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Fun And Quick Video Creation Using Web App

James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

Fun And Quick Video Creation Using Web App

James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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5 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction to InVideo

    • 2. The different options to get started

    • 3. Using Stories to Create A Video

    • 4. Using Ready Made Templates

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

This this class, you will learn how to create short videos using a web app called InVideo.

InVideo's strength is the built in templates and themes that help you create a video even if you are beginner.

You can make use of the many included royalty free video clips, images as well as music to make your video.

Even for experience video creators, this app can help trigger ideas for your next video project.

Link to InVideo.

You do not need to download or install any software. You only need a browser.

Do check out my other course on video editing. Hope you enjoy it.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Introduction to InVideo: In this cost, I will show you how to use a video creation app. Call in video. Now you have been making videos are normally or even if you have never made videos a video . Anything can be quite a process to learn the software and then also to come up with creative ideas to schedule video going in video has templates and guides to have you get started. So even if you have never created a video before, this ad would actually have you get started with templates with teams are with suggestions with this tickles so that you can actually make a shot video fairly quickly. And the best thing is that you don't even need to go and shoot your own clips because we didn't in video, you have access to a royalty free images and video clips, as well as audio clips as well. So if you don't want to, you can actually just use all the material there to create your video. Now, obviously, if you want to live it more flexibility, For example, you want toe blow. Your own video that you made may be your own images as well. You can do that as well. So you have that option, Okay? And one of the good things about in video is that you don't need to have a powerful computer to use this because it is Web based. So everything is run off their silver, so you can have just a normal desktop. I see you're using it for a normal office environment and still be able to create your video. Now, uh, at the moment when I'm recording this, it seems like the video still experimenting with their pricing yesterday when I was looking at the price was a little bit different. But anyway, it's a good sign for right now there's a free plan that you can sign up to. Okay, allows you to make videos for 7 20 p. Okay, Now you may be thinking that Oh, I need for Haiti. Well, for a lot of short videos, especially if you're using it for social media. You don't really need to have four heads day because most people are just probably watching it on their mobile phones. Or maybe a small video in Facebook is 7 20 p. Cycling. Very good, even for laptops and screens. OK, but if you want to get the full resolution at 10. 80 p. There's also a business plan as well. $10 per month if you go for the yearly plan and 20 if you go monthly. Okay, so if you are a business, you can actually just try this software out for me. When I first started, I was a little bit hesitant to usedto software because I didn't really see the benefit yet . And I have been anything videos using a normal video there for many years. Okay, I also teach courses on using video. And it is, however, Wes I tested and play around with little this software a little bit more. I find that it actually has a very good benefits, especially when it comes to the templates and ideas. Okay, So often times when I want to make a video, I just don't have the at the idea or the inspiration to get started. But looking at the 10 place with the guides and the roti free video kinds of trigger me too . Okay, Now I can do this and do that, and I e actually gets a quick video going, so I just look forward to seeing you in the course, you run the experiment more with in video. So this cost actually have you to get started fast. I didn't get off on the wrong footing. I got off on the wrong footing. Initially when I started to use this software a few months ago, that actually kind of slow me down. Will, it'll be okay. So I hope that this cost will have you whether you're using in video for your personal projects on whether you're using it for your business. I really think that this software is something to get onto your arsenal, especially in these days where everything is on video. 