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Full Guide to YouTube Channel Management: Intermediate Level

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (3h 17m)
    • 1. Introduction To Intermediate Section

    • 2. Channel Layout

    • 3. Better Logo & Banner

    • 4. Channel Topic (Intermediate)

    • 5. Types of Videos (Intermediate)

    • 6. Video Workflow & Recording Techniques

    • 7. Intermediate Editing

    • 8. Live Thumbnail Creation

    • 9. Uploading Workflow

    • 10. Visibility & Publishing

    • 11. Uploading Schedule & Consistency

    • 12. Understanding Analytics

    • 13. Music & Copyright

    • 14. Additional Tools

    • 15. Batch Producing

    • 16. Channel Growth Time

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About This Class

Welcome to TubeHeroes: Intermediate Section!

Here we concentrate on expanding of your YouTube channel and establishing it as a platform powerhouse:

  • Learn How to Layout a YouTube Channel

  • Learn Recording Workflows;

  • Learn Editing Workflows;

  • Learn Analytics;

  • Learn About Music & Copyright;

  • Everything is here, from basic software to advanced YouTube practices!

This course is going to be great not YouTube Beginners, so you should already have a YouTube channel!.

Disclaimer: This is an INTERMEDIATE Section of the course! If you are the beginner Please Refer to BEGINNER Course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction To Intermediate Section: Okay, welcome to an intermediate section and congratulations on finishing of the beginner section. I hope you already gone through everything. You've gone through everything that probably you are already done, anything, everything in the video intersections in advanced, meaning that you already had a YouTube channel, you already had a YouTube video if it didn't have, well, go back again because you need to have a YouTube videos in order to continue here, because majority of the things that you'll learn here will be built upon the knowledge that you already have a YouTube video. So we're gonna go through some stuff that you need to have a YouTube video and YouTube channel. So again, congratulations on the creation of your YouTube channel. I wish you the best of the journey because this is the fun that you were not, cannot forget anytime in your life. So as we did in a beginner section, we are gonna go through some key things in the intermediate section, very, very little, very, very small things that you are going to learn in an intermediate section. So what is intermediate section? Which part is this one terminates section starts with this lecture and finishes with the growth time, a lecture. So meaning that the lecture before the introduction to advance. So that's, that's you, you probably understand all the lectures between introduction to intermediate. Introduction to advanced is going to be an intermediate section. So who is this section for? So this section is for the people with the setup Youtube channel there, meaning that people who had a YouTube channel having the basic logo, basic description, basic and about section, basic banner, et cetera, et cetera. And what the people who has at least one video on the channel. Why did I say at least one video in on the channel? Well, because despite we in the beginning of section, learn how to upload your first video. Probably people who already had the first video uploaded on the YouTube channel and maybe few videos. They want to learn more about the YouTube. And that's why you are here on an intermediate sections. So many of you have at least one YouTube channel or YouTube video on the channel. That means you already are in the beginning of the journey. And now you want scale. You'll want to just go and increase them, build upon whatever you have built in the past. So what is the goal of this section? Well, the goal of this section is to get you familiar with all YouTube tools and set up to steadily grow. So meaning that you want to set your opportunity to steadily grow Ming that we will learn every thing well at practically everything, net-net everything because we are going to go through some advanced stuff in an advanced section. But we are going to get familiar with all the tools that YouTube actually is providing to you. We're gonna go through a lot of different tools and we're going to learn about some external tools as well, very, very little about external tools as well. Just to get you all the things that you need to pump out the video. So after this section, you're going to start pumping out the videos one after another, more and more and more and more. And he'll again, you will get familiar with the tools and scale your YouTube channel. So you already have the most difficult part, your first YouTube channel. And now we are going to go through and just create more and more and more and more videos. So the key here is to get you creating more and more videos. Majority of the channels on YouTube, not just majority of the gentleman, probably 90% of the channels on YouTube, including the largest ones, including this media on securing the smallest ones, have the knowledge of an intermediate level. They do not have knowledge of an advanced level because whatever you are going to learn it and advanced, I'm going to teach you of course in advance. But when you finish the intermediate level here, intermediate section, you will have all the knowledge that you need to create a great YouTube channel. All the knowledge that you need. And how you will start using this knowledge is what you will determine, what your future on YouTube will be, how you're using it, how will you use it more and more and more however long you are willing to continue your persistence that will define everything for your YouTube future. All the tools that you will need for you to growth will be given here you see already the lecture names. And again, additional probably get expanded in the future. But for now this is what it is right now. And you will get all the knowledge that you will need to grow and pump out the YouTube videos. So again, I'd like to congratulate you on the finishing of the banner section and if beginning of an intermediate section. And I hope you will get through this knowledge. Unlike the beginner section, where you would need to go through one video after another. Here, it's a bit different. It's highly recommended to go one video, one lecture after another, because some things on the later lectures are built upon the knowledge that was giving in previous lectures. But you will need just, you can just skip some lectures and go through the other stuff. Even though I highly recommend you to go through every single lecture, one after another. So beginning of this section was built one after another. Here it is more kind of mix of the building and the random lectures. And Advanced will be completely into the advance. Like a random for things that you could just watch it in whatever continuity that you want. Well again, congratulations, and let's just start with an intermediate section. 2. Channel Layout: Okay, let's now talk about channel layout. So for the ones who doesn't know, what channel layout means, is it how your channel is actually built when you go to my channel, for example, this case when I press right here plus your channel and I go to well, my counsel, but that takes me where my channel is. It is how the videos are structured, how the channel looks like, what videos pops ups first, the part of the general layout of course is a logo and that the banner as well. But we talked about Logan, a banner in the beginner section. So you'll have like, oh, if you want some beginner descending, go there. We're going to talk about a bit more advanced step in the next lectures, but we're going to ignore the banner and logo for now. And now we're going to talk about all the, the general layout. For example, this feature channel. How would it look like all the videos, how they are structures, what we research showed first, in what view and et cetera, et cetera. You want this to have a structured as possible. Now the question, why, why do you need the structure and why it is so important? That's because when individuals are coming to a channels and know that more than half of the people who subscribe to your channel is coming towards your channel page. They need to see a good channel layout or this channel is one of my challenges, actually gaming channel and which I upload there every single day. I don't have a lot of music and C is a quite a little amount of use. But some, some videos are actually pretty, pretty popular, having a few thousand views. And they are just doing pretty fine, this challenging, pretty fine for me. And the majority of the subscribers and views are coming because of this channel layout is very, very important to have very good channel layout. Y, again, when we weren't coming to your channel, they see the amount of content that you have, the amount of structure that you have, the mount of videos that we have. And they immediately, we'll think about subscribing because they have something to subscribe to. Basically, they don't have a single, only a single video that they like. They can watch a bunch of videos and they want to go to the videos tab and they go and watch all of those things and go and do different stuff, etcetera, etcetera. So they have a reason to subscribe. Now, how would you need to build up those channel layout? So to do so, right now we're in a new YouTube channel layout. All you do is just go and press customized channel. You're going to go and press customize channel. And that will take you to the channel customization. In this case, for today, what it does, it takes me to the YouTube old, old view, and that's the Old Place de we can customize. I didn't always in the future it might change, so depending on when you watch this. But it just took me to the old YouTube channel view. And first thing that you will need to understand is what you're viewing the channel as. You're viewing the channel as yourself, as a new visitor returning subscriber, you don't need to choose any new versus returning subscriber for now. For now you need to view it as your Self. Then the second thing that is important to you that you need to take really close attention is this tab right here. This tab has a switcher. It's for returning subscribers or for new visitors. Meaning that Two different types of people. We'll see two different things on this tab, returning subscribers for me, for me, you will see this video and new research will see this video. As you can see, it's smaller for their tariff subscribers, bigger for the new visitors. Because usually this place is reserved for the channel trailer. You are uploading a channel trailer here only. This is the only Tab and only place that you cannot move anywhere in the YouTube channel about all the other tabs. You can move up and down whatever you want. But this is always on the top. For the returning subscribers, you usually want to have either your latest video or the video that people want the you want to watch this video and you all we all need to do to change this is by pressing this pencil button and just go and edit. And you can choose whatever you want. You want a video or if you want an entire playlist here to show up, you can do whatever you want. So for example, I have this video, and instead of showing this video, I can just go and put the video in the playlist where this video is actually available. And I can't even change the heading of this thing basically right now. And the people we're going to click this, they're going to click this play all, not just only the one with the entire series, five videos, which only two are available for now. But when they will go there and they will just go and watch entire series for the new visitors. It's completely different thing for the new visitors. It's the channel trailer place. This is the video that you want your visitors to watch right away. It's usually the place reserved for the past video that you have or the most popular video that you have, all the video that mostly represents your channel, or the video that you chose as your channel trailer. Now, speaking of the channel trailer, many YouTubers will tell you that all you need to pull the channel trailer in order to explain what your channel is all about. In my opinion, what I see from my experience channel trailer does not affect your channel growth. Because in today's day and age, in past maybe it worked. But in today's day and age, people just simply do not have time to listen to your marketing pitch for your channel, just why they should subscribe to your channel. They see the videos, they can scroll to the videos, they see what you're uploading. If they want that, they will subscribe the dual need your words for it, your channels to speak for yourself and your video should speak for itself. And for that reason, I highly suggest you to put your best video or the video that mostly represents your channel right here. You can change the same right here. This he said the change trailer or removed trailer. You can have a change row, you can actually remove it. They have nothing right here, but we can press chain trailer and the same thing that you did in the returning subscribers. But unlike background, you cannot do playlists here. You can only do the just single videos. You can just if you want to add videos under two minutes if you want, or this is what's actually my channel trailers back in a day. Or you can go and do the other things like the newest or something else to them, other things. So just cancel. I'm not going to change everything. Next thing is that you will see all those things are the channel layout. Things, basically the things that you can put in a channel layout. Because I have a lot of videos even though this is the intermediate section. But I had this thing is more towards more advanced types that have a lot of videos. You can start creating these adenine and intermediate level and then just go to the future however you want. Right here I have just upload right here. This is all the latest uploads. And the thing that you will see that different from each and every list you here is that you have two types of lists. This is a vertical row, I think AS a vertical list, this list is called vertical lists, and this is the horizontal row. As you can see, I interchange them. The playlists are usually just air in horizontal row and different things like serious and ABAB, Apollos and sub R in those vertical lists. So is it, is, it doesn't make any difference. No, but it looks good because it looks good. It is more attractive for your viewer. So just changed this view however you want. So I'm going to just do a show you one example of how it is done. I'm going to just go and remove this one right here, just to show you how it is done. When you go down, is you have for you to be near the top. But for me it's on the way down is an ad section tab. All the engineers press Add section right here. Or if you want to change whatever existing section and compress the same thing on section, it will do exactly the same thing. And you can select the content that you want. You can add videos or including popular readers and uploads. You're liked videos if you have it. Oh, of course unlocked. I don't suggest that you do like videos, posted videos. I don't know what's the difference between posted videos and Apollos is basically the same as uploads live now, what's shows you if or lie now, I have my NOW tab right here. It will when I will be live it to show me right here. She'll do my my subscribers right here. Your upcoming live-streamed, your past life streams, your playlist in a creative way. They single-player, they say playlists, multiple playlists, posted playlists. Your channels, for example, were channeled to subscribed or custom grouping if you want to show off the specific channels that you want. Or if you have a recent post and lock the postman will unlock. I think it's an Oxford, a few thousand subscribers, I don't know exactly. I would my one of my channels, I have posts on luck, but I have it on 5 thousand subscribers, so I don't know exactly when it how do I do remember? It was quite a while ago. So this is the posts. If you want to put it. For example, I want to put my past life streams right here. What I will need to do is to select right here is I will select my past life dream. And because I have selected my horizontal row, which we'll show it right here in this way. But if I want to change in a vertical list, I'm going to press like this and to show it in this way, I'm going to press your more N2 will be expand more and more and more and more effectively because it will just stop it eventually now because it return back right here. And if I want to put it up and down or above, anything else, or etcetera, etcetera, all introduced. Just press this arrow, press this arrow, and it will go up and down, up and down. I don't need it to be there. I'm just going to put it in the last place or sometimes you just relax and just oh, okay. It's worried enough. It does not want to go down. For some reason. Okay. Whatever it's it's it's a problem with my customizations and don't worry about that. Probably I will need to just refresh it. And it will just fix itself and sometimes it just lax and have some problem as you can see, like in my case, agent disappeared because I deleted it in the past. I will just put a past life student right here, put horizontal rule and done. That's it. All I need to do is just put it in the last place or now I'll just put this alive now tap a bit higher. Just because to let my viewers know when I'm alive with they will go to my channel right here. I'm going to put it EBIT more above. Did like that. Just like that. And yeah, just like that. Now, just like that. But when I'm live, it's going to show it above everything. I can put it higher than this one because I cannot put it higher than this for returning subscribers tap, it's impossible. This will always be on tap and forming new institutional B on top. For example, for the playlist, in my case, I've called it series, but you can change the name of the playlist as well. You can press Edit right here. As again, as a kid, see you have multiple plays, vertical lists and AB, AD police, I just edit in each and every place separately and he just showed right here. Just work with it, play with it, make it look as full as possible. Just fill it up as much as possible. Tried to use vertical lists instead of horizontal rows more often because it takes a larger amount of space in it. Looks like that you have more videos, for example, have a Apollos and just popular videos and play this and it will just fill out the entire screen. When someone will come in. You need to have filled out entire screen for the people took to watch, have your entire screen foo, if you don't have enough videos, don't worry about it. Just, just continue filling it out. As your videos come out. Have Ed, Ed playlists at videos. It will fill out eventually right now on this channel I have a 100 videos. I'm not sure about this exactly at more than 200 videos. So it was pretty easy for me to fill it out, even though many of the videos we'll just repeat like for example, this videos are repeating. What one of those are repeating, etc, etc. It's still quite full. So don't worry about this. One thing that you will also need to add is defeated Richard challenge. If we have any other channels, always add a feature channel, press Edit module right here, and add a feature channel. If you have, you can call it whatever name that you want or add hover amount of number channels that you have. You have, you have other channels. Or if you want to check other channels to promote this. A good thing if you weren't with other channels and you want to cross promote each other, you can do this right here. So do this 100%. Another thing that I want to teach you in the channel layout is distinct right here is, it's more and more close to the barren stuff, but I'm going to teach you in this video. This is your links that you want to include on your banner. Just always use, always have links right here because you never know when people just want to get in touch with you or just through Facebook, through Instagram or Twitter. And only introduced go to About section right here. It's about, and you will have a links right here and press the pencil right here and add the link name that you wanted to call. And then at just blink, add the icons will appear automatically depending on a website that you do. Now all the websites are doing the same thing, but it will do a photo websites that are in the database. You can go and select a five links you can go. I don't think that you have a limitation on the amount of links that you can add. You can add actually or whatever number of links that you want. But only a few of the links will appear on the channel art. Not all of the links will appear. You can add only up to five links on the channel art. Right here will first one will be the full name. The second one. The other four will be just general icons and all the rest will be, will appear just right here. All the rest will appear right here if you want, have it 100%. So this will be for the next lecture. Let just move to the next one. 3. Better Logo & Banner: In a previous module, in the beginning of module, we'll learn how to create logo and banner, and we already have some understanding of what do we want. We already started to create a channel and now we need to improve upon our logo and better or, or I can say that we need to improve upon entire art of our channel. This may include thumbnails as well in the future or VM, we can go with a thumbnails later, but we can include, and we'll talk about thumbnails in this lecture as well. We can talk about some n screens, some any art that we want for our YouTube channel, we need to make them better. It's better to make them better. Now, I don't know that it's a lot of better, but still we need to make them better. And now, because we already have created our channel, we have some idea what do you need to do? And we can improve upon our branding or if I shall say this way. So it's not a final designs, it will not be a final design. Whatever you choose for the logo or banner or whatever you did choose in the past, it's not going to be a final design because it is never a final design if you are improving constantly. So we have a few choices in order how to make better logo and banner. And here they are. We have three choices. First is pay someone to make them. It's basically you will find a designer who will design UL logo and art. We're going to go through this right now just to have some edge, just to give you some idea how you can actually do that. You can learn how to make them by yourself, which is the best option to do, but the most time-consuming because first things first, it's going to be free because you will be able to do it or it's going to be paid depending on what you will do if you'll pay for the courses or something like that. But this knowledge and this experience will stay with you forever and you will know how to make any art in the future as well. Not just right now in legis about just logo or benefit you have right now, you can improve upon this yourself. This is what I have followed myself. I learned to make them myself for the better or worse. And the last but not least, is using a pre-built