From old clothes to colorful rugs | Nena Meimaris | Skillshare

From old clothes to colorful rugs

Nena Meimaris, Social Entrepreneur

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About This Class

In this class you will learn step by step how to take your old clothes, old curtains and fabric that you don't need  and create beautiful, functional, colorful rugs that you can use in your house or give them as gifts.






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Nena Meimaris

Social Entrepreneur

After 25 years of teaching in the Boston Public Schools, I came to Greece 13 years ago with my husband to create a network to foster education and economic development in the area. Little did we know that we would be currently in the midst of the worst economic storm that hit Greece, huge unemployment, with dozens of businesses closing daily.

In the midst of this, I wanted to make a difference by tapping the creativity of women who have been economically desperate so that they and thei...

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