2. The different options to get started: so if you haven't signed up, you need to sign up first. So I already have an account, so I'm just going to sign in. Okay. So let me show you some simple videos. There's creativity in video. So this is one sample that I did quickly just took me a few minutes, and I really managed to create this video or using media from in video and using one of the templates. Okay, so you take a look at this video, - okay ? When you go into in video, the actually tree options for you to choose from option one. Option two, option three. So the first option is to convert your script to a video. Now, this option works great. If they say you have an article or block or script and you want to turn into a video, So basically, you really have your structure. Correct. And you just want to turn into a video. Okay? Now, versatile already may was tile templates. This would be good if you kind of have some rough ideas when you want to. Maybe your videos. But you don't have a strict script script that you want to follow. Okay, so this temperature can actually give you some ideas askew. Bill your video out. Okay, so and finally, this is to build your own video. Now, if you are new to in video, I don't suggest that you use the option tree because number one, you know, kind of familiar with how in media works, where and how to use the controls. And so that that's why it's not suggested that you use this option as the beginning. OK, So as you follow along an option one and option two, you kind of know that things like layers and with all the temples and the ideas, making a video will be much better, much faster rather than starting from scratch. OK, so I'm gonna show you an less they convert script to video. Yeah. Now, when you convert a script to video here, you have your video formats that you can select and we're right in the center. Here are the teams. Okay. The teams will be the one that's gonna help you create your video. Rex, for example, is things are sports you can choose for your corporate kids. It's kind of give you an idea off. What sort off templates will be suitable. Okay, when you select meadow is going to be a square video. Basically, I just shot listings The templates that are square or if they see us selecting the vertical then you actually filtering out the templates now, but ICO Okay, so for now, we're just gonna stick with all and they actually two options. When it comes to text video one is talking about stories. Okay, which is where you key in your script and the other one is listed Girls listed girls means that the Empress, our creator, in such a way they will have a number of points. For example, the option given is five points. So maybe you have five points that you want to share on. It is actually just a list off items that you want to make into a video. So the temples here will have points here, for example, you can see here 54321 So it's like sort of guy you to make that video. Okay, so let's head on over two stories, and first we're gonna make a story here. And when you select a team to start off your video, what you want to do is actually to look for the kind of text. Okay, how the tax comes in, the phones, the color off the phones and the reason why you want to do that is that the closer you the way you like that forms and the transitions that comes in, the less work that you need to do. And it comes to making your video, and it would just make the process a whole lot faster. Now, of course, you can start with any other team and make changes as well. You just that you will be a little bit of extra work when it comes to do that. Okay, so when you select this, concentrate on the words concentrate on the phones, the types of colors, okay, Was ceaselessly, for example, from this one. Okay, so use noticed that hear the words that within the frame, and I hear you have toe textbooks on the left and then the text box on the bottom. So if you are looking for a team or you're creating a video and you do not really like you to know once all this kind of tax, then don't see like this team, OK, so here again, you see that this text this inside a box. So this one is a square books. So, for example, compared to the one that the bottom just now this boxes and have rounded corners. So if you want to have a square box, then it will be better to just like this team and use that rather than that. Okay, so that is when it comes to selecting your team. 3. Using Stories to Create A Video: So let's say I want to use this team here under the stories you need to do is just to click on selected post a video. So you actually given an idea how the template looks like? So the reason why I pause it is because music is kind of like here in the recording. So let me just continue playing it. So let me pass again. So here you are actually gonna select the video format that you wanted to be. Oh, and here is where you enter your script. Okay, so it is regular recommended to end the script. If you are using the option one using stories, right, so here also, you'll notice that there's an auto suggest images. So if you click that what he means is that when you cut and paste your tax over here in video, actually try to select the images and the videos that will suit your content. Now, there's also something quite new, which is the annual You are out here. So at the moment it is on better, and I think he's quite interesting. Okay, so what you does is lets say, I am going to fact picture you are here. And they were fresh. The data on this great book, all right? No, I have an article here on my own website websites every interpretation know about. So that's gonna copy this link and pasty here you click on fetch. So basically what happens is in video or basically scrapped that page and create the title here, and then you can actually select which portion off the text that you would like to use in your video. All right, So it has created a title with tax area and pressure Know about Let me just add this. So here, click on the standards is in the article toe a scenes. Okay, so let's say I want to use, uh okay, I say Google trends. So you would just select that sentence 2nd 1 OK, so I'm going to