That is all you need to do. Now. I'm going in with the Kanak alone. Violet, I'm gonna apply that over here, Andi, I'll just mix that with a blue. You could see the color that I took us very bright and bold that is the beauty off this little jars. You have to apply your color in the board s devotion. Then only it will look nicer than you add in the stars. Now, I just cleaned my brush and I'm just blending those colors together. Now I'm going with the other wild that I have here ongoing, applied over here and finish this 80 off the jar. As I mentioned earlier, the color choice is absolutely yours. You can go in with any other colors off your choice and doesn't need to be purple or blue. You can even go with red orange any sort of color off your child. Just make sure you are applying a brighter and bolder shade so as to get a nice galaxy feeling if you are more comfortable but better on vet, please go ahead with that. It doesn't really matter at this is a very small area, I thought. I'll go with wet on dry as it is much easier to blend the colors. So the next step is to finish off the remaining areas with all the other pride toe and bolder colors on planned all of them together. Don't forget to clean the I just file you apply your paint if you're going with better on dry, here is the key. Apply a darko tune, then take a little water on your brush on, then tone down again. Go back to your doctor Oto and repeat the same thing on you will get a very nice, bright and full charge like this. Using a bigger size brush also helps a lot and blending your colors even a few pattern. That's not yet goto medium to large size round brush to apply your colors on Lee, then you're closer to the edge. Just mean you can switch to a small over so so that your there just are looking sharp and Chris All right. Our galaxy chart looks bright and beautiful, so they spread the colors we benton with. As I said, you can go into any color off your choice. You can even go with a single color so my backroom hasn't dried completely. I'm gonna taken here birth on. I'm just gonna tap it over the paint on create white dots like this just looked off the pain to using your ear. But you can also use your brush to do this. I didn't ask many as you want. This exercise is what will make your stress look as if they're shining. So I didn't ask many as you want. I think I'll stop with one or two more. All right now, let's wait for that to dry. Meanwhile, let's apply color over to the lead. I'm taking Blackwater Color here and I'm going the very light on off Black Andan applying out over the lead at the school will area. I'm applying a very lightened off black. I'm making this area off the little to more DACA to make it look like the shadow was falling over here. Now apply a lighter toe over this portion of the late at school. This will make it look like it's a steel lead. And now I'm going back with my pen and I'm making some of these lines. But more boulder on Brighter Philip. This entire section with tiny lines like this bearable. The shadow is falling. You can make it, but more taco now displayed little stars. I'm using this white quashed by artists and I'm squeezing a little off that onto this leg I'm switching to a smaller size pressure to splatter the stars. I'm adding a tiny drop of water onto this and make sure your consistency is no to lose or not to take. We need to get the right consistency so as to get those little stars now using other brush . Just tap on your small a brush and great, though splatters plateau as many as you want. Stop. Whenever you feel like you have added enough. Now, using the same brush, I'm gonna apply some more bigger white dots at those places where we had lifted off the paint using the e o part. Wherever you're seeing those, why to dull dots apply a brighter on boulder star onto the centre off that patches. This will make your stars look as if they're shiny. That is the intention behind doing this exercise. I have added enough off those because, Charles, if you want, you can add some shooting star Sassuolo. Now we're into the final step. I'm using a gel pin on adding the glare. So where would they disliked hitting on the glass? Charter will be a white clad on it. This is just to give it a more realistic look. If you observe any glass object. Maybe a bottle, a char or even afraid. You can see there will be a white glad on it. So that is what I'm trying to do with this white lines. If you look at this jar, you can see there is some white lines and shadows over some ideas. If you look at you, there is a wide patch here on we're here. Hospital. So this is where the light is hitting. That is what I'm trying to create by these white lines. This will give your glass Oh, much more realistic. And it really look, I'm adding a line over here asks for So there are many things that he alone from real life objects. For example, this kind of reflection and glare which is hitting a class object, always build a habit off absorbing things around you. That way you will have a more understanding about the shadows. The reflection on declare on all those little things which you can incorporate in your future protects. This will also make you quick and spontaneous and certain things when you're painting I went in with the