services that can make you a logos, our banners, or any other art. The example of the pre-built services is, of course, Canada. It was the Canada for the beginner. But there is another service that I'm gonna be talking about in this lecture that is actually far better option and it will serve you probably for far longer. So let just close this down right here. And let us talk about our first choice, which is to pay someone to make you a banner or the logo. And the cheapest option to go with, and probably the best beginner option is to go with Fiverr.com. Fiverr.com is basically a freelance website where you can find a different designers or basic for anything that you want and they will make it for you if you want. For example, a YouTube logo. There is an entire separate thing. You can go and search for all the YouTube logo and you will find a logo designers for any price. Let me just close this one because I am not. I'm not a login right now. You can go on what Prescott it you're gonna confined whatever you want for whatever price is that you want. It actually started from $5. It can go as a few, $100 or $50, whatever prices that you want, all you need to do is just go and look for the logo design that looks good for you. Contact the seller, find the reviews, of course, whether the seller is good or not, and then order these basically making of the logo or you can go for the logo or banner. Usually these things are coming all together and you've got this person is providing an intro video right here. You can go for whatever you want. The second option is, of course, learning for this. There are a lot of great YouTube tutorials to learn the logo design or anything, or any other course websites, or you can go and learn it if you want to do so. And I highly suggest you look this for yourself at your own pace and for your own will. Because I cannot teach you how to learn a design because I'm not a designer myself and I don't know and nobody knows what you can learn yourself. This is the best long term option that I highly suggest you to do so. And if you want to know the things that, which logos or banners work the best for your YouTube channel. And this is actually there is no correct answer in there because any logo that looks good and clean, we'll work depending on what you do, there is no universally good logos are good. Benares. Anything that looks good works. And for that reason the easiest option, probably the cheapest option to go with after this one of course, because this can be absolutely free. The cheapest option to go with is to go with the police. It.com. This is not that place at that net. Sorry, it's not that complex. It.net. This is the website that allows you to build the template for anything that you want. This is not just for the logos, there's not toward the banners, but it also provides you with tablets for the year, for the thumbnails, for intros, for n screens, even for Instagram, for Facebook, for whatever you want, you can go even for clothes, you can go for logos, even need can provide videos, presentation, etc, to its pretty extensive website. And I highly suggest you to go with it. Full disclaimer here, this website is paid, it is not free. Each and every logo that you choose or whatever design you will choose, will have a separate price. But what you can do is you can subscribe for a month probably and just go for whatever unlimited designs that you want. It's cost $15 per month or $100 per year, whatever suits you're the best you can go and choose it and just, I don't know, just subscribe for it and just choose whatever design that you want. Or you can just stay subscribed and change the designs in the future to see which one works the best for you. I will go with an example of the logo. What if you go to the right side and press logos right here? And all you need to do is to enter your brand name. For example, I will do my brand name in here and I will just type Nixon in here. All attitude, its heaviness and press next. And then all I need to do, choose a pick an industry for them. I don't know. Let's just go through the sublet. So let's see the education industry, for example. As I press, let's go. You can press all the designs if you want. At the same time, it will show you all the designs. And here you can go and choose the color if you want to choose the blue and red in this case, or we can add additional choose graphic as well if you wish. It's not a necessity. Graphics. I usually mainly for the gaming channels. So add, if you don't want to do this, don't do it. As you can see, it starts generating different logos based on my name. And it's actually it gets this one's coding bootcamp. He could change the whatever you want. No worries, you can change the world. We want the best option for this website is that you don't need any software to change anything. Similarly, something like Canada, but it has much more, uh, designs are just chooses the fonts and stuff for your like a formidable happy summers, Nixon for kids, etc, etc. You can go and choose whatever design that you want. For example, let's say that I want something like this, that this design looks good for me. I'm going to press this one. It will load it for me. Let's wait until it loads. And all I need to do is just change whatever the graphics that I want. I could change the graphics, I can keep this ones as well. For example, I want, I want this guy right here. And as you can see, you just change it immediately. I can change Nixon or change a text's connection index i and j index Nixon or course. And as you can see, I'm sorry, it just, it just they did need to login to continue editing. I will just log in in a second and I'll be right back. Okay, let me continue. I can press Nixon course. And as you can see, each adjusted size and every tradition of excellence that sounds really, really interesting. You will see that it has a watermark and each and every logo actually cost $40 if you, if you downloaded separately, which is not a greatest thing, or additionally, you go and subscribe for this and downloaded for yourself. You can see an additional logos if you want additional logo designs, you can see if you want this busy right away. It changed my name, my name into this logo design. And just to make me see with whatever I want to see basically right here, Nixon course, Nixon course. It is changing everything for myself. It's incredibly courageous website for you and your logos, you can change whatever the logo design that you want. For example, the, I want this one. This logo design looks very good, but I don't like the color I'd like to read, but I don't like this chocolate. I want this to be a bright blue or something like that. Oh, it looks a bit better, et cetera, et cetera. As you can see, it is very, very simple thing to create. A logo is the same thing. You can go with the banners only introduced for search. Search templates. Go for a YouTube banner as you can see it immediately right away you can go the channel art or video or an orange or whatever you want, coffer banner. And it will load a different YouTube banners. And right away we have a bunch of beautiful, beautiful, beautiful banners, all very, very, very high quality. It can go and this press, this one if we want evil beat herself like that. It looks very, very funny. You can change the arc if you want. You can see that you can load a bunch of different graphics right here. Not this demonic Dude. I'm gonna load someone really different. Let's say this night right here. As you can see it, it changed immediately and it looks very, very, very beautiful. I do like the arrow, I want the different arrow. And as you can see, arrow change right away. I can even change the color of the arrow. Let's say if I want the green arrow or FAR want read, it changes immediately. It is very, very simple thing to do. And whatever you will do here to change the same thing. I don't want evil beat, I want the gamey channel, non-monogamy. John, I want to call this Nixon. I want to call it Nixon right away. It changed by the, by at an alibi knick-knacks and Nick Nixon. And as you can see, it changed everything according to my needs. It has already prepared every single size. It is doing every single thing as it should be on YouTube on a go down right here, it will probably load my names, it gets each changed the name for the Nixon. If you want something that looks a bit different again, you can just go and immediately changed for whatever design that you want. For example, if you like this design, okay, this sounds, this looks very, very cool, or I'm going to press this one and it will change this immediately to the new design and load every single tax immediately to this new logo design. It does not look good because its colors are a bit off. I would not choose these colors. But yeah, whatever you can go and choose, whatever thing you want. It is extremely good website for every single thing that you want, not just for YouTube logos, for private school, for every single design that you want in a highly suggest using that this will help you to get a better logo and a better channel art. And the better you can go into for YouTube thumbnails. I'm gonna go for YouTube thumbnails just to show you that it actually works right here, YouTube thumbnail. And you can go and search for YouTube thumbnails. We're going to talk about unless of course later, but I suggest you to go in the future to go with the custom, someone else. But if you, if you're maybe lazy, we don't want to do your thumbnails. You can go and choose whatever design that you want from here. Well, this will be it for this lecture and let's go to another one. 4. Channel Topic (Intermediate): Okay, let's now talk about channel topic, in depth channel topic because this is the thing that people are actually struggling with. And they are asking in many YouTube comments, in many forums, in many policy on what your channel topic is about, for example, OR created a gaming channel. And nobody's watching my gaming channel, nobody's watching my videos. And the problem is, those individuals don't understand difference between broad topics and the niches. This is a very, very important thing to understand because the broader the niche, the broader the audience, and the harder it is to get people to watch your videos. Let just start with the broad topic and discuss what topic is. Well, broad topic is anything that is broad and contains many niches and sub niches. As an example, I am giving to you is gaming. Gaming is a broad topic. Gaming is not a niche. Gaming is a broad topic for a number of Finance is a broad topic. Beauty is a broad topic, tack is a broad topic. Every single one of those things are broad topics. They're not niches. Gaming, calling gaming a niche is a very wrong thing because you have as an example, I'm going to give you an example. I'm gonna give you, of course, in every single one of them. But calling the gaming niche is wrong because same thing can be called a people that per play, for example, Magic the Gathering, the card collection game, and for example, the NFL. They are completely different people and there's completely different audience. They're not the same thing, even both of them, even though both of them are called gamers, they're completely different individuals, completely different tastes. And you need to think of this like that. You need to go down, you need to niche down. Do not think as a broad topic. Yes, first, choose the broad topic. Jumping from topic to topic is an absolute taboo on a YouTube. Do not jump from topic to topic. Do not jump from gaming to finance, or from finance to beauty, or for beauty to tag, and then back to gamey because you will not succeed because those videos have completely different audiences and you will not be able to gather them on one place. Now, as for the niche topic, each topic is anything that is narrow enough that it interests very particular group of people. As an example, I'm giving to you, strategy games is in each topic, making money from YouTube is a niche topic. Summer clothing is in each topic. Photoshop is a niche topic. S4. To explain each and every one of their strategy games is a niche topic of the gaming. Broad topic, for example. Niche topic is way, way, way narrower. Making money from YouTube is a niche topic of the finance broad topic. And summer clothing is a niche for the fashion. Photoshop is niche for tech or for design or whatever the other thing that you want that is actually broader than this one. You need to go down very, very niche, narrow, very niche to down. But I would call them, call it the nice nourishing down because you will have the group of people, your potential audience will be the group of people that are close and similar to each other. The more similar the people that you are making videos four are, the more closer they are to each other. Better to, it's better to make it easier to create a video that these particular individuals who will like and gather around, you need to be very, very specific. At least. At first, the bigger you go, yes. Situation changes, but at the very beginning you need to be as narrow as possible. There'll be a question of course, that yet the narrower the initiates, the less audiences will have, yes, the less audience, less potential audience you have. It. It will be more difficult for you to be discovered, but the narrower your topic is, it will be easier to retain whomever, Fama, whom our stumbles upon your videos that people will find your topic. We'll actually be looking for your niche. There will be looking for any specifically and there is more likely that they will stay. And this Accumulo will accumulate more and more people afterwards. Niche down as far as possible. Videos that are very closely related to each other make them binge watchable. Binge-watching is another important thing that you need to consider. The narrow their niche is, the closer it is, the closer related your videos are. More videos people will watch and thus increasing the chance of them subscribing to our channel. For example, if you are creating a strategy games and individual that came to a channel, came for the strategy game pituitary again. And if you're playing the games that are actually closer strategy game and this individual sit down and watch every single video about the strategy games that you create. There is a very, very, very high chance that he will subscribe, even if we will watch in other video except the ones he stumbled upon, the chance that he will subscribe uniform. The second video is far, far, far higher magnitudes higher than he will subscribe for the first video. So you need to create a content that has been watchable and it is easier to create a bin watchable content when you are very, very nourishing down. Now, as for the practical examples of what you need to do with the niches and what you can go with your channels. So have a few initiates at the same topic at the beginning. For example, if you are a gaming channel, the Hamiltonian rotating around gaming channels because this is the thing that I know about all it's if you want to build a child, I'm going to talk about this as well. For example, if you're a gaming channel, creates a topic, created niches, kept content about niches that are closely related to it to each other, but still a bit different from each other, for example, creates a topic's about strategy games or about sci-fi games, are about fantasy games all at the same time. Create this video separately. Then two and don't try and go for more than three topics at the same time. For example, if you are creating videos about finance, but talking about personal finance, talking about investing and talk about at an all creating a smaller business online. Like this is a three niche topics that are actually related to each other, but not the same thing. Experiment would no more than three initiates at the same time. Don't go more than three because it will be more difficult for you to create more videos. It's not just that it's bad for you. It will be difficult for you to create videos for more than three initials. Then focus on the niches that drives more views. Like take a really close attention to the videos that are getting views. See that one of the niches will get far more views than another ones. Like eventually not, not, not, not immediately. Like you need to look at them for a few weeks, maybe a few months. And you will see that particular videos will get far more views than the other ones. And you will need to focus on the ones that are getting more views. And then start experimenting with the niches that are closely related to the topic, niche topic that actually drives more views. For example, if you are doing the sci-fi strategy games, for example, you can focus on creating videos about sci-fi RPGs maybe, for example, or Sai PI FPS is. And you will see that if those videos are getting more views than the initials before that, you already understand that you are doing the correct thing, then you will understand that, OK, sci-fi things actually work now. And then you will go and start going up niche, niche later, meaning that you consider everything sci-fi. And then later and later later, you're gonna go with a more and more games focusing more and more niche, experimented with more and more stuff. And then going up the niche, meaning that you will go to more broader towards more broad gaming, or maybe even go and completely go out of the gaming topic in concert and everything that is sci-fi, for example, you can focus on, not just IF I gaming, but you can focus on sci-fi movies. You get focused on sci-fi merchandise, you can go on and focus on sci-fi, maybe I don't know cause playing and you will go at, your sci-fi will become your niche. That actually spans several broad topics. But you need to be very careful that I'm talking about this stuff in a span of months or even years. Not that you will do. For example, sit down and experiencing the three niches in a week, then find out, okay, one video got five more views than the other one. They focus on that video because it got pi More Views and create similar topics. And then two weeks later you are already out of the niche completely and go into creating topic videos about broad topics that is completely bonkers equivalently out of the videos that you are creating at first, no, don't do this. These things that I'm talking with, our experimental initiative should spend months or even years. Remember, YouTube is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It is really, really long marathon. It can become your future work, your future job. So just concentrate on the like that. Do not haste, do not hurry. Don't rush it. Again. Give me some time to find out whether it is good or not. This is the essential thing. Do not rush it just because the certain views are getting a few more sudden videos are getting Few more views today. It doesn't mean that it will get more views tomorrow. And you will need to be very careful because there are some things that is different in the video steadies, not niche related and that might be the ones that is driving the views, that might be that is worrying driving unions. Maybe It's a different interval. Maybe you didn't differ. Now joy, maybe you did something in the middle. Maybe you are in particularly good mood on that day and that's why driving reviews. And then you'll change your niche because yeah, because you thought it was because of this topic of the video and find out that your viewers are completely and interested in this topic. And because it was completely different thing that was driving the views to that video, you need to be very, very, very careful. And the more you will create the videos, more time will pass, more. You will understand it well, this will be it for this lecture. Let's go, let's just go to the next one. 5. Types of Videos (Intermediate): Okay, now you came up with a niche. You have understanding what you want to do. You have understanding what your videos will be about. But now you need to go and think of types of the videos that you create for your channel. Actually, unlike the niche, you can mix and match types of the videos that you create on your channels. Because if the niche is far more important than type, but if you'll stick to the one type of the video, it's even better because people will have a certain expectations for your videos. And from now on, they will trust your videos more and they will know what to expect from a video. So we're going to talk about three types of videos and we're going to go through them in depth right now. So first, let's start with an educational videos. Educational type of videos. It is very, very prevalent on YouTube. