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From Up-cycled Brochure & Found Papers to Mixed Media Inspiration Journal

teacher avatar Nina Vangerow, Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Part One - The Journal

    • 4. Pages One & Two

    • 5. Pages Three & Four

    • 6. Pages Five & Six

    • 7. NEW Pages Seven & Eight

    • 8. From Page to Envelope

    • 9. Part Two - The Prompts

    • 10. Getting started

    • 11. To Done List

    • 12. Little Moments

    • 13. I want to make time for

    • 14. You are loved

    • 15. Writing a Letter

    • 16. The Journal Cover

    • 17. Class Project

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About This Class


In this class you are going to learn how to turn a simple brochure and some found papers - e.g. off cuts, scrap paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, magazine images, book pages, used envelopes, maps, sheet music - into a personalised Inspiration Journal.

This Inspiration Journal is for you, but you could create a journal like this tor a family member or friend.

It is to remind you of all the things you love doing, all the things that make you happy. It's to celebrate your achievements,rather than focus on all the things that are still on your to do list.

It's to remind you that you are enough and that you are doing your best, to not compare yourself and your life to other peoples (especially with social media telling us on a daily basis how perfect everybody else seems to be.

The creating of this journal is an act of mindfulness, and and act of self care.

This journal is there for you to look at when you are having a bad day and are full of doubt, it is there to remind you how strong you are, that things are going to get better and that you make a difference in this world.

The class has been divided into two parts.

Part One focuses on the creation of the journal and teaches you simple mixed media techniques to cover the pages and get the brochure ready for journaling.

Part Two works with the journal prompts (you will find a PDF file with journal  prompts, quotes and poems in the Class Project section) and is going to show you how you can work with these journal prompts to create beautiful page spreads.

This class is suitable for all levels. Advanced learners could easily incorporate further or more mixed media techniques to their journal.

I really hope you like the idea of creating your very own Inspiration Journal and I'm looking forward to seeing you in my class.

Nina xo

Music used in this class "These Moments" by Nicolai Heidlas

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nina Vangerow

Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict





my name is Nina, I'm an artist, educator and online content creator and live in a small town in rural Wales, UK.