painful is just to give myself a guide on how to add does reflections. So if you are confident about those reflections and clarity indirectly go in that your brush and white paint You should have a rough understanding where all the light is hitting . You shouldn't overdo it If you overdo, it may not give you a nice really effect. Now I'm going with my brush and white quash which I took for splattering the stars And I'm just making all this lines border and brighter. This was just a guide which I drew with the pen. Okay, I made all those lines brighter and perfect on December Galaxy Tower. I hope you all enjoyed painting this cute little galaxy char There are so many things you can do with this little chars you can use The mast occurs. You can addle tag on it onto Maybe you can use it on a greeting cards 4. Galaxy Jar 2 : Alright, guys. So here they are, or number second Char in this one, I'm gonna illustrate a mason in charge with the stroller like this. Let's quickly add pencil sketch first. I'm starting with the lid. Um, adding a piece like this on another block underneath that these two blocked are like rectangles with rounded corners. At the end, I have added items allowed to predict section where you can get outline off. All these jobs from those are Google images. You will find a lot more off reference pictures on Google. Now I'm adding the straw on. That's a straw. Now I'm adding a Kobe line here, which is the neck off the char on. Then I'm taking that street down on again, carving it now do the same thing on the right side. Aspen. Start with Kobe, line on the top on, then take the line straight down again at a cov line and make it meet the other light on finish the outline of the char, make sure the coves and the lines are almost symmetrical on either side. Now the next step is to add the handle. If you're finding it difficult to draw these outlines you can always take a printout from Google are Pinterest or any other source on you can trace it over to your paper. You will find a lot of other images if you type in jars allowed on Google. If this one is difficult for you, you can go with the easier one. We have our basic shape off the chart and I'm adding some Kobe lines here. Now I'm going to switch to my water resistant pen and I'm gonna draw over the pencil lines first. I will give a nice shape to the stroll using a ruler. Now I'm gonna convert the rest of the pencil line into pen lines, starting with a lead start with the outline than Adan lines like this toward the section. It's the same way how we added Ben Lines in the previous job. You just need toe turn your pen over the pencil lines, which we had drawn already over the learned. You can add some lines like this, which will give it a more realistic look. Now complete the jar by adding rest off the lines. As I mentioned about Supply section. If you don't have water, stupid can skip the strip and then add in the open lines once you finish your painting. That way it doesn't smart are spread. I'm erasing off the unnecessary pencil lines, and it's time to add some colors to over char. This time I'm going with a single shade. This is azure blue, which we had in our previous jar. Asper. I'm gonna move, relate darker and lighter tones of the same sheet for this jar again, I'm going with Well, they don't dry. I've been with the darkest all off a short loop on adding that in I'm using the same brush . Princeton hesitates, eating his size number 12 wrong brush at the Doctor Stone. And now I'm dipping my brushing water on time, you know, bring down the tool into a light or tone. I wanted to show you how you can get a nice galaxy even with a single color. That's why I went with a single shade. So first I added the doc. Oh, tune! Then I took little water on my brush, and I brought down the tool into a lighter one. Then again, I went with the doc kowtow, and I repeated the same thing and filled up the entire job. You don't need to worry a lot about the color blending. It doesn't matter even if it's not perfect. Actually, the more rough or look us great for a galaxy. So it is absolutely okay. No to have a perfect blending. Just add in the colors more relating the tones off the same shed or multiple shade that thought would you have to do and Philip the entire jar once you supply to the stars. On top of this background, it doesn't show up with the background is perfect or no. So that's why I said it doesn't really matter if your background hasn't rented properly, so don't worry too much about that now. It's just the handle, which is remaining. I'm gonna add a dark Auteuil over this line. This was the inner side now on the upper side. Make it lighter because that will be the place where the light is hitting. So bring down the color to a lighter toe on the top surface. On that, the jar with that dry. Meanwhile, let's add color on the lid. I'm going with a light tone off black, and I'm just hurting that on the lid the same way how we did in the previous jar. A very light talk off black, the more lighter, the better, as you already have the pen lines in there. When you applied, Oh, sleight washes off black. It will automatically give it a look off a state led. Next, I'm gonna add a pride to your Lord to the straw. My maize and jar also has a yellow