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that talk about education. And many people are actually getting on YouTube for an educational videos. So what this video, so let's go through their parameters. So educational videos to educate you about the topic of the video or about the channel. So that means that after the video, the individual that watches your video will go out, go away with a certain skill or certain knowledge. You see educational videos are very, very mistaken for informational videos and information on the uterus is a separate type of interest and we're going to talk. But unlike informational videos, this gives you a long term education about the certain topic. This thing is not related to the things that is happening in an immediate time around your immediate place. This is more a long-term and gives you knowledge rather than information, you have to be very, very distinctive with this educational videos. From informational videos, it can be about any topic, educational videos, these are very broad. It can be made about any, any, any topic that you want wanna educational leaders about gaming, no problem created guides and tips and tricks for education for a certain game. We want to have tech teach how to use computer, how to use microphone up to use camera one ago about beauty, know-how to learn, how to teach how to make, how to apply makeup, how to choose a better clothes, etc. etc.. It's all educational videos and viewers should learn something by the end of the video, debt is very important, should be long term knowledge that they will attain the best thing about educational videos. And it is more longer-term content, evergreen content that people are calling it. And that is very, very, very good type of content because no matter when you upload it, it might give you views. A years maybe down the line, there are videos that I've seen that people are searching for and there are years down the line, it's still directing you use, or even they will start generating views more and more with time. Usually videos are generated maximum views at the beginning and then it will just stable it go down. But educational videos usually. Different because they are generating more and more views later down the line. They go up and then they pick, they plateau and they go down. That's what they do with this is very, very good type of content at the beginning at to lease because educational videos are actually very good searchable content as well. People are searching for this types of videos and these contents are actually low risk and medium reward. You cannot go wrong with an educational videos because people, if people actually gain some value, this is the most value giving for the viewers. Content on YouTube, most valid giving, and this is the lowest risk for you because it's easy. People will go get information and go away, or it will search for more information and subscribe. And this is medium reward because people who usually find educational videos that are specific and looking for them, and they're specifically looking for the specific video, but not for the niche or the topic. So usually when they watch this video, they go away. But because it's easily searchable, it's going through the medium reward type, very good video type. If you want to start a YouTube channel, very, very good of video for the stars. Next is entertainment videos. These type of videos is made for the entertainment basically to entertain the viewers. It can be about any topic and probably the most popular on YouTube is evolved a type of videos. They are entertainment videos, whatever you think or not. These are not vlogs are entertainment type of videos because people are watching them not to gain a knowledge, not to gain information. They wanted to entertain themselves like the skids, funny videos. Well, funny montage is these are all entertainment videos. This the videos that's main goal is to retain viewers attention and entertain while doing it. This is very, very important thing. You need to retain the viewer's attention. It is very hard to attend viewers attention with an entertainment video and you need very specific skills to do so. And usually a people, majority of the people are getting with an entertainment videos on YouTube, but not the majority of the viewers are coming forward and entertainment on YouTube, at least not any more in the past. Majority of the people who are coming for entertainment right now, Maduro not it's 50-50 between all the street narrativity like 1 third for each and every type of the videos. On, on average at least. And it is more molten content content as well. Uh, but unlike the educational videos, ET is not easily searchable content, it's not searchable, but it is easily discoverable because YouTube algorithm is usually very good at showing people those entertainment videos that other people actually found out very funny and retained. Attention and they're people that are entertained. But there is very big asterisk here because a lot of people who are actually creating those types of videos, the entertainment videos are way too many on YouTube. And because of that, it is more higher risk because you have a higher risk that your videos will not get discovered at all. Because your videos, television videos are very difficult to search because it's about your idea, about your stuff, about the things that you find entertaining, or about the other things that you decided it is entertaining. And for that reason it is very difficult to find those content. It has very difficult keywords. People will not know exactly what to look for. And for that reason, you are heavily reliant on sharing your content. And you are heavily reliant on YouTube's algorithm for people to find this videos. And for that reason, it is very, very high-risk and it's still medium reward because of that, if your readers will go viral, and usually entertainment videos are only videos that go viral. Educational videos are not going viral. Entertainment videos are going viral if it will go viral, Yes, it is high reward, but it is rare in a long-term. It is not giving you high ward in the long-term. It's still a medium reward. I would still, I would call it calling the same reward as an education. It's not correct. If the video will go wild, you will go to medium, high to high reward. Yes, but because it is very high risk and it is very, very difficult to discover with an entertainment videos, I would say it's a medium reward. Another thing that people I did not talk about in the medium ended, intended me videos. These are actually majority that gaming videos or entertainment videos like absolute majority the game place, our entertainment videos. And those videos are actually having gaming videos are easier to discover because they're easier to find because people will know exactly what they're looking for. But again, because very high competition, the risk is still pretty, pretty high. Okay, last type of video that we're going to talk about it, informational videos. It is different from educational videos because it is made to you for viewers about particular topic. I would not say that topic outside a news, but to give you more better understanding, it's better to change the word topic for event. It's made to give firm informed people about particular event rather than Topic event that is happening right now or happening in the near past or the near future just to give you information. For example, if you're making video about a topic that's happening in that, that is happening in the near past. For example, probably some situation about government changes and staff, et cetera, et cetera. That is happening right now. What's happening just not a really long time ago, and it's still affects our day to day life right now in a big-time, then it's informational video. But if we're talking about World War II, even though it was informational type information back when it was happening, right now, it is an educational type because it's past. Its results had been cemented in the past. And right now, we are living in the world where this thing will not change. One or two will not change. And this is the very, very big event that can now be changed. It will transform into an educational type, well, informational type, this thing that is about event that is happening right now or in the near past or in the near future. It can be about any topic, absolutely any topic there is no limitation in that it can be ever tack about gaming, about, about beauty, anything it can be about anything. It's different from educational videos. Again, each is different from educational videos. And it is more short-term content, unlike entertainment and educational videos, because the events are happening right now and people are interested in these topics right now. And it is high risk, high reward because a lot of people are interested in, in information and it's happening right at this moment. And it is high risk because you will have to constantly create content about new information constantly. And you will have to compete against more, let's say, high prestige outlets, for example, like TVs or about the bigger challenge channels or something like that, it is far more difficult to compete. Um, and that's why it is high risk, but reward is high as well because you're getting punched and bunch and bunch of using really, really short amount of time. But again, it is not a long-term. And usually the videos they've got maybe hundreds of thousands of views just a day ago will get maybe 20 to 50 views like in just a week later or something like that. It's going down really, really, really, really quickly. And you have to realize that you have to understand that these types of videos is not exhaustive. It's as usual and regular types of videos you can come up with any other type of videos or you can mix and match all this things together. You can create a video steadies at the same time information on educational and entertaining. And there are a bunch of examples of like that. And this videos that are mixing together are usually an amazing thing. And probably the amazing thing will be to mix entertainment with educational and mixing entertainment with informational. Because these types of videos are great, not just to provide the individual with an information or knowledge, but it is great to retain their attention for really, really long time and just to entertain them as well as an example, probably the, the big example that I can give you, it's not actually a YouTube thing, but it's only YouTube as well. For example, show by a late night show by John Oliver, which is providing you with an information it is happening right now. But in an entertainment, thinking like in a comedy show style or something like that, or Daily Show on Comedy Central for example, which is providing you the information in an entertainment manner. They are working the best and that's what you should concentrate on. Choose your bass type of video and focus on that. Or maybe come up with another type of video, whatever you see fit. So that'll be it for now. Let's go to the next one. 6. Video Workflow & Recording Techniques: Let's now talk about video editing or not video editing, video recording of workflow. So I'm in no way shape or form of professional videographer or filmmaker and majestic guy who records the videos for fun and for living. But nothing really professional. I'm doing this as a amature. I can say I'm insured, but nothing really, really big. And here I'm going to give you some things that you need to know for the video editing workflow. Full disclaimer here, again, that every single video that you will create a, depending on who you are, maybe completely different from the things that I create or I even know. So I cannot know what type of video that you want to create. I just cannot know. You can ask me directly if you want for your own workflow. It's not a problem. I'm always available. But every single individual is creating completely different thing which is completely unique to himself. So that what do you, what makes you unique? So just know that my workflow may work for you. It may not work for you as well. I tried to make this workflow as universal as possible. This is very, very simple, simple, simple, simple workflow. And it will work for the majority of the cases, but not for the every single case. So let's just talk about this and then you decide whether this is the best option for you. One digital thing that in air and additional materials I will include some YouTube videos that I myself watch or some courses or something like that. I will include every single thing that I know that allowed me to learn this stuff that I'm teaching you right now that allow me to create a better videos, better lighting, better recording setup, et cetera, et cetera. Because I don't want to steal their ideas. I just want to show you what I learned from and then you can learn it from as well if it will apply for you. So here is recording workflow that you will need to do if you are doing the majority of the type of the videos that we are talking about. So what you're going to divide your recording session into two separate sections, recessions, basically, the pre-production and recording itself, or we can call it production after this comes editing. And we're gonna talk about editing in the later lecture, I'm going to explain that. I'm not just explained the editing. I'm going to show you how to edit. I cannot show how to record the videos because every single video is completely, completely different and you can do so many different things that you need to come up with a recording yourself with your own experience. Unfortunately, no one who can teach you what is your style. That's why cannot I will now I'm not showing you. I wanted to show you how to record the video, but I will just show you how I am recording video of how I feel comfortable to do so. And it will not be correct. You need to come up with what is comfortable for you with time. And I'm pretty sure that you are an intermediate level and you already know what type of things is comfortable for you. And this Workflow, the seven steps will help you to make this a bit more efficient. So let's start with the pre-production. You need to start with the writing of your video ideas and choosing the best one. Always start with the different ideas with a few ideas of for your YouTube video and just choose whether, which one you feel comfortable to create right now, that's what you are choosing. The best one means best one for you right now. Or you can just go and choose whatever you think is the best one for your channel at the moment, I highly suggest you do choose which one you feel to be better. Because again, you are doing this for yourself. If you want to thinking for growth directly, not just for having fun for yourself and having pleasure of creating just for this. Then you can go with the choose the best one which you feel will be the best for your viewers, not for yourself. Then Script, Script, Script, always create the script for your videos all the ways create at least some type of outline. Watch your video will be the text that you will talk, the different footages that you'll need to record, every single thing you need to initially be scripted, prepared in advance because you're a mu may change it a lot of times it just it easier to script first and then change some things in script, then record, and then, and then rerecord anything that you didn't like, just script everything beforehand. I don't say that right. Every single word that you will say at right. Every single picture and every single frame that will pop up on your swear no. And tell Tony talking about only about outlines and only about things that is most important for the video of the key things are the key things. Do not skip details. If you script the details, that's even better because this will increase the time workflow of the recording. Bad. If you go just with the main things, this will be just fine as well. Next is preparation for the recording. Absolutely prepare for the recording. So you would not, in the mid recording, you'll run away. It's looking for the things and looking for the standings, are looking for the microphone, etc., etc.. But better everything. Prepare your lighting. And yet always tried to use a separate lighting or tried to use the natural lighting, meaning that record outside or near the window, prepared your camera or cameras if you're recording with a multi-camera? I sometimes do recall with the multi-camera, but it's very rare. And prepare the sound. It's better to have a microphone separately and I can, I am eroded in recordable ortho and prepare the microphone or microphones. Usually the microphone that is within your camera or phone or whatever you're recording is not that good. Well, it's actually pretty good, but it's better to have a separate, separate microphone or at least the lab Mike, which is very, very cheap thing to have and you can record it separately if you wish to do so, then go to recording. As for the recording, record the main footage, depending on what Grameen footage is, it can be completely different things. Again, I cannot know what your video, your recording, because there are so many different types of videos that you can do and so many things that you can do that I cannot know what you want do main footage will look like will be your talking head chart, will be just your Voice, maybe your main four digits just because you are doing a voice-over, maybe you're doing some gameplay. Just do the main thing that will be for your video, the main thing. Then record the voice separately. There's not after one after another that usually together if you voice usually comes with the main footage. But it may be that you're recording it separately. For example, you are recording your gameplay, for example, on a for the gaming videos, you're recording your gameplay and then after this you are just spinning up the footage and then giving your voice-over that you can't do its habits absolutely Dicer to-do one after another. But by recording the voice separately, I mean, that record your voice in separate track. Mean that you have you should have an ability to manipulate just your voice without a video or separated from the video. That's, that's very important and we're gonna show why I am talking about this. Of course, in the editing session, then record a B-roll if you needed to record it. Bureau is any single footage that is complimentary to the main footage. For example, if you're doing a video review that different shots of the product like good luck panning shots, close-ups, et cetera, et cetera, wide charts. This is what Bureau is basically everything that is not the main footage. For example, in review, you talking is the main footage you talking you or your reviews. A main footage product does not mean footage product is B-roll. So you can record the Bureau and of course, collect all additional footage. Additional footage. It's it's more goes to the editing phase that I get will be a different graphics, different animations that you will need to use. And yet this, if you'll do this, apple right after recording like retooled, it is written in a script. If you have it, it's an unnecessary. It's easier to record it rapidly, collect everything right after recording, then just going through the editing and recording things separately because all introduced that, take all this footage, put it down in your computer or iPad or iPhone or whatever you are editing it and just start editing. Get right away. Again, this is the workflow, very simple, simple, simple, simple workflow that you need to follow. You can follow not that you need. And again, coming up with a workflow that works for everybody is very, very difficult because it is very different for every single one of you. That's why I didn't come up with more detailed or this. Why didn't show how to record? Because whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it for myself and it works for me. And it may not work for you. And I don't just want to show you something that may not work for you. And in editing, I will show you some things that actually works universally for every one, because editing is a bit different and there are things that works for everyone. And I'm going to show you those things. And yes, this will be it for this lecture today and I'm going to continue it in the next one. So see you there. 7. Intermediate Editing: So in this video, I'm going to show you some tips and tricks of the editing that I have learned from experience of being a YouTube URL and what things do work. And to show you just a very basic things that you need to do while editing your video for you to gain as much viewership as possible and to retain your audience for as long as possible. Right now are all of my editing is done on a luma fusion on iPad. And it doesn't matter actually which application you are doing good. Because any tab, at, at least if it will, allow you to have a different video and audio tracks. It can be done into any application like including premier Da Vinci resolve or anything else. So as you see right here, is what I use as my video editing track. And this is one of my videos that I edited for myself and for my one of my YouTube channels. And here I will show you some things for you to understand what things that you need to do. Just step-by-step, very simple things. I'm not going to teach you every single thing that I do right here because it's, again, video by video basis. But I'm gonna show you some few things, very, very basic things that you need to do in all of your videos just to retain your audience, your viewers attention for as long as possible. Because this viewer retention will allow you to gain lar larger watch time. And of course it will transform you into subscribers in the future or bright on this video. So what I will show you right now is I'm going to show you just one project. And this is the beginnings or this was the beginnings of the other video, the other footage that I showed you and what you see right here is uncut footage. Only cut that you see right here is a right here because I'm was recording with my camera and my camera has delimiter four gigabytes and gas in the file of it right here was four gigabytes already and here it just you just teach to the next fall and nothing nothing else. I have to video files right here. Both of the video files have their own audio as well. So this is video and audio combo. So in indifferent footages, you in different video editing software, you might see something, something like this. Instead of having to video and two audio files, like in my case, I'm just going to use to video file because it will be easier for me. And as you see, I have one video file above a nother. I'm not gonna show you below we defined because it doesn't matter. But I'm using bologna to fall because the footage from my computer that I'm actually talking about in this video. And it has the audio track as well because this track right here has a microphone audio recorded as well. So what I do right here first things first that you need to remember is that when you start recording the video, I do the clapping, One, 23. And same thing you can hear in the below a track. I'm just going to let you hear if you want test1 to test1 to test on two. But as you can see, this tracks this voice from down here and watch railroad up here does not match up. So what I will do is I will just take this track. I'm going to, I'm just going to delete later try because I'm going to edit afterwards because he I don't need this right now. And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to match up these tracks. I'm going to put this one because the bass track is all the base rank and it cannot be moved. And I like the top track is connected to the bottom track. I cannot do anything that I can add. Just a little more fusion restrictions. So for other video editing software, it might be a bit different. So right now I just synchronize them, just eyeballing it. And what you'll hear right now is this test1 to test1, test2, test onto almost, almost to the point. If I decrease it, I would see that it's only one frame difference less than one frame difference that this bar is wireframe long. I cannot put it in like gain better position unfortunately because this software will not allow me to do so. But I can just go right here and I can cut it right here. No, no, I'm not going to do this like that. And we're going to cut it something like that. Just like that. I'm going to cut both tracks and delete the beginning and maybe I can, I can somehow just, the top track is just a bit forward. And maybe just if I'll do one track, the idea just gotta beat back. So it is not working, but it's good enough. S21 to test 12. Yeah, as you can see, it's pretty good enough. This is the synchronization of the audio. You can do this on every single track if single video recording and separate microphone. If I was recording on this microphone, this audio right here, then it would be a bit easier for me. But because I'm recording to separate video tracks, it's still necessary to do so because this waveform is what allows me to synchronize the two tracks. Then what you'll see is like, I have bunch of moments, etcetera, etcetera because I've started recording way before. Then I need then either because I was doing a different list of things that I was watching for hours. I did this, some Curtin staff, some preparation, and then after that I started talking. And when it took some time, as you can see, I have a bunch of pauses right here. What do you need to do is put away all the pauses from your video, take them away. You don't need them unless they have some practical purpose. Don't worry about the jump cat's gone, don't worry about them. Cut away all the sounds is no matter how short, DR. not, not until nonetheless, they are very unnatural because sometimes I like, like this pause right here. Can cutting out this pause right here, maybe a bit unnatural, but I think it's still way too long and I'm just going to delete this. And what you will do is we are going to go through entire video just like that and