Under the name of The Forgotten Bookshop Girl I'm working as a mixed media artist, rebind old books turning  them into notebooks, create vintage style Travelers Notebook inserts, work with various forms of image transfers and a whole range of different types of coffee stained papers. I love working with materials that would normally have ended up in the landfill or is just looking for a new lease of life. In addition, I love creating items, that look as if they had been around for a while and might just have been found in somebody's attic or a fleamarket. If you would like to visit my shop on Etsy, you can find it her... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to my class. My name is Nina. I'm an artist, a teacher on I'm also the designer and creator behind the football team Bookshop Girl. In this class, I'm going to teach you how to create your own personalized mixed media inspiration. General, if using a brochure on some found papers Theo idea behind it is that you don't have to create journal from scratch. But we are up cycling something that it's already better by covering the pages on by actually starting the journaling process by creating your journal and inspiration, gel is going to be a lot about you. It's about remembering what makes you happy about the things you want to invite into your life. It's about not comparing yourself. It's about documenting all a few little achievements aides to pick you up on a day when you feel a little bit down. It's about you realizing that you are, you know, just the way you are. If you are trying your best on a daily basis on that, your best isn't the same are somebody else's best. I've divided the class into two parts. Part one is all about creating our actual journal I'm going to show you how I very easily cover the pages of one of those brushes to create the journal. Do you don't have to watch all of the videos? But I've created a few videos to show you a different race. I have created the different pages. You can ought to see my personal process. Thought that might be quite helpful in the second part of the class were working with the problems. I've chosen a few problems from the pdf fire that comes with this class on. Just to give you an idea on how you use these problems and how you can create journal pages with these problems and he would be really fantastic if you joined us in the class. 2. Tools & Materials: Whenever I'm working with paper, I prefer to use my cutting mat a craft knife on the metal ruler. But you can also just work with a pair of scissors in this class. Then I would recommend a pencil on a razor to make marks on the pages and papers. Next we're going. Teoh. Need some glue? I preferred to use glue stick because it dries quicker than PV. A glue or any similar glue. A bone folder for two. Or you could use instead of a bone folder. Then there's a whole variety of papers you could use to cover the pages. You could use scrap of paper. This is also a great way of using up your papers. Gramps, if you're working with scrap of paper and then used envelopes are really great use. I keep saying that the insides of envelopes can have really amazing patterns. Book pages work well. You can pick up books really cheaply in charity shops than used wrapping, paper lined, notebook paper, brown, packaging paper. Then here's a whole bunch of my own off cuts on papers I'm going to use. Some of them have bean t died and coffee stains you can use old maps. You can use colored paper sheet music, and then you might want to go through magazines on look for images that really inspire you or images that you really like and you would like to use in your inspiration journal. Tissue paper is a bit trickier to blue on, but you can use that as well, or bits of left over wall paper work really well. Let's not forget her own end globes on, of course, Kraft paper on. Then you need photographs off yourself. Friends on family on. I just print out my photographs on White Car Stop. Then if you've got any postcards you've picked up on you really like any other images you would like to put into your journal, you could use images from your Pinterest boards. And then, of course, I've got a down notable fire with all the journal promise that you could use. I like to use my alphabet stamps because my handwriting isn't the need is so I prefer to print some off the sentences and words, and you can always use any other stamps that you've got at home, and it would like to use in your Journal. I am a big fan of washi tape, So if you've got any, I would definitely recommend using washi tape in your journal, too. When it comes to choosing a pen, I would just go for whatever you feel most comfortable with and what you like writing with . You can just use one pen or you could use color gel pens. It's really up to you and what you would really like to have in your journal. I also really like to use paper clips because that means you don't have to glue in postcards or cards, but with a paper clip, you make sure that they don't fall out a few journal. Let's take a closer look at the brochure we're going to use for our journal when I'm talking about bro shows. What I mean are those little booklets that usually come either through the mail in form of little catalogs. All fear two guides Andi little booklets that give you local information. Some of these come as an extra with your magazine subscription on can either be catalogues on advert or can be little booklet talking about a specific subject, but mainly all these booklets, all these brushes come for free. The idea behind using one of those brochures is first, we're going to recycle something that might actually have ended up in the recycling on. Secondly, you owned half to binds a book from scratch, but you've already got a finished booklet. All we have to do is change the pages so that you could use them for your journal, if possible. Try not to go for glossy paper because it tends to be thinner on you. Want something that is substantial enough for us to be able to