From Watercolor & Pencil Graphics to Logo Design & Abstract Painting

Karina Eibatova, Use a pencil as a magic wand

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4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Watercolor Painting

    • 3. Detailed Pencil Drawing

    • 4. Abstract Painting

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Project Description

Make a living with your art!

This class will help you throughout your careers as illustrators and designers. It will talk you through three different ways of creative expressions. You will learn traditional and modern approaches and you will see the process of creating a crisp, colorful image from the artwork that was originally created with the basic materials.

First, Karina will teach you how to make the artwork practical. In this class she will demonstrate the process  of creating a unique logo from a painting or a drawing. This class will encourage you to step away from your computers! 

Afterwards, Karina will demonstrate the easy way of making an abstract painting so students can enjoy the creative process, experiment, and work with the flow without thinking.

No prior painting experience is needed - all levels are welcome.

In the end of the class Karina would like students to upload either thier watercolor paintings, detailed drawings or the final logos, created the same way as in the class.

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