Fruit Arrangement Workshop: How To Finish A Tropical Watermelon | Tatiana Ambrose | Skillshare

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Fruit Arrangement Workshop: How To Finish A Tropical Watermelon

teacher avatar Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Part 2 Introduction To Decorating Your Watermelon Fruit Bowl Arrangement

    • 2. Boost Your Creativity: Past watermelon fruit bowl creations

    • 3. Decorating the Front of Your Watermelon Fruit Bowl

    • 4. What to Do with Your Leftover Fruit Alternatives

    • 5. Enjoy Your Tropical Watermelon Fruit Bowl Arrangement

    • 6. Watermelon Fruit Bowl Arrangement Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you love fruit arrangements? Do you want to challenge your creativity? Do you want to create an amazing fruit piece?

Then this is the perfect creativity course for you!

Creativity can be used in all aspects of your life including designing and making your very own tropical watermelon fruit bowl that is perfect for any occasion, big or small.

In this creativity course you will be learning how to take various fruit and transform it into a jaw dropping watermelon fruit bowl arrangement that can hold anything. This class focuses on getting you to think with creativity while making a stunning fruit arrangement. 

Creativity is not just about thinking creatively, it is also about challenging yourself with hands on DIY craft tutorials where you are only limited by your imagination!

This watermelon fruit bowl can be a family project or turned into an adult drink for a party. Your imagination is key to making this watermelon fruit arrangement come to life. 

After Completing Part 1 You Will:

  • Know the supplies you need for creating a tropical fruit arrangement
  • Know how to transform your pineapples into tropical trees
  • Know how to carve letter out of your watermelon to spell any name or occasion

After Completing Part 2 You Will:

  • Know how to decorate the front of your watermelon fruit arrangement
  • Learn alternative ways to use up your leftover fruit
  • Get creative inspiration from some past fruit arrangement creations Jeff and Tatiana have made

If you are ready to use your creativity, learn how to transform a watermelon into a tropical fruit bowl then go ahead and enroll in this creativity course today! I can't wait for you to make your very own tropical watermelon fruit bowl.