change it. So he's does that go bubble. So this is seen. So this has seen them. One cinema to see number three. Thank you. So, let's see. Let's see, Cora. Okay. So this knife, four scenes and let me just choose one more. Okay, so they see use, uh, get puppet. All right, All right. So it is selected So now just click on, go to storyboard and all these will be put into the story tempted with a story team. Okay, so here. You noticed that over here there is. This is a story about so their five scenes que saw them one. This is the headline. So these are the autumn imagistic in video has automatically selected. Now it doesn't always hideous, right? So sometimes you may need to change some of it. Okay, You know, it's quite easy to change the media, but let's say the media suits then is actually quite easy to on faster to make your video. Okay. And he has also selected and old. You're here as well. Okay, now, this is actually the story bought you. If you want to go to the Afghans editor, you can also click on that. So the advance editor basically have the scenes in horizontal from it. Okay, I arrest in the story. Bodies actually honor vertical form. It boobies. Well, it is a matter you can switch from story bottle advance. Depending on your choice, you can take take a preview. So now this emission isn't really look so good. Maybe most likely, I'm gonna change it so you can actually click to edit this. So let's say enterpreneurs. You can select an emission. It looks like an entrepreneur. So depending on your market, if they say you are making a slick video, then maybe you can select some images that slicker. For example, this one, Well, it doesn't fit my image so you can select a different one. Okay, So now, nowadays, to enterpreneurs are pretty casual. And some of the websites that I want to show is actually also pretty casual. So I'm gonna look for emission is pretty casual here. Maybe a one of these. See? So when you click on an image, the video will stop playing. All right, So you see that weather? This is a good fit. Okay. This like decency, Kate Decent. Looks a little bit too for more Eric Sanders like this. And the purpose of this video is not to come up with a video that usable. I mean, just demo disorder. You know how this works. Okay, So grab the video and select this year, okay? I didn't do it properly. All right? So we just close it now and you have this sort of a shot. Timeline for you. Toe edit. All right, so this video creepy is about five points. Seven seconds. Okay, so for the amount of time, I think I'm just gonna use the entire video. So if you want to use full video, you just click on useful video. And at the bottom also, is that whether you want to play the video faster or slower, you cannot justice. Okay. Oh, Mickey's and drag it to the left. Or to direct to me the video faster or slower. So I'm just going to say, use full video. So now, if I went to preview this play like this and you notice that the tax coming here, Okay, so you can actually make changes to the Texas. Well, let's click on edit, okay? And he goes to the advance. They are actually. All right, so you can make changes over here. When you click on the text, you can change the textile matter. Even the change, too, from Josephine sons in this example, or two many phones over here. Okay, so I'm just gonna leave it and leave it to be regular. Alternatively, you can just ah, lock this and set your fun size over there. Okay, so they asked some options over here. Sort of, for example. Here it is. Unlocked frontal. Reese ice. Okay. If you don't lock it, then the front one resize. All right, so this is how it works. You can also send a lying height or the tax in line, whether you wanted to the center or maybe to the left. So we're just going to leave it as it is for the time being. Quite easy here. You want to change the text can do that. Okay. And then, uh, so let's go to the layers. Now, if you take a look at this, you notice that here, the tax layers on the top, then there's an overly So the only at this in this a video clip here on the scene is something that kinds of blows this off. So let me knock that. Okay, so this is the only all right. So if I moved there, will it up. So these words or text become blow as well. So this is the only So let's lock it when it's lock, the tax would be great out. So next you have your media. And then finally the background. Okay, So you for any chance you want to re edited you Can you just let any of this select that layer and then go to Eddie? So for the video, you have your video options here where you want to crop that you have to trim that video off the front and the back when you want to look on and off for you, whether you want to have the volume off. Okay, of course. Here you have your playback speed as well. And then media Reese, ice option. Okay. You into in case you're making square video vertical video. So certain parts of certain of the standard video clips here you may need to blur 50 with the blood. Okay, so you have the options here that right? As well as the video animation. So where do you want things to slide in? Slide out? Okay. And we will see more of this as we go along to the next scene. Okay, so let's just save its first, okay? And let's move on to the next. Seem so here is talking about Google trains. So let's see if you can find a Google trend. Uh, okay. Yes, s expected. So maybe we can look at trends instead. Or maybe a chaat. Okay, the alternatively, you can also Pablo, you on media. All