From iPad to Home Decor - with Paper53 and Photoshop

Hanny Agustine, Illustrator | Designer | Founder

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17 Videos (30m)
    • 01 Trailer

    • 02 Introduce Myself

    • 03 What Will You Learn

    • 04 Introduction to Paper53

    • 05 Make First Pattern

    • 06 Save Pattern File

    • 07 Create Pillow Mockup in Photoshop

    • 08 Design Alternatives and Other Pattern Ideas

    • 09 Pattern Ideas #1 Pattern Play

    • 10 Pattern Ideas #2 Change Hue & Saturation

    • 11 Pattern Ideas #3 Re Arrange 1

    • 12 Pattern Ideas #3 Re Arrange 2

    • 13 Pattern Ideas #4 Duplicate Pattern

    • 14 Create Mug Mockup

    • 15 Create Canvas Totebag Mockup

    • 16 File Preparation for Printing Company

    • 17 Assignment


About This Class

How about design your own home decor such as pillow, mug or tote bag ? When you see it, you will be so proud of yourself !. In this class, I will teach you to design a pattern using Paper53 application in iPad. Paper53 is a very good application to bring your imagination to real world. It's very easy to use, a lot of drawing tools and a lot of color palette. Then, you can learn some tricks to change your iPad’s drawing to be pillow, mug or tote bag in Photoshop. Even, I teach you if you want to print your pillow fabric in printing company.

Many people said that they can not draw but Paper53 will help you to make home decor's pattern easily. 

After watching this class, I am sure you will create more and more patterns and make your living room looks different !

This class is for everybody - even with basic level skill of Photoshop. I will teach you :

1. How to make pattern with Paper53 in iPad

2. Ideas on how to change your original pattern in Photoshop

3. How to use Photoshop to apply your patterns into home decor mock up such as pillow, mug and tote bag

4. How to prepare your design file for printing company

This class is short, it takes about 25 minutes only. Don't have iPad ? You can use Paper53 application in iPhone too ! Paper53 is Free. No worries, be happy.

I welcome any comment and feedback from you soon !

Would be happy if you may say hallo to my email [email protected] or you may take a look my website at or peek my instagram @hanny.agustine



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Excellent class, I love the easy information that taught me how to do patterns on my Ipad!! Love this class!
wonderful class! easy to follow! Hanny is the best!
Very fun! Wish the pencils weren't so expensive though :(





Hanny Agustine

Illustrator | Designer | Founder

Hallo, I am Hanny Agustine living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfectly as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey", nice isn't ?

My education background is Electrical Engineering and I have been working in IT industry before I established my Children Creative Learning Center (CCLC) in 2001. I have been teaching and training my team (mostly they are teachers in my CCLC) for almost 15 years by now. I teach Computer, Animation, iPad, Robotic, Electronic and Art.

In September 2014 my daughter studied her postgraduate in a beautiful city, Kingston Upon Thames, UK. I found Cass Art Shop on the road and since then I never spent less than 2 hours in this shop admiring their collection. That was the first time I bought brush, watercolor, drawing book, pen marker and you may mention else :). Therefore, in 2015 I established, a drawing class for children and adult. So, today you may say that I am an engineer who losts in Art Planet :).

I enjoy very much doodling everyday beside big windows in my dining room. I create illustration and drawing with my hand or my iPad and can be applied to housewares, home decors, gift and fashion. I use a variety of methods including acrylic, watercolor, pen, hand inked drawing and digital drawing apps like Paper53, Procreate and AdobeDraw while finalize it using Adobe Photoshop.

Apart of it, I always enjoy doodling lines, unusual forms and geometric patterns or even just in black and white. Moreover, I love colors so much and loose drawing style, but as well as monochromatic and simple one. So, it's like north and south pole in my mind.

My inspiration can be from everywhere. I always love detail carving at every building in Europe or distinct Scandinavian simple and bold colors. But I also love rich and tropical colors from my beautiful country, Indonesia.

So, if you are a beginner who wants to draw or make illustration, don't worry. Like me, practice - practice - practice. I am sure you will be amazed with your hand and imagination !

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