cut out all the silence is smaller ones longer ones, smaller ones, longer ones. All that takes that you didn't like all the text that you read, 2K, et cetera, et cetera. And you will come in to something like that. This will be something like the end result for your footage. As you can see, a bunch of smaller, small tracks right here with a bunch of stuff Adding. And what you'll see here is something very weird. As you can see, I talk right here and then suddenly it jumps frame, then continue, it jumps back, and then continue, jumps forward, jumps back. And this thing, this trick that I use right here, is very, very, very important that will allow you to. Let's say control the attention span of your viewers. Because viewers attention span is not very long. People usually do not have very long attention span and you need to capture their attention like at around five to seven seconds of video. And with this jump cuts right here, I'm going to seconds later than six seconds later, than eight seconds later than nine seconds later. I changed the frames so much that every single frame in the mind of, in subconscious of the viewer. It is a completely different story, tells a complete different story in resets their attention every single time and more often you do. Don't try to do it off. And then every three seconds, the better because every single time you start the new sentence and you jumped a frame, it is basically resets the attention span of the viewers. And this is the trick that allowed me to retain, to change the audience retention. Much, much, much more. I'd like to jump like from one minute to up to 405 minutes per video. Like I'm talking about not the long videos. I'm talking about 78 minute long videos to have an average watch time or four or five minutes. It is very, very, very high. And this little tricks allowed me to do that because I don't have a lot of B-roll. I don't have a lot of text edit. For that reason. I don't have any other footage except me talking. This jump cuts like that. And I don't have any transitions and you jump from here to here immediately. The jump cuts allowed me to be very interesting for my viewers for the longer time. Plus, because all the jump cuts were made on the points where I cut it out, all the silences, although the mistakes that I was making, which is another very powerful trick that you can use. Like use the jump cuts. And like what I do if you don't didn't understand what I do is that this is the normal cut it this is the normal, normal, normal my frame. And then when I've switched to here, I'm going to show you by increasing size, I changed the framing. Basically, I changed from here to here. That's exactly what I did. That's the only thing that I did. And it was extremely simple. It can be done in any software that allows you to work on your framing or allows you to work on different tracks. It is very, very, very simple thing to do, and very, very powerful thing to do is just remember this spring for example, the frame that you change for me was to remember this frame CO2 here, copy this one, copy attributes and then paste attributes you every second part, second clip that I was using or every first, it doesn't matter like I'd ideally it into different, different parts and different clips. And this, this allowed me to have quite more interesting video would far, far, far less B-roll. And you'll see the Bureau on the top right here like on the top lines, top small lines are all the bureaus that I have. As you can see like other than these two tracks, the bureaus are very, very scarce, but still it retains the audience attention by a lot. So use this jump cuts. Just Framing changes on our, if you could do the position changes, for example, if it can change the positions every frame, it would be even better. But yet the jump cuts or just to do just frame changes are doing just fine. So I would not worry about more than that. Other thing that I would suggest you to do that at add a different elements. For example, when I start this one, as you can see, the element pops up right here. That tells who I, who am kinda like subtitle who I am. So people would remember my name if they will come to my video. And after that, I have a subscribe animation. I'll try to include a link to the subscribe animation. Try to include this. Every time. Like I don't remember how many. How often I put I think I put it around every two minutes or something like that. Yeah, it's right here and put it around every every one minutes at the beginning and then every two minutes a bit later in 30 minutes if the video is way too long. So it, This reminds people to subscribe. You're not, you don't need to tell to subscribe. If you'll tell your subscribe, it's better but sometimes you, you're getting tired of it. Uh, you don't want that. Beg people to subscribe. And this thing, the simple animation, just allows you to automate this stuff. What I do, this one, what I do in this one is this is animation like all with the green screen and everything. I talk right here. And then what I do is just, just move this one out of the frame. Lucky in two frames, bam, it's gone. It's very, very simple thing to do and always use an N screens as well in this case, because when you talk in the end, like when I go out and like a token, the end subscribe animation and then screen added. This is, these are the parts where my onscreen elements will show up. And this will just, if people will go to the end, they're most likely to subscribe to your channel. So what the hell, you would not use this. So always use dan screens all tried to include this m screen or I will try to include all the places where you can find in a script. By the way, you can find an screens on place it as well day when I was talking about togas and banners, you can find there as well. But if you want some, something free, I will try to include in the materials this one as well. So this is very, very simple thing plus all tried to use these transitions as well. Transitions are very, very good, especially near the end, like when you go from the talk into this one to your screen, as you can see, this transition happened. And all I did right here, it's like how do, how did I do this? This might be a question. It's very simple. I just took this frame right here and made it smaller and just put it in a on the inner corner there. That's all I did. And then I did transition from the bottom screen as well. Bottom screen newsworthy. This one was because, because this became smaller, everything else became transparent. And for that reason the bottom end screen just popped up right here and they popped up together because I just synchronize them. It's very, very easy like this is just a transition, the same transition done on two different tracks. Very, very simple thing to do. And I highly, highly, highly suggest edges. So this were the tricks that you could, you could use for your videos. Again, there are so many things that you could do with your video. So, so, so many things that you could do? Yeah, one line, say one more thing. I forgot to talk about as the music. Always include the music and do not go for the music on minus more than minus 35 decibel ty, minus 40 to minus 35, depending on what type of music you use is the sweet spot. Don't go more than minus 35 and less than minus 40. Because minuses, because this tale telling more or less a bit differently. So this will be it for this lecture. Always tried to retain viewers attention by changing whatever is happening on the screen. Always tried to show up something different, something new every few seconds, like change. If you don't have anything to show, change the frame, change the framing of shore up some tax or something like that to try to do something to retain attention as long as possible. And this is the difference between the successful and not successful YouTube channel. Because the longer you retain the attention of your audience, the better and the more successful your channel b. So this will be it for this one. And let's go to the next one. 8. Live Thumbnail Creation: Hello and welcome to this lecture. And this lecture will be all about creation of thumbnail. So this lecture will be fully edited. This was gonna be RAW process of creating a thumbnails are. So you'd understand every single process that goes through this will be a bit a long lecture. So stay put. Because we are going to create something like that. This is, I'm gonna go open this, but I'm going to show you how you can actually create a different thumbnails for your videos. So I'm going to be creating in this lecture to different thumbnails. One visual thumbnail, mainly me for the gaming Condon, for example, if you are doing a gaming long plate or walk-throughs or something like that. And second will be on for any other videos. For example, in my case, I do business type of video. So without further ado, let's just jump right into it. So all the editing will be done in iPad. So I do use iPad for my thumbnail editing. So bear in mind that I use thumbnail nudges. Ipad for not just for tabulating, but for video editing as well. So just know that I will be using application called Affinity Photo. I'm pointing my mouse right here. I'm using my mouse just for you to see where my pointer is. Even though if I point my finger, you'll still see where I do it. But you will see all the process with my mouse movement. The application is called Affinity Photo. It's a paid application available only for iPad, but for the max as well now, on the computers if you want this. And it is a very good application. It is kinda like a Photoshop clone. If you know how to use Photoshop, then finally, you can use affinity photo with ease. And if you know how to don't want to use the affinity for all the things that I'm damn doing here can be easily applicable to Photoshop as well. So if in the photo is a paid application, it cause on iPad, I think sometimes it cost $10, sometimes IT costs $2020 depending on where did you buy it? I, for example, bought this for $10, but I know that it's usually goes for 20. And on Mac I think it costs $50, but it's just a onetime fee and like Photoshop, so it's a very good application. I highly, highly, highly recommend this if you don't want to pay for the Creative Cloud on the Adobe service. So let's just start at the creation of the thumbnail. Let's go press plus, we're going to create a new document. And what we're going to do is we're going to choose sighs. I'm choosing these things from, from here. So just don't worry about they just read the numbers. That's all the energy you need to do. We are going to create a canvas with today mentions of eight to 1280 by 720, but basically 720 P DPI. We're going to increase this just for 300. And because we want to make it as clear as possible, this is not very important, but let's just do it for our purposes and let's make the background transparent. We don't really need this, but we will still use this. So without further ado, let's just press OK. And this will happen right here when I use my fingers as well, because I cannot use a two finger gestures on, on, on the iPad with the mouse. And this is the canvas where we will be working. Another application that I use for an iPad, which is completely unnecessary or for any other computers because you basically have, will have all the functionality here as well, is basically helping me to not have a bunch of layers. I just have everything that I need. And the application is called at the graph, which is the moment of the recording of the video is very new application. And I use this just to have a different. Photos available for myself, just different assets available for myself that I don't wanna you don't wanna save in every single thumbnail. I usually in the past I will saving everything inside the layers and I had a bunch, a bunch of bunch, bunch a bunch of layers. And right now I just don't need this because I will just use whatever the asset that I want for this. As you can see, I have two different assets, mainly the icons right here and my faces because I use my face is in my thumbnails very, very often. And if you can't do this, I highly, highly, highly suggest you to do this because your face is kind of like your brand. Yeah, like your logo that nobody can copy and you can have this as your brand and you will have your face on your thumbnails and pretty soon you'll become recognizable. And when people see your face in the thumbnails, they will know that this video is by you. And if they liked you video in the past, they just can go and just use this, a guess, a reference that it's a good video or not. Let's just make it disappear for now because we don't need this. And what we'll think of the first is what type of thumbnails that we want. So I usually create something just like that. I have some type of background. It can be anything, anything basically, but as it should be like something like a pattern type like brick wall for example, or just some like something that is very monotone and can be used as a background. And for this thing I'm going to use an splash. Thankfully, the Affinity Photo has built in and splash, so I can just go and search for some things. And within, in your case, you can go to an Splash.com and search for those there because this is a completely royalty free for us and it's a very good. Alternatively, you can use Paxos or Pixabay or like pixels are calmer, pixelated, come thankfully, Affinity Photo has everything built in and out. This is one of the reasons I'm using Affinity Photo because I was using the DOE exactly those three services and eat his built-in with affinity for which it had black makes me very, very happy. You can just pin it if you want. And what we'll do is we're gonna search for brick wall or some or anything like that. Or I can, I could just go and search for wall. We're gonna search for brick wall. And you can see we have a bunch of different brick walls. So you don't want to concentrate on very bright colors because yeah, you don't want you don't want to use it. You can, of course. Yes, it doesn't matter that much. All you need to do is it's to be a monotonic. For example, try to not use something like this photo right here, we call it because this is not monotone, This one is not monotone. This one is not monotone, but those ones are, let's say, for example, if I take this wall, which I actually used in the past, I'm going to just press and hold it and just take it and put it right here. And it will download this from the splash website and just put it there. What I will do right now I'm going to use my fingers. And what I will do is I'm going to use the Move tool to resize it for the size of the canvas. I'm going to just increase this just like that. And we're gonna point the ad right here. Try to have it edges just like that, but as you can see it, the photo is just way too tall. All I can do is just go and make it exactly the same. As you can see if I will do this, this will not make for oh, look bad. This will make photo look. Okay. And just don't worry about that because this background will not be visible way too much as you can see, we have one image layer and here if you want, you can call it rename it if you wanted to. The background, it doesn't matter. You can just I don't remember how to rename it. Yeah. You can rename it just like that and call it back ground. Just like that. And oppressive background. So you know exactly that this is a background. Then what I will add is I usually have like few elements that I need. I have my background, I have my face right here because I don't want to any tax to be right here because this polices where the timestamp but Mitchell, the length of the video is shown on your video to video. I'm going to put my face right here. I'm gonna put my text right here, or an additional elements on round here. This is how I go. You can mix and match these things however you want. So what I will do right now is I'm gonna go to this place right here. And I'm going to choose, for example, I'm going to choose this photo right here, and I'm going to copy this photo from here. And what I will do is I'm going to go here and I'll go to face board and just press paste. And this is what will happen. And I'm going to put my face right here and I'm gonna put this already right here. As you can see this face of mine, I'm gonna put it just yes, right to the edge and just make it a bit larger, just a bit larger. Not way too are a bit larger. Maybe cut off part of my hair there and just put it just like that. So this is amazed to just make me Luke something at something, just convey some emotion, some different type of emotions. Because usually photos with the emotions, dominance with emotions work best. Don't measure the colors we're going to color correct? This. Later. We'll just first things we're gonna do is we're gonna put some elements that we're going to refine it a bit better and make it look far, far, far, far better. What we'll do right now is we're going to add some text right here. Let's just imagine that we're doing this as a YouTube video where we're going to add this as a thumbnail of our, our video or something like that. And we're going to write the text color. We're going to increase the size first because the sizes which are small decides we're going to use is 96 and the system we're gonna call it. No-no. Didn't write a co-created Neil. And yet it's way too big, but don't worry about this. Should mark and question mark and exclamation mark. And what we're going to do is we're going to call the Text Editor to, and we are going to go to the View to. We don't need to do anything here anymore. And we're gonna get back. We're going to select this one. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna change our font. But I used, are usually used helvetica new. And then I'm gonna go and condensed them bold. Then what I'm gonna do it for typography, I'm going for all caps. And then for the color, i'm going usually for white. Because you're white, texts can be visible, is a bit more visible than the black text. Then I'm going to make it a bit smaller just like that. And I'll make it just like that. We'll text right here. And as you can see when you look at the texts, the white tags or colored text, it gets it gets lost on a background. And what I do, usually as soon as I will just do write it x just for me because I don't like when it's not visible, you can do it. Of course later I'm going to add some effects, and we're gonna go to effects. And I'm going to add some outline. I'm going to press right here and I'm going to increase the radius of the outline as you can see, bam, and he just comes back to life. It's very, very beautiful. It's a very, very good. We're gonna change the stuff from here. We're going to add spent more effects. But I just did it because I don't like how it looks. Beforehand. We can go and sorry, I just did double-click. So double-click changes some stuff. I'm gonna go to the History and get back to the radius. Okay, sometimes it happens, no worries. And then what we will do, oh no, not a contour. We're gonna go back to sold color. We can go to contour if you want. And what we'll do right now is we're going to add some additional type of an image. For example, in this case, what I use is I usually go for the Youtube. I will go for the YouTube because the video is about the YouTube and the people will need to understand that. Yes, this video is about the YouTube. So why the hell not? I'm going to add a YouTube logo right here. And when I did this one like that. And yet, as soon as you go to the image, as soon as you will see the image, I'm going to make this one a bit bigger, maybe a bit more narrower, maybe at a no. Now it does not look that good. I'm gonna make it just like that. Now I'm going to get back. I don't wanna make it look narrow. Yes. Thumbnail. When I met some of them like that. Let's make it to the very edge of the screen just like that, we're going to add some effects later. What I can do is I can make it go a bit more down just to cover my face just like that. Positioning is very, very important. And what we'll do with this one is make it a bit bigger so people understand that this video is about YouTube. And right now what we'll do is we're going to add some effects. We will try to NAD affects the DIS text and this text, what we'll do is we're going to go for the background and we're gonna go and add some adjustments. First things first that we're gonna do is I'm gonna go and adjust some vibrance and make the vibrance at maximum level. And maybe add some saturations as saturation as well because the saturation photos look very good. What I'll do is I'm gonna take this one, this adjustment and put it above my face as well because I want this effects to my face as well. Maybe I'm gonna change this later, but right now I want to and we want to affect my face as well. Then what I'll do is I'm gonna go for the shadows and highlights. Yeah, let's go and look for the shadows and highlights. Let's make shadows more pronounced because the darker the photo and I'm not but not wait too much because it seemed like the shadows are all about my photo my hair. Yeah. Okay. This effect does not look very good. Someone is going to remove this. Maybe I'm going to need to find some curves. Maybe that's what I need to do. Yeah, let's go for the curves and the scope for the spine, or let's make this a bit more darker as you can see, the darker, the better. And just like that, just not tried to lose weight too much color. And just adjusting. This is way too much. And yet this is S type of curve looks. Looks great. Okay, this is very, very good because it looks quite sharp and from behind, and it looks pretty, pretty good as well. So what we will do again is we're gonna take this this dispute affect everything. But what we're gonna do is we're gonna affect background on additional effect because we're going to make a, We wanted to make it a bit dark. We're gonna go and add brightness and contrast. And we're going to add some more contrast because more contrast in the image is the better and make it a bit a bit dark, maybe avoid archive just like that. A bit darker. Yes. Okay. One thing that I don't like as the vibrance here, I'm gonna go and add vibrance adjustment to this one as well. I don't want this to be that vibrant. And actually this looks pretty, pretty good is it looks very eye popping. When you go to the thumbnail, you will see this thumbnail right away. It'll catch your eyes Buddha, bunch of rats and bunch of blues. But we're going to need some more effects here as well. We're gonna go for the text First. Let's change some effects for the tax code for the FX. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna add some inner shadow First, just a tiny bit of inner shadow in the shadow and just go for the intensity for the texts we're doing this for Texas can see eat added some inner shadow there. We can go and increase if you want and you can eat. It gives some kind of a different, like the edges of the textbook darker at the middle text looks brighter. It gives you some kind of a 3D image as you can see. If I'll move this one, you'll see exactly what type of shadows we're talking about. When I take this back. And yeah, this gives you a bit more, a different look what we'll do, as well as add outer shadow as well. We're going to increase radius. We're gonna go to the maximum intensity and we're gonna make an offset just a bit. We're going to just zoom in just to see, as you can see, there is a shadow. We're going to decrease the radius for the offset and just make it like that. It's Ghazi these texts, the shadow gives you immediately 3D image. We can do the same thing with my face as well if we want to do so. And then what we will do is we can actually take the text effects. And what we're gonna do is we can just long press on the text, won't present the text. Just long press, we're gonna press Copy. And then what we're going to go for the YouTube image and go for the pasteboard. And I'm going to paste effects, as you can see, it changed effects right away. But I don't want the black outline for the Youtube. I want it to be white. I wanna go to the effects. We're going over the outline and transform outline color into the white. This is what will happen. And immediately you see that it looks a bit different and it pops up. The color popping is most important for you. The color pops up. I don't like the color of my skin. Anybody, you know what, we're going to lose it. We're going to leave it for now because this is not a very important thing for now. But then as you can see, we immediately got ourselves a thumbnail. There's somebody looks pretty, pretty awesome. There's not much that you need to do. You already understand what this thing is. One thing that I would add as well as for the text, I would add Outer Glow as well because Outer Glow makes it so the texts actually pops up. You can go as much as you can. And you can actually go for the different colours as well if you wish. So if you are more risky, you can go and do so as well. For example, the red looks pretty okay here you can go for the higher intensity if you want, I would not suggest you do that. You can change the blend modes if you wish, but just play with it however you want. I'm going to increase or decrease the intensity. We don't need that much and want increase radius but decrease in intensity. And as you can see, this haze is another way to great, I would change this. My face right here. I'm going to make it a bit larger, maybe a bit larger. And now actually kind of smaller and just increase, make it go up. And what will I will do is for my image, I'm probably add an outer shadow was, well, let's add an outer shadow. Let's increase inside to see where the shadow is going to increase radius. We are going to increase intensity. And now we are going to increase intensity to Max and decrease radius. We don't want it to be black and make it offset. No, not like that. We're gonna go for the angle for an increase offset. Okay. It goes this way and change an angle. Okay, there it is, there it is. There it is. We are going to decrease the radius just like that. And yeah, maybe you want to see what you want to have something like that, to have a shadow or something like that. So you'd cease to seem like the, they, light is gonna decrease intensity. This does not look very intense. It looks like the the lightest heating from this side right here. It looks pretty, pretty good. Don't you think this time it looks pretty good. This does not look very, very overcrowded. This conveys you tax to right away. As for the textbook type of text that you need to write is, well something that sparks interest like this. This one would be okay in our cases. So for the quick thing, but I would sit down and think more about what type of text I would write because usually a bit more time to do so. So other thing that you could do for the tax was without attacks, you can just go and for example, take away the face if you want and just make this one, this logo right here put in the middle and it would immediately change everything and make logo look completely differently even though it's the same thing. Or you could just go and take away the tax entirely and just have this one right away and have this logo without a tax. And immediately I'm gonna make this a position in the center just for you to know that it's exactly in the center. Yes, it's exactly in the center. And this immediately why did move? Okay. Whatever. I'm going to change this back. Center and center. Okay? And immediately it looks completely, completely, completely different. Would a few element changes? As you can see, we have completely different stuff and this thumbnails look good. They are not the best thumbnails ever, but they look good. And people can understand what this video can be about and sparks their interested in either Institute, for example, in the Youtube I have this suggests used VCE graph if you're using it on iPad, because this basically alleviates like all the need to go to photos and just search for photos or have a bunch of different assets in your photos. You can put everything in here and just stores every single photo locally. For example, I have the same for my gaming channel if I want, like different logos, different backgrounds, etc, etc. You can put them in Howard distance you want in on the 2D plane. You can even change the brightness if you want or get rid of greed if you wish. It's a very, very useful application that I would highly suggest you to use. And of course, the Affinity Photo is amazing software that you could use for the video. So this will be it for the thumbnails. I hope this was clear enough. Let just move to the next one. 9. Uploading Workflow: Okay, let's now talk about uploading workflow. So we did our video, we recorded it, we edited it and would just uploaded. I did not show you how to upload this video just because there is nothing really special in it, all you need to do is just go and press create right here in this upload a video. And you will upload the video. You can actually start doing everything that I will show you right here in the uploading workflow. But I highly suggest you to not do this right away because usually you will need to do some tweaks and some stuff, some additional staff. You cannot do while the video is uploading because you will need to watch the video, et cetera, et cetera, and adjust some things, et cetera, et cetera. So I would not suggest that you do everything there. In addition, you cannot do and cards and screens and cards there. So I highly suggest you to ignore this thing that I will do right now while you're uploading the video and do we'd only afterwards so that when we do will be uploaded, you will see that it will be available in and the content right here, for example, in the content and only introduces go into the details and you can edit your content right there. So let's talk about the stuff that you need to do is I'm going to be going through the stuff you I'm pretty sure that you already the majority of the things that I'm going to tell you because you already created some videos in advanced No, before that, mainly in the simple section, in the beginner section. And here we are going to go through this, through some stuff. I'm going to be exploring what everything does and whether you need to concentrate on those things or not. So first things, first title, 100%, be very, very, very thoughtful of the title and choose the title very, very, very wisely stretch you use as long title as you can, but do not cramp it. Jesse, useless with a useless keywords. So stretch you secure that people will be looking for description. Fill out the description with the keywords that you think people might be looking for it but fill out them in the way. So it would be put into context. What I do in my case, I just put it just very, very few line description. And then I copy the title and put them few times within my description. That's all that I need to do. That's all then I'm doing. Then put all the links that you want to include, including two other videos if you want, not necessary, but you can put it if you want. You really, in my case, I see that including the links to the other videos in the description does not work at that much. Usually people use suggested video more or go to the channel itself, or go to the playlist. That's what they do. And they use cards and n screens more than the links to the other videos in the description. Unless it is really, really tied with the things that you talk in the video, they usually did not click it. Use all their feelings, links or whatever the thing is that you want to include in your description. 100% use all of them. And one thing in the end of your description includes three hashtags because the three hashtags will show up. I'm going to show you how it's done. I'm going to press this one and to show up right here, as you can see on the title above the title you see the three. Hashtags, that's how you show up, the hashtags on your videos, they're gonna show up like that. So tried to include them in the end 100%. When you are done with this, always include your audience, whether it's kids or not, and Woolford for It, age restrictions as well. You cannot do this. I think you should do this while you're uploading the video. So you will have to probably you have done this already. And then after that, always, always, always, always go for the tags. One thing that you need to understand is that do the tags just because you can undo the tags, not because you must do the tags. What does it mean? Title and description place far, far, far, far bigger all n wielding up that tax in the video itself plays far bigger role, whatever, how, however high it's shows up in search results. Then the tax, as far as I know, in this day and age tack protects practically does not affect your search terms, your SIR search rankings, but include them regardless, I use to Buddy for my recommended tags and a bit of vid IQ as well. But I have two buddies paid license. I will be talking about Tube Buddy ie, the next videos in one of the next lectures. When I'm talking about this. And Davide q as well, the same things are there. It's just suggesting me different tags and I just use it. I use a keyword explorer for this one, we're gonna talk about researching keywords more in advanced stuff. But if you really, really want this, you can just search for this certain taxed search in the simple one, if we want to search for this title that you want, just search for it in the YouTube and see what titles will pop up. If you will see that your videos, we'll explain this stuff, whatever this is, token, it's better. It's usually means that it'll pop up on the top and just see whatever the titles and whatever the names do not have like overcrowded audience. Like I'm gonna show you just an example right here. I'm going to go to YouTube right now. And what I will do right here is I'm going to type, for example, YouTube Analytics explained this, this, basically this keyword. And what I will use in this case is the vid IQ. And to Buddy, again, I'm going to talk about this in the other lecture, but we will see that it shows you like the highest views and average juice. If you do not get like ever Jews on every 23 thousand views, each will be a bit hard for you to go and compete against these guys. And like average subscribers, 400 thousand. Not very, very relevant, even though, but you need to understand that this things is well, it can affect your search rankings and you should tell it better to do this one is alright here because added in the last seven days, you see that nobody edited the video about this in the last seven days. Meaning that if you upload this video, this might be actually very, very useful for you and for the people who might be looking for it. And if I will see you, if I search for it and maybe I will see my video right here. Because it showed me that I'm my analytics. There it is. There is what, 29 views as against C like this, with 29 views. It has more is Warren top, then this video would 15 Kw reviews with one caveat, with 1K views, with four hundred seven hundred twenty two K views. Because you'd have decided that my videos explaining this stuff better than anything else. So that's why it's on the top. So let's return to the Apple illegal flow. Then what you need to do is go down and always use the visibility. It my case, I always I don't I never basically put the video on public right away. Are always scheduled right here when it all right here you can schedule the video right here. And it should be almost pyruvate before you can schedule this widow, I cannot do this because it's already public. And then always put your videos into playlists 100%. If you don't have a playlists, Kotler playlists and create a playlist skull, press new playlist and created there right away. Always use AMD cards. When a president comes right here, it will pop up the end card description thing and you can just use it if you want a wide showing like that. Okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna change this right away. And I use this end screen for myself inside my videos just to show up. You saw it in the editing lecture. I'm going to describe the changes I don't want and don't need to save this. Always use entries about the cards. Now, carts are actually pretty powerful thing, but they're not as popular as you might think. What you will need to do in cards is goal for the average view count. Well, how our people are watching your videos on average, see that? And whatever people are doing. On average, if they're watching your videos or not, see that, we're going to, I'm going to explain analytics in future videos so you can feed your lecture. So you will see that how we can find out what's your views on average and try to enclose cards near the average watch time. Because average watch time is the place where you people usually do not watch your videos anymore. If you'll put the cards, they're getting them to the other videos, then I'm gonna show you how we can actually do that if you press this one. And for example, for me, the average time is every time is somewhere right here. Somewhere right here. It was summer right now not sovereignty has like every summer right here. On three minutes, for example, I know that people usually leave the channel. Well, back on the 258. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to put a card right here with a video and put something like this on this point. So I would know that our same video, I already did this. So okay. I would like put any video. So I will put the card right here. And so people would go to this video, they'll pop card will pop up right here and they can go to the other video rather than living my video entirely. So this is while you why you use cards just on the points where people usually just dropoff, put the cards there. And you can use this as a means to retain that. It does not work always. It rarely works to be fair bus. But why would you want to lose any views when you can't retain them? So other than that here, there is nothing that you would want to know. One thing very important. And people are often overlooking. Go to more options. And always, always, always choose VDO language. Because when you choose video language here, YouTube will start generating automatic CC or closed captions for your videos, meaning that this is a metadata as well. Youtube does this regardless, but with this, when you have a CCS, it is even better. It's you chose your videos on the top of other videos without CC because this is considered as a boon for your video. So 100% use this, select the language, always select the language and select category. Select the language because this will generate CCS and it usually it's very, very accurate. In many cases it just misses, but I would not worry about this are usually it's very, very accurate. So just use this for yourself for, as an additional point of metadata. The same thing as, for example, the, I forgot, I forgot the name. The tags. Tags are not very useful, but still you need all the help you can get, at least in the beginning of your channels journey. So this is the things that you need to concentrate on the video, of course, you upload the thumbnail. We I think we already crew yet. We already talked about thumbnail. You can select right from here, it will pop up right here. You can select this, or usually I do upload terminals from my Youtube Studio mobile. We're gonna talk about this again in future lectures, just a few lectures after this. And I put it right here. You can upload it from this place because this is where the upload custom thumbnail will appear. You can press right here and coupled or if you want to compress a chair options in the change if you want or you can download it from here because it will be very, very low quality. And yeah, this is all that you need to do. One more thing. Tried to include emojis or something like that in your description because this help and lines isn't like that because this helps YOU viewer to concentrate on the separatists, on the certain things in your description. Tried to use this because this will help you. So this will be it for this one. Let's go to the next one. 10. Visibility & Publishing: Okay, let's now talk about visibility and publishing. We actually miss this in the uploading stuff would just skim through it very, very quickly. And this is very important. In order to access visibility section, you need to press wall prep price value in the video details right here. And you will have a several options with your visibility and publishing. You can have several published right here, or you can have a schedule. This is the two sections that you need to take attention, pay attention to you. So while you upload a video, you usually upload the video as a private video. So what the private video is? Private video is a video that is available only for you, only for the upload there. So this is made only indicates that you want to just to save videos for the later consumption or for the later use. This is all not only for you. So if you upload a video and private is going to be available only for you. It's not gonna be available for everyone, not only with the link, nobody nobody can access and find. The video can be available only for you. So I suggest you to use the private only. Before you're going to use some metadata. You're going to use some thumbnails, et cetera, et cetera, until you finish working on video itself and until video is ready to be released. Next is unlisted. Unlisted video is type of video that can be found, not can be found, can be accessed only if you have a link or it is in a playlist and cannot be found or in a public course through search so people can stumble upon unlisted video. They can send a link to them and then only they can get their so unlisted videos are used only if you have a type of videos that, that you don't want to be looked into public. Or if you want to share a video with someone without getting in an algorithm and potentially getting seen by recommended and by everyone. So that's the only place that you want to see your unlisted or if you want to do it in playlists because implant this playlist still made me might be public and the video will be unlisted in it. And still it can be accessible only through playlists. And public is, of course it's public. It's just publicising the video, which is very, very good thing. That's only thing that you can go and share the video with everyone. And when you go with the public, you have an access to as an instant premier. I'm gonna be talking about premiers abit later through the schedule. So if you go with the public and then press down and press save, the video will become public right away. So next option we have is a schedule. So scheduling means that you want to go and make video public. From private, you cannot make scheduled video from unlisted. You can make scheduled video only from private. You want to video make public from private on the certain time. That's the thing that I use always. I just scheduled video on the certain time of the day, every single tie on Day that I want to publish my video, you can select the date right here. It's usually show is usually showing you it in time zone like in my case, it's the GMT plus four. You can plaster it. Here's, it's basically it's your own time, so it's not going to be a problem. So if the date and then press done, if you'll press a premier, then this video will be scheduled as a premier. If you don't know what Premier is. It is type of scheduling when your video is actually not just being public and just view it will forever one is being released as a Premier or something like a live stream. So your subscribers will get that video will be premiered on a certain date and it will be available. People can access, people can see this video, but when they open it, they will see the video will premiere on the dates that chose right now. On let's date two minutes before that time that you chose, two minutes before the time that he chose. The timer timer video will start playing. Two minutes. I don't remember or 1 million? I think it's two minutes if I'm not wrong. Tumulus before. While it he's on while the video is ready for the premiering, you have an access to the chat as same thing as a live stream, then there will be a chat right here. And people can access the chat and just Token to chat, etc, etc. And after that, your video will start playing. People cannot scrub through the video. They cannot go back and go back. What? They cannot go forward. And the video will play in its entirety. And after the video is done, then the dual will be available for everyone to watch. So this is like an experience for your viewers and subscribers. You will have more or less amount of subscribers. That's a really good way to communicate with them in a two and ties the communication with your videos. I'm not going to save this one because I'm, I'm not going to publicize this video just yet in this video is too early to be public. So premiers are good way, but if you're a small channel, it's a bit difficult because majority of Epimetheus would be pretty empty. No people there, because there would be no one there to watch because you would not have loyal subscribers just yet. But eventually you will do. So. Use the premier just to communicate with them, just to have a place to gather. That's what premiers are. Four, well, this will be for this one. Let's go to the next one. 11. Uploading Schedule & Consistency: Okay, let's now talk about Upload scheduling. So by adult scheduling, I don't mean just the Australia present schedule upload or in the YouTube uploading workflow, No. But Apple in the scheduling. I mean, the how you should schedule your uploads. I mean, when you should upload your videos and how often you should upload your videos. Because there is a question where everybody is asking the which is better to upload daily, upload twice a day, once a week, upload once a month, etc, etc. Let's just talk about those and let's talk about all the pros and cons of those upload routines that we have in order to understand what's the difference? Let's just talk about three different upload routines that you can have for YouTube. Well, you know, of course have whatever, however upload routine that you want, whatever number that you want. But so let's just talk about these three and have a pretty big understand what's good understanding, what's the difference between those those three. So we can have a daily apples when you're uploading your videos every single day, uploading, it's kinda wrong day. Should we upload no acid published, let's say the publishing, daily publishing every single day because you can upload like every single day, but did not publish any videos. Daily publishing, weekly publishing, meaning