right, Maybe you can just go to say the sequel to Google trends. And you can maybe just do a screen, capture off this and upload your screen capture into in video because he had the option to our bloodies. Okay, so just take a little bit. Time to look. And sometimes you may need to just stop it. And such again? Yep. This what happens? So now the videos for the train? It's not, so Okay, we can use this. Let's take a look. I am just going to use this video here, but you can upload that video, Allah, your own clip. So this click here is even four seconds. Let's play this. Okay, okay. Let's say we're gonna do is about six against you. So you know, the stream that video or you need to do is come to the end here, cling on the buttons A to end because the video handles and you can move it, Okay. And you'll notice here the trim duration has changed. Now, if you want to do that for the front, you can do that as well. Okay, maybe just do it like this. Click on the end and just move it. So nice. About 6.5 seconds and playback speed is okay. We're just gonna leave in this one X and just feeling done. And so now the techs have changed. Okay, let's preview this. Okay. Looks good. Except the text kind of blocks. This is a little bit. So let's try and edit this and let's make it a bit smaller here, okay? And you know this. You cannot change the tax immediately within the textbooks, or you can also type here to make the changes. Okay, so just click on safe. That's preview This okay? It looks all right. I mean, uh, for the purpose of this video is okay, but if I want to use it, maybe I would changes a little bit and kind off make the that thing here. Do not block the text of the bank. Okay. Okay. So you're gonna safeties. So this is the 2nd 1 So yeah, almost there. So once you're done, you can actually just click a preview and export. But one thing I wanted to show you is that you can actually add it on your own. So let's look at see the advance editor. Let's take a look at the advance and it. So the advance editor give us more options for stickers. Holy shapes. All right, so let's go to the last one here. I just want to show you how you can create a logo. Now, this this picture for this video clip off some cell phone doesn't really work so well. And you can see here that the taxes kind off blended in. OK, so I'm going to change the video. But I just want to show you If I see you want to edit your text, change the color. So what you can do east to clear on. Make sure you have. You have selected their excellent year, go to color and hopes just on the white color. So he changes, all right. And you can just close but close the colors again. So these are some of the things to keep in mind. Let's preview this first and see how is the formal of the text coming in? Okay, so coming in from the left. Okay? It's actually not too bad once you see the video. But like I mentioned this, this video doesn't look so good. So let's say you want to make some changes, Okay? Now, the reason why I'm hesitant to change this is because I want to have all the video from the different scenes to kind of match care rather than something that comes out off the blue, for example, tax with textbooks and then one on one scene. You have text that's coming up with that textbooks. In another scene, you don't have textbooks, so that actually makes you a video card look unprofessional. Okay, what you want some standardization? And these are the things, the small, small things that he would make your video look look professional. So let's change this. Only grunge. Maybe let's do like licks and less nearly religious there, you hear? Okay, so let's say you are done with that, and let's go back to say, adding a logo. Now, I have uploaded my a few items here when it's actually this. Okay, so let's let's assume that this is my logo here, See? Very if I could just put this over here. Okay. Oops. Let's do that. Let's go back to this. The system media. So you notice when you select that the year on, Then it's get selective. Okay. No, I understood it. Let's look this Lock the layer. Let's lock the video s. Well, let's look to tax so that this is selected. You can make it smaller. Okay, This isn't very good, because the scene is too bright. Okay, I just want to show you that it's so simple to at this logo. Were there Okay, I should have a dark text logo. But this Oh, maybe I should just using a different scene. Okay, so I just wanted to show you that you can do this easily. Let's remove this logo. Doesn't look so good over here. This remote ease. Unless put the local. Maybe here. I think this would look much better. This drug, it's on. Yeah, resize it. This is just a PNG image semi transparent being. Give me the Texan with their So that's how you just simply use just our bodies against that I can do that. So of course it can be a logo. It could be something else. I start. This idea is a PNG mention JP You can upload this and create that once you are done. Basically, what you need to do is just to previewed this. And when you click on this preview and export, you're actually looking at the entire you take you back to debt. Anything scream. Okay, so this simple is about using now the first option, which is to convert your scrip to video in the next video show you how made one using the templates. 