straw, but I don't drink galaxy To said that that's the only difference. Next step is to splatter some stars into the background. I skipped the exercise off, adding those year. But dots, if you want, you can add the hat. Make sure your consistency off the white paint us right in order to get this tiny stars. Otherwise, you will enter getting X platters. So all these experiments on a scrap of paper before you split of the staff's on your main painting. Repeat the same exercise until you feel you have enough off stars. I'm adding some more. Looks like I have enough for stem on this jar along with the stars. We're going to add some planets aspirin because we already have color over the entire, which are I'm gonna create some little circles using the white quash. So this one act as a base where I can add my watercolor or two. I'm adding three of them one right here on another one over here. If you don't have glass, you can do the same thing with white particular as well. The only thing is, you would need to go with a bit off a thicker mood so as to get an opaque circle like this . So we have two planets. I think I'll go with one more over here. Now let's wait for those white circles to dry. Meanwhile, I'm adding some because Charles at random areas and thats done. Now I'm adding white inclined lines on the straw to make it look more like a stroll with the same quash and single rush and adding these I have been a triangular intervals. We are almost done, and we just need to add colors to the planet on. Then add in the reflection on the chart. That's it. So to add the colors onto these planets, I'm taking watercolor. I need to get the light pain so I'm mixing sport a color with a little off gosh on. I'm gonna apply that were too one off this planet. Maybe I'll go with this. If you have a light pink, you can directly go in with that Because my pink was a very Prideaux pink. I add a little white question it to give it the more face to look on for the next one. I'm going with this bright orange as you have applied a base coat of quash the painter applying on top of it will appear as a PR applying that on a blank paper. I'm going with the yellow for the last one again. The color choice is absolutely yours because my background is blue. I told these close full complement it a bit more. That's why I went with pink, orange and yellow. And we're almost done with over second job. I'm gonna add the ring off Saturn or Jupiter. Which of her planete want to call it? I'm using white glass to add in the ring you can use Ah, fine detail in brush or even a gel pin as perfecto. Are this ring Onda we are into the last time. Now I'm gonna add the white lines onto the shower which is the reflection or declare this time I'm going directly with my brush. I'm not adding the guidelines. You can also use a wide Children to do the same thing. If that is easier for you all, you can switch to a fine detailing brush. That's one line There. Now, let me add around the hand to one line goes in here where the handless fix Toronto on the line here on to our know whether handle. This is where the light is directly hitting on it. Another one here on the last one goes right here. Actually, I have the jar right in front of me. Andi, I'm looking at it wherever the light is falling. And that is how I'm getting this reflection. I mean, the location off the reflections quite easily. If you're trying out any other shave, the same locations can be incorporated. And that also because he could see my lines are quite similar. And the fools jar on the second charge on. That's a guy we have over a second jar right here with some Galaxies 5. Galaxy Jar 3: All right, we are here with the toad galaxy jar. I'm going to begin by the pencils. Catch. It's gonna be all glass jar with the FARC lit. I just draw two lines. This is the height of the child that I'm intending to draw. And now you need to drew a slightly coffee inclined line on either side on. Then take that lying down and make it meet with the bottom again. Once you wish that bottom line, make it Coe. So this is the basic shape of Hajar. I'm adding a lying here on now. We need to do the neck, grow to cov lines on either side on and full of the top with an over. Now let's add in the fork. Start with an inclined line, then at an oval at the top, but isn't as big as the opening of the bottle. And then another arc on the bottom like this furnished on either side by drawing inclined lines. And that's the fork alert. Now added an extra line here with just parallel to that line to show the thickness. I'm just your racing off this unnecessary line here. The shapes look slightly. Okay, Now, I'm switching to my water assistant, Penn, and I'm gonna draw on top of the pencil line. Just a very rough line. As you see, my lines are not too bold. Now you just need to add a little scribbles and patterns over here just to make it look like fork. Just add in some mindless, tiny toe turned lines on. That's a four cleared. Once we add in the color, it will look very nice. Now I'm switching to this opening Bush in off the chart. I'm just taking my pen over the pencil. Nine. Give it a nice COV line. Now add some very light lines like this closer at the left side, and as you go towards the right, increased the spacing. Now