that you are a publishing one video a week. Or you can go and publish any custom date you can go and choose three times a week, or maybe one times a month or one time that in two weeks or whatever the schedule a debt you want. Let's just talk about them and let just see which one is it good for you? And that's talking about their pros and cons. Okay, let's go daily uploads. And I'm still calling apples because I'm still getting used to a teacher telling apples. Okay, so called Apollos non-public. Okay, let's start with the pros of daily uploads. It is very good for the fat channel population, meaning that your channel will get full of videos very, very, very quickly. Usually the channel would 30 videos can be considered as a full populated channel. And 30 videos, you can do this in a single month. It is showing you faster channel growth because you have so many videos that your channels are gradually growing faster and you have more entry points to the channel, meaning that we have 30 videos. You potentially have 30 entry points in your channel, which is 30 times more when you have only one video and those videos are feeding each other, giving an entry points each other and just transforming each other's growth into already channels growth, et cetera, et cetera. It's going like It's like a snowball effect and transforming your channels rolled into something, something really, really, really big. Sounds good, right, is amazing. It's actually very, very good amateur during daily uploads on one of my channels. And the growth has been immense, but there is a cons as well. It is very, very hard to maintain daily uploads. Y, remember what we learned in a previous lectures. Youtube is not a sprint, it's a marathon potentially that can last for your entire life. So I'm uploading video every single day for the coming ten years maybe or 20 years or 50 years. It is practically impossible. It's very, very, very difficult to maintain. Focus will shift often because you are doing so many things that you will want to do more and more and more things because you cannot think of the things for the one topic. Because eventually you're going to run out of ideas and then you're going to shift to other ideas and then other ideas and another it is hidden channel will start drifting from one place to another to another to another. Again, because of the third reason, not enough ideas. You will not have enough ideas for daily content because you'll have to do video so often and so fast that your ideas will not just have time to brew in your head. And the fourth reason is you're always on the run doing this every single day. You're all, you're always have a deadline. You are very close to deadline every single day because you cannot walk on the video for tomorrow until you will finish the video for today. And the same for the after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. You will need to do very, very fast and just be always on the run which is not sustainable. And for that reason, people who are doing daily apples are burning out very fast. This is a problem. Fast burnout is a problem. So again, the question while MY MID during the daily uploads. Well, because because he's comfortable for me depending on the channel, beam and channeled topic that I do. It is completely different for the channel to channel basis. But for someone they Leopold work for someone else. It doesn't. So we'll talk about this a bit later in this lecture. Now let's talk about weekly Apollos. So what is weakly uploads? Or you can do it like any other arbitrary, long amount of time. So weakly uploads pros. You can have higher quality content because you have more time to work on your videos. And that's why plus you will have more polished video ideas and videos themselves, meaning that you're going to have more smaller and finer and finer details on your videos. Unlike the daily apples, you have a steady growth. Because you are putting only one video a day. The growth will not be fast, but it will be steady because every single video is very good and it will just go up and up and down very steadily, but slowly. And it is great for long-term growth because like in 30 weeks, 30 weeks, which is little more than six months, and then more than half a year, 30 weeks, it might sound a lot of time. But remember again, YouTube is a marathon. And you will quickly realize that you, when you took this much time to upload, wants to week. It actually was a pretty beneficial for you because now you have a 30 curated videos. And unlike 180, average to lower than average videos, because you, people are gonna watch your 30, which is far more than average 180 videos. So that's it. That is very, very good. A concept that again, to growth is slow. It's much slower than the daily content upload. It is very, very, very slow. And to be fair, what, what people might not think. It is not fast, not waste lower than the daily upload, weirdly enough and that the waste lower, but still it's slower and slower channel population, the same thing. You, until you want to go look for 30 weeks, we'll pass or maybe 20 weeks or more, 40 or 50, depending on how populated you want your channel to be. It will take for 40 weeks to get your channel up and running. It's quite a lot of time. It's much more than 30 days, so that's, that's a bit problematic. And it takes far longer to lift off. Meaning that when you have 180 videos, for example, for uploading for six months, there's higher chance that one of the videos will lift off and get viral and just go bigger and bigger. While with 30 videos, you will have far lower chance of that. So just be mindful of that. But because your channels are actually far, your videos are actually far better. They might get a higher chance because of the quality of the video. So you never know, but it actually takes longer on average for the view for the videos to, to blow up. Now, let's talk about the custom schedule. But it can be any schedule that you want. This is the best schedule because this is the schedule that you want. This custom schedule can be every single day, every single week, every single three days, every single five days, every single two weeks, every single month, whatever that you want. The custom schedule is a scheduled that fits you. That's how you should start. And it is good because scheduled depends on skill and time. Mean that how much time you need to get the best video that you can lock as quick as you can. Can be shifted easily, meaning that you can increase or decrease the custom scheduled. Increasing the difference between reduce is not good, but you can easily without any big problem. And it is a perfect balance between the time that you have inequality and the concept practically none. Because you dictate your own growth. You can work daily for the videos. Then you will work daily for the videos. For example, in my case, one of my gaming channels, I uphold every single day because I can produce content that can be uploaded daily. Sometimes I pulled twice a day because I do not see it every single day and I do not upload the record and upload videos every single day. I just sit down, choose one day bag, produce a content because this is a type of conduct that does not require bunch of editing. I sit down recorded content for I don't know, for entire day for 12 hours maybe until hours worth of content can get me the 20 days water content, and that's it for one single day. The second day I will just quickly edit those videos. Thursday, I will quickly upload those videos and order all the thumbnails with metadata. And three days of work will get me 20 days of content meaningless, giving the 17 days for me to be absolutely free. So that's how it works for me. But that's because I know how to do my content. I know my content, I know my audience, I know how they are watching and what they're watching. That's why it works for me. For example, on my another channel, I cannot upload more often than once every three days because that's a time I need to get the video idea, good video idea to sit down to record and to edit this video, to polish this video, to upload this video, I cannot go more than more often than once every three days. I cannot I can't go more rare. But if I will go more rare, I know that I will have way too much time old, start wasting my time, just wasting. So I did I decided to give myself once every three days and I apple consistently once every three days. And this is what you should choose, choose custom schedule for your self. Choose your schedule and stick to it. Eventually you will pump out more videos in less time. But think long-term and don't born burn out yourself. This is very important thing to know. Just put this inside your head. Because maybe in two months after uploading the videos to weekly, you realise that can actually create videos daily. You can create the videos daily and then switch to daily uploads. And you'll soon realize after just one month of video uploading, this was a mistake because it will burn it will start burning you out very, very, very quickly. And yeah. You didn't think long-term or short-term because you knew that you could do a daily videos, but you didn't think that you could do daily videos like for really long time because you didn't think this through. And now you'll have to switch back more to more rare Apple schedule that your subscribers might not like because some people might cut your videos because you are uploading often. And now you're done uploading often it will just throw your channel off the balance. And consistency is the key for the successful YouTube channel, I think long term, long-term lecture to think of the next three to five years, or how you can upload the videos, how many videos you can apply it for next five years. Then sit down and choose your own schedule. So this will be it for this one. Let's go to the next one. 12. Understanding Analytics: Okay, now welcome back. So in this lecture we're gonna go through the analytics and I'm going to explain to you what every single number in an analytics mean. So first of all, in order to access analytics or need to do is just press your icon right there and access a Youtube Studio. And then after that, all you need to do is to go to analytics right here and right here, you're going to have an Analytics Overview. So here we are going to go through every single thing, every single number that what does it mean? We're not going to delve into each and every number way too deep because this is more like an advanced stuff that you don't need to know while you are just getting good. The hero feet deep into the YouTube game. So let's just go through it and I will explain everything that you will need to know. So first things first you need to understand that you will have a five tabs on the tops versus overview, rich engagement, audience and revenue. We're gonna go through each and every one of them. So as you can see, when I change the tab, entire view just changes as well. So we're going to go through these right away. So let's start with an overview tab for you to understand what does this mean. So this tab is divided into few different sections, is the main overview section right here, the real-time section and the latest video section. So what you have here, it will start with a real-time. Real-time section is an only plays on YouTube Analytics Dashboard, at least on a computer and at least at the moment that updates a live like every five to ten seconds. I think it's every ten seconds. You will see when it will light up right here where this blue a circle Libre, great dao it updated and it is going you the Lai Jiu, You De live subscriber count and live view. It's going to show you everything alive and here are each and every hour of the last 48 hours is the live view counts is going to show you every single hour. And if you press C more, you're gonna go within tab and see each and every video that I was getting views for the last 48 hours, for the last 60 minutes is to last 60 Minutes. Tab right here so you can go and watch your one of your videos are getting views and what and the how they are doing overall for the last 48 hours. The latest videos are basically the cars that's showing you that typical performance for the videos, time for first order, one day and 18 hours of this video up, the views are average. Every iteration is up and watch time is up, et cetera, et cetera. When you go and switch to different types of different videos, as you can see, this is deceased video doing completely awful. So you understand maybe you should not do this video's type, et cetera, et cetera. But just to take a look at these videos and you will understand what you will need to do with your videos. We're going to continue or creating certain types of videos or just a served up, ignore them. And he didn't mean overview tab you have. And of course being graph right here we have a main card giving you a approximate information about how your channel is doing. As you can see, it's sandy saying that my challenging, exceptionally good site has 12 thousand views in the last 28 days, it's usually a was getting 1000 to 2 thousand views. But I just start, I was not active on the channel. That's why this views every three numbers were low. And since I became active for the last month or two. The views went skyrocketed, went up like Well, when I was getting a thousand views per month. Now I basically have 1000 watts per today's four per 48 hours. Here it shows you different views, different watch time, subscribers and your estimated revenue for me, my estimated revenue is not up here because this channel is not monetize. This channel has a revenue tab for, for you do not have learned tab under 1000 subscribers and until we get monetized. But this general has revenue tap separately because it was monetized in the past because this channel is pretty old. Meaning that when I was, when I created this channel, the rule where the thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours watch time was not yet active. So that's why I I still have revenue tab despite not being monetized. So know that if you had channeled created and the monetized partner in the past before, I think the beginning of 2018, you will have this revenue tap. If it was created after this date, then you are not going to have this have this revenue tab. So when you go to the each and every, wanna click each and every metrics, it's showing you the analytics, the graph of last 28 days. By the way, this, every single thing is showing you the last 20 days because you have chosen the last 28 days right here. If you change this type or done for the last 90 days, every single graph will show you the analytics for the last nine days, except of course the real time and the latest videos. Every single thing will switch the 90 days and every single graph, every single analyst which reach the 90 days. You can play with this one for the different years, for different months. For a customer base, you will see how your channels going in the dynamics for an apple, when you open this one for 28 days, you see that the channel actually is growing, but you don't see a huge spike from here to here, you see just maybe a very gradual increase. But when you see for the 90 days, you see actually that the increase is pretty, pretty big. And if you go for the last 365 days, you see that it's actually pretty, pretty steep growth up, which is very, very good. So just take care and good luck into this. We're gonna go through this little things in MRR advanced tab. But for now just you need to know what does all these means. These are the views. These are just just abuse. You understand what this means? This is a watch time in hours, meaning that how many hours of watch them would generate an overall by all of us in the last 28 days. How many subscribers who generated here and here you're going to have how much money you generated through the monetization if you want to station is on, of course, on the bottom you will see a which videos were uploaded on that day that you are looking for. And then you can see exactly what video. So we're up to see whether the videos are actually playing a big part for your overall views or watch time. You can see that if you, if you want, for example, that this video, it was up here and maybe there is a correlation between the spike and this video. You just need to look into it. When you go down, you see the top videos for the period that you chose. And in this case, the period is 28 days. It's showing you the average view duration Institute showing you the views and shown you a very duration in percentages and in time as well. So we'd understand what this All this means you can press the more if you want to just go to the details and see the graphs, et cetera, et cetera. We, again, this is more advanced stuff. You don't need to know this at first because don't get obsessed with the numbers just yet. You are not on the level to get obsessed on numbers, just know what is happening on the channel. That's all that you need to do just to know whether the certain videos are doing better than the other videos just because of this unit, these numbers, just because of that. Not too to be worried. Oh, I have a 100 numbers or a 100 views per day while someone has 10 thousand, something like that. Don't obsess about this at all. Just use analytics for your own. Good. Then we're going to go through the reach, Tap reached that basically showing you everything about how your content is getting discovered and how it's getting viewed. Right here we have four different metrics for his impressions. Impressions means how many times your thumbnails were actually shown to the people who are looking for the videos or just going through the whole recommended section or maybe suggested video TCS, exact number of how many people YouTube tried to show you a video. This so you know exactly As you can see, this is growing from 365 days. As you can see, it's gone in 200, back around 200 and impressions to few thousands. So you understand exactly how YouTube is being distributed over, how your videos being distributed on YouTube. So you would understand whether your channel is growing or not. Here is, here are impression, click-through rate or CTR. That means how many percentage of the impressions were transformed into views, meaning that this 7.3% in the last 28 days from 510,500 thousand impressions clicked on the video and transformed into views. This means that the higher the number, the better 7% is fairly average. And I would say even more on the upper part of the average. Usually the average is around two to 10%. So 7% is really, really good. And just realize, don't get way too. Don't look into this number way too much as at the beginning. Because at the beginning this number will fluctuate a lot because you have not a lot of videos and the impression material it will be all over the place, maybe from rural run from 0 to 70%. And more views, you get more stable. It becomes in the line becomes more and more stable. For example, if I will show you for other dates. Right here, as you can see, it's fluctuating. It's all over the place right here because I had far less impressions here. And like YouTube had a hard time to calculate a real CTR right here. At the more views I got, as you can see, you just eat. You usually looks like that it went down but it actually you just straighten up. That's that's what a day. It becomes less fluctuations. I understand that my CTR is usually from somewhere from 6% to all the way to 8%. So this is, this is what I needed to know and this is what this information is giving me. This I've used regular. The same thing is from the overview. But you usually overviews taking different data from these taps and showing you just on the top that said. See the reviews right here. And this are unique viewers. That means that these are how many views you got, and this has how many viewers you have. As you can see, I have around 8 thousand viewers and 12 thousand years, meaning that a lot of people are actually viewing my video more than once or reviewing more than one video. That's, you need to understand that this is very good. The bigger the difference between this number, the better for you because this means that your viewers are coming back for more videos, which is very, very good when you go down from here from the main graphs. But the way you can, every single graph has seen more tab if you want, you can go and get more detailed detail if you want to know about them. When you go down right here, you're gonna see a bunch of different cards. I outsource out hold them part. I didn't know what YouTube is calling them, but I would call them cards. This had traffic sources, meaning that where your traffic is coming from, meaning that where do people click your on your videos from search, from external, meaning that from outside of YouTube, from playlists, from suggested videos, from browse features, etc, etc. As you can see for me, it is more in the search because I optimize my videos first for search equity, the videos that are easily searchable. That's what the majority of the views are coming from the search. This is what you will see in the beginning. More or larger, you become larger and more popular videos are gonna become more views will come from browse features and suggested videos. But right now for me, because the channels failed is more, it's getting the majority of the US from a YouTube search. Here are your impression conversion funnel. It shows you how many impressions you got, which is 15.8%, is from YouTube recommended content with this, our homepage and watch page, this we usually cut they suggested videos as well. Higher the number is, the better for you. The rest of this is practical from external FOR playlist, from Egypt search, etc, etc. 7.3% CTR transformed into 7.4 per 1000 views from those impressions. From this is what it counts. It's usually does not count all the information because it cannot count the CTR from all the views. For me, it's the bigger difference bill from the, from this one because I have a lot of news coming from external from playlist. That's why it usually does not have any CTR, just, just go directly through the views. So that's why it's a bit different number. How much ever iteration did I get and what was the watch time did I got from this one? And you can see the difference between this number. And I'm going to show that in engagement this number is pretty high. So yeah, that's you understand how many views you are actually getting from the YouTube recommended your content. Here r is external. Likewise, you can see like it's 13% is coming from the external, and 61% of those 13% is coming from Google search then from read it from YouTube itself at, I don't know why it's showing the YouTube but as an external, but it just shows you. As you can see in some instances, not disorder, fairly medics set traffic may be shown under the YouTube because the video was played within the YouTube player, regardless of the external location me that it was on the other website, but with a YouTube player. So that, that's, that's what it does. Here are the playlists, 8% and you just can see which platelets are getting the most views. Here are suggested videos, meaning that which videos are suggesting your content. Here, many videos will not be your videos, so just know that not all you video suggested videos conduct is mainly coming from the other videos rather than your videos. And hear our YouTube search term. So you'd understand what search terms people are actually looking for and which of them are actually coming to your videos. As you can see, the k have a bunch of different search terms and you will see exactly which search terms are driving your traffic. Now let's go to the engagement tab, which has only two metrics right here. Watch time and average view duration, which time exploit already know Overview tab, it's exactly the same. Watch time. This, this one. You can just go What? I didn't see, how many watch our stewed gut and on average half or how longer videos were viewed for every single date. When you go down, you see the top videos we're generating you the most watched Tam. You're gonna see the top end cards, my videos, meaning how many of the views was. This video's got from n cards. These are from Palais lists. Which places are doing the best. This R, which element of the end card is doing the best? Meaning that was the playlists was the best for the viewer, most recent upload or channel or subscribe. And right here at the top card, if you're using cards, which cars are getting the most clicks right here, let's go to the audience tab now. Audience tab is showing you your unique viewers here what they are explaining the same thing in I think it yeah, enrich habits exactly the same as average of views per view warming that in my case is 1.5, meaning that at least two viewers are watching three videos. Basically, that's what it means. My subscribers, how my subscribers numbers are changing. And when you go down, you watch them from subscribers and not subscribers. If you want to know this, your top countries, which countries are generating new the most views, your age and gender of your viewers ships. So you would know who is watching the videos. As you can see, like majority of my viewers are coming from 18 to 44. I do not have any views from 13 to 17 years and majority of them are male, not majority. All of them are real quickly. And how many of your viewers actually using subtitles or CCS. Right here, you're going to go to the revenue when you unlock your monetization, you're gonna see your estimated revenue. You're going to see how many monetized playback you got me that how many videos actually got ads shown to them? How many views? And this is the CPM Cost per Mile or how many, how much money you are being paid per 1000 views. You're gonna see the model estimated remedies here, a top earning videos, revenue sources at types and transaction revenues. You're gonna see all these n, your rapid urbanization will be unlocked. So isn't you see there are bunch of, bunch of, bunch of information. This is by the way, the new studio. That is like a sea of information. Ocean of information here that you could use. Just don't think of the numbers way too much. Think of the numbers of the showing of how your videos are actually doing. Not that how much views you should get. If you just concentrate on how on the numbers, on the results of, first of all, I want 1000 subscribers here regardless of how good my videos is, I want to have us, you, you can't get 11000 subscribers. Or if you want like 1000 views here, you can't get those ones. But why you are getting those and how you are getting the thesis, what you'll get you through the long-term. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. So this will be it for today. Let's go to the next one. 13. Music & Copyright: Okay, let's now talk about music and copyright. I'm gonna be talking about some of those things and why those things are very, very related because copyright issues mainly coming from the music. That's why I decided to take them all together. So in this lecture we are going to be talking about all the music of your vj, YouTube videos and some things about contents dry copyright strikes and copyright claims. So let's just get into it. So you have to be very, very, very, very, very careful about the music because music is the first reason why the many videos are actually getting claimed or even taken down with the copyright strikes. We're gonna be talking about copyright claims, copyright strikes shortly in this lecture. So what do you need to do is to think about very safe places to get your music from. Usually people are just the very beginning of that list. I'm pretty sure you are not on this level, but very beginners are just taking some music from their favorite music videos and just putting them in there into their YouTube videos. Just gets claimed or taken down immediately because they do not have rights to use these content. You have to have the right to use certain contact them proud, probably the majority of the content, unless the content is you're on your own or you're using the content under the fair use, you need to have a right to use the content for the music. There is practically no chance that you can say that the music is used under fair use. And unless it's a very, very rare cases that I'm not going to even talk about because it's so rare that music force under the Fair Use dead, it's not even necessary to talk about it. Just know that you cannot use the music unless you have the right to use those. So here are three rules that unit to follow. So first is tried to use YouTube's music library. You have an access to YouTube Music's library is through the YouTube studio. You can just get there and just choose whatever music you want to download the music and use it. There actually are two different types of music, but we're gonna talk about this just in a second. Are the, otherwise it's a pretty method. This is of course absolutely free. You can use whatever music you want in however amount of videos that you want. Because this music cleared by YouTube itself, then you can use a special services like epidemic sound and pretzel rocks. I highly suggest you use both of those. These are the services that provide you with the music, with the rights to use them for your YouTube videos and in many cases for any other platforms as well, unless you are using it for commercial purposes, for example, unless you are using this for TV commercials, etc. So this is just for your content. You can fully use music from epidemic sound and the pretzel rocks on the continent, different services, so they have their own services. So yeah, I highly suggest you. To read about them. Epidemic sound is a paid service, but it's very, very, very good service like amazing service. Pretzel rocks is not unlike epidemics. Our principal rocks is a service is music, a music player with a bunch of playlist that it can play musics from. This is better to use in life's dreams. Or for example, if you are just Tolkien and just, if you want to have a background music for commentary that depression rocks will do just fine as well. And one thing to do is to absolutely avoid no copyright music channels. You're going to see so many no copyright music channels on YouTube, social, social, many promising you that their music is absolutely copyright free and you can just go and use it. How will you know however you use you want, how many videos you want, et cetera, et cetera. Majority of them, absolute, majority of them are absolute, uh, liars and they are giving you rights to use those music's for the music that they have rights too. And then they will just simply start claiming the music's and D monetizing your videos or, or if your videos are not monetized, monetizing the videos for themselves. And this is absolutely the worst thing that you could do. Avoid those channels like fire, avoid them 100%. I've seen a bunch of tutorials on YouTube itself telling that no copyright musics are saved there actually some safe channels, but they, it has been diluted so, so, so much that you cannot just use it. You can attract us anyone, it's just completely, completely avoid it. Do not use this services. Now let's now talk about YouTube Music Library. There, absolutely safe to use because YouTube has cleared them themselves. So you have absolute right to use them. You have, you're absolutely safe. There is only one caveat that you need to look into it. It's that you tryna to try, just try to avoid music with attribution because some music tracks will have an attribution required mean that you need to write in your description that this music is, is the property of those and those like music is made by the artist name is et cetera. They have everything in them. It's not that it's bad to such music is that sometimes you might forget to attribute music and it might, it might be a bit problematic in some cases. So just try, just try to, try to, try to avoid this. It's not a bad thing if you will do this and if you remember to attribute all the music and all the songs that you use in your description. It's absolutely okay. But just why would you add work to yourself when you can't have a less work with the same results. So just try to avoid at, songs with attribution as much as you can. This is YouTube's music library is the safest, meaning the safest for your monetization in antique claim in anti strike, safest place to use your music. The second safest place is paid music services like epidemic sound, pretzel rocks, but it locks is not paid actually, or it is actually paid to be fair. It has a paid and free options. It's mainly meat for live streaming. So it's like different payment and different translation models. So just know that you can use it if you want. But an epidemic sound as well. But sometimes just sometimes those songs are still getting claimed many times wrongfully, many times by mistake. So you can just dispute this if you want. It's not a problem. But many cases in many cases didn't. Just a mistake that it goes through because all the claiming of the songs is done through the YouTube automatic service. And sometimes it might get a bit by mistake. So you have to be very vigilant about this. Each sometimes will happen, for example, for me with the pretzel rocks, to times would mean two times my video got claimed and both of the times when a dispute it, both of the times they got all the claim's got taken away. And to be fair to claim sewer For the melody, yes, you can get claimed with a melody as well, not just with the song, but the melody. And it turns out that it was a mistake and just both of disputes were turned back, but each will happen. And if you want to know how to dispute, you know, it's, it's very, very easy thing to understand when you will get a copyright claim. And of course, avoid the rest. Only use the paid services or the YouTube service itself and avoid everything else. Like every single thing out. There are a bunch of paid service as well. You need to just a research stuff. I highly suggest you to go with an epidemic sound if you want a one-stop shop for everything, epidemic sound has everything that you need for the music and sound effects. Just go with an epidemic sound if you want just one safe place for everything, and avoid all the no copyright music counts on YouTube a lot. Absolutely avoid them as soon as your channel will start growing, you're gonna, your comment section is going to get bombarded by a bunch of different channels and you know, they live your videos, et cetera, et cetera, all the music and stuff, etc. is you've all wanna music, just use my music, etc, etc. They are trying to beat you to use their music. And when do you use your music? And we will upload the video, or maybe you are going to lose your source files. I'm like That didn't just claim it or not right away maybe, but a few months down, down the line, and then you're basically done. You cannot do anything with this other than taking down the video and rapidly without the music, which will not be the best choice to do, just avoid them. Use either YouTube library for the music or epidemic sound. I would say, do not go with a pretzel locks unless your life streaming. Now, S4, the copyright claims and copyright strikes. These are two very, very, very, very, very different things. So copyright claims are actually pretty safe for your channel. They do not affect your channel at all. And you may get probably thousands of copyright claims depending on how you use your music. For example, I stream the one time the game with the Star Wars music. Because a, it has a modification with the star moves towards music. And for the five hour livestream, I got round. I think it was like somewhere around 50 to a 100 copyright claims for the one of the deal for the one video. And we did not affect my child at all, like add all because copyright claims are absolutely saved. So when you get a copyright claim, you get an email that you got a copyright claim and they will say, absolutely saved, You have nothing to worry about. You can get any number of copyright claims. Literally, any numbers you can get thousands of copyright claims. Don't try to hit thousand cup covered claims because this might be a problematic for you in the future, but still you can and claim videos we'll lose. A VII. Monetization mean that if you are Monty is monetizing the videos, all the monetization, it will lose. Well, I wrote it wrong, wrongfully. It will not lose money decision. But the decision for you mean that this entire video will be monetized by the person who claimed the video or by the company, whoever it is is it's fair. Absolutely not. Because if you use just five seconds of difference of Song of other individual, even if you get a five-hour video, entire five, our monetization and things were money will go to those individual homes with five seconds of it. So just be ready that copyright claims will happen and your video will start getting monetized, even if you aren't, your channels not monetized, if someone will claim it. So just know that as for copyright strike. This is the problem. Copyright strike is very dangerous because you can get only three of it. And if you'll get three copyright strikes, you are getting banned. Your entire channel will be deleted and there is nothing you can do about it. And said yes, because you'll get a warning after the first and the video will be taken down. The ones gotta strike. You'll get entire channel the monetized after the second, and you'll get burned band after the third, each and every. Like I think it has six month periods. So after six months they will disappear. But I highly suggest you to not get any strikes ever, ever. Bird do not get any strikes ever. And I highly suggest you is you're always dispute copyright strikes. You only get a copyright strike you. You, you will have a dispute button right there and you just go and disputed telling whites the problem whites wrongful, or why you had the right to use different songs or whatever. The thing that you used, that gut strike. Actually you can get strike for things other than the songs. Because you might be thinking that you are using it in a fair use. But actually it's not a fair use. Because fair use is the thing that allows you to use transformative work, not just react load with no difference. Fair use means that you can use some kind of work sounds kinda copyrighted material if you are transforming it mean that if you are putting your commentary, If you are modifying it in somehow in some way, meaning that you are transforming it into something different. But it's a very, very, very gray area legally. As a lawyer myself, I can tell that it is a very gray area, meaning that whomever is taking a look at this and who, depending on who decides, this situation would be completely different each and every individual time. So I would not rely on fair use absolutely. In no way, shape, or form. Just avoid using fair, fair use unless it's the commentary. Because commentary usually is just the best-case scenario for the fair use. If you're just having some things and using commentary, for example, if you're using a parts of the movie, for example, and just very, very small chunks and giving a commentary on this music, then you can't say that it's a Fair Use. And the middle, many copyright holders will tell that it's fair use, but some will say that no, it's not a fair use. You are not allowed to use any of my footage and they'll still, according to strike or copyright copyright claim. So you are dependent on who is doing this. So I have to do a research beforehand on those individuals who has rights or whether they're issuing copyright strikes or claims or not. It is a very difficult to know in advance. I cannot help you with that. Or saying that, oh, you know what, Sony is dangerous or Nintendo isn't safe. Or EA games. Games are very safe. Or for example, the Bethesda schemes are dangerous. I cannot tell you about this because it's changes constantly. They think that it's safe now, may not be safe in two months or two years. And your videos are on YouTube forever. So you need to figure all this out by yourself and just be very careful by using the material that is not yours. Or you do not have an explicit permission to use those material. So be very, very, very, very, very careful. So this will be it for today. Let's go to the next one. 14. Additional Tools: Okay, let's now talk about some additional tools that you might use for YouTube that might make your YouTube alive a bit easier. Thermite, We're gonna talk about some of those tools in an advanced section as well. So just know that, that you might want to use some of these tools or all of these tools if you want to do in the future. So first thing that I am highly, highly, highly suggesting you to use, which is which you, you kind of shoud have, is a Youtube Studio, mobile apps. So you need to download it for an Android if you want, from the Google Play YouTube, which looks like that, or from o for iOS, for iPhone or iPad, which looks a lag das is like this. It is incredibly useful to have a full YouTube analytics on the palm of your hands. Whatever you will go, you don't need to be sitting on your computer just to answer the comments. And you are not restricted with a single account and you will not need to switch accounts every single time when you got a comments for the different account, if you have several accounts. So it is very useful to have a Youtube Studio app on your phone or highly, highly, highly suggest you to do that because e2 help you lot positive will help you with the YouTube uploads. If you are doing this on mobile, if you are doing with uploading a video from mobile, for example, in my case, I often upload my videos from mobile. I uploaded directly from luma fusion. But if I need to change stuff down, they'll change descriptions. When I'm on a go. I do it through the Youtube Studio mobile app, mainly on iPad. I you really use it from my phone just because I always have an iPad with me whenever I am going. Next application that I am highly suggesting to use is, well next to application to be fair there very, very, very similar, but they work kind same but kind of a different. And these two applications are Tube Buddy, which you have, we see right here, and the vid IQ. So these two applications are very, very similar to each other, but they have some differences that will, will help you to, to download basically both of them. So what this application does, it, it is basically a tools for YouTube that allows you to have an access to shortcuts at different additional functions for your YouTube videos, for example, like excited, like dislike ratio, as you can see, you can see it on the videos right away according with the percentages and where there's additional Tooltip, I see additional stats for my videos including my hours watch, which is required for my monetization of the channel. My real-time views for the 60 Minutes of last 60 minutes, my real time used for last 48 hours. My views for the week, my will minutes watched for the week, by the way, dipoles in real-time, which is weird unlike the main YouTube analytics and my subscribers for the last weekend. It gives you an average watch time as well, which is very, very good thing. This is by the way, added by vid IQ and, or both of those softwares are the extensions for Chrome that I don't think that they are available for other browsers. I'm using it for the Chrome. When you solve either q, you will see it right here. This is the VA CU menu right here, and this is the two buddy menu right here. They're both free and they have a paid options as well. I do not suggest you to purchase any of those paid up, but those paid options until you start using them and until you find a function that you want to use and they're close behind a paywall. So in my case, I use both of them are used for a version of the day q in this case, at the moment at least. And I use paid version of the Tube Buddy. So what this allows me, for example, it allows me to have a direct short cost access to a bunch of different youtube studio places. For example, my videos, playlists, livestreaming, comments, etc, etc. It is giving me some extensional tools. In this case will be keyword explorer, which I just press down and explore different keywords. For example, I didn't know Matrix movie if I want metrics. Let's say movie, movie and see how it is actually doing on the internet and what is wasted. As you can see, its showing me that overall score, it's very poor because there are a lot of people searching for it and commend them. Do I have a lot of competition for that reason? It is showing me the score of this word or it's showing me the related words are common video tax people are using this one, web searches with people who are searching for internet differently, we did topics, even though they did not come up with anything. It's chosen me results, the top ranking channels. It is showing you what on trending, there's nothing on turning chosen me Historical Analytics. It takes distorting analytics from Google trend. And it showed me the maps where the, this keyword is basically trending information from Google. Trends various we'll tool that can be used and that will allow you to find different things that you want it made, you want to make videos about, highly suggest you to install both of those tools and use them extensively. And I will show you one use case how those both tools are actually working. I can go and search for, for an ample Star Wars. When I go for showers and search for it. You will see on the right panel, you will have a bunch of information like for this Davide, cuz panel which shows you the competition, the volume, the top channels. It shows you the highest views ever use for this topic, etc, etc. When you go down, it shows you the data from Google, et cetera, et cetera, shows have additional step which is blocked behind a paywall, for example. And here this shows me the information provided by two buddy, et cetera, et cetera. For example, if our open some videos, I'm going to just pause it down so it would not play right away. I will go down. And what additional to show me, for example, if I want to see the comments though, don't, don't, don't mention this one. I have this extension installed. For example, I see how many subscribers each and every commentary has. I can reply to them directly from here or I can use, I can use their comments as a topic, pirates, et cetera, et cetera. I'm this is not my videos. That's why I cannot just do bunch of stuff. But for my videos it would have additional staff. I can create a common templates, etc, etc. There are a lot of great things that you could do. You need to go and yes, you'll play with those tools are highly suggest you to use them. I will be including every link