Meet Your Teacher

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Tatiana Ambrose

Helping You To Be Creative & Productive



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1. Part 2 Introduction To Decorating Your Watermelon Fruit Bowl Arrangement: Hi there. Welcome to Part two on how to make your very own tropical watermelon fruit ball. So in part one, we covered the basics of the supplies and fruit that you need, how to cut your watermelon, how to cut out our blocky letters. And now, in part two, we are going to make it come all together. By adding our creativity, we're going to focus on how to decorate the front of your tropical watermelon bowl alternatives on how to use any of the leftover fruit that you have and give you creative inspiration on the past fruit arrangements that Jeff and I have made. This part of the class will really focus on your creativity. So go ahead, enroll today and let's get started. 2. Boost Your Creativity: Past watermelon fruit bowl creations: so to give you a little bit more of a background on Jeff Amy, we have seriously been having a blast this summer with our fun tropical drinks. Thes can be as simple or as complex as you want, as you hopefully will see. This course is not just about cutting, carving and mixing fruit. It's to give you creative inspiration that if you decide to make a watermelon waterfall after this course, guess what you can. My absolute favorite thing about this fruitful is the personalized touch you can add to each and every fruit bowl, like a name with a name like Tatiana. You do not see Tatiana on anything. Souvenirs, mugs, T shirts, nothing. So when I see my name, I absolutely love it. So if you, your significant other or your kids have a unique name, this will be a fun project just to see their face light up. So I really hope that as you go through this course, you will start thinking of your own unique and creative touches. You can add to your own watermelon fruit bowl. I'll see in the next lecture 3. Decorating the Front of Your Watermelon Fruit Bowl: high in this section, You are going to be decorating the front of your watermelon to really give it that pop and make it stand out. So to start off cutting the front of our watermelon, we're going to make some zigzag V shaped cuts. Now, in between each of the V shaped cuts, we're gonna leave a little bit of space. Remember, if you're gonna fill your watermelon bowl with a drink, the bottom portion of your V is as high as you can fill your drink. So the deeper the V cuts, the less you can put into your watermelon ball. Next, we're gonna take our toothpicks and put him into the middle of each fee. Next, we're gonna take our orange slices, and each V shape will have one slice of orange. Then we're going to take one grape and put him on top of each of the orange slices for a next layer. We're gonna take our toothpicks and put him in between each of the orange slices. Now we're going to take our square pieces of pineapple and put him on top of each of the toothpicks, followed by a layer of blueberries on top of the pineapple and then a row strawberries on top of the blueberries, and this is what it should look like. Next. We want to prop my name on something, so we are going to be using the leftover watermelon rind from the top of the watermelon. You just cut those into slivers, then take our toothpicks and start adding each of the letters along the watermelon rind. No, if you have a long name like I do, and it doesn't fit on one section of the rind, make use of your toothpicks. So cut often extra piece of the watermelon rind attached with the toothpicks and then continue adding on the letters. Once that is complete, you are now going to position your watermelon rind with the letters on top of your pineapple trees. And there we go. The final touches that Jeff decided to add was to add some slices of key bees. Now with the Kiwis. They are soft, so you might need two or more toothpicks instead of just that one layer of toothpicks, like we do with the oranges and pineapples. So you take a toothpick with a kiwi, poke it into the watermelon rind then take two toothpicks and then stack another slice of the QE on top of the 1st 1 And as a final touch, we just added half a slice of orange on top of our Kiwi with two more toothpicks. And of course, we cannot forget about adding our festive, colorful straws to our tropical watermelon bull. And here we go. This is the finished product. Let's move on to the next section. 4. What to Do with Your Leftover Fruit Alternatives: Hey, now, once you complete your watermelon fruit bowl, you will most likely have left over fruit. So in this lecture, let me show you what you can do with your leftover fruit so it doesn't go to waste. Okay, so now that you have your complete watermelon bull, it's time to let it chill and start the cleanup process. Most likely during your clean up, you will have a good amount of fruit still left. So let's look at some of the different options of using the fruit so it doesn't go back. First is to, of course, make an extra batch of whatever you have in your water mumble. For us, it was a sangria. So we sliced up the extra fruit, mixed it in our blue bowl and said it in the fridge to chill so we would have a refill ready when our watermelon bowl was getting low. Another way to use up some fruit is if this is going to be. A large gathering is to make a skewer stick with fruit instead of traditional meat and vegetables. Thes can go along with drinks, salads, almost anything, really. The third option is to make a nice, refreshing picture of fruit infused water. So if you're like me, I'm not a person that drinks water all day long unless it's flavored. And making your own infused water is simple. You take a picture, fill it with water than add your fruit into it and let it sit for a couple of hours. Now, a few tips for infused water is you want to add small cubes or thin slices to your water. This will infuse the flavors faster into your water and typically a couple of hours. To let your fruit and fuse into the water is a good amount, but it really varies on what you add to your water. Some people love meant strawberry and cucumber water, so they will make this before bed and let it sit overnight because herbs will definitely take some time to infuse into the water. After you're done with your first picture of infused water, you can refill it and let it sit and infuse. The flavor won't be a strong as the first picture, but you will still be able to taste a hint of your flavor. The last option I want to talk about in this lecture when it comes to using the left over fruit is that you can use it in a smoothie. Now, if you don't feel comfortable just throwing your fruit in a blender, mixing it up, you can always look up different recipes. So for this course, you will most likely have watermelon as your main ingredient. So look up. Watermelon, strawberry smoothie recipes and these different sites will give you the recipes you can follow along with to make a healthy smoothie. There are so many different ways you can use leftover fruit. Aside from just eating it out of your containers, use your creativity and let me know how you used your left over fruit. I will see you in the next lecture. 5. Enjoy Your Tropical Watermelon Fruit Bowl Arrangement: welcome. It is now time to enjoy the fruits of your labor of so corny I know. But seriously, the tropical watermelon fruit bowl is complete. As you know, we complemented are for bull arrangement with a single area. The watermelon bowl was set in the fridge to chill for two hours, and now is the taste test time for my family and myself. Now, remember, this watermelon bull is so versatile for any situation. You can make this as a family with your Children and complemented with the fruit salad or a fruit punch with the addition of any fruit of your choice. Then it could also be an adult beverage fruit bowl. This is where I leave you to use your creativity. But this fruit arrangement is guaranteed to be a hit unless the person doesn't like fruit. I hope you had fun and are ready to put your skill set to test if you haven't completed this yet. And if you have, go ahead and enjoy it. Jeff and I definitely had a great time making this fruitful for you. 6. Watermelon Fruit Bowl Arrangement Conclusion: Hi there. So you have now reached the on this course. I hope that you have full confidence and are ready to start making your very own tropical watermelon fruit bowl. I want to say a big thank you to you for choosing to enroll in this class. And I really hope that you have learned a lot. If you enjoyed this course, I would love to see a review from you. And if you have any questions or need further clarification, do not be afraid to reach out to be by sending me a message. Jeff and I have had a summer full of making fruit bowls, so we're more than happy to give you any additional help that you need. Thank you once again for joining me, and I hope to see you again.