glue paper on top and work with it? 3. Part One - The Journal: so we're going to do in the first part. Office class is travel along the brochure pages with paper. So I thought various bits of paper ready. I'm working a lot with different bits of paper anyway, so I thought a big stash off. Uh oh. I'm also because I really like a kind of very grungy style to allow off my journals. A wide piece of paper can be quite intimidating, but if I started with something that looks as if you have being around for a while or somebody hard or used it, I personally find it easier to actually start using it. But it is absolutely up to you. What kind of color steam you want to go for. You could go cut colors could go for lots of wives. I've got four off life on beige and brown tones, but you could just go for white Pagers of white line pages could go for a lot brighter colors than I do in my videos. So what I'm doing is I just want to show you the difference techniques, different ways of very quickly covering the pages on. Then you can take those techniques on, then totally make it. You're okay. Apart from all my papers, I've got the blue stick. Andi, I've got my knife cutting maps. Uh, could you might need a pencil, then just grab a hot drink. We can get started. 4. Pages One & Two: Now let's get started on turning this little booklet into a journal. I'm going to leave the 1st 2 pages. For now. They're like the cover pages, and I haven't quite decided on what I want to do with them, some just moving on to the next couple of pages on. There is really no rule on where you want to start. You can just start anywhere in the book. As you can see of the outside off the paper has this brown you on? That's due to the fact that I have use some instant coffee to die the edges off my pages because every love a vintage feel about all of my journals. So what I've done is I've just used some instant coffee and dissolved it with some water. If it's a really, really strong coffee on, then I'm just using it, kind of like you would use a water color to just go around the edges off the pages. When I'm creating a journals from these booklets, I quite like to leave a frame around the papers. I'm gluing into the books. Andi. I also want the the frame to work well with the papers. I'm using on. Most of my papers are going to be tea stained or coffee stain to give that vintage vibe to the book for the page on the right. I'm going to keep it quite simple on I've chosen a notebook paper to cover the whole page on. All I need to do is just cut off a little bit of the paper so that it will fit nicely on to my page on. Then, if you can see that a bunch of keys at the bottom is part of the original booklet, I quite like those little keys, So I'm making sure that I won't cover them on at the top. I'm just trying to find something to cover up the photograph that is sticking out from behind the notebook page. So I found a bit off wallpaper on. Then I'm just thinking about adding some washi tape just to start making a decision on what washi tape to use for this weren't I'm happy with a layout off the page. I start gluing, in a way, the individual bits of paper. So in this case, it's the notebook paper, and I make sure that the glue has really covered the whole page to make sure don't get any air bubbles. Next, I'm going to add the she taped at the top of the page on their next just blue in a little bit off the paper I have chosen. I really like to have a little papers I might use in my project just lying on my table so I can have a good rummage through it on. Choose all the bits and pieces are really want to use in my journal on the left side, I'm going to create a little bit of a patchwork of different bits and pieces of paper on there. I just realized that I forgot to coffee die the inner edge of that. Papers have to remember to do that before I glue in the papers on thistles. Just another scrap of paper on. I'm going to tear off a little bit at the bottom so that the keys are still visible. I've decided to leave this first video. What? I'm creating a page a bit longer than the following videos just to give you an idea off. What? My work processes. So they watch me create a page because it really isn't always a very straight forward process. I play around with different bits of paper. That's why I find it really useful to have a lot of the papers you might be using visible just in front of you, because you can just pick and choose the papers and just see what you like best. And I know I can sometimes over think thes pages on DMA, move them around 10 times and still not be quite sure if I like it. But just so that you know, it's not necessarily a process that will be very straightforward if you are not quite sure how you want to place the papers. That is absolutely normal. So you know, don't worry about it and just try to enjoy the creative flow. Here I am adding the coffee that I'd for gotten to add before I am also going over the areas where the keys are because I want the whole area to blend in with the rest off the frame. Obviously, I had to wait for the coffee to dry before I could start gluing the pages in. As you can see before, I'm actually gluing the pages in. I'm just putting a little bits of paper back on to the page just to double check if I really like my layout. I've already torn off a little bit off the strip of paper on the right so you can see the keys sticking out on You can still see me not being quite happy with that little bit of paper on. I still don't know if I wanted to kind of on top or underneath. The problem of that bit of paper is that it's also coffee stained piece of paper on. I really like the way the paper has been stained by the coffee, so no way I want to make those stains more visible because I find they're kind of like a really nice addition to this page. Andi, I'm just trying to work out how I want to put the bits of paper so that I like the general layout off the papers. And now that I've finally made up my mind, I can start gluing in the bits of