for those software. So you know, even for the YouTube studios, for iOS and Android, and you can go and get them for you. Very, very, very useful software. I highly, highly suggest you to use them and just play around and find out whether the software is which one, which, which other softwares are good for you. And you will find the function that is paid and you're like, and you want to have, for example, for the Tube Buddy, I am paying for two-body because to Buddy has, in this video I'm going to show you something right now. My show I'm paying for anybody to, when you go to the studio to body has some additional functions. For example, like the bulk changes for the videos, I can change titles and descriptions, etc. For example, if I want to add something in the title or description, for example, if I want to add some type of texts in the endo of every description or in the middle or change some description. I can press this one, find a tax and add it on every single video I want or the specific videos, whatever number will be the same make and nu four thumbnails. I can add different overlays where it can remove overlays. I can copy and copy cards if I want, I can Bulk Copy and screens if i want it saturate saturated or very, very, very, very powerful tool and a highly, highly suggest you to use both to buddy and with a hue and then decide whether you want to have paid options are not. Youtube studio is 100% necess, necessity go and use YouTube studio 100%. So this will be it for this one. Let's go to the next one. 15. Batch Producing: Let's now talk about a batch producing and why you need to batch produce your content in order to keep your content fresh and keep yourself well arrested. So let's start about why do you need to batch produce? Well, because batch produce helps you to have a bunch of videos in advance and helps you with the Burnouts are burnout is a real thing on YouTube is happens because people are creating content over and over and over and over again. They think that they can stay fresh for really, really long time. But when they are actually doing this for years, at least for the months and even years, they realized that they are stuck in an infinite loop of scripting or coming up with that video ideas, script into video recording the video, editing the video, uploading video, then coming up with an idea scripting, recording, editing, upload. And it's on and on and on and on. It doesn't matter what we are talking about, what type of videos we're talking about. It doesn't matter what schedule you have every day, every week, every month doesn't matter. The shorter the time span is, the worse it will be for you. And e t is very, very, very bad at actually batch producing helps you to alleviate this problem because with batch producing, you have more time to come up with new ideas and approaches to keep your channel fresh. The question, how we, you are, how the batch producing app actually helps you to come up with new ideas. Well, because, because you are creating videos in a certain niche, there's most likely that you already know how to already have ideas for a bunch of videos to 3-5 videos in advance. And you already know that you want to create these videos in the future. What do you need to do? You will need to sit down and create all those videos in shorter time span in the same timespan that you need to do. One video, for example, if you are doing when we do a week, it doesn't mean it actually means that you need an entire week to make a video. And it's basically an uncomfortable time for the timeframe that you choose for yourself to create a video to talk to one of the previous lectures. So it doesn't mean that you need an entire week to do a lecture. And that means that for entire week, you can actually create 2345 videos depending on how many, how much free time you can actually have. You can batch produce all these videos. And now we'll create a for Venus, for example, if you equate for videos and advance, you will be free for the next four weeks of the videos to sit down, have more time to come up with new ideas again and approaches to keep her channel fresh. Plus, you have the videos that you create it all in one goal. Who will have more time to, how can I say to brew and to see how this video's actually act and what they are, what results they are giving to you. So that's why batch producing these very, very, very good. So despite what people thinking Bedford kissing is not that difficult. It's difficult for the beginners, but because we are now more intermediate sections, I'm pretty sure you already know how to create videos, and I'm pretty sure they know how you can increase the speed of the creation of these videos. So how do you actually batch produced from this slide is not very clear. But now I am going to explain this to you. You're gonna batch script videos first. You're gonna sit down and just thinking about the video, scripting about the views, maybe spend an entire day just scripting the video's just having my understanding what your videos will be all about. Then maybe connecting those videos with each other, which is very good and will help you to create the amazing playlist. This is very, very cool thing to have because you have created all the videos, Oscar delta VDS, old ones, and now you know exactly how to time them with each other and they, each video can refer to another one, which is very good. After you are done scripting you organise bad record all at once. Would you yield? Does not take that much time recording usually takes the least amount of time scripting and editing takes more. Because if you are ready, of course, if you are doing some, some people who just do not square, then just go to the recording. I was doing this in the past. I was going to react with to the recording and it took much longer like that, just going through the recording. So how's he has to go through the scripting? And last but not least is batch editing, which usually takes the most time because you will have a lot of videos to edit. But after you are done editing, you choose, you can just go and upload the videos and then just continue editing and you'll have more time. And usually like if you are doing three videos in him in advance, you will be done at the time of two time one video and you'll have basically two weeks for free. Do not work more than on more than three videos at the same time. Do not do it. Because you can go through the scripting phase with 0s. It will be a bit difficult to go through the recording phase with more than three videos. And it will be very, very difficult to go to the editing phase because editing takes a bunch of time. If you have an editor, if you're hired editor or someone else's editing videos for you, then by all means you can go with it if you want. But for yourself, do not go for more than three videos. Again, batch producing is not an absolute necessity, but it's very, very welcome because it will help you prevent your burnout. And this, this is how I am doing all these things. At least if I cannot batch edit and batch script and combat recording, at least because I do not have that much time to just sit down and spring tide day or two to the editing of bunch of videos. But would at least bunch of spots, beds creating a batch recording. I'm allowing myself to come up with new ideas quicker and better to keep my channel fresh, not just for my viewers, but for myself, which is far more important because if it is not fresh for me, it will definitely not be fresh for my viewers. So this will be used for this one. Let's go to the next one. 16. Channel Growth Time: This will be the last lecture, less official lecture of the intermediate section. And here we're going to talk about realistic growth time. So you created already your YouTube channel. You are already probably you are pretty familiar with their YouTube channel. You'll have done some videos, you have done some editing, you are already into it. And now you have a question, how long it will be that I will not have any view soil held a few views or no subscribers or just few subscribers. How long it will continue until i will grow? And this is the question that is very, very, very, very difficult to answer because every single channel is completely unique and completely different. And every single channel has one thing that is unique to those channel. Only one thing that is completely unique to the channel has only one thing is you, the creator know to Charles can have the same Creator and they're completely different. And it's very difficult to say what is the realistic rule chime, but let just try to answer this. First things, let decide, let's define. Growth is so many people are very, very focused on subscriber numbers, okay, like maybe my channel will grow when I'll have a 100 subscribers on, I'll have 1000 subscribers or a 100 thousand subscribers. They have arbitrary goals of subscriber numbers. But it is very, very wrong because subscribers are not indicative of your channels growth, your views and your watch time is because there are a lot of channels that have a lot of views, but not a lot of subscribers. And there are a lot of channels with the latter subscribers, but a lot of use. So your channel, when you have a lot of views, your subscribers will come. So subscribers are coming with the viewers, but use does not come, come with subscribers. So you need to understand that views are far more important metric for you and watch time then the subscribers. So focus on how many views, maybe daily views or warm months of use if we want to focus, you get and the watch time, because watch time is more lucky what YouTube is focused on, views it what you can be focused on user potentially how many times you are exported subscribers and what time is for how long your exploiters subscribers. And you define the growth. It should be positive and accelerated. That means it should be in plus and views and watch time cannot be in minus. You cannot lose US and watch them. It's practically, it's physically impossible. You can lose subscribers though. And what I, what I meant in the third case in here is that positive and accelerated, it should not be just one. Post defect accelerated means that we should get more and more views would ever single coming months. That it is going through. A, for example, if you get a 100 views to your first month, your next month, we should get 200 views net cumulatively, but separate in the second month. And together it should be 300 views. Just given an example, just an example. I should not, I'm not saying that you should have the certain amount of views or subscribers on like that. Just an example, just to tell you what accelerated means, third month, we should get 400 additional US, then another 800, etcetera, etcetera. In this case, we're talking about doubling every single month. It's accelerates by to every single month, like doubling every single month. That's what it should be. Like not doubling, but it should accelerate growth every single time. More you have, more, you should gain. This is what growth means. And here is the answer of the question about a realistic growth tab. You see every channel will grow at its own pace. And no two channels, even with identical content, will have the same growth. So that means no one. And I mean, no one can tell you exactly how long it will take for a channel orbital is on average, how long it will take for a channel to grow. No one can tell you if someone will give you some Prague prognosis or some like that. They're just did did just coming up with the numbers. They don't know exactly. Nobody knows. Because again, there is one variable that no one can predict, and it is u, one variable that nobody can predict. I can give you some things that you can expect. But, and I can't tell you what affects your growth. But nobody can tell you when you can grow, when you can have a 100 subscribers or a 100 views per day, nobody can tell you that until you, we already get there. But I can tell you for sure, but that it will take multiple months or years to realistically see any growth on your channel. The integral that you might consider as a good results. Because ten views a month you will not considered good results. Maybe a 100 views a molecule not considered good results. And in many cases, ten views a day. You will not consider it as a good results. But you may consider good results. Maybe 1000 views a day. Maybe, I don't know, maybe ten subscribers today that might use considered good results. And you will not see good results multiple months. And by multiple months, I didn't mean to three months. I mean, 689 months minimum. I'm mean an absolute bare minimum if you are doing everything correct. And if you're lucky, which is very rare for the beginner YouTubers. In many cases, YouTubers just leave the YouTube after first three months of YouTube because they see very little, if any, growth on their channel. And they just completely turn off and just leave because they are focused on numbers more than a producing content. That's what kills the YouTube channel numbers. I need these numbers. I want this amount subscribers, I want this amount of views. This is what kills your YouTube channel. You are not focusing on something, some numbers, because all deaths you consider as a achievement, No, we're just want numbers. You are not focusing on the videos and channel itself. You need to create something. You wanted to become father or mother, not because you want to have an 18-year-old child? No. It's a process of being a parent, of growing together, of learning the things together. This is a process. And the more time will go, more time is spent with your child, with your kid and friends will understand this you for not paying. This might be a bit difficult to understand, but parents often send this more time you spend with your kid. The more valuable it becomes and more you. Nonetheless, you're thinking about the numbers with this care for the how how old he is or how heavy he is or how how tall he is. You don't think about those things. Let's think about the timespan. You think about what you brought to this world. And this is the UC should treat your radio channel in this way as well. Yes. You want the results? Yes. And when you work on it, when you really work on it, really not spending an arbitrarily of arbitrary amount of hours, no, just improving with every single video that you will create. And then you will have your results. You will have your results when you approve and try to improve with every single video that you create, you we'll have results. This is guaranteed. I know that I'm not allowed officially to just give you a realistic potentials, but you will grow if you put work and not enough work. If you'll put work, constant work, plus your first six months to a year, your videos will still be crappy enough for her to, because it is a good video. So to spend some time in improving them. And let's talk about what affects your growth just to give you a realistic understanding. And when you go to this, I came up with five different things that can affect your growth. And from right, from the get-go, you will see the some things is very difficult to achieve for the beginner YouTube channel. And that's why it is difficult to grow the channel. And let's just go through them one by 1. First is that affects your chemicals, is of course, your channel topic. So what your channel is all about. And if the channel is about everything and all overplay all over the place, of course it's worse. So don't make a channel that is all over the place. You need to be very certain topic. But the broader the topic is and more popular the topic is more potential viewers topic has more competition you will have as well. So E2 will be, you will have a lot of potential audience, but this alot of potential audiences already served with a lot of potential creators. So we will be very, very difficult for you to be seen. But if your potential audience is small, meaning that topic is not competitive and audience is very small. You will reach your maximum and then you can go nowhere. Meaning that if your topic as potential audience of a 100 people, when you get to a 100 people, let's say a 100 views for the videos. There is nowhere else to go. And you're lifting its grows very, very slowly. Luck audience of the topic and not the views there were slowly. Your views will go slowly as well. So you need to find a perfect balance between three things. The thing that you like and you know, let's together. The thing that is that has quite big audience. I think that is not competitive. That said, we need to find the most difficult thing. And the beginning of the youtube channel, that is a very difficult thing. But I'm pretty sure you will find something like that. You will not find the perfect thing that you love it completely love to do that has no one that people creating any content that has millions of audience. You will not find some like this, but you can get as close to perfect as you can. Next thing is your skill. It's not a skill of the video creation. It's the skill of whatever you're doing in your videos. If it's an entertainment, meaning how entertaining you are. If it's an education, how knowledgeable you are in a certain topic. Et cetera, et cetera. It's your skill. The better you know how to do the thing, the better it will be for you because your audience will see this right away. And they will come to you for the advice and for our entertainment or so, war, whatever you are doing, they will know that you know this stuff better than most of the people. So they will come to you and this affects your world. The next is the quality. It is not as big effect as you might think, but it still affects your growth. And called the, I mean, that how good your videos are, are we recording with a webcam or black magic pocket cinema 6K? Are you recording with the webcam microphone or let's say Shure SM 7B, One of the best microphones are in the market right now. It affects you because higher-quality your videos are more tolerant. Your viewers are to whatever you're doing in your video. It's not that effective that you might think, but it's still had some effect. The next is that next to probably and novelist start with number four. It is the very, very difficult thing at first to achieve. Edits a number of videos. How many videos you have on the channel, being that how complete your channel is, it is very important thing for your growth. Meaning that when people are coming to your video, when people are somehow stumbles upon your video. And persons first, less videos you have, it's harder for the people to stumble upon your videos. And more videos you have. It's easier for most people stumble upon the videos when people some hope or Persian or supplementary videos and like it. And they're called gold your channel. And see that you only have four videos. There will immediately think that your, that your channel is new and you're just creating something. They will think that you are not creating enough videos. This is subconscious thing right away. And they will just go and never come back until you have enough videos maybe. So you need to have enough videos, you need to have constant stream of videos. That's why consistency is key. For example, we choose to do one day a week, every single week, and just a year, we'll have 52 videos. And 52 videos is very, very good Number. And more videos you have again, more entry point, you'll have more search terms you can run for more people. More people will find the videos that are interested in it. They're interested in your topic. And higher the chance you'll have for growth. And in a first few months, you will not have a lot of videos. As a timer pass, as years will pass, you will have more and more and more and more of your videos at every single video of yours. Oil first expression will become better as time will go because you will learn a lot of things and you will start seeing and watching your readers in completely different manner. And every single video that you created will drive audience, every single video separately. We'll draw an audience to your channel as a whole. So that's why the number of videos important. And What is very important, which weird enough, it is the size of your channel. The smaller your channel is, the less likely people will subscribe to your channel. It's completely lunches, right? Like, it should not be like that. Because the big channels, they do need a lot of subscribers, but still they get thousands of subscribers per day, maybe tens of thousands of subscribers per day. And you would 0 subscribers or very few subscribers, you barely get any subscribers in months. Is it fair? No. Is it because YouTube is unfair? No. It's because human mind is unfair. When people are coming to your videos and see a lot of views, they subconsciously think that, OK, this might be good because a lot of people are watching this and they're very, very forgiving on whatever flaws that your videos have. And when they see that a lot of videos have a lot of use, they are most likely to subscribe to your channel because HIV is a topic that they want to know about. If they come to your channel, they're more likely to subscribe. But when they see your video with very little views, no matter what the quality and no matter how good the video is, they see the video that has very little views. And they say, okay, something is wrong with this channel. Why nobody's watching these videos? And they will just not subscribe. It's not about everyone. Not everyone does this, but many does it. So counter-intuitively, you need to have a large channel to grow faster. And the smaller channel goal slower. And that's what kills majority of the channels in the beginning because a lot of people seeing that bigger channels are getting 1000 subscribers that list expect to get few subscribers a day when they start. And whey, they do not get it. They just completely turn off. Just do not want to do this anymore. Even afford single second, because they think that this is a scam and oh, nobody can do this, or they are lying with the numbers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, view, bonding, etcetera, etcetera because they couldn't do it. The thing is the truth is, is that beginners, I have the hardest time to grow and YouTube Palace because they are so, so, so many people starting on YouTube all at the same time, all together. And it's like being in a very, being seeing a very, very, very, very, very, very, very crowded place. It's difficult for you to grow. And bigger you become. The less crowded YouTube becomes for you, the less crowded. So that's why the size affects your world. And overall, my friends just don't focus on numbers. Only focus on numbers. Only reason while you're allowed to focus on numbers is when numbers will help you to grow or will help you to understand what is wrong, what is right with your videos, because numbers shows you whatever is wrong or right video that's getting more views is right. Video's getting with more much time. Is right. Video getting more subscribers is right. That's what you must, you must focus on comparatively, only between your videos, between your video's, not anyone else's videos. Your videos. To overall growth time is depending on whatever work you are going to put in to your videos, net amount of work. But what kind of work and for how long? So this will be it for this one. Let's go to the next one.