Full body workout (Home workout friendly) - Cardio, bodyweight exercises and FULL ab-routine. | Marius Gram | Skillshare

Full body workout (Home workout friendly) - Cardio, bodyweight exercises and FULL ab-routine.

Marius Gram, Fitness enthusiast

Full body workout (Home workout friendly) - Cardio, bodyweight exercises and FULL ab-routine.

Marius Gram, Fitness enthusiast

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23 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Homeworkout intro

    • 2. Cardio Introduction

    • 3. Cardio

    • 4. Legs

    • 5. Pushday (Chest and Triceps)

    • 6. Pullday (Back and Biceps)

    • 7. Shoulders and abs

    • 8. Slidning knees (Upper)

    • 9. Reachouts (Upper)

    • 10. Straight leg crunch (Upper)

    • 11. Full situp (Core)

    • 12. Jackknives (Core)

    • 13. Planche (Core)

    • 14. Advanced bicycle (Lower)

    • 15. The Frog (Lower)

    • 16. Candle crunches (Lower)

    • 17. Circle of 8 (Lower)

    • 18. Hanging (Lower)

    • 19. Sideplanche (Sides)

    • 20. Mountainclimbers albue (Sides)

    • 21. Oblique cannon (Sides)

    • 22. Straight arm mountainclimbers (Sides)

    • 23. Outro

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About This Class

This program will help workout both shoulders, back, biceps, chest, triceps, the top, lower and upper region of your abs and more! I've created a program that is quite flexible, which has the intention to motivate you to stay more consistent! And it's home workout friendly!


1. Every week, have a look at the training manual.

2. Choose your exercises (try different ones as much as possible)

3. Have a look at the cardio-program and you're all set!

I have done this program 2-3 times already. I'm really nothing special - so if I can do it, why wouldn't you be able to? 