paper. Always remember that the paper that is underneath all the other bits of papers needs to be glued in first. So that's something else. You have to try and remember, If you've got a patchwork off bits of paper on one on top off the other to work out which paper needs to be glued on first, in which one kind of follows Next, you can always take a photograph with your smartphone to remind you what your design looks like. I do that quite a lot. As you can see, I'm still not 100% sure of what I want to do with that bottom left corner. Answer. I'm just playing around with the bits of paper. As I said before, this video is a bit longer than the ones that are going to follow just to show you more off my working on thinking process while I'm putting together a page on It's totally up to you . If you would like to cover all your pages just with a simple paper that's absolutely fine. I just want to show you different ways of covering the pages. So you that you get more off a variety if you wanted to follow any of these ideas, and once I've got all the bits of paper glued and I'm just using the Bone folder to smooth award down and create a lovely, smooth finish, 5. Pages Three & Four: I have decided to keep this double page. Quite simple. On the left side, I'm using to off cuts from a note pad on. Then I will still have to think about something to cover the little picture that still sticks out on on the right side. I've got a photocopy off a vintage piece off fabric on here. I'm trying to decide what sort of paid for I'm going to use to cover up the little photographs. They are still sticking out on the border. On the paper I'm going for is a coffee died piece off on envelope. You will see that I'm using the inside the pattern side off the envelope. But first of all, I'm just going to glue in the paper on the left hand side on that page is already finished . I'm using the boat folder to just straight from the paper on. That one is done for the page on the rights. I'm going. Teoh comes off a few strips off the coffee, died envelope paper just enough so that I can cover the photographs that are still to be seen on the page. I am keeping this double page quite simple. Just to give you an idea how you can very quickly cover the pages so that you could use them for your journaling. Another way of covering up the images would have bean using washi tape. So if you love washi tape on use washi tape, then that's definitely another great idea to use for these pages. You can see this strip brother long enough, but that is absolutely no problem, because I'm just going to cut off a little bit off an extra strip on. That works absolutely fine, and you wouldn't really notice it in the end for the floral paper I'm going to use. I thought I'd give it kind of a tourney edge instead of just cutting it. I thought that would work quite nicely with the rest off this layout. I'm just ripping off a little bit at Thea Edge, also, to get rid of the white stripe that goes around the image. Usually get that when you copy something or use your printer to print out a full page. As you can see, I've got to Arthuis, edges ready on to know exactly where I need Teoh. Create thief third and fourth edge. I'm just going to use a pencil on a ruler on. I worked out how wide and how long the piece has to be. So just draw a line and then I know I can just easily could, like tear carefully along this line if you would like to on a patterned or floral background. But you don't happen to have a vintage piece of floral fabric at home. You can always use a wrapping paper, or you could copy patterns that you might have in books. Or they're really nice or scrapbook paper, that is, maybe to think, to use, you know, for your own use. You could copy that to use it in your journal, and he am about to realize that I forgot one strip of paper can see on the inside. I didn't cover that image, so that's done now. Fortunately, I discovered that before I clued in the floral paper gluing in bigger pieces of paper can sometimes be a bit tricky, and the paper ones, too, may be bubble up a little bit. But I'm not too concerned parroted looking absolutely perfect on I. I was trying to use the bone folder to just straighten the paper, but I just don't worry too much about it 6. Pages Five & Six: on this double page, I again decided to go for a simple on straightforward approach. So on the right page, I am using a piece of paper that came from a note party. Probably noticed that he is writing on one side, but the other side has been written on. So it was really nice way of recycling. This piece of paper on a lonely do is just cut a little bit off on one side to make it fit on the other side. I want to play with the color scheme that was given, boy. The pink background. Andi. I had rummage in my scrap box and found two pieces that work quite well. The flower papers, actually just some flora tissue paper on the other piece was just an off cut with some pink ink on it That works quite well with the background I find. Then I had to dio is flu in the bits of paper This'll is quite thin notebook paper So it really wanted to bubble up that again with the boat folder I was able Teoh, create reunite smooth finish with a tissue paper if you were using tissue pay but you have to be quite careful when you apply the glue. So in the end, I decided to apply the blue to the actual page because I was worried that the tissue paper might. Ted, that's another really easy way of getting a double page ready for John. 7. NEW Pages Seven & Eight: for this next double page. I've thought Earth a more simple approach for the left hand side on for the right page. I'm going, Teoh create a kind of patchwork out of floral designs. So on the left, I'm using a book page. The book page has bean coffee died. Of course, I really like the way it how it has been told out off the books. So I'm making use of that feature, So I'm just going to cut a little bit off on the left hand side. And then I need to think about a way of covering that that image. I