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Fuel For Your Subject Matter - Sky's The Limit

teacher avatar Robert Joyner, Making Art Fun

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Explore This Tool

    • 3. Saving Inspiration

    • 4. Sharing Some Results

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About This Class

In this class I will share one of my favorite tools to explore subject matter. If your life is busy like mine it's difficult to find time to travel and explore areas that inspire you. Or, perhaps you have visited somewhere special on vacation, or business, but wished you had taken more photos to bring back to the studio. In any case this tool will open you up to a world of endless possibilities & help inspire your creative sessions.

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Robert Joyner

Making Art Fun


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Robert Joyner. And this class, I will share a fantastic tool that will open up a world of possibilities for your creativity. Now, if you're like me, you paint from photos. You use them all the time in your studio. But sometimes those images just get a little stale or boring. He just wants something fresh to work from. That's what this tool will teach you. It will open up the world of possibilities as you revisit the places you've been. And then you branch out to discover new, beautiful places in the world. This tool is easy to use and the only thing you need is a computer and Internet connection . I can't wait to get started. So on a roll today and I'll see you on the inside. Thanks for watching. 2. How To Explore This Tool: okay. In this lesson, I will basically show you how I am able to access the areas are using Google maps, salamat google dot com and I have something copied on my clipboard. Now it is pace that That's Boothbay Harbor in Maine. The state of Maine is going to give me, you know, a lot of links and different things that are basically on the web. Now appear you have tabs. Okay. So I could scroll around the have maps, images, news from Boothbay Harbor. All that stuff. Now I want to go to maps. I'm going to get rid of this little fly out by clicking this arrow. So see you later. And now I'm going to click and drag this to the center of my screen. And there we have Boothbay Harbor. Now from this distance. Okay, some scaled out quite a bit here. I can't really get to where I want to go. So I will use this little zoom here second, zoom in by clicking the plus over here in the corner. Then we can zoom out by hitting minus. We want to go in. So we're gettin pretty close so you can start seeing some of these smaller streets. Eventually you'll start seeing some local landmarks, different places like that. Now, this is pretty close. I think this would work now to get into on the street. I'm gonna go ahead and click hover over this little a person icon here and click on that. Now I'm in Street View. What happened? There was these blue lines popped up, and this tells me everywhere where the Google vehicle has been and everywhere that car went , it has a camera on top and it's getting images everywhere. Goes on there 3 60 images. So it's really neat. So now once I'm here, I can just click on the blue line and then that's going to take me right to that spot so I can take it. I can click on the screen and drag around. The seeping went down there so you can see. Uh, we can get down here on this street and see what's going on. That's kind of an interesting view. I am going to hide this, this imagery of the bottom there so I could come down a little bit farther down the street and that's kind of nice. Maybe you would like that sucking kind of take my two fingers and, uh, pitch sometimes pinching in and then I can zoom in to so I can make that image a little bit larger. Is that that's kind of neat. So it's not a great picture of the harbor there, but you will be surprised what you confined, uh, navigating around who may harbour and again This is really interesting because, um, if you're familiar with Boothbay Harbor, then you know what you're going. But you just doing around or just trying to see what you can come up with this kind of fun to stop right here, click and drag and then rotate around and looking for something that will be interesting. So I kind of like this. It's got some. So my shadows, interesting little awning there, the buildings vehicle. So that may end up being a nice little painting. So again, I can click and pull up and down and kind of get a little bit lower into this for you. And so I guess, and figures over here on the right, something like that. So that might be kind of interesting. So I'm getting a little bit closer to these buildings. We like that. We like the people walking around shopping. So again, a really cool way to explore an area now the same wallets that was fun to see what else is in Boothbay. Maybe I want to get to a different part. I can zoom back out, and that's gonna take me to this view. And if I wanted to click on the person icon again on the bottom right over here, that will make thes lines reappear. Now I have more of a three D aerial view of what's going on, and that's kind of