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From Zero to Expert: Herringbone Using MiniDuos

teacher avatar Maria Arthur, Beading Tutorials & Bead-weaving Classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Attaching the Stop Bead

    • 4. Making the Bracelet

    • 5. Ending the Bracelet

    • 6. Attaching the Clasp

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About This Class

Take this class and become an expert in Herringbone stitch using two-holed beads! This class is recommended for Beginner level.

I'll show you how to create a bracelet using MiniDuo beads. You can easily use SuperDuo beads instead as they are just a bigger version of the MiniDuo beads.

You will need:

12g MiniDuo beads

1g 11/0 Seed beads


2 Jumprings

1 Size 10 beading needle

3 yds of beading thread

2 Pliers- I used a Flat-nose and a Chain-nose pliers

Thread burner or sharp scissors


To purchase any of my PDF beading tutorials, click here. You can also follow my blog and YouTube channel for free tutorials.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maria Arthur

Beading Tutorials & Bead-weaving Classes


Hi! My name is Maria and I'll show you how to create your own gorgeous jewelry using the art of off-loom bead-weaving.

Join a community of people, just like you, who are frustrated with poorly written beading patterns they don't understand. That's where I come in!

My tutorials are easy-to-follow and are designed to teach you beading basics, as well as, improve your skills. With 100+ 5-star reviews in my Etsy shop, beaders appreciate my detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Whether you're just getting started or looking to boost your bead-weaving knowledge, let's do it together.

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1. Introduction: Hello, My name is Maria and welcome to my class from zero to expert herringbone, using many dual beads from zero to expert is a Siris of tutorials where I will teach you various bead weaving techniques. Today's lesson will focus on creating a herringbone bracelet using many dual beats. You can just as easily substitute super dual beads for this project. If you enjoy this class, please give it a thumbs up. These recommendations are essential as they help increase the number of people who seem a class and let others who want to take my class know what past students thought. Comments are welcome and I encourage you to post photos of your finished bracelets and the project gallery of this class, so click and roll on, Let's get started. 2. Materials: For this tutorial, you're going to need some many duels and size 11 seed beads. Two players I'm using a flat and channels in two strong class and some jump rings, his thread burner or sharp scissors. It's size 10 beating needle and beating Fred any beat man. 3. Attaching the Stop Bead: to get started. We're going to put on E stop bead. So I'm just going to pick up a random color beat. It does not have to be the same size or anything. We're not using it as part of our project. We're gonna slate it down our thread leaving a both of three or four inch too from the till , and we're going to come back up through our beat. And that creates elude of thread around the bead, holding it and please. And this be will simply stop our beads from falling off the threat. 4. Making the Bracelet: to create our first role. We're going to string too many duels. One size, 11 seed beat, too many duels, one size 11 and too many duels. You're going to slay those don't hear Stop bead! And I'm going to pass through the second hole of the very last minute duel. I'm gonna pull that. Then I'm going to pick up too many duels and passed through the next two Many duels through the top holes and pull that through. And thats going, Teoh, cause my too many duels to kind of create this V sheet that was characteristic to the herringbone. I'm going to repeat that picking up two more many duels and going through the next to many doors through the top holds and one last time to many doors. But this time you're just going to go through the final, the final, many dual on the end, just like that. And this is what we have so far? No, we need to turn around, so I'm gonna pick up one size 11 and that just helps to disguise some of the thread at the end of aware world here. So I'm going to flip my work over so it's easier for me to work with. And we're gonna pass through the next many dual through the second hole so that just as that C b right at the end there and I'm going to repeat those teams steps and I'm gonna pick up too many doors. I'm gonna pass through the next to many duels through the second holes whole and repeat too many dolls well through too many doors. One final, same too many duels and go through the last minute. It's up one C bead slip my work over and passed through the top hole of that last mini duel . Really simple stuff, if it's beckons up in just a taste a little bit, but as you work, it will come together. So just repeat those same steps. Too many duels pass through to too many duels passed through to too many duos. Pass through one, then turn around by picking up that size 11 and going through the last minute duel and repeat. Do that until you reached your desired length, and then I'll come back and show you how to create your final world 5. Ending the Bracelet: I've gotten the life of beadwork that I want on. I'm just going to show you how to create this final roll. So I've already picked up a size 11 seed beads and turned around and passed through the the last, many dual on the end there. Pull that through lips. So this is where we would fill in the spaces between R. V shapes with many duels. But in this final rule, we're gonna fill them in with Seabees instead. So we're gonna pick up one size 11 seed beads and pass through the next two mini duels and repeat that again. One size 11 passed through too many doors and then finally one size 11 and passed through our last minute duel, and you're gonna pull that through, and that is just going to end off our bracelet. All right, so I'm just going to show you how to endure threat off. Now, it's a really good idea. After you've put your seed beads on your final rule to take your needle, leave your needle back through the last roll and reinforce that final rule of seed beads again because I'm gonna attach my class by just putting some jump rings in between the seats, the beads on attaching my class Batley I'm just gonna show you how to endure threat off. So imagine that I have already reinforced that last roll. Just, um, put me needle through the bead work kind of things I threw. I'm gonna show you how to create 1/2 hitch knocked just in case you don't know. So you just find a threat bridge. Make sure you follow a Fred path buying a threat bridge in between your beads Believe a little loop of fried there can see that. Take your needle through the loop and just pull gently and you'll create a knot in between your beads that you can't see, and I'm going to repeat that one more time. So I'm just gonna take me needle through my beads and plain another thread bridge here. I'm going to pull my thread through its got caught on the site. Leave a little group of friends, take your needle through that loop and whole and then take your needle through some more beads just to pull that not through the beat. Sometimes you can feel that not slip into the bead. Oh, pop feeling. So I'm going Teoh, Remove my Fred, my access red. Just using my threat Burn a recon uses sisters, and what you would do is remove it. Stop bead on your tail and just pull it and pull it off. And then we've your tail threat in to the bead work the same way I repeat those half its knots and just take that off. 6. Attaching the Clasp: Okay, so now I'm going to show you how to attach the class. I have a flat nose players and holding, um, dump ring here. I'm gonna slip my jump ring in between my beads on that last rule of my bracelet. Just let my class mom seemed tying. And with the channels players, I'm going to close that jump. Bring up. So now you see why it's important to reinforce that final role of our bracelet because it's going to be holding our class bar. So you repeat that on the other end of your bracelet and you're all done. I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, please click. Leave a review on. Give me a thumbs up. Let me know what you thought of this class. If you will complete the bracelet, please take a picture and cheer it with me in the project gallery of this class. I'd love to see what you've accomplished you so much for washing my tutorial. Have a great D. But by