might use them off the paper. I will have to cut off that page page on the right hand side. I'm going to go with colors that will go with the green background frame. I've found Thisted, a piece of paper in a magazine on I just really like that top right background wallpaper. You could see the same pattern in that strip, so I might use that as well, somewhere on this page and then I've just collected other floral bits and pieces of paper that I still had in my box of scrap papers. I am no entirely sure how big or small I want my pieces of paper to be. So I'm just starting out with bigger pieces just to see what that looks like. So this stage, I'm just playing around with bits of paper and just see what I like. What I don't like on. Then just take it from there. I find that anything that has these kalash tight approach, it just takes time. And you just play around with the papers you've got, and then you move them around on. Then you just find what you're looking for. But it can take some time on, you know, just take the time and be patient. I just give it to go. You might find this too time consuming for your journal. So you definitely don't have to add a page with a collage in there. But I just thought I'd give you the option. And I give you another idea of how you can create a background for your journal, As you can see here. In the end, I decided to have much smaller pieces off the floral papers on. Now I'm just trying to piece them together in a way that I like the way they look after say that in the end, I did take a photograph with my phone because I would never have been able to memorize all the bits and pieces where they were. You can sometimes almost three, like an archaeologist who is trying to put together a puzzle that actually never really existed, because you are creating your own puzzle, but you don't really know where you going with that? Now that I've finished my collage puzzle, I'm happy. Riverhead. I'm starting to glue it all together on at the end. I added that a strip of wallpaper pattern from the magazine page on the left hand side, on the page with book page and covered out that photograph on. Now you know how you could add a collage background to your journal. 8. From Page to Envelope: in this video, I'm going to show you how you can make an envelope using theatrical pages off your journal . You're going to need a double page for one envelope on, then fold the page on the left to the size you want your envelope to be. At the moment, you can see me that I'm debating whether I could use thief folded over piece of paper off the first page as maybe attack spot. Then the second page is going to be the back off the envelope on the flap. I'm going to use thin brown packaging paper to cover the outside of my envelope. So this means that I will have to cover the area that is going to be a friend off my envelope. So the first thing I need to do is work out how big that piece of packing paper needs to be . And I'm just basically just putting it onto the page on just making little pencil marks and where I need to cut the piece of paper. If you're choosing paper to cover your envelope, I would probably go for something that isn't to fix a wouldn't really use scrapbook paper as the envelope itself is going to be quite bulky. So I've got the piece of paper cut for the front of the envelope and then also appears to cover the folded over part, because at that stage I'm still thinking on my key bad as a little tax spot. Next, I'm applying the glue that is going to be the friend off my envelope on, then just sticking on the paper. The life cuts. I'm trying to make sure that I've covered the whole area with glue, but without gluing together the remaining pages on again, I'm going to use my bone folder to just smoothed down the paper on. Then afterwards, I'm going to do the same to the little talk spot flap that is going to be folded over on. As you might be able to see, this piece of brown paper is kind of an inch or so wider than the actual piece of paper that I'm going to fold over just to give it a really smooth finish, and so that you call and see the edge off the brown paper peeking through. That makes sense. Next, I'm going to attach some off the packing paper to the back off my envelope. This is going to be the back of the envelope on the outside, off the envelope flap. So the piece of paper needs to be the same size as the page. Then for the inside off the flap, I thought, Aren't you some pattern paper? I thought that would give as a nice little detail toothy envelope. And then I'm also going to cut the flap to a shape that makes it look more like a really envelope flap. Then wait until the glue has dried before you carry on finishing the envelope. So we've got all the papers glued on toothy areas where we needed them on to create our envelope on De. So the next thing I'm going to do is create the flap off the envelope. So first of all, I'm using the ruler to find the middle off the page because I want to have a pointy flap for this one and then just make a little mark on, then measuring from the top off the envelope flap fold. I'm making a market about 1.5 centimeters. That would be kind of roughly an inj on either side on by connecting my markings. I get my cutting line for the envelope flap. If you didn't want to go into the trouble of cutting and envelope flap, what you can do is just round the edges off. Fuel flap on. That would make a really nice envelope, too. Next, I'm going to use my craft knife on the ruler. Two cuts along my pencil lines on create the shape off the flap and there we go. I'm just using on a razor to get rid off a few pencil marks that were still visible. Before I conclude the sides off my envelope, I have to make up my mind whether I want the little extra tuck spot in the front or not. So I'm just checking the various options on. I've realized that I really, really like the way it looks as if it was just an ordinary envelope. So I'm going to cut off that extra. A bit of paper on. All that's left to