Meet Your Teacher

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Marius Gram

Fitness enthusiast


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1. Homeworkout intro: have a welcome to my program. This is a homework appropriate and almost a full body worker. This will also include a super efficient carrier program, which is super easy and super quickly done. Move looking at shoulders, just triceps. Lex. Even bicep with elastic bands awaits. The whole program can be done s a buddy worker except that vice apart. You'll be needing either weights or a lesser offense. And for the F exercises. Is that essential for Kewpie Nice with a yoga mat? 2. Cardio Introduction : so welcome to the Collier programs. There's mail includes interval training, which is super efficient. When we're trying to get our heart rate up and as we get our 100 up, we will burn calories. Actually, since this is a killer exercise, this is the only exercise I included in this program, which should be more simple for you guys. And he said to stick by in the training plan, I've mentioned that you should do cardio at least 3 to 4 times a week. This includes the internal program, but also just walking 10-K steps a day, 10,000 steps a day. Although if you already have a hobby, for example, football happens on whatever something within increased level of exercise. It is possible for you to substitute your hobbies with a cardio program. For example, if your training football 2 to 3 times a week, you can substitute those trainings for the cardio trainings, although to get the best results issued minimum do one cardio session every week 3. Cardio : 4. Legs: So this is the level body section of this program. In this programme, we were doing escorts, jumping lunches, cal phrases as well as Burpees. The escorts will especially work the back of your thighs when performing these, remember to be slow and your weight down and explosive on your way up for the next one jumping lunches. These will hit a little different muscle groups and killing the front of your thighs, and also add another cardio to this program. Next up is to cuff races. He speaks for themselves as they target your caps when performing. These have a control form on the way down, as slow as humanly possible and on your way of trying to be explosive. If possible, you should stand on a weight or book to elevate yourself a little bit so that you heels could drive further down on the ground. Also have included purpose. This is almost a full body workout, but I have included this since it's a killer cardio program as well as good exercise for your legs 5. Pushday (Chest and Triceps): Hello. Welcome to push they. As you read in your training manual, you'll be doing narrow pushups, diamond push ups as well as white pushups off broad push ups. This is only three exercises for both triceps and chest. But if you do these correctly and controlled, these will be more than efficient. First off, we have the narrow pusher. Your hand placement is as narrow as possible, which will really focus. The triceps of yours tried to keep you bump down on your back straight. I'm a push up is also quite narrow. Actually, the most never push up you can do. You hold your hands in a tranquil and still devote yourself onto your hands. As this is done correctly, you'll feel it burn in your triceps as well as the Olympics off. You're just lastly, the white push ups. These are meant to target the white range off the chest, pay close attention to my hand placement as the hands are starting tilted outwards. This results in your chest being engaged as well as your biceps. To some extent, 6. Pullday (Back and Biceps): Hello. Welcome to the pole section of this program, which includes back and biceps. So for the back exercise have included the butterflies and the wise. These are meant to target the top of your back and also your let's for the low beck. I've included a back exercise on the ground. These can also be done on the table on a chair or something that elevates you from the ground with a weight of some kind, which will make the exercise even harder for the bison. Part of this program have included hammer curls, normal grip and under grips. This can be done with a weight in a lower average or with an elastic band in the higher revenge. 7. Shoulders and abs: So this is the shoulder and EPS section of this program. First up, I've included the scope in, push up the pipe, push up as well. That's the front races to check out The interior or front dealt secondly have included shoulders for hands as well as literal races to hit the literal or mid dealt off the shoulders. And lastly, I have included the Rio tell races so hip for serious or real dealt off the shoulders for uppercuts. I've included various amount of exercises. They either attack at the top region, the mid region or the Norwegian off this expect and it's all marked in the description off every video. 8. Slidning knees (Upper): so this next one is called Sliding Knees. It will target the upper the upper part of your six pack and make sure that your hands are sliding all the way to knees a little bit on some of it. And as you can feel the start of you shins, slowly lower yourself back into position. 9. Reachouts (Upper): so this next one is called Hell two toes. As we've done in previous exercises. Try to strain your licks as much as possible. While you're holding your necks as straight as possible. Try to touch her heels. I usually feel burned in the top Abd animals. These are also called reach outs. 10. Straight leg crunch (Upper): so this next one is called straight leg crunch. These birds tried to straighten your licks as much as possible. If you're not that flexible as I am, I'm not that flexible. And he's tried to straighten your legs without bending them too much. Try to get your head almost all the way up to your knees and then no, you so back them. 11. Full situp (Core): this exercise is a standard full Sit up. This might seem a bit boy for some of you, but if you keep the correct form and do it slowly, these are super efficient and will work out both the top mid and lower part of your tunnels - up . 12. Jackknives (Core): this one is called the Jack Knives. You should already be familiar with this exercise. This is an extremely efficient exercise, since it will work out both the upper part of the abdominals, the lower part and also the coal. This exercise is meant to be explosive, but remember, it's better to do it slower and maintain form while doing it. 13. Planche (Core): So this exercise, you should know by now it's the plank again. This might seem a living going to some people, but the plank is super efficient when we're trying to regard your core or your midsection off the abdominals and you get that overall strength to make your abs. Pablo, when you're laying in the plank, try to sign you up tunnels. You do this by sucking in your belly button, so to speak and at the same time push your bump down. That's very important that you don't have your bum too high. That's what, though, but just keep it in a straight position for the best results. 14. Advanced bicycle (Lower): right, So this next one is called the Advanced Bicycle. Or at least that's what I call it. These will work out your upper abdominals, but since you're holding your legs on the way down, you also feel quite a burned in the low weapons. Try to do these as control as possible. Don't try to rush the exercise, but tries to feel the burn throughout the whole exercise and get that mind most connection . 15. The Frog (Lower): the next exercise. I like to call the front. Maybe it will target your lower abdominals, but some of you might also feel it in the upper ones. So the key take away here is to get your knees all the way to your head. And as you lower your licks, you hold your legs and aesthetic movement. This exercise doesn't look like much, but it hurts. - Also , you should end every effort e with back exercise. We do this to balance accord and make sure everything stays aligned. 16. Candle crunches (Lower): this next one is called the candle Conscious. This exercise is meant to target the lower part of your six pack. When performing this, you should try not to roll too much and get momentum to get up, because I will make it easier for you and not work out Europe's. You should avoid having the hands on the ground. Instead, put the hands in front of you, and as you go from exercise, straighten your legs and you'll feel the Bern. 17. Circle of 8 (Lower): so this excess is called circle of eight. It's made its target in the lower abdominals. Make sure to do the exercise in full range of emotion, meaning that you get all the way out to both left side and right side. Also on the way down, tried to Julia licks as long as possible. I'm trying to do this, even though it doesn't seem like that. 18. Hanging (Lower): these ones are tough. Is it called? They're hanging else. It's. These can be quite difficult for some, and some of you might not have the right equipment. You can substitute these exercises, but a few tips for these is that when you pull your legs to watch you, you should try to excel. You will naturally strengthen your core, and as you strengthen your core, you will stop that momentum. Also, the tighter grip you have, the less momentum you have and you'll stop swinging in the bar. 19. Sideplanche (Sides): So this exercise, it's called the site. Like this one works the core and the midsection off your six pack, just as the plank. But at the same time, since we laying on the sites, you will also be able to work out the abdominals, which is super nice. When you're laying in the plank, try to tighten your abdominals. You do this by sucking in your belly button, so to speak and at the same time push your bump down. That's very important that you don't have your bum too high. That's what, though, but just keep it in a straight position for the best results. 20. Mountainclimbers albue (Sides): there's next excesses called mountain climbers. Maybe it will target the side of your stomach, also called you a bleeps. Their beaks attack it as you twist and turn your stomach. Therefore, it's important for you to get your knees all the way to the elbows. 21. Oblique cannon (Sides): So this next one is called the Oblique Cannonballs again. That's a made up name. But these are absolute killers for the side of your six pack or your obliques. I just see in the video in the book, you should try to synchronize your movement so that your legs move the same speed as your arms so that when you're doing the movement, your knees and elbows will meet somewhere in the middle. 22. Straight arm mountainclimbers (Sides): this next one is called ST On Mountain Climbers. As we saw in previous months of flavors, you will would be sitting on your elbows this time. You having your arms straighten all the way, meaning that these would be a little bit easier to do as you could do it quicker. But since you're doing them faster now, they also work a little bit of cardio. 23. Outro: if you come this far. Congratulations. I hope you have learned a lot from my cause. You didn't reach her goal this time. I'm sure, you know have the tools to maintain a healthy living and most certainly do it next time.