Frying Perfect Irish Chips (French Fries) Without a Fryer

Josh Davis, Marketer, Coder, Designer, Foodie

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Episode 1: Intros

    • 2. Episode 2: Ingredients & Preperation

    • 3. Episode 3: First Fry

    • 4. Episode 4: Final Fry

    • 5. Episode Five: Final Thoughts & Project


Project Description

Chips & Dip: What's Your Fancy?

If you've followed along at home, this project is going to be simple. I'd love for you to take a picture of your chips with your favorite dipping sauce next to them. Easy right? But useful, because as foodies, we should be constantly keeping an eye out for new tastes to try.

I'm a ketchup guy myself, but my mum loves curry sauce and my wife likes some bizarre mix of mayo and ketchup. To each their own!

What's your go-to for chips (fries)?

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