do is glue the sides off the envelope on your envelope is done. What I intend to do to keep the envelope flap closed is just use a simple paperclip 9. Part Two - The Prompts: So for this part off the class, we are going the journal pros. They are going to be downloadable as pdf file in the class project section You'll be needing, then obviously you're created journal. Andi Then I've just thought of photographs ready. Postcards are really like, I've got a lot of washi tape. Uh, then you might use the group steak on then. It's basically about working with the general problems I just chose. If you offer problems on this is just to show you or give you ideas, how you can use the problems on. You don't have to use exactly the same problems. Just choose any of the problems that speak to you on. But this is just to give you an idea on inspiration on how we use the journal. However, I would really like amend putting in photographs off yourself. I find as the judges What about you? You should definitely house a photograph off yourself in the jungle. Obviously, if you are creating the journal for somebody else, then it would be important to have photographs off that person got in line in the journal. Okay, then let's get started first. The second part of the class 10. Getting started : 11. To Done List: I like to call the following problems my list of achievements. Or you could also call it my have done list because basically, that's what it is, a list of all the things that you have managed to do. I think we tend to focus on our to do lists and constantly just see a lot of things we haven't managed to do on that can make you feel quite frustrated. And you just always fear that you're behind. And it's just really easy to forget all the things that he actually have achieved. So what I do know on a regular basis, I just make a list of all the things that I have managed to do, and it doesn't really matter how big or small the things are. It could be things like taking the books to the library, made that phone call I, who were living room. I sorted out the laundry, working out regularly. I eat healthy food or I started journaling on a regular basis. Obviously, you can add bigger achievements as well. I'm definitely going to write down that I finished this class or that I finally started revamping my studio. You could have this are the kind of floating piece of paper in your journal, so you can always add a new piece of paper on, then just argue achievements. On day you will see what a difference it really makes. If you've got it all written down on, then go back to a few weeks later or month late on. Just remember all the things that you have achieved. I find this such a wonderful and positive exercise on. I would really like to encourage you to have a go and try it. 12. Little Moments: I have called the next prompt little moments. You won't find it on the prompt sheet, but not all the ideas come from the problem treated. I'm sure that you've got lots of ideas off your own, but I did think that it would be a good idea to just have one page rake kind of remind yourself of all the little, very simple things that bring you a lot of joy on what you see me doing year. I just brought out my alphabet stamps on. I'm just stamping the words little moments on Tooth, um, of my left overs. I really enjoy using my alphabet stamps. Probably one of the reasons is that my handwriting isn't very neat, but this would also be a perfect project. Use calligraphy or brush pen lettering. I find that would permit a really nice in general, creating my little moments page. I would like to remind myself how much I enjoy spending time outside in nature. We've got a little dog, so I'm dog walking every day at I love watching and Experiencing the Seasons change. So now I've got my little moments label cut outs on, ready to glue in. But I just feel it could do with a little bit more definition. Here you can see me using my homemade blending tool. It's just a empty blue steak on some foam at the top, and it works really well. So I'm just stabbing it on to the stem pad on, then just go like around the edges to just give them a little bit of color. The other thing you could do on on good do that in another video is just glue the label on first, then go rounded with a china marker. Or you could just use any other color as well. Now I'm using one of the used envelopes on I'm after a latte lit window because I thought it would be a really nice idea to not only glue the little dried flower, a little daisy that is onto the page but protected with kind of like a frame, which will be made from the same plastic sheet that is the envelope window. I tend to keep hold on to all the envelopes that come through the post because they use them in a lot of my craft projects. Yes, I'm happy with the way it looks. I'm now going to choose some washi tape because I'm planning on attaching the little plastic window onto my journal page with some washi tape. However, first of all, I'm just going to add its high, any little bit of gloom to the back off the flower on. I'm trying to do this really, really carefully because I don't want to damage that flower, but I still wanted to stick in one place and not move around behind the frame. It took me a little while to make up my mind, which washi tape to use on. In the end, I went for something off a one earthy tapes that is a little bit thinner because it's such a delicate little flower on the whole framework. Be really big and I didn't want to distract from the actual flower. And as I said before, I absolutely love washi tape because it's just so birth tile. So yeah, just creating a little frame on just ripping off little strips of washi tape to go around it. You can see at the bottom right corner on that. I've got this little gap, but well, im doing there, I'm just adding a little bit more washing table and stick it on top, and then you can't really notice that gap ever existed. Next, I'm going to create a tip in using the card with the feathers on it. Tip in