you need to make sure the Kobe lines on either side are like a mirror image. I'm just making it similar to the warrant on though left side, and then I'm finishing off the remaining lines with my pen. As I mentioned in the previous paintings, make sure you're using a ball to resistant pin. If you don't have a water resistant pain, please don't at the black lines. Now you can add them later want to apply a particular. So keep that in mind. So that began a wide stretching ours marching off your black pen line into the water color . I'm adding some way clients here, and that's it of our jar. There's really to go colorful. I'm just racing off the unnecessary lines. And these are the two colors that I'm going with, the azure blue and the purple again. The color choice is absolutely yours. If you want to go with a similar kind of color, you can go with any blue or purple that you have. So I'm starting with the assure blue. I'm adding a very dark turn off that just be a little careful than you. Apply the paint over the neck and that led area. Don't add in the color into the fork. You have to leave. That acid is We will be adding bones in our into it later. So just apply your blue. Or what about color, which you are going with just a this line where the thickness off that opening a scene. I just made the right side little lighter than the left side, just to give it a glassy feeling and Now I'm taking a little water on bringing the tune to a lighter value, going with the doctor to run again. Just keep more late in your tone. Don't go with the plain flat sheet. There will be more depth and value when you play the colors. Make it darker with some ideas and lighter. It's on a dias and now I'm going with the purple. You could see how nice things to colors are looking. They both are very pride turned. Why print? You'll be extra careful while you apply your paint over this 80 out. Maybe you can switch to a smaller brush. I'm going with my size number two a brush because this fresh has a nice trip, even though it is a because ice fresh. That's why, for me, it is quite easy to apply my pain to using the same brush. If you are scared or your brush doesn't have Nice top switched to a smaller brush while you move to the edges. Now I'm switching to blue again from making the stadia little lighter than taking a down. Now I'll just go with purple and finish the remaining off the jar, which will be the shape that you're going with. Go with a bright and vibrant color on. Then keep more late in the to make some media star colors on media slighter, which uses more chap tanned, more galaxy sort of for freely. If your background this to light, the stars wouldn't stand out. The beauty of these galaxy illustrations are the stars, so they have to stand out. So your background has to be a little bold and bright. Make sure to give a sharp Are Klein as you progress? If you want to switch to a smaller brush, please go ahead with that. I'm just taking my pressure on top of the Syria as that doesn't look blended. Well, all right. Our first layer off the chart was done the next I'm gonna proceed to the fork. Let go with a very light on off Born Xena on. Apply that all over that fork. Go with the light. Oh, I think I made the Columba to try to There I just tone it down. Using little water? Yes, something similar to this. We just need a light toe. Don't make it too loud. The fort looks good for the time being. I'm going to switch to white. Gosh, I'm taking a very light on a white question on adding fight lines here just to give my jar more glassy feel, especially over the neck and that let eight year I added a white line along that thickness off the opening. Now another line here. Make sure it is not too bold. Give a very light white line on top off the fork asphalt, just to give it to fielders. A glass covering over it. Be a little careful. The lines which you are applying a top of the fork make it very light. Now I'm going with black particular Andi, I'm gonna add some Darko tunes to the fork. Go with the lighter tone again, I'm adding, Ah, turned off black right under that opening on a little over here as well, and that you don't need to add a lot. My bag, understood. Wet sold this bottle nicely. Smart chance spread into that bon. Seen a background on. It will give a nice tech Cherie fork effect on that is the next portion off the child. Now it's proceed to the body of the child, just like Hobie added in the other two jars. I just added in the line here. Now I'm gonna add unadorned right at the bottom at a disco. Now on a looking line on the right side like that. Now, one more at the top CO on. We're almost finishing. Now I'm gonna splatter some stars, splatter as many as you want. Just like how I mentioned it is looking nice because of her background this bright, I'm adding some more. A little more. Looks like we have enough off. Start there. And now I'm gonna add some bigger and brighter stars of drives and 80 years, And now I'm gonna add a tiny moon right here on This is the final step off our galaxy jar with the forklift. Add in a wide, crisp and clean SoCal on. Just drop in some Blackwater clothes. Now go back to quash on make that black pattern lighter. And that's what you don't need to do a lot of work on the move because