interesting to like their success. This actually looks like, Ah, water looks dry here like there's no water there. But actually, I think there was water here because you have a little kayak place right here and Boothbay Harbor remain. I mean, there there could be some, really, I disc licked on that area, and it brought me down here. It could be some interesting little boats and little nooks going on in here, so you may. I may want to explore that, but this is a lot of fun. It's you can see that's where that lake is right there. End up from a top from the aerial view. It didn't really look like much, but it was actually but something happening there. But you can see here, this is I want to show you this as I'm scrolling around. Oh, we love to get back in there, but the aero takes me back there, but I click. It just moves me aside. So basically, the car didn't go down in into that area. So here's a little view here, and, uh, yeah, I mean again, not not much for in terms of what I'm looking for, but say I'm kind of getting here kind of enlarged that a little bit. Then push it around and look around this little area. And who knows, maybe I will get inspiration from this little boathouse. Um, here with the boots in the background, little bridge and kind of interesting. Right now let's scroll back up. So I'm going to zoom out. And where I'm looking at on that bridge was right here. So let's see if the street, if Google was able to access that some of gin and hover over it, I don't think it waas. I think that's the little house right there. I was looking at It's almost street view. You can see the car came right up in here. I will get down in there and see if this has any better view of that lake. So you see, now it's completely different angle. Who knows? I mean, I don't know what what you look for your artwork or anything like that, but, you know, it's it's so cool to get in here and spend a little bit of time messing around because you can really find some gyms. Okay, so that's what I would do now. Well, like this little red dump truck there. So I guess I like that. Maybe I want to explore that. Someone zoom out this pension. I was kind of neat to see. We get a little bit different angle, love it coming towards us. So basically, what we're looking at here is the But the car was actually going this way and the truck was behind it, so I can't get any closer to it. Have a past each other than I could change that angle a little bit, but it's kind of fascinating. Eso that's kind of cool I like the shadow on this side. You got a little marina there with some boats and a bunch of homes. I mean, it's little pixelated, but you'll be surprised that you can find these things. And they're They're they're good. They're certainly something that you can work from. See what? That truck door now, um, and find something cool. Nice little house here. Tree in the shrubbery. Anyway, this stop pause right here. And they were to get into how what I do. Once I find something that captivates me, and then we'll take this to the next level. 3. Saving Inspiration: are. They say you have something that you want to save. So I like this little scene right here. Navigate forward. Just a smidge. I want to say that. Okay, believe me, if you do not save these things, it is so hard to get back to them. You will spend a lot of time doing so. So I urge you to listen up because you want to say them. Okay, will you? When? There in front of you. You're inspired by it. Get it? So a good way to do it is the click up in the U. R L So I'll click away. I didn't mean to do that. That's good enough right here. I can click right up there in the U R l and then command see on my Mac will copy it. And then I can pace that on one of my text documents. I've got a bunch of Earl saved right here from Google Maps. I could do command V and pace that right away. And that becomes a live link. Now, another way would be to do also a screenshot so I can take a picture of this screen. That's nice. Toe had to. So a shift commands three will take a picture. And now if I minimize this so now you can see I have an image of that. And now, once you had the image, how we can zoom in even further and see kind of explore around and then kind of really look a little bit deeper into this image. So anyway, you have Teoh tricks there to save, so the you are well and then save the image. I would say do both. I mean, do you definitely want the image? So you have that on your computer and then had the u. R. L is a backup if you need to get back there again. 4. Sharing Some Results: Okay, now that you have seen how to explore maps and to you some of the features within that to get where you need to go and you know how to save your images and use them for future paintings. And that's what I want to show you. Here. I have some paintings I created now using this exact same tool. And these are just a few examples. I have others, but I think it hopefully will inspire you to use the tool and to explore areas that you're familiar with that would start there and then perhaps expand into other areas that, well, hopefully facilitate future artwork and inspiration for you. Hope you enjoy the class and thanks for watching.