From Vintage Book to Handbound Journal - How to bind your own Journal

Nina Vangerow, Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict

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16 Lessons (2h 39m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Choosing a Book

    • 4. Prepping the Book Cover

    • 5. Cutting the Pages

    • 6. Prepping the Pages

    • 7. Binding the Textblock Part One

    • 8. Binding the Textblock Part Two

    • 9. Adding a Bookmark

    • 10. Glueing the Text Block into the Cover

    • 11. Adding End Papers

    • 12. Adding a Front Pocket

    • 13. Adding a Back Pocket Part One

    • 14. Adding a Back Pocket Part Two

    • 15. Adding an Elastic Closure

    • 16. Class Project


About This Class

I got the idea for this class, when I realised that I only had a few more pages left in my current bullet journal. This meant I had to go through the process of trying to find a journal I would love to use, but wouldn't find to "precious" to use.

My bullet journaling is very messy, I would never dream of sharing my page layouts on social media, I use my bullet journal to try and organise my life and use any empty spaces to practice drawing and doodling.

And then an idea struck, me - why didn't I bind my very own bullet journal, using a tatty and boring old book cover? Why? I felt that by using a slightly "boring" used book cover, the finished journal would feel a bit less precious and in a way already used.

Plus, this would give me the chance to use a pile of old books, with rather uninteresting covers that I have rescued from the recycling over the past year or so.

Now, what are you going to learn in this class?

We are going to look into what kind of book to choose, how to remove the original text block and prep the book cover, how to measure and cut new pages and create signatures. How to create a template for the binding holes and how to bind the text block.

How to glue the back of the spine, add a bookmark and finally how to glue the text block into the book cover.

In addition, I am also going to show you how you can add a pocket to the inside of the front cover and a fold out envelope pocket to the back cover. To round it all off, I am also going to show you how to add an elastic as an additional closure to your journal.

This class is slightly longer than my usual classes, but I wanted to make sure to give you a step by step approach to book binding, to make it easier to follow along even if you are completely new to book binding.

This class is suitable for beginners, however, you might want to check out my class "From Vintage Book to handmade Journal - a Cheat's Guide to Book Binding" and give this class a go first. 

As always, I am here for you, should you have any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you inside the class room!