it's too tiny and it won't be visible on with that. We are done with the world galaxy shower number three 6. Let's make Stickers Step 1 : we painted three cute little galaxy chars. Now we need to create digital copies of these to convert them into stickers. I have cut these giving. Ah, tiny white outline. It doesn't matter. You can scan or photographed him. Asset er's, you don't need to cut them like this if you have a scanner at home, you can do that. I don't have a scanner at home, so I'm gonna take photographs off these jars. You can either use a high quality scanner on, then convert these into digital copies. Or you can use your professional camera. Are your phone camera If that is of good quality, My phone is iPhone eight place. It gives me kind of good quality photograph. So I'm just going with this. You can see the quality is quite great. Onda musing off winter. Also here, that is all. Talk to you. If you want the real colors, you can omit the filter on. If you want a more dramatic colors, you can go with the filter. Or you can add more photos and photo shop or any other software. After converting these into digital copies, that's all up to you. So I have taken a photo. This is how it is looking with the filter. But as a NYSE galaxy feel now, let's take the photograph off another one. I heard a scanner which wasn't off much greater quality, and it didn't work well for me. I have a print. Ants can shop right across the street. So whenever I am in a need, I just run there and get it done. So for the time being, I'm going with my phone camera. If you have a scanner at home, or if it's easy for you to get this Camden, go with that. So this is my second for the graph. So no matter whether you decided to go with this, can our photograph just copy those images into your computer on now? The next step. ISS afford to shop job 7. Let's make Stickers Step 2: Okay, let's start with a photo shop Task. I tried screen recording, but then that wasn't working. I hope you're able to see my screen. So these are the two images which I took photograph in the previous section on. They have come out and a good quality. Now I need to open these own photo shop. So what we're going to do in 40 shoppers we need to erase of the background on Just get the char on. We need to create multiple copies off it. Andi, create a layout which can be printed. So that is our task and photo shop. No matter whether you choose to scan or you took a photograph, the exercise of the scene. So we are here inside for two shop. Now I'm gonna create a new sheet. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while walking on foot of shop. So here, I'm gonna change the document size in tow, A four. I always work on a 300 pixels, which is off a good quality. So that is what I always prefer walking on on. The next thing is this whenever you want to get something printed you have to always work, but see him by K color. Otherwise, the color that you see on the screen on board to get while you take the printout will be different. So you have to make sure that you have switched your color mood and to see him viikii. Usually we work on RGB that is also a colored abortion. So all these changed to see in Waikiki if it's something that you wanted to get to print out. Otherwise, you can work on RGB if it's just a digital Pappas, which you want to publish on your website, or if it's just for Instagram, RGB is fine. But then, if you want to get it printed, the print shops reads everything in cm viikii color. So be sure to change your color mode. And to see him like a Andi, I chose an a four size sheet. Now I'm gonna open these true in majors onto photo shop pen. Those are the two in Egypt's. There are two magic tools, which I always use, and photo shop. I don't know if you are a person who are great with Photoshopped. Even if you're not, it is absolutely okay We just need to tools here on. I will be introducing those tools to you. Okay, so this is my toolbox. I just dragged a tear so that you can see it. Oh, no, because scale. So whenever you see that adult down here, this little adul here, that means there are multiple tools inside that particular tool. So if you right click on that, you'll get to see there are many other tools inside it. So this is a brush tool on You could see the responsible color replacement tool make so brush to so therefore other options and signed that one too. That is what this little arrow indicates. So we'll just focus on those two tools which are important to us and this particular sticker making exercise on those Our selection tools. One of this one, which is called magnetic lasso tool. There are three selection tools insiders. This is lasso tool polygonal lasso tool on the magnetic lasso tool. So the next election tool that I want to talk about is this one right here it is called a magic band tool. Just like the name say's it is really a magic went unlike the other selection tools, which big the urge is based on the shape, often object this fun. What it does is it's elects based on the color on the pixel. So I just did, oh, click on our image on it. Selected everything doctors and blue shade. There's a little of blue inside a hospital, so it selected everything. You can adjust the tolerance. This is very good, just the