basically means that you are creating almost like a little foldout page. So you're not blowing the whole page into your journal. But just one side, as you can see me doing here, I'm using a washing tape again. Aan den. I will be able to write on the back side off the card on dykan, kind of like flip it backwards and forwards and I really love tip ins, and they create a lovely additional layer to your journal and also give you more journaling space as well tend to at some washi tape at the back of the hinges. Well, just to make sure that the card come out and the hinge is secure on, then the last thing I'm going to do. For now, it's just at this little feather that I found on one of my dog walks on. Then at a later stage, I'm just going to ADM. Or photographs or I'm just going to John and a little bit on these pages 13. I want to make time for: on the next double page I'm going to work with. If you promise that you will find on the pdf file. The vintage postcard is a download from the graphics. Very and again, I'm going to have the link on the pdf file on all I've done. Waas choose one of the problems on. Then I just reloaded onto the postcard. In addition to the Post, I'm going to add a photograph off myself to this page. Andi, Another prompt or quote I've chosen from the pdf file on. On the left hand side, I've chosen the problem. I want to make time. Four. Andi. I absolutely love reading books. I love bookshops on love libraries. Andi, I just want to make sure that I'm spending a lot more time surrounded by books and reading on going to bookshops. We really have to make sure that we do make time for ALS, the things that inspire us and make us happy on and actually have them on our to do lists, because otherwise we just very easily forget to make time for a while the things that make us happy. As I said before, I really, really recommend you put lots of photographs off yourself into the journal. This John is a lot about you on should have pictures of Hugh just snapshots of you in this journal on. You will find that by seeing yourself and then surrounded by really lovely quote, how empowering how valuable that really is and it makes you feel really special on. That's what this journey really is all about. I've added the image off a beautiful book shop with some washi tape. I think I got that image from unspool ash. I'm going to add a link to Thebes. Pdf file on. Then I just grabbed a piece of paper and I just wrote down Why I love books on that. Want to spend a lot more time reading, Just Is it it a reminder to myself. And then again, I'm going to you some washi tape to stick a fat little reminder into my journal. I'm probably going to use the back off the post card foursome or journaling, so I don't want Teoh stick it on the page, but I'm going to create an internal hinge so that I can have look at the back and also right on the back the photograph is just going to be attached with some more washi tape, but I'm going to glue the actual quote or prompt onto the page on. Then the last thing I decided to do was use my alphabet stumps to print the word books on a piece of paper and then added to the Left Journal page at the top. 14. You are loved: the next journal prompt is all about the important people in our lives, family members and friends. Sometimes it is easy to forget how much we mean to other people on that there are people around us who care deeply about us on. So I thought I'd create a journal page with that theme in mind on. So the first thing I did with just grab a few photographs on I personally wanted to go for photographs that show me in the pictures as well. So it's me surrounded by family members who are really important to me on then. All I'm going to do is just stick them into my journal on. I've chosen one off the journal. Problems there are available for you in one of the downloads, but you can just create your prompter. You don't have to write down anything but few free to use the problems that I've provided, I think and see, I've used what she taped to stick in the photograph. You couldn't put them in permanently with blue by. I thought I would quite like the idea off having a few photographs on, then maybe changing them around or whenever we get the chance to take new photographs I could exchange. Um, on. Then I've got this'll Beautiful postcard with the beautiful rose petal that looks like a heart on. They're probably going to use the back foursome. Journaling? Yes. And here I just thought I preferred a different color of washi tape. And now I'm going to add a little envelope because that would allow me to add even more photographs to this page on a low Arnie. To do really is just Luthi little envelope in place. I'm not entirely sure where one to place a postcard yet. So I might leave it just as a floating postcard. Or I might attach a paperclip keep it on this page so it doesn't fall out. 15. Writing a Letter: in this problem. I would like you to think about writing a letter to yourself on by this, I mean a beautiful, inspiring, positive letter to the amazing person that you are. I know this is easier said than done on it might actually feel quite strange trying to address a letter to yourself and then trying to think of positive and good things about yourself. But maybe just try to imagine that you were writing this letter about your best friend or a family member. What kind of things would you write on? What kind of things would you really want to put in this letter? You could maybe have a look at your achievement list you've already written and see if that can inspire you to write a letter to you or just think off Times where you've struggled on may be just really focused on the fact that you got through that difficult time on to remind you that if you go through another difficult time, that you've done it before and maybe even have a list of things that help you get through those times. If you still find this really difficult task, he could think about writing this letter to the six year old, you or the 10 year