4. Using Ready Made Templates: So let me just quickly show you on the ready made versatile templates. Okay, So again, here you have your are filtering that the yuan horizontal or square videos. So let's try this. Really? So like this Because when you started the script, you sort of have an idea what you want to say how you under lead at that point that you're trying to make it right. But when you start with the template, then of course, askew, Go along, prompt you give you new ideas. It's sort of like Craig your script as you go along. So both ways works okay for me. I found it. In some cases, when I'm far off not so clear about ideas, starting with 10 places better. But when you are clear with what you want to say and then you have sort of a script written all just maybe 100 words scriptural, for instance, then the stories option one would be a better way to start. Okay, so let's start with this temper here. So this this is talking about Sunday brunch dishes. Okay. You may be good if you say you have an arrest warrant, I end. This would be a good video to consider, so here you can preview it. So what's the next point? Lots of love. This is a new menu. And then you have, uh, the price, the options. So this template who actually go very well with food related, where is a block over and a It is a restaurant, Okay. Or maybe you just want to create the video's off what you have eaten. Now, though, this, too, is created more for business. It is a menu can use it for your own personal projects. You can do that as well. So let's start with this Sunday brunch dishes. It would be also be good if you have a block. Okay, I'm gonna use this. And when it changed this to change the text or you need to do is to click on the text over here, and then you can actually just go to the right over there and change it. So instead of suddenly branch dishes. So let's say, for example, you are blogger. Instead of a restaurant, you can change it to the sea. Sunday brunch ideas. If you're under foot lock, and if you're happy with that, you can just preview that. Let's see what else you want to change. You can change the phones here if you want to do that. And yes, this is also related to the front. But let's say you want to kind of move this down to have a big okay for the first light. Let's do this. I'm just gonna leave it. I cannot change it. You can actually, Just pretty high your lower. Since it's semi transparent, you can leave all the rest. But you want to say changing toe. I tell it, you can change it as well. Okay, I'm just gonna leave it. You can adjust the opacity, so I'm going to adjust this to obey lower, so they kind of see the background emission emission better. This is the animation shows you how the animation will come in. Okay, so let's preview this. Okay? Looks good. So the idea is actually to create videos quickly. Okay. And let's just show you the layers so you can change The several layers in this video clip here are funny is, of course, the text layer. And then there is media image. So the media is actually this video off the emission of burger. And there's also a background. So here they are locks. So you want to shake, make some changes, you can have a lock it and then make that change. Okay, so let's preview these. Okay? So you see the light clicks over here, or this is on this thistle a year. Okay, so since this quite good, I'm gonna leave this alone. Let's go. Move on to the next scene. We're here. Let's preview this and see what is say's with lots of love. Okay, let's change it a bit. I say, let's save you. Gonna cheat instead Off. Since you are a longer, for example, instead of saving lots of love, you see? Okay, being healthy choices. Thank you. Okay. And you're like the layer go back to Eddie. Really? How? The choices. And you see that it has changed. That saved this. And you can actually resize the textbooks so that you can a justice. And you notice that the phone size will actually change with it automatically when you re sites this text box. Okay. So the other things that you can change as well For example, the template the brain. Okay. You want to change the brand colors. Well, it's the color. So this is a change Project colors. Okay, So, like a mention once you have selected the template Exactly. Best not to mess around too much because the people who created a 10 place more artistic in nature Now I am not that creative. And it comes with matching colors. So I generally just lifting. So, yes, this now, if you are, are better at this than feel free to go and change it, okay? And do whatever you like. Okay. So I'm happy with this. Let's move on to the next here. The delicious new menu. Okay, let's just re movies. Satori movie. All I need to do is to click on this trash can I I called and said removed the scene. Okay? Yes. So, from the second scene here, you will move on to the next scene. Okay, let's say we're doing an article for your block. Lesson removed. This we don't put a price there just like this. And click on delete on the keyboard. Eyes done is deleted. So this is the layers, Lisi. But Sunday brunch This movie is down. They say when you move this to the top. So go to layers, if one waffles. So I moved these up. Careless preview. This this can hear the Texas would be too much. So let's change its go back to Eddie. Is there space? There is no space. Okay, but we can make this smaller. Let's change the position here. Okay. Okay. Let's preview this. It looks good. Okay, so then you can move onto your next seem okay? And this Let's do this again. Let's delete the price. Basically, what I've done is I've just elected this and click on delete on my keyboard. Uh, the taxes there, Okay, so you can