tolerance. The tolerance was 50 on a ferry. Reduce that to 20 or less. If I again do this selection, it will select only a little. I could just erase that off sanely adjusting the tolerance again. Collect more and more on erase off the background. But then the stool doesn't work really well with our photograph here because our colors are not so solid, the relative textures and greens inside it. So let's try the same tool on a different picture where it works. I haven't in major for watercolors. Splash here. Now I'm taking the same tool magic plant. Andi, I'm just clicking on the white background. I don't know if you could see whatever was there for the white color. Everything is selected now. I'm gonna race off that So here there's another great toe and foot, a shop that is called a background You re so on. If you rightly bear this the race O Toole with the normal eraser and then you have the backroom eraser and then the magic array. So too. So what I'm taking here is the background eraser on defy click that raised off the background. I can just drag the mouse on to the rest of the background. Or I could just click on delete on It will delete all those selected area from the background on. Now, if I think the mouse pointer on, if I click on it, the entire background got deleted. Andi, I have only this. The stool works really Bill, when you have, ah, solid background color. So once I have Billy to the background, which I had there, I can change the Bagram color to any color, which I prefer pink or yellow or black or any color. This is a very useful tool you can just erase of the background and a single click if it is a solid color. Otherwise, it is but time consuming to select little by little. On reserve the background So now let's go back to over lasso tool. And there we will be using the magnetic lasso tool to select the outline off a bridge are so let's first try. This lasso tool lasso tool means it is a free hand selection toe. You just need to pick a point and start drawing and then finish your selection at the same point and you can see that part has called selected and you can just move or create copies or do anything with that selection. That is the first selection tool, and the next selection tool we have here is the polygonal lasso tool. So in the stool, everything what? We draw a straight lines, whereas another one it was it was a free hand collection. So if I started one point and if I finish at the same point, this is how you select with that tool. The next tool that we have here is the magnetic lasso tool on. This is the one we will be using in the section because I cannot draw a free hand outline around us. It would be a little difficult, Andi. I cannot use the polygonal lasso toe as well because This is not straight lines with straight lines, you can just use the polygonal lasso tool, which is the second option. Now I'm going with the magnetic lasso to just like names is magnetic lasso tool means if you click and then if you start drawing it will automatically picked though. And just this is picking the right it just just because my patron color is different. If it's a white background, then I would need to switch my selection inside. If you made any mistake, you can use backspace. So imagine if I have a white background. I'm not using a blue background. Now I'm gonna do a selection off this. And if you made a mistake using back species and then you can catch it off your previous election And whenever you wanna lock appoint, you can just a mouse click. If you made a mistake, use your backspace. So there I made a mistake and missing backspace to. And then those two points are time. You just need to take your mouse carefully along the edges off You. How on the screen now finish the selection by clicking Very have started. So that's the selection you could see, I could erase of the background and just select the char. Now I have my white background here. I'm going to switch to the selection tool. This is a selection to, and then click on it and you can just drag it onto your other layer. So we have that on our white background. So this is too big for us. You can just click on this shore, transform controls and then get all the controls. And then you can just just a size off. What? My Bagram is a four. So have a nice idea off the scale in your mind. Maybe you can have any for sized paper. Right? And friend off you. Andi, check for the size off. It gonna be once it s sprinted. I think the size is quite good for me. Now, I need to make multiple copies off this Zuman so that you can see what I'm doing. I have my toolbox. I'm selecting the selection or the move to apply. So I'm selecting removed tool on, then on keyboard, you need to press assault. So when you press all you could see there is two adults which are formed there earlier this was the tool. And when I click on old, you could say the mouse finder changed, too. That means if I click and drag, I could make a copy off of scene. Now I can do the same thing. Click on old and once your mouse point or turns into two pointers, click on it and drag it. And there you get another copy. I'm going to select to off them together. There is no enough space in here. If I need to give a white outline, there is no enough space for two off