From iMovie to Final Cut Pro X in Less Than 1 Hour | Rafi Saar | Skillshare

From iMovie to Final Cut Pro X in Less Than 1 Hour

Rafi Saar, Owner Syncopa Productions and Software Engineer

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16 Videos (53m)
    • From iMovie to FCPX in Less Than 1 Hour

    • Introduction

    • Install, Import from iMovie, Interface

    • Import Media & Data Organization

    • Edit in the Magnetic Timeline

    • Transform, Crop and Keyframes

    • Music & Audio

    • Transitions

    • Effects & Greeen Screen

    • Titles

    • Generators

    • Photos

    • Auto enhance & Retiming

    • Exporting

    • More Advanced Options

    • More Resources


About This Class

Have you been thinking about making the move to Final Cut Pro X (FCPX), but were afraid to do so?
Do you find yourself limited by iMovie or any other consumer movie editing software, and you want more power to express your creativity?
You're not sure if FCPX is right for you or worth your investment?

Take this short less-than-1-hour course and all your questions will be answered!

FCPX is in fact a full-blown professional video editing software package, but as it's made by Apple, it is still powerful AND user friendly at the same time!  All you need is this short course to get you started, and once you know the basics, you'll be able to create movies without fear.
Once you have this knowledge mastered, it'll be much easier to learn more.  There's always more to learn in FCPX.  Heck, even I'm learning something new about this amazing program every now and then.  At least now you'll know what information to look for.

If you're already using iMovie and you're bothered by its limitations then this course is especially suited for you.  Both programs share some common concepts so the switch between those 2 apps will be the easiest.  But the apps are clearly different and I will show the main differences in this course.
If you haven't been using iMovie before, but you've answered YES to any of the questions above then this course is also for you as I will show you and explain how FCPX works.
I'll clearly also explain the main advantages of Final Cut Pro X and what makes it a PRO app that's way much better than iMovie or any other consumer video editor.

So there's no reason to be scared to try out FCPX since:

  • you have this less-than-1-hour course that shows you through all the basics
  • FCPX is user-friendly so it's easy to catch the basics and create complete movies quickly
  • Apple provides a 30-day trial of FCPX (which I'll show you where to get it from)

So even if you're not sure the app is worth your investment, with the 30-day free trial and this short course, you can get up-to-speed quickly and use the full 30 days to evaluate the app and make a smart purchase decision.

And as all my students already know, once enrolled in my class, you'll get my full support with your questions so make sure you post them in the Community section.

This course was created using FCPX 10.3 which was released on Oct. 27, 2016 with a new modern user interface.

I'm sure you will enjoy this class and I can't wait to see the amazing movies you will make!





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Rafi Saar

Owner Syncopa Productions and Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Rafi. Originally from Belgium. I have an MS degree in Computer Science from Columbia University.
I'm the owner of Syncopa Productions (click for web site).
I have several YouTube channels, one of which is about Final Cut Pro X tips.
Also check out my Company Facebook Page.

While I've been a software engineer and a manager at hi-tech firms for many years, I was also always busy doing music, video, and photography.

I'm very passionate about everything crea...

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