actually arrange the images from based on the layers is just like, in a sense, is like a graphics editor. Okay, you can move the layers here. So this is the texture similar. Just drag it up to the top. So he's on top. Classic French toast, which sliced bananas and Berries. Let's change this lazy. Okay. Okay. So the idea is to try to make minimal changes as much as possible. There were your video project going quite fast. Now, if you want to say at a scene, okay, let me just do this before I show you how to add a scene again. Less religious. That s lead this? Yes. Uh, so this Wooding here seems very marketing or rented. But what we want is a blow article here. Right? If you're hungry, go for Kish. Okay, so let's do this. Let's go to the leaders and move it up. You can move all these layers of endow, actually, like So it has a double year. Then it shows up in the top devices. Kind of hidden. Okay. Is there okay that since space there. Okay, so that's it, then. So let's say you want to add a scene after this. All you need to do is come to hear that click on it. You can click on add here as well there's a matter. So just click on it. And here are based on a template in videos and ask you which type of seen is that you like ? So again, you look notice the tax, the location of the tax enterprising, so you can actually see, like, once that suits you, I'm gonna add the sender's one that we deleted at the beginning. So now here is the scene here. Hungry los off choices. So let's change this. Lots of choices. Okay? Lots of choices for quick, simple mules. And at this time, okay. Lets you can actually select the phone size here as well. So here I don't You lock it for auto resizing. Or you can unlock this in this creep fixed of one size of this. Well, so that way you have more choices. Okay, let's move this up. Okay. So and then at the end, you can actually just go to the local here and maybe put your own block logo. So something like that. So let's move this up and let's say you want to see duplicate this. You can just use your keyboard control C and Control V. Okay, so this is the 2nd 1 So let's change this to okay, I am making this up. I hope that there's no such thing as the how fearful that was that calm. Right. So So this goes to show how easy it is for you to create your own video. So, like I mentioned over here, there's also other texture you can add if you want to do that. Okay, So let's do this first. Let's preview. It's actually blocking it. Okay, the highlights gone. Okay, so there are other types of text that you can add. For example, you can this time text as you have over it. You can see the effects off the text, so you can Addis. Okay, so it's quite easy. And surprisingly, if you were to do something like this on the normally video editor can be quite challenging and type quite time consuming. All this stuff, our animation, right? Especially if you're not that familiar with your video editor. No doubt some video editors make things like this a little bit simpler. Depends again on the type of video editor that you have. Okay, so let's see the music that's included with this video project Over here. Let me just put on my so I can hear this. Turn the volume down a little bit before my things to be softer. Okay, Looks good. So what's your kind of happy with that video? Here? You can just click on preview and export. And for your information, this is my first time creating a video article about food. Food isn't really my thing, so you can see that? You just told me a few minutes minutes to do that. Here, you see, the total video duration 36 seconds. So if you're happy, you can export the video. So what I'm gonna do is continue with my editing there some things that I saw Assaidi to this video that can make some changes. And I wanted to show this to you. For example. Let's say you want to change the image. Okay? You can go to your media here, you can see like a different video, for example. Now, if you want to look for state, you can just click on steak and the media will say for the stick. But the more important is the Let's say you have, like, a mention of video block food block and you want to upload your own images or you need to do is click on a blue Here. I blew your image. Okay, this is from my prior projects. What's your uploaded? An image and you can just drag it into here. Okay, Now, this video here is a totally different Not really. Not so the before food block. But let me just show you how it's done. okay. And I can just replace it. Okay, So how the video will have me speaking, actually. All right, so this is just to show you how it's being done, But you can do whatever images and video that you prefer and that that will become part of your video. Okay. And if you're happy, you can just export it, and you will have a shot video that. 5. Conclusion: all that. This cause I've given you a good start on using in video is a software that grows on us. You use more and more of it. And I look forward to you being more effective as you use your in video and other ways off creating videos as well. Now, if you want to learn more about using either video editors, please check out just such games will cost us. I have courses on shortcut on him, Flame Express and other ways off making videos as well. So thanks for being. We mean this costs. I thoroughly enjoy teaching it. I hope that you have enjoyed it as well. But most important is that you apply what you have learned, all right, until the next time. This is James. Bye bye.