them. So I selected these two together and I'm gonna just bring you down. So I selected those two together. And if you want to keep those two jars on a bigger scale, and if you want to change the size of these two jars, you just need to control. Though sighs offered on always make sure you click shift while doing this. Otherwise he won't get till proportionate scaling. If you need a proportion, it's killing. You need to press the shift on your keyboard, and to this, otherwise though, scaling won't be proportionate. So I think I'll go with the size and maybe I'll make one more copy of that. I'm clicking. I have the selection toe on. I'm pressing ALD. I have the two most point does there, but I'm just clicking and dragging. And maybe if I select those three together so those street are selected and if I press old , I could make a copy off those three together, and I'm going to scale it down. So you get different size off jar. If you want to add a court, maybe you can use the text tool here on. Then maybe you can add some court or something on top off it before you get them printed on . That's it. So this is how we arranged the layout. I'll tell you the other layout, which I had. So these fair digitally done design. So I just arranged all my 11 designs on a single it receipt, leaving enough off space around each of them so that I can cut them. I hope you all got a little idea what to do with our little designs. How toe Take them into photo shop and how toe work with your designs. 8. Step 2 Quick Recap: Let's do a recap of what we learned. So we learned to tools for most magical Bantu. Where below owned the Struble. Select everything based on the color tune and vixens on. You can erase off that on the stool only works well. Then you have a solid color on the background. It doesn't work well, then you have a greeny and luxury background. And then we learned about different lasso tools on B event with magnetic lasso tool to select the outline off church. Are we learned? Magnetic lasso tool will pick everything based on the outline. Often object which you have on the screen, whereas the normal lasso tool was a freakin selection tool on bond. Pregnant lasso tool is used when you have straight line, and just then we learned how we can create multiple copies by pressing all Tonio keyboard and then just dragging your mouths. All right, so those were the main things we learned in the section. If you're still finding it difficult to do what you can directly approach a print shop, there will be people who can handle for the shop and do this thing for you. Now let's go ahead. Andi, check out the next step off, making these stickers 9. Let's make Stickers Step 3: Alright, guys. So here we are at the third on the final step in the previous two sections, we looked unwto a bit of photo shop and how to scan or photograph on convert them into digital copies. And the section we are going to look into how toe pack your stickers and also how to get them printed in the cheapest way. Because there are so many ways how you can get your stick or print on. This is one off my sticker, bitch. I stuck onto my planner So in the section, I'm gonna teach you how to get your stickers down And now but off Cheaper Way compared toa those win I'll stickers and holographic stickers. This kind of good quality, the quality isn't that bad On also, you get multiple numbers of stickers on also what you have to keep in your mind that this way as a bit off time consuming. That means you need to put a lot of effort from your side. The printable do its job and there is a part off fastpitch you have to perform, so you get no stick. Those two goes on to any kind of sofas. It works the same way as the other stickers. Sorry, guys. I didn't get the timeto get the sticker prints off the war in which we took photograph in the Bring a section. So I'm gonna show you what I have with me. So this is something which I have with me already. These are digitally done designs. No matter whether your immediate was canned or photographed, once you have the leg out like how we did in photo shop in the previous section, we need to get them printed on everything. Paper. That is the trick. So this is an embassy paper, which I got from print shop. If you have a printer at home, you just need to get these kind of odyssey of paper and you can get your stickers directly printed onto this paper. Most of different shops has thes kind of medicine paper with him, so if you want a specific kind of paper, you can get them from online. There is so high quality at a soup. People from cancel on. There are so many other brands you can just go through the specifications and get something which will fulfill your purpose. So these are all Stickles sheets, which I printed on a pre sized paper. They all are at the save sheets. It's not like polio these days. Everyone have printer at home for their kids. School protects, so if you have one, it is better to get stick or paper on. Get them printed at home. Just type in Stickle paper or receive paper on Google will direct. You tow whatever is available in your country, so these are some of the options. If you have a four printer, I told then it's better to go with an A four paper. This is from cancer. It is a four, and it has turned sheets