old or even younger version off yourself. And just trying to think of what you mean might have liked to read at that age and how wonderfully would have bean to get such an inspiring letter from an older version off yourself. If you decide to give this letter writing a go, be prepared that quite a lot of emotions might be bubbling up, it could be quite emotional experience, especially if you are writing a letter to a younger version off yourself. Another idea would be just too right on inspirational quote on a card or a letter, something that you feel very strongly about. You know, just write down you got list and put this quote in the letter or be the girl or the woman or the guy who did it Anyway. These are very empowering, positive and strong affirmations, so that is absolutely fine. So it's really up to you what you would like to put in this letter. You might also like to accompanied with a photograph or a card or something else very precious that you would like to put with the letter on. Then once you've finished, you can stick both of them in the envelope you created in your journal. 16. The Journal Cover: you might have bean wondering what we were going to do with the cover off our journal. I've decided to keep it really simple. Just cover the outside off my journal with packaging paper. This is paper that actually has bean used on AIDS a bit wrinkled, but for my purposes, it's absolutely perfect. So you can just use any paper you like, uncover your journal. You could use a colorful wrapping paper, or you could just cover it with really simple paper like brown craft paper or colored paper on. Then add something to words because I think I'm going to create something like a collage on the outside of my cover. But for now, I'm just going to leave it in wrapping paper. While I was working out How best place the journal onto the paper. I noticed that little bit of cellar tape that is sticking on the paper, and I absolutely love this detail. So I've decided to add that to my cover, and right now I'm just having a look off. Where about I would like to have it on the cover ones. I've glued it on to the cover of my book. Then the next step is obviously the actual gluing off the paper to the cover. I'm just using a bit of scrap paper to make sure that I don't do any of the pages together . I'm using my glue stick again because I find that it works really well and dries quicker than PV a blue on. I'm just adding some glued to the spine to make sure that the paper will definitely stick to the spine on to cover the whole area off the booklet. I really make sure that I've got every bit covered nightly. Then I just stick it on the paper and make sure that I don't have any air bubbles. I just smooth it out and make sure that the paper sticks really nicely to the cover on then on, obviously going to repeat the process on the other side ones. The paper is glued nicely to the whole cover. I usually just grab a couple of really big and heavy books and place them on top off the journal. I just wait for the glue to dry. Once the glue has dried, I can grab a pair of scissors on start cutting the paper to size on again. I'm using the edge off the page as a guide to cut along. I found that why I was cutting along the long side off the book load, and especially when I got closer to the spine. It was a lot easier to cut the paper when it was holding the Journal up. Freud's I have to say I'm really happy with how my cover turned out, and I really love the little seller tape detail on by might be quite happy to just leave my cover as it is, but I might add a bit more, and if I do, then I will update this class on and post another video. 17. Class Project: Hello again. I really, really hope you enjoy this class. That it inspired you to create your own inspiration. Gentle. You can create your project on uploaded and steps. Don't feel you have to upload the complete finished uh, genital. Um, you might want to show some of your journal pages, which is absolutely fine, because it's a very personal journal. Maybe just show us the booklet you're going to use for your inspiration journal on. Maybe tell us what kind of papers you're going to use. Oh, if you got a specific color scheme in mind on, then maybe just show one page covered in papers, not having worked with the problems, but maybe just starting on the pages and two shows how you covered the pages, that would be absolutely fantastic. And then maybe if you wanted to show us one off your problems, you could just leave it very basic. You don't have to add any photographs of yourself. Maybe just show what from used. If you just cut out a prompt from the page or if you've used calligraphy or you change the funds so you could just show the very basic a layout for your page Or maybe sure, a quote you really like you chose or image found. So any of that is absolutely fine. So please don't feel you have to share anything with you. You don't want to share because I wouldn't want I wouldn't want you to do that. But anything you'd be comfortable with, or just even the outside of your finished journal, that will be absolutely fantastic. But don't forget to follow me on skill share because that means that he will be notified automatically whenever I upload another class. But she like this class. Then please give it a quick review because all of that helps need to get more views and steal share on that would help me to be able to create more classes. If you've got any questions, you can put them underneath the glass. It's part of the discussion. I'm not trying to get back to you as quickly as possible. I really enjoy interacting with my students. So please leave me a comment or question or any ideas you had. That would be absolutely wonderful. Also, be free to connect on social media. I'm on Instagram. I'm on Facebook as the bookshop does I've got you killed. Channel. With a few more tutorials, you might want to check those hours on. Yes. I'm really looking forward to seeing your project. And thanks again for taking my call.