in it. Once you have these courtesy of paper, just like hobby print on normal people, you can just directly print on it. You will get a good quality if your printers off a good quality. Otherwise you can proceed to a French are where they will already have mystical papers. So those are two weeks how you can get the print done. I went with my digital, the science here, So if you want to convert your watercolor paintings to sticker just like how we did in the previous section convert them into digital copies on Get Them printed on a sticker paper either at home or a different job Once he had the print, you can cut them into any shape on just removed that's tickle base, which is at the back, and then stick it onto any cell phones that you want every time I have a pop up store or an exhibition. The seven bestsellers off all Time E I think every human lives this little cute things, and that is why it is my best seller. So now let's see how we can pack them into these kind off cuties and make it work selling. So this is the part which I was telling you need to put a little off a fort. I'm gonna cut this out if you go with the well printing, those people will do everything for you, but that is kind off, maybe 10 times expensive, then would be a doing here. This is the only part where you have to put a little off afford, and I think it is what it because you catch more number off stickers and just one print out , and it is veil is cheaper. And this is how we do work. Just remote testicle people at the back side just taking a little out from the corner so that you don't spoil it on. Just stick it onto any sofas that you want. Now I'm gonna cut it like this. Living are white outline around the whole design. To me, it looks more nice with a white outline around the design. So the stickers all took out the same way. If you don't want that white border, you can omit that and cut it along, though, outline on just carefully cutting it along the outlined leaving a 2 to 3 and border. This design was much easier to cut that. That's why I went with this jar on also wars we painted in The previous sections were also charged. The other designs are brutal really, and Coby, and it takes a little off time to cut it along the border. So, of your designers clearly rectangle or square, it was much easier. You can use so cutter to do that just because my designers little cov I need to use a scissor on. We're done. This is have a jar. If I place it on to my notebook like this. It looks very nice for the white border, so that was the first part off it. Now let's see how we can pack it. I have these printouts this has taken on a ticker paper. I did a big A tree print out off this repeated design, and then I cut them into this. She which is kind off similar to my envelope, the start inviting plastic See through envelopes. These are very cheap and you get them and 100 or 50 pack. You can go with any size according to the size off your sticker. You can easily find them and stationery shops or maybe packaging shops. Now you just need to put your sticker inside the envelope. On there is a sticker on the top. You just need to remove that. I deceive tape just like this. Just remove it and then you just need toe. Stick it onto your other side so half the packaging is done. Now it's time to put on your brand name. Get a supercool print out off your brand name, which is very much attractive that is bought as the item. The date off your sticker, which tells this is designed by you. So this just say his Galaxies Ticos and a Rabbi Z which is my instagram handle me now we'll be falling this into half on the place where you see the Galaxies to cause will be on the French on the other half will be on the other side You could see on the sample piece off my sticker Only half was on one side and half goes to the other side So I'm falling that at the centre And I'm just running my Finkel's across to make it full Andi plays that I mean card onto your plastic envelope And now get your stapler on. Just staple on either side without spoiling the sticker. Make sure you're not stapling on the sticker one on the site and the other one on the other aside, and that's it. Now we just need to cut the remaining on. There you go. You have your finished sticker, which is packed properly on which is ready to could your shop. You can convert any off your painting or any off your idea into sticker. This way it is a great seller because you can sell it in a cheap rate, and they are very cute and nice. The very first task is to get a print out, and then you need to get your packaging materials, these kind of plastic and villa on the printout, but saves your brand on after you have all that, you just need a stapler and assist so and then you're done. 10. Thank you for Joining :): thanks a lot for joining. I hope you all enjoyed painting this galaxy charged with me on. I hope you got a little idea off how to make stickers in the cheapest way. If you have any doubt, feel free to drop in your questions at the discussion section on, we can have a chat a word on. If you're trying these galaxy illustrations and posting them on to Instagram, don't forget to attack me Allowed to share your works with my full of worse I'll drive thanks again for watching and happy things.